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A fishing trip

Pasquale arranges a fishing trip.

(Open to all. We'll come up with an excuse.)


Aug. 21, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Cassiopeia Jan Lucita Ian Cillian(RIP) Mattheu Ann



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum

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Comments and Log

The biggest advantage of having an old, toothless, but entirely seaworthy dromond hanging around the docks is that when you want to get away to the lyceum sun, with a collection of friends, near friends, people who might be friends, and all their hangers on - all you need to do is throw money at the problem until it all congeals into something lovely. It's been long enough since this vessel was used for war that there are actual cabins, with real furniture, and areas on the deck meant more for passenger enjoyment than anything practical. It even has a dining room and real food. No biscuits for you today.

Its in one of those passenger areas that Pasquale has settled himself this morning. His body half reclined in a chair meant for such reclining. His face tilted up towards the sun. Even his magpie appears to be sunbathing.

Cassiopeia had no doubt investigated the food situation before she boarded the ship. These things are important and the woman doesn't travel light either. It's a jubilant celebration of sorts, getting away from the city and opting for a chance to get a head start on her summer tan. Excited to be out at sea and headed to the Lyceum she's the cheerful and friendly sort. Lots of stories shared about strange things from the Saffron, whether anyone asks for them or not. Crocodiles and Cassowaries, she's got an anecdote for everything. Wearing silks that match the colour of the sea, she's relaxed and lounging about somewhere, keen to engage in whatever activities are afoot. There's probably a snack in hand, too.

Did someone say food? Jan is contentedly working on her second breakfast cutting an apple one slice at a time then carving a bit from a block of cheese which she has possessively settled in her lap and then chunk of cheese and apple slice are enjoyed together with contented crunching. He feet at up against the side of the ship, crossed at the ankles.

Lucita leans over the rail of the ship, shaking her head as the sea breeze playfully lifts her dark tresses and tugs them before tangling them in a bit of a mess. Truth be told, it is a lot of a mess till she finger-combs it into somewhat a smoother arrangement. "This is relaxing, not having to worry about pirates or war-ships, just enjoying the scenery and the company. A dainty open face sandwich of cheese and a bit of meat seems to be her food of choice at the moment.

The most important thing about this old ship, from Ian's perspective, is the part where it's not in Arx. That is almost certainly why he's here. It's certainly not as a sailor, not today. Not the least because the ship is driven more by oars than by sails. He keeps a hand on a railing to help him keep his balance on the pitching deck, and looks out to sea.

Cillian has needed time away from the city and being with friends and such is good enough for him, he finds himself sitting comfortably with a plate of fruit and cheese in his lap with his feet up as he looks out over the sea. He is quiet while he munches away at the able slices enjoying the sun beating down on him with the breeze coming off the water.

Jan extends a foot and kicks at a wood plank near Ian and then extends an apple slice "Apple?"

Mattheu sits on railing looking to the waters below behind him as the wind catches at the bells in his hair. The warmth of the southern isles has him in a vest and a pair of close cut aeterna sailor's pants. Bare feet curl to edge of inside hull while he holds to rigging to right himself. Looking over to Lucita, "You mean possible friends or family? Out here?" A small tilt of his head, "I suppose they'd be around." If there's a point to why she's happy they aren't around he's missed it completely.

Ann is not the biggest fan of the sun. So she is seen wearing a hat that covers her features and clothing that will keep her cool. She is not one of those sun seekers. But when Pasquale sent out the invitation to come on a boat she could not resist. Especially because of late she had gotten use to being on them. Everyone here she knows and is offered a smile as she looks for a place to sit. Her hands are full. One with a full plate and another a glass of something. Likely whiskey. Oh and that plate? She will share with Matti for what she doesn't finish.

There certainly are a lot of sailors around but they stay out of the way in general. The officers seem competent but also seem happy to keep their distance, mostly because the Captain is one of those sorts who'd rather cut his own throat than spend an evening pandering to nobles. Best not to bother him.

