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Redrain Banners Meeting

House Redrain will be hosting an informational fealty meeting in light of having called her banners. All Redrain Heads of House, Voices, and their military leaders are invited to the Great Hall to attend. If you think others from your House should also be there, simply let us know they'll be coming as well. Some knowledgeable guest speakers and allies will also be in attendance.


Nov. 1, 2020, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Gwenna Darren


Belladonna Gabriella Preston Sebastian Viviana Rosalind Icelyn Khanne Sasha Kenjay Lorenzo Rowenova Grimgar Mirk Signe



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Great Hall

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I have attended, or been a part of, no few meetings since coming to Arx. It became expected, of course, and my mother ensured I had years of lessons to prepare me for such duties. Rarely have I held meetings that didn't involve a tallying of numbers, or comparison of ledgers and taxes.

Assisting His Grace in our recent meeting, having called our banners, was outside of my comfort zone a little. I am not well-versed in matters of military and war, so a meeting all about those exact things...well. Thankfully, our gracious allies - Sir Preston of the Templars, and Archduchess Belladonna and Princess Gabriella of House Pravus - were able to join us and share their experiences and insights. I'm so very grateful to each of them, as well as to those from our fealty who attended and offered their own valuable words and insights, too.

I think we all came away knowing more than we arrived with, and with hope in our hearts as we prepare for the upcoming battles.

Fiore the Sarcastic Attendant, 3 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Gabriella.

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Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

Atila arrives, following Signe.

Gwenna clears her throat and stands, offering a warm smile to those gathered despite the topics at hand. "Thank you all for taking time from your duties to join us. Generally, our War Chief, Princess Marian, would have done as much, but situations in and around Farhaven demand her attention there currently. It is our hope to share with you all what we know and what may be to come. We have pledged our support to the Templars and aiding their navy building efforts, and we have pledged our support to House Pravus in defending their lands. As well, we have give our word to the Crown to assist in this threat to the Compact as a whole. For these reasons, our banners were called." She pauses a moment before continuing. "We are not here to tell you how to organize your efforts or lead your people, but to arm you all with knowledge so that you might face this threat with all that you can. We will all need to work together, but work in ways that best suit us. Sir Preston has graciously joined us, and we may hopefully be able to implore him to share his thoughts, especially after all that occurred at Sungreet. Princess Gabriella Pravus has joined us as well." She dips her head politely to the Carnifax and Pravus royal before looking back at those gathered. "Are there any specific questions anyone might have for us or our invited guests?"

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Rosalind has come EARLY! And has promised to sit as quietly as she can, so off she goes, hurrying to a table to sit. Can she be missed? Likely not. Her bright red hair and scarred cheek is a bit unmistakable. Rosa looks up first though, a smile and wave at everyone already present before answering,"Nothing yet from me,"as she gets a glass of whiskey.

The Acheron General arrived early and has taken a seat near the door, so that she can wtch the guests as they come in. When Gwenna begins the meeting she turns to face the woman and, thoughtfully, shakes her head. "What they have to say may clear up some questions in advance," she says.

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Khanne walks into the Great Hall at the tail just before Gwenna begins her welcoming. When she hears Preston's name, he is given a smile and a nod before looking for a place to sit. Shaking her head, she says, "currently no questions, though that may well change."

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Darren is sitting at the map table, his ever-watchful dog, Bear, *snoring* at his feet. Keeping careful lookout for danger there. Darren leans forward with his elbows on the table, steepling his fingers together as he listens to Gwenna's introduction. There is a dip of his head towards the guests as Gwenna indicates them, for for now, he is silent.

2 Redrain Guards, Ciro Sclafani, a world-weary manservant, Hypoluxo, a black and white borzoi pup arrive, following Lorenzo.

Sasha quietly makes her way in, having left her guards outside and slipping into a seat to listen. A gentle shake of her head before she responds, "No questions from me either in this moment."

Preston has come to the event in his much simpler aeterna outfit, the sigil of the faith picked out in metallic threads. Of course not being in armour does not mean he is without his swordbelt, his two blades at his side. As the introduction is made by Gwenna he offers a bow and a warm smile to the room but otherwise moves to the map table to wait to see what might be required. A bow of his head is given to Khanne at her greeting, and he waits.

