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The Silver Lining Open House

In lieu of finally having a 'grand opening', Svana would rather have an open house. There will be food, drinks, and things to look at. Swing by her shop if you've never been or just pop in to see what's new or get free snack food. There will be a raffle event with proceeds going to the Crafters Guild and (3) vouchers up for grabs for commissions done by Svana. Join us!


Aug. 17, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Lethe Nina Margerie Magnus Merek Katarina Rosalind Kastelon Liara Donella Cassandra Rowenova



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Silver Lining

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Hans the Helpful, 3 Bone Wardens arrive, following Magnus.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

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Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Despite the various bottles of wine that have been chilled for the night's event, Svana is also preparing several carafes of drinks like hot cocoa, coffee, and a pot of tea. Chamomile - gentle enough to go with all the different food offerings. The mother of relatively still new twins looks rested, surprisingly. As the door bell starts to chime, she smiles - perhaps a touch anxiously, and waves at those coming in. "Hello! Do have a look at the mannequin, you'll find examples of my work! Most importantly, come in and have some food!"

Lethe steps inside and pauses to take a look around. She goes to get some wine. "Everything looks very nice." She looks toward the mannequin .

Having seen Svana recently, and, getting ready to open up a shop of her own, Nina arrives to scope out what might be the competition! Except... not really, as such, as there's plenty of people likely to buy new outfits and leathers in the city. But she does want to get some ideas for what a grand opening might be like. There's wine... and perfumes! Both things she's immediately interested in checking out. She gets herself a glass of red, then walks over to start smelling nice smelling things.

Margerie leaves her guards and dog outside the door with gentle reassurances before stepping inside the shop. When she sees Svana, she brightens. She approaches the woman with a smile, speaking low. "When I met you at Softest Whisper Anisha's party, I did not realize you owned a shop. How are those twins you mentioned?"

If there is one of the People celebrating a success, another will try to share in that success. Hence, that is why Magnus ducks his head through the door, here to give his congratulations. Svana might no longer be with Stahlben, but she is still one of the People. And to be one of the People is to always be one of the People. While the new shop owner does a little meet and gree, the giant of a Marquis stands a little off to the side, perhaps waiting his turn.

Merek makes a way into the place to look around, and finds a place to settle in.

Princess Katarina Valardin arrives right on time, give or take a few minutes. Flanked by a handful of guards, as she generally is during public appearances of any sort these days, the petite Eurus-born woman is wearing a golden gown that seems to project images of both House Valardin's iconography, and that of her birthland. Svana is sought out, as hosts must always be greeted. She ends up standing next to Magnus -- and looks up -- and up -- and up -- and up --

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare arrive, following Rosalind.

Svana smiles at Lethe, not recognizing the woman. But she's honed in immediately on what the other young lady is wearing. "Beautiful hairpins... and really, beautiful everything you're wearing! Lots of inspiration to be found there." She beams happily, offering Lethe a hand. "Mistress Svana Grayhope at your service." Svana cranes her head in Margerie's attention, her smile not vanishing a bit. "I'm a woman of many endeavours. If I told you all of them... you'd wonder if I sleep. I do not." She winks. "They are good! Teething at the moment. Exceptionally fussy. It's a pleasure to see you, Baroness Margerie." Is she getting titles right? She thinks it's the right title. She waves excitedly at Nina. So. Much. Excitement. There's a quiet titter out of her once she notices Magnus too. "Everybody enjoy refreshments, and if you would like to participate in the raffle, please make any donations to the Crafters Guild payable to me! The prizes are three vouchers for full outfits tailored by myself! These might include jewelry and special scents depending how I feel."

Rosalind bursts into the shop with more energy than any one person possibly needs! "Am I late,"she calls out. "I'm really really sorry!" Rosalind looks around for Svana, a grin her scarred and freckled face. There's a wave for everyone else as well. "Hello! Hi! How are you?!"

Kastelon drifts around without his usual shadow present. The bloodhound is not with him, probably because it's a shop. He is polite and formal. When he gets a chance to approach Svana, he asks, "You are a diverse crafter, mistress. Do you work wood as well?"