The first officer comes down to the area where everyone has gathered to eat and enjoy the weather and scenery. Not that there is anything to see except water and the merest smudge of coastline to the east. A sailor accompanying the officer has a barrel full of harpoons which he sets down before scurrying off. "Cap'n says we'll be stopping here for a while and that theres a rocky area not to far away that you might enjoy exploring."

Pasquale shows no particular urge to move towards the harpoons or the water. His only movement to snag a piece of apple right out of Jan's fingers. "I'll reward whoever comes back with the biggest edible fish. If you need an extra incentive."

Ian starts to reach of the piece of apple that Jan offers, but without being willing to let go of the rail, he's too slow in actually taking it, and Pasquale beats him to it. He doesn't look especially put out about it, though.

A healthy appetite has Cassiopeia munching while she embraces the sun. "I do love the ocean breeze. Especially when it's a -warm- breeze," she says to anyone listening. "This is delightful, Pasquale. Thanks for the invitation. It's just what I needed." Then she smirks, "besides, it's partly strategic --me and Naz have a standing suntan competition each summer and I always win." Cassiopeia betrays her motivations. Fishing. Cassiopeia perks her eyebrows up. "I will catch a big fish," she declares like someone that probably doesn't actually fish.

Jan grins at Pasquale like she hasn't warned him about taking food from in front of her before "It's been a fair bit since I've seen you this relaxed." a pause and she amends "Outdoors." She rises and cuts another slice and moves to lean against the rail beside him, offering it to him. The kennex clan is close but not so close that she offers to feed it to him.

Mattheu snags some overly salted fish and a slice of cheese from the plate Ann has as he eyes the harpoons. "Largest edible fish?" A silly grin slipping over his lips as he nods to Cassiopeia for her declaration of both a suntan competition and towards the fishing, to then look to Ann with same grin.

Cillian chuckles hearing Pasquale's words about a reward for the biggest fish that can be caught and eaten, "Alright, I will take a try at it." he is dressed in silks and leather. His hair has been trimmed short and so has his beard, its getting to be warm weather. He cleans his hands off and puts his plate down, "Should be fun."

Pasquale munches on his stolen apple for a few moments before telling Jan "I trust the officers and its not like anything surprising is likely to just lunge up out of the depths. Why stress?" he gives the last scrap of his apple to Mar and then gives Mattheu a lazy half smile. "If we can't eat it. What is the point?"

Ian is quicker on the draw this time, and actually gets the piece from Jan before anyone else can step in and snag it first.

Ann ends up getting out of her seat instead to be closer to Matti so he can steal away as she listens to the conversation as a whole. Giving Matti a nudge, "So that means you'd find one, yes?" She has every confidence that this river lord knows a thing or two about fishing.

Lucita eyes the harpoons and then looks toward the others. "What? No poles and lines and hooks? Must be expecting some huge fish around here."

Mattheu checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

"I'm sure we can find you some if you want to stay out the water Lucita." Pasquale promises her. "But I thought most of the guests would want to get in there and swim and hunt."

Ann checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher. Ann rolled a critical!

Cillian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Ian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Jan checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 0 higher.

"I've never had the patience for fishing with a rod," Ian remarks, as he looks through the provided harpoons, testing the balance of one and then another. "Aethan and Porter used to enjoy it, but it's a lot of blasted waiting."

Jan chortles "That's the point. Get drunk and bullshit, fishing is just an excuse to shirk duties for a while. You are skilled at many things, cousin, but being a useless waste of space for a time has never been amongst your skillset. She chucks the apple core overboard and wipes juice off her hands."

"Fishing is best with a net and at least two boats anyway. Less pain to scoop them up than to hunt after just one and loose most of the day." Mattheu offers as he looks at the harpoons. It doesn't stop him from picking one up and settling up to the railing. "So. From the deck? Or are we going swimming?"

Lucita checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Jan checks 'recovery check' at normal. Jan is successful.

Cassiopeia checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Pasquale tells Mattheu "You're not going to catch anything with a spear from up here." A pot of fishing rods does arrive though. For those who just dont want to get wet.

