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Eswynd-Saik Wedding and Reception

Join Houses Eswynd and Saik as they come together celebrate the commencement of their alliance and witness the union of Lord Haakon Eswynd and Lady Medeia Saik. All are welcome to join in this momentous occasion. The ceremony will be followed by a full reception.


Dec. 9, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Haakon


Ian Tyrus Calla Alarissa Wash Narcissa Avary Neilda Lianne Vitalis Cirroch Vicarin Samira Sasha Ember Romulius Nijah Thea Kalani Tyche Lucita Cristoph Norah Graziella Drake Kaia Sorrel Oskar Lisebet Natasha Amador Yuri Piccola Fortescue Ezekiel Leena Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Estate - Atrium Shrine

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Micana, an efficient assistant, 1 Saik Guard arrive, following Lucita.

The atrium shrine is abuzz with celebration, though little enough has been done to prepare it for the wedding. Chairs have been arranged to allow for viewing of the ceremony along the edge of the water. Throughout, tables and chairs are scattered for guests to find places to sit and eat. A few buffet tables have been laid out with roast lamb and pheasant, bountiful summer vegetable dishes, and several desserts. The ceremony will be beginning shortly.

Sasha takes Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

This is a lot of people for Ian, who really doesn't do parties well. He's here. Wearing a clean shirt, even. That should be enough. Right? So he withdraws to a wall and leans against it.

Arturo, a young but rugged looking Saikland Sealion officer, Rodolfo, a grizzled, powerfully built Saikland Sealion veteran arrive, following Vicarin.

Tyrus and Lianne arrive together, the darkly clad prince escorting the Marquessa of Malespero to the wedding. Familiar with the Atrium Shrine, the man wastes no time in finding a calm and comfortable spot amidst the numerous alcoves, deciding on the one dedicated to the 'Lost' Gods, long since found again. It seems quiet discussion is to be had while they wait for the ceremony to begin, along with those who likewise decide upon that particular alcove to observe and even cheer. While his guards remain outside, one might note a cat staying close to the prince.

Sweeping in dressed in forest green with accents of black ribbons, Calla looks around for a moment for any familiar faces as she takes her favor, admiring the drawstring bag for a moment before looking around for somewhere to sit for the ceremony.

Servants are at the ready, showing people through, adorned in their finest and only the most impeccable of the servants in the house are serving. Alarissa circles, taking one aside now and then to murmur directions and smiling, fussing over the room and looking terribly pleased with herself.

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl arrive, following Graziella.

Jasper, a treasure hunting gyrfalcon, Renato, an overconfident attendant, Bastien, a strapping Malvici escort arrive, following Kaia.

Wash navigates a large painting, wrapped in brown paper through the doorway. It's ridiculously oversized.

Narcissa arrives in armor, of all things, with no weapon at her hips. She raises a pale hand in quiet greeting before heading towards the alcove sheltering Tyrus and Lianne.

Avary enters the Atrium Shrine holding a small box. Her cold gaze goes across every person here, the weighty judgement of the Sentinel watching them. She makes her way towards where the ceremony will take place.

Kaia takes Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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How many excuses will Neilda have that are more appropriate for a sea-swirling gown and an ostentatious octopus necklace? Very few, probably; an Islander wedding though? She arrives, surveys the tables, moves to find a glass of something cool.

Sorrel gets Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrive, following Tyche.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, Tyche arrive, following Cristoph.

Lianne's smile is a bright and steady thing as she drifts with Tyrus through the crowd toward the Alcove of the Lost, her head canted toward the prince to murmur something softly. A question by the look of it. Finding their destination, then, there are more quiet conversations to enjoy while they await the beginning of the festivities.

Vitalis arrives at the shrine, attention sharp on the environs and those gathered, a brightly colored bird perched on his wrist. He makes a circuit of the alcoves, offering prayers before ending at the Alcove of Concepts.

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Cirroch and Sasha enter together holding hands, Cirroch smiles to the few that he recognizes then following to where Sasha decides to find a seat.

Lisebet takes Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Vicarin walks in dressed in black. Surveying the crowd briefly, he goes over to where Lucita is, sitting down there.

Although Samira hasn't dressed up, she has combed her hair and wrestled the wild tresses into a braid -- which counts as making an effort, as far as she's concerned. She carries a gift in her arms, which she shifts so that she can snag a wedding favor before searching for a suitable place to sit.

Samira takes Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Kalani gets Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Sasha smiles brightly as she comes with Cirroch and moves to sit in one of the seats. She offers waves to all she recognizes with joy echoing in her features.

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Vicarin gets Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

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Vicarin gets Water of Life from Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag.

Ember Redreef, the Bloody Baroness, is in attendance in full armor. Well. Not /full/ armor at the moment. She's got the rubicund helmet of her armor held under one arm, but from the neck down, it's all armor. The set of rubicund armor comes complete with a seasilk cape that billows behind her a bit while she walks. As befits the woman who carries the title of Princess of Parties, Ember looks like she's not enjoying herself and she's annoyed by everything.

Romulius Blackshore arrives escorting Princess Graziella Pravus, the lord wearing his usual garb of dark plate armor with a fur cloak that matches the midnight tone of his features. It's a stark contrast to the far more colorful gown that Graziella wears. Familiar enough with the shrine, a nod is offered to those he might find familiar as he leads towards the alcove dedicated to the Triad of Creation, quietly taking a seat before addressing his companion in a hushed voice.

Nijah makes herself comfortable, she's dressed in some of her best honeysilk clothes, but for the moment while she waits for the ceremony to start she seems to not mind taking a few moments to settle down, legs crossed in her own seating, the favor bag already resting by her side. She spots Samira and gives her a smile and an incline of her head.

Clearing enjoying the summer weather, steps Thea. Her skin tan, as if she's been enjoying her time in the sun. The white of her gown practically glowing. She smiles a bit as she enters, looking for the bride and groom. This is a party. To celebrate her friends afterall. Grabbing a drink, Thea goes to talk to a few people she knows, waiting for the chance to congratulate them.

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Vicarin puts Water of Life in Eswynd-Saik Wedding Favor Bag.

Dressed for the occassion, which is to say she is wearing a lovely summer dress made of azure-hued silk, Kalani Seliki joins the queue of the already-present wedding guests to have a chance to congratulate the happy pair.

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the Honey Duke and the Countess of the March of Caina make their way into the festivities, joining the other slightly late wedding-goers. Tyche's hand loosely sits in the crook of Cristoph's arm, and when her dark eyes spy a few familiar faces, she gives a small tug, an indication that they should head that-a-way, and they sweep easily by (surely with the help of the Duke's commanding presence).

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Lucita arrives with members of the Saik family. She is very properly quiet as she glances around to those who have gathered, a gentle smile given friends. As she passes by any royals a graceful curtsy is given. She then seeks a place to sit and watch.

Haakon is dressed more richly than usual (or ever), with the only iron upon him being the old sword at his belt; more for ritual than defense here, in the heart of House Thrax in Arx. He enters the hall amid the drums and strings of musicians, with kin to his left and right, one bearing a shield, the other bearing a barbed hunting spear. The Prodigal walks up to the very edge of the pond I. which Mangata's graven image prays.

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As they sweep into the wedding festivities, Cristoph pauses now and again to gesture to someone in passing. Nothing exciting, likely just a bit of unentertaining information. And it's true, he has no trouble parting the crowd as they move through some overexcited guests. When Tyche tugs at his arm, his eyebrows lift briefly and he casts a look in that direction. He nods once and their direction is set!

Following Haakon are the Marquis and Marquessa-Consort of Eswynd Rock. Proud as can be, Oskar and Norah follow until they reach the first row of seats by the pond's edge.

Quietly, slimily, a small octopus winds around the leg of a nearby chair.

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Princess Graziella Pravus arrives wearing a sweet and summery ball gown with a large bell for a skirt crafted from duskweave to perfectly mimic the night sky with diamonds. Her hair is piled atop her head in a somewhat sloppy arrangement of braids that create an elaborate and rarely seen sort of updo uncommon in the Compact. She has one of her slender arms draped lightly over Lord Romulius and she allows him to guide her to one of the seating areas so they can settle in and speak softly amoung themselves. She is eager to greet the hosts but doesn't want to crowd them or make herself a nuisance... being that she isn't very close to either of the folks getting married. She has an air about her that suggests she is here out of a sense of duty and she rarely smiles with genuine intent despite the jovial atmoshpere. All of her expressions retain a plastic reheasrsed edge as if she stood in front of a mirror to figure out the proper smile to use this evening.

