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Physician's Training:Wilderness Survival

Lady Master Physician Eirene Riven hosts a healer's retreat on the outskirts of the Grey Forest to help acclimate doctors, Mercy's, and any interested parties on wilderness survival and emergency medical treatment when in an outdoor setting. Bring your camping gear and trail mix!

(OOC:Survival training up to level 2, and Medicine up to level 4. Come join us for some hiking, camping, and bonfire stories of the worst thing you've ever seen on the job. *Without violating the Arx version of HIPAA, of course*)


June 10, 2021, 6 p.m.

Hosted By



Thea Zakhar Raimon Poppy Breccan Thesbe Merek


Apothecary College Mercy Physicians Society of Explorers


Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Gray Forest Outskirts

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Tents have been set up in the wilderness, under the trees and away from the plains. A campfire burns cheerfully and wooden tables have been laid out with medical supplies and snacks to nibble upon while learning the basics of woodsmanship.

The Assistant Guildmaster has set up a small campsite with tents, tables, and a cheerful campfire with stools laid around it for those who are joining the wilderness retreat. The tables house either medical supplies or tasty foodstuffs for making s

The Assistant Guildmaster has set up a small campsite with tents, tables, and a cheerful campfire with stools laid around it for those who are joining the wilderness retreat. The tables house either medical supplies or tasty foodstuffs for making s


Eirene waits, wearing her doctor's robes over her leathers, and is busily instructing trainees to set up the tents in a proper military fashion - even if they're civilians.

Thea came early. Thinking she'd help or something, but it seems Eirene has everything covered. Thea herself is ready, right down to the backpack. "So--what are we doing first,"she asks with a grin. Finn and Strawberry are close behind, because well---camping. And they're not leaving their owner that long.

The cats somehow didn't get lost on the walk past the city gates and have... nope one of two seem to still be with the old man. The others, who knows where they've wandered off to, though will probably come back with another animal riding them which Zakhar will just that damn cock. A nod to Eirene and Thea, then tap of his unique cane to the ground. With his mixed accent of shav dialects, "Which way then?"

Raimon actually feels quite super - comfortable when surrounded by military - style tents. Even if the civvies setting them up might not feel one hundred percent comfortable with the process, the results are certainly not to generate complains. Lestaways, they're not going to from Raimon! Raimon and Merri remain at the ready. Raimon standing with his arms folded behind him, at 'Parade Rest' and Merri sitting down in the grass with his tongue hanging out, panting. (( Because it -is0 hot. And he's got 'big fur,' Merri does. Indeed. ))

Poppy practically stumbles into camp after tripping on a rock. Having a quick look around to check if anyone caught her, she straightens and tries to continue on in a more elegant fashion. It's quite clear that the young mercy has no survival skills as she's turned up in floaty silk and without any sort of supplies. Spotting Eirene and Thea, she gives an enthusiastic wave "oh! It's just like a real camp!"

Eirene grins as she waits for the small assembly to gather before her. "Welcome to base-camp. We're going to take a hike, look at useful plants and shit, learn how to use moss for packing a wound, and how to make a splint out of twigs and cloth. Also how to light a fire, and how to pitch a tent. All useful things when you're in a forest. Since, you know, there's lots of 'em around Arvum."

Thea checks perception at normal. Thea is successful.

Zakhar smirks a little, "Plants and shit, tis good to know that the language is easy to remember from medic to blade. Knowing where not to sleep would be good too. Tents only good if there's no worry..." He's cut off as a cat comes bolting out of the woods and makes a scamper to climb his leg, landing upon his shoulders with a long mew. "...Mahaps a tent be good, would give space for Ghest to sit before yelling in me ear."

Thea is just about to say something but catches Poppy stumble instead. She clears her throat, but smiles instead. "Lady Poppy. Hello." Looking over to the others, Thea greets them as well. "Prince Raimon, Zak. Hey,"giving them a wave too. Looking actually a bit--excited to be camping, she smiles over at Eirene. "You know my father used to take us out camping. When he could. And yeah yeah, I know you drilled in our heads about a lot of this, but still..."

Raimon listens to the agenda. Raimon nods once. Then twice. He knows . . . well, . . . he knows about half of that. Good. Still more to learn then! Raimon looks around the camp, taking in the overall setup. Merri looks around the camp as well. For rabbits. Treats. Squirrels. You know. Interesting Stuff. (( to dogs )). Raimon courteously returns Thea's greetings, with a grin and a tilts of his head added in for good measure. Merri wants to say 'hi' to the cats. Raimon makes sure he just Sits.

