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Valardin Fealty Meeting

A meeting to discuss the current state of affairs in the Oathlands. If you are an ally or friend and plan on attending, please be prepared only to observe unless you've been cleared to speak beforehand by the Highlord or one of her Voices.


May 18, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Alis Kael


Katarina Mabelle Kastelon Tesha Ian Edris Lou Filshiar Keely Vandorean



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Manor - The Vow

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Comments and Log

2 Telmarine Guards arrives, following Tesha.

Alis arrives just before the meeting starts, this time. Usually she's here very early, but not today! Today, the servants were untrusted with ensuring everything was 'just so' before things began. When she does arrive, it's with her hand tucked under Edris arm, speaking quietly and with a faint smile until stepping foot over the threshold to The Vow. It's then that she looks solemn and steely gazed. One of the brood squad.

Katarina, who people might remember from long, long ago as Alis's adopted Eurusi sister and the Valadrin Fleet Admiral and Minister of War, is also just in the nick of time. Unlike Alis, she's not particularly brooding. She has her ever-present look about her like she's just been told the most delicious punchline to a secret joke. She arrives stag, and goes to take a seat near the head of the class, as befits a member of the royal family.

Mabelle has been here a while actually. She arrived early with her work so she will not be absorbed in her work and now you can find her absorbed in her work. When her girl nudged her to alert of the Highlord's entry, Mabelle rises, clad in purple velvet and looking a little thinner than normal. "Your Highness", she offers a bow of her head to Alis and then another to Katarina before sitting back down and handing her ledger to her guard.

Kastelon ... lingers. In a quiet alcove, where he can see the door and pay attention to the discussion that's to take place. Mostly to keep that eye of his on the door, and listen, since those seem to be the priorities, while he lurks in a manner that speaks perhaps to his being on his guard, given how things oft work. But a nod is given to the royalty who appear, mindful as always of manners.

Generally Lady Tesha would be in crimson, but tonight she's in black. The Telmarcher has made quiet greetings and found herself a spot. Her one eye looks over those gathered and then back down to her little book that she carries with her to take notes in.

Ian comes in just early enough to have already found a place to sit by the time the meeting starts. This puts him in the background by design, and looking very much like it's his intention to be an observer today.

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Willen arrives, following Lou.

Edris tilts his head just so to listen, as he escorts the diminutive highlord in. Though once over the threshold, he too stands tall and solemn. He guides her to the appropriate seat, and after she is settled in, he offers her a deep and respectful bow, before withdrawing to find his own seat.

Lou quietly slips into the hall, taking a place somewhere near the back where she won't disturb anyone.

Filshiar is here a bit early, dressed fully in his King's Own armor, as an ally to the family. He bends into a formal bow when the nobility arrives and thanks them for allowing his attendance. He will stay out of the way and off to one side as other guests gather round, ever watchful with eyes and ears open.

Filshiar is here a bit early, dressed fully in his King's Own armor, as an ally to the family. He bends into a formal bow when the nobility arrives and thanks them for allowing his attendance. He will stay out of the way and off to one side as other guests gather round, ever watchful with eyes and ears open.

It is not long after Alis' arrival that Kael is arriving with Keely on his arm, the pair traveling in a formal style. The man pauses somewhat at the entryway just to sweep a look across the chamber as a whole and take stock of those who might have arrived before him. He inclines his head politely to kin (he sees you there, Kastelon!) and those that he is most familiar with, but his destination is the seating area so that he can pull a chair for Keely and assist her with exceptional care. He murmurs to her in brief and kisses her cheek before moving to take his typical position a step behind and to the side of Alis with his expression politely neutral.

Flit flit flit, the new Marquessa-Consort of Oakhaven is full of social energy as she buzzes around the room to greet people she recognizes, dragging poor Kael along with her. Air-kisses near Katarina, Alis, Tesha, Lou. Gentle smiles for everyone Keely does not air-kiss. And -then- she lets her husband lead her to a table, to sit, and lifts her eyes to nod at that murmur, scrunching her nose fondly.

"Before we open the floor for any reports to be made or concerns to be aired, there are several things I wanted to say." Alis begins, getting right down to business as she has the tendency to do. "I realize that there are several vassal houses who are concerned about the forces we have sent to shore up Riva and House Rivenshari. And I'd like to address that." She tips her head to the nobles from that House who are in attendance. "Firstly, please reiterate to our fellow Oathlanders if this comes up, that Riva is a strategically important resource for the Oathlands now. Their ability to navigate the waterways in a manner that most are not capable of could be of critical importance to us in the event of a siege or prolonged conflict. Including for the use of transporting supplies."

