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The Northlands Collection, a Fashion of the Fealties

Moving from the Lyceum to the Northlands, Talia Baseborn will present a collection of heirloom gowns for noble Houses in the North to capture the fierce, natural beauty that draws people to the Northlands every day. Featured Houses will be: Ravenseye, Clearlake, Crovane, Blackwood, Halfshav, Acheron, and a special display of a gown for the Countess of Stahlben.


July 17, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Zara Gianna Khanne Oddmun Rosalind Kenna Mikani Wylla Volcica Sapphira Svana


Acheron Blackwood Clearlake Crovane Halfshav Ravenseye Stahlben


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Elegant Impressions - Showroom

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Comments and Log

This fashion show is much like the last few, for all that it's much delayed. There is servants with wine and (as least messy as possible) finger foods to pass around trays, hired on Talia's own dime, and the shop itself has been brightly lit with a fresh cleaning. Dark navy mannequins have been arranged in a circle, spaced apart to allow people to walk entirely around them, as they hold the expensive, one-of-a-kind gowns. In the center of the circle, a brass statue of Arcadia Stahlben stands, dressed in the last gown. Nearby, a lithe female stands with a sharp gaze and a sharper sword, should anyone get any ideas. The seamstress herself seems to be hiding near the back of the shop rather than greeting anyone at the door, dressed in a simple wool black gown. She is reading over notes to herself, a speech it seems by the way she practices it with wearing at the corner of the sheet.

How does Zara hold a glass of wine with claw-tipped hands? _Practice_. She'd never turn up to one of Talia's affairs wearing someone else's work, and it's one of Talia's gowns she's wearing, all gleaming golden scales and talon-tipped fingers. She has to pass on the finger food, unless she wants to poke them with her claws and eat from them, and for a moment she looks like she is thinking about it. Seeing Talia hiding out, she spares her the attention and instead turns to study the gowns.

Gianna circulates the shop, having accepted a glass of wine. Also chocolate, if there was chocolate. Was there chocolate? Her eyes calculating, she takes in every bit of embroidery, every fold. Eyes sharp for detail, the head of the Bard's College takes it all in.

Sadly, Khanne does not own a piece of Talia's, so instead of showing up naked, which would likely be frowned upon, the Duchess arrives in a colorful ensemble, her hair looking somewhat put together, twisted up and held in place with a hair ornament that looks like a sprig of lavender. She is all smiles as she walks in, but upon seeing the statue of Arcadia, her lips turn downwards. A servant passes with wine and Khanne is pleased to take a glass, holding it delicately in a slender hand. No food for her, not just yet. She offers gentle nods to Zara and Gianna, knowing them, but not well. Not wanting to interrupt Talia's study, she will save that greeting for later.

Oddmun is completely out of place here. But he had said that he would meet someone here. But upon the onlookers, he does not see the person he's looking for. But he has to turn and shoo something out the door, making 'psst psst' noises. "Wait outside." he tells the mini-horse, wearing it's /red blanket/ and he shakes his head. "I will come out to you if I need to deliver a message!"

There's a flash of redhair as soon as the door opens. "Am I late?! I'm sorry!" The obvious northerner is also smiles. Her freckled face tan, a few obvious scars appearing on her cheeks. Rosalind hurries to find a seat, waving to Khanne first.

Talia does look up finally from her notes, spotting her own work first, naturally: her gaze goes to Zara and her lips lift in a shy smile. She folds her notes, putting it away as she moves to finally greet someone. "Your highness, I appreciate that you come to all of these," she tells Zara, curtsying respectfully.

Returning Khanne's nod with a reserved acknowledgment that's brightened by a warm gaze, Zara glances to Talia and inclines her head to her as well. "I absolutely do my best, Talia. You speak to the heart of each holding and each house that you create for. I learn -- and I enjoy."

Gianna raises her wine glass and inclines her head to Khanne, glancing at the lavender hair adornment and nodding. "Lovely," she mouths, though that may be difficult to parse. She nods to Zara, and to Talia as well. "This is the first time I've managed to make one of these."

"I'll give her a few more minutes." Oddmun says, glancing down and he sinks backwards a little to be out of the way, though he does reach for a little bit of finger food. "Few more minutes and then I can go." he reminds himself.

