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Clearlake Torchlight Tourney: 1019

House Clearlake is bringing back the Torchlight Tourney that was held many years ago. The tourney will be held after the sun sets and the fighting ring will be lit by torchlight. There will be a prize of silver for the top performer of the night.

OOC: I'm hoping to get an even number of people that want to duel each other. Feel free to send me an @mail if you'd like to be one of the fighters.


May 8, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Denica Ann Mattheu Akamos




Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Clearlake Lodge - Festival Grounds

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It's been a few years since House Clearlake has hosted one of its Torchlight Tourneys, but Countess Acantha has decided that this is the year to bring it back. The Festival Grounds have been prepared for this event, the usual banners of the house have been put up and the fighting circle where the fighters will be doing their rounds has been cleared and the torchlights are keeping the area illuminated. There are tables and seats set up where finger foods and drinks from tea all the way up to whiskey are being served.

Acantha is standing by the entrance to the festival grounds with a serene smile on her face for all those that she greets and welcomes those that pass the door into the grounds. And Benny is of course in attendance because it would be a rare sight to not have him here. The overly large Beaver is on a wooden platform that has been installed for him. He's next to Acantha and is currently wielding a small wooden sword that has been given to him. Maybe it's to keep him chewing on anything else!

Slipping in around the start of the event, princess Denica meanders through the Festival Grounds. The sight of Benny the Beaver catches her attention, before anything else. Denica is clearly fascinated with the beaver. Thick Islander eyebrows lift upwards as she finds her way to a seat. As she climbs up and perches, she watches the beaver curiously. Paint-stained fingers reach for her heart-shaped-bag, and pull out a sketch pad and piece of broken charcoal. Denica starts to draw, quietly. Furious motions as she glances up at the beaver, from time-to-time. Unfortunately she doesn't pay much attention to anything else, but artists.

Ann comes to the fairgrounds early enough so that she can show her three children in what to expect. Pointing out different things and the like. Showing where the fighters will be. Sil, Raya and Ilan are all excited about this event. But Ann herds them to find food and drink before they find a table to enjoy the fares before the event begins. Ilan giggles at the beaver and tells anyone listening to her, "We have an otter!" It must be a thing with the Redrains. Ann grins when she hears that and gives a nod of her head to Acantha. Ann is also surrounded by a small army of two guards and two confessors. They loiter close by as the family finds a table and seats to sit in and get a good view of the fighting circle.

Mattheu Rivenshari is beside the fighters circle in mid warmup as he nods to the two (Tregva and Violeta) standing nearby seeking a word with him. He's spun by Tregva when the children show up with Ann and the woman helps him wave in a puppet like fashion until Mattheu shakes off from his assistant showing a smile and laugh. Words are shared with the two in a quiet manner as they are then sent to sit or watch over Sil, Raya, and Ilan. Offering a flourished bow to Acantha. "Countess Acantha, I look forward to what is lined up." He then looks back to the seats and under his own ability offers a wave to Ann and the children, and Denica. "A pleasure to see you again Princess Denica!"

Acantha gives a dip of her head to Denica when she enters, "Your Highness." she greets her. Then there is a look over to Benny and a smile to him. "Don't hit anyone with that sword." she whispers to him. He gives a little waggle of it towards her and she raises her brow curiously at him. She just sighs softly at him. Like one would a toddler. He thumps his tail and then settles back onto his haunches and starts to look over the guests. Much like a guard would.

She gives a smile to the children that talk and there is a smile, "Oooh, Otters are adorable. I bet that's fun to have." she tells them with a soft laugh. She gives a dip of her head to Ann in greeting, "Your Highness." she greets her as well. She then gives a dip of her head and a smile to Mattheu, "Lord Rivenshari, hopefully things will all go right this evening." she grins.

Committing charcoal to the paper, Denica watches the beaver waiving a sword and both her eyebrows and her lips twist with delight. It's triggered something, because she is lost to her sketching. "Beavers and swords," she murmurs mostly to herself. Denica does catch the greetings and waves cheerfully at Mattheu and Ann and then to their host Acantha, "Hello, hello.". Glancing over at Ann, "we've a number of otters in the Thrax Ward, if you are ever looking for otter-play-dates," Denica offers helpfully. "I have a cat," is clarified with heavy significance, before she is back to her sketching. A hand moves this way and that, lines on the page that mean something to her.