To address the next point, there is a stubborn and somewhat uncompromising expression. "Second, to address the rumored concern that we are abandoning our traditionalist vassals in favor of shoring up prodigal houses is, quite frankly, an insult to the honor of me and my house and I will not stand for it. In every conflict, each of our direct vassal houses, the Duchies, have been tasked with working with their vassals, and so on, down the line to each and every Barony, to see what their needs are and if there is anything we can provide to help them. And if your immediate liege is not helping, keep going up the line until you must speak with one of my Voices or myself if need be. We have continuously made this point. If troops are sent somewhere, it's because that is where it's been determined they are needed the most. If you can prove me wrong, do it, and we'll reconsider. Every House, every person, in the Oathlands is valued." Fortunately, she has the presence of mind to stop herself right there, and turns to Marquis Keaton. "If there is anything you'd like to add, before we open the floor?"

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Kastelon does, of course, nod to Karl and Keely when they're coming in. A beat, as he's listening to Alis' words, the turn of that one hazel eye to her, not that the words change the expression on his face, though his gaze flits back to his cousin anew when the opinion is posited.

Ian greets Katarina briefly, and then falls silent. He sinks into a slightly disreputable slouch in his chair as he listens.

Tesha's not sure about air kisses, but she gives a smile to Keely, "Good evening Marquessa." she tells her. Then she's back to listening to Alis. There is a nod of agreement with the comments on Riva and them being important, but she stays quiet as things move on.

Vandorean enters and looks for a place to sit, listening quietly to them talk. He is dressed in his house colors, a dark blue shirt and a pair of black pants, a velvet Artshall cloak about his shoulders. For now he sits wherever, unfamiliar with most of the people here.

Katarina offers polite, gentle nods of acknowledgment and greeting to all who enter, and she leans in for brief whisperings with both Ian and Keely. After that? Her eyes and her attention are fully on Alis as she speaks. Her expression isn't quite /solemn/, but it's certainly /serious/, as the gravity of the topics deserves. She even nods her head at certain points, as if to silently emphasize her sister's points should anyone be glancing at Katarina.

The Keaton stands steady, listening to the Highlord with his head slightly bowed and his expression verging on grim. He nods once to each of Alis' points in emphasis, and though she has called upon him, he does not immediately speak up. Instead Kael is waiting in silence to see if anyone does speak up in challenge. He scans the room to ensure that he will not interrupt, in fact.

Assuming no interruption, the man clears his throat and squares up his shoulders. "I reinforce your words, Your Grace, and emphasize that should there be a concern for ones lands, or an increase of hostile activity within it, you need simply communicate it and we will move appropriately if you request assistance."

Though Kael pauses there, it is brief, and he continues on, "It is my hope that, when the floor is opened, events of note or concerns are voiced openly so we can better track threats and work in tandem to see difficulties made less so." Another look is cast to the chamber as a whole before he turns to bow to Alis, holding low for pangeantry of the court as well as respect. "Oakhaven's report shall be given after others have voiced their concerns. Your Grace." He rises slowly and, with an inclination of his head and when bid to, he departs to take his place next to his wife once more. Kastelon earns another look in brief though.

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Alis turns her attention from watching the room, to focusing on Kael when he speaks. "Thank you, Marquis." She inclines her head respectfully towards him, and gives her sister a brief smile of gratitude for the open display of solidarity. Then, "Lady Mabelle Laurent. I know you wish to speak. I hope you will include information on how the rebuilding of Artshall comes along. House Laurent continues to have our full support for anything they need during this time."

Turn in line: Mabelle

Filshiar stands rigid off to the side, his gaze moving between the speakers as they deliver their addresses to those gathered. Though he does not have anything to add at the moment, he does incline his head a bit when threats are mentioned and seems interested in the mention of the Rivenshari.

Once she is settled, Keely is actually quite calm and attentive, her dark eyes first fixed upon Alis, and then Kael, as each speaks in turn. She carefully removes her gloves as she does, folding those in her lap and then folding her delicate hands atop them.

Edris remains quiet, his gaze fixed towards the front of the room as Alis speaks, and then also towards Kael. And probably moving at least in brief towards every person who will give commentary.