"There are better things to waste time on," Ian grumps. It's a rare occasion that sees him stripping off his shirt, but he's about to jump into salt water, so here we are. The reason his shirt almost always stays on probably has to do with the extensive scarring on his upper body. His entire left arm, from his shoulder all the way down to about the middle of his forearm, is covered in heavy, disfiguring scar tissue. It's not the crisp scarring that someone might get from a blade, nor the all over scarring that marks a burn. This looks like an animal attack gave him something to remember it by and probably got close to taking his arm off, but it's questionable what animal might be big enough to leave THOSE claw marks behind. It would have to be something like a wolf the size of a horse. There's also a long, heavy scar that crosses his chest at a diagonal; this one might have been done by some sort of blade, but stands out against his skin by virtue of being stained a dull greyish black.

Ann gets some food in her and takes some sips from her whiskey. She also puts her hat down. If she ends up going in the water she does not want to lose her hat. Not entirely sure what she's doing she watches Matti for pointers. When he picks up a harpoon she follows suit and asks him quietly, "Am I doing this right?" She's been on hunts and watched fishing but not really gone fishing before. There is a first time for everything!

Lucita listens to the intent and with a sigh sheds most of her nicer clothing in the cabin, uses a modest swimming outfit and eases to a spot by the others. She gives Pasquale a little grin. Holding a harpoon rather awkwardly she jabs toward one of the fish. Water distorts positions of the fish and she totally misses the one at which she aimed but manages to secure a much smaller one instead. "Bah, the harpoon head is almost larger than the fish, not much left of it but a bit of tail and its mouth. Can't even tell what kind it is."

Jan chortles softly and flashes a grin at Ian "Yeah, but that entirely defeats the purpose." she peels out of her tunic wearing a sharkskin vest along with her trunks "Now spending the morning stuffing my face suddenly seems like somehow it was a bad idea."

Cillian slips his shirt off with his gloves as well, plopping them on the chair he was sitting in. His upper body is covered in Tattoos, many of plants and animals. He rolls his shoulders moving for a harpoon, he checks the balance of it and looking to Ian, "Ready." he smiles at him waiting for Ian jump into the water first.

"Seems like wasted time is wasted time." Ian makes this last protest, then takes his boots off and, a couple of selected harpoons in hand, slips into the water with barely a splash, dropping off the side of the deck rather than executing a proper dive.

"If its a waste of time." Pasquale says belatedly "Then don't do it." he gives Lucita a small smile. "It looks like it will make for a good soup though."

Jan declares "And Thus, why Ian doesn't fish with a pole and hook." and showing a total lack of awareness she grabs a hook and cannonballs in.

There's a splash as Mattheu slips from railing into the waters below in a near simple step off of the boat to below. Left to bob up with the waves and dive back down. His feet kicking at the surface as he slips further below the rolling blue-green waves. Slowly disappearing into the murky depths where he's less than an outline and more of a shadow from any that might be looking to where he's going from the deck. It's a while in which he is beneath the waves only to finally surface a little ways distance from the decks with harpoon raised over his head. A small yellow fish skewered to center mass upon the dagger at end of shaft, and a silly grin upon his lips as he waves in treading water.

Mattheu mutters, "... ... ... water) There's well... something ... I caught. I'm sure that I can give ... another ... and see what else there is down there. Water is lovely by ... way!"

Always swim ready, Cassiopeia dives into the water the first chance she gets. It's clear she's spent a lot of time in the water. And while maybe not fishing, she's a strong swimmer. She's also pretty athletic and more importantly, she's have fun! Cassiopeia is looking for something big and impressive, her eyes scanning about as she swims the harpoon. Oh, she's really just having a great time, all smiles and she's splashing around until she finds her intended prey. Oh, it's a delightful fish and she makes a fish face at it as she stalks behind. When the time is right, she's goes all in, quick speed and decision making.