Drake arrives more or less on time, dressed up a bit as it suits the occasion rather than wearing all of his armor. Though armor perhaps would not be entirely out of place, he looks comfortable enough without it. Knowing many of the people here, he looks around and gives a few smiles and nods, before finding a table to sit down at, next to Thea and a few others.

With a bright smile on her face, and not far behind from Thea, arrives Kaia with little Nia on her arms. Both here to serve as witness and celebrate the significant day of a lady whom they love. They quietly make their way over to a pew.

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As guests begin to settle, the time for the ceremony to start draws close. Medeia has been waiting for her cue to enter. She walks in, head held high, focused on the spot that she is aiming for. At the edge, she stops and slips off her sandals before joining Haakon in prayer. Then, she slips into the water with him, awaiting Avary.

Samira's relief is evident when she spots Nijah's familiar face among the sea of nobility and strangers. Finding herself unable to wave since she's juggling both the favor and her gift for the newlyweds, she offers a smile instead and heads straight toward the other woman to settle beside her. "Glad to see you. How've you been?"

Oskar wields Cold Harvest - a diamondplate harpoon.

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Sorrel meanders over to the Alcove of Arts with Duchess Lisebet and looks a bit impressed as she glances around the room. "This is easily the most people we've had in this Atrium," she notes mildly. "And the High Lord isn't even here to toss a sword at anyone."

Dressed for the occassion, which is to say she is wearing a lovely summer dress made of azure-hued silk, Kalani Seliki arrives in the same general incoming swirl of other wedding guests all dressed to the nines for this special occassion. Skimming a look over the crowd and then lightly threading her way around the other guests to stand near Kaia, Thea and little Nia, Kalani's expression lights with a smile as she sees Medeia entering.

Calla spots Graziella and makes a hurried dash to join her where she sits. "Do you mind terribly if I join you, your highness? I'm here all on my own this evening."

Head held high, Oskar has one hand wrapped around Norah's arm, smiling and slightly dipping his head in greeting to the guests. His other hand is occupied by a rich diamondplate harpoon, which he uses to guide the way forward, finding a comfortable seat besides his wife.

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Ian watches as the ceremony begins from his out of the way leaning spot, his expression flat, as usual. He's already stealing glances at the door, though, so it's a fair bet he's not going to last much past it.

Graziella offers a more genuine smile to Calla when the she appears and she pats the spot near her on the bench, "Not at all Baroness, you're always welcome at my side." She nods to the empty place and then glances back around the room as everyone continues to settle in.

Thea smiles over to Drake and Kaia, already reaching for her niece,"I'll take her for a bit, so you can get a drink. Don't get used to it,"she already warns with a wink. Spying Oskar and Norah, the Malvici offers them both a nod as well, as well as Kalani. "So many people...."

Lisebet smiles at Sorrel, as she meanders along with the Princess. "I don't think I've been here before." This atrium anyway. She settles into a seat and smiles at those who are there, relaxing as she watches the ceremony with some curiosity.

Wash stands in the back of the crowd, offering his silent support for the ceremony. Catalana is nowhere to be seen, so Wash is on his best behavior.

Avary stands before the pool of water in which Medeia and Haakon are in. She slips her sandals off and steps in to join. While she may seem incredibly serious and somber, there's even more seriousness in her voice. She turns to face the people here as the brilliance of the Bay of Thrax can be seen beyond and the couple to be wed are nearby. The procession with weapons doesn't go unnoticed, and she gives a rather flat stare before she begins. "I'm here today, before the eyes of those gathered here and the Gods of the Pantheon, to celebrate not just a joining of two individuals or two houses, but the sealing of an alliance and ancient traditions that bring continued peace and prosperity throughout the domains, now and in the future. An occasion we mark with solemn joy and hope for the future."

Avary continues, "The Eswynd, while new to the Compact, have a long sense of tradition that harkens to early times. And as a new house, they represent a fidelity between Limerance, Lagoma and Gloria in which honor is protected, change is embraced and solemn oaths of fealty are given in which they have been embraced by not just the Tyde or Thrax, but the Compact. The Saiks have a long tradition of taking what they have, working hard and with Petrichor's blessing, improve their domain. So today, as you look at this couple, view them as the window of change."

While not a stranger to social events these days, especially upon her arrival to Arx, one thing has remained consistent about Natasha Thrax and these rare forays outside of the typical crush of business, and that is the fact that she never, ever, brings an escort to weddings.

She doesn't cut the most striking figure in the crowd when she so diligently avoids sartorial ostentation, but her sharply elegant form is visible regardless and clad in a fitted creation of deep purple with subtle black and silver embroidery that scrolls over a high collar, fitted sleeves and hems that pool softly into the floor like ink, hair swept up in a careful arrangement that makes the most out of the naturally defiant cant of her jaw and the high set of alabaster cheekbones. Midnight eyes backlit with curiosity sweep over the collective, falling somewhere in the Alcove of Creation and pausing in her brisk wake towards the interior of the shrine. But the pause is brief, turning abruptly from where she had intended to go to make her way towards the resplendently clad form of Alarissa Thrax giving directions to the servants.

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Haakon stands in the shallows water alongside Medeia, his naturally stern expression fixed on the similarly stonefaced Avary as the Godsworn speaks her initial invocation.

Lucita converses quietly with those nearby till Avary speaks. She goes quiet to listen.

Medeia's attention shifts from Haakon to Avary as the Archlector begins to speak. Her expression is schooled into a pleasantly neutral one, which looks downright exuberant next to Haakon and Avary.

Avary continues to speak, her eyes watching those here but now she turns to face her couple, Haakon and Medeia. Her tone nearly sounds like she's scolding, but it's becomes a bit softer as she speaks and looks over to Medeia. "I'm not known for my pleasantries but I am a fervent defender of order, law and justice. And today, it falls upon me to remind you both of the seriousness of the vows you take to each other, to the citizens of house Eswynd and the gods that watch."

"You both have duties now to Eswynd, your lords of Tyde, your highlord of Thrax and to your King and allies with the Compact. Not simply to one another. A noble marriage is one of ancient duty to preserve the peace and stability, both in your domains and within your marriage union. A duty to work together for the betterment of all, rather than to simply jockey against one another for power or fleeting prestige or cultivating factions against one another with the very people who look to you for guidance." Avary gestures once, "Please face one another and take the other's hand."

Alarissa slips an arm into Natasha's and moves with her to a place to sit.

Ian's eyebrow twitches, and he takes a brief interest in his feet, then steals another glance at the door.

Thea's attention drifts to the couple now, listening with great curiosity.

While respectful enough of the Archlector's skillful presiding over the wedding, Natasha manages to exchange a few quiet words with her sister-in-law, a small smile, however faint, flitting visibly past the pliant line of coral lips. It's only when Alarissa slips that delicate hand into hers that she tucks the woman's smaller hand securely into the crook of her elbow before leading the Princess Consort to their chosen seats. Once more, those ochre eyes sweep over the crowd, noting familiar faces and unfamiliar ones, treading carefully past the familiar raven-haired head of the Sword of New Hope....but resting somewhere past him. Something seems to manage to hold her gaze, eyes hooding faintly in an even more inscrutable look. Her sister-in-law, however, manages to command her attention once more once she waits for her to sit, before taking up the space next to her.

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Vitalis looks up when Medeia enters and tracks her progress to Haakon's side. He straightens when Duke Laurent joins the group at the Alcove of Concepts, bowing to his liege. The officiant begins and he lapses into silences, mostly.

As Avary turns to her, Medeia's expression turns a bit more solemn as she listens to the words spoken. She gives a subtle nod before turning back to Haakon and reaching one hand out to him.

Haakon turns in place when bidden, to face Medeia. A scarred and calloused hand is extended to clasp Medeia's offered hand. His expression remains stoic.

Reaching into the small box, Avary places a cut of harsh rope probably taken from a reaving ship, maybe one of Haakon's very own, over the couple's wrists. "The duty of marriage for nobility is of hard work, effort and understanding it isn't just for you but for all others before you. The rope represents the harshness of life, that you will have struggles that hurt. But it also is there to remind you that you should approach marriage like a ship. One hand for yourselves, one hand for the marriage in all things. And what we bind here today willingly let no force from the depths of the sea to the highest reaches of the sky make it come undone."

Avary takes from the box a small velvet pillow with two rings. The rings shimmer here in the atrium shrine. "A ring is a symbol of unity, of never-ending commitment, of a repeating cycle of forgiveness and unbreakable honor. If each of you will take a ring and place it on the finger of the other and repeat these words to each other, loudly so all here can witness." She speaks quietly a set of words to both Medeia and Haakon.

Matteo, an eager knight's apprentice arrives, following Irisa.

