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First Bloom at Solace Square

In honor of the beginning of spring, a first bloom celebration will be held at Solace Square. An informal-sort-of-affair that will have plenty of feasting and drinks to beckon in the new season.

(ooc: a little bit off from the actual IC date but you know handwaveism and stuff)


Nov. 2, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Talwyn Lucita Bree Baelor Medeia Nazmir Niklas Nina Azova Sabella Svana Sorrel Reve Bhandn Signe Merek Natalia Veronica Samira Wash Sophie



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Solace Square

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Medeia gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Sorrel gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Signe takes a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights, Lucita arrive, following Talwyn.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Gunther, a Rottweiler have been dismissed.

Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound have been dismissed.

Soon to arrive flanked by both Valardin and Saik guards is Prince Talwyn Valardin and Baroness Lucita Saik. The two walk side by side, chatting as they enter Solace Square. Once they make the square, Talwyn pauses and studies the layout for the evening before murmuring to Lucita.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, following Svana.

It's First Bloom! Or as close to it as we could get. This is a holy day to Lagoma where plantings are often done and farewell is given to winter. Earlier today the grounds were opened up and there were people wandering in and out, helping with the springing planting and the clearing away of winter debris. There was also a rather lengthy dedication to Lagoma that of course everyone paid attention to because they love the Gods, etc... which brings us to now, the feasting! The House of Solace is hosting dinner, with extra chairs drawn out to the seating within the square. Arriving late to his own event is Porter, he quickly tosses a bunch of flower crowns down onto the table. He looks around and goes, "Oh, there's people here. I'll be right back." What? Yeah, that's right, he's leaving.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador leaves, following Porter.

Lucita very politely sends her guard dogs and a guard to watch over them to the periphery of the area, well out of the way of disturbing anyone yet close enough to respond should she have need of them.

Bree is here! She's a Knight of Solace, and this is Solace Square, and there are flowers, so of course she's here! She's dressed simply for the occasion - leggings, shirt, boots. No fancy armor, just clothes that make it easy for her to move about, to socialize, to welcome people. She's looking rather flushed, too, the pleasure of spring and celebration already present in her wide smile. "Hi!" she waves to a familiar face, and then follows it up with a quick, "Sir Bhandn!" She doesn't cut a path to him, however, because Porter arrives and she's got a smile for him, pointing around, "I did the cha-" But he left. She blinks, laughs, and moves back to the group.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador arrives, following Porter.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Porter drops a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Bree gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Sabella gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Lucita gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

Baelor Keaton was just walking through Solace Square when he becvomes awash in the scent of flowers. Too many flowers. Far too many flowers. The existence of such an informal ceremony has his eyebrows knitting in confusion and fast approach suspicion. "Hmm..."

Medeia happened to be near the table when Porter tossed the crowns down and she picks one up and places it upon her head as she spots Lucita and Talwyn. With a smile, she approaches the pair with her hands out, first to greet Lucita with a kiss to the cheek and then a curtsy to the Valardin prince. "Luc, Prince Talwyn, how good to see you." Her flower crown doesn't match her swirling duskweave dress at all, ubt she doesn't seem bothered by that. Her own Saik guard and her personal assistant trail her as a respectful distance.

It just wouldn't due to be late to the 'party' and as such, Nazmir is making his way into Solace Square, accompanied by Signe who walks alongside of him. The pair are conversing quietly to one another and as they move, they are flanked on either side by a pair of hounds. Reaching the square itself, there's a glance around and then the Redrain Prince is looking to Signe, smile tugging at the corner of his lips, "It certainly looks as if we're going to have our choice of seating today." Spotting Lucita across the square, along with others, has him offering a smile and a quick little wave.

"...don't think we're going to have to move any plants around this year. I've been assured it's going to be a very nice dinner," says Prince Niklas Grayson to his wife as the pair walk down the street and into the square, followed by their retinue. "And if someone expects us to do any digging or replanting of flowers or what have you then that's why we brought Elizabetta." Niklas waves toward Elizabetta who looks more than a little surprised to have been volunteered for this particular duty. "I thought the Knights of Solace were a Gild thing, but I suppose if they're all priests of everyone then why can't they have a big First Bloom festival? I wonder if Blessed ... uh ... Sister Brigida will be around."

Sis, a redheaded morning person, 1 Keaton Huntsmen, Veronica arrive, following Natalia.

Nina arrives in the Square, and is immediately delighted by the crowns of flowers tossed everywhere. With the glee of a child, she picks one up and immediately puts it on her head. It looks like her dress also has blossoms on it, so she's surprisingly matchy, but Nina almost always dresses appropriately for the occasion. (And if she didn't, it's the new fashion, and you're the inappropriate one.) When she sees Lucita and Talwyn, she cheerfully waves to them, and then to Medeia as a fellow Harlequin. Then... she does a little spin, taking in the air. "Oh, this is a PERFECT party idea."

Azova is here too! Because she is a devotee of Lagoma and spring is one of the very best seasons. If you ask her during any other season, she will also claim it is one of the very best seasons though. But she is not alone, arm in arm with Reve who probably doesn't look quite as excited and happy to be about and worshipping Lagoma and wearing flower crowns... "Oh look, there they are! It's Porter and Bree. C'mon." She'll arm tug if necessary. "Hello Sir Bhandn!" She will wave at him too, even if he scowls at her a lot.

Sabella looks quite relieved at Niklas' assurances that she will not have to dig into the ground at this party, "Well, good because last time I got shot with an arrow and also there were worms!" she makes it sound like that last thing is worse than the first, shuddering a bit then brightening when she sees Porter and more when she sees crowns! "Oh! These are so lovely!" She immediately picks one up and puts it on, "Alaric would want me to wear it at an angle but I think it looks nice just regular style like a tiara!"

Svana wanders through, pulling her (almost) one-year-olds in a cart meant for the market since she's trying not to strain herself. One look at the front of her will give an idea why. "Oh look, little flower crowns. Would you like one, Elanne? Or are you and your brother going to eat them? Perhaps mommy will wear the flower crown for now." She grins and reaches back to boop a baby nose or two before picking up a crown and moving to find a seat, gathering up her twins out of her cart and putting them in her lap when they're a bit easier for her to manage.

Sorrel wanders into the square already singing a Hymn to Lagoma, clearly in a cheerful mood. She helps herself to a flower crown and twirls it around as she sings. Her red dress is perhaps appropriately covered in sorrel leaves, and she grins at people she recognizes.

Svana gets a delightful crown of spring flowers.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Reve, neither Knight of Solace or Mercy. He is, however, most certainly accompanying the redheaded Mercy on his arm. True as implied, he looks rather skeptical as he swipes up a crown of flowers to eye is rather warily and then give distinct side eye to his date, Azova. Note, of course, that this side eye is accompanied by a lofty lift of his brows and a cant of his head to the side. Yes, only with that look of arrogance, is he actually crowning his head with the flowers like some woodland nobility. "Ah, Diego!" he calls forth in Porter and Bree's direction, while Sir Bhandn is the recipient of a mere curious look and dip of his head.

Lucita returns Medeia's hug and then gives a beguiling smile toward Nazmir upon seeing his wave and smile, then returns Nina's wave. "Good to see you all here!" She puts on one of the floral crowns even if it does clash with her dress. Coordinating fashion accessories do not seem to matter to her at this moment as she wears what seems to please her.

Today might be a holy day to Lagoma, but Sir Bhandn is playing the wallflower. He's perched against a wall with his arms folded, content to watch at least at the onset. His response to Dame Bree is a quiet one, just a look and salute that he fires off in her direction. Bhandn's grey eyes are more concentrated on the visitors today, but he's not alone. Standing next to him is his aide, who is busy doing odd things to a book: it's turned sideways and being held up in front of his face. Not to obscure him (this time) but because there's an elaborate, annotated drawing that took all of two pages to hold it. "It can't be /that/ interesting," Bhandn is saying as Azova calls out a greeting to him. She gets a look and a nod, no scowling today, as the knight is evoking more an air of amusement than irritation. "It's Oathalands heraldry," is the three word response that Bhandn is given by his research assistant. "Old heraldry." The emphasis on 'old' is what has Bhandn shaking his head with a faint smile, before he goes back to watching.

"Well, that is better than last eve.." Signe's voice offers to Nazmir with an impish grin as she moves into the square with the much taller Northern Prince and her hand on one of the hounds head as they come to a stop with a glance around. Her attention follows Nazmir's wave and she smiles brightly to those she knows with a little dip of her chin. When she sees the flower crowns being passed out, she lets out a delighted chuckle. "Mmm, flowers! Now just to find one that matches for both you and the hounds.." She has an impish grin to her lips as she says this.

Merek makes a way to the place and adjusts that cloak which he wears about.

Latched lightly onto Veronica's arm, Natalia meanders on into the square, wide-eyed and taking everything in. The pair's retinue trails along behind them, including at least one short person of child stature. She's chatting quietly with Veronica as they walk, though it's clear she's at least a little distracted by trying to See Everything and place all of the faces. There's a lot of faces, there's no way she has room for them all. Still, it looks like she's trying.

Porter is BACK again, he throws more flower crowns down onto the table. "Phew. Hopefully that's enough this time, I can't believe I left half of them back there. How crazy is that?" He definitely isn't distracted at all by all of this. He pulls one off of the table and plops it onto his head. "Hello Sabella!" he calls when he spots her putting one of the crowns on. "Azova, Reve!" He twists around just then, looking for something. He spots Bree arranging the chairs and his smile brighens when he notices her.

