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The Diamond Dalliance

Come join the Pravus family for an evening of diamonds and dares. Each guest will be granted one diamond. As the evening unfolds, dare others for their diamonds - what can you get them to do in order to win the precious gem? Leave with however many diamonds you win through means devious and delicious.

Dancing will happen. Drinking, too. How daring will you be?

(OOC: This will involve a game where diamonds will be won through a system of dares. Rules to be explained at the event! All are welcome!)

DIRECTIONS: From the City Center: SE X4 -> S X2 -> W -> S X4 -> W -> PE -> S X3


March 27, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Galatea Ember Nina Raven Zakhar Calla Sorrel Leonel Alessia Insaya Dycard Mabelle Armani Cerelia Mirella Santi Sebastian Alantir



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Pravus Estate - Palestone Manor - Art Gallery

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Comments and Log

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, 3 Black Fleet Reavers arrive, following Raven.

The buzz at the Pravus manor is one of warmth and energy, in spite of the snow, the path to the Art Gallery lined by servants directing guests to their enjoyments. The Marquessa Tyche Inverno waits, standing near the rather charming Prince Leonel Velenosa, her future husband. She's sharing in some mild amusement with him as the guests begin to trickle in. She seems to have dressed for the occasion - rich green velvet sparkling with diamonds itself. Ones she doesn't plan to lose tonight! As faces both familiar and un- make there way into the gallery, she has a welcoming smile for them. "Hello! Welcome! Come in. Drink, eat, enjoy yourself! We'll commence with the fun and games shortly."

Liho, a small black cat, 3 Armed Confessors arrive, following Insaya.

Galatea has been something like bedridden for the better part of a week, rumor would have it--but you wouldn't know it, seeing her here tonight. She's all energy and good cheer, her face done up with icy-hued cosmetics that accentuate the winter theme of the party and her naturally wintry complection. "My lady," she greets Tyche formally, curtseying. "Thank you so very much for the invitation. I promise to do my best to at least lose in an entertaining fashion."

Stefano, an inconspicuous Lycene bodyguard, Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow, Ambra, a plain-faced Lycene scribe arrive, following Mirella.

Ember Redreef, Baroness of Redreef Shores, enters wearing a dark purple gown. "Marquessa. Your Highness." A greeting to Tyche and to Leonel, and a "Messere Galatea" for good measure since she's right there. Ember has the annoyed look of... well, Ember. "I don't suppose you've seen your uncle about, Marquessa? Unless 'I'll meet you there' has a different meaning to his sense of time..."

Nina, who always likes to make a showing, arrives at the gala in a dazzing velvet gown covered in crystal beads. The bits of light that hit it make it sparkle, like the ice upon the outside trees. She has stockings of duskweave and short gloves, which seem to be keeping her hands warm through the winter travels but also are quite suitable, obviously, for handling diamonds. She's always grateful to attend a party. Sometimes she doesn't even have to organize them herself!

Raven steps in and for once she has an entourage of Reavers with her though she allows them to continue on while she wanders in more slowly, scanning the crowd attentively. Occasionaly she catches the eye of a friendly face here or there and summons a smile and fingerwave.

"Oh, Mistress Galatea," Tyche laughs lightly at the formality first, and then at the promise, "I look forward to the entertainment." She sweeps a hand to her protege, bringing her in closer so she might offer an introduction, "Have you met Prince Leonel Velenosa? My husband-to-be. If you lose your diamonds to him, he has promised me something lovely be made with them." Did he? Did he promise that? Her dark eyes sparkle with good humor, suggesting she might take some liberties here or there. Her head lifts to see the Redreef leader join, the smile remaining, "Baroness Ember. I cannot pretend to control my uncle. Respect your elders, right? Send him word that if he tarries, I will make all that he desires for his future all the more difficult. That might light a fire. Come in. Drink!" Nina is spotted, too, and she waves to her fellow Suspire.

The cats show up first and are quickly put to chase as any guards present are left wondering where the group of them took off to. The old man with a plume of snow-white hair and a marbled black and white cat sitting upon his shoulder, partially tucked into the hood on his cloak, follows in behind the cats. He makes use of an /unique/ cane that creates an interesting click each time it hits the floors. There are a few here that are noticed, they receive a simple nod.

Dressed in fiery tones to ward off the chill of winter, Calla arrives at the Pravus Manor with her hand resting lightly on Santi's arm as she flashes a warm smile to the hostess. "Marquessa, what a fantastic idea for a party you've come up with. I can't wait to find out exactly how this game will be played. Have you met Lord Santi Malvici yet?" She offers introductions before letting her gaze wander to wherever the drinks are.

Making her way in with a cheerful smile on her face, looking around curiously at the art and architecture of the place and swirling a bit so that her silvery gown twirls a bit about her feet, Sorrel seems in high spirits. She offers the hostess a sweeping bow with flourish, as is her style. "Marquessa, Your Highness, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to be social with you tonight," she says brightly, then looks to Galatea and grins. "Ah, it'll be a fun party, won't it?"

Leonel had wine, and the close company of a spectacularly beautiful woman -- the prince was all smiles, and his spirits high, unsurprisingly. Whatever the amusing anecdote was that he was delivering to Tyche or receiving in turn, his eyes peel off and away, following her own as guests wander in and his focus is directed their way. There were innumerable pitches of his head forward to greet the masses, of those faces that he was familiar with and those he hadn't yet the good fortune of meeting. After he was satisfied he had caught as many individuals as he could with his well-wishes and a broad smile that curved, reaching one ear to the next and dimpling his cheeks, a quick murmur found itself directed to the redhead, with an eager gulp of his red to follow after.

More introductions are being made, this time for Tyche's benefit, and she turns a friendly look on Santi. That look becomes assessing, in the way her gaze sweeps over the man, settling on his face. "Baroness Calla, you do seem to find the most handsome of men with whom to spend your time. Welcome, Lord Santi Malvici. Ypi

How can Alessia resist the prospect of another event full of challenges? She seems pretty excited for it to commence and her eyes light up when she sees the many familiar figures inside. Or maybe it's the art in the room. A lot of the pieces familiar to her, but still she can't help but admire then as she ventures inside. "Marquessa Tyche." She beams, waving her hand, though doesn't interrupt as others greet her.

Insaya follows in the purple clad Redreef party, with who her own sartorial choice clashes least. With her fingers twiddling in a fidgety way, she makes the hostess a neat gesture of respect. Neat, but creaky, as though she is more accustomed to bows than curtsies.

Gliding into the gallery in an almost predatory fashion, Dycard flashes a grin about as his head lists to the side to address the Lady Laurent on his arm in a murmur, locks of hair messily drifting about his brow just above bright and glimmering cerulean eyes. Waving a hand about vaguely at one of the servants, he secures a glass of wine for Mabelle before taking one for himself and offering a slight bow to the Marquessa before raising his glass in a salute and then conferring with his companion again as his brow furrowed up.

Mabelle wanders in alongside Dycard wearing a spectacularly sparkly honeysilk gown with a pair of long gloves to match, as if someone said its casino night. Fitting the event, Mabelle is clad with diamonds, honey diamonds, sparkling in golden hues, "Oh I am very excited about this", she collects her diamond at the door as well as the drink Dycard offers her and greets Tyche and Leonel, "Marqussa, Your Highness, Good evening". Her eyes sweep across the room, curious. Fingers wiggle to some familiar faces as Nina, Sorrel, Alessia and Ember, curving her lips a moment as the question arises. Instead she turns to Nina and informs her, "You look beautiful".

Nina had not yet met Leonel, so she gives him a curtsey. "Ah. Congratulations," she says to Tyche. "I suppose it's a moral obligation to challenge you, so that I can lose my diamond straightaway!" She must be joking.

Armani enters into the area and she looks about her eyes flicker to the prince and his companion before her eyes make there way over to Dycard and she moves his way "hello Cousin!" she says as she inches closer to him, "I must say I feel like a fish out of water."

Cerelia isn't dressed in anything very special as she arrives. She gets a drink for herself and finds a place out of the way to watch for a moment.

More introductions are being made, this time for Tyche's benefit, and she turns a friendly look on Santi. That look becomes assessing, in the way her gaze sweeps over the man, settling on his face. "Baroness Calla, you do seem to find the most handsome of men with whom to spend your time. Welcome, Lord Santi Malvici. You're both welcome, of course." She looks to the next, and the next, and the next. "Princess Sorrel! So good to see you." Dycard and Insaya both are welcomed, despite not knowing their faces well. And then Alessia earns a quirk of her brow, "No beer tonight, Lady Alessia. Too distracting in a game of dares." And then Mabelle! "Ahh. I should have asked for your help in this, Lady Mabelle. You seem to have limitless energy in hosting!"

Liho, a small black cat have been dismissed.

3 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Nina looks at Mabelle with a nod an dsmile, and looks at her own outfit, tilting her head to inspect it. Fashionistas must appreciate one another. "You do as well! That's such a lovely gown. The color, the sparkle!"