Mabelle rises from her seat and bows her head to Alis first, "House Laurent works tirelessly to assure that those who are under our jurisdiction are well aware of the importance of Riva, your Highness, and I am assured they have their hands too full to be starting rumors or provoke any hostility", she assures Kael. "We will, however, send diplomatic envoys if needed to smooth any other perception to the seam".

That being said, Mabelle acknowledges her cousin Vandorean with a little nod and proceeds, "As you know most of House Laurent's efforts have been recently directed to the clearing and reconstruction efforts in Artshall. With the assistance of Our Generous Liege, most of the wall has been built - stronger and more reinforced than before."

Her fingers rake her hair and concern as well as fatigue is evident in her features, "While many helpful parties traveled up to Artshall, helped with clearing debris and fight off bandits, the estimation of cost to rebuild the city are between 85-100 million silver. While House Laurent can hold their own and are very well off, we would appreciate any desire to assist via holding fundraises or any idea you might have in mind. Also, if you're not scared of bees", she looks around looking for Norwood, "We need some help with relocating beehives back into the city", there's a faint smile on her face but then a more genuine one appears, "We appreciate all the support House Valardin offers us, as well as other Houses from the fealty, friends and family from around Arvum".

Lou steps further into the room after Mabelle gives her report, partly so others might know she's there and partly to make sure the Laurent woman know there's support in the room for those efforts. "I still plan to attend some of the rebuilding efforts," she calls out to Mabelle. "I also have another 10,000 economic resources to donate personally to the efforts of rebuilding your fair city." Thus, she makes her support publicly known as she settles at the benches beside Edris. She gives a nod to the Elwood lord as she settles.

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When Mabelle speaks of needing people unafraid of bees to help move hives back into Artshall, Ian half-raises a hand in silence. He's probably volunteering, not that anything in his actual expression says 'I volunteer'.

Alis follows Mabelle's gaze towards Vandorean, taking in the house colors he wears before offering him a polite nod of welcome, before her attention returns to Mabelle. "House Laurent has always been a stalwart friend to Valardin. I'm certainly willing to brave the beehives and help relocate them back into the city to provide an example to those who might have some trepidation." she offers. "And I will make an accounting of any additional resources we have that can be funneled towards the rebuilding." The promise having been made, she steps closer to Mabelle to offer the woman a kiss on the cheek and murmur a more quiet support and clasp of her hand on the other's arm before stepping back. "Did you have anything else to add? I'm heartened to hear that the wall has mostly been rebuilt."

Mabelle offers a warm smile of gratitude to Lou and then shakes her head to Alis, "None at the moment, your Highness, we appreciate your assistance". She does however look back at Vandorean and introduces him to the room, "Lord Vandorean Laurent, A Knight and my Cousin. Him and Lady Lucie recently returned to the city".

Edris nods his head in greeting to Lou as she settles, and then to the Laurent lord that has been introduced. But for now the Elwood lord maintains his quiet.

Kael's attention shifts toward Mabelle when she speaks, the Keaton straightening up to listen to the news of House Laurent. Naturally as a vassal House, this is particularly of interest. He inclines his head deeply toward the Laurent and his focus shifts toward Vandorean Laurent, studying him for a heartbeat before nodding his head politely his way as well. While Kael does not speak up, he is looking thoughtful, and eventually leans in to murmur to Keely.

Tesha's been listening quietly and making notes. The news about Artshall makes her take some more. There is a look given up to Mabelle, "Apologies to speak out of turn. I don't mind bees, I could take a small group of our Knights to help relocate some of the hives if that would be welcomed." she states to the Lady. She then looks to Vandorean and there is a dip of her head in greeting to the Laurent Lord.

Vandorean stands and looks to those assembled, especially the high lords and ladies. He gives a short bow . "Thank you for your hospitality and any assistance in aiding us in rebuilding Artshall. It is an honor to be here." All that said he moves to sit back down. Though not shy by nature he is smiling quite broadly and seems to be in a hurry to sit down.

"Welcome, my lord." Alis says simply, towards the Laurent Knight introduced to the room. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle. I'll have the servants bring you something restorative to drink, I think." It's her way of showing she cares, okay? And then, she looks to Katarina. "Sister! There is something you wanted to speak to us about?" There's a quick amused flash in her gaze when it lands towards the back of the room. But then, her attention is back on the speaker of the moment.