Porter returns, and Bree turns to greet him, now able to get out her great accomplishment. "I moved the chairs," she tells him, just in time to hear the call of 'DIEGO!' from behind. She laughs, turning to spy Reve and Azova heading their way. "Hello Lord Reve, Lady Azova!" To the latter she adds quickly, "Did you know there's a sign inside that touts you as the greatest healer? I'm inclined to believe it!" A twinkle of mischief in her dark eyes.

"Oh, let me go get the sign so everyone can see it." Porter is leaving again.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador leaves, following Porter.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador arrives, following Porter.


"Alaric may be the king, but that doesn't mean he knows anything about fashion." Niklas sizes up his wife's flower crown, then nods. "Classic. And it suits you fantastically. You should wear flowers more often. Perhaps twined into your hair. Though I assume that's probably a bit of a situation to get out at the end of the day." Niklas offers Porter a genial, if perhaps just a touch cool, wave, then one seeing Signe he brightens and says, "Lady Signe! So good to see you again. I imagine should there be some planting and replanting to be done here today you'll be happy to get in hands first."

Svana has joined the around the bunny hutch.

Making quiet conversation with Natalia as the pair and their entourage add still more bodies to the area, Veronica cuts a different kind of figure than that of her companion, trading fashion for function as she arrives clad in her armor. When Natalia's attention begins to be pulled by those around her, she busies herself in looking for an area for their party to occupy, then in coaxing that child-sized member of it closer to herself, content to allow the other woman to be their 'face', so to speak.

The mention of finding ones that match him and the hounds has Nazmir giving a little grumble in the back of his throat, though it's quite good natured, "No. Just no." A grin does happen to tug to his lips as he says that and he did happen to claim a crown of flowers for himself. Which is promptly then set upon his head after he pushes his hair back behind his ears. Catching sight of Niklas off to one side, there's a grin that tugs to his lips and he's calling out, "I see you still haven't managed to get your arrival announced, your Highness." And then he's looking back to Signe, to motion to some chairs, "Shall we go get ourselves a seat?"

Espying the sign, Sorrel laughs at it brightly as she wanders towards it and to where Porter has just put it down. "Lady Azova Darkwater is the Very Best Medic in the Entire World!" she reads, grinning. "Well, good to know. Very good to know. Did you injure yourself, Sir Porter?"

Signe has joined the Solace Square seating 1.

Nina looks at the sign. Well, yes, that clearly is true, obviously, a sign says so. She looks happy to see Porter hard at work here, and also gives him a wave. "Were the flower crowns your idea?"

"Oh, that's why I have two ladies in waiting, do you remember all the roses in my hair at our wedding?" Sabella laughs, beaming at Nik then turning that smile on Porter, "Sir Porte--oh he's gone. Oh wait he's back! Sir Porter! This is all quite lovely!"

Samira makes her way into the square, lingering on the outskirts of the crowd as she searches the gathering for familiar faces. She wears her usual set of leathers, although an attempt has actually been made to tame her usually unruly hair, a set of hairpins securing her dark locks.

"The crown of flowers looks absolutely charming on you, Lord Reve. But just this once, I will be terribly arrogant and say it looks better on me than you." Winking at him, she looks over when Sabella's name is heard and waves at her and Prince Niklas. And then .... "Nooooooo. I keep taking that thing down, and he keeps doing /that/." See? He's doing that thing with the sign again. "Aside from signs and putting them up repeatedly... how are you two? We never got to go sledding. Porter didn't eat any of the flowers you used for the crowns, did he?" Yes, she's trying to get back at him for the sign.

Talwyn offers a bow of his head in response to Medeia's greeting, a friendly smile coming to his features that is then shared with Nina before he says, "Good evening, it is good to see you all." His eyes shift around the space, offering a nod of his head toward those others that he may have met before he begins searching out a seat. After a moment, he gestures toward one set of seats with a questioning look toward Lucita. Pending her approval, he'll begin heading that direction.

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"Dieg-- there he goes." Why yes, this is spoken when Porter is taking off, and the Halfshav? The Halfshav is waiting patiently for his return. Sort of. You see, Reve is bristling with energy, anticipation really, as though someone had paused him at this very point. At least Bree is the recipient of a toothy grin while he waits. "You!" he proclaims once Porter manifests, poking him. "Are the cause of this." What is that? He points to the crown, which is of course like all the other crowns, but he tries to imply his is special. Except the sign of brought out and he puffs up tremendously. "She *is* the best healer. I dare anyone that thinks otherwise to challenge me!" Why is Reve grinning so big, in particular to Azova, when he proclaims that? He does though. "Ah, see, ahoy! Her highness says so!" He indicates Sorrel with a flourish.

After hugging Lucita, Medeia waves and smiles brightly at Nina, calling out, "Nina, you look fantastic as always!" Spotting Sabella and Niklas, she approaches the Grayson pair, curtsies, and greets them brightly. "Princess Sabella, Prince Niklas, so good to see you both. I trust you've been wel since the last I saw you?" Svana and Porter get cheery waves from the diminutive Lycene as she looks around the square.

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Lucita finds a spot on a bench and takes a seat in the middle, plenty of room to either side. She watches as more arrive and a sign is dropped. Upon reading it, she raises one brow slightly. As for a comment upon it she merely says a 'hmmmm'. She starts to speak to Medeia but then notices she is speaking with others and falls silent.

As Svana puts her flower crown on, she catches a smell of something that hits her just /wrong/. Soon her two children are being off-loaded into the wagon again and with a face rapidly turning green as can be, she's hurrying back from whence she came.

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Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leaves, following Svana.

"Not recently, no. Though the other day I was training with Dame Bree and she whallopedme exceptionally hard that I /almost/ needed to go see Azova. But eventually I stopped seeing triple Brees and I'm down to like one and a half Brees. So I'm sure my vision is going to go back to normal any day now!" Porter answers Sorrel in a cheerful ramble. When the woman in question turns up, Porter leans over to Bree and kisses her quickly on the top of the head. "Thank you! And hello Niklas!" A wave of a big hand is given. "I said we should have crowns but Dame Bree suggested using a bunch of different flowers rather than just one."

Signe shakes her head at Nazmir, "Are you already complaining about the flowers?" SHe teases him before nodding to his suggestion of finding a place to settle, she seems to pick one of the tables nearest the center of the square but still a little distance so the view is well. The two hounds with them settle at Signe's feet as she settles a crown of flower over them both and then one on her head. "Well, you picked well enough, so you don't have to worry about it for now.." This is offered to Nazmir as he hands her over into a seat.

"Not to my knowledge," Bree response to the flower eating question posed by Azova. "But I hear some people /do/ eat flowers," she adds more quietly. Sorrel's reading of the sign that Porter totally ran in to grab has her laughing, turning to look. "There. It is written. It cannot be denied!" The jest is made, and she moves to Porter's side, murmuring something quietly as he kisses her atop the head. "I thought the many flowers would be good for those who don't like to pick just one," she explains the very thoughtful process that went into her helping with the crowns.

"I think the flower crowns are a perfect idea. They look fetching on everyone." Nina looks at Niklas, who seems to be dressed mostly in black... and therefore clearly needs the flower crown the most of all. She boldly holds a single daisy out to him.

Seeing Veronica attempting to lure the child person, Natalia makes an entirely undignified sound of protest and flaps a hand at the both of them. "Let her go explore," she protests, and then tells the short person, "Go." More people follow than stay, and the Whisper looks back to her companion. Smug. The smile that follows is all amusement though, and her quieter words are offered playfully.

Niklas offers friendly waves to Azova and Media and may be about to say something, but then Nina is offering him a daisy. He considers it for a moment, then slides it into his hair behind his ear. "Thank you, Mistress Nina! We could all use a little more color, I think. Sadly I had two outfits made for the blood moon and felt like I should wear the second one to the next event where I could show off, only for that event to be a nice springy flowery thing. So life is funny at times."

Clearly not at all at ease with being in the huge crowd of spring-time well-wishers, Veronica makes a sound oddly mirroring that made at her by Natalia, following it up by retorting, "Then I should explore /with/ her. Look, she already has more flower crowns than limbs..."

"I like the flowers! I like all of the flowers! Did you know that sorrel plants flower? They do. In reds and yellows! And the leaves have red veins," Sorrel says with a lot of enthusiasm to Bree, grinning at her. "We are totally going to have to go sailing for that healing seaweed soon. Don't let me forget! The weather's getting better for it."

"They were lovely flowers to choose for the crown, so I am glad Porter didn't eat them. This time. Or you wouldn't have quite so many lovely crowns." Giving Porter an amused glance after that comment to Bree, for his walloping story, Azova opens mouth... closes mouth. She is not going to win this. "It was from that contest that Lady Eirene ran several weeks ago. And what is this about healing seaweed?" she explains to Sorrel - and asks, outright laughing at Reve's puffed up insistence on her being the best healer. "Of course you would say that." And she appears very fond of him for it.

One flower-crown-bedecked head in particular seems to snag Samira's attention, her caution slowly lessening as she notes Medeia's familiar face and begins to meander toward her. As she walks, she lifts an arm up high, fingers waggling in a wave to Porter if the movement should happen to catch his eye. The sign announcing the world's best medic causes her to slow, head swiveling left and right. "WAIT. Is Lady Azova Darkwater here? I hafta meet my new favorite person of the day."