Galatea studies Prince Leonel with an assessing eye. It is still with courtly formality that she addresses him, even if Tyche seems to find such things merely amusing rather than obligatory. "My pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Highness," she says, curtseying again. "You are to marry a most formidable lady," she tells the man, with something like...sympathy, perhaps? "I hope you will find a wonderful life together under the bonds of blessed matrimony." There are many other familiar faces, of course--the arrival of Ember is met with a slight nod of subtle recognition.

Her formal reserve, however, doesn't seem to extend to Sorrel. Common though she may be, she assaults the Princess of Thrax with a great big hug. "Oh, Sorrel! I didn't know you were coming." She kisses the woman once on the cheek before stepping back. "How very wonderful to see you."

Dark of dress and dark of hair, Mirella graciously lingers around the periphery of the gathering. She's keepung herself to herself, at least for the moment.

Most people coming to such an event may opt for finer garb of silk or brocade but for the Malvici Lord on Calla's arm it wedwas his normal armor he went with after all by his logic it was the nicest thing he had next to his sword or the mug that hung from his left side. The man looking over his surroundings with an expression of apathy, though as he is drawn over to Tyche and Leonel he does take to having a small smile to the pair. "Everything looks more than sufficient to host the courtly hoarde." The man trying to offer a compliment before his head dips to the couple.

Mabelle introduces Dycard to Tyche and Leonel, "Marquessa Tyche Inverno, Prince Leonel Velenosa, This is Lord Dycard Blackshore, a sailor extraordinaire", she then winks to Tyche and confesses, "Even my energy has limits! I'm saving it for the Bake off. I do concur with the Baroness Redreef in hoping to see my protege tonight", she tilts her drink toward Ember in greeting. Chuckling at Nina, Mabelle remarks amusedly, "You should know, you created it".

"Mistress Nina - if I hadn't had the pleasure of accompanying the most gorgeous woman in Arx to this affair I would be remiss to make your acquaintance tonight," Dycard offered as he allowed Mabelle to guide their flow about the party as he pocketed the diamond in the lapel of his coat. Turning to Armani, he flashed a grateful smile and ran a hand through his hair with his free hand. "Dear cousin mine - how are you?"

"Marquessa, Your Highness. Thank you for the invitation," he acknowledged deferentially as his attention was dragged this way and that.

Tyche offers a gloved hand to Dycard at the introduction, her gaze sweeping over him slowly. "Mm. I think I have seen you across some room, Lord Dycard. Perhaps at some party or the other? A pleasure to make your formal acquaintance." She leaves him for Leonel's introduction, turning to the Prince to return some secret whisper. Are they cheating? PROBABLY.

Armani looks over to Mabelle as her cousin is introduced, and she had just made her way closer. She smiles to the group there and she nods to Mabelle and then to Leonel. "Lady Armani Gilden - cousin to the Blackshore."

"Sometimes, Lady Mabelle, I believe he finds pleasure in confounding us." Ember lifts an eyebrow. There's a very faint edge of warmth in the way she says it. She gives a nod to Dycard. "I'll see you both further along tonight -- let's bring this bounty of diamonds home to the Isles, eh, Lord Dycard?" Ember still doesn't smile, but she says it like she /would/ smile, if that was the sort of thing she enjoyed doing. With a curtsy toward Tyche and Leonel, she then proceeds in to find a drink.

Nevermind that the scions of Pravus are literally in the building and don't even have to step out into the wintry evening to attend the event: Sebastian arrives late. In his defense, he is well-dressed in steelsilks in Pravus blue, he appears to be completely awake, and he doesn't look to have been imbibing in advance of the event. Instead, there's the not-too-subtle touches of paint that hasn't quite scrubbed off his nails and parts of his hands. While his clothing isn't adorned with diamonds, the diadem he wears /is/, so he's totally working in theme. He makes his way to Tyche, leaning to kiss her cheek, straightening to regard Leonel with a sharp interest. "So, /this/ is the man who managed to catch Ty's attention? We must talk, Prince Leonel," and in another's voice it might sound threatening, but the Artist of Pravus reaches to clasp Leonel's shoulder. "Drink?" He's grinning at those both familiar and not, but his gaze is all for one of the servers and the drinks being circulated as he seeks to distract the Velenosan prince from whatever Tyche's sharing with him.

Tyche leans in to the kiss of Sebastian's to her cheek, a laugh when he speaks of Leonel in such a manner. "Please do. He may like wine as much as you do, Bas. Entertain him for me?" Because she has something to do... And she moves off!

Zakhar settles to just out of the way of the crowd gathering, keeping an eye upon some while others are given a quick glance. "Lady Mabessells, Ay've a cane anna notes to be allowsie up." (Mabelle). "Nina, pyre tis around here sum'where." He glances around for areas that have access to allow the burnt red ember cat to climb.

When the Art Gallery is well and truly alive with noise and laughter and bodies, the Marquessa of Caina, Voice of the House Pravus, will take to the center and slip away from Leonel, a table set with a bowl of treasures. Tyche lifts her voice, clear and confident in her words despite her petite size, "Welcome to an evening of pure indulgence, where you may walk away dripping in diamonds, if you are brave enough!"

"There is a bowl of diamonds at the center of the room," she waves a velvet-gloved hand, the glistening gems of the same ilk on her own attire catching the light and reflecting back at the charming guests. "Should you wish to play, you simply take a diamond. The diamond is yours until someone wins it from you in a bet, or a contest, of their choosing. All they need do is challenge you and win to steal it from you." She pauses, making certain all eyes are on her (a sensation she greatly enjoys, if the curve of her lips and the glint to her dark eyes is any indication). "At the end of the night, you walk away with whatever diamonds are in your possession." A finger lifts, a small detail to highlight, "Fear not. If you lose your diamond early, you can simply bet someone for all of theirs. There is always hope in this greedy game of dalliance." Another pause in her words, the smile at her lips turning all the more wicked, "The more diamonds you win, the more of a target you will become - because it takes only one bet to win all of the diamonds in your possession."

She moves forward to pluck one of the diamonds from the bowl, lifting it, holding it aloft, spinning so that each guest can see it sparkle in the bed of velvet at her palm. "Try to get mine, if you dare," she challenges them all, her fingers closing like a fierce cage around the gem. "Let the games begin!"

"I THINK what you just said was flattering," Nina says, looking at Dycard and considering thoughtfully. Then she laughs. "So, I'll accept it!" And then with a smile at Mabelle. "Well, yes, but I hadn't seen it ON to see how the color suits you." She looks at Zakhar when he addresses her, and then she starts looking around. "Oh, is he? Well, now that kitten and I go way back! I guess he's not a kitten anymore!"

Raven spots Sebastian and smiles, relaxing just a hair to see him arrive though her verdant gaze sweeps the room in a discrete head count and noting the position of her Reavers she brought along she finally steps into the room proper to mingle though she remains watchful over the affair as a whole, polite smile brandished here and there.

Mabelle nudges Dycard amusedly at his compliments, pocketing her own diamond in the lace of her gloves. Armani is flashed with a huge smile, "The beautiful Armani Gilden, how can I ever forget you. Lady Mabelle Laurent, for apparently you have, but I forgive you, who wouldnt?", she winks to her. Her glass goes up to Ember and she teases her, "His confusing features are part of his charm". Not quite sure what to make of what Zakhar said, Mabelle just smiles, "Zeek!", and then notes to Nina, "I have a new project for you!" ominous, "So who shall I bet with first?! Challenge me!!"

Calla giggles softly at Tyche's remark, offering only a sly smile and a little shrug of her shoulders in response before she smiles at Santi as he makes his attempt at a compliment, patting him on the arm softly. "It really is a beautiful set up, I'm sure the evening will be a great success." She adds before subtly guiding Santi towards the drinks, smiling at Sebastian as she passes. "Your Highness, long time no see. Hope you are well." Then she stills when Tyches explains the game and her trajectory changes heading towards the bowl of diamonds instead to pluck one out.

Leonel's eyes came to fall upon Nina and the prince was quick to respond with a cordial incline of his head in return, and his grin is a touch more crooked, and mischievous at that point. Belatedly he replied, a fingernail striking the glass. "Let me finish at /least/ my first glass of wine, before someone begins to try and get me to embarrass myself too terribly." Galatea's words draw his attention and she, too, finds herself the recipient of a curteous pitch of the prince's crown forward. "Charmed, the pleasure is all mine. And -- .." There's a sudden cut of gaze to the side, Leonel's eyes hugging to their corners to catch sight of Tyche. "So I have come to find out, and it's only reinforced my resolve to see /just/ how formidable of a pair that she and I can be, in the coming days." And then Mabelle and Dycard have arrived, and there's yet more introductions to be made. "Lady Mabelle, it has been /too/ long. I'm heartened to see that you're doing well, and charmed, Lord Dycard, The pleasure is mine."

Raven is overheard praising Tyche: She knows how to entertain!

Armani grins as she looks to her cousin her eyes flicker slightly with mirth before she grins to Mabelle "I do love your dress" she says looking back to Dycard "shall I try to win your diamond Dycard?"

Zakhar shakes his head a little then heads for Mabelle, "Lady Mabessells. How abouts a simple challenge of luck? a flip of a silver?"