Kenjay is also at the map table, the scarlet-and-orange clad man with the partial armour - all very much not of Arvani design - sitting quietly and listening, and inclining his head politely to people as they arrive. At Gwenna's question, he looks around the room, checking to see whether anyone does have questions.

A prompt arrival as she ever is, Gabriella Pravus is situated at the heart of the action at the map table, Gluttony peace bonded to comfortable excess at her back. Bright blue eyes are eagerly sweeping the interior of the great hall with the ravenous interest of one who delights in new sights when the meeting begins; it's only then that the Pravus Princess' attention tilts towards Gwenna, a smile warming her features as brilliantly as the rising sun.

"It is my great honor to be here, your highness; hopefully, I may be of some help, even if only in a show of support," Gabriella offers, one hand pressed to her chest and head dipped in respectful acknowledgment. For now, though, the knight lapses into a comfortable silence, watching all the unfamiliar faces and absorbing the conversation with a sharp, interested eye.

Belladonna silently waves at the servants guarding the door and mouths a brief welcome to them before she slowly and (as) subtly (as she can) sidles up to Gabriella, who manages to get in there in time. The Archduchess then proceeds to act as if she had been there all along, standing tall and graceful, a smile on her lips at the gathered Peers. She waves at Gwenna with a more sunny disposition, having known the other woman for a longer time than the others she sees, and shakes her head when it comes to questions. Not as of now, it seems! "I would just like to restate that House Pravus thanks with its whole heart the friendship extended by House Redrain, and that we understand this is no easy matter to commit to." Hands behind her back, the Archduchess seems in an easy mood today, light on her heels.

As Archduchess Belladonna arrives, Gwenna returns the wave and smiles in her direction. She repeats this to her husband, Lorenzo, as he joins and then glances around the room again. "There do not seem to be any initial questions at this point. If there are later, we'll take them in an order as requested." She dips her head politely to Gabriella, smile still in place, and then retakes her seat. Turning to the Carnifex, she asks, "Might we request that you give a brief idea of what might be expected in this upcoming campaign? Based on what was seen at Sungreet, Sir Preston?"

Icelyn turns to regard the Carnifex with interest, braced on the table with one forearm.

Lorenzo slips into the room a bit late, but as he is a master at going unnoticed, surely his tardiness will not be remarked upon. He gives his wife Gwenna a warm smile and then takes a seat near her, his attention turning to business.

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1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

"Sungreet taught us a lot but also very little." Preston admits as Gwenna addresses him, and he bows his head to the Redrain princess "In terms of what we face, they fled with around two thirds of their fleet intact - and they have had as long as us to re-supply and perhaps even make good some loss of numbers from what slave camps may still exist. Archduchess Belladonna may be better placed to speak to their current operations. But, they have with them fighters of various types..." Preston trails off for a moment "The largest threat are the Annointed Masters, these are those who will make use of their connection to the Abyss and who are deadly. Lady Tescelina fell to one such as that, as did many of our knights. Your people will wish to run from their relentness nature. The Templars will try to aid and hold the line as we can, and bolster the spirits of your people, but it is difficult."

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Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

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Lifting her hand, Khanne looks to Preston and says, "in addition to House Halfshav joining Redrain in the call to banners, I believe Mirk has spoken to you in regards to some interest for the Spirit Walkers to assist as well. Not here in this moment, but at some point soon, I would like to have a conversation with you about that." Gesturing to Mirk then, she says, "with Mirk joining in the talk as well, of course."

Icelyn raises her head slightly as Preston says 'run', a frown wrinkling her brow and darkening her eyes.

With Sir Floppington at her side, Scout Rowenova moves with him in tandem time as they skirt the fringe of the meeting and end up somewhere proximal to where Khanne and Mirk are.

Gabriella does not even bat an eye as Belladonna slides in right next to her, for all the world looking like the Archduchess had just been there the whole time, with perfect punctuality. It's why, of course, she saves her slow, sidelong look and arched brow for her fellow Pravus for the moment the woman speaks. Because Belladonna has always been here. It's with a solemn nod of agreement, therefor, that Gabriella's attention turns towards Preston as the Carnifex speaks, head cant to the right. "Most of their soldiers will not surrender of their own accord. They've not the choice," she offers, on the tail end of Preston's assessment. "When they came for us in Pieros, they fought to the last man. You must prepare for such; any battle may well become a matter of attrition. And their more capable Masters," she nods towards Preston here, and the threat he had mentioned, "will not hesitate to sacrifice their soldiers and slaves to enable and empower their own fell works."