Nina giggles at Niklas's comment. "A little flower can cheer up anything, so we'll just reclaim black as the new springtime color. If you're wearing it for spring, it's certainly the new fashion, right?" She grins, and then then goes over to join some friends on the nearby bench.

Medeia takes a look at the sign and chuckles a bit. "She is," she murmurs, looking around for the woman so honored on the sign. Spotting Azova, she waves and smiles. "It's good to be 4th after the very best in the entire world!" She calls out to the other woman. Her steps carry her to join Lucita at a seat and speak quietly between them.

Veronica huffs, though very much not wholeheartedly and, after liberating a singular crown of flowers for her ownself from the ecstatic and very exploratory young lady, she nods at Natalia. "That is exactly what I was afraid of," she mutters through a sweet smile aimed... well, everywhere and nowhere, really, maybe at a random guard or retainer she knows from training, between all those well-dressed and well-socialized nobles.

"Right, time to mingle, lad." Those words actually get a groan of discomfort from where Bhandn spent all that time just watching festivities unfurl. He's decided he's had his fill of that, and is promptly steering his assistant by the shoulders in the direction of Porter and Bree. "First the hosts," the knight is saying, "then maybe Her Highness over there, a few nobles who might actually want you to do reading for them, and then you can run away and hide. Hi," Bhandn says that last to Bree and Porter as he gets within earshot. "I thought I'd come watch for a little bit, but now seems a good a time as any to make a round of acquaintances."

"Lady Medeia! I was so sorry to not be able to make your birthday party, I do hope it was lovely! And Lady Azova!" She looks at the sign and then back to the woman looking impressed, "Sir Porter certainly thinks highly of your abilities!" She notices Sorrel and gives her a wave.

"Do you know how you avoid me introducing you around, Lady Veronica?" Natalia asks of the woman, offering up her most innocent smile. Of course, she does not wait for an answer, not when she has one in such ready supply: "You introduce yourself before I can. I see a few people that look like you might find them interesting, and some of them even have swords."

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"Ohhh, that must be Samira! The very best word interpreter to art!" Azova stands up on the tip of her toes, red hair acting as a beacon surely. "Samira is that you? Over here!" Waving to act as a guide, a grin lights her face to greet Medeia. And then, Sabella. "I like to think Sir Porter is extolling the virtues of being Mercy trained. Any one of us is an excellent healer. I think we were all just lucky that Mother Mercy wasn't there to try her hand at the contest or she'd surely have blown us all away." No, she just can't do it. Can't quite bask in compliments. Nope. Reve's working on that, surely. "Look, there's the painter I told you about." She is tugging on the sleeve of her date now, in her usual overly excited manner.

"I only medicinal rosemary," Porter answers to the topic of what flowers or other inedible things he might be consuming. He leans over to hear the whisper from Bree and his smile breaks wider (if that's possible). "Let us know when you want to go, Sorrel. Now that the whirlpool is out of the harbor, I can finally move my ship! Or ships! We could borrow one of the newer Solace ones if we needed to." He spots Samira when she goes by and Porter points to her, jostling Bree. "We were a giant together once! In a bar fight. It was excellent. But we were definitely breaking it up and not causing trouble because that's not very knightly. Hello Bhandn!"

"Absolutely," says Reve with a nod of his head to Azova, as easy as that. You know, he's grinning too, but that might just have to do with the fact that he seems to be in an exceptionally fine mood. Note the way that he reaches over and fiddles with that flower crown that Azova is wearing, only to dislodge one particular bloom when he is tugged away to go view the painter. He squints a bit, looking in the direction of Samira and then proclaiming quite boldly, "You made her ridiculously happy." The way that Reve says it? In the most arrogant fashion at all, as though this was the best compliment ever, in fact.

Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet arrive, following Wash.

"Princess Sorrel," Bree smiles to the woman. "I was telling Porter the other day that we needed to talk to you about that. We're still very much in for that adventure, and now with the whirlpool gone..." She nods. "Soon!" Bhandn is there then, making his rounds. "Sir Bhandn. Did you get a flower crown?" He's not wearing one, so obviously nowt. "Here," she plucks the one from her head and moves to plop it on top of his. "Have mine!" She steps back, leans forward to adjust, and then steps back again. "Perfect."

From her seat with Lucita, Talwyn, and Nina, Medeia waves at Samira. She's talking about the medic challenge that Azova placed voer her in, clearly pleased with the outcome (even if she din't win).

"Yes! And we can take Lady Azova along, to help test things," Sorrel agrees, motioning vaguely in the direction of the Darkwater lady, who may or may not be aware of the conversation going on. She glances then to Porter and grins, then winks at him helpfully. "I still got some of the stash of medicinal herb that Prince Luca left me. It's very medicinal."

"I always did adore your sense of humor, Nat," is offered by Veronica as an aside to Natalia, and, quite the opposite of introducing herself she falls back to following the conversations of the others greeting each other as opposed to interjecting with her own.

Bree was also jostled by Porter about Samira and the giant, "That's the one? I think I met her at the training center after!" A beat. "I think. Maybe. I might have been hit on the head, though."

Bhandn checks composure at easy. Bhandn is successful.

The crown of flowers is suffered by Sir Bhandn for a full count of five heartbeats. He manages it with a largely stoic expression, but the crown Bree was wearing is fated to be passed on, because Bhandn will put it on his companion's head next. "I'm sure it will be cared for well," he says gravely, managing to keep a straight face the entire time.

Lucita says, "That must be a very good herb that it does not lose potency over time." She says as she hears bits of conversation other than that with which she is participating. "It is good there are some who can gather it."

"How medicinal are we talking?" Porter asks Sorrel, giving her a bit of a look. "I'll try it. As long as Azova is there to watch me do it with horror on her face and Reve is nearby to laugh about it." He turns just in time to watch Bhandn wear the crown of flowers, leaning back and laughing deeply at his stoic expression. "Oh, Sir Bhandn. It looked good. We have more if you change your mind."

As everyone is talking, the buffet tables are loaded up with food. Plenty of roasts, vegetables and what few fresh fruits might be available this time of year. There's also an array of wines, ciders, water, milk and all sorts other things that are good for drinking.

Samira's default at these large events is often one of reservation, but she seems to relax having spotted a few familiar faces nearby and finding herself crossing paths with the infamous healer Azova Darkwater. She waves to Medeia, though it seems she has a quick detour to make. Ducking under elbows and slipping around people in the crowd, she makes a beeline toward Azova. "So glad to finally meet you in person. I don't anything about healing, other than occasionally slapping a bandage on someone and telling them to get a grip, but I could immediately tell we're gonna get along." Reve's remark earns a grin, her thumb poking at her own chest. "She made /me/ ridiculously happy. Put me in a great mood and broadened my vocabulary." She waves to Porter and Bree, calling to the former, "Good thing we're both here, since we're such good influences, the both of us." Probably a laughable remark from a Culler.

Wash strolls into the square as if billowing on the breeze. His hair leads the way, with his back to the wind, and he sways with every step as if it were the wind propelling him gust by gust toward the party. The irregularity of his pace may be explained by the bottle of rum in his hand but also possibly by the shanty he sings. "Away ago, way ago, lack and afar. Given her head with no anchor or spar. I've sung to the fathoms, I've sung to the sky, away I go, way I go, at sea to die."

There's quiet conversation that seems to consist of plenty of laughter over at the first section of seating. At least from Nazmir's part, that is, for whatever the conversation he's having with Signe, Niklas and Sabella, it's clearly one of a good nature.

There's also Nightgold Whiskey.

Azova is always paying attention to mentions of her name and the phrase medicinal being spoken at nearly the same time. "Yes! I will help! And look at Porter in horror when he eats the stuff." That first part is her motto, frankly; her smiling face turned towards Sorrel and the Solace Members (new band name?) to offer the easy and eager agreement before her attention is brought back to Samira and Reve. "He's right. I was giggling the whole time I played up the reveal of the painting to him. I had no idea you were also a brawler though. A woman of many talents!" At the moment, her own other talent appears to be amused glances at her party partner and being in a nearly giddy happy mood. "Haaaah! A good influence. You can only say that aloud right now because only you, me, and Lord Reve here know what the painting was." she jokes.

Bhandn plays along for long enough to warm Bree's heart, and she claps her hands in front of her when he removes it and passes it on. "Perfect, Sir Bhandn." She grins at Porter when he suggests there are more, but she doesn't push him further. One tease a night for this man, or she'll risk pushing hi mover the edge. She turns to watch the food brought out, smile as the scents of the feast fill the air. "This looks amazing," is spoken to the host, because she really only moved chairs. "Where's the bread?" she gets easily distracted, looking around for what she needs.

On spying Samira Niklas offers the Culler an enthusiastic wave. "Mistress Samira, just who'd been hoping to see. We should speak, sooner rather than later, about _paintings_ and _plays_ and how well the two can go together when one puts both of them on a stage. I've an idea for something that might take some significant backdrop work and I'm thinking of ways to generate the most shockingly realistic set pieces put to stage."

