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Tales of Eurus

Have you ever wondered where Eurus is, and where the Dune Kingdoms lay within that great land? This series of talks will go into great depth on the history of the Dune Kingdoms, the Kingdoms themselves, the religion celebrated, and who the major players in the land are. Join Lady Monique Greenmarch for a night of fantastical tales of the twelve desert kingdoms and their storied peoples.

This evening's tales will focus specifically on the history of the Dune Kingdoms.


Sept. 12, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Zoey Nisaa Sebastian Felicia Yasmine Lucita Alessia Katarina Cassandra Hamish Aconite Adrienne Amieli Kenna Liara Sabella Nina Merek Alarissa



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white mountain dog arrive, following Kenna.

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, 1 Iron Guardsmen arrive, following Felicia.

Zoey slips into the Inn and quietly takes a seat at the table by the fire. She opens a notebook on the table and prepares quill and ink as a server brings her tea.

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Nisaa enters the Queensrest Inn with graceful steps and smiles to anyone who happens to look her way. Quietly, she makes her way to the side, preferring to stand rather than seat just yet as others make their way in for the evening.

Many of the spaces are already taken by the time Sebastian arrives, the Pravosi chatting quietly with the Baroness Lucita as they slip into the already crowded inn. "Quite a number interested in Eurus, I see," he says, gaze flickering around the room. "Shall I let you pick somewhere to settle?" he invites Lucita, as he casts about for a drink.

Felicia eyes the staff beaming at her with narrow-eyed suspicion, electing to prowl towards the table by the fire and take a seat with a respectful nod towards Zoey.

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Yasmine beckons for a server to attend her table, placing an order for generous refreshments with little hesitance, as though expecting a feast. When Alarissa waves to her, she returns the acknowledgement immediately with an invitation to her table, giddily rearranging seats to be sat beside the Princess Consort of the Mourning Isles. As her eyes catch sight of Lucita, and Sebastian as an extension, it's only natural for her to go, "Baroness Saik, will you grace me with your presence this evening?"

The snow outside has brought many from without, within. The Queensrest is bustling and the drinks are flowing, and Lady Monique Greenmarch has commandeered a small corner near the fire, a whiskey glass in hand and a towering stack of folios and booklets on the nearest table. The star iron filigree on her corset glints in the firelight as she lifts a hand to wave to those she recognizes, and the tight Cardian snakeskin of her pants stretches as she moves to refill her whiskey glass. "All those who are here for the history of the Dune Kingdoms, I'll be starting in a moment," the Greenmarch announces, pitching her voice. "Volunteers to pass the various folios around?"

Lucita listens to the applause as they come in and shakes her head a little. "One has several thoughts crossing the mind. Don't their palms get sore from so much clapping and secondly, if they are here for meals, they are too busy clapping to eat anything... or too busy clapping to serve." On hearing Yasmine she glances up at Sebastian. "Lets join over there, I think seats are saved for us.

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There was no way Alessia was going to miss another evening of stories, and so she's quickly bustles into the inn, removing her cloak as she moves toward Orazio's table by the fire. She waggles her fingers at Lucita and Sebastian as she passes, her demeanor brightening, before she settles down near where Monique is stoody.

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'Tales of Eurus' might tug at something nostalgic in the heart of Princess Katarina Valardin, known on that distant continent as one Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat, of Suj'abbat, the City of Veils. The petite woman enters wearing a bead-net dress of blue and white set over a layer of honeysilk, in some pointed fusion of the fashions of her birthplace and the Compact. A big pale epiphanite gem accents the dress, where 'accents' means 'is dead center on its chest.'

Katarina also accessorizes her outfit with Legate Cassandra Laurent, entering arm-in-arm with the taller, stronger, less-big-curly-haired woman. Katarina's head is even resting gently against Cassandra's shoulder while they walk, like she's huddling in close for warmth after shedding whatever cloaks and furs kept her from freezing to death outside. "I wish to sit within easy view of Lady Monique," Katarina mentions to Cassandra. "So that she might see my disapproval if she gets any details of Suj'abbat wrong~."

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"It is snowing outside and you wore... that." Cassandra doesn't know if she should be scandalized or intrigued after helping Katarina out of her furs, before removing her own cloak and moves to join Katarina wherever she decides to sit.

Hamish lumbers in followed by his assigned Templars, looking like someone who hasn't spent much of the past week or two doing any sleeping. When the staff of the inn start to pay him too much attention he sends them off with an unpleasant look, then makes his way over to sit down at the banquet table, offering nods to the others already seated there.