Oh Matti went in. What?! Ann was not expecting that. She shrugs and dives into the water. At least she knows how to do that. Now lets see if she has any fishing skills as she tries to trail after Matti. It takes her a few minutes. She's really good about keeping her breath underwater. When she comes back up it is a very small fish that is caught in her harpoon. Likely something like a sardine or anchovy. Something that would just feed one person. Going towards Matti to show her catch. She's proud!

Cillian slips his boots off and then is over the edge and into the water with a splash, oh this should be amusing to watch the Northern Lord try and harpoon a fish. He ducks under then comes back up shaking his hair, bells ring out muted from the water. He starts to swim out from the boat in search of some fish.

Lucita manages to get most of the fish .. mush? gobs? bits and pieces? ... raked off the harpoon and turned over toward one of the crew to dispose of, or use. "Try again or do we have enough?"

Pasquale abandons his chair so that he can move to a place closer to the railings and watch people dive and splash around in the water. "If we catch to many the rowers will get to eat fish stew too."

A net is lowered over the side of the ship for people to put their catch in.

Ian lowers the goggles that he almost never actually wears like goggle over his eyes, and cuts deep into the water away from the boat, using a powerful two-footed kick that flows all the way up to his upper body, reminiscent of a dolphin. This method of swimming leaves his hands totally free, allowing him to grasp and ready one spear while holding the others that he brought in his off hand. A little ways away from all of the splashing, he floats a little below the surface, remaining perfectly still, and watches the water beneath him.

Ian gets custom fitted goggles from Oiled leather bag.

Lucita checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher. Lucita rolled a critical!

Ann checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 20 lower.

Jan breaks the surface "Can always smoke fish. Thank gods we're not relying on my fishing abilities..." She lifts her bare spear and treads water as she circles to the other side of the boat.

Mattheu checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Mattheu grins as Ann seeks to show him the anchovy small thing that she's got. A small laugh as he shows her that his fish is not that much bigger. "We're in the same row. An appetizer between us." The fish is tossed to the net as he sets to dive down again.

Ian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

Cillian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Cassiopeia checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Jan checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

Ann leans and gives Matti a kiss for his praise as she admires his own catch and throws hers where it is suppose to go as she dives into the water once again. Maybe she will get use to this.

Lucita eyes the harpoon for a long moment then grins. She jabs the point of it at some rocks. Jab-clunk, jab-clunk, jab-clunk. She speaks aside to Jan. "See, if I don't stab one then I don't have to worry about smelly fish guts and innards and scales... and...." The words break off as instead of a jab-clunk there is a big jab as the point of the harpoon sinks deep into what looks like a rock. Lucita's eyes widen and her jaw drops so her mouth frames a yelp. "Oh, Gods, What is it Jan? Oh... some kind of a mutant with a white belly and .. eeeks... two eyes on the top side?" She thrusts the handle of the harpoon toward Jan awkwardly.

Cillian dives down under the water getting a nice sized crab and sticks it in a net, coming back up for air cleaning his face of water as he breaths deeply looking around to see where everyone is. He dives back down to set another and comes up quickly only a small fish this time, perhaps a shrimp. He shakes his head again as the water beads down his face.

Ian is absolutely still, watching the fish below him, one harpoon balanced in his hand... until he's not. When he strikes, it's calculated and lightning fast, and he comes away with a decent sized fish impaled on his first spear, and a slightly larger one on the second. This is the point where he finally has to come up for air, several minutes after he ducked underwater, and so he takes the time to swim back to the net with his catch.

Mattheu's fish isn't much bigger than the previous one. Though there's a smile in something shared quietly with Ann.

Jan's eyebrows loft upwards and she laughs "That's a flounder, Baroness. They are rather tasty, don't throw it away! It's food not a suitor" She flashes a grin and then draws in a deep breath and dives beneath the waves with a kick.

When Ann comes up for air it is just a handful of sand from the bottom of the water and no sea creature of any kind can be found and she gasps. Looking to Matti as she laughs, "That's it you fish for us always." The Northern Princess for now is going to give up on this fishing gig.