"Good evening, Wash!" Porter calls when hears him singing his way into the square with a bottle of rum held in his hand. He turns back and grins widely at Samira's remark about what a good inluence they both are. "Yes, everyone here is going to be on their best behavior. Or else. The giant will be forced to distribute justice." He clears his throat and adds on, "Which I'm saying as a personal remark and not as a priest, etc... The Sentinel is watching!" He leans over Brree a bit and points over to some baskets at the end of one of the tables. "Right there! Remember. We took it out of the bread room."

The face of Bhandn's assistant Aendal is that of someone who is going to either burst into flame or melt from moritification (he's beet red). At least the knight rescues him from the crown of flowers on his head, Bhandn returning it back to his own as he states, "Excuse us," to Bree and Porter. "I said we were going to mingle and we're not done with that yet." His next person of interest is Sorrel, and soon enough there'll be one knight presenting himself and a doesn't-want-to-be-here-anymore young man to the Thrax Princess with a bow. "Your Highness, it's been some time. How are you?"

Natalia offers a few quiet words to Veronica and then rises, turning towards the woman with an expectant sort of look.

Signe glances away from her conversation for just a moment, her delicate nose lifted to the air as if she scents something and then her lovely features brighten and she lays a hand on Nazmir's arm. "Do you smell that?" She half whispers, in a none whisper before beaming brightly as she sees a bottle about to pass the table and can't help but stopping the lovely server. "You can leave that here, and please have whoever put this together.. if they have a moment to spot by? Or point them out?" SHe then turns the bottle to the table. "They have.. the best.." So maybe she is proud of that bottle of Whiskey?

"Where you lead, ever shall I follow, my lady," is Veronica's response to Natalia, to whom she offers her arm even as her small smile grows brighter. Despite her words of disdain, her blue eyes grow both more curious and focused as she begins to gaze with actual interest at the faces of those milling and passing around her.

Nina hops up from the seats for a bit to walk over to the buffet table and check out food. It takes her a little time to figure out what delightful thing to try, but of course, she starts with a glass of wine. Then she starts picking out a bit of fruit and bread, not being greedy but wanting to try a bit of sample.

Casting another look around, Medeia notes Natalia, the newly familiar Whisper. She smiles politely when she catches her eye. An appraising, curious look is given to Veronica.

"Oh, Lady Azova. While you can eat the sort of thing that Prince Luca might provide, generally one smokes it for maximal medicinal relaxation," Sorrel notes with an amused laugh, looking quite impish about the very idea. "Honestly, I miss him. He was a terrible influence." She looks to Sir Bhandn, who is bowing to her, and she grins at him. "Ah, Sir Bhandn! It has been quite awhile. Good to see you again."

Wash says, "My best behavior?!" Wash exclaims, stopping as if his movement had been arrested by some unseen subterranean obstacle, perhaps he has stubbed his toe. "Awwwwww. NUTS! Niklas! It's one of THOSE kind of gatherings. Why did you invite me to a 'best behavior' thing?" Wash's smile indicates that he is sober enough to know he is trying to tweak someone's nose with his complaints."

And just after the whiskey, Wash grabs Signe's attention and she can't help a bright smile as she says something at the table.

Niklas snorts at Wash's comment. "That just means he has realistic expectations of what your best behavior means."

Reve, catching his name, glances over his shoulder to Porter and upticks his chin momentarily to him. Did he hear? It is unlikely, not details anyway, just a name or two that he might be particularly attuned to. In other words, his and his companion's name. Still, he is turning back to Samira readily enough and assessing her. With that compliment in turn? He seems most satisfied. "Excellent. The art was very unique and shall undoubtedly find a permanent home in her chambers. An illustration of vocabulary. Now, might I ask if there is interest in a children's art..." Lo, and Reve is momentarily distracted with a flick of his attention to Sorrel when she mentions medicinal relaxation. Both of his brows are up to quite the height.

"Do you not know Sir Porter?" Sabella asks Signe, looking through the crowd to point him out, "Before he took his vows he was a Kennex, which is how I know him as we're related by marriage! And Wash! He's my cousin and my cousin-in-law! Second-cousin-in-law? Honestly, it's best not to think too hard about it!"

When a hand comes to be laid on his arm, Nazmir is turning his attention to Signe, only to lift a brow and give a little shake of his head, "Nope." And then she's stopping a server to claim a passing bottle and when he happens to see the label on it, there's a laugh and a little shake of his head, "Of course you'd sya that they have the best, wouldn't you." A grin tugs at his lips, only for him to then look to Sabella and she talks to Signe, which has him adding in, "Oh, well that's good to know for me, at least. Recently arrived means not knowing the majority of the people that I stumble across."

If Sabella's smile could get any brighter it would rival the sun when Nazmir says that, "Do you need introductions?!"

"Well, it can't be worse than that time I..." Oh wait, they're all in public. Azova just smiles at Sorrel then. "Well, it ought to be an interesting trip then. I mean sailing trip not... the other kind of trip, though I guess maybe..." her voice trails off, innocent expression reappearing as if she wouldn't know a single thing about any of these sorts of shenanigans. "Children's art, Reve?"

"Did you hear that? Bhandn was totally using as a box to check off on his mingling list! How dare you make me part of your human scavenger hunt, Sir Yvar!" Porter says to the man who is literally just trying to have normal conversations. "Hello Sabella!" he calls to her again, needlessly. Becuse he already said hello before, but he just heard his name. So it's some sort of automatic thing today. He rocks on his heels and returns back to the conversation. "Yes, we need introductions!" He totally heard that.

"You shoulda seen me while I was painting it. I couldn't keep a straight face the entire time. It was definitely the most amusing of projects so far. Everyone ought to have a catchphrase like that, though I doubt anyone could top yours, Lady Azova," Samira remarks, grinning at Azova. "I'm glad the artwork will have a good home. But what sort of children's art?" This she asks of Reve before another familiar face snags her attention. Turning, she greets Niklas with a polite nod, eyes lighting up at the mention of a potential collaboration. "That sounds intriguing, Prince Niklas, and I'm looking forward to hearing more. Send word whenever you're free. I can always sneak away from the art center for a bit to meet, whenever's convenient."

"See? Somebody's already being friendly," Natalia tells Veronica with delight, taking the arm offered to her. Not that she heads for Medeia quite directly; there's a detour for the newly set out drinks (the food is skipped for now) so that both she and Veronica have drinks in hand. That taken care of, she does start towards the Saik Lady.

When Porter mentions the bread room, Bree looks at him. And then she laughs. "Right, the bread basket. From the bread room." She squeezes his arm, and then leaves his company to go retrieve some bread. Om nom. That's the sound she makes when she snatches up a piece and chews merrily.

And this is why you sit with Sabella! Signe turns her eyes to the Prince and then shakes her head gently, "I don't believe that I have met him, no. ut he is serving Nightgold whiskey, so I must take a few moments to met one with such good taste!" She says brightly with a warm chuckle, her eyes sliding to Namzir who gets a little sigh. "Of course, what type of Minister would I be, if I did not say something about our whiskey?" SHe then turns back to Sabella, "Wash? That is a name I have been meaning to find. I can not speak for Prince Nazmir, but if you are willing to add another into your introductions. I would be very pleased.."

"That does make it easier on me," Veronica laughs to Natalia, dipping her head politely to Medeia when she makes eye-contact with her and that appraising look. She seems enthusiastic enough about fetching herself some wine, which she protects quite diligently (and dexterously) from the throng as the pair courses through it toward their shared destination.

"I see. Time to redefine realistic and... uh... expectations." Wash decides setting course for Sabella with arms wide. "COUSIN!" The last four steps before he closes that distance goes from gleeful reunion to overdramatic waltz. Wash even sings the bass line to such a thing, without much skill, and offers Sabella's companion his hand. "May I have this dance my Lady?" Wash isn't going to force her to waltz without music, but if she's game, he can certainly lead.

Before Nazmir has a chance to respond to Sabella, Porter is answering that introductions are indeed needed and there's a grin given in Niklas' direction before he's looking back over towards Sabella, to give a quick nod of his head, "I hereby second the motion for introductions to be conducted. We'll bypass asking for those against and instead send them a drink to nurse their discourse with." Looking to Signe, there's a smile and a little bob of his head given as she asks to be included.

"Likewise, Your Highness," says the becrowned Bhandn. "You wouldn't happen to be in need of assistance on matters of history, would you, Your Highness? The lad here is rather adept at such matters, and I thought I'd see about introducing a little change into his life. It was his idea to do more, but I did think this a time to see who is receptive to the idea. He also has a head for number puzzles and similar pursuits of the mind. I wager he'd make a number of people here dizzy over them." While it's not entirely possible for the young man with Bhandn to grow more embarrassed, he does let out a slight groan again, almost a whimper, staring down hard at the ground with his face still red.

"Oh! I should have brought my fiddle. I could be leading everyone in a dance right now but I left it behind. I wonder if I can scare one up somewhere," says Nina... for now standing back with her wine and considering the situation. It is then that her accompaniest, always-prepared, pulls out a flute. "Oh! Yes."

"Mmm, children's art, yes," says Reve, turning back toward the pair that he was conversing with. "While a great deal more gentle in language, I think something quite colorful and creative might be pleasing - or maybe it is too far a stretch." Yes, just like that, Reve is abandoning the topic to clear his throat and give the Darkwater a particular look. No words, just a look. Then a grin.

