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Shake 'Em For the Love of Healing


Both members of the Physician Guild and the Mercies of Lagoma
are being recognized for saving multiple lives and taking care
of serious injures over the last six months. Without fail, they
come to the aid of anyone who ends up in the Saving Grace
or otherwise.

In honor of their personal sacrifices and commitments, please come
celebrate at the Crossroads Casino with a variety of events, where
all donations will be split between both organizations.

Recent stories detailing the efforts of our Healers will be shared
throughout the evening. A full Collection of Healer Stories will
be available to purchase the day of with a donation to either
Organization. Guests are welcome to come in and out during the days
activities as they see fit!

Schedule of Events

Healer Stories @ 13:00
Liar's Dice - Game 1 @ 14:00
Healer Stories @ 16:00
Artist Competition @ 18:00
Healer Stories @ 20:00
50/50 Raffle Draw @ 20:30
Liar's Dice - Game 2 @ 20:30
End of Festivities


May 15, 2021, 1 p.m.

Hosted By



Wash Mabelle Savio Evaristo Raven Zakhar Clarisse Raimon Thea Medeia Valerian Kiera Ivy Catalana Cecilia Shyanne Isabeau Kalani Claude Giorgio Domonico Cesare Alessia


Mercy Physicians


Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Savio is overheard praising Orland.

Clarisse is overheard praising Orland.

The Casino is set up for a special event today, taking advantage of spring's transition into summer with the dark wood and stone of the room accented by garlands and arrangements of bright spring flowers and greenery. Fragrant herbs have been worked into the the arrangements, crisp smells that call healing balms to mind without being overly medicinal.

While the gaming tables are still available, space has been cleared to socialize and mingle, with staff on hand to offer refreshments, assist with entertainments, and provide all other necessary help. Libations flow freely from the bar, and the mood is bright and celebratory. The day's events are completely a FLOW IN AND FLOW OUT as people wish to attend the events.

Orland is trying not to lose his composure here! Though he's standing official in the center of the room, as the music stops for the moment so he can speak. "Welcome everyone to the Shake it for the Art of Healing Event! A day that we celebrate the sacrifices of craft of healing, and those who put their lives aside to save others. I welcome you to the festivities. Feel free to cruise into the Crafters Galleries to see pieces that were submitted for the Art Competition, which you can vote on, as well as bid on if you'd like to take one of those pieces home with you today! We'll be starting our stories here in just a moment. Fifty Fifty tickets are available to purchase,with the pot already up to $11,000 silver!"

Wash enters with a purse of money and a platoon of crownsworn men. He buys chips for the men, and lets them divvy the chips up between them. He snags a server and asks for something special to be brought to him in a copper goblet.

Wash is overheard praising Mercy.

Mabelle wanders quietly into the casino, dressed as if spring assaulted her on the way over. She greets the host, "Lord Amadeo, such charity and kindness, holding such events for the healers. It is very appreciated", she smiles to him quietly and finds a way to sit before she can share her story.

Evaristo is overheard praising Physicians.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Savio has not been at his bardliest (it's a word) of late, nor has he been much out and about in public since the war, and the sacking of Tremorus in said war. But this is an event about healing, is it not? And perhaps in that spirit, he is here, providing ambient music at the large rosewood harp set up for this purpose. His hands pause as it's time for Orland to speak and greet and begin the event, and his expression toward the other man is something that speaks to both fondness and amusement. "Don't forget to breathe," Savio advises Orland.

To the guests at large, Savio notes, "The pieces in the gallery are all so beautiful -- if you have not seen them, you must, the talent leaves us at a loss for words."

Evaristo has made his way here and bought a glass of wine he's now mingling around with, nodding and smiling, laughing and partying within five minutes of arrival. "Great setup, Lord Orland!" he calls out, giving a big thumbs up. "I forsee having to hire someone to carry me home later."

Raven slips in, green gaze sweeping over others gathered here. She weaves through the milling crowd flashing smiles here, waves there, and heads towards Savio to settle beside him.

Zakhar shuffles into the casino looking exceptionally dapper, that is if the silks can be seen under the armor that he still wears. Some wood shavings are still caught to his knees and shoulders, which he brushes off some and doesn't seem to care about the rest. The unusual cane is being used as he favors his right leg, stopping for a moment to stare at Savio. The new lord is given a look that could split timber and a small aside before Zakhar turns to Orland with a nod and another aside, before looking over to Mabelle and exclaiming rather loudly in his gruff voice and the best Avarni he can muster for the crowd, "Lady Mabelsells!"

Wash drops another purse at the raffle table. Apparently the last such heavy bag on his person though as he acts and looks much lighter for the loss of it. Condensation appears on the goblet in his hand as he specifically requested the ice. He circulates through the room, a smile on his face and a watchful eye on the men he brought to the event.

Clarisse enters into the Healers evening in a yellow and white gown, adorned with plumeria flowers in full bloom. She offers a warm smile to Orland and Savio as she enters, moving closer when he is not overwhelmed, to offer a warm hug to her friends. "You have organized a beautiful event today Orland, thank you for doing this for all of us. This means a lot to us. You truly have a generous heart." She then sees Raven slipping in, and moves forward to her to offer a hug to her too, before looking up at the sound of Zakhar's voice and shaking her head as he greets Lady Mabelle.