Talia blushes for the kind words, murmuring a quiet, "I try, at least. I am not always sure how much I succeed." She smiles to Gianna, curtsying to the Whisper as well as she greets: "Nightingale Gianna. Welcome. The gowns at this point are so scattered throughout Houses, but if you are ever curious, each of the Great Houses has their own to represent them, as well as the crown. The Houses within the fealties draw some inspiration from their liege's gown."

Something out of the corner of her eye catches Khanne's attention and sweeps her away from reminiscing about Arcadia, making her focus more on the gowns on display. She walks around them, tilting her head as she studies each, but stops at one of a blood red brocade. Delicate fingers reach out to lightly touch the rubicund circlet, trailing down the chained cowl that leads her fingertips to a brocade shoulder. A smile grows wider upon her face and she gives a nod, perhaps to the dress? Surely must be, as no one else is standing near it. "Of course," she says quietly, turning to find Talia's face in the crowd. Louder then, she says, "It looks absolutely amazing, Talia. All of them do, but this..." She gestures to the gown. "Truly captures the essence of Halfshav." She dips her head then and says, "thank you." Hearing Zara's words, she adds her own. "I only wish I was able to attend the others. They are stunning!"

Acheron paid A LOT of money and supplies into their gown, and the merchant bitch in Kenna's absolutely coming to see the return on their investment. Late, of course, as she steps in. It takes exactly one look to pick out the Acheron man. "It's talent that can make this and not have it look gaudy as heck." That's praise.

Talia's gaze draws away, distracted for a moment as she blushes deep red. She offers a fleeting smile to Khanne, half apology, even as she murmurs, "Thank you, Duchess Khanne." Acheron's gown does hold the most gems and metals, which the seamstress glances to and back to Kenna with a bow. "Thank you, Lady Kenna. If you have a moment-- actually, all of you, I have a speech that I wrote." But as she says that, she chews at her lower lip, hesitant to approach the stage that exists as a dressing pedestal in the room.

Rosalind looks over at the statue of Cady and grins. "Oh wow! That's really pretty and looks just like her!" But then as usual her attention drifts over to-Rosa gasps,"Oooooh!! Look at the feathers and--" The Ravenseye is obviously excited. "It's the sea! The gown is like the sea! But you know--like we're sailing! All in a gown!"

"They truly are. I was charmed by the things she did with the Oathlands fashions. It's always a pleasure to see someone render it so well and so elegantly," Zara says in a murmur to Khanne. When Talia says she has a speech, she quiets, watching her over the rim of her glass as she takes a careful, taloned sip.

And then Rosa is quiet, because you know. Speeches.

"Please," Gianna tells Talia, gesturing toward the stage. "Let us hear the speech. I'd love to hear it." The artist formerly known as a Whisper inclines her head, a ghost of a smile at the corners of her lips.

"I think there might be armor with less metal upon it..." Kenna says with a tiny shake of her head. But Talia wants to do a speech, so Kenna hushes up and cocks her head sideways.

Talia drags herself to the stage, taking a deep breath and then quickly reciting a memorized speech.

"It was hard, I found to approach the Northlands and capture the fierce and wild beauty, your closeness to spirits and the land, without turning it cliche. I wanted to ensure that I displayed that, what you bring to the Compact in terms of strength. I also wanted to balance how I displayed the Houses, making sure that Halfshav’s duality was shown," she nods to the Savage Knights, "The still, vivid clarity that can be found in the lands of Clearlake," she gestures softly to Snowcovered Mountains, "The way that Archeron has formed itself from two parts only to flourish in wealth," she nods this time to the Stygian gown, "The way that Crovane has rooted itself deeply into the Compact," she tips her chin to the Black Trees gown, "The strength of Ravenseye’s navy that brings itself to the Northlands, to fly with their friends," she gestures to the Stormriding Ravens gown, "And the way Blackwood has held the line proudly."

She pauses, and then bows her head softly to the brass statue of Arcadia. "And, of course, I wanted to give honor to Arcadia Stahlben, who pushed her House higher and higher. Because we know, Death isn’t the end, it’s a step. Stahlben’s rebirth and growth has formed from the death of what they were when they joined our Compact."

"The Northlands, mysterious and deep, was a challenge but yet, I present my Fashion of the Fealties, the Northlands collection, for your approval. I hope that I have done at least something close." She bows, blushing, to the Northlands nobles as she concludes her speech.