"House Redrain is not very good at running," Darren says with a wry smile for Preston. "But your point is well taken," he says with an incline of his head at the discussion of those lost. "Is there more you could tell us about their fleet?" he asks of Preston, Belladonna and Gabriella.

As quietly as he can manage Grimgar makes his entrance. Skirting around the edge of the room he finds himself a place where he can prop and observe the proceedings.

Gwenna inclines her head to Preston. "Thank you, Carnifex, for that and for joining us. The diplomatic mission I was part of ran afoul of...I'm not sure what. A Mirrormask, at first appearances, who was nothing but shadow beneath. To say it was a disturbing encounter would be putting it mildly," she notes with a quick frown. Her attention turns to Belladonna and Gabriella next, that frown of concern lingering as the latter speaks. "Archduchess, your highness, I am grateful for your attendance. Thank you for sharing that information, as anything we know going in will be immeasurably helpful." As Duchess Khanne speaks, she looks in her direction and then to Mirk as well. "We would welcome that, absolutely. Many were so integral at Stormwall that I hoped we might call upon them again." As Darren queries their guests, she again turns her focus to them in anticipation.

There's a nod of his head as Mirk gets settled, confirming Khanne's point. "I'm not sure how much difference we'll make. It's always uncertain, with the spirits, since so much depends on things we don't fully understand, but I believe we might be able to offer some support. And Halfshav, of course, has our navy to add to the combined Redrain fleet."

"I am afraid naval matters are not my strength - your own Prince Lorenzo might have some of the most expert knowledge on this. Their ships are large, equal or greater each than our caravels as I understand." Preston confirms to Darren, reaching up to run a hand back through his short blond hair as he thinks it over, trying to pick the right words "As Princess Gabriella says, they are relentless. Most are slaves, bound to them and their masters. They have a number of good archers as well, their arrows can pierce certainly through rubicund - as my shoulder will attest." There is a pause "Aarvani fire is said to be effective on their ships, the alchemists guild should probably be drafted into filling orders for the fleet. And yes.." Preston gestures across at Khanne "There are some matters that the Spirit Walkers wish to tend to. I have promised Lord Mirk protection and passage as far as we can give it. In the interests of showing support to your small number of vassals who hold to old ways, of course, as the Faith naturally can't support shamanism in general."

Belladonna listens to the Carnifex, before nodding. With Gabriella, she adds a brief, "I do believe that for the same reason they have no choice, that if we take down the Anointed Masters, their path will become obvious to them. There is only so much a whip can do by itself, once the chainer is done with." Saying so, she follows, "That is not to say that doing away with the Anointed Masters will be easy. These are powerful mages who can tear ships asunder with lightning and fire, brazen displays of mastery over Primum that I had seldom seen before." Belladonna fans herself, briefly, before turning to Darren. "Prince Damik has given his estimations of their fleet size to Pravus. On that note, we have good news. By the time the battle is joined, I believe the Black Fleet alone will have matched their numbers in everything -but- caravels, but Compact-wide we should be evenly matched. Again, the issue is their magic, not their numbers, I'm afraid. A superior fleet is not what they expect to find, but I doubt they expected to see any unity in the Compact at all. That alone should surprise them. It then becomes the issue of dealing with their vast array of tricks, and keeping the troops from scattering at the first roar of the skies." Belladonna pauses for a moment. "Our people do not believe magic is possible, and fearsome magic is what they will find. Curious problem we need to address."

Rosalind listens closely to Belladonna and the others. Actually keeping to her word of silence, though it's the magic part that gives her pause, leaving her to take a drink.

Darren nods to Preston and Belladonna. "Thank you," he says softly, "all excellent points, and good for us all to know," he says agreeably. There's a quiet laugh at Preston's pronouncement about shamanism, but he makes no attempt to interject on that point. He's silent for a moment before he speaks again. "I truly appreciate that so many of you have attended, and publicly pronounced your support. I think it is important for us to bear in mind that this is not the only threat to the Compact, and as Princess Gwenna stated at the start, we have no desire to tell anyone how to organise their military affairs. But I would ask that all Houses ensure they do not leave their own lands unguarded - and keep yours eyes and ears open, there are powers out there that will spring on any weakness."

