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A Small War Lesson

Lady Tesha Telmar is going to be running a small demonstration on war maneuvers and when to employ diplomacy in a situation at The Gauntlet on the grounds of Telmar Tower.

OOC: This is geared towards Academy of War folks or anyone wanting to raise their War skill. Tesha is War 5 and has Teaching 5 as well. Should have 3 teaches available at the event.


Jan. 10, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Quenia Mattheu Caspian Jan Pasquale Cillian Denica Valdemar



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - The Gauntlet

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Jan has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Spring is right around the corner, but this evening it is still cold and the snow is drifting down in lazy edies of wind. It could have been worse weather for a war demonstration, even if it was just small scale and teaching maneuvers. Every bit of knowledge seemed to help.

Tesha's currently seated side saddle on a large white war horse, "I hope that everyone is bundled up this evening." she states in a voice that carries to those who have decided to attend. "I wanted to start off this evening with a lesson in tactics for heavy cavalry using lances." she states. Right to the point really!

"One of the ways that some armies and commanders like to do things is through shock tactics." she states. "This is where an army or combatants attempt to place the enemy under psychological pressure by a rapid and fully-committed advance with the aim of causing their combatants to retreat." she tells them. "There is a higher degree of risk, but it is intrinsic to the actions." she comments to them. "One of the things that you'll need to remember with this is that you should use this with a formation of troops." she motions for one of the mounted formations to get moving. "You never want to attack individually. You want to attack as a cohesive group as much as possible. For defense and melee a formation of horsemen should be as tight as possible next to each other in a line. This prevents the enemy from charging, and also from surrounding them individually." she has the two teams of mounted soldiers demonstrate this.

Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrives, following Denica.

Curious about what Tesha might be speaking about this evening, Quenia arrived just a little bit early to get settled. Also, she had to tredge through snow to get here and, like most Velenosans, snow is a thing she absolutely despises, so she's several layers deep in being covered up, practically to the point of absurdity. If there is a fire going anywhere, she's huddling very, very close to that. Very close. She turns her attention to Tesha when she arrives and begins to speak.

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Quenia has joined the West Spectator Seating.

Mattheu sits in the stands a small nod to Cillian for soft words the two are sharing while the colorful and jingling Rivenshari lord sits back in a very lazy position. Watching and listening some to what is offered in the course.

Caspian tugged his gloves on a little bit more as he listened. he didn't seem to mind the snow, and starred at the horse with open admiration. " I've never been part of a cavalry charge before.. not a full heavy armored one. but I've seen them.. the sight and sound alone can be terrifying"

Jan has settled in the spectator seating hoping to shelter against the worst of the wind while she listens attentively to Tesha speak. A hand shoots up and waves as she spies Caspian. Quenia also gets a fingerwave.

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Pasquale is bundled up in multiple scarves, a cloak, sweaters and at least one pair of warm looking gloves as he watches the demonstration taking place on the field.

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Caspian sees Jan wave and gives a bring smile and wave , moving over to join hey in the benches. warm smiles and bows are given to the many friends over there

Cillian sits with Mattheu in the stands he looks over at those who have gathered and listens to what is being said, he nods at somthing that is said.

Quick footsteps brings the short Islander into the room at a hurried pace. Denica is familiar with being late, it's part of being an artist where everything is conceptual, including time. It works for her, at least. Velvet cloak billows around her, she is almost dressed like a daughter of Maelstrom. Darker colours, severe cuts, but with her own artistic twist. Denica's expression is somewhat somber and she is quiet, scanning the room for an optimal place to sit. There's a quick glance to their hosts, and a polite nod in greeting, all wordless as she keeps her movements subtle in nature.

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Pasquale is overheard praising Tesha.

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Tesha turns to watch the two opposing groups of Telmar soldiers run their demonstration on lances. One gets shattered and there's a moment taken to reset that so that no one is hurt. It's a demo afterall, not a real fight. There's no grousing from the soldiers though and they seem to take Tesha's commanding just as they would if Ansel or another of the generals were out here. Cora, Tesha's guard is also on the field to help with things if there is need. The armored Telmarine looks like she's got red cheeks, but that's from the cold!