Nina is, for now, just testing perfumes. She seems to be having some fun with it. Though, she is already wearing some.... so there's just a confused clout of scent aroud her, in no time. She seems to be considering the most seductive perfume, but then makes an uncertain expression, her mouth quirking. "I think it comes on a little strong, for me!" Then she is suddenly distracted by the promise of... a raffle! That has her looking where to make donations. When Rosalind enters, Nina brightens up. "Oh! So good to see you again!"

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Lethe looks to Svana. "Thank you. It is very nice to meet you. I am Lady Lethe Tyde." She takes a sip of her wine. "I'm glad I was able to make it."

Hans the Helpful, 3 Bone Wardens arrive, following Magnus.

Margerie smiles in understanding. "That can be a difficult stage. You look impeccable for having so much demanding your attention!" She bids the woman her space, though, to talk to other guests and selects a glass of wine to sip while looking over the examples and mingling. When she spots Kastelon, she approaches with a warm smile and nod. "Cousin."

There's look down at Katarina. "Hello there." tone deep and brassy, but pleasant. "Here to come see Svana's shop as well, I take it you know her?" he asks, before looking back at Svana, nodding his head at her. No, the big man isn't in any kind of rush to say hello to the woman of the hour.

Svana smiles once more, aimed toward Rosalind this time. "Good! I'm good. Please enjoy the refreshments, otherwise I'll take it all to the Murder." She reaches to squeeze Rosalind's hand gently. Kastelon's question makes her smile and she bows her head. "I wish I did, but I don't. Perhaps Mistress Orchid, however? If you have not spoken to her, I do recommend her. She runs A Taste of Champagne." She looks over toward Magnus and after a moment starts to drift that way, ever so gently with bows of her head. "Good to meet you, Lady Lethe Tyde! Please enjoy the refreshments." She looks at Katarina as well, recognizing her from a certain fire-related event. She bows to both of them. "Marquis Magnus and... Princess?" Svana asks, hoping she got that right.

Rosalind is already looking around Svana's shop, looking at EVERYTHING! "Oh! This is nice,"she says with a grin. Waving over to Nina, the willowly Ravenseye gasps,"Hey Nina! How are you? Thank you for the dress. It was very pretty!" She drifts off to go and look and sniff and sniff and look.

Merek offers a donation, while he nods a bit, looking to folk, "Ah, this place, nice," he says, while he takes a moment to adjust his attire.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

"I'm so sorry I didn't stop by and see you wearing it, but I think when you messaged I was having one of those days!" Nina says to Rosalind. "I know it's cold weather now, but I hope I get to see you in it some day. But fear not. I am going to be opening my own shop soon too." She tries out the pumpkin perfume next, and then considers it. She turns around toward the room. "Good turnout I think!"

"Alright, thank you." Kastelon nods politely to Svana and moves on to let the hostess host. When Margerie approaches, the huntsman replies, "Aunt Margerie," even though they are definitely cousins. The deep Oathlander-accented voice is warm, though he's unsmiling. "It is great to see you here. I heard there was an open house of a new shop, and I need something to throw my clothes in." He makes a gesture with both hands in the shape of a large box, like that's what he's thinking about. "I must talk to Mistress Orchid."

"I feel as if I climbed your shoulders, I would be able to see all the way across the Eventide Vast," Katarina says up toward Magnus with a wry smile. Before she can answer the question of whether or not she knows Svana, Svana answers it for her with the guessed 'Princess?' The youngest Valardin Princess curtseys, and says, with a never-shaken accent from somewhere off in the Dune Kingdoms, "Mistress Greyhope. Your work is positively enchanting~." From a sleeve, Katarina produces a small envelope, and reaches out to put it into Svana's hands like she's entrusting the woman with a secret. "For the raffle~."

Preceded by a couple of guards and followed by more, though several remain outside the door, Liara enters the shop. She slows up to look about, taking in the boutique - the people present, the decor, the things on display - and then proceeds unhurriedly further in, towards the food tables first.

"Don't tell the prince guy. Ok,"Rosa grins at Nina. "I bet you'll have a nice shop!" Rosalind tells Svana excitedly,"You have a nice shop too!" Looking at all those gathered, the redhead blinks. "There really are a lot of people here,"waving over to Magnus. "Hello Marquis Giant Magnus!"

Svana checked perception at difficulty 20, rolling 26 higher.