Pasquale contemplated it for a while but he's finally decided to come join them all in the water. He doesn't dive in though, he climbs. He doesn't bring a harpoon. He doesn't move to far away from the ship either, instead swimming over to the net so he can poke at and peer at the fish.

With Round One bringing in an impressive fish, the second round really balances it out. Cassiopeia looks down at her fish, and then notices Cillian's matching size. "We could put both of them on a flat bread, with maybe, half a dozen more," she winks at him.

After depositing his catch in the net, Ian lingers by it for a little while, maybe building up the strength for another long session holding his breath. Or maybe he's caught all the fist he intends to catch. Either way, for now, he's here, hanging onto the anchor chain rather than treading water.

"The water is nice." Pasquale says when he notices Ian lurking around the net. "But I expect all this swimming is hard work."

Jan breaks the surface of the water with a gasp and a splash "Get it off get of! Getitoff! Getitoffgetitoffget it off!" She splashes and turns in the water trying to shake something loose. All that's seen is a bottled dark red blob on her back with one tentacle in her head the others sprawled along her back.

Cillian looks over to Cassiopeia and laughs, "Yeah we could." he grins at her, "Good to see you Cassiopeia, it has been a while." he turns to look to spot where Jan is and chuckles at her.

"Holding my breath that long at a stretch takes it out of me," Ian allows, to Pasquale. "Usually need a minute before doing it aga -- you alright Jan?"

Mattheu checks perception and empathy at hard. Mattheu marginally fails.

"I dont expect I'd enjoy it much." Pasquale admits. "But it seems like it could be a valuable skill to have." a pause. "Holding your breath that is. Not spear fishing."

Lucita looks at the fish skeptically then wades over toward the net hanging off the side of the ship. She shakes the harpoon and finally 'woman's up' and plucks it off the harpoon, depositing it in the net. "At least that's enough to feed several people!"

Pasquale looks up after Ian asks if Jan is alright. He takes in the scene quickly but instead of trying to help he instead laughs a soft little laugh.

Ann checks perception and empathy at hard. Botch! Ann fails completely.

Jan cries in response to Ian-she is obviously fine her voice is pitched in the Concerned tone but not the Panicked tone that she'd be using if there were an actual problem "Mangata's tits it's slimy and it's moving feels SO WRONG!" She gives up splashing and swims for the boat best she can while holding a spear "I'm gonna get you, abyss's loogie!"

"Aethan made me learn from the pearl divers at Stormward when I was a kid," Ian explains to Pasquale, while at the same time watching Jan with something between bemusement and concern. "I think he figured if I could hold my breath for several minutes at a stretch, I'd be less likely to drown."

Mattheu floats closer to Ann in soft conversation as Jan is flailing about only to look over his shoulder as she's screaming about something upon her. It's not actively eating her, or doesn't look to be. His attention diverts back to something Ann has said.

Cillian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 11 higher.

Ann has been floating along giving up on this fishing thing and enjoying the water in general and the conversation she is having with Matti. Looking up to see what is going on but she has missed completely what it is that has Jan upset. Her harpoon is floating around her as she has not lifted it back up.

Cassiopeia quirks her eyebrows curiously at Ian when he mentions pearl diving, "I went pearl diving once. It was very exciting, but also very cold."

Cillian takes note that Jan is not being eaten and he chuckles then dives back down vanishing under the surface of the water and a moment later comes back up with another fish moving to put it into the net. When he does he gets a look on his face there is a glint of mischief in them.

"Come here Jan." Pasquale says once Jan has gone from flailing to sensible retreat. "We'll pick it off."

Lucita is not a good swimmer. Instead of speed or style, it is more she gets there eventually and has not drowned..yet. After seeing, and hearing, Jan, she exchanges glances with Cillian and Ann and Cassiopeia a moment. To the closest person she confides in a low tone. "I am not a big fan of slime either though you do get used to slimy messes around the children... just it was unexpected to see that happen here to Jan.