Sorrel seems entirely amused to find Galatea hugging her in a most informal sort of way, and promptly returns the blonde's hug. "There are so many people here! I think it'll be quite the party, don't you?" she says brightly. "So many beautiful people here tonight. I think it'll be a good time! We should mingle. And get drinks."

Mabelle agrees with Leonel, "Far, far too long. Congratulations on your bethrotel to one of my favorite women in the city, but do not tell ehr that", she winks to Tyche and then grins at Armani, "Thank you". Focusing on Zakhar, the first who dared, she turns to him, "I am not particularly lucky, but let us try!"

Nina claps her hands together a few times. "Ah! I love projects." And now she's curious about this next challenge, looking to see if Mabelle will succeed. "I have a feeling this will start off light and get more dangerous the more we drink." So she gets some wine.

Galatea bobs her head amiably towards Sorrel. "I suspect I'll probably wind up just sort of watching most of it from the corner," she confesses quietly. "I'm utterly hopeless at parties. I think fifteen minutes of circulating and socializing is about the most I can stand." She wonders, "Have you met most of the Pravosi? Do you need an introduction to anyone?"

Santi follows Calla's guidance trusting in her out upon the social battlefield, the man seeing where she is guiding gives a sidelong glance to the Baroness. "How much ya figure it will take to fill my mug? And they gonan get upset if I do?" The man clearly new to parties thrown by the sins. When they slip past Sebastien his head dips respectfully to the Pravus Prince, "Your highness."

Waving a hand about vaguely, Dycard allowed his grin to widen at Leonel as his eyes darted about the party intermittently. "I suppose i'll concede the point, Your Highness, if only because I must. You flatter me, though I expect i'll try to make you pay for it if only to win this..." he gestured again, "Contest? Allow me to offer my congratulations, and those of my family," he finished. "Armani, if you -insist- on trying me, i'll endure whatever you have in mind. I'm rather shameless here amongst the peerage," he replied to his cousin with a laugh. "It can't be worse than my test for the Explorers."

A genuine, bright smile slips onto Sebastian's features as he catches sight of Raven. Oooor maybe it's that plus a combination of collecting a glass, a rarer sight in the Sin's hands of late, especially when he drinks with an obvious relish. With Leonel's distraction, he turns his gaze to Calla with a bright smile. "Baroness Calla," he steps closer, leaning in to greet her with an air kiss. "Always excellent to see you. How do you fare? And who is this on your arm?" he regards Santi with interest but no recognition, as he steps alongside the pair to claim a diamond of his own, slipping it into a pocket.

Raven has joined the a green sofa by the window.

Mabelle checks luck at easy. Botch! Mabelle fails badly.

Insaya taps her chin as she listening the rules, and when there is a gap, palms one of the diamonds. A faint puckish grin seems to take her as she pinches it between her fingers and begins sizing up the other partygoers. "Oh, a fifty-fifty change of success. That's a good icebreaker."

In all of the chaos and rush of people apparently eager to make his acquaintance -- thanks to Tyche -- it almost seemed as though he'd missed some. Almost. Ember's curtesy hadn't gone unnoticed and while it was delivered late, the prince's eyes did try and find the woman's own amidst the sea of individuals that crowded around. An apologetic smile sat upon his lips and a tip of his crown, with a respectful duration and depth. One glass of wine down, Sebastian's suggestion was met with an eager, "Yes, gods. Drinks." Any server that might have wandered too close found Leonel pilfering one or more glasses off from their trays, two fists choking the glass and his lips already poised at the edge of one, but his tongue was made to wait. "And talk we shall, Prince Sebastian. For you." Did Sebastian already have himself a glass? Well, Leonel prodied him with an extra, it'd appear.

Now that the lady of the evening has set things rolling, each guest taking a diamond at their whim, she moves off to find her first victim. "Raven, my dear!" she calls to the woman, lifting a hand to waggle gloved fingers at her. "Come here. I would love that little diamond of yours... for a price? I challenge you to take a page for our mutual friend, Master Savio, and write a two line verse about my beautiful to be performed right now!" Of course, her first challenge comes in the form of self-praise.

"Prince Sebastian Pravus, I'm doing quite well, thankt you. this is Lord Santi Malvici, a warrior of some great skill. You should see him swing his mug around." Calla replies with a smile in Sebastian's direction before looking at the tiny sparkling stone between her fingers for a moment. "So betting hmmm? I've never been much of a gambler, I'm afraid I'm not sure what kind of thing people bet on."

Mabelle reaches into somewhere on her body and takes a coin from it. She declares it 'HEADS', and of course when she flips it it turns on the exact opposite side. "I did warn you that I am quite unlucky", she sighs quietly, relinquishing her Diamond to Zakhar so soon, "Now I'm going to have to go prowling for one, who shall it be, who shall it be, HELLO ALESSIA"

Armani laughs as she nods her head as she takes up a drink she listens to the conversations about her and she offers Sebastian a wink before she chuckles and then her eyes are turned to Tyche so she can listen to the bets that are begining

Zakhar smiles and nods to Mabelle. "Tis an interesting game, ye mights win yet."

Standing by one of the triptychs, twirling a diamond between thumb and forefinger, Alessia's head whips around to Mabelle. "HELLO BELLE." She asks with an amused smile. "How can I help you, my dear?" She knows full well what.

"His mug?" Nina asks, blinking at Calla's introduction. Then she laughs. Maybe she means face, right? "Well, nice to meet you!"

Nina has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and lavender brocade chaise lounge couches.

"Ah, goodness, I don't even know who I don't know," Sorrel admits with a bit of a laugh to Galatea, glancing around curiously. "I used to be so good at parties, and now I've gotten so terribly old and cranky." She considers the gathering, then decides, "Lead me somewhere and let us dare someone to do something! I do know at least some of these people!"

Ember has a drink. She has a diamond. She has one in each hand, and she rolls the one in her palm while she sips from the other. We will let you, the reader, puzzle out which. She doesn't make any challenges of her own just yet. She's either sizing up the initial challenges thrown out, or she's looking for her date.

Raven checks charm and performance at normal. Raven is successful.

Mabelle points at Alessia's diamond, "I want that. Lets see, lets see.... How do you feel about a bit of a staring contest? I mean, I know my cleavage is inviting but you will have to control yourself, really", she grins at her.

As he takes his diamond and hears the question of Sebastians over who he was Santi lifts that diamond up and offers to the Prince after Calla's introduction, "Lord Santi Malvici, A pleasure to meet you your highnesss. Now I do have a bet for you.." The man drawing his arm from Calla to reach down undoing the leather lace holding his mug to his belt. "I dare you to once this is filled drink it down to the last drop." A mischief dancing in his dark eyes as he looks to Sebastien only to look to Calla moments later, "You were right..parties can be fun." The words spoken deadpan. Hearing the mention of his mug he gives a little wave to Nina with it.

Santi wields The Mistress, a large rubicund coffee mug.

*** Alessia has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Alessia checks charm and manipulation at easy. Alessia is successful.
Mabelle checks charm and manipulation at easy. Mabelle is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

Calla nods in Nina's direction. "It's big mug." She answers helpfully, pointing at it when Santi lifts it up in the Prince's direction. "Oooh, that's a good one."

"A warrior skilled with a mug? That's a skill acquired by even drunken sailor," Sebastian's giving a quiet laugh as he contemplates Santi after Calla's introduction. "Shall we put it to the test, my lord? There's a dish of... I think it's fish eggs. Knowing that puts a lot of people off," he's gesturing towards the bowl of dark-shaded caviar. "See if you can land your mug in there, otherwise I'm going to claim your diamond," he challenges the man. He doesn't seem that upset about receiving a second glass -- he's finishing off the first, and lifts it in toast to Leonel when he's finished. "...but let me drink from it first," he says, not one to refuse a challenge. "I choose the drink, mmm? No Malvician rotgut, hm?"

Drifting around at Mabelle's side, Dycard maintains his grin as she loses her diamond to Zakhar. "Keep that safe - i'll come for it in time, my friend," he quips. As they drift toward Alessia he offers an incline of his head and a raise of his glass. "My lady," he begins, before laughing at the suggested contest and allowing his gaze to drift between the two. "I think -I- have the real privilege here, don't you think, Lady Alessia?" he asked, attempting to distract the woman.

Galatea nods towards Sorrel. "I'd say it's all the time spent chasing after your children, but then I don't have any children and I'm equally hopeless." She subtly elbows Sorrel in the side for her attention before tipping up her chin towards Ember, where Ember is just kind of standing with booze and diamond. "I'd say Lady Redreef looks like a viable target for some aggressive merriment, wouldn't you say? Daring her to laugh and smile wouldn't work, exactly. What do you think we should ask her to do? Backflip, maybe? I bet she could!"

Leonel indulged himself in his second glass of the evening, and already was scouting a third with great interest. Mercifully he didn't lash out and try and wrench it from the servant's tray -- yet-- and instead turned his eyes to Dycard. There was a coarse, and growley rumble of laughter that sat in the prince's chest, "If I continue to drink like this, I can't imagine it's going to be overly long before someone comes and 'wins' mine from me, but I'll try to put up as best a fight as I can. I wish to you the best of luck in the game, then -- as well as express my gratitude for your well-wishes."