Eirene nods to Zakhar. "I'll point out the plants that will fuck you up if you touch 'em. Nobody wants to lay their bedroll in poison oak," she agrees. She hefts her own backpack and bedroll over her shoulder. "Let's go for a stroll, eh? Hope you all brought good boots." She looks at the Mercy and shrugs. It'll have to do.

Zakhar nods, oblivious to anyone or thing outside of the whining cat on his shoulder and trying to listen to Eirene. With only a sling satchel and his improvised set of weapons slung to his vest and belt he's ready to head off.

Poppy grins at Thea before pausing at Eirene's words "Walking? Boots?" She looks down at her inappropriate shoes. "Oh well." She shrugs and falls in beside Thea. She too grins at Zak, "Have you never attended one of lady Eirene's talks?"

Zakhar looks to Poppy, "Only when unconscious." He follows with a small laugh, shaking his head. "I have not had the pleasure otherwise."

Eirene checks intellect and survival at normal. Eirene is successful.

Eirene starts to lead into the woods, hiking on one of the more established trails. "First off, getting your bearings. You can navigate by the sun as long as you keep track of where it is. Rises... east." She points in that direciton. "Sets... west." She poitnsd in THAT direciton. "As long as you mark where your camp is in relation to the sun, you can sort of figure out your position. You don't want to wander the forest when it's dark, you'll get turned around and do something stupid."

Zakhar takes a finger thick portion of haze wrapped in whole leaf tobacco from leather vest with straps.

Gripping the straps of her backpack, Thea takes off following Eirene. "Define--stupid exactly,"she asks, glancing aside to Poppy. Not to say POPPY would do such. Looking around, Thea begins to enjoy the sounds of the woods. For the most part.

"Travelling at night without proper experience will get you lost deeper into the woods. You won't see animal holes or predators. Yes - you can navigate by the moon or stars IF you know your shit. Or you're my husband," Eirene adds as an aside. "But it's better to stay put and bunker down for the night than get even more confused and lost. That's when you want to build a makeshift shelter; but that's a bit advanced." She continues on the trail, pointing out the names of occasional plants here and there. She stops when she sees moss growing on one of the trees and points. "Here we go, useful lesson time..."

Zakhar has a shared look to Thea as she asks to define stupid, as he makes a note upon the directions that Eirene points, then yells out "Last stupid thing I did in the woods after dark was fall asleep in what I thought was a hammock, though turned out to be the bucket of a trebuchet!" He then pulls a thick leaf from his vest, tucking it into the corner of his lip and lighting it with a hinged tool that looks like a small metal bucket on a pivot. With a long pull producing a large cloud of the blue hazey smoke, he then points THAT way, "East." then this way, "West." Then turning the sheet over, "Wait... West. Then East!" He stares at the sheet again before tucking it into a pouch on his belt. "Fuck it. Where's a tree? They'll show us North with some of the greenery that the kits love. Stuff makes for a great fire too."

Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow arrives, following Thesbe.

Zakhar takes A very yummy and gooey looking smore from a useful cloth heart bag.

Thesbe takes A very yummy and gooey looking smore from a useful cloth heart bag.

Raimon squints off into the distance, and waves to Thesbe and Breccan: "O'er here!" Raimon calls out to them. "By the big tree! We're going to learn about the mossy north side!" Raimon explains.

Breccan takes A very yummy and gooey looking smore from a useful cloth heart bag.

Raimon points to the approaching Breccan, commenting (more softly) to those nearby: "That fellow knows more about plants than . . . well, than I can imagine . . . "

As Breccan makes his way through the woods, he is leading Thesbe with him by the hand. He has a bag over his shoulder with various hiking gears such as a few canteens of water, a small hand axe, and a thrown together first aid kit. He is dressed in boots, heavy trousers and a thick shirt over his body. "Hello, Prince Raimon!" He calls over as he offers up a smile to him and the group.

Thea looks over to the newcomers. With a nod of her head, she greets Breccan and Thesbe both. "Countess Thea Wyvernheart. Pleasure to meet you,"as she darts off. Quick to avoid whatever was just crawling on the ground. "I don't mind snakes and shite--but bugs,"she grumbles.