"If I stand on my toes, you might be able to see the the Bonespire as well." Magnus chuckles to the commentary on his height, something he seems more than aware of, given the man's size." Looking at Hans, he takes the fat, mammoth skin pouch from his assistant, offering it to Svana as well. "On behalf of the People, Svana. One of the People truly leaves, their carvings will sit in the Hall of Stories. Yours are still there too. In fact," From the inside of his long coat, likely made of many elk skins, he hands her a small bit of bone. Looks to be part of an antler. And yes, it is covered in carvings and scrimshaw, just like any other piece of Bonespire carvings. "So you do not forget where home is. I am proud of your accomplishment."

Lethe she decides to enjoy a tart with her wine. She listens to those nearby as she eats.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist leaves, following Nina.

Svana checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Margerie nods to Kastelon. "Good organization is important." Her expression is genuine, with a hint of playfulness in her eyes. "Will you be entering the raffle?"

Donations are taken carefully, discretely. Svana quietly thanks Merek and smiles at him, directing him to refreshments. She wants everyone to eat ALL the things. There's an ehthusiastic wave to Liara, and a look of relief when she guesses Katarina's title. A brief moment later she calls over her shoulder to Rosalind, "I certainly won't tell that prince guy that you enjoyed the dress!" before she's turning back to Katarina and Magnus. "Oh, thank you both. That is kind of you. The Crafters Guild appreciates it." Then Svana looks at Magnus as he hands her a carved and scrimshawed antler, her eyes threatening to fill up. But she doesn't cry. Somehow. "Oh, Mag... Marquis... this is... amazing. Thank you. I will treasure it. And so will my husband, and our children." She smiles down at the bit of bone.

Nina gives Rosalind a bright, bright smile. "I won't! Oh!" She also gives Svana a donation, skipping over to her lightly. "I'm sure I won't really outbid these lovely princesses, but in thanks for your support as a fellow crafter I'll contribute a bit to the pot." She then looks at the lovely gift from Magnus, and nods at it, curious about its form. Northern gifts are interesting!

Kastelon nods to Margerie. "I will," he agrees, shifting his stance so as to rest the heel of a palm against the peacebound sword on his belt. "Such things are often fun." Fingers tap against the hilt as he looks around. "This place is very fragrant."

Katarina's smile grows all the brighter for having a courtside seat to Magnus and Svana's moment -- but one can only watch such a thing for so long without feeling like a voyeur. "Careful, Marquis. If you put it like that, you will tempt me enough to try~." Katarina then curtseys again to Svana, and moves to mingle with the rest of the room. Well. Mingling with a clump of guards following her around, which does make mingling rather awkward.

Liara gives a little flutter of her fingers in response to Svana, then after she procures a lemon tart for herself, her attention is quickly taken by some of the perfume set out, and she says upon overhearing Kastelon, "Isn't it just? Have you tried any of it?" Tart in hand, the Grayson heads over to inspect the bottles more closely.

Lethe finishes her tart and looks to Svana. "I have had a pleasant time, but I must be going."

The question from Liara draws Kastelon's attention, and there it stays. He stares at her for some time, a length that might be considered rude, and then quickly blinks and transitions to an awkward, "Pardon? Er. No, I..." Shaking his head, he clears his throat. "I have not." Tilting himself into a deeply formal Oathlander bow, he introduces himself: "Kastelon Keaton. May I have your name as well?"

There's a quick aside to Lethe, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lady Lethe! Thank you for coming and taking part!"

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Rosalind is quick to grab a slice of pie now before taking off toward the perfume. And ooohhh---leather! Realizing she didn't introduce herself, the tall woman introduces herself in one fair swoop! "Hello

I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye. Ros or Rosa for short!" THere's a wave and smile after."

Margerie stifles a laugh at Kastelon's awkwardness before properly greeting Liara. "Princess, so lovely to see you again."

Some apparent amusement flashes across Liara's features at Kastelon's reply, and then following his introduction, she sketches a brief curtsey, lemon tart carefully balanced, and introduces herself, "Liara Grayson, Princess of Bastion." She turns a smile towards Margerie, replying, "And you, Baroness. How do you do?"

Merek finds a place to settle in and relax while he takes a drink of wine and watches.