Without hesitation, Alessia nods and keeps her gaze upward despite the Laurent lady's words. "Aannnnd why is that, my lord?" She asks Dycard, that easy smile still in place, her gaze still on the woman.

"Thank you," the Valardin murmurs to an attendant nearest the gallery entryway, gaze idly exploring the gaggle of semi-intoxicated peers gathered near the center of the chamber. Due to his late arrival, he'd required a member of the estate's staff to explain to him the game and its rules as previously conveyed by the Marquessa. Now with the knowledge that a diamond would be required to participate, he ventures toward the bowl and collects one of the precious stones from within.

Armani holds her diamond as she listens to the things goind on .. she grins a little to Sebastion before she whispers to Dycard, "do you think you could accept a dare to beat me at a strategy game?" she asks her cousin her eyes twinkling before she looks over to Leonel as he rumbles a bit and she smiles deeply to him "that is awefuly sexy Highness" she winks.

*** Alessia has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Alessia checks charm and manipulation at easy. Alessia is successful.
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*** Mabelle is the winner. ***

"Yes, backflip!" Sorrel agrees, grinning at Galatea, and then she shouts at Ember: "BARONESS REDREEF! DO A BACKFLIP OR SURRENDER YOUR DIAMONDS!" Almost immediately after yelling across the room, she drags the blonde alchemist over towards the woman.

Raven looks up and blinks at Tyche's summoning. She paces over curiously though at the mentioning of Savio and a rhyme there's a grimace and she looks around as if somehow there's a rule for a lifeline. She chews her bottom lip and gives a cautious,
"A woman of Mahogany gair most fair and petite,
Alabastor or ivory with her complexion could not compete."
She shrugs helplessly, "You never said how long they had to be."

Santi chuckle hearing the words from Calla giving a nod before his focus turns fully upon Sebastien. When the man makes his own challenge Santi glances over eyeing the cavier before nodding. "Done..And I would hope so. Not sure fish guts and drink would go down well together." The large Malvici Lord moving to the table of drinks setting his mug down. "No rotgut..Something of your home." And with that Santi is reaching for two bottles of Setarco Fire begining to pour and pour..and pour.

Mabelle mentions aside to Galatea, a moment before she starts staring at Alessia, "She is very agile!", speaking of Ember of course, from all she heard. Dycard gets an amued quirk from her lips as she begins to stare at the lovely Mazetti, not even blinking once, but trying little tricks to distract her. "Armani! Your cousin is trying to help but he's not!", she teases the man while reaching over to try to tickle Alessia's side. No one said she cant play dirty! It also works, because Alessia is losing it by chuckling. Wrapping her fingers around her diamond, Mabelle grins, "I'll take that, thank you!"

Calla oooooohs softly when Sebastian counters with a mug-related bet of his own, wrinkling her nose a little bit. "Fish eggs? Really? People eat that?" The Baroness shudders just a little bit at the thought even as she looks around for a possible target for a bet of her own.

Galatea squawks un-gracefully in alarm when Sorrel seizes on her suggestion in such aggressive style, raising a hand to protect her ear. Laughing, she staggers along after Sorrel in the direction of Ember. "I'd say it wasn't my idea, but that'd be a lie," she offers, not quite apologetically, to Ember.

Insaya crowds up too watch Sorrel"Backflips! Oh, I love tumbling routines. Makes the pricy cheese go down well."

Ember checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Ember fails.

When Raven produces perhaps the best two lines of poetry about Tyche's beauty she has heard to date, the Marquessa laughs, bringing both gloved hands up to her lips. "My goodness, Raven. You surprise me still! Who needs diamonds when I can keep those words with me always? You may keep yours." She grins. "Do you really believe none can compete? Perfect." And then backflips are being called for, and she turns to watch the challenger, and the challenged!

Okay yes, the rules said nothing playing dirty and the tickling definitely shifts Alessia's attention away from Mabelle. "Oh my gods." She laughs aloud. "You sure you're not Lycene?" She asks with a grin, before handing over the diamond.

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Chuckling with a shrug, Dycard finishes his drink and accosts a passing servant for another - two, actually - before allowing his attention to return to the pair of women. "Just that i'm afforded the opportunity to bask in the company of beautiful women - " he stops, his attention turning to the backflips as he cranes his neck to watch the spectacle.

Mabelle murmurs to Alessia, "Half Oathlander, Half Crownlander, Grew up in the Lyceum. If I was born in the north, I'd be so dangerous", she nudges her friend and then gets hungry for the win, landing her eyes at Leonel, "Do you still have your diamond? For now?", she teases.

Raven flashes a grin, "OF course not, MArquessa. Lookit all these people. Not a pauper amoung them which means they MUST be here to bask in your radiance!" she opines, snagging a glass of wine from somewhere.

Nina claps joyfully at the dare to do a backflip; it's simple but sure to be fun success or failure. Overhearing Dycard, she smiles in his direction. "Always in the Pravus quarter, you'll never run out of nice sights to see here."

Armani nudges Dycard, "not before my challenge cousin" she says as she looks about and she grins "or you can just give me your diamond now?"

There's an upward lift of brows from Sebastian as Santi chooses the drink, too. "Unfair of you, my lord, and wholly unsporting. You'll ruin the rest of my night, you know -- and I had plans." Still, he's not one to refuse: and not one to refuse /Setarco Fire/, however unwise that is. "Be it on your head, my lord," he says, as he claims the mug from Santi and seeks to drink.

Insaya hunkers down a little. Alas, a pauper, and child of a shepherd.

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"Diamond, singular," Ember calls back to Sorrel. She holds up the single diamond, and then sets her drink aside. A wiser woman than the Bloody Baroness would, say, take off her high-heeled boots. Or maybe tie her dress off. Or, indeed, make sure that there's not a door right behind her, because Ember hunches down, kicks off of the floor, starts to turn in the air... and then a servant rounds the corner through the door frame, and walks right into a backflipping Baroness. Both servant and Baroness fall to the ground in an undignified pile, and the backflip is thus not complete. Ember lies there, not really caring about the state of her dress for a moment as she tries to swallow the urge to strangle this servant for daring to walk around. "Come and get your diamond while I figure out if my ribs are all still in the correct place," she calls to Sorrel.

Sebastian checks willpower at hard. Sebastian is successful.

Shaking his head and turning toward Armani, Dycard blinks and carefully tilts one of the two glasses he had procured to drain before cradling the second. "What was it - strategy? What did you have in mind? I'm afraid, dear cousin mine, I may have you outmatched. I am in my prime when i'm two drinks in."

Mirella's still lurking around the edge of the gathering, all casual elegance as she drinks slow and deep from a glass of white wine. A generous glass, at that. The diamond that she holds in her free hand glitters rainbow-hued as it passes through the weave of delicate, ghostly-pale fingers. Duskstone eyes peer over the rim of the glass as she considers her next move.

Calla spies Raven waves to catch her attention. "Raven! I challenge you to a thumb war!" She blurts out with a giggle.

"Perhaps I can make at least one of them a pauper yet? Steal all of their diamonds," Tyche grins, and she reaches out to squeeze the woman's arm before she watches Ember... not succeed at that backflip. She winces, "Excuse me." She moves to the Baroness, offering a gloved hand. "I will not have it said that my party breaks the infamous Bloody Baroness. Come. Get back in this."

"Ack! Healer?!" Sorrel calls out as Ember hits the floor and the servant and the tray of whatever that poor servant was carrying. She scurries over, giggling in spite of herself, and she glances to Galatea, then back to the Baroness. "Ember, darling, your dress. It needs adjusting. Just a smidge."

Leonel's glass rises as Sebastian's does, to join him in the toast. There's something that he's prepared to say but Armani's interesting comment rendered Leonel at a loss for words, if only briefly -- but there was a crooked grin that crept over his lips, which likely said enough. Mabelle's query drew his attention in her direction and the prince's spare hand went fussing over pockets with a gentle swat, as if he were searching for the item in question. "I might just have it, Lady Mabelle. Why? Are you bold enough to try and part me from it already? How many have you collected so far?"

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*** Armani is the winner. ***

"Okay, now who to target." Alessia glances around the room in search for somebody with a diamond. She definitely notices Ember's attempt and so makes her way toward Sorrel with a grin. "Your highness!"

Galatea holds her hands to either side of her head in mounting alarm, as Ember proves herself not only about to backflip in high-heeled boots, but also, well...that whole disaster with the door. "Oh, no," she mutters with a wince, leaning over Ember to check for damage. She offers a hand, to help the woman up, at least. "Terribly sorry about the..." She then remembers the servant, and is doubly alarmed. "Oh no! Are /you/ all right?" Everyone seems alive, at least. She doesn't even seem to notice the underwear problem.

Raven laughs and gives Calla broad grin, "Just don't ask me to play bard again! LEt us have it!" She strides over to meet Calla and grins, "Wanna make it challenging and use our off-hand thumbs?" her head whips around at the clatter but after a moment of seeking and study she determines everone's fine and her gaze returns to Calla, "What you say?"

In her attentions to Ember, Tyche does not miss Mabelle honing in on Leonel, and she calls over, "Be gentle with him, Lady Mabelle!"