Eirene greets Breccan with a wave of her hand as they take the trail through the woods. "Moss is good for more than just finding the North side. The reason why it's usually to the north is because there's less sunlight that-a-way, and moss likes shady, damp places to grow. Moss is also good for wounds." She approaches one and pulls out a rubicund knife off her hip and cuts a little away. "You want to clean a wound of dirt and shit as best you can, then pack the moss around it like a bandage. It soaks up the blood and helps to keep the wound clean after the fact."

Thesbe was not so willingly being dragged by Breccan. She wasn't pulling away or anything it was more so that the woman looked like a deer in headlights. "Campin... and wilderness training...??" she groaned quietly, "I'm not cut out for this Breccan." she offered a faint, nervous chuckle. She offered a shy wave to the people about, sticking close to Breccan on account of snakes or something. "Ah, a pleasure Countess. I'm Thesbe and this is Breccan." she threw a thumb in Breccan's direction.

Eirene also waves at Thesbe, greeting the woman as she's hauled along.

Raimon isn't what anyone would call the world

Raimon drops Fresh and clean bandages.

Zakhar takes another puff on the rolled smoke with a heady stench, looking at Thea, then to Breccan and Thesbe. With his unique brand of shav dialect, something akin to what might occur when a Northern and Isles shav met up in a back alley, and his accent was the result, then laced with something old yet slightly familiar. "Going to start thinking I'm outnumbered it more nob'ls anda their tit'ls be getting thrown about." He nods lightly to Raimon and then looks at the bandages, "them look familiar"

Raimon isn't what anyone would call the world's fastest thinker or anything. He's very much more a 'learn by doing' kinda guy. So after drawing an 'imaginary sword slices' on his forearm, he gathers up some moss and tries to pack it in some bandages as instructed. Once he's got that all set up, as best he can, he goes to Eirene for feedback and commentary and further advice!

Raimon gets Fresh and clean bandages.

"Good day to you Countess Wyvernheart. A pleasure to meet you. I am Breccan Malere of Clement House. Farmer." Not an drop of noble blood in this red haired man. He offers up another smile to Eirene as well with an upwards nod of his head, then glances over towards Zakhar. "I know that feeling." He says in a good natured manner. He gives Thesbe's hand a firm squeeze and grins. "You wanted an adventure, right? I know it's not the beach, but this is just as fun. Just don't eat anything off the ground unless I tell you to." Just in case, he did pack some snacks in his bag in the form of dried fruit and smoked meat.

Thesbe's nose wrinkles and she nods, "Yes an adventure I suppose. And." the blonde would look to Breccan with a lop-sided smile, "I am not a child y'know. I've got some sense to me not to eat something off the ground." she nudges his shoulder with her own before paying attention to what was said about the moss, giving a polite wave to Eirene and the rest. Moss.. use for wounds ~got it~ the blonde marking it off some imaginary learning checklist.

Thea looks to Zakhar and winks. "Out on the field, when I'm tending to the wounded, not one calls me Countess. And trust me--that's a newer title anyway." She chuckles, explaining,"I was formally General Thea Malvici,"going to check out another trail nearby.

Eirene says, "Right so. Don't eat strange plants. And look out for things with leaves in clusters of threes - they will itch like a motherfucker." She may be a noble but she speaks like a soldier or sailor. "When bunking down for the night, check the ground for somewhere on top of leaves so you won't be on cold dry soil. Preferably you'll have a bedroll or tent, but you can pile leaves together for warmth if you don't. I don't anticipate our medics having to worry about not having tents but if you're in the wild on a expedition or mission, you may not have comforts."

Zakhar has a silly look to Eirene, "What if its a mushroom and looks pretty? I can eat that right? Or a funny looking lizard? They can be prodded at?"

Raimon nods along with Eirene's explanation of sheltering and of which plants to avoid. Those, unlike the moss - bandage idea, are things he seems quite familiar with by now. Raimon grins and shakes his head at Zakhar's evident interest in mushrooms. Why is that not terribly surprising that Zakhar might be the kind to lick toads either?

Thea hears Zakhar and mutters. "He's going to get fuckin bitten or lose a finger..."

