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Words: "Truth wounds."
Sigil: A naked palestone tree in a field of black.
Colors: Black, White and Green
Nickname: Suspires, Thorns

Not well known outside the Lyceum, the origins of this group of teachers is shrouded in mystery. The relationship between the people of the Lycene Sea and the House of Silken Sighs predates the Reckoning and for as long as people can remember the Silken City, the Suspires of the House of Silken Sighs, and its students have roamed its streets with grace and venomous passion for arts, the natural world and the people that inhabit it.

At first glance the Suspires are simple courtiers, but their methods and focus are quite distinct from the legendary Whisper House or the innumerable other courtiers of Arvum. While the Suspires have the charm and knowledge one expects of Arvani courtiers, being well-versed in a variety of subjects, the Suspires are uncompromisingly focused on teaching in a particular style . The House of Silken Sighs is obsessed with the pursuit of arts to the point of madness and dedicates itself to painstakingly integrating the natural world in their day to day. More than one Suspire proudly bears scars if their performances required the sacrifice of their otherwise unblemished bodies.

Notorious for their ability to root out weakness in potential students, the Suspires are popular teachers with Lycene nobles who believe a promising artist needs to be pushed to the very brink: they are hired when individuals need or desire to be shaped into the best version of themselves, sometimes by their progenitors, and often by said flawed individuals themselves. Suspires, when given carte blanche to weave their tapestry of questions and performances, can turn even the most ignoble heir into something worthy of Arvum, teaching them how to live their best lives.

Now, with the rise of the people of the Lycene Sea, so does the House of Silken Sighs gains notoriety, sending its emissaries to the city of Arx so to kindly offer the delights (and ruthless instruction) sampled by the Setaran people for thousands of years.


Name Rank Title Description
Nina 1 Council of Thorns The Coalescing One
Tyche 1 Council of Thorns The Sowing One
Camilla 3 Blessed Voice of The Green
Maharet 3 Blessed
Anisha 5 Supplicant
Cesare 6 Courtier
Ravana 6 Courtier
Mailys 6 Courtier
Cassiopeia 8 Other Courtiers
Belladonna 9 Beloved Sponsor Archduchess of Setarco