Katarina's mingling attempts don't take her far -- her eye is caught by Nina's violet ballgown. "Oh," the Valardin Princess says, touching her hand to her chest. "What a lovely dress. You must tell me who designed it~."

Magnus laughs a bit to Katarina. "Well, let me know if you want to know what the world looks up from that high up. Be glad to show you." he chuckles a little before his expression turns from mirthful to more honest, looking at Svana. "It's just a reminder, Svana. For the things you have done for the People. That you will always be one of the People. And should you take up my offer I gave you a few weeks ago, it will remain open to you. Spirits know I am only middling when it comes to handling the monetary affairs. But that," he nods to the piece of palm-length antler he gave her, "is just a piece to remind you who you are. Because sometimes, we all need to remember. That said, I know I will coming by here more often when Halla wishes for more jewelry."

"This dress?" Nina turns around in a spin. "This is one by Selene! I must say, she's inspired me to no end, but my sewing is not nearly QUITE so sophisticated, or detailed, as hers yet. But some day I certainly will make such lovely things too!" She looks at Katarina's, though it's not her first time noticing it. "I love the inspirations of your dress. I was using some patterns that I sourced from Dune Kingdom art to apply to brocade gowns. When I finish the line, I'd love to hear your opinion!"

3 Last Watch Sentries, 2 Redrain Guards, Old Nan, a mostly harmless old woman arrive, following Donella.

"Your Grace," Kastelon mutters to Liara awkwardly, and then navigates around to help himself to a tart from the refreshments. He watches the princess and Margerie talk out of the corner of his eye while crunching through the pastry.

She smiles at Magnus softly. "You are kind, Magnus. As you always were. I do have some questions for you. News, too, I think. I hope that we can meet again soon in private. I have... perhaps a proposition for you. And... something else to talk about. That's the problem with parties! I always want to have a deep conversation while others want to mingle!" Svana says with a laugh. "I'll be happy to make Halla whatever she wishes." There is fondness in Svana's eyes, and she reaches out to squeeze Magnus's big hand. "Bless you." She moves to the counter in order to stash her precious bit of antler for later, while sneaking back in Kastelon's direction. "I didn't properly introduce myself, I'm sorry - did I? Mistress Svana Grayhope."

Katarina turns her head for a moment to flash Magnus a grin, and then her golden eyes settle back upon Nina: "It may be prudent for me to look at them BEFORE you finish, Messere... ah..." Katarina falters for a moment, visibly not knowing Nina's name. She finishes her thought, all the same: "To 'use some patterns' may carry meanings such as that you do not intend, readable to eyes from another continent...~"

"Oh, my, you're certainly right! And how rude of me. It's Nina. Nina Autumndale." The bard and apparent seamstress folds her hands and nods to Katarina. "I suppose I should be careful about what patterns I choose! Is there a good place to learn a primer about these deeper meanings?"

Donella steps into the reception area to mingle and look around in the shop, with a small purse dangling from her fingers. She tucks herself toward the revellers and craftspeople, and directs her small entourage to wait for her outside.

Kastelon quickly clears his mouth of the tart. Hopefully there aren't any flakes stuck on his beard as he looks to Svana and affords a polite nod. "A pleasure to meet the proprietor of such a fine establishment," he tells the Grayhope mistress. "I am Kastelon Keaton, from Oakhaven." Looking towards Magnus, and back to Svana, he guesses, "You're from Bonespire."

"I am well, thank you. I hope you are as well, your highness." Margerie responds before taking a sip of her wine. She spies a blue perfume bottle out of the corner of her eye and excuses herself to inspect it. She takes a careful sniff before grinning. "Oh, my husband just gifted me a bottle of this last evening. He must have snuck over to shop after getting done at the Academy." She is talking to no one in particular, rather musing aloud.

1 Templar Initiates, 3 Templar Knight guards, Sir Geddyorf, a heavy-set snapping turtle arrive, following Cassandra.

Liara offers a flash of a smile to Kastelon as he moves off, then Donella catches her attention momentarily and the Grayson offers a cheery wave, before looking back to Margerie. "Rather splendid. Oh, yes? How is it? /Something/ smells exquisite, but I lack the free hands to check it all." The tart, obviously being at fault for this lack of spare hands, starts to get eaten, though Liara is at least dainty and delicate about it.