Turn in line: Katarina

Mabelle bows her head in gratitude and acknowledgment to Tesha and then to Alis' out of the way to show she cares! My! And then she's quiet for Katarina.

Katarina stands up and takes her place to speak. "Good evening," she purrs, her Eurusi accent still as thick as ever, though over the hears more and more Oathland-isms have crept into it. "First, I would like to use my time to wish a fond welcome to Marquessa-Consort Keely Keaton, in her first official meeting of the Valardin fealty since claiming her new title. We are honored to have you, Marquessa, and we -- the whole of the fealty -- will support you as you adjust to your new role."

That said, Katarina moves on: "I have, for many months now, spent more time in Sanctum attending to matters there than I have in Arx. Thus it occurs to me that I am not well acquainted with some of those present. I am Princess Katarina Valardin, Fleet Admiral and Minister of War of House Valardin, by the grace of the Highlord Princess Alis." Katarina smiles brightly, even (gasp) warmly. "If my official capacities within the fealty might be of use to you, by all means, please do reach out and make contact. I will provide every aid that I can. Likewise my unofficial capacities -- translating Eurusi or scuttling through small holes in fences or wherever else I might be of use. Thank you~." And that, as they say, is that.

Alis looks stern at the mention of cutting small holes through fences!

Keely looks up from a sidebar with Kael as she hears her name. Hearing the rest of Katarina's words puts a soft smile with a bashful cast upon her lips, and a touch of pink in the tips of her ears and upon her fair cheeks. She dips her gaze demurely for a moment in humble, silent thanks, then lifts it back to the Valardin princess to listen to the remainder of the words offered. As it was an introduction, the new Marquessa sits up a little, lightly (and fleetingly after a glance around) claps her hands together in quiet applause.

Kael stays huddled with Keely for a few seconds, looks ridiculously distracted, but eventually glances up to the chamber. He takes stock of Lou, glances to Alis, and summons an attendant to murmur a few brief words. That individual scrips out something and passes the note along to Alis. Kael's attention during this is shifting to Katarina when she speaks, his brows lifting slightly, but he remains silent.

Laurene, a military adjutant arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

Mabelle chuckles a moment at Katarina's unofficial abilities statement and raises her drink in welcome and honor of the newlie weds, Kael and Keely, as if saying welcome or here here or anything else Oathlanders say. Maybe Huzzah.

"Or sailing," Ian suggests, not really raising his voice all that much to be heard, and not straightening out of his slouch. "She's one of the best sailor I know."

"We are glad to have you back in the city, Kat." One of the few people Alis is free to be less formal with it seems. When she's' done speaking, a glance is given around the room. "Is there anyone else who would like to bring something to our attention? Other than one's ability to cut holes in fences or otherwise get through barriers they should not be getting through?" Could be teasing! She doesn't sound as stern as she should in saying it, certainly.

As she takes her seat, Katarina asides to Ian, "I tend to group that under 'Fleet Admiral' on my list of sanctioned uses." She winks at the Kennex Lord, and then turns toward Alis to dip her head in a grateful nod.

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Alis unfolds another missive that's handed to her by Laurene, and a glance is given back over her shoulder towards one newly minted Marqussa. Perhaps so that only her and those right near her can see the blatant amusement in her gaze. And oh look! Kastelon wishes to speak! She waves him forward with a flourish. "Lord Kastelon. The floor is yours."

Turn in line: Kastelon

Lou has largely been listening to everyone speak about what they need or what's been unfolding. She notices Kael's look in her direction and inclines her head deeply in his, giving him and Keely both a look of solid support.

A nod when spoken to. Kastelon straightens slightly to make himself more visible when Alis addresses him, and he's nodding briefly when called upon to speak. "Kastelon Keaton. Cousin to the Marquis and his Voice." His tone is a hint deadpan, with that one hazel eye looking about briefly, as if surprised that introductions are the en vogue thing at the moment.
But the moment passes. "Obviously," continues he lowly, "we of Keaton are not immune to the threats that are out there. Threats that still exist, and creep in the shadows in the wood." A beat. "Several of our villages report that they have been tried, but our fortifications still hold. We stand strong. And we await the next that chooses to come to fail against us." The tone is even, serious, without being boastful. A nod, to all assembled, and once more the tall dark-haired man leans back against the wall in the alcove.