There are giggles from the three Crovane/Redrain children when Mattheu waves at them like a puppet. Sil flexes a muscle at the Lord's direction. Raya says out lout, "You got this, Flounder beat their asses!" Ann is mortified that word came out of Raya's mouth and there is a quick admonishing to her daughter. Ilan giggles when the Countess comments on their otter and there is a quick nod seen. Turning to smile at Denica when she hears that. "Oh that sounds delightful. I will take you up on that offer soon, Highness." Then there's the clarification and that makes Ann laugh. "So noted. Cats are good to have too." A glance to see what the other princess is drawing but she does not disturb the artist at work. Instead, she picks up her glass of whiskey once the children have settled in with their own food and drink. Excited murmurs from them as they converse with her as well as with Violeta and Tregva. Funny thing is if anyone is listening to the children they have their own language of the Northern lands and Rivenshari.

Mattheu leans into a soft word shared with Ann, grinning with laughter to Raya's directions then to Ilan as she waves a small braided cord and well there's discussion of Otters and Ilan is lost to Denica in scooting closer to the Thrax Princess. A bold direction for the usually shy girl. He's about to stare at Raya when he is quick to turn towards Acantha with raised brow. "Are things wont to go right within this tourney?" Looking back to where the small brood is now as they talk in the mix of dialects and language he shakes his head and bows. "I'll do my best!"

Though consumed by her beaver and sword art, she is an observant one and she catches sight of the young girl scooting closer and she flashes her a secret bright smile. "Did you know that otters can eat about twenty-five percent of their body weight each day? That's a lot of oysters," she shares cheerfully, dividing her time between otters and beavers now.

Acantha gives a grin to the children and then she's moving over to hold her arms out to Benny, "Come along." she muses to the sword weilding Beaver. He is careful in his movements and makes sure not to hit her with the sword as he hops into her arms. She then starts to head for the fighting ring, "Things can always go awry when we least expect it." she chuckles to Mattheu. "It wasn't an ill omen or anything." she assures him.

She does give a look to the doors to the festival grounds and there is a bit of a frown, but she looks back to Benny and then settles him onto his little feets so that he can wander around. A chunk of carrot is also given to him. More chewing ensues!

"If our first two fighters would like to step in and prepare." she calls. That would be Tregva and Violeta!

Ilan looks at Denica in wonderment when that princess tells her about otters and what it is they can eat. Eyes go wide, "Really? Truly? I'm going to ask Mama if we can feed our otter more things when we get home!" Yes, Denica's words are now golden for the little one as she stares at the princess. Ann looks over to Acantha when things seem to be underway now. Raya gives big eyes to her Mama when she gets that small lecture but now she's pointing out Benny to Sil as they continue to eat off of their plates. Ann looks about to see who the first fighters are. Hands clasped in her lap. She's forgotten to eat or drink for the moment. The excitement of the tourney getting to her too.

The babbling at the benches stops as Raya and Sil look at the sisters that have been training them, children with jaws dropped as Ilan points out very clearly to her siblings, "They've been training us! They will do wonderfully!" Ilan goes back to looking at what Denica is drawing and nods in hopes that more information will be shared. The youngest twin looks back to her mother as Violeta and Tregva take for getting to the fighters circle, clapping for them both.

Violeta is quick to her feet and is left to pull at her younger sister's arm to bring the two of them in soft jingling bells to the fighters circle. A few jabs at each other as they make their way, laughing at each other as soft conversations are had most likely further jokes at the other to fall upon their face. Taking to the fighters circle Mattheu nods to them both and takes a step back to find a spot to sit and watch as his assistants ready themselves. Tregva bounces in place with a few small bells singing out as she looks to Violeta now who is holding her arms crossed and grinning.

Acantha lets Benny wander, but the big beaver doesn't really stray away from the Countess much. And she doesn't stray far from him. She gives a smile to Violeta and Tregva when they come forward and there is a dip of her head to each of them. "Rules are rather simple. Best score of three rounds wins and advances." she tells them. "When you are ready." she dips her head to the women. Then she takes a step back to let them have the fighting circle.