She's late, and Cassandra knows she is. Making her way into the shop, the Legate glances over herself, making sure that she has her overcoat straight and proper as she wears the outfit that Margerie designed for her. She glances aside and down at the rather large snapping turtle that is following her. "At least you move quickly."

For those that just entered, Svana meets them with a smile. Especially Donella. There's a grin. A big one. She looks at Kastelon though; indeed, her accent is heavy. Extremely Northern. "Aye. Arvani isn't even my first language. How could you tell? Is it because Marquis Magnus just gave me a bone present?" She asks, before she realizes what she said. Her brows furrow, and she makes her bodyguard get her a glass of wine. "Oakhaven... you must know Master Apollo then, yes? I am his protege?"

Rosalind spies Donella and grins. "Hello Princess Donella. How are you!" Rosa can be find checking out perfumes with a slice of pumpkin pie in her hand. Seeing Cassandra too, she smiles at her too. "Hi!"

"Messere Nina," Katarina says, dipping in a gentle curtsy with the belated introduction. "I am Princess Katarina Valardin~." It's probably not necessary, and yet she states it anyway. "A primer? Mm. No book written in the Compact will prove quite as useful as the experience of those who have lived what is on the page. Among the refugees are those from all walks of life, including artists and crafters and tailors and the rest." Katarina motions to her own dress. "One of them may be able to tell you that the pattern underlying this gown is that of the royal family of Suj'abbat, the City of Veils," she explains warmly. "Any refugee from Suj'abbat seeing a Compact woman walking around wearing the pattern would be... in the best case, confused, I should think."

"You are?" Kastelon is distracted from Svana by Liara's flash of a smile. He gazes after the princess for a second, then resumes the consumption of his tart while nodding to the Grayhope mistress. "Yes, Apollo is a dear friend."

Turning, the giant that is Magnus takes in Kastelon, giving a nod of his shaggy, but well groomed head. "I am one of the People, just as Svana is. We came from the Spire. Are stories belong to the Hall of Stories. We ridden on the sleds pulled by Bonespire Mastiffs and hunted mammoths." he grins a little at how he's being a bit of skald right now. "I take it you know of the Spire."

Donella is all about the stuffed peppers, while she looks for Svana's donations-handler. Nom, nom, nom. Briefly she allows her eyes to flutter closed in culinary delight, and sends a wink in the extreme Norther's direction. "Lady Rosalind, hello! Quickly, make me give up these coins, so that I don't throw the purse to make a distraction so that I can run off with a tray of these things!"

Margerie makes a noise of agreement at Liara's words and holds the bottle gently, at a respectful distance for the princess to lean in if she would like. "It is delightful." When she sees Cassandra, she lifts her glass of wine in greeting, grinning at how the outfit looks. But then she hears Svana mention Apollo and her ears have her turning to the woman. "You are Apollo's protege?" All manners and titles forgotten, fondness and familiarity writ large in her expression.

"I have only read of the Spire as all do," Kastelon tells Magnus, perhaps forgetting that not all have noble tutors. "And a Clearlake told me of the everwinter. But I do not know a great deal, nor have I experienced the area firsthand. The furthest north I have been is near Stormwall."

Nina tilts her head at Katarina. "I see. So. That pattern is only suitable for a princess to wear?" She puts a finger to the side of her cheek. "How interesting. And if a common girl were to wear it, she'd be putting on an aire, so to speak, yes?"

"She would be insulting the royal family of Suj'abbat," Katarina says to Nina. Her tone remains light and airy, as though talk about insulting royal families is just fun chatter. "That is a rare example, however~."

Rosalind inches toward Donella. Doing quite the opposite. Lowering her voice, she murmurs to Donella. "You--go distract Svana and go and get the pretty things and I'll take the tray!" Yeah. She's unhelpful with all the sweet stuff. And smelling like a bit of--everything.

Liara steps in to check out the bottle proferred by Margerie, and she murmurs, "How excellent - it's a novel scent, or else I just need to experience more variety of perfume." Liara eases away again, and Cassandra's entrance draws her gaze, eliciting an easy smile, then she spots the turtle, and bats her lashes a few times at it. She wonders, "Did you know that Lord Michael Bisland is looking for turtles, Legate? He has a frog problem in his garden pond."