Mabelle makes a brief eye contact with Ian, belated, for his offered help. She nods to him and then firmly toward Kastelon as he portrays the strengh of Keaton. She'll drink to that. Too. Good thing this is apple juice. She must have sat in the kiddie section. Again.

Filshiar remains silent through the proceedings, shifting here and there as people come up to speak. He gives Mabelle a distinct nod at her request for removing bees from Artshall and offer Katrina a small smile when she introduces herself. Kastelon's turn on the floor has his attention, and his gaze follows the man as he leans against the alcove.

"Thank you, Lord Kastelon. I'm glad to hear that Oakhaven and the surrounding area have held strong." Quite genuine with that statement, Alis turn to summon Kael up to the spotlight again. "Marquis, I believe there was another matter you wanted to introduce for us." She's remained standing this whole time. But for this one? She'll sit.

Ian exchanges a few words with Katarina, and then, after excusing himself softly, braces on the table and pushes to his feet, only to retire to the kiddy table.

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Tesha quirks her eyebrow when there is another matter that is still needing to be brought up. She listens curiously to this.

Willen arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

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Kael sends another brief missive off to the side to watch it be handed off to a recipient in the room. He shifts his attention to his cousin, nodding his head to the man and straightening with respect. It is only once he is called upon once more that he rises to speak. "Thank you, Cousin," he says first and foremost. "And thank you, Your Highness," he nods to Katarina, "for warmly welcoming my wife to the Oathlands. We," and he sets a hand on Keely's shoulder, "look forward to the strength this alliance can bring the Oathlands and Crownlands. I suggest to my fellow Oathlanders that you speak with those of the Crownlands. You will find that there are similar shared adversaries that we face, that threaten our lands."

Kael pauses momentarily before continuing, "Many of you are familiar with Helena Thornweave. Who the woman is. The threat that she poses. If you are unfamiliar or would like to compare notes, do let me know and either we might speak with one another or I can point you in the direction of those familiar. She has been a thorn--" No, Kael stops him there and grimaces before bowing his head in apology. Poor word choice. A deep breath is taken, soberly, and he stands taller, "She is an exceptional threat and has been seen in many a tragedy. Amalgamations have been testing the edges of Oakhaven, as my cousin reported, and we have held strong. This lends me to believe that the main force is not near. There is a theory, a suspicion, that she may currently be in the Crownlands due to reports. For those who have yet to hear our ally, the Legendary Explorer, Princess Lou Grayson's report, I would ask her to humbly share it." He bows once, precisely, in her direction to open the floor to her.

Keely sits a little taller as Kael places his hand on her shoulder, and she lifts her own hand to rest her delicate fingertips atop it, the emeralds upon her paw printed signet ring glittering briefly with the movement.

The news of Helena makes Tesha frown deeply. Her eye moving to see what the reactions of others was at this information.

Alis looks exactly how one might expect her to look when Helena is mentioned: as if she'd like to hit something.

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Katarina, when Helena is mentioned, reaches up and touches her shoulder -- last time she was in the same area as Helena Thornweave, she almost died from an emergency arm-ectomy.

The warmth that breaks through Edris' reserved expression now and then grows icy at the mention of Helena, suddenly distant and hard. Apparently for some, anger burns not with flames but so cold it burns. Some hurts will always been far too deep and frequent to mend.

Ian doesn't really change expression when everyone else does, but maybe he's too distracted whispering with Mabelle and Kastelon. Or he just never changes expression, either-or.

Lou had been conversing with Edris when Kael calls her to the front. She politely puts that conversation on hold a moment as she rises from her seat. This meeting has far more new to her people than the Grayson meeting did. She inclines her head in Kael's direction, then Alis's, then turns to address the group as a whole. "There are two reports. House Grayson missed catching up with the forces of Helena Thornweave at every avenue throughout the Crownlands, and Liara's efforts to find her ended with the destruction of the House Gilthern, which was located between Pridehall and Bastion. The manor house of the barony was discovered completely encased in a new set of thick and viney thorns that not even the sharpest of steel could cut through. We could not get through to the house." There's a pause there before Lou continues on.