Gianna holds her wine glass very carefully so that she may applaud the speech. It's not the loudest clapping, because that would be very awkward and messy, but it's still applause.

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Mikani enters looking about curiously. She smiles as she catches the end of Talia's words. It what had drawn her North as well. She snags a glass of wine before moving to go and see the dresses.

Staying long enough to hear the speech, Oddmun applauds for Talia's words, doing one more look around. Not seeing who he was looking for, he shakes his head. "Guess she had something come up." he murmurs, before turning to head out of the shop.

Oddmun is overheard praising Talia: Wonderful speech and dresses!

Kenna is overheard praising Talia.

Mikani is overheard praising Talia.

Gianna is overheard praising Talia: Wonderous talent and expression.

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Talia is quick to step off the stage once her speech is done, not staying to soak up any praise. Instead, she steps off and moves back towards Zara and Gianna's direction.

"You mean to //flaunt// their wealth." Kenna's talking to herself. It's honestly terrible the wealth on that dress. She applauds nice ans politely for the speech before turning back to view the others.

Zara's applause for Talia is necessarily muted: glass of wine, claws on her fingers. It's really more of a tink-tink-tink of metal on glass. "What was your greatest challenge, working with this collection?" she asks Talia as she approaches. "Which design came to you the quickest?"

Zara is overheard praising Talia.

Mikani applauds and continues to take in the works of art.

Wylla arrives on the tail end of Talia's words and in the resulting applause. She may not know exactly what it's for, but she adds some of her own to be polite. Luckily, it's not at all difficult to figure out the situation, and like many, she gravitates towards the mannequins and the status of Arcadia to quietly admire the work on display.

Smiling at all the gowns, the enthusiastic Ravenseye looks over at Talia. "They're so really pretty! But she looks at the Ravenseye gown more, grinning,"Honest. I think Aella would love that too!"

Kenna may be talking to herself, but Talia includes Zara with a tip of a nod as she replies quietly, flushing to Kenna: "As a Disciple of Gild, I am sure that her Highness, Princess Zara, can attest that there is nothing wrong with wealth." She smiles softly to Kenna, before she turns back to Zara. She chews at her lower lip for a moment before she answers, "Trying to capture the fierceness of the North, I think. I am used to elegant, high fashion. Not that fierce cannot be that, but-- I suppose I struggled, with it. Ravenseye came to me first, but Stahlben's soon after then Crovane's."

Gianna inclines her head to Wylla, a hint of a ghost of a smile at the corners of her lips. She nears the red and rubicund gown again, considering the cowl thoughtfully.

Khanne is overheard praising Talia: Truly brought the feeling of the Northlands to life in the gowns!

Rosalind is overheard praising Talia: Captured the North awesomely!

"Wealth is a tool. In this case, it's a tool of expression, and it speaks -- eloquently," Zara admits, glancing toward the Acheron gown and then back to Kenna and the Talia. She tilts her head, thoughtful. "Mm, interesting. Would you say that it pushed you more than the others have, so far? You are Grayson yourself, correct? Is that where your personal tastes lie?"

Khanne listened closely to Talia's speech, taking small sips from the wine in her hand, nodding in approval. "You showed, I think, what is important to each house, what we pride ourselves in. For Halfshav, out nature, the duality, as you said, and also, rubicund." Khanne smiles and lifts her glass towards Talia in a toast. "To the extremely talented designer! Huzzah!" She takes another sip, then says, "and if you ever find yourself not busy, you would probably have another customer in me." She winks, then looks around the room, eyes going to near the Halfshav gown again. Her brows lift in question towards... something... and she smiles, as if to ask, 'happy?'

2 Whitehawk Guards arrives, following Sapphira.

Her lips twist then and travel to the statue of Arcadia. Frowning, she nods. "Yeah... sorry. I'm sure there is reason... It's beautiful. Beautiful."

Kenna turns towards Zara with a smile on her face. "My family worships Gild, but I think even Gild would think there's a difference between showing off and just having wealth." Kenna shakes her head slightly, "Mercier is my family I am afraid, much to the consternation of my husband. I'm afraid it puts him right into hives when he considers it. I'm fairly sure the Marquessa has convinced herself I was secretly a noble."