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"We should ask them!" Sebastian declares, on a whim, turning towards a nearby diner as if to do just that. Only belatedly does Sebastian's gaze turn towards Yasmine as she beckons his companion to join her. He half-grimaces, as if his sudden, enthusiastic idea has been foiled. "I volunteer!" he calls, across the room towards Monique. "In return for a- ah, very good," one of the servers brings him a glass of red after giving it a sip, the glass lifted in toast as he slides into a seat with the group around the table.

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Aconite nods to Alessia as she passes but her reason for being here tonight draws her attention away. Aco moves a bit more forward to include herself with the group who are interested in listening to what is said this evening. She pushes back her hood so that she's able to hear the room at large before pouring herself another glass of wine from the trio of bottles she'd ordered for herself. Not far off 'Jandro lingers nearby keeping an eye on his charge.

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Snowdusted, Adrienne pulls back the hood of a cloak to take in the warmth of the Queensrest and its congregation. Family seems to call her as she takes in Katarina's familiar and pint-sized silhouette linked arm in arm with Legate Cassandra fondly and with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Hello cousin," she murmurs on joining them, head tilting respectfully toward Cassandra. "Legate Cassandra. An unexpected pleasure." Sebastian's shout has her narrowing her eyes further into the room, head cocking quizzically.

Lucita walks with Sebastian over toward the table with Yasmine and Alarissa, smiling as she sits opposite them, a respectful bowing toward royals nearby. Her cloak is slid off and draped over the back of the chair.

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"I wore this," Katarina confirms to Cassandra, and moves to take a seat near the front, so that she can help to pass folios around (and maybe sneak a first look at some of them). When Adrienne enters, Katarina peels herself away from Cassandra to offer her cousin a hug. "Come and sit with us, Adrienne~."

A bow of her head is offered to the Princess as Cassandra offers. "Katarina asked me to accompany her. Considering the Templar movement to prepar for the arrival of Eurus, I thought it would be prudent to accompany her to learn more about our possible enemy." she responds as she is seated once Katarina is.

"I'll endure any amount of scowling from you, Kat," Monique teases the Eurusi royal. "Because you're beautiful with any expression." There's a glance to Sebastian's call out, and the Minx's ruby lips curl, only to fall into a scowl at the wine. "Blasphemy," is her muttered comment before she clears her throat. "First, thank you, all, for coming. I promise to do my best to be accurate this evening but must warn you, knowledge has limits, even mine." Vain Minx is vain. "And so should I learn of anything that is inaccurate, I'll do my best to reach out with corrections at a later date."

"It would be a pleasure to help however I can," Amieli volunteers quietly for Monique's request, seated at the nearest table; she must have entered somewhere sometime amidst the people and guards and voluminously white weather.

"Ah-and good evening, I hope?" This to the table, in the waitfulness once quills are drawn and writing surfaces readied.

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Nisaa spots a quite booth tucked away from the others and seems to want to make her way there. An unusual demeanor for her, Nisaa keeps her head down a bit, verdigris eyes casting about furtively. She spots Sebastian and does give him a bright smile, that shared with Adrienne as well. The others she is familiar with, such as Katarina and Monique, get respectful dips of her head and nods.

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"It's lovely Katarina," Adrienne says of Katarina's gown, albeit with a faintly disapproving frown as she admires the delicate dress. She tears her attention away to look to Cassandra. "Katarina's company is reason enough to join any party, I know. That you may take something valuable from it is only a benefit." The secondary Valardin trails off as Monique addresses the crowd and the pair join the others finding a place to watch - or apparently scowl at - Monique.

As Monique deigns to address her gathered crowd, Yasmine slowly disengages from her tableside conversations to lift her gaze toward her hostess with intrigued expectance. A glass of wine is taken up, her thanks silently afforded to the server who attends her and her illustrious companions.

The guests and staff of the Queensrest Inn stands and bursts into applause and wild cheers as the most famous member of the Compact arrives in the Inn.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Kenna is here for the story time, but not so much for the talking-with-all-the-people. So she makes her way back to a smaller area where she can put her back against something. It's near Aconite, and the woman gets a small nod of her head in greeting.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

With a final swallow of her whiskey, Monique begins. "The first thing I must explain is that Eurus is a larger whole, encompassing the twelve Dune Kingdoms on the western coast, the Platinum Empire known as Jadairal, and other places like Pyre, which lies to the east and used to be called Caer'alfar. It is from Caer'alfar that the history of the Dune Kingdoms springs, and from the slave once known as Mutay'a'sib, who is known now by other names; the fractal Obsidian, or the Prophet of the Sands." There's a moment for dramatic pause, because those names said out loud are not always well received.