Kenjay clears his throat. "It may well be that each Anointed Master has a whip that can spur all the slaves," he says. "It may be that every Anointed Master must needs be destroyed before the whipped can make their own decisions - and even then, it is... complicated."

Lorenzo listens quietly to the discussion, and when Preston mentions his name, his brows lift. "I'm not sure if I have great insight on effective stragegies against them. If we rely on numbers and brute force, I'm sure our casualties will be high." A nod in Belladonna's direction, his normally cheery expression now somber. "As the Archduchess says, we have little way of matching the magic they may use against us. Perhaps we should consider that alchemy business... Arvani fire? I'm not terribly familiar with it, though it sounds dangerous to travel with and use."

There's a touch of pride to Gwenna's features as Preston speaks of Lorenzo. It does not last long, given the matters under discussion, and her expression grows more serious once again. "We appreciate and understand the Faith's view on our old ways, Carnifex, and appreciate all efforts that can be afforded to those who follow them. It is something we might look to add our own aide to as well," she notes, brows arching as she glances to Darren. She then dips her head to Belladonna after the Archduchess speaks, the Redrain's brow furrowing a moment as she considers. "That will be difficult, considering most of the populace of the Compact's view on magic. That we might be fielding a force evenly matched to theirs is heartening, but defending against magic..."

Gwenna lets out a sigh of breath at that. When Darren speaks again, she's lead to nod a few times. "Indeed, Your Grace," is quickly agreed as she looks back at those who are gathered. "It would be like our enemies to take advantage of this, if we do not keep ourselves prepared on all fronts." There's a flicker of her smile when Kenjay speaks, and she inclines her head to him. "Thank you, Prince Kenjay. Whatever experience you might be able to share will surely be invaluable, as well, though this sounds like a complicated thing we will be dealing with." Lorenzo's remarks earn another couple of bobs of her head. "I don't relish the idea of you needing to leap from ship to ship again, but it sounds like a matter to be seriously considered."

"If I can just add, Prince Darren - I mean it when I said the Templars will ensure people are spread about. I am reluctant to go into details, but, what the Archduchess Belladonna says is true. Magic will cause panic. It will scare people. And their magic comes from various sources, but also their worship of the Abyss. I will ensure a Godsworn Templar is with each house and ship as far as is possible. And we have, ah, let us simply say old techniques that will allow people to stand even against the lesser creatures of the Abyss." Preston offers. As he speaks, his brows knit together and furrow with a worried look, his words becoming slower and more carefully chosen. But it soon dissipates as he bows his head to Gwenna and he leans against the map table "But, if people have queries, or wish to know why we must fight, or other matters...."

Elbow resting atop the table, cheek propped upon her closed fist, Gabriella watches as Preston and Belladonna both offer their own assessment. "As my Archduchess says, our greatest foe here is our own ignorance," the knight offers in the wake of their words. "The Carnifex is also correct: we are already ill-equipped to deal with foes of a magical nature, as we've not the experience nor the means by which to conventionally deal with such a thing. That our soldiers will have poor concept or even outright believe it to be little more than storied myth will inspire confusion, sow chaos, and devour morale when they are forced to confront the reality." Gabriella's hand unfurls beneath her cheek, her pinky finger tapping a handful of contemplative times against her cheekbone. "To my own experience, I too have seen them use the Abyss for their magics. I have also seen one of their so-called Annointed Masters ply the blood of his slaves into pure power to destroy the walls of Pieros with but a fiery gesture. We must think of ways to steel our men and women against such sights."

Smiling in a slightly amused way towards Darren, Khanne gives a nod. "I assure you, our lands will not be unguarded. We know all too well how many threats are out there. What we speak of today is a far better use for our naval resources, as scant as they may be in comparison to others, than they would be of use in the mountains... for certain." She grins, then nods to Preston, not at all about to comment on the faith supporting shamanism. "We appreciate what protection and passage you are able to provide."

"How many of these Masters can we expect?" Icelyn asks without looking up from the map table. "So few that we might have small teams or groups set exclusively to try and bring them down? Or are there likely so many that destroying the ships as a whole is our only option?"

"Perhaps we could place veterans of the Lodge and the Gyre War and the Silent War at the front?" Mirk suggests, shrugging a shoulder. "All of those men will have seen things out of ordinary, though not all will believe in magic, or even remember their own experiences, as we've discovered before. If the rest of the soldiers see a core of veterans holding up, it could inspire greater courage from all involved."