"My hands got cut to ribbons, the first time I went out," Ian says to Cassiopeia, with a trace of the warmth of nostalgia creeping into his voice. Nothing like the good memories of bloody trauma, apparently. "I thought they were hard enough to handle anything, but those shells are blasted sharp. I was pretty annoyed with how hard my aunt laughed when I went to her to have the whole bloody mess cleaned and bandaged up."

Ian looks between Jan and Pasquale when Lucita brings up the sliminess of children, then, and chooses this moment to push away from the ship and duck back under the water.

Jan drives her back against the boat, ignoring barnacles as she tries to scrap the defiant cephalopod off. It slips over her shoulder and tries to hide in her vest "Oh don't you then it changes course and sticks a tentacle in her nostril, "AIIIIIIEE!" She clutches at it and tugs at at causing Pasquale to get a faceful of octopus as she flails "This fucker is not like your pet!" as if feeling she's been the victim of cephalopod propaganda. She's got it mostly off but it still clings to her hand stobbornly, showing off it's angry colors.

Jan says, "Why the fuck are children slimy, baroness?!"

Not at all put off by the talk of blood and violence, Cassiopeia listens to Ian curiously. She seems interested in hearing about his experiences with it and grins when she hears his aunt laughed at him. This is a family story she understands. Then she pauses and shares her experience, "I loved riding the anchor! Even if it was ice cold and I almost died," she's a bit dramatic. "But, it was incredible. I went on Lord Haakon's boat, out near Eswynd Rock. I just collected shells, I'm not strong enough to open them myself.," she admits with no reservation. "But I'm a really good diver and it was fun and I would absolutely go again," she says enthusiastically about the ordeal. "Even if it was too cold."

"The waters off Stormward aren't near as cold as Esywndol," Ian says to Cassiopeia in a parting remark before he takes a deep, gulping breath, and his head disappears under the water.

Ian checked luck + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Pasquale puts out his hands to fend Jan off. "Jan" He says sharply. "If you dont stay still you'll hurt me."

Cillian comes back up with another fish and puts it into the net, now he looks up to Lucita. "I do not know how a child can be slimy." he looks over to Jan and Pasquale and moves over to them, "Hey." he puts the harpoon up on the deck and then looks to Jan, "Come here let me help."

Jan rests a hand on the boat "Sorry, Sorry, Didn't realize you were so close, was distracted by the booger trying to find a way in my skull. She draws in a deep breath and calms, turning her head and spitting out saltwater "Thanks Cillian, I think Pasquale has it so long as I don't brain him and spoil those devastatingly good looks."

Ann looks up briefly to the group having heard children and slime and this has her giggling. Don't ask what she's thinking. But it is something related to child birth.

Lucita says, "poopy diapers, spitting up slimy sour milk, playing with snails, slimy runny noses, cooking oil mixed with dirt is slimy, icky. They were making mud pies...Egg whites all over clothing .. and skin.. from a 'tossing game'. Yes, children can be slimy at times."

"Thats ok." Pasquale reaches out to coax the poor terrified octopus away from the sanctuary its found under her vest. "It just wants to hide. How in all the days did you manage to get one on you?"

Ann does smile at Lucita when she hears the other woman and gives her a wink. As a mother of three she knows all about how slimy children can be after they come out.

Jan sighs "I tried to spear a fish and knocked over a bit of rock and it came out grabbling like I'd insulted it's damn mother." The creature is coaxed out now that Jan's not screaming and flailing, A tentacle reaches out, explores Pasquale's hand before it shoots out and takes shelter in his shadow, clearly traumatized by the crazy lady. Jan stares at Lucita "Gods, I thought the Kennex brothers got into mischief but you put it like that they sound like well mannered lambs."

Cillian seems to have had enough of being in the water and he moves to get back up on the deck, he is dripping with water as he moves back over to where he was sitting and moves his clothing and plops down on it and starts to eat some of the food on his plate, the sun, cool breeze and wet body makes for a very relaxed Northern Lord.