"The second report is from that of the Society of Explorers." For that Lou moves forward to wherever there is a large enough table available and she pulls a map out of her backpack. She puts that map on the table and sets some weights atop it. "Last year, House Grayson received reports that people were disappearing from the section of the Crownlands that was northwest of Bastion," she motions to some circles on the map. "And that a whole, very large tribe of shav'arvani disappeared. So, I tasked the Society of Explorers to explore that area. I joined them in that exploration." She takes a breath, composing herself solidly, and perhaps very visibly, before going on, "That entire area was empty. Devoid of all people. Even the animals were scarce, and what animals we did find to feed ourselves with were mostly rotten when we got them to the camp. The last village we came to had but one person left alive, and that's said tongue in cheek. She was caught up in some of those bitevines, the sort that dig into and eat the people. We'd just missed Helena Thornweave and her group there and she had taken every single villager there to make into more creations of hers. She was headed east and we were warned that we did not want to go east. She gave us a copper brooch as well, to pass along to somoene." She shifts. "There are two holdings to the east of that area, The Twainfort and Old Oak. We believe they are headed for one of those two holdings, specifically The Twainfort. Lady Eirene Riven confirmed that Marquessa Mia Riven is expecting an attack on her domain."

Filshiar sets his jaw at the mention of Helena, though he remains where he is and doesn't betray much more than that. When Lou gets up to speak, he watches her carefully and steps forward to take a closer look at the map that unfurled onto the table. As the report continues, his expression eventually draws into a frown. So many people affected by this person, so many lost.

Kastelon listens as Lou speaks of the findings of the society. The cup in his hand, steaming faintly, is drawn for him to take a swallow while he listens from where he sits near Mabelle and Ian, that one eye watching the Pathfinder, though his expression remains impassive.

Edris nods along as he listens. Though his face remains stony, his dark eyes hold a certain familiarity as well. As if these kinds of things found in the wake of Helena Thornweave are decidedly not unfamiliar.

Alis gets up from her seat to walk over to where Edris is sitting and settle in beside him, at least for a moment. And while listening to Lou's reports, hooks her hand under his arm again quietly. "Thank you, Lou." She dips her head in thanks at the Grayson Explorer Princess. "I recall hearing about this, and that there were some villages gone that were on the border of the Northlands and Oathlands as well. It feels as if it's a concerted effort to thin our forces to the point of absurdity. And yet, we can't just leave these areas to be picked off. Perhaps a larger meeting between the three fealties would be in order to be able to discuss a joint effort." she ventures.

Mabelle purses her lips as Helena is mentioned, last time she saw that one, her home was on fire. She does point out however, "I think there is another force out there to consider when it comes to Helena. In Artshall, at the very end before it all burned, appeared someone who identified himself as a Duke of Wasps. We thought he's from House Durand who has plagued us with their vengence for years, however, we learned that it was not. See, House Durand is under the chain of Legion", she explains further, "We went looking for information of the Duke of Wasps and learned that House Durand was not the only house that was destroyed completely as most Houses in our area were. Many of those Houses have been stricken even from memory. Others who faced destruction made alliances to save themselves. Dark alliances with the dark powers that the world has been made to forget. From those alliances came power and duty. Some might even say a person becomes loyal to those that offer them not just survival but the power to prevent destruction from ever happening to them. The Duke of Wasps works with the Thornweave witch because they are alike, you see. They did not need to be made part of the pack to make them loyal. So Helena actually has another poweful ally with her. We are still trying to see what is their angle".

2 Telmarine Guards leaves, following Tesha.

Lou inclines her head to Alis and settles back down in her seat. "House Grayson would welcome such a discussion," Lou says to the High Lord.

Lou nods her head in Mabelle's direction. "Calyana was from House Vinekeep. She is the lieutenant of the Traitor's that attacked the village belonging to House Sheperd and who killed Dame Felciia Harrow."

Ian makes a vague gesture in Alis' direction, although it's hard to pin down what that gesture means without any kind of facial expressions to use as context. Maybe an indication he has something to say later, although probably not to the room at large.

Edris does give a slight involuntary shiver at the mention of the Duke of Wasps. But he does nod solemnly to the words spoken. Both to newly-known allies of Legion, and to the fact that there are many strong contender targets, spread out across several fealties. He doesn't lose the somber expression, though when Alis sits beside him briefly, some of that nearly-tangible bleak halo of ice fades, and he says something softly. He's still listening, however.

Although the news that Lou provides is not new, Kael listens respectfully and dips his head to her. He offers a few words aside to his wife, tilts his head in query, but then Alis speaks up and he nods in response to her. "I have heard theories and similar news from the north. Likely wise," he adds with a nod to Lou as well. Thereafter his focus shifts on to Mabelle and he straightens, his brows lifting. "I wonder," he muses, "If Thornweave moved east, if he is still here within the Oathlands. Does anyone have any sightings of _him_ recently?" He looks out across his fellow Oathlanders.