One thing every Arxian should learn about a Sin... is that they excel in Sin-ful things. Even with the amount of Setarco Fire poured into the mug, Sebastian Pravus drinks... and drinks... and drinks, tipping the large thing back until the last drops are gone. His eyes are watering, and he coughs at the end, but /somehow/ the Pravosi manages it with a triumphant lift of the mug into the air: and a gleeful smile at the Malvici lord who challenged him. "Your turn... I believe... m'lord," he shoves the mug vaguely towards Santi. Closer to Calla though, probably.

"Ohhh, that might actually give a fighting chance." Calla replies with a bit of her nervous giggle as she holds her hand out to Raven, thumb up and at the ready.

Insaya slyly slips her stone over to Mabelle's collection as she passes by with the waitstaff, murmuring, "A good turn deserves repaying, my lady. You may not recall it, but I do." And having given up her game token, she slips out into the hall.

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Inclining his head to Mabelle politely, Dycard untangles his arm from hers and drifts toward a gaming table. Helping to arrange chess pieces with his cousin, he doesn't even bother to sit down before moving a piece, sipping at his drink. It doesn't take long however for the fact that either the Blackshore lord had been drinking before hand or else 'in my prime' held a vastly different definition for him when he ended up in a Fool's Mate over the chessboard.

Mabelle makes her way closer toward the Velenosan Prince and smiles to Leonel, "Well I lost one and I won one so I have... one", she grins at him, "I would love to have two. But I think... I will wait a moment to sweeten the deal. Since your Marquessa worries I might break you", she grins at Tyche. She blinks however in the direction of Insaya as she hands her the diamond and disappears, "What...? Well I suppose I have two", she wanders around looking puzzled while eyeing Mirella, "Still have yours?"

Santi watches Sebastian closely as he begins to drink and drink and drink, When the Prince remains standing and shows off the mug empty of drink he blinks a few times only to have a grin spreading along his lips. With he mug pushed over ending closer to Calla the large Malvici Lord moves to set the diamond down for Sebastian. "Your prize..and now the challenge you gave me I believe..Though I have no diamond now.." The man pointing out before he is lifting his mug and turning to look at the platter of caviar. "You want me to throw this into the nasty fish shit right?" A glance given back to Sebastian as he asks that question to clarify the man's challenge of him.

Ember follows Sorrel's advice -- there's a tug of fabric to one side and modesty is preserved, but not before momentous buzz has been achieved. Ember accepts the hand-up from Tyche, and when Galatea remembers the servant, Ember looks down at them. "They'll live. It was just a knee to the temple. Well, I think it was their temple. Hard to tell when you only feel it via your knee." Other servants will no doubt help their fellow up and ferry them away to go be concussed elsewhere. "Where's my drink?"

Armani laighs a little as she shares some conversation with Dycard, she laughs a little as she wins and she holds out her hand for his diamond. she grins and she winks "now you might go wherever the night may lead you." she says giggling.

Cerelia watches the event for a while. Once she finishes a drink she passes her diamond off to someone as she heads for the exit.

With a flick of her wrist, Mirella flips the diamond into the air, then snatches the glittering stone back up with as much fluid, snappy grace. She smiles half-way, quirking her lips at one corner. "I do. Do you have a challenge for me, Lady Mabelle?"

Raven offers her left hand, the hand and thumb of even her off hand calloused and rough though she wiggles and tries to pin Calla's thumb her eyebrows shoot up and she gives a soft squawk at Calla's nimble digit, "Gah!" as she's pinned and unable to free her hand. Laughing again, "Oh! My lady! Well earned." She hands over her diamond, "Such dainty thumbs are deceptive!"

Galatea is ever the consummate alchemist, and seems to have actually carried vials of emergency something-or-others to the function. She presents one of these to the servants as they take their noggin-bonked compatriot off to somewhere a little quieter to recover. Presumably it's something for the pain. "I am almost afraid to challenge someone else," she mutters, when all that's done with.

Though it seems just as Alessia is prepared to challenge the Thrax princess, a server rushes in to murmur something to her which has her widening her eyes in horror. Which drifts to exhaustion and then she's excusing herself and heading off.

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"You left it over here," Sorrel says to Ember, offering her both a hand up and her drink, then beams at Galatea, then glances to Alessia with concern. "Lady Alessia. Are you okay? What's happened?"

If Galatea is afraid, Ember isn't! "You. Lady Gilden, yes?" Ember points at Armani, then points at her drink, left on a nearby table. "I challenge you. Bring me my rum. Without using your hands." She notices Alessia's displeasure, but doesn't move to act upon it or inquire. She just issued a challenge, after all.

Tyche dusts a hand against Ember's back, even if the floor of the manor is kept pristinely clean. "A noble effort, Baroness. And a wonderful show," she adds with a smirk, and then she'll slip away from the woman to find a target of her own. Or rather, to invite, "I still have my diamond, if anyone wishes to challenge."

Calla's fingers may be slender, but they are dextrous indeed and when she finds herself victorious she lets out a squeak of delight. "I used to beat my older siblings at that all the time. Thank you so much." She adds as she takes the diamond when it's handed to her and puts it on her palm with the other one before closing her hand around them. Her attention then returns to Santi and Sebastian to see how their bets are going.

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"It's called caviar," Sebastian corrects, and there /might/ be a brief pause before and after his words, but his gaze looks mostly focused, still. "Try not to splatter anyone's lovely outfits. In fact... make room," he calls, to those nearest the table with the caviar, before he gestures grandly for Santi to proceed.

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Leonel wore an incredulous look at Tyche's comment, and a chiding clatter of his tongue was given in response. "Come, now. You should know by now how difficult it is to break me." A mischievous look in his eyes, he tore them away from the redhead, drifting toward Mabelle instead. "You've two now, and on the hunt for more. I respect your tenacity, Lady Mabelle. And your greed." A smile was hidden behind his glass, and Leonel's constant sipping left nothing but a tiny puddle of wine at the bottom of it. Thusly, he reached out to claim a third from whomever, wherever, that he could. "How many do you see yourself walking out of those door with in total, hm?"

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Mabelle considers Mirella for a long time, "Mmmm I do not know your strengths, but i do know mine." She taps her lips for a few moments, looking toward Alessia as she departs. "A challenge, a challenge". While she thinks, she assures Leonel, "I am not done with you and I am known for my ambition, greed is such an ugly word", she grins at him.

Drifting across the gallery after his botched chess match, Dycard pulls a flask from inside his coat and begins to drink from it as he sidles up beside Ember. "Baroness - always lovely to see you amidst... all this," he offers while gesturing to the crowd. "How does the evening find you and your diamond count?"

Santi nods when he hears the clarification from Sebastian and that correction, "Here's hoping we don't break anything then." The mug raised in a salute to the Pravus Prince allowing a few moments for him to try and clear people away before he is bringing that mug back and forward. Another swing of his arm given before he is releasing that large heavy mug of rubicund sending it through the air only to slam down into that platter with the weight of the mug sending caviar flying and smushing beneath it.

Nina is considering a challenge. Since Galatea seemed unsure, Nina looks over to her. "I'll challenge you for yours! Hm. I have an idea." Nina holds her diamond out in her hand. "We'll have a simple challenge. Try to take my diamond away from me. And if you can't, then I keep yours."

Armani looks over to Ember and she grins, what one dose not normally see is a lady contortionist, either this one practices or... it is just a lucky moment as she nods and she bends in ways so lewd and almost provoctively as she slips off her shoes and carries the glass to ember on her hands.. feet delivering the cup nearly effortlessly. She tumbles to a stand in a good pirate fasion and she bows to the Baroness

Mabelle asks Mirella then, after much consideration, "Do a hand stand for.... a whole minute. I do hope you are wearing your .. delicates", she grins aside at Ember.

Armani looks to ember "and in turn I dare you to tell me what our dear prince over there is feeling, can the bloody baroness, detect emotion? oooh an Empathy challenge.

Sidling up next to Sebastian, Calla looks up at the Prince with a sly smirk. "Your highness, I bet you that you can't spin around in place twenty times without falling down." Her attention then goes to Santi when he tosses his mug, wincing reflexively when she sees all those little fish eggs go flying. "Oh very well done, Lord Santi!" She says with a little round of applause.

Galatea eyes Nina skeptically. "Well...all right," she says, bracing herself with a bit of a wider stance. "I can't say feats of agility were ever my specialty, but it's all in good fun, yes?" She wiggles her fingers. "All I have to do is take it out of your open hand? How hard could it be?"

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*** Nina is the winner. ***

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With a cluck of tongue -- it could be impressed, or just distracted -- Sebastian taps at his own nose. Or past it, anyway. "You're allowed to keep the title Mug Thrower, my lord... for now." Calla's followup has him narrowing his eyes at her. "That's very calculated of you, Baroness. If I should bring up all that lovely Setarco Fire, however, I will be most displeased. As will whomever is nearest enough to be in the cross hairs." He passes his glass towards Calla for safekeeping first.

Sorrel takes interest in the contest between Nina and Galatea, in part because she is fairly certain of the outcome before they begin. "C'mon, you can do it!" she says encouragingly, though it's not entirely clear as to which of them she's cheering on.