A single red suckered arm makes a soft squishing noise as it's seen coming over the far end of the pool's edge, followed by other suckered arms and soon enough a soft plop and splash and the octopus is in the water somewhere.

Thea is about to say something to Drake, really-but a splash catches her attention instead. She lifts her eyebrow a touch before her gold-flecked green eyes flicker back to Medeia. Laughing silently. Should she be laughing? Maybe not.

Taking the ring meant for Haakon from the pillow, Medeia glances at the rope, then up to Avary as she's given the words to speak. Her eyes dart in the direction of the octopus sounds, a small smile of amusement curving up her lips. But it's time to speak. And so she holds the ring ready, and recites the words: "I declare without reservation or inducement, and swear before Limerance and these witnesses to uphold the bonds of the agreement between our two houses. I promise to honor you as my partner and equal in this marriage and to hold true to you as my helpmeet and to love any and all of our children as our heirs. I swear to uphold the dignity of the house of Eswynd and to hold you above all others before the Compact, before the Gods of the Pantheon. I will cherish you, support you, hold you strong in darkness and steady you amidst the storms we face together. Before the Gods of the Pantheon, I offer you the light of my soul to help guide you." Once she has spoken, her velvety alto sounding clearly and true through the shrine, she places the ring on Haakon's finger.

Haakon nods once to something Avary says, drawing a sharp breath and reciting with rote cadence, "I declare without reservation or inducement, and swear before Limerance and these witnesses to uphold the bonds of the agreement between our two houses. I promise to honor you as my partner and equal in this marriage and to hold true to you as my helpmeet and to love any and all of our children as our heirs. I swear to uphold the dignity of the house of Eswynd and to hold you above all others before the Compact, before the Gods of the Pantheon. I will cherish you, support you, hold you strong in darkness and steady you amidst the storms we face together. Before the Gods of the Pantheon, I offer you the light of my soul to help guide you." The reaver's voice is steady and level. Eye held on Medeia through the oath, he has yet to notice any aquatic intruders. He places the ring on Medeia's finger in turn.

Neilda is definitely paying attention to the 'in a dungeon' vibe ceremony, she is. It's just - there's a PARROT flapping at her table, and there's an octopus climbing into a pool. Her eyes widen, because she has no chill about some things; she takes a step back, out of range of wings... darts a look toward the pool. And smiles at the people at her table. "Pardon me," she says quietly, and veeeerrry idly meanders the direction of the pool.

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Avary listens and she nods as Medeia and Haakon say their oaths publicly to one another. Turning from the two, she looks at all those here. She might not know there's a thing in the pool she stands in. "Please lift a hand forward towards these two and pray with me." She waits a moment for hands to be lifted in solidarity. "We pray for Lord Haakon and Lady Medeia that they uphold the justice of the Sentinel, never letting injustice go unanswered. We pray that they create a lasting change in themselves as individuals and as a couple with their marriage with Lagoma's help. We pray that Gild blesses them as they are generous with their gifts and abilities to help others. We pray that Limerance gives them wisdom in their heart and mind. We pray that Gloria keeps them courageous and their honor unyielding. We pray to Petrichor, Aion, Jayus and Skald that they are stewards of this creation and dream, and hold sacred the choices of their people, to guide and protect them from their birth until the Queen takes them. And as these actions are done, may Vellichor let them remember the happiness of this day on days when happiness might be scarce. May the Thirteenth let them see the best and worst and yet I ask the Sentinel to remind their hearts that they should forgive. Mangata, may their house be fruitful, may they multiply and bring prosperity and happiness to those that know them as you watch over them across the endless seas and the skies."

Avary waits for the crowd to maybe even add their own blessings or prayers they're brave to voice.

Graziella inclines her head politely as if in prayer when the crowd is cued for such, folding her hands near her solar plexus but remaining a silent face in the pious crowd of friends and family.

Thea sees Neilda head to the pool. So naturally, what do you think Thea is going to do? Silently standing, she quietly murmurs to those at the table,"I'll--be right back,"and starts to step as silently as she can with the stilettos on her feet. But then--that idea is lost because there's now baby Nia in her arms. "Well hey there, sweet niece,"Thea says as she smiles down at the baby, sitting back down.

Ian looks down at the pool, and then up at Haakon and Medeia. If he has any sort of prayer in mind for the occasion, it's not the type you say out loud.

Lianne murmurs a quiet note of, "May their dark moments always find some spark of hope," as the prayers are spoken.

Ember lifts her hand with the rest of the witnesses, but when the call is issued to give voice to prayer, the Baroness's lips part as though she intends to say something... and then twitch, slightly, as though whatever might be said refuses to come. The Bloody Baroness's dark brows furrow deeply, and she takes on a more profoundly annoyed look than she usually sports, which is saying something.

Prayers? Oh, right. Neilda, crouching by the pools, clearly struggles with 'reverent'. But: "May they always find what they seek." That? That she can manage. She puts her hand in the water, wiggles her fingers.

"May patience rest diligently in their hearts no matter the tide." Amador gave his own offering of a prayer for the couple barely at speaking volume. His attention soon after slid to Neilda and her crouch, brow arching slightly in company to another small smile.

Drake looks at Thea as she is about to rise, but then it seems she thinks better of it. He gives her a wry smile. He then lowers his eyes in respect of the prayer, though nothing loud enough to hear.

Vitalis raises his hand, bright tenor adding, "We bear witness and offer our prayers."

Calla looks a little confused when prayers are called for, but she does her best to mimic what others are doing after she surrepticiously looks around. She's not brave enough to offer prayers of her own.

At the Archlector's prompting, Romulius raises a gauntleted hand to join the prayer. Whatever personal addition he offers, though, is breathless and addressed directly to the kneeling statue that reaches towards the pool.

Yuri stepped forward from his position at an alcove to speak, closing his eyes as he canted his head forward in reverence, "In the sight of the Pantheon, and we privileged and honored to join the couple today and their families; may their days be filled with smooth currents and favored winds. May their union be graced with happiness."

Adding her voice, prayer and wish to those being offered from the gathered crowd, "May they know kindness, patience, humor, light and love. Bright blessings to the happy couple, and may their union be one of joy and create a wealth of memory," Kalani calls out with a smile.

Norah raises her voice. "May they move forward together in strength and under."

Alarissa's voice rises. "May they find each other tolerable." A smile when she speaks it.

Oskar clasps his hands together for the prayer, "May their decisions always be guided by wisdom."

With the public prayer completed, the exchange of rings done and the oaths that bind their souls to those promises, Avary says "Then it's my pleasure and honor to be the first to announce these two people as Lord Haakon and Lady Medeia Eswynd." A slight pause of time, and she leans slightly forward and says "I believe this is the time you two kiss and we are supposed to cheer quite loudly."

Wash ducks his head in what approximates a prayer.

Lucita says, "May the Gods grant them contentment in their new lives together and a long and fruitful marriage." She keeps her prayer short and heartfelt. "May they find the path before them hold few obstacles."

Vicarin seems to mumble something.

Alarissa's rejoinder causes the lingering smile on Natasha's lips to widen in an infinitesimal degree, raising her head once her players have been quietly delivered to the kneeling statue of the goddess by the pool. It holds at the Archlector's remarks, giving the Princess Consort a sideways glance at the corner of her eye, her words too low to be heard in the low hubbub within the shrine.

Some may see it. That dart of red toward the Archlector, that then climbs, so carefully and exploringly, and tangles itself somewhat in the hems of Avary's dress then opts to just drift there.

Neilda checks composure at normal. Neilda fails.

Avary checks composure at daunting. Avary is marginally successful.

Graziella checks composure at normal. Graziella is marginally successful.

Well, /Neilda/ sees it, but since that first flash of red. And she definitely has a game face. She just didn't wear it - it clashed with the octopus necklace. So when the octopus /climbs the officiant's dress/, she bursts out laughing.

Kaia smiles and gives her own little prayer "May they be blessed with many children to strengthen their union. May they be as beautiful and talented as the bride and as humourous and martially skilled as the groom."

Haakon sniffs sharply at Avary's last words, muttering, "The Gods ask so much," in dry humor before bending his neck to give the much shorter Medeia a firm (very firm, maybe a bit brazen) kiss.

Thea checks composure at normal. Thea is successful.

Princess Graziella is an impassive creature and her alarm rarely registers on her natural nuetral features but the jet of red that shoots across the room causes her to loft a brow and lean back in a moment of abject shock. Quickly, she fixes her face and whispers softly to those seated beside her, namely Lord Romulius and Baroness Calla.