Akamos enters the tournament grounds, the big man looking around as he hefts the heavy looking sword that's in it's scabbard still. He makes a rumbling sound in his throat as he approaches where the fight seems to be beginning. The Cyrto'ani warrior doesn't say anything but looks deep in thought as he watches.

Ann grins at Ilan when she makes that proclamation. "Indeed, they will Ilan." Ann in agreement with her daughter. Ann also applauds when Ilan starts it. Raya and Sil are quick to join in the clapping too. Leaning in some to listen to Sil's quiet words and a hand covers Ann's mouth as she is laughing about something. But her blue gaze does not depart from the sisters that are now entering the fighting circle. A glance to Akamos when he makes his approach. If he happens to look about there's a nod from Ann in greeting. But she totally gets it. Fighting is exciting! That is what has her and her children's attention to.

"Otters cannot swim when they are a baby, so their mother has to carry them for the first month of their life," Denica is full of facts about otters. Sketching in the background, she lets the child look at her art. Denica has sketched a beaver giving an impassioned speech to room full of swordfish sitting in chairs. A messenger dashes in dressed in Thrax colours and the princess is pulled away, a piece of paper tucked somewhere. A smile for their gracious hostess, "I will need to find out who won, but I've had a delightful time. I must attend to something, thank you. Nice to see everyone."

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Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leaves, following Denica.

The second Acantha offers the rules Tregva offers a small bow to to the Countess then proceeds to throw a set of hair pins and small daggers at Violeta who is slow on the first round to dodge the weapons thrown at her. Violeta mutters something in Ravashari which gets a response from Mattheu, "Hey! There are children present!" Violeta waves off the yell from Mattheu and picks up one of the hair pins thrown at her to then lunge at Tregva where the two become a mix of jingling bells and a colorful wave as each seeks to push the other out of the ring.

The first round to Tregva for the daring strike on her sister, the second round to Violeta for lunging into Tregva and pushing her right out of the circle with mid flight achieved. Violeta stands edge of the circle now, a look to Mattheu and taunts her sister in Avarni, her voice is gentle and thick of someone spending years upon the rivers. "Come back here and say that again. What was it you wanted? To fly again? Or to find the bottom of my boot?" She's mid laugh as Tregva barrels into her knocking them both upon the ground into a spin of dust to be kicked up as they roll. Tregva slips to be on top, kneeling upon Violeta's shoulders to pin her in place. Holding older sister down and grinning within a deep breath to be caught. "I win." She declares in a very quiet voice. Looking to Acantha to call the fight, as Violeta spins her legs to be laying barely on her shoulders only grappling sister with legs and spinning them both to the ground now where she calls out as they are both on verge of being pinned. "Yield and I won't give you extra deck duties!"

Tregva laughs out in the spin to then be caught off guard to be pinned, "Never! You'll have extra washing!" The two go back and forth in their offers of less or more chores until Violeta finally lets go and is spun back to where her face is in the dirt. "Yeild! I Yield! You dirty cheat!"

Acantha is keeping her eyes on the fight as it unfolds. She was expecting swords or knives, but...this was also acceptable! Though there are a few times where there is a little concern, but given they are sisters she doesn't step in. Neither of them seemed to be hurt. "And it is Mistress Tregva with the win over Mistress Violeta." the Countess calls when the yield is called.

"Lord Mattheu Rivenshari will be facing Master Akamos Cyrto'ani. Choose your weapons and then we'll start. Unless you two want to brawl as well." she looks amused at that.

Akamos wields Frostbite Sword of Winter.

Ann watches as Denica takes her leave as well as Ilan. But then attention goes back to the sisters and from this group there is much giggling and cheering. They were not going to pull favorites. But Raya jumps up and down when its Tregva that is declared winner. Looking to her siblings, "Pay up! I told you Tregva was going to win!" Pay up with what? Sil and Ilan both give their sister a confused look. Raya gives a sigh, "Your cookies. The next time we have them you owe me one." Sil and Ilan look to each other as if to decide if that's fair. Sil spits on his hand and then extends it to Raya, "Deal." Ilan makes an eww face and instead does jazz hands. "Deal!" Raya stares horrifed when her brother does that spit thing to her. "You are gross, Sil! I'm going to tell that pretty girl you like what you just did!" Spirts! All Ann can do is laugh and then applaud for Tregva's win. She quickly shushes them as she tells her children, "Flounder is next. Let's watch."