Nina possibly had this whole idea rigged, or knew that she had more clever hands than she was letting on, since Galatea tries to get her gem, and Nina immediately flips her hand around, folding the jewel inside her glove with a slight of hand trick where it cannot be easily grabbed. A moment of trickery later and it feels as if the diamond she was holding was entirely gone. In the mean time, she reaches for Galatea's, and snags it... then holds it up and smiles at her. "Ah. That was fun!"

Tyche spies a certain prince lingering on the outskirts, quietly observing, guarding his diamond like some dragon with it's treasure. Target acquired, she slips through the crowds of challengers, laughing as she overhears this bet and that dare, but she has a goal. "Prince Alantir Valardin," she greets the man, her gaze sweeping him quickly. "It has been too long. And you are being far too quiet in this corner. I challenge you to..." and her voice dips for a moment, a secret shared, before she finishes the dare, "...guess the number of diamonds it took to create this attire." She waves her hands to the gown she's wearing, purposefully drawing attention to herself once more.

"My mistake, and I offer my /sincerest/ apologies for the offense, Lady Mabelle. Ambition, mhm. Of course." He could barely keep his lips straight at that, the struggle visible at either edge of them, though it was easier to hide the amusement when his crown dipped forward deeply, and reverently, to accompany the apology. "Well then, a toast to just that -- your ambitious nature. How do you propose you'll win my diamond, hm? I am /all/ ears. Tell me." And so Leonel was just that -- a jerk of his skull to the left, to render up the aforementioned ear to the smaller woman with a hunch, and a lean forward in her direction.

Ember watches Armani, and her eyebrows go up. She takes her drink. "Well done," she says. She looks down at it, and if there was a window into Ember's head, it would show the thought process being worked through of 'I'm not sure I want to take a sip from a cup that someone's feet have touched.' But: that is a peril of Ember's own doing. She looks up and at Armani: "You can challenge me all you like, my Lady, but I have no diamond to offer you."

Galatea just stands a while, focusing to a laser-like level of precision on Nina's palm. One might even begin to imagine she knows what she's doing. This would be a horrendous misconception. "Yah!" She calls out, going for the diamond -- only to thrust her arm with such force that when Nina evades her grasp, Galatea completely lose her balance, stagger past Nina, and flop body-first into a chair. Woman and chair both clatter to the ground. At the very least, she looks unharmed. "Congratulations on your diamond," she mutters to Nina.

Santi grins for a split second as his mug lands before it once more vanishes from his lips, A nod is given hearing Calla's congratulations a look given to her as she stands beside the Pravus Prince. "Less fighting than the things my family holds, but messy so almost like home." The playfulness behind the words potentially lost given heir deadpan delivery. The Malvici Lord unable to hold back a chuckle hearing Sebastian's response to Calla's dare as he moves to gather up his now rather messy mug before looking around for a proper place to clean it of fish eggs.

Armani chuckles a little as she nods her eyes twinkle as she looks over for someone to target then, her eyes find Nina and off she bounces over to the seemstress

Alantir checks perception and sewing at normal. Alantir fails.

Let it never be said that Mirella is one to back down from a challenge! Draining the rest of her wine in relaxed fashion, she quirks an eyebrow at Mabelle. A little nod, then the petite Lycene elegantly lifts her skirt to knee length to reveal that -- thank the gods -- she's wearing a pair of short black leggings underneath. The wine glass goes down onto a table, relinquished, before Mirella moves a few steps away to make a bit of space so that she doesn't have an Ember Moment. The handstand is therefore performed, sleek and precise. The wine imbibed doesn't seem to be presenting a problem.

"I know." Calla replies with a grin in Sebastian's direction as she takes the glass that's handed to her as she takes several steps back when he mentions a very possible outcome to this whole thing. Santi's comment get a giggle. "Just as entertaining though."

Sebastian checks dexterity at normal. Sebastian is successful.

Mabelle gazes at Mirella impressedly as the woman seems to be able to hold her own in more ways than one: her body on her hands and her diamond in her pocket. "Well, Mirella, I am in awe, especially for the demure setting", she grins at her, "You get to keep your diamond, alas, I will have to pry it off the future Marquis Inverno here. Well played", A toast is raised to Mirella while Mabelle makes her way to her next prey. Coughs. To Prince Leonel, not before calling Dycard, "Are you alright there sailor?"

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, 3 Black Fleet Reavers arrive, following Raven.

Alantir dips his chin respectfully as Tyche approaches. Upon hearing the woman's challenge, he glances between her face and the expensive gown she wears. His mouth opens, as if to respond, but no words materialize. The knight shakes his head, digs the diamond from his satchel, and places it gently within the host's open palm.

Nina smiles to Galatea, looking smug, but then adds, "But no worries, as someone could... just as easily take it from me, and I'd have to start all over." Armani is now looking at her, so she tilts her head. "Do you want to challenge?"

Turning from Ember and slipping across the gallery toward Mabelle, Dycard offers a sheepish smile and a shrug. "I'm alright, my lady, though i'm rather absent of diamonds at this point," he replies, spinning about on his heels as his face scrunched up in mock scrutiny. "I'm rather waiting to see who I can prey upon to re-enter the great game,"

Armani looks over to her cousin as Mabelle calls for him and she tilts her head before she she lets her eyes pan over to Nina once more. A nod of her head and then she grins widely "I do Mylady, could you perhaps try to walk on your hands?" she asks since she herself just provided a nice feat.

The old man watches the game play out a little grin can be seen upon his face at times. He seems more interested in where some cats are showing up.

Sorrel meanders over to Galatea with a drink to offer to her, sipping her own in a cheerful way. "Let's try not to suffer any permanent injuries," she says lightly, then glances around, trying to decide if there's someone she should make do something interesting. But for the moment, there's a lot of entertainment going on, so she just watches.

Is it deliberate that, as Sebastian starts to spin, the movement brings him closer to Calla? Maaaaybe. He starts fast at first, but slows as the spins number in double digits, stumbling a little here and there, but somehow the prince manages to keep his feet. Truly, a Sin who can hold his own drink... and hold it down. "You," when he finishes, his finger points nowhere near Calla, and he has to turn twice before he fixes on her, "Are a terrible person, Baroness Calla. Don't think I won't remember this." And then he's staggering off unevenly after he claims his glass back.

Nina checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Nina is successful.

When Alantir manages to give... no answer at all. Even if Tyche has twirled for him, to give him a full glimpse of the diamond number. "Oh your highness, your eye for fashion is impressive." She extends her hand, beckoning for the diamond. "Give it here. Now you must challenge someone to win their own."

Mirella's hair is just a little tousled as she lightly returns to her feet, and after a quick flick of her head and a pat of her hand, the sleek locks are placed back into smooth arrangement. She dips into a neat curtsy at Mabelle's praise, a light smile playing across the Lycene's lips. Upon raising from the curtsy, she delicately yoinks another glass of wine from a passing server's tray, and standing tall (at least in bearing) she takes another good sip of her fresh beverage. Ah, refreshing!

Mabelle murmurs to Dycard, "I believe the hostess has two and I have failed to get Mirellas's". Mabelle then considers Leonel and asks Tyche, "Do I have to play fair? He is a Lycene prince", she points out and then notes to Leonel, "I will try to seduce you and you have to withstand my charm."

Raven had vanished briefly somewhere for some reason but it's not surprising the time when she reappears it's not far from Sebastian, ready with a steadying hand ONLY if the Prince threatens to crash into guests or something priceless.

Ember gets herself a new drink somewhere in the mix. Did she miss Dycard? Probably. Her mind is elsewhere for a moment. And then yellow-orange eyes set upon Sorrel. "Your Highness," she says. "I think I might avenge myself, somewhat. Without any risk of injury this time."

Nina has smart fingers, but not much upper body strength, so the challenge makes her frown a bit. She takes a slow breath, and then puts both of her two now, diamonds, into the cleavage of her dress so that they are not stolen while she attempts this feat. She has to wind herself up a bit, but she is light enough at least to manage a few hand steps.... good enough, before she tumbles. Of course, her skirts do fly up revealing all the lace at the top of her stockings, but it's there to be admired. "Whew!" Nina falls down to her side and laughs, then tries to adjust her skirt but, too late as she's shown a bit of all that lace to everyone.

"Never play fair, Lady Mabelle, if you hope to win against a Lycene!" Tyche offers the best advice of them all. She's won her diamond, and now she has two! "Perfect. Thank you, it was a pleasure winning this from your reticent charm, Prince Alantir. Until next time." She dips her chin, and slips to watch whatever machinations Mabelle plans with her future-husband.

Calla watches as Sebastian succeeds at her challenge with little problem, though she is giggling quite excessively, which she's badly hiding behind the back of her hand. "Very well done, your highness! You keep your diamond still. Oh, I'm not sure you'll be remembering any of this in the morning with how much of that Setarco fire you put away." She replies as she hands him back his glass before she goes looking for Santi again.