Medeia and Haakon can see it first, Avary's eyes widen. Considerably. She looks from them down to her bare feet beyond the hem of the aeterna gown and sees something not her. The shoulders lift up quickly, a breath is drawn in sharp and held. She lifts her gown and does a high step tip toe quickly but gracefully out of that water. Eeeee!

Medeia is totally listening, she is, and so so happy to be here and be Lady Eswynd. And that kiss? Stellar. But there's an octopus to catch. So she does. As soon as she's released, she leans down and grabs the octopus. It's a braclet now.

Since Thea HAS been paying attention since recieving the baby, she sees the red. The octopus. Her lips twitch for just a moment, but surprisingly she says or does nothing. Nope. Her face is the perfect Malvici stone. Even Calypso would be proud.

Oh, there's cheering alright. CHEERING. Neilda is cheering. It's definitely for the kiss, and not for the deft octopus donning, of course.

Avary is overheard praising Medeia.

Avary is overheard praising Haakon.

Wash applauds. "Well done. Well caught. Now one of you land this fish."

Calla cheers and claps loudly for the couple when they kiss, and only notices the octopus after the officiant exits the pool and Medeia scoops it up. "Well that was certainly...unexpected."

Calla is overheard praising Medeia: Absolutely the most stunning bride I've ever seen.

Ian applauds the kiss and raises a brief shout as the ceremony itself starts to come to an end.

(400Limbs flail and then find purchase as the octopus finds it's way out of the water, only big enough to fit around the wrist barely, but the wet creature does just that.

Thea too cheers loudly, no drink to spill this time. She smiles over at Medeia and Haakon, whistling.

Lifting up a cheer as well, and exhaling a laugh at the Octopi antics, Kalani is applauding the happy couple.

Ember applauds thunderously, either for the kiss and the introduction of the newly married couple, or for the octopus. She doesn't specify which, and so it's left to the beholder to judge.

The kiss, while it doesn't elicit much cheering from the dark-eyed Thraxian princess, does earn well-meant applause from Natasha's long ivory fingers - that finds due pause when the lady demonstrates her octopus wrangling skills in front of her guests. There's no surprise; strangely enough, she *knows* this about Medeia already, and is more than suitably impressed that there are stories out there that don't need dramatic exaggeration to achieve their intended effects.

Alarissa rises, and while she cannot clap, she at least stands and visually cheers on the couple.

Graziella stands up and the rest of the crowd rises and makes a polite effort to cheer with soft gentle clapping that doesn't make much noise but shows her support all the same.

Avary manages to snatch her sandals and as the ceremony is over, she heads out so the party can officially start. And probably to avoid any more touchy-feely octopi!

1 Templar Knight guards leaves, following Avary.

Drake applauds, though whether it's for the kiss, the ceremony, or the octopus handling... it's probably all three, to be honest. But also, it's because now the time to drink can officially start.

The cephalopod's capture draws more of a reaction from Romulius than the ceremony did, the straight face he wore while offering a polite clap breaking into an amused smile as the creature is finally apprehended.

Haakon peers down at Medeia's writhing bracelet. Under his breath, as Avary high tails out of the pond (with dignity!), "Where the fuck did that come from?" A shrug. It's here now. "Let's we greet your admirers, aye?" Turning to the assembly and stepping out of the shallows.

Wash breaks out the alcohol, having dug deep in his personal collection for something he hasn't finished. "Does the drinking start now?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calla before departing.

Samira lifts her voice in a boisterous cheer, which seems to coincide with both the kiss and Medeia's deft octopus wrangling. She appears amused by the recent developments and ready to celebrate now that the prim and proper ceremonial bit has concluded.

"I didn't think this through..." Medeia mutters, looking down at the firmly attached octopus. She glances to Haakon in amusement - this is honestly kind of a normal day for these two. "It's been loose a few days," she answers him. As he gets out, she steps close. "Help me up, and... Where's Neilda? NEL?! Come get this thing."

Ian takes the opportunity to give Haakon a wave from across the room (See?! He's here!) and then slips out of the atrium, off to less crowded places hopefully with less tentacle jewelry. Or more. Either way.

Calla rises from where she's seated in anticipation of joining the line of people who want to congratulate the newlyweds.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calla before departing.

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"Oh. Now someone catches it." Alarissa mutters, rising with her sister in law and nods. "Go. I need to see to the servants and ensure a smooth transition." She squeezes Natasha's lower arm gently then moves off to see to atrium doors opened and for drinks to start to be circulated.

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Turn in line: Ember

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Wait. Wait. WAIT. Neilda is... being summoned? Not to shut her fool laughing cheering mouth? But to be given an octopus that _chose her sister_? She blinks rapidly, then smiles like sunshine that turns the sky a better shade of blue, and goes to scoop up HER FAVORITE, ahem, I mean, the interloper, this is a very serious event. She kisses her sister on the cheek quickly, though, murmurs something, before darting away.

Graziella takes Mangata's waters keepsake box from a simple cloth bag embroidered with the phases of the moon.

Ah, Piccola's late -- as usual.

But she's at least nice enough to stay at the back of the shrine and not disturb anyone. Sort of. Wearing full steel makes it hard to be subtle. Clank, clank, clank. That said, she's missed the ceremony. And the octopus. And she's probably only allowed in because the nuptials are all but done: now, apparently, is the time for the receiving line. Sigh. "See, this is what happens when you have to put your armor on by yourself," she mutters lowly, to no one in particular. To the line she goes, to take one of the final places (probably.)

At least she smells nice?

Haakon helps Medeia up, by way of lifting her off her feet and taking the few steps needed to set her back down on the dry atrium floor.

Thea sighs at Kaia, but hands baby Nia over. "Fine. I could use a drink anyway." She smiles over at Kaia and feigns disappointment.

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As Princess Graziella and Lord Romulius get in line the Princess takes out a small key from around her wrist and unlocks her bag to remove a green glass trinket shaped like an egg before promptly relocking the bag in a precise fashion.

Norah rises, taking Oskar's arm as they head to the receiving line. She eyes the octopus with amusement and curiosity, and more than a little bit of sudden craving.

Fortescue seems to focus quietly on his prayers at the end of the ceremoy as he quietly mills in the throng of well-wishers but then there's a rather sudden turn to things and he just stares forward in abject horror and as Medeia yells. He puts his hand to his chest but all the same steps forward but then Neilda answers and he breathes out in relief. He looks at all the great personages that get into the line and steps himself towards the back.

Ember is first in line to approach Lord and Lady Eswynd, largely because of her supernatural ability to casually shoulder-check people out of the way while she's striding and not feel bad about it afterward. And really, if you don't at least /shove/ someone at the man's wedding, you'll probably never hear the end of it after.

Ember's words to the pair are brief: "Congratulations," she says, to both. Then she reaches into one of her gauntlets and pulls out a knife. The blade is flipped around in her hand -- a rubicund stiletto with a handle of stygian -- and offered toward Medeia. "My gift to the two of you. May it prove useful if Lord Haakon gets out of hand tonight. I'd say it might help with the octopus, but from what I've heard you need to bash those things against rocks for hours before you can butcher them."

"The Lady Medeia has experience catching octopus, she told me the story recently in our last conversation," she says, amusement touching the corners of her mouth. "I'll convey our salutations for the both of us," Natasha assures the Princess Consort, returning the squeeze in her hand. Watching her fashionable sister-in-law move away, she pivots so she can join the line, though she lingers in the fringes. She can wait her turn, slender limbs folding behind her back and her dark gaze drawing away from the growing line to rest elsewhere in the room, expression wreathed with an undefinable preoccupation. Fingers quietly twist the signet that has found a permanent home on the smallest digit in her left hand behind her, the serpent's argent coils embracing it possessively at each turn.

A strange cheer joins the voices lifte, bright blue and gold wings lift and batter Vitalis. "AWWWWKKK!!! MARGERIE! WHERE ARE MY PANTS!! AWK!!"

Amador checks composure at normal. Botch! Amador is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

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Neilda has joined the Kneeling Statue of Mangata in a pond.

Ok, the bird got him. He avoided breaking with the octopus, maintaining his decorum... but when a bird suddenly squawked 'where are my pants' he lost it. Deep and even raucous laughter bellowed forward and he grabbed his midsection, turning away from the group to bellow his laughter toward the wall as he stood beside Yuri.

Turn in line: Calla

Rising from his place in the Alcove of Creation, Romulius offers his arm once more to the Princess Graziella, leading her towards the assembly that waits to offer congratulations to the newlywed couple. A troubled look flashes over cerulean eyes for a moment as heavy footfalls carry them to their destination, directed somewhere indistinct in the crowd. He gives a whisper given to his companion, the words carrying no further in the quiet din of the Atrium as they settle into their place in line. The parrot, then, gets a look of its own. Romulius is not an animal person.