"Mutay'a'sib was a servant of Limerance in the Great Temple of Fidelity in Caer'alfar, and he was most devoted to the point of fanaticism, and in his devotion he became a supporter and favorite of Queen Primeria, who stepped through the mirror and violated the laws of the Gods to gain the power to save her people. Thus, he became Obsidian because of the unbreakable strength of his faith in her."

Aconite smiles towards Kenna and greets the Noblewoman quietly so as not to interrupt the starting of Monique's tale-telling. She gestures across from her to the booth and the tall Courtier's sotto voice renders a quiet invitation, "Please, have a seat if you like."

Katarina takes a seat at the banquet table, with Cassandra to one side of her, Adrienne on the other. As the story starts, she leans over to Adrienne and squeezes her hand softly, and murmurs something.

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The use of the fractal's name has Alessia stiffening, her features growing just a little pale, before she drains the whiskey glass served to her. Requiring an immediate refill.

Felicia grimaces uncomfortably at the Fractal's name being said aloud, her eyes flitting over the room cautiously.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Not bothering to take notes, Sebastian's apparently relying on his assistant for that particular thing, if necessary. Instead, he murmurs something quietly to the table he's at, before he turns his gaze towards Monique. His mouth twitches as she names the fractal.

Pale eyes sharp, Adrienne focuses intently on Monique, the press of her mouth an indication of discomfort at some of the tale and suprise at others. Distractedly, she squeezes Katarina's hand in turn, attention unwavering from the hostess while she addresses her cousin.

Katarina keeps her hand on Adrienne's, and as Monique begins her story, the Suj'abbati Princess's golden eyes fix on the Greenmarch. She isn't scowling, yet, but she is rather focused.

Liara slips in out of the light snowfall and on over to find herself a spot at the bar, eyebrows arching somewhat at the mention of the fractal. She's barely got herself settled before one of the inn's staff, almost excessively attentive, shows up with a pot of tea.

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Continuing on, the whiskey glass forgotten, Monique offers to those gathered, "But Queen Primeria was defeated during the Dance of Skulls, when the Queen of Endings herself allowed the dead to rise and destroy the living to avenge those souls sacrificed to Oblivion, and so with Primeria's power shattered, Obsidian was banished for his blasphemous beliefs. And where he wandered, outcast and anathema, he preached about what he had found beyond the mirror, inspiring rebellion, spreading the word that should people choose to worship the rites found beyond the mirror, they would be spared the impending imminent destruction of the Reckoning."

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Sabella is right behind Liara, giving a bright smile to those she knows in the crowd, but otherwise keeping a low profile as she also heads to the bar to sit, listening attentively to the storytelling as she does so.

Nina arrives a bit late but as Monique is beginning her speech and explanation. She sees Adrienne is here, and goves over toward that table, finding a spot near the end so she's not being too much of a disruption when she seats herself. Nina at once pulls a little notebook out of her winter coat, and unlatches it, then begins writing things down as Monique mentions them. All is song fodder after all.

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Cassandra frowns slightly as she listens. However, there is no surprise on her face, the look saying that she knows alot about what is being talked about currently."

Aconite's eyes drift across the table to Kenna and she smiles nodding while she looks back to the story. She's leaned in with interest and seems to be hitting her wineglass heavy.

"And though the Dune Kingdoms existed before the Reckoning, they existed only as small refugee settlements, filled with those who had fled the tyranny of Caer'alfar under Obsidian's guidance," the Lady Greenmarch continues her tale, and each time the fractal's name is spoken, it's spoken a little easier. "Under his instruction, the settlements grew and flourished. Wars were fought amongst themselves and the settlements became cities. When Caer'alfar became Pyre during the Reckoning, and King Diamond's rule ended, Obsidian returned to Caer'alfar and led the slaves who survived its downfall to the west to join those cities. With the great influx of survivors of the Reckoning, those cities became the Dune Kingdoms in truth."

Another pause, but this time Monique reaches for her whiskey instead, sipping from it before continuing. "And so Obsidian became the Prophet of the Sands, establishing the Magisters of the Mirror to give counsel and to guide the newly prosperous Dune Kingdoms."