Akamos hmmms as he is called up and sheds his huge coat into a pile before making his way into the fighting area, drawing the huge greatsword he was carrying and resting it over one shoulder. "I look forward to crossing blades My Lord Rivenshari!" he calls out as he gets set and ready.

Mattheu is holding his head with a grin to the sisters as they dance and spin into a brawl. It's nothing he hasn't watched before, though they are at least using friend language in this one. All except that first slip. He's trying to muffle a laugh as Raya calls out to her mother about what a *slippery eel* might have to do with the brawl. Getting up to help Violeta from the ground and pat her back as Tregva is called as winner. To both he nods in soft jingling as he pulls glaive from its resting spot at his side. The chain jingling as he sets to focus upon Akamos. A smile creeping to his face as he looks to the stands and is practically laughing at what the children are up in their dealings as Tregva wipes at her brow and proceeds to wait by water barrel stepping back as Violeta goes to cup some water for herself. A dark glare shared to Tregva as a grin creeps over her lips, grabbing at Tregva's shoulders and dunking her head into the barrel.

Mattheu looks over and lets out a quick whistle which Violeta raises her hands and lets Tregva up from the water as she calls out, "Helping wash her dirty mouth."

Mattheu looks over to Akamos now in a shake of his head, small bells sing out as he moves, as well as when he draws glaive along the ground to lean upon its staff haphazardly and offer a bow to Akamos. "Mattheu is fine. And you're Akamos? Or what house?"

"Akamos Cyrto'ani, Sword of Caer Morien and sworn to House Magnotta." He returns the bow seriously.

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Acantha gives a smile as Benny comes over to settle in next to her, "Just in time for the main fight." she tells him. Then she looks to Akamos and Mattheu, "Three rounds. The winner will be decided after that." she tells them. Then there's a motion of her hand for them to start when they are ready!

Mattheu grins and sets to be low to the field, waiting for Akamos to make the first move. Once closer, Mattheu goes into a spinning dance of footwork leaving the song of bells to both lead and distract to his steps in motion. Swinging in arc with a jab to Akamos' shins then upwards in spin and set back into a dive and roll across the field. Grabbing a fist of the ground as he returns in spin to throwing dirt at Akamos seeking to blind him from swinging true.

All eyes are now on Akamos and Mattheu. That would be all three children and Ann. Her own bells in her hair and what she wears in her ears can be heard as the princess tugs at the scarf which also has bells. Nervous habit. Sil and Raya lift their wrist where a bell is and wave their hands about. Ilan does a little dance where her own bell is on her ankle. This is their way of cheering Mattheu on now. Habits they have picked up in recent months. A wink aimed for Tregva and Violeta and the things they are doing there from Ann but she's now biting her lower lip as she pays attention to the fighting circle. This is nerve wracking!

Akamos is, for a big man, quite light on his feet and he smacks aside Mattheu's first attacks with his greatsword, stepping back as he does so. Such a move was fortunate for the Sword of Caer Morien because it meant he was further away from the dirt throw and was able to avert his gaze for a moment, protecting his eyes but still getting a a load of dirt in his face. "So... you fight dirty... I will remember that."

Acantha was not expecting the handful of dirt to be thrown and it catches her offguard, but she doesn't stop the fight given Akamos didn't get it in the eyes. She is watching them though and Benny keeps swinging his little wooden sword as the fighters do.

Akamos checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Akamos is successful.

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Akamos shifts onto the offensive, launching a series of strikes at Mattheu, forcing him to dodge or parry, trying to keep the momentum up.

Mattheu grins in return to Akamos, "I fight to stay alive and to not be left bleeding to become food for what swims alongside a ship." A look to the grounds, "Nor for what might be hiding within the shadows around us." He's slow to step closer to Akamos, smiling to his opponent. "You move strongly. Caer Morien with House Magnotta." Mattheu ponders for a moment in his pause to take another swing at the man, "How is the Count Artorius and Lady Desma these days?" Pausing enough to take another step closer, his bells barely singing out only to find their song loudly as he sets to dodge each attack from Akamos. Swinging in return and a laugh, "Did I strike a nerve?"

Akamos grunts as he moves through the series of strikes, "I haven't seen them since returning to the City."