Eirene gives a little roll of her eyes to Zakhar. "Okay so - you can eat puffy looking mushrooms that look like little creme-puffs. Or ones that look like a drumstick. I would recommend against any of it unless you're trained in which kinds to avoid and which are safe. Books are good for that shit, there's people who make drawings of what's good and bad and pretty pictures help in these cases." She starts back towards the campsite, but pauses to pick up twigs. "Everyone grab some sturdy sticks, I'mma going to teach you how to make a splint with spare shit you'll have around."

"You can eat 'some' things off the ground. Just be wary of small red berries." Breccan says to Thesbe with a chuckle. "I also wouldn't eat small creatures unless you know how to cook them very well. You can get sick, especially if they are diseased." Once he lets go of her hand, he ambles over to Raimon and gives a grin, listening to Eirene. "Seems like we got ourselves a proper guide." He says to his Princely friend as he fishes out a rather sturdy stick off the ground.

Thesbe mentally notes everything that's being said, those cerulean colored hues eagerly glancing about at the plant life. She'd shake her head at Breccan before going to pick some a bundle of sturdy sticks as Eirene said.

Raimon nods to Breccan in full agreement. Eirene -does- indeed seem to know what she's talking about. Raimon finds a stick for the splint exercise, while also listening to anything and everything that Breccan has to say about plants. Most of the 'pure survival skill' stuff Raimon does seem to know already, though.

Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow have been dismissed.

Eirene says, "Worse comes to worse, you can use just about any cloth to make a splint. Splints are useful for sprains or breaks, to help keep a limb from moving around too much. You want to bundle the sticks together, like so..." She pauses to demonstrate, producing a thin bandage from a pouch on her belt. "And then secure them so they don't wriggle. Then, lay the limb out as straight as you can manage, keeping in mind that the person is hurting like a stuck pig right about now... and carefully wrap the secondary bandage around the limb to lash the splint to it."

Zakhar has managed to life this long, even with all of his inane questions that might make one think he wouldn't have the ability to know up from down. And some of the medics on hand have seen him at his not-so-good days. He looks at the plants and lightly pets the cat upon his shoulder, muttering to it. Then looking to Eirene as she gives instruction for bandages.

Zakhar mutters, "Lived this long on mushrooms ... odd bugs, ... we ... Ghest? What would the ... basterd think of ... eh? Right, you should ... ... your siblings, don't ... ... loose more of ... over something silly like a bear ... time would ..."

Thea already knows most of what Eirene is talking about. Medic and all. But clearly Zakhar doesn't. "I'm sorry. Did you say you and siblings fought a bear or something?"

Raimon squnches up his nose and a moue ticks his upper lip to the side. Evidently 'Fighting a Bear' is, erm, -not- part of Raimon's preferred 'Survival curriculum.' But, tastes will vary! Raimon tries the splint drill exercise. Tricky to splint your own arm, while using your other arm

Raimon checks dexterity and survival at hard. Raimon is successful.

As he listens to Eirene speak, Breccan makes the motions of putting a splint together. He is familiar with the act as well, but he enjoys a refresher and the chance to be a student again. He will stick close to Thesbe as well while she practices, just to make sure she doesn't step on something she shouldn't. He glances over towards Zakhar, squinting some.

But, oddly enough, Raimon manages to do just that.

"Eh?" Zakhar spins to Thea his snow-white locks bouncing a little, "My siblings? No. Ghest's siblings." He points at the cat. "They had a fight with some gulls when they were littles, don't want to see what happens if they try to take down a bear. Might win. Might be less kits...again." There's a look back to Eirene, nodding to continue. Then stepping back to talk quietly with Thea. "Now, my siblings..."

Breccan checks dexterity and survival at hard. Breccan fails.

Thea watches Raimon from the corner of her as he splints himself, but then Zakhar is telling her a story and she can't help but lift a brow.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Katarina.

Eirene eyes Zakhar and rolls her hand to encourage him to continue the tale. "Well? What about a bear?"

Breccan is overheard praising Eirene: Great job at leading a survival tour through the deep woods!

Merek will be about after a little while to settle in and listen and watch.

Zakhar looks to Eirene, "Nuthing much to say about a bear, less the kits find one."

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights arrive, following Alis.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 10 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Eirene leads everyone back to camp where s'mores and fireside stories await. Along with roasted sausages and crisp bread rolls with mustard.

Thea is overheard praising Eirene.

Zakhar is overheard praising Eirene.

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