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Gold Order

Words: "The Light that Guides, the Flame that Cleanses."
Sigil: A gold dragon on a white field, breathing flame.
Names:Gold Knights, Knights of the Gold Dragon, Golden Order, Dragon Order

Founded in 1006 AR during the Siege of Arx, the Gold Order of the Dragon has the stated mission of being a Chivalric Order of Knights dedicated to "being a beacon in the dark." Most citizens of Arvum understand this to be a dedication to the ideals of chivalry and see it as Valardin's growing influence; they witness the acts of charity proviided by the members and the general helpfulness, or hear tales of battles against unruly bands of shavs in the forests. A few people know that the Gold Order of the Dragon were founded to fight creatures of the Abyss, but that's just silly talk, right?


Name Rank Title Description
Gisele 1 Paragon
Alexis 1 Paragon 4th Paragon
Leola 2 Exemplar
Echo 2 Exemplar
Baelor 2 Exemplar
Merek 4 Knight Proven
Holden 4 Knight
Minka(RIP) 4 Knight
Gerard 4 Knight
Macda 4 Knight
Thomas 4 Knight
Elio 4 Knight
Chrysanthia 4 Knight
Fray 4 Knight
Hannah 5 Squire
Lenne 5 Squire
Runa 8 Advisor
Taliene 8 Advisor