"It has, yes. I suspect it may be the one that does-- the most," Talia agrees. She shakes her head to the next question, answering: "I am from Bastion, yes, but no. I would say my own personal style is closer to that of the Mourning Isles, which is scheduled to be the next collection." She flushes at Khanne's toast, curtsying low to the Duchess, as she adds: "I would be happy to make you something, when I have the time and inspiration, my lady."

Mikani laughs softly. "I think I have an idea or two I wouldn't mind in a dress myself." Mika grins as she moves on from the Crovane dress to the others.

Volcica steps in late, glancing around the room quickly. Looking for someone, perhaps? Whether or not she found them, she's offering nods to those she knows, and to Talia herself, before silently approaching the statue of Arcadia and the dress it wears.

Wylla is rarely ever stingy with her smiles, so sends a broad one Gianna's way as she moves between mannequins to admire the next gown. When Khanne compliments the artist and raises a toast, she lacks a glass herself so contents herself with a little round of applause instead for Talia. The Duchess is offered a nod soon after, and Kenna regarded as if she's not quite able to parse what she's talking about, but curious all the same.

A darling cremello Artshall mini horse wearing a red blanket arrives, delivering a message to Sapphira before departing.

Gianna is drawn to the sapphire, of course, and pauses in front of the Stormshielded Archers gown. "I like the leather," she comments, perhaps to herself, before taking a long sip of wine.

A darling cremello Artshall mini horse wearing a red blanket arrives, delivering a message to Sapphira before departing.

Umber, a bay courser, A darling cremello Artshall mini horse wearing a red blanket, a Sanna Sorrel-and-Cream Gelding Courser arrive, following Oddmun.

Sapphira slips into the room quietly, but perhaps not entirely without notice. Messengers already fly to and fro, and whatever is written upon the page, has her cheeks darkening and her cobalt blue eys twinkling. She glances about, fascinated by the pieces on display and uncertain of quite where to begin.

"The moment, the very moment you feel so inclined, Talia, please, do reach out to me." Khanne smiles then glances near to Arcadia again before looking back to Talia. "I um... it is like you had... ethereal inspiration a bit? Your muse must be quite brilliant as well?" What is Khanne talking about? Who knows. She's Khanne.

Arriving back at the shop, Oddmun is more than a little sheepish. Looking around, he notices Sapphira and moves to stand next to her, quietly whispering to her as he folds his hands in front of him.

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Khanne gets a small smirk and murmurs a bit under her breath. "You didn't order me...I just... took note." She's reaching up to rub her thumb just under her eye then looks to Volcica with a big smile. Cheesy smile.

Talia blushes, tipping a nod to Khanne. Luckily, Oddmun sheepishly re-enters the shop! She greets him with a polite, "Welcome back, my lord."

Rosalind spies Volicia and gasps,"Vola! Hi!" She grins at her as she scoots her way over to her.

Oddmun is called out and he laughs. "It seems that I failed to communicate with Lady Sapphira on when we should arrive. I was... fashionably early?" he asks as he stands next to the bard. And then he throws Sapphira under the carriage. "She finds the snowflake gown stunning."

Seeing Wylla's confusion Kenna offers up, "I was born Mercier, then when my cousin Silas was enobled I followed him, and now I'm Acheron. The whole enobled-commoner is a sore spot for my husband's family. They're touchy." SBut then over Wylla's shoulder Kenna sees a familiar face and Kenna LIGHTS UP. "Saffy!" She steps away heading towards Sapphira. "I keep scheduling to head back to Whitehawk for a visit and then //something// happens."

"Hello, Rosa." Volcica's always a bit muted, but she seems almost distracted right now. Her dark gaze is focused just to the side of the statue of Arcadia, pulled away just for a moment by Khanne. "You've captured Arcadia perfectly," is offered. Probably to Talia.

Sapphira smiles and tips her head slightly to Talia. "Mistress Talia, thank you for the messenger you sent. I had intended to come here with Lord Oddmun but had not realized this was your collection on display." She flushes slightly, nodding in agreement with Oddmun. "Indeed, the snowflake gown is stu...."

Whatever Sapphira was about to say is brought up short, as she is called out by a voice not often heard--but one always welcome. "Kenna! By the gods, how are you, cousin?"