Nodding, Dycard offered Mabelle a touch on her shoulder before he padded across the hall toward Zakhar with a glint in his eye. "I believe you took the Lady Laurent's diamond early on - do you still have it and your diamond? I happen to have a rather potent brand of Darkwater Rum - " he explained, reaching into his coat to pull yet another flask from within. "If you can chug the whole thing in one go, I would consider your diamonds safe. If not, i'd like to claim them."

"What? Without risk of injury? I thought that was what we were going for here, Bloody Baroness," Sorrel offers with a wink to Ember, laughing brightly. "But let me hear your proposal, by all means."

A steadying hand is not enough! Sebastian drapes his arm around Raven's shoulder, visibly pleased at the presence of the woman as his gaze focuses on her. "Raven!" he exclaims in delight. "Excellent. I challenge you... to have fun!" how one is supposed to accomplish that isn't exactly specified. But the Sin demands it!

Also, Tyche has been watching Sebastian out of the corner of her eye continually withstands challenge after challenge. "Well played, Bas! Stay strong!"

Armani laughs as she watches "well well, well done!" she grins a little as she looks over to see who she might be able to get a diamond from.. A little giggle escapes her lips, as she listens to Dycard a moment before she moves closer to Sebastian her eyes glittering playfully

Leonel answered Mabelle's question -- even if it was meant for Tyche -- with both a smooth, and steady shake of his crown, and another gruff rumble of laughter that got stuck in his throat for a time. It persisted even after a sip from his drink, and his free hand rolled eagerly at its wrist, fingertips curling with a beckon. "Challenge accepted, Lady Mabelle, and we'll have an audience it seems." From wriggling digits to fingers that instead seek to claim Tyche, the prince's arm lashed out in an atempt to curl and grasp 'round the woman's lower back and secure himself a grip at her hip. "Whenever you're ready."

Zakhar turns from watching a pair of grey-blue cats skitter across the room to look to Dycard. "Whut was dis drink?"

Spotting another member of a great house Santi's lips shift into that brief grin again as he motions to Calla once Sebastian stumbles away glass in hand. The man motioning to Sorrel before slipping off to get his mug clean and refilled with that potent Setarco Fire. The Malvici Lord with mug refilled and drink filling it finally makes his way over lifting his mug up in greeting only to stop short as he notices the woman speaking with Ember. After a moment though the man steps forward holding the mug out to the Thrax Princess, "A dare to finish it all, leave no drop untouched or sipped."

Raven laughs, "I am sans diamond, Your highness. Clearly I'm having fun-all three of me." She drawls certain that the Prince must be seeing triple by now. She salutes with her wine glass and winks to reassure the prince.

Tyche was /just/ about to move on Sebastian, to see if she couldn't... but Leonel grabs her and reels her in. With a laugh, she finds herself now in this little seduction circle, despite not being challenged or the challenger. "Mm. Yes, Lady Mabelle. Show the Prince what you have."

Wiggling the second flask about, Dycard grinned, "Darkwater Rum - rather potent. I've heard tales of someone hallucinating off it once. The lovely Countess Carita gifted it to me." Passing the flask to the man, he offered an incline of his head. "Unless you'd just like to concede and take a sip, of course."

"Well then, let it not be said the Pravosi are ungenerous with their wealth." Sebastian reaches into his pocket for the diamond, and seeks to slip it into Raven's pouch. He succeeds after a few failed tries. "There. Now you have a diamond, and now you must take the challenge!"

Armani velenos :needs armor

"If this party was at the Redreef Estate, I would consider it a ghastly failure that no one has yet broken a chair over anyone else," Ember says to Sorrel with a wry smile -- just a touch of one, a lifting of one corner of her mouth. "But we are not at the Redreef Estate, and so I must abide by the mores of others." She pauses for a moment -- clearly, she approached Sorrel without already having a challenge in mind. "...I challenge you to say something sweet to me," Ember says. "Something that will melt the stony visage of the Bloody Baroness and blah blah blah whatever people speak of my reputation. Something that I will not be able to maintain my steely expression upon hearing~."

*** Mabelle has called for an opposing check with Leonel. ***
Mabelle checks charm and seduction at easy. Mabelle is successful.
Leonel checks composure at easy. Critical Success! Leonel is spectacularly successful.
*** Leonel is the winner. ***

Spotting Santi, Calla makes her way to his side again, smiling brightly at Ember. "Baroness. It's been awhile." She greets her with a bob of her head. When Santi offeres up his next challenge, she lifts a brow in his direction. "Just going to stick with the one challenge? That's a bold tactic." She comments.

Zakhar checks stamina and survival at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Mabelle complains in advance as Leonel grabs onto Tyche, "I suppose you do not play fair either! But a real lady does not have a crowd!", instead she leans toward Leonel to whisper something to his ear, grinning to him and leaning forward to check the colors of his cheek. Alas, they remain the same color as they were before. She hums. Then huff, then mumbles, "I need a drink!", the SHAME!

The old man takes the bottle, pops the cork off then throws the cork across the room. "Bottomsy!" And proceeds to drink the entire bottle down. A couple of chugs, though he doesn't waste a drop. Wiping his beard a little with the back of a leather bracer, "Whut elses ya got? Nae Waters of Life?"

Calla is overheard praising Tyche: Hosted one of the most entertaining events I've been to in awhile.

Raven laughs and kisses Sebastian's cheek, "You are truely TOO generous, Your highness. Thank you." She makes sure the prince is steady and then hrrrms, verdant eyes seeking a vunerable target.

Tyche is not so firmly pulled to Leonel that she's lost an eye, and an ear, for the party. "Be braver, Baroness Ember. Challenge someone to a broken chair, and we might see if you win diamonds with it!" Is she encouraging this? Sure! But then her eyes are on Mabelle, as she tries to seduce the man by the Marquessa's side. When Leonel is unmoved, she laughs, "Lady Mabelle, I blame it on the wine he's consumed, and the fair number of women he's seduced in his years. I would have succumbed to you in a heartbeat!"

Armani looks over to Sebastian "Dearest Prince!" she calls "is it not a challenge of sins?" she asks her eyes flickering as seduction was going on over there, "perhaps you would indulge me in a bit of a gamble?" she asks "would you care to show me your leadership skills and see who all will join you in a drink?"

"Mmm, my lord, I don't think we have been properly introduced," Sorrel says as demurely as possible as Santi offers her a mug of Sertarco Fire. A large mug. An unreasonably sized mug. "But I will drink this first and then I will somehow seduce the Baroness after I have consumed this. Let's go!"

Mabelle huffs again at Tyche, "This is my off night!" but she strides straight to Zakhar, "This you cannot win and I will have at least four diamonds tonight! Are you ready?"

Laughing heartily, Dycard offered a deep bow to the man before rising and running a hand through his hair to brush stray locks from his eyes. "Well then - I suppose I should choose better prey. You may keep the flask, my friend, as a memento of my hubris." Letting out a beleaguered sigh, Dycard shook his head and glided across the room toward Raven. Stuffing one flask into his coat and retrieving another, he casually bumped into the woman. "Still have your diamonds, Black Heart?"

Sorrel checks stamina at hard. Sorrel fails.

"Oh, Lady Mabelle. That /is/ a thought, but alas, I believe I am quite busy on that particualr evening." Leonel's fingers /squeezed/ with a tightening pinch of them against the swell of Tyche's hip, before the prince was relinquishing his grip upon her, freeing her to go and menader and pilfer diamonds as she saw fit. A small smile arranged itself on his lips and curteous, and respectful in victory, his head was seen to pitch forward in Mabelle's direction, his own glass offered when the woman announced her need for a drink after the exchange.

Mabelle snorts a moment, murmuring toward Leonel, "You wish", winking to him.

Zakhar looks at Mabelle with one eye squinted, (he did just drink an entire bottle of something...) "Whut's ya gots fer me Lady Mabessells?"

Ember offers Calla a deep nod. "Baroness. The Sangrian vine has been growing... somewhat nicely within the Redreef Estate. Perhaps you might visit someday to examine it, or take some clippings." She laces her hands behind her back, and looks to Tyche: "Perhaps, Marquessa, I simply want to hear Her Highness say sweet words to me, and your games have given me an excuse to demand it of her." There's no smile on Ember's face, but there's a bit of one in her tone.

Raven laughs and shakes her head, "No I lost mine but Pravus, ever generous as they are, have spoiled me yet again." She lifts her diamond and admits "I was of a mind to challenge you but you have no diamond so I reckon it's your challenge to name if you want it, my lord." She grins crookedly, "Make it a good one though, yeah? I loose this one I had BETTER make a show out of it."

Santi leans in and murmurs to Calla though still loud enough to be overheard by Ember and Sorrel, "The tactic is to get everyone shit faced so I can drink my fill and not have to be the scandal of the party." A quick wink given to Calla before he looks to Ember, "I was just thinking much the same, I'm good for it if you are." The man offering himself up for broken chair needs before his focus is brought upon Sorrel as he makes that dare and she accepts it. His eyes watching her closely, "Lord Santi Malvici your highness."