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When Natalia and Veronica make ther approach, Medeia stands and inclines her head to them both. She greets Natalia first. "Whisper Natalia, I did not expect I would see you again so soon, but it is nice to. A shame our last meeting was so brief." She turns to Veronica then, offering a friendly grin. "I am Harlequin Medeia Saik, Minister of the Hearth for House Saik. I believe I have seen you in passing, some motnhs ago." She motiosn to those near her. "If you don't already know them, might I intorduce Prince Talwyn Valardin, my sister-in-law Baroness Lucita Saik?"

Bree has gone off to eat some bread for awhile. Will Porter survive without her? It's hard to say. But there are rumors out there in the world that sometimes they're apart! So he's probably okay. He finds his own way to the buffet line, glancing once over to Wash and then his attention slipping over to someone else in the crowd. He suddenly busts out laughing at something and takes a bite out of some of the food that he's managed to snag. "Excellent," he murmurs and then he passes by Samira. "Yes, probably."

"I'd been meaning to contact you ever since cousin Rory suggested you, but at the time I was in the middle of prepping my Islands tour, which was of course a tremenous success, so now that we're back on dry land it's time to start getting the best people together for a truly fantastical theatrical spectacle the likes of which few have ever seen or shall ever experience again." Niklas takes a glass of booze from a passing server. "So I should probably write it."

Lucita says, "Here, I can loan you mine, just have a messenger return it to me when this is over, please. It is my favorite. But if you will pardon me, I've a need to slip away. Please enjoy. " She smiles gently and turns toward those with whom she is seated. "I'm glad got to see you here. We can talk more tomorrow.""

"Wait, are we mingling because you have a mission to mingle? But yeah, if your friend wants to do research for me, I totally need more research assistants. Always. I'm looking into adding on to the Metallic Cycle. Discovering more forgotten Metallics, making their names known once more. The one I'm researching right now is Titanium, a Godsworn healer and Mercy, apparently from the Oathlands. I'm very excited," Sorrel says brightly to Bhandn.

Nina is short one fiddle... but as she is still close to the baroness, Lucita provides. Now Nina takes the offering, thrilled, and says, "I promise I will give it back when next we meet!" She nods to her, and then bids her farewell with a wave. Nina, flower crown and all, steps out a few and taps her feet a few times. "I'd be happy to play a joyful tune for those who want to dance for the springtime, but you must dance a jig with energy! There will be no dour waltzes this lovely day!"

Sabella takes a nice deep breath and then starts off, "Well I've already introduced our host, Sir Porter, but let's see who else is here--oh that's Prince Talwyn Valardin who is an absolutely amazing composer and musician you ought to hear him play! And in that same vein is Princess Sorrel Thrax who has the most beautiful voice and composes her own songs which are often full of historical context! Then Baroness Lucita Saik who is also an accomplished singer and I believe she tries her hand at composing so really this ought to be quite a musical gathering! Then there's Lady Azova Darkwater who I hear is the very best medic in the entire world! There's also Lady Medeia Saik who celebrated a birthday recently and is quite a lovely person to know I'm sure she'll be by shortly, Lady Veronica Keaton who is a member of the Inquisition and I'm sure has amazing stories to tell, Lord Reve Halfshav whom I do not know very well but I've never met a Halfshav I didn't like! And Lord Wash I've already mentioned but if he has not told you his love story don't worry, it will come up! Sir Bhanhn is another person with delightful stories and who is an absolute delight to converse with! Dame Bree is another Knight of Solace and a nicer, warmer person you're not like to meet here in Arx! Sir Merek Black is quite talented and has a shop nearby you should stop in and see if there is anything for sale, he's quite good! And then let's see who is left--oh! Mistress Nina Autumndale who puts together the most amazing parties in the Pravus ward who is also a member of the Bard's College, Mistress Samira Culler who I believe was Lord Rorik's protege and is an artist--a painter I think? Perhaps a sculptor? She must be good to have caught such a good patron! And of course Natalia Whisper who is quite the tactician and has one of the sharpest minds I've ever come across if you like to discuss such things! She heads up the Academy of War which while I've never been to a meeting having no mind for such things I hear is quite a success! And of course you already know my husband from all those that announce him!" She then takes another breath and has herself a drink, "I believe that's everyone but do let me know if I missed someone you see and want to know more about!"

"Please, allow me to introduce Lady Veronica Keaton," says Natalia, offering a warm smile to Medeia for the introductions offered. "A pleasure," she notes for Lucita, and then she's giving a little tip of her head to Talwyn -- but whatever she was going to say, she catches wind of Sabella's introductions happening and she turns. "Pay attention," she tells Veronica as she turns them both towards her cousin. It's all the warning poor Vee gets.

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'What?' Azova mouths to Reve, trying to stifle her humor. She leans in to say something quietly to him, and then gestures towards food and drink. "I don't want to keep you from important discussion about a play and backdrops though, Samira. I suspect we will talk plenty in the future, yes? If you ever need fun words, I'm your girl!" she jokes brightly, gaze wandering until she can spot that bread basket she heard about.

"Well-met," murmurs to Medeia and, while her voice is low with that greeting her smile brightens, coaxed by that of the woman introducing herself. She cocks her head slightly, admitting, "I am afraid I have no memory of our meeting, or passing, but I am glad we actually have occasion to speak, this day." Her wineglass is raised and her friendly, appreciative gaze drifts between both Medeia and Natalia, indicating the gesture of respect to be shared by both.

Then she overhears her own name coming from Sabella amidst a veritable ocean of them - coincidentally commensurate with that weak-ass 'warning' from Natalia and she... gapes.

Dumbly. &r&rBut still smiling, so there is that, right?

"Well-met," Veronica murmurs to Medeia and, while her voice is low with that greeting her smile brightens, coaxed by that of the woman introducing herself. She cocks her head slightly, admitting, "I am afraid I have no memory of our meeting, or passing, but I am glad we actually have occasion to speak, this day." Her wineglass is raised and her friendly, appreciative gaze drifts between both Medeia and Natalia, indicating the gesture of respect to be shared by both.

Then she overhears her own name coming from Sabella amidst a veritable ocean of them - coincidentally commensurate with that weak-ass 'warning' from Natalia and she... gapes.

Dumbly. &r&rBut still smiling, so there is that, right?

Lucita is overheard praising Sabella: Extraordinary introductions!

Pressing himself to his feet, Talwyn dips into a bow toward Natalia and Veronica when they are brought over. "It is a pleasure to see you again, Whisper Natalia. Sorry that I was called away so suddenly the other evening," he says before turning his eyes toward Veronica. "Lady Veronica, it is good to see you again as well." As he hears Sabella making her introductions, Talwyn offers a smile her way and lifts a hand in greeting toward who she is introducing him to.

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Reve hears his name of course once more and this time he is pivoting so that he can turn toward Sabella and lift a hand as though he was going to toast her. He might lack booze, but that is all right. "I," he calls forth quite grandly, "might very well be the Halfshav that you like the most!" Now the fact that he is without drink might be remedied with that gesture from Azova. "Oh, refreshments," and he nods his head to Samira before starting to draw that way so that he can look for the hard liquor immediately. And look some more. There it is! He finds some amber colored liquor and snares it.

"Lady Veronica," Medeia smiles and inclines her head again, "I am acquainted with several of your family. Saik and Keaton have a lovely relationship. It is good to meet you." She, too, hears her name from Sabella and perks up, eyes widening. "Princess, who am I coming by to see?"

Porter hears his name and turns to watch as Sabella begins her /intense/ round of introductions, his smile broadens as he hits everyone in the group. When it comes to its conclusion, he claps his hands together. "Well done! All of the introductions are done for the entire night, we're all known to each other." He drifts along with his plate of food and eventually spots Natalia. "Hello, Whisper! It's been such a short time since-- ah, should I pretend I'm just meeting you for the first time? What's the proper etiquette here?"

For just a brief moment, Sir Bhandn is staring at Sorrel, eyes unblinking as he regards the princess when she mentions her current research. "Well. That was an unexpected response, Your Highness, I must say. We might well be researching similar topics, although yours has more to do with a person and mine a bit more... broad, let's say. But what say /you/ lad? I didn't drag you to meet Her Highness to be shy," Bhandn says, and that a bit more firmly, as he's addressing that last bit to his companion. "It's fine," comes the almost mumbled response, one aimed at the ground. There's a brief shifting of shoulders, and then three more words follow that mumble: "I don't mind." That response makes Bhandn positively beam in Sorrel's direction. "If you have that need now, Your Highness, I promise you he can stay on task reading even after everyone has retired for the night."

Lucita bids a cheerful goodbye and rises, making her way over to where her dogs wait with a guard and starts back toward the southern part of the city.

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Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Gunther, a Rottweiler leave, following Lucita.

When Sabella begins to go about pointing out the various people within the square, Nazmir is looking to each one, only to give a smile and a wave in their direction, followed by, "Oh, hello there! Just ignore us. Her Highness is educating the undereducated of us over here." And around his gaze goes until the last name is offered and there's a chuckle that falls past his lips before his gaze is sliding over towards Sabella, "Well .. that was educational and I do so very much appreciate that. I hope that there isn't going to be a test, later, though. I'm not sure how well I'm going to do for it." And then he's looking back, only to call out as he stands, "Oh. I'm Prince Nazmir Redrain, for those that don't know." And he motions to Signe, "And this is the Lady Signe Nightgold." Pause. Nod. Smile. Then he's reclaiming his seat as he murmurs to Signe, "Her method of introductions is far, far better. We're doing that at the next Redrain get together."