Wylla listens to Khanne with a slowly knitting brow, then moves on to another gown which brings her closer to Gianna, and the one with the leather she was complimenting. "It is," She agrees, "Very artfully made. I like them all equally so far. That's a-" She begins, only to have Kenna explain which she looks genuinely grateful for. "Oh, I see. Apologies for-" Then there's Saffy! She holds her tongue then, but recognizing Sapphira and Oddmun, she smiles in greeting.

"Thank you," Talia replies to Volcica softly, bowing her head respectfully to the lady. "She-- was the one who made sure Stahlben was included in this show. I can send you a copy of my speech, my words for you, my lady, if you'd like. When I send the gown and statue." But then she smiles to Sapphira, offering: "It is for House Clearlake. The calm and clarity of the North. Thank you."

When Sapphira goes off to greet her cousin, Oddmun nods his head to Wylla. "Blessed, a pleasure to see you again." Then with Talia explains the dresses, he'll let Sapphira figure out which one is the Halfshav one.

Or he probably doesn't know himself. Fashion isn't his thing.

Zara looks up from a message that has caught her attention with a murmur of apology as she slips off to go deal with whatever tea emergency is happening. TEA. EMERGENCY.

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Sapphira smiles and dips a low curtsey to Wylla. "Blessed, indeed a pleasure to see you again. The days have been treating you kindly, I pray?" Perhaps there was much more than fashion to this gathering; indeed, there were many a familiar face among those present, each one a blessing and a joy.

Wylla gets a wink before KEnna goes to embrace her cousin Sapphira. "You have to tell me everything you've done lately, and was it just my imagination, or were you a little, oh, familiar with the Lord over there?" That's a wicked sparkle in her gaze.

Gianna lingers by Wylla, murmuring something. She inclines her head to those also addressing the Archlector.

"It's lovely to see you both again, and meet you Lady Kenna." Wylla replies, but there's a clear hesitance to get in the way of a family reunion. She instead focuses on Oddmun, pressing her smile into a silly serious line for a moment. "Have you taken up the flute again, Lord Sanna? I thought afterwards that maybe you really ought to. It may be a hidden talent, something on the inside that wants desperately to be expressed." She makes a sort of blooming gesture with her hands about level with his chest when she says that, but luckily is distracted by the Nightingale.

Khanne says, "emote presses her fingertips to her lips to stifle a giggle, mist-grey eyes sparkling with some sort of merriment or mischief. She bites her lip and glances askance towards Volcica for a moment before lifting a hand to wiggle fingers in a wave towards Wylla, then Oddmun, and also Rosalind. She's been a bit... distracted. To Wylla, she says, "hellom Aunt Wylla.""

Khanne says, "ooc oh snap, how did that happen?"

Sapphira turns a lovely shade of rose in her cheeks, but there is indeed a twinkle in her sapphire blue eyes, and her lips curl upwards in a winsome smile that only grows broader with each passing moment. Dipping her head low towards her cousin, she murmurs, "Perhaps a growing familiarity, gods willing. We're courting." There. Let Kenna make of that what she will!

Smiling even more, positively radiating joy, she turns now to Oddmun. "My Lord Oddmun, may I present my cousin, Lady Kenna Acheron? Kenna, my Lord Oddmun Sanna, who I must confess brings me greater joy each day that passes."

Turning to Wylla, she can't help a soft chuckle, nodding in agreement. "You and I think alike on the matter of Lord Oddmun playing his flute. I maintain he surely has more of a gift than he believes, yet he protests otherwise, in no uncertain terms."

"I'll stick with horses." Oddmun mutters, a small grunt as Sapphira brings up the flute -- again. There's a bow of his head to Kenna and a brief smile. "Your cousin, Baron Silas, believes it would be good to have a political tie to Sanna and through us, Halfshav." he explains.

Khanne presses her fingertips to her lips to stifle a giggle, mist-grey eyes sparkling with some sort of merriment or mischief. She bites her lip and glances askance towards Volcica for a moment before lifting a hand to wiggle fingers in a wave towards Wylla, then Oddmun, and also Rosalind. She's been a bit... distracted. To Wylla, she says, "hello, Aunt Wylla."

Gianna considers Oddmun and says, "You know, it isn't as though flutes and horses are mutually exclusive." A sidelong look at Wylla. Gianna makes a little noise, amused.

OHOH There's a Wylla! Rosalind turns toward Wylla and waves to her too. "Hello again! How are you?!" Rosa has found herself flitting form person to person, dress to dress. She chats and chatters, to EVERYONE!