Svana notes Cassandra coming in and she waves excitedly, beckoning the woman over with a smile if she so chooses. "Anyone who would like to make a donation is still free to do so! I will take them personally!" She looks at Kastelon and Magnus, enjoying hearing them talking about the Bonespire. In fact, she is positively glowing at the subject matter. "I never hunted a mammoth personally. But I did enjoy riding the sleds..." She looks at Margerie and beams, grinning. "Oh, aye. Master Apollo has put up with me ever since I first arrived in the City. I always call him my first love, you know. First boy I had eyes for when I came here."

Princess Liara gets a chuckle from the Legate. "I saw. But I think he wanted a turtle for keeps. Dame Leola sent this turtle to me. Apparently it asked for me." she says with some amusement. She is about to say more, however Cassandra receives a message. Speaking of Apollo. There's a small smile and she murmurs an apology to Margerie before she's turning to head right back out, her turtle following after. Careful, she bites.

The turtle, that is.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

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Showing up with Sir Flop (who is a good boy who sits down inside by the door), Scout Rowenova steps inside the Silver Lining, doing so without her gloves on which is what she usually wears, but not today. She gazes curiously around the fancy partay within the tailoring shop, finally setting sights upon Svana to whom she waves enthusiastically and to whom Sir Flop wags (but he stays put).

Liara breathes a low chuckle at Cassandra, then, briefly absent any conversation, she polishes off her lemon tart, slipping over towards the mannequin in the meanwhile to check out the pieces on display on it.

"Oh! Well, one would not want to make such a mistake as insulting a royal family," Nina says, taking in this rare example. "Maybe you could come by my shop some time and look at the fabrics and patterns I'm considering! If you like the work I'd be happy to make you something, and if it should offend..." Nina slowly blinks at Katarina. "Then I cannot go forward with it of course!"

Donella lip-wobbles aas the tray of peppers recedes from her with Rosalind. Which is silly, since Thrax of her generation were born with no tear-ducts, so goes the rumor. For someone who makes fun of royal families as a sort of free entertainment, Donella calls over the Princess Katarina, "Our own royals, meanwhile, know that anyone emulating their styles of dress is a dire sacrifice for everyone involved. Myself, I try to go for 'who wore it best? you or a street performer?'

And Merek is napping upon the couch he found, a bit curled into a little ball of Velenosian.

Donella deposits the purse with Svana and makes as though to stalk the tray of poppers through the peoples.

Katarina's smile is a beaming one. "I have faith that you have chosen well, and that your plans will be beautiful to behold. Still, I accept your invitation, Messere Nina. I shall put it on my own shoulders to ensure that you sail safe waters." Her gaze turns to face Donella, and laughs at her comment. "Is there any Princess who is not in the midst of a performance whenever they step upon a public street, though?" she teases.

"Pardon me," says Kastelon, politely excusing himself. "I need to go make sure my dog is alright." He bows his head to Magnus, with a look to Svana as well, then turns for the street. On his way out, he nods farewell to Margerie.

"Street performance is a noble profession!" Nina says. "It's how I got my start." She smiles at Donella. "Nina," she says, with a bow, in case the other woman did not hear her previous introduction.

For his part, Magnus looks to stay out of the way, given how he tends to take up a decent amount of space. Donella is a polite nod, likely remembering the last time she dropped by Stahl Hall. But while he's here, he may as well peruse what Svana has in stock right now.

Svana takes a moment to decompress from the festivities. She lets Magnus go and she finds a seat, smiling at Rowenova. "Sit with me for a moment, my head is starting to swim." She hasn't even touched her wine yet. Svana finally does and she crosses her legs daintily, watching Magnus. The donation from Donella is taken and Svana does bow to her before she sits. "Thank you, Princess Donella! Very much appreciated and recorded!"

Rosalind watches Donella and well--that's when she makes her MOVE! She inches toward the pepper tray. And sliiiiiides it off the table. No one wanted these right? Right her pie. She jams the rest in her mouth, her cheeks full.