A few quiet words Nova secretly exchanges with Mirk.
From her alchemy belt, Nova pulls off her hawk-feather quill from its ink vial before pulling out a quick quarter of a beige piece of nice paper. Then, the wolfy scout writes down a quick message which she sends off then slides away said quill once more.

"Perhaps," Gwenna begins, "We are at a bit of an advantage, as some of our people who remember and practice the old ways might be less surprised at what many consider myths. Not that the horrors brought forth by the Abyss will not be terrifying, even with that, but perhaps they may be more inclined to believe in the possibility." Her brows arch and she sees curious to the answer to the query posed by Icelyn, and then she smiles a moment at Mirk's suggestion. "That's a very wise idea, I think. Even if they might not remember it in full, they surely will recall some sliver of it being different than other battles they have fought."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Khanne nods with some of what others are saying. "Through the years, many have seen things they could not explain, survived things they never even imagined existing. This will, perhaps, help prepare us all... In comparison, we may lack in skills to match their own... but we, the Compact, are a stalwart people. We will fight together for what we all believe in, not just because some slave master tasks us to. In this, I believe, we have the advantage. In our heart." She taps her fist to her chest to emphasize that point. "There will be loss, there often is in battles of this magnitude, we cannot pretend there will not be, but we will work together to do what must be done... and we will work together after to help rebuild, grieve, remember."

Khanne adds a last bit to her words. "Thrive."

After seeing Khanne tap a fist to her chest, Nova stands straighter behind the Halfshav nobility, and she seems to agree by doing the same gesture, too, and with an agreeing/single nod of her wolf-shaded visage.

Signe has been silent throughout the meeting. She placed herself and the hounds ar her feet somewhere between being here for Nightgold and sitting near other spiritwalkers. When Khanna speaks she finally nods with a sigh coming through her teeth and Altla moves to lay is big head in her lap.

"THnak you, Duchess Khanne, your words are greatly appreciated," Darren says with a dip of his head towards her. "The use of magic worries me, for the obvious reasons. But I have no doubt that this family will do itself proud."

Gwenna lowers her head after Khanne speaks, perhaps the memories of past wars and losses not far from her mind. There is a touch of steel in her eyes, though, as she lifts her head and gives the Vala of the Northlands a grateful smile. "Beautifully said, Duchess," she says, echoing Darren. Her attention once again settles here and there on those gathered as information and encouraging words continue to be offered.

"The lodge we only employed small numbers - I think the Templars fielded some of the larger numbers, but still hundreds of soldiers. The Gyre war...well, we lost so many troops. Once we have diluted those who fight, well. Any advantage should be sought though, but it may not be enough." Preston answers, before giving a small smile sidelong at Belladonna "We are not wholly without means to counter magic, your grace. We must simply trust, from time to time, in the Gods. And of course, we know magic can be countered with blood and sinew and sweat." The question about Annointed Masters from Icelyn gets a sad shake of Preston's head "We may well be facing them at sea in boarding actions. It would be hard to separate them then. And even then, Lady Tescelina was a great warrior. And she died to take out one. Still, it should be explored if we can. I fear in a larger battle we would gladly offer to trade a life for a life to take them out, horrid as that is."

Icelyn inclines her head to Preston. "I had hoped they might be visible in some way - in their costume or position. Even in a large sea battle, archers in high places might be able to spot them if so." She shakes her head. "But I know only what I've heard, and that isn't very much. Naturally I bow to your greater experience. If it is the case that lives need be traded, though, I know there are many faithful who would do so gladly, including myself. Better that the world is rid of them, whatever the cost."

"The gods did not shine upon the Battle of Pieros, Carnifex, not as I have seen them shine in other places. I do not disbelief they have their power, but that is power I cannot count upon. Maybe the Carnifex has had more tried and true experiences with such, and I hope he has, but when it comes to the people of Setarco, we have always believed in taking the matters into our hands. The Compact is not without magic. Many of our members try to practice, but we are all but infants at best, even with the Highlord Thrax' jarring flying ship at our side, the results of a conflict will be decided mostly on will and, as it was very well put, on which side wants it more. Slaves, by their very nature, do not fight out of love, they fight out of fear. Fear is a weak emotion. When tested, it breaks, it does not..." she smiles at Khanne, "Thrive." Belladonna eyes Gabriella, "I believe we will be sending our best against these Annointed Masters, boarding them, as dangerous as it may be. We of Pravus believe in dying for our folk if needed be, and we are ready to do just so. Truth is that while our armies will take a hit and they will allow us the window of opportunity, it will be in the hands of a chosen few that this battle will be decided." Belladonna ponders, "Or in the mystic discharges of Victus magic ship. I still don't know how that works."