Pasquale takes one of the smallest fish out of the net and offers it to the blobby shadow of the octopus. "I'm fairly sure that if you were to directly compare it" He says to Jan. "You'd find the Kennex brothers are worse than Lucita's children." he looks to Lucita. "But Lucita chose to be more of a mother than most."

Lucita slowly makes her way through the water to a point she can scramble back up aboard the ship after grinning back at Ann and the other women. "A lot happens that the servants and nanny handle, Lady Jan, but I manage to catch glimpses enough of what mischief they can get into. And my brother's children tend to be ring-leaders for a lot of the mess. I think Lord Cillian was there to see the guard dogs being washed up after they were un-intended targets in a mudball-fight...when Luis's kids and mine kept missing each other." She laughs softly. "Better active and inventive, exploring and learning than the alternate.

Jan exhales when it's finally off, "Gods, those things are insane to wrangle. We'd be fucked if those things grew to the size of a big shark." She gives Pasquale a sheepish smile "Thank you, Pasquale." she chortles "You are surely right, Baroness, but it seems daunting all the same."

"They do." Pasquale tells Jan. "I've seen records of them found on the beach." he nods along with Jan's comment. "But it was all worth it right Lucita?"

Ian stays under for longer this time, maybe hunting for exactly the right fish, maybe just taking advantage of the silence beneath the waves.

Lucita nods to Pasquale's comment and again smiles. "Indeed, well worth it."

It's a slow float upon the waves. That's where Mattheu is, helping Ann in reclaiming harpoons which have strangely been allowed to float away from them a bit. The Rivenshari should have known better to have it tied in loop to a wrist or ankle. They'll get back to the ship eventually.

Cillian nods his head hearing Lucita, "I did Baroness, I believe was the day I took the litter of pups to train." he says over to those near the ship still in the water.

Jan stares at Pasquale "They do? Fuck. Well I am glad they're only seen washed up not climbing aboard ships for a little snack. All that snot, all those arms, we'd be fucked." She grins at Lucita "Expect some day to be ready to dispense mothering advice, Baroness, I get the sense there are many that would benefit from your wisdom."

Having had enough with fishing, Cassiopeia decides she will return to the boat. There she will lounge about and snack on things, indulging in whatever the drommond has to offer. Her work is done, she got a fish, two even. It is time to bask in the sun again.

"Oh me." Ann looks surprised when she takes notice how the harpoons got the best of them. Still in conversation with Matti. Making plans presumbly. Doing their best conversations in water.

Pasquale gives up on trying to get the octopus to take the snack, tosses it back into the net, and then puts a hand on Jan's shoulder. "I'm going back up onto deck."

Ian \pops up from under the surface near the ship and climbs his way back up to the deck.

The octopus takes the snack and is busy clinging to his snack so doesn't cling to Pasquale's hand. Jan nods and reaches up to begin to haul herself up, offering Pasquale a hand up even while she dangles by one hand.

Pasquale lets Jan help him back up, to an extent, before going along to the piled towels and wrapping himself up. "I can just see you served live octopus at a Thrax event now Jan." he looks to the others who have come up onto deck with them. "Did you enjoy yourselves?"

"I had great fun. I will go home and tell my family I caught a fish as tall as me with my bare hands," Cassiopeia says as she takes a bite of something sweet. Cassi is very tall, too! "Of course they will believe me," they won't, but she doesn't quite care about that bit.

Ann has rolled 2 100-sided dice: 37, 93

Jan has little problem keeping her grip and helping pasquale up and then she pulls herself up and swings her legs over the railing and leans over to do her best to try to wring salt water from her short hair "If we are marooned on island let's hope it's never down to my fishing skills but I do love any excuse to swim. Excellent suggestion, m-lord Pasquale."

Cillian nods his head he is soaking up the sun, the Northern Lord needs some color! His head is leaned back eyes closed face up to the sky. He has not put his shirt back on, just enjoying the moment.

Pasquale looks back towards the water. "I'm going to go lie down for a time." He starts towards the door that gives access to the cabins. "Enjoy yourselves."

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