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Art is War: Naval Regatta

As part of the Mourning Isles Cultural Festive, House Malvici and House Thrax invite you to participate in war games held on the Mourning Sea. The event will involve a couple competitions and there will be prizes for the winning crews:

1. Capture the Flag! (sailing race)
2. You sunk my Longship! (using weapons to sink ships)
3. Get some Boarding Action! (which ship crew can board the other ship first)
4. Last Person Standing! (melee fights on ship after boarding to see who remains standing)

This is a non-lethal competitive event. We are encouraging teams to form and sign-up in advance by November 20 (e.g. Houses may want to enter as a House). If your House does not have a ship to use, or you don’t have a team, please sign up and you will be assigned accordingly.

If you are entering with your team and a ship, we encourage you to create a places object described as your ship. This way people can see the ships, and crews can work together using the places code.

There will be on the water accommodation for spectators and people are encouraged to watch.

There will be prizes! More details to come!

Please send any questions to the hosts listed above.


Dec. 4, 2021, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Denica Galen Martino Romulius




Malvici Thrax


Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Maelstrom - On the Mourning Sea

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