The demonstration is done a few times, lasting several minutes, but each time there's some difference that is easy to pick out or a new spot that was left open. It was good to not perform the same move twice.

Tesha then moves her horse away from the troops and back towards the stands where people are watching, "Our next demonstration will be for those that like to use light cavalry with bows. I know we have more than a few archers that have graced battles in the past months and years and having archers is vital in some skirmishes and battles." she admits. "Now obviously we won't be using an opposing force as firing arrows at your own men is well...not good." she chuckles. "The bales of hay that have been stacked will be the opposing force as our cavalry archers come in." she nods to them and gives a signal.

When that is done. There is about twenty mounted archers that ride at full clip into the mock battle. It shakes the ground and there are battle cries as the archers get to loose arrows into the hay in a timed manner.

Caspian watches the display of horse archery with amazement, his jaw hanging open a bit at more than few places. "how.. how! is there some trick to it! shooting those things while standing on the ground is hard enough! how do you aim that while bouncing in the saddle and careening around on the horse! he looks to Cillian and then back to the horses, "magic.. pure and simple. by the powers.." he laughs, unsure if it was appropriate to clap but clapping anyway cause by the gods it was impressive to a layman like himself!

Pasquale adjusts his scarf as the demonstrations continue. Quiet except for an occasional cough. Its only when Caspian talks that he offers any words at all and that is just a rather wry "Timing and practice."

Jan's mouth opens to answer but then Pasquale answers and her head tilts Pasquale's way "What he said."

After taking a seat, Valdemar is quiet as well, his attention fully on the demonstration being put on. There is an understanding expression on his features as he looks on, nodding at what Pasquale says in response to Caspian's question.

Mattheu tries to not and stare at the horses directly, a look to the display as he shakes his head. A look to Caspian as the man is saying out loud what he is thinking. "Don't forget that you've got to keep them from biting you too."

Pasquale softly chuckles when Mattheu makes his biting comment. "Alas, the stories of man eating horses are all myths." he pauses for just a moment before adding an "I hope."

Settling into her seat, Denica laces her fingers together and holds them in her lap. Sitting still is a struggle, but she is an adult and manages well enough. The demonstration gives her something to focus on, and sure enough she's drawn it. It was a topic that seemed unfamiliar to her, and so she hung on the information being presented.

Cillian chuckles at Mattheu's comment about biting and his eyes look to Caspian, "It is something that I have taught my scouts, we all know how to shoot from the saddle." he looks to the horses with a smile, a bit happy he left Akkar back at the estate.

Caspian looks over to the others, "well.. im not sure i have enough time to practice before i meet my end to learn to do that. im a greater threat to my allies with a bow than the enemy! i can imagine what would happen if i was on a horse!" he looked to Cillian, then the others. "Do you all hunt from horseback too?!"

Jan's exhale puffs out her cheeks "Not all Myths, My lord. As for mounted cavalry, it's a potent tool but I have never worked with mounted archers-it takes an obscene amount of practice and recruiting skilled archers who are also competent riders and something of an acrobat. I've seen it done well but never commanded such a resource."

"I will not be caught upon a horse, let alone any land animal. My space is upon the waters." Mattheu stares at Caspian with a jingling shake of his head. "Not that I can't see nor appreciate what they are doing. Though a horse comes charging at me, I'm too far from the water."

Pasquale gives Jan a curious look. "Do you have evidence of that Lady Jan?"

Cillian looks over to Jan a raised brow but then his attention is back on the horses and Mattheu as he leans in to whisper something to him in a soft tone. After he looks to Caspian, "After, if you like to we can make a trip over to the Estate have something to show you." he grins.