Haakon eyes Ember with dry amusement at her congratulations and gift. To the notion of stabbing him if he gets out of line, Haakon's response is a deadpan, "...'if'?" The ghost of a smile pulls briefly at his lip

Alarissa looks over at the screeching bird, left eyelid twitching.

Natasha has joined the line.

Neilda, triumphant and delighted, may have met the love of her life. She wanders back to sit, dress hitched up, feet in the water. She whispers sweet nothings to the octopus (well - quiet babble anyway) and wiggles the appendages of her necklace at the creature. See, goes the vibe: I love you.

Lucita watches the proceedings with amusement barely concealed. She gives a little soft laugh and claps as the ceremony ends, given a little extra memorial bit here and there from feathered and many-armed critters.

Ember checks composure and performance at normal. Ember is marginally successful.

Norah checks composure at normal. Norah is marginally successful.

Medeia gingerly takes the blade from EMber and smiles. She smirks at Haakon's response. "I'm sure it will get good use, Baroness. THank you."

Ezekiel checks composure at normal. Ezekiel is successful.

Ember replies to Haakon's question with a wag of her eyebrows, then curtsies and walks away. As she does so, she spots Piccola near the back of the line, and stops to... well, just look at Piccola for a moment. There's a very subtle flare in her nostrils as she breathes that much deeper, but her poker face remains intact.

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When it is their turn Princess Graziella steps forward with Lord Romulius at her side and she offers the new couple a small and intricate wedding trinket in the form of a glass egg-box crafted from saikland green blue glass. "When I saw this egg, it occurred to me that it might make a nice gift for the newly married couple, a little nest egg.. you can put something precious inside, and I believe that is saikland glass? May you both cherish it and each other in good health for years to come."

Like a questionable accomplice, sudden squawk of the bird breaks Natasha from her absent reverie, the slight widening of umbral eyes falling on the parrot, followed by the burst of sudden laughter from an unfamiliar face. It does eventually draw her scrutiny towards the front of the line, resting on the Bloody Baroness' figure and tracking her line of sight to another person in the room. That draws enough interest, however faintly it glimmers like a distant start on the marble cast of her largely impassive facade.

When she sees an oppotunity to approach Medeia and Haakon, Calla makes her way over and curtseys to both in turn, "Congratulations, Lord and Lady Eswynd." She says rather formally though there is a beaming smile on her face and she can't help going in for a tight, but careful, hug with her bestie, gushing at Medeia. "You look breathtaking. I'm so happy for you. I don't have a present I'm afraid, but I give you my absolutely best wishes for a wonderful life for the both of you." She looks over at Haakon to include him in this as well before she takes herself off to allow others the chance.


Piccola is dressed in a rather resplendent suit of steel: it is stained darkly with green accents. Who knew that the General had such a suit? (Only those who have seen her joust, perhaps.) "I like the colors," she tells Ember quietly, her tone even and neutral. She smiles briefly after. "It suits your moniker." She sets her gauntlet-covered left hand upon the handle of her sword. "Was the ceremony eventful?"

Sounds like she's small-talking because she's in public.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Vitalis flinches from those battering wings - give the man a break, he's just got the one good eye left. "NOT. HERE." Gods.

AWK! That's a cruel-looking beak. Vitalis caves and sharply lifts his hand sending the Earl aloft who flies off screaming. Just raucous cries, no Arvani. Vitalis looks with wide eyes at Haakon and Medeia, "We're... newly acquainted." He bows to those leaving the Alcove and exits himself to join the line of greeters, hand to his temple, face scrunched.

6 Ivory Shields, Oubi the Owl leave, following Graziella.

Haakon gives a short dip of his head and words of greeting to Romulius as he approached alongside Graziella. When the lady skeaks and makes her delicate gift, he opines, "A fit gesture. And a welcome one." Calla is greeted on approach in turn, bug he doesn't interjects on the two friends.

The bird makes Medeia laugh, though she has no clue who this Margerie person is or why there is a need for pants on a bird. Either way, she's amused as Graziella steps forward and hands off the egg. "Princess Graziella, thank you so much, it /is/ Saikland glass, and Mangata is very appropriate for Eswynd. How very thoughtful!" Then Calla is there, and does her best to keep her wet dress off of the baroness during that hug. "Your presence is gift enough, my dear, thank you."

Ezekiel checks charm and performance at normal. Ezekiel is marginally successful.

Ember moves to get back in line -- not really, she's just standing alongside Piccola, keeping the Tessere General company while Piccola is in line herself. Ember glances off in one direction, with a mild furrow in her brow and an even milder frown, but shakes that look off after an instant. "A creature from the depths of the water attempted to conquer the Archlector of the Sentinel," Ember notes to Piccola dryly. Then, more earnestly: "You look amazing."

Turn in line: Neilda

Turn in line: Nijah

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When Nijah has a chance to speak with the newlyweds, she rises to her feet and quickly scurries to them, a bundle in hand that she hefts up. She dips her head to Medeia and also to Haakon and smiles. "I am afraid that it was all that I was able to be getting before the wedding but I hope you are able to make yourself something very nice and suiting your tastes," she beams, handing over a big bundle of honeysilk, presumably over to a servant. "This was not quite what I was expecting but I was so glad to have had a chance to be here."

Slowly, Ezekiel's fingers begin to glide across the strings, his fingers plucking gently at them as he watches the ongoing scene with a certain degree of equanimity. Still, it is somewhat distracting and a frown furrows his brow as he listens to the strings, his lips pursing in thought. While not particularly inspired, it is not bad either.

Piccola dips her head acknowledgingly to Ember.

"Thank you, Baroness. You know I have always admired you." There's a pause after. "I can think of no more apt metaphor for politics than what you have described." She huffs and looks down the line and around the shrine for a moment. "I see that my House has attended well tonight." This is something that she seems pleased with. But then, it's back to business. "There's a matter we should talk about when we get the chance."

"After I am done giving my words to our friends."

Norah turns to Oskar. She looks up at him, an amused look in her eye. "Will you dance with me, or will I have to find a redheaded healer?"

Turn in line: Leena

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Oskar is taken by surprise at the request, "Maybe we could have her join us and then we can have a group dance." He suggests, lifting his eyebrows at Norah. "But meanwhile, I'll indulge your desires." He curves himself in an exaggerated fashion, "Please, would you lead the way, my lady?"

Haakon grabs a passing servant by their jerkin and relives them of a glass of something alcoholic. He sniffs it once, takes a taste and passes it to Medeia.

Wash collects a drink of his own and wanders in the direction of the alcove of arts. "May I?" He asks the table, gesturing to an empty seat.

Leena rises and approaches when it's her turn. She offers Medeia a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. "Congratulations, Lady Medeia Eswynd. My gift is a 2 foot long boat I've crafted, so you have your vary own ship for a soak in a tub - the Medeia's Peace. You can pull up the tabs to release up to 6 different scents into the water, and the top opens for refilling. Of course, you can also play with it as well, should you wish. The octopus upon a bear at the captain's wheel was something I took inspiration from your birthday party. And of course, when not in use I included a stand. I hope you enjoy. And..hopefully do not infuse your bathing water with 6 different scents at once."

Leena moves on then to offer Haakon a hug "Take good care of her now, and make sure you have lots of little ones afoot yes?" Then she'll be off to allow the next person.

Norah checks dexterity and performance at normal. Botch! Norah is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.

When Piccola says that she and Ember need to talk, Ember glances over her shoulder at some point in the line behind the pair. Then her fiercely yellow eyes set back on Piccola. "Very well. Were the measurements of the bow wrong?" she asks, in a conversational tone. "I've never been much of an archer. Hell, it's been so long since I've had my scythe that I feel as though trying to wield one now would see me so out of practice as to look like a bumbling oaf." Ember purses her lips. "And I would never want to do you the injustice of allowing you to see such a thing."

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Yuri creased his brow as Amador spoke, waving his hand to him dismissively as he beckoned the man over a few times, "Bah, nonsense. But, if you would get yourself a drink or mingle, feel free. Do as you please, my friend!"

Lucita gestures toward the seat, Of course, Lord Wash. She smiles and scoots over to make a bit more room for the Kennex Lord.

Haakon raises a brown brow at the 'humble' gift Nijah offers. "You'd be welcome empty handed. That.. is *far* from empty handed. Our thanks. Mostly hers," he adds with a dry half-smile and motion toward Medeia. Leena approaches next and the name of her gift earns a sniff of flat humor. "So now she can hold her peace?" The deadpan jest made he dips his head to Leena.