"Do not rely on the slaves' fear breaking under duress, your Grace," cautions Kenjay. "Many of them are under Writ. They cannot break. It is not permitted. Instead, they will spend themselves until one of three things happens; they are dead, we are dead, or the Anointed Masters are dead. The last is preferable, but that victory will not be won lightly."

"We can hope," Gwenna offers after a few quiet moments. "Hope, and fight as though our lives depend on it, as they surely do. Hopefully this ship in the possession of His Grace, Prince Victus, will help turn the tide against magic, as well as those who might be able to wield even the flicker of magic," she remarks and dips her head to Belladonna. She bites her lip briefly at Kenjay's words, a flicker of sadness crossing her features. "Thank you, Prince Kenjay. I can't imagine such a life and it just seems to bolster the ideas that destroying as many of the Anointed Masters as we can might be one of our best places to focus." Looking again to the room, she puts her query from the beginning of the meeting to everyone once again. "Hopefully you are all now more familiar with what we face, and can make the plans you feel will best support the Compact while keeping your own homelands safe. Are there any other questions for us or our esteemed guests?"

Icelyn shakes her head. "None," she says. "Thank you all," she includes all the guests who have offered info with a look, although never quite meets anyone's eyes. "Acheron is grateful for anything and everything that will help us defend ourselves and defend the Compact as a whole."

Khanne watches Signe pet Atila a moment, before looking up. Sharking her head towards Gwenna, she states, "none from me."

Rosalind shakes her head, unusually silent. "None, but thanks for taking the time to answer what we do have,"her freckled face breaking out into the normal grin.

"The Gods are in all places, your Grace, but it is true - they are heard and hear clearest those who have sacrificed all else to their cause. And why I will ensure my people are close to all - but her Grace is most wise. Each must look to maximise their advantage. And trust best in what they know." Preston pauses a little before be adds "In general I prefer others to die for their cause than me for mine, but the bravery of Pravus will never be in question." Preston then looks between Kenjay and the others, nodding in agreement. As Gwenna moves to end things, Preston bows his head "And if anyone wishes help or support or counsel, we will be available to help. The Templars know we ask people to set aside lives and silver for causes far from their homes, for a greater good. And we cannot promise immunity from loss. But we can only promise we will be there alongside you all."

Sasha offers a shaking no of her head. "None from me as well," is kindly responded.

Feeling eyes on her, Gabriella looks Belladonna's way. A summer smile in spring decorates the knight's lips, but it fades soon enough into simple solemnity as she presses one hand over her heart. "I've every intention of fighting this war to the last breath," confirms the princess knight, simply. "Whether it be mine or theirs, it shall be with my weapon in my grip." Her hand falls once more here, as she considers the other words offered. "I shall leave the matters more esoteric to those better equipped to them; my talents are relatively singular. Looking upon this congregation alone, I am well-filled with confidence over the Compact's capabilities."

Standing from the table, Gwenna inclines her head to Preston, Belladonna, and Gabriella. "Carnifex, Archduchess, Your Highness, we are so grateful that you took time out of your duties to join us and share everything you know and have experienced. Truly, your contributions have been exceptionally valuable and House Redrain is sincerely thankful and proud to be among those who will fight by your sides." She looks next to Kenjay and manages a bit of her smile again. "As have been yours. How fortunate we are to have you again as family." Waiting a moment to see if anyone does speak up, she gives a final dip of her head to those gathered. "Again, thank you all for coming as well and adding to the discussion with your own experiences and knowledge. Should there be questions later, or if anyone might need to speak with us, please do not hesitate to send word. As there appears to be nothing else, I will officially call this meeting to a close so that we might return to, or begin, our preparations in earnest."

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Icelyn nods and rises from her own seat to bow to Gwenna and Darren. "Highlord, Princess, thank you for your leadership. The Northlands is fortunate to have you to lead us."

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