Alis looks from Lou, to Mabelle, grimacing in memory of the Duke of Wasps. Having been there during the attack and when it fell, it's still very fresh in her mind. "I will send word then. See if we can't put together a list of who should be at such a joint meeting." she reasons, with a brief smile for Lou. And then, seeing Ian's gesture, gives him a bit of a nod to acknowledge. And then she waits, to see if any have an answer to Kael's question.

Mostly, Keely remains quiet, the expression upon her youthful features carefully schooled. Her large eyes flit from speaker to speaker, and once in a while she jots a note down on a bit of parchment before herself.

The Duke of Wasps draws a blank from Filshiar, who turns a quizzical look on Mabelle as he continues to listen. Respectful of the fact that he is not a member of the family, he remains quiet, though he does eye the map once more with a furrowed brow.

Katarina remains silent through this discussion, though one glance on her makes it quite clear that she's paying attention and taking notes -- mental ones, if not handwritten.

Mabelle nods knowingly to Lou, "She broke my arm. Well her swans did. This is someone brand new", she says it with some enthusiasm which is clearly sarcasm. She shakes her head to Kael then, "Me and Jael and some others were passing from village to village. If he's in the Oathlands, he is not in our area. For now. Or maybe he is, disguised as a wasp. Who knows". Another nod is concuring with Alis.

"Cufre Harrow is seeking more information on Calyana, so if anyone has anything to share, please do reach out to her. It's important." Lou doesn't say why it's important, but does emphasize the word.

Kael inclines his head in a deep, humble motion to Mabelle. "Then perhaps he is not, or not for now. Thank you, Lady Laurent." His expression is a complex thing - is he relieved or not to hear that the Duke of Wasps has not been seen? There is no telling. Whatever the case, his focus shifts back to Alis and he lifts his brows slightly to her by way of query.

Alis stands up from her seat, though she has her hand on Edris shoulder as she does so. Easy to do when you're short. There /are/ advantages!! "Thank you, Lou. Lady Mabelle. And, thank you everyone for attending. If there are any other concerns, please have them brought through your liege and we will address them either on an individual basis or in another meeting." Meeting, essentially, adjourned.

Ian braces on his cane and, after a couple of tries, gets back to his feet again. He's not in any kind of hurry about making his way over to Alis, but she's definitely his destination.

Katarina rises when the meeting is called, and with a curtsy toward her Highlord and various nods and murmured farewells to others present, she dips out of the room, to go do whatever it is that Katarinas do when left unattended.

Mabelle bows her head and rises, she has ledgers to get back to, "Thank you all for the information, I look forward to hearing about the follow up", she bows her head to Alis and moves out, "Good night all".

Mabelle has left the Quiet Alcove.

3 Laurent trained guards, Cupcake, a cookie girl, 1 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Mabelle.

Edris remains quiet, until the adjournment, though then he shakes his head a little, the seething in him retreated within the last few minutes. "If that particular wasp is no longer within Artshall, truly, that is cause for happiness. Though of course, we may never lower our guard."

As for the newlyweds, there are some brief goodbyes that linger mostly on Lou where Keely is concerned, and then they abscond, probably upon their honeymoon/wedding tour of the Oathlands!

Alis dips her head towards Lord Ian when he approaches. "My Lord. It's nice to see you again. I'm not sure how much time we have left this evening, but what can I help you with?" There's also a twitch of her shoulder at the wasp mention. "I'm pleased it's no longer in Artshall. But it does worry we where it might be, waiting."

"I'll make it quick," Ian says to Alis, before lowering his voice.

Kastelon nods briefly to all in attendance, and takes his leave.

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Katarina has left the Honor Table.

A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Katarina.

Kael offers his polite goodbyes to those in attendance, focusing on kin - which evidently Lou is now a part of. She's the recipient of an inclination of his head, just like Kastelon was, and Edris there. He bows lowly to Alis before departing, a curious look cast her way, but there's a tour to get to.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights, Keely leave, following Kael.

Ian has left the Quiet Alcove.

Filshiar bows his head and says, "Thank you for allowing me to attend. There was some very important information shared here that I would like to follow up on." This latter bit he says to the room, but leaves it at that before turning to take his leave.

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