Turn in line: Kalani

Nijah's approach is met with a grin. "Nijah! Oh, you didn't have... Thank you so, so much. I can't wait to show you what gets made with this." As Nijah leaves, Haakon hands her that drink and she smirks, exchanging a few quiet words with him before she takes a sip. He was right. RIght about what? THat's for her to know. Leena's approach is met with another grin, returning the hug and allowing the cheek kiss. "Leena, you have the most inventive mind and I cannot wait to test this out. Thank you." THe mention of lots of little ones raises her eyebrows.

Slipping from where she's been seated alongside Kaia, Irisa, Thea and so many others, Kalani moves to join the queue of people taking a turn greeting the happy couple. Once the opportunity arises, Kalani sinks into a curtsy before the newly wedded couple and straightens with a grin. "Congratulations to the two of you on this happy day. I hope your union is a happy one and full of interesting challenges that provide ways for you two to work together and learn how to be a powerful team," not that they aren't already!

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After the congratulations and gift are offered to the newest Eswynd and her groom, Romulius offers his arm back to Graziella, another whisper as his gaze sweeps the rest of the line before he leads her out of the Atrium, the pace hastened slightly halfway through the departure. When she is safely returned to her retinue, he returns to the reception, lingering in the outskirts of the chamber after collecting a drink from one of the servants.

Turn in line: Fortescue

"It is a very fine bow."

Piccola's lips press tightly into a flat, long line on her face. "In faith, I am unsure when I would use it. It is too long to wield atop a horse; it would require a different kind of arrow than those I use with my riding bow." Beat. "It would be most suitable atop a parapet, where an archer could let an arrow fly indirectly and gain power as it falls from the sky." And then, impulsively, the miniature military mind punches the Bloody Baroness gently in the shoulder, to make a loud **clank** sound where her gauntlet meets rubicund.

"What is the injustice of seeing your humanity, Baroness?"

With a grin shot over her shoulder, Nijah beams at Medeia. "Oh I will be holding you do that! I cannot wait!" she grins happily, moving back to where she'd been sat beside Samira, a curious gaze given to other woman and her conversation.

Composure regained, Amador rose from his chair with newly acquired glass of wine. "I do not mind waiting with you, my lord." He joined Yuri to await the Tessere's turn in the greeting line, dark eyes idly grazing the breadth of those present over the rim of his glass. "Again I say... wondrous." He murmured aside to Yuri.

The dance starts off well enough. A simple polka. A spot of fun. Right? Right? No. Left. Left, Norah. It's too late. She's off balance and coming down hard on Oskar's foot.

Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, delivering a message to Haakon before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Haakon before departing.

Fortescue waits in line with the others seeming to take in all of the chatter nearby him like a buffet of humanity until his name is called and he blinks a bit. He tugs down the front of his doublet and steps forward and offers a bow to the newlyweds and leans back up, "My Lord and Lady ... " and he smiles gently, "I am ... humbled that I could be here for this day and celebrate with you. I can only offer the greatest of apologies that I don't come bearing anything save my fellowship in offer but you've all the well wishes and prayers that I can muster on this day to the end of days being one of blessing to you both."

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Turn in line: Samira

Ezekiel checks charm and performance at normal. Ezekiel is marginally successful.

"One day you'll need it, and there it will be," Ember notes to Piccola while they speak about bows and their uses. Her armor absorbs the punch, and the Baroness issues a tiny smile afterward, ticking upward the corners of her lips. "Because I'm the Bloody Baroness," Ember says, a self-effacingly taunting edge in her tone. "A legend in the making, or so I've been told. Can't have a thing like humanity get in the way of /that/."

Neilda, sitting by the pool looks up when a passing attendant offers her wine. She declines, but takes a fork laden with some sort of snacky pickle-cheese-sausage snack. Eats the snack, offers the fork to the octopus, which might be somewhat fascinated with it, at least for three seconds, swirling about her feet. She probably has not considered that she gave the thing a sort of weapon. It's fine.

Yuri took a gander around the room to admire those that had come together, giving an approvingly nod as he glanced to Amador with a smile, "Oh, it is indeed. I had a feeling it would be quite like this and I am happy to say my predictions were correct!"

Haakon mutters a few lower words to Fortescue, once Medeia has said her piece in response to her former retainer.

After murmuring something to those standing near her, Samira flashes a quick grin and then excuses herself to join the receiving line. When it's her turn, she pulls Medeia into a quick hug and delivers a light smack to Haakon's shoulder in lieu of hugging a near-stranger. "Congratulations to you both. I wish you both all the happiness and excitement and only enough disagreements to still enjoy the making up afterward. I guess I've said pretty much everything else, but here... I figure this might be useful for when you two want to sneak off for some quality time together or something." She holds a basket out for a servant to whisk away with the rest of the presents. "Don't be strangers."

Medeia holds a hand out to Kalani as she approaches, giving one of hers a gentle squeeze. "Kalani, I'm so happy you could be here. Your words are sweet, I appreciate you." As she slips away, another sip of that drink is taken as FOrtescue approaches. "For, I'm..." She shakes her head and lowers her voice to speak just between the two of them for a moment.

Ezekiel stares down at his harp, looking forlorn. Sighing, he shakes his head, slipping his harp back into his case and making his way out.

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Turn in line: Oskar

Piccola lifts an eyebrow for but a moment.


Oskar balance comes undone as he is stepped on his foot just as they were beginning the dance. The Marquis struggles a little longer, trying to find the safest place where they can land now that the fall is inevitable, finding solace in the pond. Now soaking wet and still processing what has happened, he reaches for his wife, "Come on. It's my turn now."

Oskar walks closer to the newly wed couple, not seeming to mind the added weight of the water on his clothes, "Here's something for you to protect our family." He says, handing the harpoon to Haakon, while turning to Medeia. "And you have to guide his hand to strike firmly against our enemies. Just know that we'll be supporting the both of you at every step."

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Turn in line: Kaia

There's a beaming smile for Medeia and Haakon, when her turn arrives to greet the bride and groom. The petite Malvici makes her approach with her daughter carried in her arms. Little Nia's small hands making grabby gestures towards the familiar lady whom she loves so much. Of course, Kaia doesn't quite hand the baby over, no time for that! (Unless, there is?) Medeia has lots of others to greet, so one way or the other they'd be soon moving away after the brief and cordial exchange. "Lady Medeia, you look so beautiful! Lord Eswynd is, truly, a lucky man. Oh! These roses are for you.~" she notes, handing over 'an elegant bouquet of red roses' to Medeia, before giving a look to Haakon. "Lord Eswynd, it's good to see you again.~ I wish you both only the best in this most wonderful journey. This is for you." she says, her attendant handing over 'a pot of watermint' to the Eswynd lord.

Norah is in the pond, then dragged right to the receiving line by Oskar. Sopping wet and bedraggled, though holding herself with regality, she says, "My gift is that I am not hugging either of you right now."

Slipping from the receiving line, Kalani aims another smile at the happy couple before moving through the gathered crowd of wedding guests. She selects a glass of wine from the food and drink on display and sips from it while taking a curious look around.

Okay, so, after the eyebrow, Piccola says something quietly to Ember. "The Bloody Baroness is an image and an idea. I vastly prefer to know people, my friend, and people have faults." She holds up a hand, though, because her turn before the happy couple is coming up soon. And she clearly has something to say to the two of them, her green eyes lighting up when she notices that only Narcissa stands before her, before them.

Fortescue listens to the whispers from both the bride and groom and puts his hand to his chest and he dips his head again. He smiles aside to Medeia and says back, "For you anything, my Lady," in a quiet tone and then tugs down his jacket as he steps back near the table to give other well-wishers their time. He starts to look around and see about picking up a drink and perhaps seeming 'busy'or 'invisible' when the call for dancing starts.

Haakon sniffs the sharply fragrant herbal offering Kaia brings. "Lucky for true," he agrees. "See you soon, with bow in hand."

Ember pats Piccola on the shoulder. "The person is under the armor. Perhaps you'd like to come take it off of me sometime." She delivers this in the most matter-of-fact tone, and then steps aside, removing herself from the line so that she's not crowding Piccola's moment with Lord and Lady Eswynd. After stepping out of line, Ember's eyes drift over to Natasha, and she doesn't even really conceal the fact that she's staring at her with a dull, withdrawn look in her eyes.