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Nina checks charm and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

Signe blinks once, her eyes wide but then she is beaming at Sabella, "Amazing and I thought I remembered everything about those I've met.." It will be noted that the small northern lady let's her eyes find each person as they are introduced and she seems to nod just as quickly as the introductions are given. "Thank you very much for the introductions!" She then praises before she glances towards Nazmir, her eyes maybe abit wide still but atleast she is not chuckling much. Well that is till Atlia's growls against her leg and she chuckles before petting the hound, "She had not meet you Atlia, I am sure she will not leave you out after I make our introduction.."

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"Nice meeting you both! I'm glad to finally put a face to the name," Samira remarks to Azova, offering a casual upnod to the pair in lieu of anything more formal. "I'm sure our paths will cross again. And in the meantime, I'll keep you in mind if I find myself in need of more colorful words." That thought prompts a mischievous grin before she turns back to Niklas, her interest clearly piqued. "I saw the last play put on, which was a great success. I've no doubt you'll manage to write another just as entertaining. How long does it take to write such a thing, anyway?" Porter's passing comment earns a wide grin as she signals to him, pointing to her eyes as if to indicate she's watchful. Who knows?

True to her word, and with a borrowed fiddle, Nina launches into a bit of a jig for those eager to dance. She keeps time by tapping her foot loudly at first, so that the pace of the dance is very clear. She's a good performer, with high energy and keeps the song moving, encouraging people to join along.

"It's a talent, she is incredible, isn't she?" Natalia asks of Veronica with amusement, grinning for the Keaton's reaction. She looks back to the little group nearby, smiling towards Talwyn, dipping her head. "I will...consider forgiving you, at least," she tells him. "Perhaps. I--" But there's Porter, and she's turning her head to look that way. "Oh, please, let's not," she calls. "Excuse us," is for those nearby, before she's moving to usher Veronica in Porter's direction. "I wanted to introduce Lady Veronica Keaton," she offers, stating her intention in the same breath she just follows through with it, a little gesture given to indicate the person in question.

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Signe would never have turned down a dance, and while Sabella totally draw her attention, her hand is already reaching to take Wash's offered fingers and she smiles up at him, "Of course, though we will need to dance without music, I believe the flowers can add there own?" She offers, giving Nazmir a look, of.. I'll be back, and then she is smiling up at the tall figure out Wash, "Your cousin distracted me for a moment, I do hope you will forgive me?"

Sabella grins at Reve, "I'm sure I will! I adore your family!" Then she gestures to Nazmir and Signe who have just introduced themselves, "Lady Medeia I'm sure they will be your new best friends for I have found both of them positively delightful! But no, no, no tests! At least not until the next ball when you have to remember whose house you're going to!"

Porter makes an odd and obscure gesture in Samira's direction, like he expects her to know what it means. But it's probably just nonesense. He turns back to Natalia and Veronica, offering both of the women a broad smile. He juggles the plate of food in his hand to offer her his one hand to shake quickly. "Sir Porter Kennex, I work here," he informs the Keaton noblewoman, gesturing up to the House of Solace. Turning back to Natalia he asks, "You're working with us now, right? I got the gist of that? Is it going well?"

Azova flashes a last smile at Samira before there is food and drink being hunted down. "No liquor without food. You know how I get when I drink on an empty stomach." One surmises that it would result in bad things, the way she says this to Reve. Nonetheless, she soon has a glass with amber liquid in it as well. And then, a plate of food items she can slowly gnaw away on. "Of course you're the best Halfshav." she adds, perhaps a bit belatedly, because hanger was setting in and sustenance was required.

"Sabella's a woman of many talents, but her greatest and that which I most admire may very well be finding something truly wonderful to say about anyone." Niklas has himself a pull of his drink and leans back against whatever it is he's leaning back against. "I'm rather the opposite, which is entirely tragic. Someone as wonderful as myself should find it easy, but even I have my flaws." Niklas waves to Wash. "Catalana would like me to talk to you about the delights of having another child. There are none. Go have a boating accident like Luca and get your scrotum torn off before you consent to more children." He smiles to Sabella. "Of course I love ours! All four.. five? No, four of them!"

Wash shakes his head. "I really don't know if I can forgive you Lady Nightgold." He caught Sabella's introduction, might have been the only one he was paying attention to. "I was going to waltz, and now the fiddle has started up. If you are going to be forgiven, you're going to have to dance a Thraxian jig." And Wash sets about showing Signe the steps. He's an accomplished dancer, but he doesn't throw much flourish into this, so it is easy for Signe to follow.

Medeia smiles and makes her way toward Nazmir, giving a wave to Signe and Wash as they move to dance. She dips a curtsy once within conversational distance. "A pleasure to meet you, potential new best friend. You've already been told that I'm lovely, so I'll have to think of something else to tell you about myself." She flashes a brialliant smile at Nazmir. "Ah! I'm a Harlequin. And vintner. Welcome to the city, your highness."

"Thank you so much for your aid, Sir Bhandn! You're helping make history come alive. I'll have a concert, of course, when I'm finished writing. I hope to be able to write one for Dominus Tin and one for Titanium and... well, I still need to look into Mercury, who was supposedly a druid, which is fascinating. And Beryllium is noted as an apprentice to Brass," Sorrel continues with complete enthusiasm, as if any of this makes any sense at all. "And I'm absolutely fascinated about finding out more on Iridium!"

Nazmir's offering an incline of his head towards Signe, along with a smile, "Enjoy!" His gaze darts back over towards Sabella, a warm laugh coming to be offered, "Noted. I'll make sure that I study before the next ball. Especially to ensure that I remember who just happens to be hosting it." When Medeia comes over, Nazmir's smile grows and he's playing off Sabella's comment as well, for he rises and gives a flourishing bow, "Potentially New Best Friend!" There's delight in the way that's offered, "A vinter? Oh .. you just jumped to the top of the potential friendship list, Lady Medeia. I bare no such fancy professions or titles, though, I'm afraid."

There is a tsking sound from Signe but she smiles up at Wash, "Yes, it would seem I need to pay better attention, the Waltz? That I knew, this.. well, I will be happy to learn so I might be forgiven. And really if you are going to be showing me a Thraxian jig and put yourself into dance of my feet. You may as well call me Signe, it is only fair.." She will do well not to miss others after the dance, but now she is learning the steps and dnacing to Nina's wonderful music.

Bree was eating bread, but then she was also handling some very insistent messengers who needed her attention. Business taken care of, bread crumbs swept from the front of her shirt, she moves to rejoin the festivities. Her blue eyes scan for the host, and spying him now surrounded by warm company, she smiles. She doesn't head toward him, however, instead moving to the buffet table to claim a glass of whiskey, which she lifts in a salute, and a shouted, "If I might offer a toast and a prayer!" She waits a moment for people to look, and even if they don't, she speaks, "Gild honors those who make a place warm and welcoming to guests. Sir Porter Kennex has done just that, so a toast to him, and to Gild for her guidance and wisdom!" She lifts the whiskey higher, and then takes a drink. Maybe she said this only to herself? Who knows who pays attention to such things.

Bree is overheard praising Porter: For being the best host!

"I might have heard one or two of those names before," Bhandn says to Sorrel, going a touch more mild in tone -- which is to say not very because his voice is deep. "Still, this was more than I could have hoped. I rather thought you would have plenty of hands for topics of research, Princess -- one does seem to be wrong about that. Still, I think you'll be pleased with his aid. He enjoys history." Despite the fact that Bhandn is doing all the talking, there is a notable nod from Sorrel's new helper at the bit about history.

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"I am, and it is," Natalia confirms for Porter with a warm smile, dipping her head. "Part of why I wanted to introduce Lady Veronica," she explains, smiling oh so sweetly up at the woman in question before looking back to Porter to continue. "I am likely to drag her into any sort of trouble I get into. It's good to get acquainted *before* these things come up. Or so I'm told." She gives a little shrug of her shoulders, an impish smile. "We need to set some time to talk outside of a party, though--I have contacts relevant to your interests, and need to know where to point them." She does quiet down for Bree's shouting, though. And joins in the toast, lifting her glass to Porter before she takes a drink.

"How absolutely game of you." Wash says. "The best part of a Thraxian jig, is that you can just move your feet, which means that you don't have to stop drinking." Wash salutes Niklas with his bottle of rum. "Niklas! For the last time, the condition of my scrotum is not any of your business!"

"It's a definite skill, finding the good in things." Samira seems to grow pensive and philosophical as she mulls over this line of thinking. To Niklas, she adds, "But seeing the flaws in everything probably helps you as a playwright. After all, you've gotta be able to find the drama." Bree's announcement of a toast finds the Culler heading straight for the buffet table to claim a glass of whiskey, which she raises in answer. "To Sir Porter and to Gild," she echoes before tilting the glass back for a long swig. She seems to agree with the sentiment /and/ it provides a reason to drink. Win, win.

Reve toasts Sabella once more, but this time more properly. Liquor actually in hand. Another toast, this time to Samira, and he is on the cusp of drinking when Azova makes that declaration about the issue of food. He sighs in a most melodramatic fashion and yet - yet! - he is actually going to fix up a plate for himself as well. Which he does not touch at all, but he does drink merrily as he looks across the crowd. Oh, Bree is toasting Porter. "Diego!" he toasts. "And Sir Porter!" There, he is one glass down.