There's a lot of noise coming from the stands. Sil, Raya and Ilan. But Ann? She's quiet. Watching with all her attention in what is going on in that Fighting Circle now. Or maybe she's trying to catch the words that the two warriors are saying. She makes no move to shush the children. They are showing their support for their favorite Rivenshari. Ann leaning forward as if that makes her see and hear things better.

Mattheu checks dexterity and medium wpn at daunting. Mattheu is successful.

Akamos checks dexterity and huge wpn at daunting. Akamos fails.

A whirlwind of bells all suddenly unable to find their song, Mattheu spins faster in each turn. Blade from glaive and staff seeking to trip up Akamos in each spin of large arc and push forwards to put the man upon the defenses. A sudden stop after swinging to find block of glaive bounce from Akamos' sword, only to be followed with a kick to the man's chest and low sweep with staff of his weapon. Now bells upon chain and clothing sing out, dropping to his knee to land upon opponent's chest. Edge of staff set to his neck, a friendly gesture instead of pointing flesh of steel to cutting distances. As he catches his breath and looks to Akamos, "Well fought Sword of Caer Morien. Shall we have a drink?"

Akamos was fighting gamely up until that point, parrying strike after strike from the glaive and after the last block, he pushes the staff away with a heft, the action leaving him open for the kick that makes him stumble. The stumble meant that the sweep took him off his feet snd before he knows it, he is staring at the sky with Mattheu upon him. "I yield." He grunts before he nods, "Only if you get off my chest though..."

Even before the Countess can call it there is much cheering from Sil, Raya, Ilan and they are screaming, "You did it Flounder! You did it!" Ann rises from her seat and is applauding loudly herself with a big grin to her features. Violeta and Tregva are speaking in a language that no one else here save for Mattheu and the children would understand but it sounds like they are offering their own congratulations as they whistle and cheer too. Those two must have made up.

Acantha gives a bit of a look off in the distance before looking back to Mattheu and Akamos fighting. The sound of the bells made her miss Vano a lot. Then the woman gives a clap for the fighters when the bout comes to an end. "Well fought to both of you." she calls.

"If you'd both come over here, we have a gift for both of you on your winning and on making it to the finals." she tells Akamos and Mattheu. Once they come forward she hands them both slips for a sum of silver to be paid. "Again, very well done and I thank you for being willing to participate. We'll have to see if we can get a bigger crowd next time we run this." she tells them, then she's stepping back to allow them to go about their evenings given all the cheering that's going on!

Mattheu nods and slips off of Akamos and offers and hand to his feet. A nod that they both walk together as he calls back to the children, "Akamos fought bravely as well, he deserves as much of your cheering too!" Acantha is offered a small bow as he's awarded the purse and smiles to her. "We shall hope that they find their way. It was missed by our cousin, though I'm sure he has duties to attend to. When you see him next be sure to give him a proper hug from us." He turns back to Sil, Raya, and Ilan as the three have found their way off of the stands to hug at his legs. All three clamoring about how fast he spun and that the colors of his scarves to become a blur of the wind. Mattheu looks to Akamos as the children all clamor to him, "Akamos. These are Silian, Thuraya, and Ilandere." He pats at the boy of about eleven, then a small tap to the two girls. Ilan looks up to Mattheu, "I'm Ilan. That's Raya. Silly Flounder!" As Mattheu looks to Ilan with a grin, "Yes. How silly of me." A look to Ann as he shrugs in the mistake to getting the twins mixed up.

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Akamos accepts the help to his feet with a nod and sheathes his huge blade before he goes to retrieve his winnings with a bow in thanks before the horde of children descend upon them and he struggles to keep up with the names. "Good to meet you all too little Arvani!"

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Acantha is overheard praising Mattheu.

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There is much praising and cheering from the little ones when Mattheu teaches them about manners. They don't even look embarrassed because Flounder won! So many bragging rights when they get back to the expanse that they can tell their adopted cousins about what it was they saw. Do you blame them? They just watched a well won fight. Hoo haa! You know until Ilan is correcting Mattheu and that gives Ann a fit of giggles. Things were tense there for a bit. She finally joins her children and Mattheu. Telling Akamos, "Well done." Smiling up at Matti, "You to, Milord." Murmuring something soft but she just looks pleased in how things turned out tonight.

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