There is far less cocnern about getting Samira wet when Medeia hugs her back, not for lack of care but because the two women have An Understanding. She doesn't even really respond to the words the other woman says, nodding and smiling while making eye contact. It's really all that's needed in that moment. As Samira walks away, Medeia finishes the drink in her hand and passes the glass off to a passing servant before Oskar approaches. She offers her new marquis a hugs, since they're both wet, murmuring a grateful "thank you" to him. She hugs Norah anyway. And then it is Kaia's turn and Nia gets a kiss tot he forehead before taking the roses. "Thank you, Kaia, and thank you for bringing my favorite little Lady."

Turn in line: Narcissa

Haakon incl new his head once to Oskar, accepting back the harpoon, before turning a dry eye on Norah. "When you're called a wet blanket, near-sister.. this is why." He is so amused behind that stoneface, you guys.

Narcissa approaches the newly married couple with a smile curling her black-painted lips. "Congratulations and many well wishes from House Fidante. As for myself, I fear I will have to mourn I have lost my place as your current favorite, Lady Medeia. All good things must come to an end, alas!" She places a hand demurely over her heart. "A gift to a dear friend, give me one word of your choice and I will compose my next piece for you surrounding it." To Haakon she amends, "I do apologize I haven't the honor and pleasure of meeting you until this very moment. Do treat her well? A word of your choice as well, for a matching pair of verse?"

Turn in line: Piccola

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Amador gave a pat to Yuri's shoulder, wine glass lifting in a faux cheers toward the man. "I trust you capable of making the rest of the journey without my company?" His volume underscored the din of festivities, small smile again tugging at his lips. "I have a few things to assist the Marquis with still. I will see you back at the manor, my lord."

Kaia beams at Haakon. "Indeed! With bow in hand." she agrees, and gives him a nod. "I'm looking forward to the finals. Until then." Medeia gets a warm smile. "It was my pleasure.~" she blows a little kiss to the, now, Eswynd lady and at last moves away to make way for the others in line.

Kalani is overheard praising Medeia: A beautiful bride on a beautiful day, thank you for hosting this event and opening it to so many to attend!

The General draws in a deep breath before she begins.

"Hail to you, my friends, on this most happy occasion." Piccola smiles, and it seems to linger. "To the Lord Haakon: you have always treated me well as a soldier and warrior, knowing how that might look to your men. I shall never forget that." And then, to Medeia. "And my friend, the Lady Medeia: you have always treated me as more than just a soldier, even if that is what I am." Beat. "Your union today inspires me. I have little to give you which I have not already given freely: my skill, my support, and my loyalty. When the time comes that you are ready to rejoin the fight, I promise you I will be there, prepared to fight at your side again."

She smashes her heels together, crashes a gauntleted fist to her cuirass, bows at the waist, and then steps out of line.

Kalani is overheard praising Haakon: A handsome - if quiet! - groom on a beautiful day, thank you for hosting this event and opening it to so many to attend!

Kaia is overheard praising Medeia: A gorgeous bride!

Kaia is overheard praising Haakon: A lucky groom!

Oskar hugs Medeia back, unable to keep himself from smiling as he watches the subtle reaction of Haakon to Norah's state. "Alright." He tells his wife, "Wanna give dancing another try? I'll lead this time."

Amador is overheard praising Medeia.

Amador is overheard praising Haakon.

Natasha is overheard praising Medeia: Congratulations to the lovely bride.

Natasha is overheard praising Haakon: Congratulations to the fierce groom.

Oskar is overheard praising Haakon.

Natasha is overheard praising Alarissa: As always, another impeccably put-together event from my sister-in-law.

Oskar is overheard praising Medeia.

Norah kisses Medeia on the cheek, flips Haakon off, and laughs as Oskar asks her to dance again. It's a rare, unguarded thing. "As you'd like," she agrees with a wide smile.

Drake is overheard praising Medeia.

Drake is overheard praising Haakon.

Vicarin is overheard praising Medeia.

Vicarin is overheard praising Haakon.

Medeia tilts her head to Narcissa. "Oh, Lady Narcissa, give him time, no? THere's a chance to reclaim the Current Favorite Person designation." Medeia grins brightly, glancing teasingly at Haakon, before considering her word. "Tempest," she offers the poet. Piccola's approach draws a warm smile from her, and she listens attentively as her friend speaks. "Piccola, you are certainly more than just a soldier. And so, I will alsways treat you as I see you. More than." She curtsies to her friend.

Turn in line: Natasha

Samira falls silent after the hug and that initial congratulatory speech, because she's never professed to be good with words and there aren't any that seem to do now anyway. She meets Medeia's gaze fondly, her features awash with varied emotions. And then she's stepping away to clear room for the other well-wishers, drifting over to Fortescue. She bumps his shoulder companionably with hers and murmurs a low comment.

Haakon nods once to Narcissa, "Nay, you chose well: she's the fairer one to know," with a tilt of his head toward Medeia. When Piccola takes her turn in speaking, the reaver dips his head and shoulders, without dropping eye contact. 'It will be a day long awaited. Until then."

Leena is overheard praising Medeia: I think Almost everyone ended up coming to the wedding from your side, congratlations!

"Of course, Amador. You be well!" Yuri called out to the man, lightly settling his hand to Amador before he moved to leave his side.

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Yuri leaves, following Amador.

Norah is overheard praising Medeia.

Norah is overheard praising Haakon.

Leena is overheard praising Haakon: A successful wedding event, know, a successful bride and all.

Narcissa is overheard praising Medeia.

Neilda is overheard praising Medeia: My sister, the most radiant bride there ever was.

Narcissa is overheard praising Haakon.

Narcissa is overheard praising Avary.

Her instincts are heightened enough that she can determine by the change of the air in the room whether someone is staring at her - considering the person is the Bloody Baroness, this concentrated stare is even more pointed, like razor blades pushing out from underneath her skin and causing crimson to well from ephemeral cuts. Natasha keeps her stare forward and resolute, however - after all, she's here for a purpose; it takes precedence before anyone else. That and Ember isn't the only confrontation she is presently delaying.

When her turn arrives, the Thraxian princess' alabaster regard carries the barely-there traces of her smile; it isn't reluctant by any means, but she has never been prone to be altogether expressive. Her warmth can largely be felt from her air, and the rare offerance of a touch, an elegant hand turning at the wrist to offer towards the lovely bride. "Lord Haakon, Lady Medeia. Congratulations on behalf of myself and my family, and may Managata's favor strengthen your union and grant you an auspicious beginning to the irrevocably intertwined lives you are about to lead." There's a glance towards where the red octopus had gone. "I hope that you'll allow any gifts from our end to be sent to you at a later date, but the delay may have been serendipitous." Mischief glints from the depths of fathomless dark eyes, where most of her resemblance to Victus rest. "Now I can add a tank in which your new acquisition may live."

Neilda is overheard praising Haakon: And my new brother-in-law. He's alright too I guess.

Kaia is overheard praising Avary: She carried out a wonderful ceremony for Eswynd and Saik!

Turn in line: Kiera

Kiera smiles to both Medeia and Haakon "I apologize for my extreme tardiness but I am glad I did not miss the opportunity to offer you both congratulations. I do not need to offer luck because i hsve every confidence in a successful union. Still, may the gods smile on you both"

Oskar checks dexterity and performance at normal. Oskar is marginally successful.

Leena is overheard praising Alarissa: Hail Thrax! A successful wedding event, always the socialite, always the venue, My sister's Patron never fails to dissapoint.

Kalani is overheard praising Avary: For a lovely and genuinely moving ceremony - delivered with aplomb!

Lianne is overheard praising Medeia: Graceful in the face of minor mayhem.

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Kaia is overheard praising Alarissa: So noble of her to host the Eswynd and Saik wedding at their home.

Norah is overheard praising Alarissa.

Lianne is overheard praising Haakon.

Oskar guides Norah back to the center of the Atrium, away from any pools. His movements begin slow, picking up a pace as he manages to connect one step after the other while leaving a trail of water behind their path. Seems like his recent trainings have been paying off, finally.

"Tempest." Narcissa commits to memory, "A fine one. Give me a week to have it composed for you." To Haakon she promises, "The forever favorite, not just current, I wish you both a fond farewell for this evening and a bright future together." The Fidante makes her farewells and heads for the door, soon followed by her raven who had found a perch somewhere in the lofty ceiling and her guards.

Ember's stare toward Natasha ceases when Piccola finishes speaking. The Bloody Baroness still has her helmet tucked under one arm, and reaches out with her free hand to take a drink from the tray of a passing server. "Well spoken," Ember says to Piccola. "You're better at that sort of thing than me." It's a statement of fact, not colored by envy or sadness.