Once she's finished soothing her throat with a whole glass of water, Sabella grins at Niklas, "Are you hinting that you'd like a fifth? Oh, my love, you have only but to ask! But now why don't we dance? We didn't quite get to do it at the Bloodmoon ball, so..."

"A toast!" Nina agrees. She makes a loud strike on the bow, just once, taking a glass of wine, pausing just to drink it, and then immediately begins to return to the song. After all now the island jigs have properly begun, and she must keep up the pace. "Thank you, sir Porter, to your health!"

Nina is overheard praising Porter: A lovely spring celebration!

Natalia is overheard praising Porter.

Niklas makes a face at Sabella. "I need to go have a boating accident. Be right back."

"Oh," Porter looks from Veronica back to Natalia and rocks on his heels. "It's always good to have partner with you when you're going to get into trouble," he says understandingly. "You mentioned something like that the other day. What interests are those, are you able to say...?" His question comes with a trail off because suddenly he hears Bree announcing a toast to him and he slowly turns to look at her. For a second his expression is comically surprised, his dark eyes wide. He starts to laugh and shakes his head, a hand held up. "Thanks!" He'd toast, but he dosn't have any of the Nightgold whiskey in his hand that they seem to have stocked for this parter.

There's a toast. And Nazmir doesn't have a glass in his hand. Which has him scrambling after saying something quietly to Medeia. When he finally has a glass, it's full of Nightgold Whiskey and he's hoisting it into the air, "To the good Sir! And his love of introductions!" It's then that he's taking the glass to his lips, only to swallow a rather large amount of it that brings just the hint of a wince to follow.

Nazmir is overheard praising Porter: A delightful gathering!

Porter doesn't have a drink! Bree's eyes widen, and she takes another gulp before rushing forward and shoving the glass in his hand. "Here. Bad luck to toast without a drink," she mutters. "I mean, I heard that somewhere." She laughs.

Wash is a competent dancer, a better teacher, and unafraid to make a spectacle of himself rather than his partner. His shoes aren't quite perfect for a proper stomp wihtout a deck under his feet. He dances a circle around Signe, careful not to spill anything and once the music comes to a natural pause he offers Signe a bow and a laugh. "All is forgiven. And thank you Lady Nightgold."

Natalia nods confirmation of Bree's mutter regarding the luck of the matter. "It is," she says. "Terrible luck." She offers a smile Bree's way to go with the words.

Azova is going to lift her cup in a toast along with everyone else. "Yay Porter!" And then, mischief. "When we're done eating, we're going to dance." she decides, because surely she hasn't dragged Reve all over the place and made him do enough things yet tonight. But it's so fun!

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The toast also finds Medeia without a glass in hand, but she's resourceful and decides to lift her flower crown in Porter's direction. Niklas earns a concerned bit of side-eye.

Signe calls out her praise for Porter as she dances with Wash, or more speaks softly between moves and then cant help but notice Nazmir and his wince. She starts to chuckle once more, a pleased sound as the dance comes to an end. She curtsies gracefully to Wash, "I thank you for your kindness, please join our table if you are to pause in your dance? I see you have rum, but Nightgold Whiskey is to be had, and I think.." She glances towards Nazmir from the side, "I can give suggestions on how best to sip and enjoy it.." She is amused but it is clearly not directed at her dance parter.

Samira refills her glass before turning to scan the crowd. Searching, searching... aha! Her eyes lock upon Medeia and she makes her way toward the other woman, greeting her with a quiet remark.

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Wash does indeed decide that whiskey outweighs dancing, and since his bottle of rum is nearing its dregs, he bellies up to the table where the promised whiskey resides.

Sir Bhandn too seems to be bereft of a drink to raise to a toast. He settles for something a bit more direct: eye contact and a Solace Salute(tm), the latter complete with a crooked but upward quirk of the lips to show Porter that he'll have to make do with that.

"Thanks," Porter says to a few more people before suddenly Bree is right there with a glass and shoving it into his hands. "Thank you," he says to just her, his tone a bit lower before he squeezes her hand. He turns back Natalia and nods once, "Well, if you're both in agreement that it's bad luck than I have no choice but to drink this." What a terrible fate.

Signe is overheard praising Porter: He knows it's best to have Nightgold Whiskey! And does a wonderful spring fling!

Eventually, Veronica, who had drifted off to one side amidst the well-wishing and food-fueled conversations to speak lowly to a Keaton attache who appears then disappears just as quickly, keys back into the goings on around herself, returning, belatedly, nods and smiles and greetings, looking perhaps a touch overwhelmed.

"You must," Bree agrees, grinning toward Natalia in that moment. She leans down to murmur something quickly in his ear, and then her blue eyes turn to spy Bhandn. "Sir Bhandn! Will you dance with me?"

Sophie steps from the House of Solace, pulling the white robes kver her shoulders as she does. There's ink staining her fingers, and even a small smudge on the left side of her nose. She smiles warmly as she steps outside, stretching as she does.

"You'd best; it's safest for everyone," Natalia tells Porter seriously, nodding her head. She smiles when Veronica returns, shifting on her feet a bit to turn and include her in the conversation. "As far as your interests, I refer to the expansion of Solace's fleet," she says. "There are a few ways I think I can help." Ahhh! When Bree calls out to Bhandn, she reaches out to wave her glass at the other woman. "I want to introduce you to Lady Veronica at some point tonight, and meet you more properly myself."

"Are you done eating yet?" asks Reve, who STILL has not touched his plate. Instead he is just, on the sly, sliding some of what is on his to hers. There, problem solved. He disposes of the plate off to the side, waits for Azova to be finished, and thereafter does indeed decide it is time for dancing. Is anyone else dancing? Does it matter? Not to Reve! He dances and whirls, loose of foot due to the aid of that liquor, and in fact the two are probably still dancing (and laughing) as they depart.

Wash nods his head to Nazmir at the table. "Uh... pardon?" He asks, introductions having gone in one ear and out the other.

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After some quiet words with Nazmir, Medeia smiles up at Samira. "Hello, I'm so glad to see you!" Then a covered laugh and a whispered word is offered to the Culler. There's a quirk of her lips into an amused smile at an exchange between Niklas and Wash nearby.

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"Oh, the ships! Right. The Grandmaster decided I was the 'boat guy'." Porter sighs, slightly defeated. He slumps. Then he brightens again and says to Natalia, "But we recently had quite a few new /ships/ finished. I'd love to hear what you have to offer, we're always looking to improve!" When Veronica returns to them, he lifts his chin. "Whisper Natalia was just telling me how you're going to accompany her on adventures!" he says cheerfully. He knocks back some of that drink that Bree brought over, watching as Bree further torments Bhandn.

Nina always does her duty when a party is afoot, and keeps the music going until she simply must stop and have herself another drink. She claps a few times, and laughs as well at the merriment. "Thank you to Lucita for providing me with the fiddle! Drink is important to a party, but so is the song!" She raises a glass of red wine, and pauses just a moment. "I can play one more for you before I take a break. Lucita taught me a song to Lagoma once, let's see if I can remember how it goes."

When Medeia look to Samira as she makes her way over, Nazmir is letting his gaze drift over towards her as well, a smile dancing to his lips as he lifts his glass in greeting, "Hello there! By all means, come join the party. There's plenty of seats to be had."

"Accompany? I would perhaps use a different descriptor, but yes, adventures there will definitely be, she assures me quite enthusiastically," Veronica replies to Porter, chuckling at their characterizations of the future events and, much like him, she throws back a large swallow of her own libation whilst cutting a sideways look at Natalia.

"I'm afraid not today, Dame Harthall," Sir Bhandn says to Bree, but he does give the Knight-Lieutenant a bow. "There is work I must see to doing myself, since the lad is going to be helping Her Highness with her own work." There's a moment where Bhandn leans down and murmurs something to his young companion, who looks relieved and, with a bow to Sorrel, skitters away with his book of Oathlands heraldry. Bhandn himself maintains his eye contact with Bree the entire time. "I'll be busy with a lot of reading, it turns out."

"A lot of reading," Bree echoes the put-down she was given, a small laugh exhaled. "I see. Okay, Sir Bhandn. I will let you escape this time." She only seems mildly disappointed. Like someone might have kicked a puppy or said that rainbows aren't beautiful. Nothing major here. She steps away, giving the elder knight his space away from her tormenting, and turns to Natalia. "Looks like I will not be dancing at all! So I would gladly be introduced to your friend." Her gaze darts to Veronica, and she brings a fist to her chest, dipping her head. "Dame Bree Harthall, Knight Lieutenant of Solace."

"Mm, my apologies," Medeia looks between Samira and Nazmir. "Prince Nazmir Redrain, this is Samira Culler. One of my oldest friends and an accomplished artist. Samira, Prince Nazmir, newly arrived to the city and seemingly keen on trying all my wines. Princess Sabella tells me he may be my new best friend. Watch out." She winks at the woman.

"Well-met," Veronica turns from Porter to respond to Bree, and in one flourish her half-empty wineglass drifts out and to the side of herself as she responds in kind, making the same fist-to-chest salute and dropping her own head. Glancing around the place to take in the merrymaking and diplomacy buzzing about her, she wonders of the Dame, "These festivities your doing, Knight Lieutenant?"