"Agreed, Lord Rivenshari. Cavalry /is/ a very effective tool, but not terribly convenient for a naval culture. I'm a horrible rider," Valdemar agrees quietly with Mattheu, even as he keeps his gaze on what the soldiers taking part in Tesha's demonstration are up to.

Tesha watches as the mounted archers work and there is a smile, they were doing good. The demonstration goes on for a good time and in the end the two maneuvers that were covered are reiterated. Tesha hears some of the comments in the stands, but there is no judgement from her. Once the mounted archers are dismissed there is a moment taken for Tesha to turn towards the crowd, "I want to thank you all for letting us demonstrate some of the things cavalry can do. If this is something that everyone thinks they might benefit from with their own armies I'm happy to put together something like this on a monthly basis." the one-eyed woman states.

"Also, please feel free to stay and ask questions if you have any. If I can't answer them I'm sure that we have other members of the Academy here that can." she smiles to that.

Caspian nods his head with a smile to Cillian, "of course1" his eyes snap to jan and go wide. "man eating horses are real?! i have been BIT by a horse.. please dont tell me there is a chance the horse gets a liking to the taste!" he breaks into a slightly nervous laugh.

Quenia gives Tesha and her crew a warm, encouraging smile. "Nicely demonstrated, Lady Tesha. Thank you all for showing how each component of your group works together," the Marquessa says once it seems the demonstration is over. "It certainly gives things to think about and makes me wonder if perhaps I should be sending Luis out here to get some additional pointers, especially since people or groups can approach Granato by land as well as sea."

Mattheu stares at Caspian in near horror, wide eyed, "Yup. Mother was right. Can't trust those land animals."

Jan watches the archers ply their trade and lets out a slow whistle "Maybe I ought to revisit the whole mounted archers thing. They would be super difficult to defend against."

"Thank you for putting this on and sharing that with everyone. This was very informative and I especially liked the demonstration. It truly brought things to life," Denica says when it comes towards an end.

Pasquale turns his attention back to the main conversation. "I'm a General first, although I suspect i've seen more hours in naval battles than ground ones by now, but Cavalry" he contemplates the cavalry on the field. "Is not something I use to the same level as the Oathlands." he nods to Valdemar. "It is an extremely effective tool though. When the situation is appropriate. I don't think any one type of military force is always appropriate to every situation." a thoughtful pause. "Although spear ranks are close." he looks back to Tesha and inclines his head in appreciation. "It was a good demonstration Lady Tesha. I would not mind seeing more."

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Quenia, "It is my pleasure, Marquessa." she tells her. Then she looks to the others and there is a smile to Jan, "Lady Jan, if it would help I could run the next event as how to defend against a mounted cavalry?" she offers to the woman. Then she sits back in the saddle and there is a soft sigh of relief. Things went well!

"I'm not a commander when things start to fall apart. I'm a diplomat. War is something that I wish we never had to see or use, but sometimes our words fail us, even if it isn't our faults. Some just yearn for bloodshed, I am not one of those people. I would always say to use diplomacy first...then if that fails and you need to bring in the army then there is that." she nods to that.

Quenia seems to be nodding somewhat in agreement with Pasquale's commentary. "Marquessa here, so tactics is a thing I must understand for the governance of House Igniseri. But, like Lord Pasquale, I've seen more in naval battles than land battles with the civil war going on in Thrax. My first land battle was the one at Pieros against the Skal'dagans. So it's definitely interesting to see a different route we could potentially take to upgrade our military." Speaking of the civil war, she notices Denica then and throws a finger wave in the princess's direction. "I would think any archers who are dangling from the sides of a ship though may also have the dexterity to do the same off the side of a horse if they were trained to ride. Both are moving vessels."

Caspian looks to Tesha and smiles, "Thank you for the demonstration! for the uneducated in these things, its helpful to see!" he rubs his chin a moment, "I can tell you my first reaction would be to run.. and that would likely get me killed. Second to climb a tree! and that would also likely get me killed... so yes maybe a lesson on that would be very good!" he looks from pasquale, to jan to tesha again, hopeful at the chance of maybe learning something that could save his skin one day

Blonde eyebrows tilt up "Well if you're offering I wouldn't say no, my lady. I have some thoughts on how I'd do it but only one way to know. I did have a question as to how one joins the Academy of War?"