Monique sucks in a breath, expelling it slow and soft. Then, she continues, mournful. "Time passed, as it always does. Accounts of what happened between then and now are scarce. But some time between 1000 AR and 1005 AR a new King arose in the Dune Kingdoms. We now know him to be King Alaric III, father to our King, or possibly his mirrorborn self. We know also that he was potentially tainted by the Abyss, at the hands, or tentacles, of the Gyre, as he went to resolve the Tyde Rebellion in 993 AR. Emerging bloody and violent, he waged war in the Dune Kingdoms, attempting to unite them all under his rule as Emperor." The mourning in her tone deepens. "The Silent City, Skal'daja, and Petrioch fell first. And then Glor'Ruus and Ahj'on capitulated, with the Dune Emperor ruling from the former. Lim'al'Ruus bent the knee as well, with its Vizier swearing fealty to Alaric III, who called himself Emperor Al'alah'ryk, the Emperor of the Gray Sun, Herald of the West and Bringer of Justice, He Who Was Drowned, He Who Has Been Reborn, Fist of the Prophet, First Scion of the Mirror. Petrioch and Suj'abbat are also occupied by the Dune Emperor, but uneasily. They have revolted more than once, enough unrest that the Emperor felt forced to take captives from each of the noble families, to keep them quiescent."

Lucita sorts through some of her own notes, nodding from time to time as she compares them with the stories being told. She is silent, focusing on the story to a point attention to those at the table at which she sits drifts away.

"Vel'ichalah and Jay'alaz were under siege but recent rumors from refugees have confirmed that Jay'alaz has fallen to the Dune Emperor," Monique continues, whiskey forgotten. "A force was rallied between Gildorian, Lagadorus and Mangaldissi, those three kingdoms who have a pact to defend each other against the Emperor, and it seemed as though they would break the siege of Jay'alaz, but it was not to be. They marched past the City Without Song to save the City of Tomes instead." She bows her flame-bright head. "And so, Jay'alaz fell. Now, to the best of my knowledge, four Dune Kingdoms remain free of his grasp. The rest have fallen to the Dune Emperor, Alaric III." Finally, the Minx of the Marches falls silent, the tale of the Dune Kingdom's history coming to an end. "As I have said, there are gaps I've yet to fill and many details that would have taken too long to recite. But if you have any questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them. I'll be holding several more of these gatherings, next to discuss the religion of the Dune Kingdoms, the people, and the land itself," she adds, rallying enough to offer a smile.

At the end of the recitation, Adrienne releases Katarina's hand to clap politely. She murmurs aside to her companions, gaze fixed still on Monique, "She is a gifted storyteller."

Merek is about, and begins listening while he finds a place to settle in.

Aconiteseems to look down at the bit about Jay'alaz, clearly that part she knew and it maks her lean back and say something quietly to her table companion.

Setting his glass aside for a moment, Sebastian rises so that he can both be seen and heard as he directs to Monique: "You are a masterful storyteller, Lady Monique," he says with a smile. "Can you explain why the names of the Dune Kingdoms cities seem to reflect the elves' religion, the Grace of the Thirteen? It seems an odd choice, if Obsidian had a hand in forming them, given his blasphemous beliefs."

Keeping to herself, Nisaa listens intently to the words spoken, content to sip a glass of wine as she sits in the booth. She seems content, except for wide eyes looking about.

When Sebastian rises to pose his question to Monique, Yasmine's eyes drift from the Voice of Pravus to the Lady Greenmarch with open intrigue. Her chin comes to rest in an upturned palm, fingers curled in loosely. "That is a very interesting thought I would have overlooked in all this excitement, Your Highness. How insightful of you," she murmurs.

Her recitation of the history of the Dune Kingdoms done, Monique settles in with a healthy refill of her whiskey, and her emerald eyes slide to Sebastian, visible warmth and preening at the compliment, a grin for the question. "I can attempt it, though it will be the subject of one of my next gatherings, if you'd rather wait and not spoil it?" Is she chiding him slightly? MAYBE.

When Monique finishes her tale and the folios are disseminated, Katarina stands up, having accidentally missed Yasmine saying something to her -- she will no doubt realize what happened on her way back home and feel terrible about it all night.

"All that you say, to the best of my knowledge, is true, Lady Monique." Katarina's golden eyes sweep over the room. "Indulge me a moment, if I may speak to those assembled?"

