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Vassal of Ashford

Words: "Ever watching, ever planning."
Sigil: A golden eagle in flight on a dark green field.
Nickname: Eagles

During the time of the Bleeding Realm, the lands south of Ashford Keep were fraught with war and chaos. It was not until near 800 AR that the then ruling Duke of the Ashford lands awarded Leaholdt, then an outflung piece of ground intermittently held by the duchy or held by Thraxes making crashing breaches into the landheld territories. Essan Baseborn became Lord Essan Leary, when his father, Duke Ashford, awarded him the lands. They built the fort atop the cliff and fought off all comers together, in the aftermath becoming House Leary of the Leaholdt.

Since then, the Learies have been a march of strong loyalty to the duchy of Ashford, pikes and spears and shields at Ashford's flank. Many of their bloodline in the past century have grown to be scouts more than fighters, though, with a remarkable scholarly tradition and a number of scions over the years who have proven well-dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge. The house words of House Leary suggest a great need for foresight, and the men and women of that house tend to honor those words and live up to their name. Progress, yes, future greatness, yes, but always, enough caution to hold what you have while you move forward.


Name Rank Title Description
Fairen 1 Marquis Marquis of Leaholdt
Agric 2 Voice Lord of Leaholdt
Iliana 3 Noble Family Marquessa of Leaholdt and Sword of Leary
Diego 3 Noble Family Lord of Leaholdt
Elloise 3 Noble Family Lady of Leaholdt
Corbit 3 Noble Family Lord of Leaholdt
Ilmia 3 Noble Family Lady of Leaholdt
Elias 3 Noble Family Lord of Leaholdt
Corrala 3 Noble Family Lady of Leaholdt
Haven 3 Noble Family Lady of Leaholdt
Asphodel 3 Noble Family Lady of Leaholdt
Rhys 4 Trusted House Servants Assistant of Leaholdt
Javarn 4 Trusted House Servants Knight of Leaholdt
Alberic 4 Trusted House Servants Admiral of Leaholdt
Olin 4 Trusted House Servants Quartermaster of Leaholdt
Rey 5 Noble Vassals Lady of Brighthold
Sen 5 Noble Vassals Lord of Brighthold
Tibault 5 Noble Vassals Count of Brighthold
Reagan 5 Noble Vassals Lady of Brighthold
Yael 5 Noble Vassals Lady of Brighthold
Lisebet 6 Liege Boss Lady
Kaine 7 Known Commoners Commoner of Leaholdt
Caith 9 Distant Family Princess of Maelstorm
Coraline 9 Distant Family Princess of Maelstorm
Catriona 9 Distant Family Princess of Maelstorm
Ian 10 Steadfast Ally
Eirene 10 Steadfast Ally
Mirk 10 Steadfast Ally
Jeffeth 10 Steadfast Ally

Ruler: Fairen

Minister Category Title
Iliana Warfare None
Elloise Income None
Olin Upkeep None

Land Holdings


Description: The Leaholdt is a heavy fortress of mostly wooden construction, crowning the top of a high, green cliff in the depths of the Gray Forest south of the Ashfords' lands. The only real "easy" access to the fortress is from beneath: stone steps carved through a cave system in the cliff, shielded from view by the falling waters of the falls of the Greenstream, beside which the fort stands. Climbing those steps, a curtain of water roars past you, and if you happen to be climbing towards the Leadholdt at sunset, it is not unlike walking through a rainbow. Inside the cavern vaults, the Learies are rumored to hold many secrets, but few outside the house know for sure what the centuries since the place was built have hidden there.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.