To Khanne, Oddmun offers a more polite bow of his head. "Duchess. I hope all has been well?" he asks. And he decides, that since Sapphira has made it known, he will make his own introduction. "Duchess Khanne Halfshav, may I present Lady Sapphira Whitehawk, a performer of some renown and hopefully will eventually find her way into Sanna?" he asks. "She has hopes to visit the North."

"It seems you'll have plenty of time and opportunity to bring Lord Oddmum around on the flute playing." Wylla decides when she hears of their courting plans. Herself? She politely stops pushing at that point, leaving it as the suggestion given with a warm smile. Of course she's going to encourage art. "Hello, my curious little bird." She greets Rosalind as she turns to regard Khanne more directly. "Niece." She greets in kind, with a sparkle of amusement in her bright blue eyes, "You've grown. I heard you had a birthday recently. I'm sorry I missed the party."

Kenna turns her gaze onto Oddmun firmly at Sapphira's proclamation of courting. "Poor Silas, watching all of this cousins get married onward and upward into the nobility." A small shake of her head. "I can't decide if I have the better of it having no fondness for my husband and thus don't have to give him particular attention." A finger comes up and she's going to waggle it at Oddmun. "I trust you'll treat her well m'lord. Else it'll be a bad day for Sanna."

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, following Svana.

Svana makes her way in quietly, knowing she's quite late. She furrows her brows and finds a seat somewhere - or at least a wall to lean on as she settles on.

Gianna half-turns to consider Rosalind. "Oh, I like the feathers," she remarks, nodding to herself.

Oddmun ducks his head slightly at Kenna's comment and his cheeks darken as the large horse lord considers. "It is not a matter of treating her properly. It is more a hope that I would meet her lofty aspirations for me and those that I believe she could achieve." he admits quietly.

Rosalind grins at Wylla. Not feeling ashamed at all. But Gianna gets a smile too. "Aren't they great! Ravens..Ravenseye. Our house is slowly rising. I love it." The redhead screams friendly, her demeanor, her movement...

Khanne looks to the air near Arcadia, pursing her lips together for a moment. Whatever she isn't saying comes out in a simple nod. "Me too, sometimes," she admits before looking to Oddmun and putting on a smile. "Oh, yes, things have been... as they are, of course. Well enough. And you, Lord Oddmun?" Her eyes then go to Sapphira and she says, "a pleasure to meet you. A performer you say? One of my proteges is a fabulous bard. What is your talent?" Back to Oddmun she says, "I suggest a visit in January. That will test the mettle of anyone. This time of year it is lovely. Our beloved North wears a mask in summer that hides the ravages that winter can bring."

Svana considers the scene, the people there, the statue - and she turns away with teary eyes. Svana is gone as quick as she was there.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leaves, following Svana.

Volcica seems content to study the Stahlben gown, for now. She gives a small nod, and just the barest hint of a smile. "My brother finally learned that lesson. I expect that I won't be able to claim dedication to the spirits foreverm"

"They have been well, Duchess. Lord Alecztasi provided a defense of Sanna's horses against the words of an Oathlands Princess that claimed that theirs were better. I have had several of them asked after since then, and hope to find a successful contract with Templar Preston to provide some for his forces."

Kenna snorts as Oddmun replies with THAT. "You're the higher ranked noble and when it comes to contracts none of that matters. If you care I hope you'll give the farm for her so Whitehawk can mark it as a win and not a loss. A small barony has little enough to offer. What does Sanna get out of it?" She has an eyebrow arched upwards. Kenna's merchant-ness is peaking out, dear heavens.

"They have been well, Duchess. Lord Alecztasi provided a defense of Sanna's horses against the words of an Oathlands Princess that claimed that theirs were better. I have had several of them asked after since then, and hope to find a successful contract with Templar Preston to provide some for his forces." Oddmun responds with a slight smile and then nods. "It is mild currently, I have already warned her that the lands will be colder than she could imagine." And to Kenna he responds, "One, a tie to a merchant family that can better handle the disbursement of our lands better than we could -- stones and horses. Two, several members of the Sanna family have married out -- it will be nice to have one marry /in/." he explains.

It is during a quiet moment that Talia slips to the workroom in the back, possibly to catch up on work that has gone undone while producing this collection.

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