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The Salon

Words: "Illumination and Ambiance"
Sigil: A Blooming Rose in Fiery Colours Illuminated by the Sun Rising Behind It
Fullname: The Arvum Philosophical Society for the Empowerment and Enlightenment of Curious Minds

The Arvum Philosophical Society for the Empowerment and Enlightenment of Curious Minds is a massive mouthful, intentionally so, and it's no wonder the society became simply known as "the salon". Founded by Juliet Fidante in the spring of 1005, the Salon's stated goal is to provide a forum for interested parties of all ranks and social stations to find ways of bettering the world through discussion and debate. Sharing information and expertise to find solutions to what ails Arvum.

Critics note that the Society may exchange "Curious" for "Idle", as lazing about a salon drinking wine and solving the world's problems through the bottom of a bottle is mostly fit for the younger children of affluent households. Perhaps the only thing that separates the Salon from a drinking club, to the casual eye, is the dedication to finding actual experts able to speak on their speciality.


Name Rank Title Description
Hadrian 1 Idle Mind
Joslyn 2 Moderators
Katarina 2 Moderators
Ilira 2 Moderators
Roxana 4 Thought Leader
Anabelle 5 Member
Lilia 5 Member
Lethe 5 Member
Octavia 5 Member Backseat Philosopher
Vincenzo 5 Member
Auriela 5 Member
Macario 5 Member
Isabeau 5 Member
Aedin 9 Lost Light
Kerr 10 Quibbler
Sudara 10 Quibbler
Larissa 10 Quibbler
Jeremiah 10 Quibbler
Angelo 10 Quibbler
Kieran 10 Quibbler
Dafne 10 Quibbler
Ariel 10 Quibbler
Ansel 10 Quibbler
Sabitha 10 Quibbler
Malesh 10 Quibbler
Rosalyn 10 Quibbler
Anastajia 10 Quibbler
Christine 10 Quibbler
Gaius 10 Quibbler
Elsbetta 10 Quibbler
Bjorn 10 Quibbler
Leonora 10 Quibbler
Dariel 10 Quibbler
Briseis 10 Quibbler
Garret 10 Quibbler
Valerian 10 Quibbler
Benedetto 10 Quibbler
Catriona 10 Quibbler