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Turn in line: Yuri

Haakon sniffs sharply at Natasha's eloquent well wishes. His own visible humor is somewhere between 'faint' and 'imagined', butvthe Prodigal answers in a deadpan jest, "Any tribute from Thrax will have been well worth the wait, Princess."

Yuri approached the couple with a cordial smile, bowing his head respectfully as he glanced to both Haakon and Medeia. He canted his head to both of them as he spoke, glancing from one to the other as he spoke, "I do not proport myself to be a poet or a prophet, but I had a very strong feeling that the joining of fealties abound the Compact, and notably from Thrax and Velenosa, would show such a display of strength and prosperity that we can achieve in the midst of a turbulent spring. I ever wish the best and the most happiness for the two of you. May your days be prosperous and filled with joy." Yuri smiled then from Medeia to Haakon, bowing his head, "My Lord and Lady Eswynd."

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"Ohh no," Medeia says to Natasha, laughing. "There's already one octopus in my room, that one," she gestures toward Neilda, "That one can go wherever my sister deems it. Have you met my sister?" She smiles kindly at the princess. "But thak you for the well wishes and be sure to express our gratitude to the family for the use of the shrine." When Natasha is replaced by Kiera, the Wyvernheart lady is greeted cheerfully. "Kiera! Oh, you're excused, thinking to come at all and bid us your kindess is enough." When Yuri speaks, Medeia looks at him with amusement before looking around at the impressive gathering. "You know, Yuri, I surely thought you were mad when you said as much the other night. I've learned my lesson."

Turn in line: Drake

Drake gets up, not too long after his sister. At this point, he's had a bit to drink, but that only increases his warmth in his greeting for the couple. "Lady Thea had to take her leave, but she also sends her love." He leans in and gives Medeia a kiss on the cheek - just a polite one, and then takes Haakon's hand for a moment. "I'm sure you both want to see less well-wishers now and more of each other, but thank you for the invitation. And good luck with all the rest."

The fork held all of a minute of fascination for the octopus, which climbs to - oh, probably do something unseemly with Neilda's necklace. Who knows how that works, anyway? So she stands up out of the pool, wanders back to the table where she left a couple of parcels, and... seeing the greeters dwindling, heads to give a few words to the bride and groom. She flashes a smile at Natasha when she hears her name spoken.


Piccola shrugs in response, settling in to stand at Ember's side. She can't help but look towards Natasha as well. "I don't have an earth-shattering reputation to lead troops. Most are skeptical of being led by a woman in the first place, let alone one that doesn't look as if she could hold her own against a heavy cavalry charge." Shrug. "Well-placed words can help assuage and temper even the weakest heart."

"Or turn a critic into an ally."

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"You're very kind my lord, it gives me all the more incentive to ensure that they do," Natasha tells Haakon, her smile subtly growing at the laugh she pulls from Medeia. "You'll have to let me know where he ends up, but yes, I'll extend your gratitude to the rest." Taking a step away to allow other well-wishers access to the bride and groom, there's a pivot and turn towards Neilda. "Lady Neilda, I don't believe I've had the pleasure until today. My name is Natasha Thrax."

Haakon gives Yuri a solemn nod at the gentleman's words, rumbling in return, "Well said, Tessere." A dip of his head in parting and Haakon looks to Drake in turn, taking his fellow champion's offered hand. "Wyvernheart. You need a sword to help steal your own bride, you'll have mine."

Kiera moves to thw side to watch ger brother greet the couple with a smile

Kiera is overheard praising Medeia: A lovely and accomplished bride

Piccola is overheard praising Medeia.

Piccola is overheard praising Haakon.

Sorrel shouts from nearby, "ROCKS DON'T HAVE SOULS!"

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Ember looks down at Piccola's shoulder for a moment. In one hand, she has a drink. In the other, she has her helmet. The dilemma is briefly written on Ember's face. She wants to rest a hand on the shorter woman's shoulder but she has no hands to offer. Not ideal. Ember still leans over very slightly, only to make her voice carry more easily while she and Piccola murmur with one another and look at Natasha. Then Sorrel shouts about rocks and Ember briefly turns her head to look over with utter bewilderment.

When Drake gives her a kiss on the cheek, Medeia rests a hand on his shoulder in acknowledgment, before nodding at Haakon's promise to the man. "And my blade, too." A passing servant is stopped and whispered to, eventually bringing a very generous glass of good whiskey to Haakon and a glass of wine to her. She's taking a moment to breathe when Sorrel shouts about rocks and souls. "NO PRINCESS THEY DO NOT."

Kiera is overheard praising Medeia: A strong and handsome groom

Wash leans back away from Sorrel's shout, which is undoubtedly a result of his persistent pestering.

"I may yet," Drake says with a small laugh at Haakon's comment. He makes eye contact with the man one more time, and then to Medeia, also. Then he makes way to depart.

Lisebet is still quite composed, but there's no doubting the amusement on her face.

Yuri smiled to Medeia, giving a short shrug but a polite bow such after, "No doubting me, Lady Eswynd! It was a lovely ceremony and shall be a lovely evening as it continues. Be well, both of you." His icy gaze settled to Haakon with a courteous bow, "My lord Haakon. Thank you for opening your estate to us for this lovely evening." And he took his leave of the line to settle back nearest a wall or wherever wine was being served out.

That doesn't wipe the smile off Neilda's face (or remove the live octopus from the metal octopus hanging around her throat). "Nice to meet you, your highness. Love the dress." Hers is... soaked to about the knee. She steps forward to press a package into Medeia's hands - but she's already said her words to her sister. A weightier package goes to Haakon, and she steps forward, clasps his shoulder in a familial sort of way, murmurs wishes in his ear. Happy sorts, sounds like.

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

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Coming back in from the shackles, Alarissa looks toward where Sorrel yells with a raised brow.

Kiera blinks and waits until drake is done with his congratulations to whisper to the man

Piccola looks up at Ember and gives her a look of careful consideration.

She then looks back at Natasha, gazing at her from afar. Silence. Then she looks back up to Ember and murmurs something to her quietly, loosely shrugging a shoulder. If she has an objection to being used as a place to rest a hand, helmet, or glass of whiskey, she does not voice it.

Whatever clamor Sorrel made does not seem to get her attention.

Her cousin-in-law's shout gets a glance, amusement toying with the pale lines of Natasha's face. Stepping away, she reaches out towards a passing server to pluck a glass of whiskey from the platter, and with well-wishes dispensed and a proper introduction meted out, several steps take her away from the collective to plant herself in the fringes once more. With a careful eye to avoid a tall figure lurking in the corners of the room, it sets, instead, on Ember and holds there, steady and unwavering.

It doesn't last long or grow wide, but Neilda's whispered words get a small, short-lived smile from Haakon, and a slight nod.

Ember murmurs something back to Piccola with a nod, and then sets to walking. She doesn't need to look to see if Piccola is following. She can hear the General's armor. Her eyes meet Natasha's stare, and it's as though Ember refuses to blink as she continues walking toward the Thrax Princess. "Your Highness," Ember says, once she's close enough for it to be appropriate. She's not going to shout across a wedding reception. She dips into a deep curtsy. "This is General Piccola, a Lady of House Tessere. I respectfully request that you come drink with us."

And so as she steps back, Neilda gives Haakon a clap on the arm, smiles at the pair of them, casts the magic of a finger-wiggle at them, which - without any words - probably means 'go on you two, get a room or something'.

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Medeia takes the package from Neilda, smiling at her sister as she talks quietly to Haakon. All the packages have been gathered up by an attentive servant and now that it seems the line is through, they are being bundled off to Eswyndol. She claps her hands together and calls out, "Thank you all, again, for being here! Please eat, drink, dance, enoy. We are so grateful to have had you all celebrating with us. And, to those of you Thraxians in attendance, I am honored to be joining your ranks. This has been a beautiful welcome." She falls silent behind her... husband. And looks around at all the people, smiling.

"Baroness Redreef." Natasha's inscrutability returns, her earlier smiles vanishing, curls brushing against her cheeks at the acknowledging bob of her head towards Ember's deep curtsey; while her characteristic detachment returns, however, it isn't in any way hostile - her own amicability is threaded from more gossamer material, and hardly demonstrates anything too overt. Eyes like hot coals belie whatever apparent neutrality is there, however, keen with interest and honed by attentiveness only curiosity can inspire, drawn towards the more diminutive general next to her. "General. Fortunately I've just procured my one glass for the day, I'll be glad to follow where the two of you lead."

Haakon shrugs to Neilda, nods once, gives eat to Medeia's announcement...

Then picks her up, settles the lady over one shoulder, and walks promptly out of the hall.

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