Aconitelooks from the room back to Monique though Katarina's words draw the tall Eurusi woman's eyes to the Princess.

Nina was partially distracted in nearby conversations, and partially furiously taking notes about everything as fast as she could. When Katarina gets up, Nina looks over and waits for her to speak. Surely she has spoken from an area of expertise on this topic before, so she'd have something interesting to say.

Kenna quirks a shoulder upwards at Aconite's perhaps. "Really, it was only because the Prophet wrote something at some point about the Iron Guard's barracks. It was enough to get me curious, but once that trail ran cold and no one else in the guard was interested in the connection I let it drop." Then she proceeds to tell the snippet of lore about the Barracks that mentions the Prophet.

The answer earns a wry smile from Sebastian, "You do seem to enjoy testing my patience, my lady," he answers Monique, the spread of his hands seemingly indicating his yielding to her suggestion of next time. Or perhaps he's content to leave the floor to Katarina, glancing her way when she stands.

Lucita looks up as notes are passed here and there and she flexes her fingers and straightens up in her seat. A smile is given Katarina as she rises to speak.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

Yasmine quirks her lips marginally at Monique's smooth reply to Sebastian, her head canted to the side now to regard Katarina with open curiosity as the princess decides to address the entirety of the gathered crowd. She paces herself with a light sip of wine, lashes lowering to give contemplation to something murmured her way before leaning aside to return a hushed reply.

"Patience is a virtue, your highness." Alessia turns in her seat to offer Sebastian a wink, her tone playful. Then her attention shifts to Katarina as she prepares to speak, sipping her whiskey as she listens.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cassandra before departing.

Head bowing with deep warmth to Nina, Adrienne looks up (not very far) when Katarina stands and with open pride. She takes a moment to look back to the entrance of the Queensrest, to the windows and the snows flying beyond.

"Constantly, and always," Monique replies to Sebastian with a low laugh, even as she is ceding the floor to Katarina with a bow of her bright head. "Of course, Your Highness. I would deny you almost nothing." And she settles back and turns her attention to her whiskey.

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Lucita mutters, "It is ... impossible ... keep up with things like this ... matter how ... organized ... is."

"Patience is a virtue," Nisaa says, concurring with Alessia. Her curious eyes shift from Monique to Katarina, the goblet of red wine lifting to her lips. The quietest Whisper is truly living up to her name.

Katarina draws in a silent breath and purses her lips in what seems to be, for a moment, deep thought. "My name is Princess Katarina Valardin. This is not what it has always been. At birth, I was Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat. I am a daughter of Sanctum, but before this, I was a daughter of Suj'abbat, the City of Veils."

Katarina's eyes wander the room, looking from person to person, not so much trying to read everyone's measure as just impress upon them that she is speaking TO them, not AT them. "In Suj'abbat, to deceive is to live. The gamesmanship of the Lyceum would be considered only that -- games. Silliness. For in Suj'abbat, it is not enough to deceive only when you want to win something. It is by confronting the lies of all around you that you find what is true."

"Suj'abbat is where a child is born to two household staff of the Royal Palace. The child is loved and cared for and dressed in veils and masks that befit her standing, as the child of free citizens. The child is taught to lie, but also taught HOW to lie -- how to UNDERSTAND the lies -- how to transmit, hidden under many layers, what she truly wishes to say, and to see under many layers what others believe is true as well. At the age of five, the child is told that she has been lied to. She was not the child of two household staff." Katarina pauses, for a beat.

"At the age of five, the child is told that she is the daughter of Tala'il'Ramir, First Deceptrix of Suj'abbat, by the Grace of the Masquerade, Deceiver of Ra'ab, Liar of Her Realm, and of Mahkum'il'Ramir, Royal Chief of the Order of Tia'il'qa, Knight of the Singing Sands, Grand Master and First and Principle Knight Grand Rose of the Most Excellent Order of the Defense of the Dune Kingdoms, Defender of the Lie, King of Suj'abbat, the City of Veils. She is Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat, Princess of Suj'abbat."

Katarina glances around the room once more. "That is -- if any of what I have told you now is true." She raises her eyebrows as if to suggest: it might not be. "Suj'abbat is a strange place, to the Compact. When I arrived in Sanctum, it was six months before I accepted that Oathlanders spoke truth so freely as they do, and could be held to exactly their word. Perhaps Suj'abbat sounds alien to you. Or somewhere that you might not like to visit. But it is my home -- and it deserves better than Obsidian, and the Dune Emperor. Like all of us, it deserves to be free."