Sebastian pats Raven's arm fondly, then makes a gesture as if to shoo her off to let her find her fun, along with his diamond. He looks steady-ish... well, leaning against a pillar helps. It takes a moment for him to focus on Armani with a furrow of brow. "I'm afraid I'm diamondless, my lady. Meanwhile, technically, all of this is being funded by Pravus..." he spreads his hand at the event, "So I kind of win by default," he gives a bright, delighted laugh.

*** Ember has called for an opposing check with Sorrel. ***
Ember checks composure and performance at easy. Ember is successful.
Sorrel checks charm and seduction at easy. Sorrel is successful.
*** Sorrel is the winner. ***

Mabelle gathers a piece of paper and writes a number on it, handing it to Dycard for safekeeping. She then turns to Zakhar, "Guess how many gowns are in my wardrobe", she grins at the semi drunk man. She will win this one for sure!.

Armani sticks her tongue out at the prince before she looks over to Mabelle and she snorts a bit "at least one for every day of the month." she grins

"Oh!" Nina looks over at Ember's challenge to Sorrel now, looking to see what sweet words might be said. "Innninteresting." She drinks her wine. "I admit, that's very clever of you, Prince Sebastian. The best sort of games are the ones that you always win."

Zakhar checks intellect and riddles at normal. Zakhar marginally fails.

"Challenge me, Bas," Tyche will call to the Pravosi prince when he admits to being diamondless, after she's shared a quiet word with Leonel, the man who cannot be seduced, and pressed a kiss to his cheek. It lingers only for a moment, because she is a woman on a mission. Bring out enjoyment in her guests, and perhaps win a few challenges. "How will you get these /two/ diamonds?" she wonders of him, extending her gloved hand outward, tempting him.

Armani laughs a bit, before she eyes Mabelle win diamonds... and then Ty is asking for a challenge "I too have two."

"I will take you up on that. I don't think I've visit the Redreef estate yet. I must rectify that." Calla responds with a grin in the other Baroness' direction. Then Santi gets a sidelong look for that wink, answered merely with a smirk before she looks more squarely at Santi with a tilt of her head. "Lord Santi. I challenge you to refill your mug with Setarco fire and drink it yourself."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

Mabelle blinks at the piece of glass handed to her by Zakhar, "You had two diamonds! Where are they?"

Mirella is overheard praising Tyche.

There's a too-familiar-voice. Sebastian immediately smiles before he's even caught sight of Tyche. His reach for her gloved hand fails the first time, catches the second as he seeks to lift her hand upwards and guide her in a gentle turn as if if mid-dance. "A challenge? Well..." his gaze brightens. "Surely," he says, "A true Sin can pick out the Setarcan amongst a bunch of pretender wines. Here-- bring five different wines, the best of the best," he tells a server. Certainly he doesn't need to specify they include Setarcan: that's a given.

Armani is overheard praising Tyche.

Tyche checks perception and etiquette at normal. Tyche marginally fails.

Mabelle shakes her head, eager to win more diamonds. She considers Sebastian who is occupied by Tyche and then Armani who is just asking for it.

Grinning wildly as he looked around the gallery, Dycard paused only for a moment as he glanced at the paper he was offered before nodding and turning back to Raven. "How about something interesting? Carry me like a bride three times about the gallery, while drinking from one of the wine bottles the entire time - I expect to be cradled though, even if you'd only have one hand to perform the feat."

Armani looks over to Mabelle and she smiles "say we challenge eachother winner gets the others diamonds?" she wonders of the woman

There's a murmur, audible to anyone who cares to hear, from the general direction of the shadowy-clad Mirella. "The first person to sing a song can have my diamond. But..." She takes a sip of wine, "It has to be done in quacks. No words, just quacks." Siiip.

Mabelle curves her lips to Armani, "I like that risk, what will the challenge be?", but upon hearing Dycard, she laughs, "And you wonder why people are trying to marry you!". Mirella's comment turns that laugh into an bursting fit of giggles.

Raven checks stamina and athletics at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Tyche watches Sebastian try to grab her hand, and then /actually/ grab her hand, and she laughs warmly helping him grasp those velvety gloved fingers. "My dear, I think you are drunk," she muses, and she squeezes his hand, being drawn into the contest quite willingly. When he proposes the wine challenge, she arches a brow slowly. "Mmm. Okay." And so the five bottles are presented, and she plucks up each with her free hand, because she's offering a steadying force to the man. "Mmm... this one?" she considers, before setting it down. "Or this..." It is between two, and she taps the WRONG ONE. "This?" Upon learning her error, she gasps. "Well then, I'll have to drink the imposter to erase it from the race, and then I win, yes?" she looks to Bas, brow arched. "Have my diamonds. Keep them safe. Make something for Adrienne with them."

Nina is overheard praising Tyche.

Nina is overheard praising Galatea.

Nina is overheard praising Armani.

Armani grins "he looks great in a dress, just saying" she says to mabelle before she considers "how about an Artwork contest see who can paint the best rose?"

Okay, so Sorrel is not holding her liquor well, and she gets distracted before she's finished the mug so that she can say something appropriately dramatic to Ember. There's a pause when she passes the mug back to Santi, and then she says something charming and witty and seductive and slightly inappropriate to Ember.

Mabelle chuckles at Armani, "That will take a while but you mean a rough sketch?", she eyes Dycard then, "Again with the sharkskin dress?"

And as Tyche is now DIAMOND-LESS, she turns to the guests. The chaos and charm of the bets still lingers, but every good party host knows when it is time to dim the lights - while people are still enjoying themselves, and wish to come back for more next time. "I do hope you've all had a wonderful evening! Get in your last dares, for this is our final round. Whatever diamonds you have at the end, are yours to keep..." A beat. "Unless you choose to shower someone else with them, of course!" She glances at Leonel. Pointedly.

Raven eyes Dycard, "You got some strange notions man. You have to nurse me with the glass since my hands are gonna be full." And with that she stoops and scoops Dycard up, one hand under his armpits one beneath his knees and she trudges along, trying not to spill as she drinks and trying not to plow into other guests. She makes it one full lap but then her knees begin to wobble like a newly born calf, and poor Dycard gets a face-full of wine-spray as the wine encounters laughter and is blown back into his face in a fine mist right before her knees give out and she falls on her ass, still holding him in her arms.

Ember leans in to listen to Sorrel, because some things must be whispered in polite company. She listens, nods. Her brow furrows. "You wouldn't," she protests, though what's making her so skeptical is of course unclear. Then, her eyes widen, and her lips part, and the scar-faced woman's cheeks actually flush a bit. "Gods. You would." She wins no diamond, and for a moment stares at Sorrel with that same slightly flushed, wide-eyed expression, before downing, like, her entire drink. "Well... well played, Your Highness."

"I might be. I might not be." Sebastian's definitely not going to verbally confirm what's probably already obvious through his general lack of focus and unsteadiness. He's watching Tyche with the wines... at first. He kind of gets distracted halfway through until her gasp brings his gaze back. "What? No. A dozen Setarcan Red cases to your room as punishment," he clucks his tongue, grabbing at the diamonds. One slips from his hand and he has to fumble around after it. The mention of an artwork contest gets his attention and he's looking towards Mabelle and Armani curiously.

2 Pravus Honor Guard have been dismissed.

Santi checks stamina at hard. Santi is successful.

*** Armani has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Armani checks dexterity and artwork at easy. Critical Success! Armani is spectacularly successful.
Mabelle checks dexterity and artwork at easy. Mabelle is successful.
*** Armani is the winner. ***

Tyche laughs, "Punishment well deserved. If you believe I need /more/ just to be certain my eye and tongue can recognize? Send them. I'll learn for next time." She also watches the contest between the pair of 'artists,' a brow arching.

Ambition, ambition is key! So while Mabelle sketches a rose for Armani, she angles her body toward Mirella and sings to her in quite happy mirth, humming while she sketches,

Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack quack quack!
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack quack quack!
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack quack quack!
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack quack quack!
Quack quack quack, quack quack quack, quack quack quack quack quack quack quack,
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack
Quack quack quack quack quack!" (think old mcdonalnd) and then you wonder why that rose came out looking like a duck.

Hearing the dare from Calla there is the return of Santi's grin, "thank you Calla and happily." The man looking back to Sorrel watching as she fails to handle the mug full of drink. As its given back he raises it and slips away just long enough to refill it before he returns allowing it to be inspected and seen as full before he lifts the mug and begins to down the drink. His head tilting back as he lifts the mug up tilting it back fully as he drains the contents. Once downed the large Malvici Lord holds the mug out to give that look of the empty vessel.

Mabelle checks charm and performance at normal. Mabelle is successful.

"Oh, Mabelle, that was SUCH splended quacking!" Nina says, clapping her hands again.

Armani is overheard praising Mabelle.

Raven is overheard praising Sebastian: I saw what you did there and I approve. <3

Waving dramatically to the assembly as he's carted about, Dycard laughs as he's carried throughout the gallery. The laughter only grows as the effects of his own drink and the sudden spray of wine herald his descent to the floor atop Raven and he rolls to his side atop her while trying to compose himself. "Remind me - " more bouts of laughter, "To never marry you, Blackheart!" he coughs and gasps between ragged gasps as he playfully tussles Raven's hair before brushing it from her face and moves to stand up and offer her a hand to her feet.

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