Pasquale tells Caspian "I'm afraid that if you are being chased down by an entire unit of cavalry, of any variety, there is nothing you can do except duck into an area of difficult terrain and hope they want to protect their horses more than they want to kill you."

"Yes, for battles on the mainland, heavy cavalry can be difficult to defeat," Valdemar says thoughtfully, glancing between Pasquale and Tesha, "Crossbows can be effective, or longbows if your archers are particularly good. Pikes and longspears too, if the soldiers holding them have the courage to stand in the face of a cavalry charge."

Cillian looks to Caspian as it clicks someone asked if he hunts from a mount and he hmms, "It all depends, I normal am on foot when I hunt. I find that it is better to track when you are on foot." he smiles and looks to Tesha, "Thank you for allowing us to see this demonstration." he has a grin on his lips for some reason as he sits back in his seat.

Pasquale nods to Valdemar's words. "A unit of soldiers can stand against them with the right techniques. A lone Caspian however.."

Quenia tilts her head in Pasquale's direction, "Or hope you had the fortitude to make proper arrangements and have pikes stuck in the ground as a trap for the cavalry, and run to that area. Horses cannot survive falling onto pikes. Or, even have pits dug with pikes." These are things that she thinks of off the top of her head.

Valdemar laughs. "A lone Caspian would do best to run, as fast as possible, in a direction perpendicular to that the horses are charging in. Heavy cavalry cannot change directions easily," the Duke points out amusedly.

Pasquale nods at Quenia. "Those can work very well in high stress, low visibility, situations." he smiles a touch at Valdemar's words before pointing out "But against a lone Caspian they would not be likely to go into a full charge. They would not need to."

Tesha dips her head to Caspian when he thanks her, "I don't mind sharing the knowledge. Especially in the days to come, Master Caspian." she tells him. Then she nods to Jan, "I'd be happy to do that. As for joining, I think that one needs to reach out to Marquis Kael or Baroness Natalia to get settled in." she tells her. "We'll be showing on foot tactics as well. Sadly the Gauntlet does not have a pool and ships are too big to move in here." she muses to that.

Quenia quirks her lips in Pasquale and Valdermar's direction, then looks over at Caspian. "Just make sure there are no walls in Caspian's way. I seem to recall one particular jump....." she lets that thought go as she pantomimes a wall with one hand and a splatting figure with another.

Caspian looks between everyone giving idea,s spelling his fate, and offering insight. "I should have brought a scroll to write these down!" he breaks into a grin, shaking his head, "Well.. here is hoping i really dont ever have a need to find myself in that situation! but if i do i shall.. run to side, into rough terrain, littered with pikes and crossbows!"

Pasquale tells Caspian. "Hide. If they don't see you they can't chase you."

Pasquale looks thoughtful for a moment before his expression changes to something far more amused. "Although in your case Caspian I have a feeling that if you counter-charged the cavalry with the intent of pulling one out the saddle and riding off into the sunset - you might actually pull it off."

Quenia seems to nod in agreement with Pasquale there. "I still can't believe you got into the hull on one of those traditionalist ships."

"There is a counter for most things in war. Mundane things. Dragon's and magic...still gathering information on." she admits. "Not that I'd shoot a dragon if I saw one again." she states. "Unless it was trying to eat someone." she nods to this. She then pats her horse on the head and moves to dismount. "It seems that we have interest for another get together like this and I'm guessing that if we have it a month or so from now that the Spring will be upon us and it will be much more pleasant. If anyone has any requests, or wants to help teach then just reach out to me and we'll set it up." she smiles to those gathered.

Quenia gives a very visible shudder when Tesha mentions a dragon. "If I never see a dragon again it will be too soon," she comments very quietly.