Nina checked composure + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Refocusing on Katarina, Adrienne sits motionless throughout the recitation. This time she does not clap, politely or otherwise, when the story ends. She merely watches her cousin, then the faces of those around the Queensrest, gravely.

Nina listens to this entire story, with increasingly widening eyes. When Katarina begins to the tale, she swallows once, and then as Katarina finishes the story she lets out a little gasp, putting her hands to her mouth. "Lying! How strange and terrible! I cannot imagine! Being a Princess and not knowing about it! How unfortunate for you!"

Aconite listens to Katarina's story with a small tilt of her head, clearly intent to listen but the COurtier only nods once and then takes another deep draught of her wine.

"Is there a limit to the lying?" Alessia asks with a curious smile, seeming familiar with the story otherwise. "As in... what if a few years later they said, 'well... we lied again, your /actual/ parents are... so and so'?"

Monique applauds, and applauds heartily. "Well said, Your Highness. You know that Prince Damik and I support you fully in that notion," the Minx adds with a quicksilver grin and a salute of her whiskey glass. "Plus, I've heard Obsidian is a /terrible/ liar."

Monique is overheard praising Katarina: Lies, all lies!

"They lied to ensure that I was of good sense -- that even as the child of two of their retainers, I was one they found worthy of succession." Katarina says this as if it's the most simple thing in the world, like explaining why every Oathlander has a milk mustache ('because they like milk'). "If I had proven to be unfit in some way afterward, perhaps they would have cast me out by deceiving me that I was the child of wastrels in the gutter. It..." Katarina purses her lips again. "I believe the saying in Arvani is, 'You had to be there.'"

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Lucita says, "A difficult time to endure and much to expect of a child so young!"

Aconitelooks more confused by the comments of others before looking back to her tablemmate and wondering something of Lady Kenna quietly.

Katarina nods to Lucita. "Not nearly so difficult as what Suj'abbat endures now, with a monster's boot across millions of necks. Lady Monique, your support, and that of Prince Damik'uhl'daja, is invaluable to me, and I thank you for it -- as well as this opportunity to speak." Katarina gives the room another sweep, and then moves to sit down (unless someone interrupts her in her Princessly sitting).

"I think it's a good practice," Monique opines to Katarina with a wicked little grin, "and I appreciate that you shared it with us, Your Highness. But then, you know I find many of the Suj'abbat customs beautiful." She glances around the room once more. "Any other questions on the history of the Dune Kingdoms? Or if anyone else would like to speak, to add something?" she invites warmly.

"The roof tiles of her palace were brown and green. Alarissa states, though smiles. "But I could be lying."

Nisaa sits very straight and stiff at her booth, eyes large and focused mainly on Katarina as she speaks. Lips pursed, she gives a nod when the Princess is finished, taking a slow breath which seems to only make her posture more perfect. Once Katarina has retaken her seat, her gaze sweeps around the room slowly, stopping briefly on Sebastian then Adrienne before lowering her head.

"A question, my Lady," Adrienne says as she stands to the odd clink of chainmail and swish of chiffon. "Given their proximity, can you speak at all to the relationship between the Dune Kindgdoms and the Undying Empire?" A faint and ghostly smile filts across her features. "My patience need not be tested. I recognize how difficult this must have been to piece together and thank you for what you have done today."

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Monique emerald eyes drift from the table towards Adrienne, and she gives a nod. "I've some knowledge. I know that it is not an easy relationship, and that the two rarely have anything to do with one another. I spoke to His Highness, Prince Damik, not long ago on the matter, and he said as much, and that he'd never had occasion, even as the Crown-Prince of Skal'daja, to meet with the diplomats we have here in Arvum."

"I had not thought of the challenges of disunity when negotiating in such a way. Thank you, Lady Greenmarch." Adrienne is typically Oathlandic in her steady and sincere delivery. No daughter of fake-wastrels here. The princess skirts her table with a few murmured words and leaves to meander her way across to Nisaa's quiet corner. She tilts her head to ask a question of the Whisper and glances to the empty chair.

Monique glances around to the others, the quiet hum of conversations noted with a pleased smile. "If that is all the questions, I'll thank you for coming this evening, and thank those who helped. I promise, your drinks, so long as they are whiskey, are on me this evening," the Minx quips, bowing her head to the room.

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