When Kastelon mentions checking in on his doggie friend, Scout Rowenova and her soulful companion (Sir Floppington) both regard him with an approving look before the scout herself moves deeper into the shop space. She stops in at the food table, picking up a party plate and fancily spinning it upon left fingers before suddenly catching it then filling up said plate with a wide variety of available cheeses and delectable meats. She actually skips the dessert table, despite a longing look its way. Tearing away her cobalt-blue gaze from that tasty table, she nods forth to Svana and swiftly steps her way, sitting down right there beside their gracious host. "Thank you for the free food." Then, "Greetings, fellow Northerners!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

"Did you really?" Donella marvels at Nina, with a finger dotting her chin in curiousity. Always ready with something snappy for that sort of rhetorical question, she responds to Katarina with a chuffed laugh, "Well, no, highness, but is it always supposed to be a tragic comedy?" The peppers! No! Squinting at Rosalind the Chipmunk, Donella steps over to greet the Marquis Stahlben, with a curtsy. "Are we at least approaching more reasonable weather for you, my lord? No more wayward Redrains hiding in your stairwells?"

Rowenova says, "As well as fellow Northerners, it looks like we have a couple people I have not seen in a long time." To the Valardin and the Lycene/Pravuses, she also notes. "Good to see you, too."

Finished with her perusal of things, Liara remarks over to Svana, "A most pleasing display and array of perfumes. I shall be sure to come by for a spot of shopping in the coming days." And, with a flutter of a wave in parting, off she goes.

Donella is overheard praising Svana: Every little bit helps, right? What a lovely shop.

A brief distraction as Margerie is pulled aside by one of her guards for a quick conversation, but she is back to the party with a smile. And that smile is largely focused on Svana and her words about Apollo. "He is - pardon, was - my ward. It brings me much joy to hear others have praise for him."

Svana beams at Liara when she leaves, opening her mouth to say something before she closes it and then looks over at Rowenova and squeezes her hand softly. She looks to Margerie once more. "Oh, Apollo is the best. Truly so. If you think I'm a decent tailor, you should see my leatherworking. I don't do more of it because I never wanted to be in competition with him, but I do love helping him every chance I get." She smiles at Margerie. "Tell me what he was like as a little boy!

Nope. Too late. She's sliding that tray SOMEWHERE. But ask if she thought of what do with it? Nope. Nope. and NOPE! Making sure the coast is clear, she keeps on moving said try. Nothing to see here people! Rosalind inches her way toward the door, casually looking at things as she goes. Can't be conspicuous you know!

Katarina's grin toward Donella broadens -- there is warmth and humor in her tone when she calls back. "I shall remember those words, Princess Donella~. So that I might always remain a tragic comedy, and never a comic tragedy~."

"I did," Nina says, giving Donella a nod. "I didn't have a noble upbringing, but with lots of hard work, anyone with enough talent can make it in the city. I was fortunate enough to complete my formal education in Setarco and find a patron in Pravus," she says. As if that were not at all a controversial thing to say.

Svana checked perception at difficulty 25, rolling 2 lower.

Margerie looks thoughtful, then coy. "Call upon me when you have a moment free and perhaps I will regale you with a tale or two."

Magnus, smiles a bit wider at Donella's approach. "Your Highness." he inclines his head. "Wayward Redrains are always welcome in my lower levels to escape the heat. I would say it's still open to you, but I think only members of the People enjoy cold pools of water in the dead of winter." There's a glance at Svana to perhaps get someone to vouch for him that cold water is the best water, even when it's snowing out. Which probably isn't all that cold to the People. "As for the weather itself, it's becoming quite comfortable, I think. I will have to break out my fall clothing fairly soon."

Rosalind darts out with the tray of snackes, without being seen. Thank the spirits. She'll be sharing with--Donella! HA!

ova moves her hand to meet that of Svana's and reciprocates that squeeze, doing so with her nearest hand while the opposing one balances a plate of food -- ridiculous stacks of it -- upon her own furthest thigh (now that she has sat). "Gonna send you some folios later on which mention Jayus. Not sure they are exactly helpful, but never know when you will need to know randomness!" Then, "Ah, leatherworking! I learned how to do it and love doing it, too, but am a picky person, so I never get too many things done at any one time. One day, though. One day. I would not say I am great at it at all, but when you spend an inordinate amount of time on something, sometimes it comes out okay. Marquis Magnus! How goes?"

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