"I feel the exact same way," Samira answers with a smile toward Medeia. She leans in, her shoulder bumping companionably against the Saik noblewoman's as they conduct a brief whispered exchange. Dark eyes lift to scrutinize Nazmir curiously, narrowing is if trying to determine whether he's a familiar face. The introduction provided by Medeia answers that question, though, and so she offers a polite nod to the man. "Nice to meet you, Prince Nazmir. Hope you've been settling into the city well enough so far?" Her eyes widen in feigned horror as she glances from Medeia to Nazmir and back again. "Uh oh. Competition for the position of best friend, huh? I'd better up my game."

Signe glances up at as Samira is introduces and asks as an aside, "Would you mind, another possible new friend?" SHe teases Medeia as she is reaction to something also said at the table.

"Kidnap?" Porter offers a different word, with the exact same cheerfulness as he did the word 'accompany'. He watches over as Bhandn makes an escape rather than dance, shaking his head in quiet amusmeent.

Wash unsteadily absorbs himself in sipping some of the proffered Nightgold Whiskey.

Signe speaks softly to Wash as he turns towards her Houses whiskey.

There's a warm laugh at Medeia's comment and Nazmir is then dipping a nod of his head towards Samira, "A pleasure, Mistress Culler." There's a grin then, "Mmmhmm. Competition is healthy, though. Keeps us in tip-top shape. So I'll certainly be working hard towards that position." And then Signe is adding in her bit to it and he's giving another laugh, "Even more competition!"

Sophie makes her way quietly to the refreshments, preparing some foe herself. She smiles at those who catch her eye, but she seems intent to get back to work. She carries those refreshments and disapears back into the House of Solace.

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Natalia nods agreeably for Porter's word suggestion. "It's fair," she agrees. She spends a moment looking between Veronica and Bree before she turns her head to sort of look over the gathering at large, taking stock of faces all over again before she turns back to those nearby.

"I would never mind another possible new friend, Lady SIgne." Medeia smiles brightly and makes another set of introductions between Signe and Samira. "I'm having a dinner tomorrow," she notes to whoever is listening, "It should be a lovely evening of wine and music and dancing... Open to all, as always."

"I do believe she wishes me along because I protect, I attack, but most of all... I have her back," comes from Veronica next with a slightly more relaxed burst of laughter this time, the wine and company obviously having an effect upon her as she trades quips with Porter around and about poor Natalia.

Sabella pauses as Elizabetta comes over and hands her a note, "Ah, it seems I am needed at home. Stay and enjoy yourself my love," she kisses Nik on the cheek and rises giving a smile to everyone at her table and even those nearby, "Wash, do make sure Nik gets home in one piece will you? Without any of him being crushed! And Sir Porter is was a lovely time!"

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"Oh no. This is his doing," Bree places a hand on Porter's shoulder, giving a little squeeze. "He put all of this together. I simply moved some chairs." She's clearly proud of him for doing so, too, because she turns a smile down at him. As Sabella leaves, Bree notices her for the first time tonight, and she waves her hand in farewell.

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"She chose the flowers for the crowns," Porter offers up when Bree claims all she did was arrange chairs. He quickly finishes his glass and pushes his plate away. "But I think that since Sir Yvar didn't take Dame Harthall up on a dance, I'm going to claim the opportunity. And this time I'm not even wearing a blindfold so I can really prove myself." He stands up again and reaches to take her hands, leading her off and away. If she wants!

Samira settles into a seat, affixing a mock stern look on Nazmir. "I oughta warn you in advance: I'm cutthroat competition when my mind's set on something." Despite the words, a hint of amusement gleams in her eyes, hinting that she's only teasing. Probably. A faint grin appears, before attention turns to Signe. "Nice to meet you as well, Lady Signe." Medeia's talk of the event draws a thoughtful look. "Deia's a master event planner and host," she announces to the group. "Ought to be fun."

"No promises my favorite of Graysons." Wash say to Sabella before looking at Niklas. "Sorry, you're a distant second." He turns to Signe and Nazmir. "However, the field is wide open for favorite in both House Redrain and House Nightgold." Wash points out.

"Important reading," Bhandn amends with a faint suggestion of a sigh through his nose. "I'll find a way to make it up to you, Dame Harthall, consider that an oath. Excuse me," he says with a final salute. He'll give a bow to Sorrel, but Sir Bhandn wastes no time departing.

Bree looks at Porter's hand and nods, "I would love to! Especially if you're not going to step all over my feet this time." She slips her hand into his palm, and lets him lead her away for the dancing. All and all, a lovely night to celebrate the spring.

When Samira gives him that mock, stern look, Nazmir is countering with a narrowing of his eyes and a slight little curl of one corner of his mouth into a scowl. Or he tries to scowl. Twice. Three times. And then he gives up in favor of a grin, "I'm a Northerner. Cutthroat is nothing new." Then he's pauussssing and slowly looking towards Wash, "Wide open in Redrain? Well! That is just going to have to change."

A faint blush blooms on Medeia's cheeks at Samira's compliment. "I don't know if I'd say 'master' but... It should be a nice evening. The last was quite wodnerful."

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"Of course," says Natalia, bowing her head deeply to Bree and Porter. "It was good to get the chance to chat. Enjoy yourselves!" Once they head to dance, she turns back to Veronica. "How are you feeling?"

Bree checks charm and performance at normal. Bree is marginally successful.

Nina finishes out her last song of the night, and gives a bow to everyone. "Thank you all for dancing! That's the reason that I play." She loosk to the others and waves. "I'm going to have to be off, but this was really a lively party!"

Signe chuckles at Wash, "Mmm, I believe I am already ahead for one, and while I could try for favorite in the other as well. I will take it easy on the good Prince, for now.." SHe glances from one male to the other before looking towards Medeia and Samira, "A party?" She glances towards Nazmir and then back, "I am not sure of plans for the eve, but if all goes well, maybe you will have a few more guests with that invitiation.."

A long moment is taken to consider the question asked of Veronica by Natalia, and when she finally answers, she does so with a small smile of sincere gratitude. She allows to her companion,"I feel like I really like this wine, the flowers are lovely, food is amazing, and I have you to thank for coaxing me out to have at them all." And then they are inundated by a small girl of around seven decked out in what must be every cut flower in the kingdom.


Medeia murmurs something that sounds an awful lot like "don't shoot the messengers" to the people close by her, before nodding to Signe. "I'd be glad for more! I always have the cooks make too much food. Which is helpful for breakfast the next morning, but always makes me feel just a little bit guilty."

Wash agrees. "You have definitely distinguished yourself tonihgt Lady Nightgold. And I don't have the acquaintance of many in House Redrain, not many at all."

"Even when they're relentless. I guess we oughta be glad they're devoted to their jobs," Samira asides on the topic of messengers. Nazmir's attention at scowling prompts a grin from the Culler. "Good. We'll have to test this sometimes. A battle of wills! Northerner cutthroat versus Lowers cutthroat." An approaching urchin waves emphatically at Samira, snagging her attention and receiving a nose-wrinkled expression of reluctant agreement. "Speaking of messengers, seems one's here to tug me away. It was a pleasure to meet you all. And it was good to see you, Deia. Let's catch up soon, yeah?"

Looking thoroughly pleased by Veronica's response, Natalia smiles. Then a wild Elaine appears, and she slips over to wind her arm around the girl's shoulder, hugging her in against her side. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think my feet are exhausted, though. What do you think?" Neither she nor her feet actually look exhausted, but the kid is yawning huge. And also agrees about tired feet. The Whisper looks back to Veronica. "I think we should probably wander homewards."

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Nazmir is flashing a grin in Medeia's direction at that little murmur and as he rises, it's with a glance to Signe and then back over towards Medeia, "Well! We will then need to set something up, Lady Medeia! Make a grand evening of it. But alas, for now, I should make my way back to the Redrain Ward." He's turning his attention towards Wash, grin tugging back to his lips, "Clearly my family has been hording themselves away in the Villa. I will need to tell them that it's time to get out more often." A glance to Samira and he's matching her grin, "It's on, Mistress Culler!" Then, to the others, he's dipping an incline of his head to them, smile on his lips, "A pleasure, all! I've had a grand time and it's been fabulous to meet you all." Finally, he looks to Signe, "Shall I walk you back, Lady Signe? Or are you going to linger?"

"Not a bad plan, though I do expect you to tote me around to your next gathering. As... compensation, so to speak," Veronica figures and adds a quick half-hug of her own to that of Natalia gifted the still-energetic youngster. A moment is taken to offer another respectful nod, smile, and wave of acknowledgement and gratitude to those she may be familiar to and she readies herself and their entourage to depart.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Medeia gives Samira a hug as the other woman moves to leave and, as she's standing now, dips a curtsy to Nazmir as he too talks about leaving. "Prince Nazmir, it has been a pleasure. I will see you soon, I am sure."

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Signe stands gracefully as Nazmir mentions leaving and she glances her hand on his arm as she nods gently, "Yes, I believe it is time to turn into one of the pack and get abit of rest. As much as I have enjoy the evening and meeting so many new faces, rest after the last few evenings seems due.." She nods towards the rest of the table. "Please do not hesitant to contact me if you wish to gather again.."

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Wash is left with Medeia alone to drink whiskey. "Saik. Hmmm? I seem to recall meeting you. Did I embarass myself at the time?"

Medeia looks at Wash curiously, "Only if offering to teach me to sail counts as embarassing yourself, my lord." She grins at the man. "I may yet take you up on that. Or a dance, if you've another in you, though we seem to have lost the music."

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