"Unfortunately none of what I've studied about war mentioned dragons. I have no idea, offhand, how I'd approach fighting one. Supposing it is even possible," Valdemar states, brow furrowed deeply with thought.

Quenia glances to Valdemar, "Just run. Don't stop."

Caspian looks to Quenia and offers a grin, "Well.. i suspect they, like everyone.. thought it was just to damned idiotic for someone to try. i highly doubt i could manage that again!" he looked to Valdemar and pondered, "You know.. i heard about platinum Ballistas once. covered in runes.. though of course we could not make them now. but maybe they were made for such a thing"

Cillian raises a brow, "Wait, what?" he looks at them as dragons are spoken about, he licks his lips and the corner of his lips tug into a frown for some reason. He looks to Mattheu then the others and shakes his head.

Jan says, "Excellent proposition Lady Tesha, you are sure to hear from me in the meanwhile."

Pasquale tells Valdemar "Scattered teams of pikes guarding ballista and similar spear-like projectile shooters. Ditches to make it so they can only use fire from directly above. Walls. Retreating into forests so that they can't easily follow or see where your teams are. I'm convinced its possible. Expensive" he concedes. "but possible." A pause as his eyes go onto Quenia. "Better avoided however. Like most conflicts."

Catching Quenia's finger wiggle and returns it in greeting before she is standing and paint-stained hands smooth down her skirt. "Thank you for an informative evening," she dips her head and slips out.

"Prince Laric has a platinum ballistae. There's records about it somewhere in the archives. It was gifted to him, I think? I can only guess by the personage of the same name." Quenia says as an aside to Caspian. "I suspect it might be stored with the Inquistion. But I cannot speak to whether or not it will be affective against . . . larger creatures." She looks to Pasquale and says very seriously. "If you're being actively hunted, it's hard to avoid them." There's another visible shudder. "At least, during the day."

Quenia mutters, "Unless you ... hiding in ... only places you can find."

Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leaves, following Denica.

Valdemar nods slightly at the advice offered by both Quenia and Pasquale when it comes to dragons. "Thankfully I've never seen one. And I get the feeling if I do, there won't be time to prepare ditches and ballistae," he says, giving a shake of his head. Turning to Caspian, he then adds, "But that could be what they were intended for, those ballistae you mentioned."

Caspian looks surprised at Quenia, "truly?! Given the more frequent use of Gargantuans.. i imagine siege equipment should be brought along more often. Those especially. Even if they dont have any added effect.. they are still ballista! when we fought that mage riding astride a MASSSIVE wasp larger than a horse.. it would not have been possible to best her had not Lord Pasquale shot it out of the sky with a ballista. likely something worth training in.."

Jan smiles to Quenia and rises "It's fucking cold, I'm gonna head back to the Kay. You should come by sometime for a drink and a chat if you like." She swings a finger in the direction towards Caspian "Master Wild! Drinks! Tales! Sometime soon!" She bobs her head towards Mattheu and Pasquale, "Lord Mattheu, Lord Pasquale."

"I imagine one made in platinum is very valuable and may have other intended uses," Quenia points out gently in Caspian's direction. "Especially if Platinum imbued it with something. There were rumors of a test somewhere outside of the city that... blew up, if I recall correctly." She gives a little shrug, as she's not sure WHAT blew up, just that something did.

Pasquale tells Quenia. "Well. I am assuming we are talking about an army fighting a dragon here seeing that this is a war technique discussion. If you are alone everything changes significantly and I've always just assumed that if it comes down to me having to do something athletic to survive then i'll die. I'm always very aware during naval battles that if the ship i'm on goes down that is it." he nods to Caspian. "I'm still trying to train a team for that very assumption. It has been interesting." he pauses for a few moments after Caspian praises his ballista work, looking somewhere between pleased and embarassed. "I don't think it was only down to me Caspian. Besides" he adds. "I shot the mage first. Why does nobody ever remember me shooting the wasp's rider in the chest? It was by far the more difficult shot."

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