Mabelle rises at the mention of Art and wine and offers a greeting to Wash and Evaristo, "Lord Kennex, Evaristo", she smiles quietly before collecting a glass of wine, nearly spilling it over herself when Zakhar exclaims, "Zeek, it has been a long time, how have you been?", she asks, wiggling her fingers to Clarisse.

Savio offers a little wave to Evaristo, Zakhar, and Clarisse, somehow managing to keep a rhythm with his free hand as he does so! Evaristo's comment is met with amusement, "Ah, just so long as you do not fall over and hit your head on anything, before you are carried home..... but if you do, plenty of healers here no?" Brows are lifted at Zakhar and he murmurs to him.

Raimon takes Savio's admonition at face value, and heads on over to the gallery to look! Along the way, Raimon waves to Savio, nods to Thea, bows to Raven and to Orland, and tries to wind up nearby Evaristo. It's an obstacle course in here. And, oh, if Zakhar's got another pointy sharpened collarbone sticking out of him anywhere, Raimon will steer clear of that. And if there's time, given all this navigation, Raimon keeps an eye out for some actual Healers to meet.

Managing this somehow on his own, perhaps with obvious support from his favorite bard, Orland gives Savio a little weak grin, when he's told to breathe. His gaze flicks to Mabelle then as he bobs his head to her, "I myself wouldn't be here without ... well, frankly, your help and that of Lady Clarisse. As well as several others for the wars that we fought in." He gestures to Savio, smiling at Evaristo, "Thank you!! I couldn't have done it without the support of those willing to contribute in their own ways!" He clears his throat, looking to Clarisse as well. He's stiff around the shoulders, but he tries to smile, "As are the hearts of those who stop everything to save lives every day of their own."

"Traditionally I would start a tale, but I see many of you may have your own so I will open it up to those who would like to speak first, and share their own experiences with the healers of our Compact!" (+line/getinline)

"Lady Laurent. Arx's most eligible bachelorette." Wash greets, glibly gladhanding the glittery gal. "I expected to see you here."

Wash has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Wash

Thea makes her way in, already having gotten a glass of whiskey. "This was a great idea,"the Wyvernheart can be heard saying as she makes her way through the throngs of people. "Lady Mabelle, Lord Wash,"she greets, seeing them first.

Savio has joined the line.

"Haha, good one," Evaristo says, ponting at Savio and grinning from ear to ear. "I think they are QUITE tired of me, so I'll behave and not get injured today." He sips some wine. "Hopefully." He upnods to familiar faces - Mabelle, Zakhar, Thea, Raven... Many familiar people. He quiets and listens to Orland, and then moves up to sit close enough so he can stand up to tell a story when it's his turn.

Evaristo has joined the line.

Wash raises his goblet, striding forward. "As an Admiral I've seen many conflicts, and I've found that many a man whose courage was lacking could find their courage screwed to the sticking place by the bravery of those around them, or simply the fear of unseemly cowardice. It is those moments when you are alone that it is hardest to summon your courage, and that is the tale I have for you today."

Raven chats quietly with Savio. Zakhar gets a grin and wave as does Evaristo and Clarisse. Raimon is given a respectful dip of her head and her gaze swings over to Wash as he speaks, her head canting as she listens.

Mabelle curves her lips entertainedly at Wash's title for her and bows her head, demured at Orland's recounting of her helping him before focusing on Wash's tale.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The atmosphere is festive to celebrate the Love of Healing
Art Competition Displays are located in the Crafters Gallery.


ART COMPETITION: Please VOTE for your favourite on the way out! VOTE BY WHISPERING TO ORLAND!

50/50 Tickets Available ALL DAY. $250.00 Silver a Piece, or 5 for $1000.00 -- give silver to Orland, whisper how many tickets, he'll whisper back your ticket numbers. CURRENT POT: Look Small Brass Chest


Wash pauses, wincing at the sound of his own voice, projected the same in the room as he would over the wheel of his vessel. "Sorry. Nursing the mother of all hangovers. This story took place shortly after the trouble started with the Eurusi. I heard it second-hand, but none of those that were present are in attendance, so here goes."

Wash takes a sip of his drink to gather his thoughts. He's drinking ice water with slices of lemon, a sop to his return to sobriety after a month long absence. "A ship out of harbor was taken by pirates in the Bay of Thrax. On board were no less than three dozen Mercies and their staff, along with countless supplies, headed for the Mourning Sea to establish a new hospital. When the pirate hunters finally caught up to them, they were abandoned on a primitive shav island, apparently the pirates had only wanted to steal the ship. Abandoned, unsure whether they would ever be rescued, the Mercies took their existing supplies and built their hospital anyway! Then they insisted on staying until a localized illness was brought under control. Pirates, pestilence and purility. The three Ps. Not a man-woman of them flinched in their duty." Wash finishes his drink. "That is the zeal you see from a man leading the boarding party in my experience."

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Orland seems relieved that people CAME! Like, certainly the sweat is wiped off his brow a little as Wash gets up to tell his tale about Mercies caught up in an abandoned island. He keeps with the story, fascinated by this, giving a little applause as he strides up to Wash, "The things we don't hear about and this is precisely why I wanted to host this event. The healers of our Compact do so much and are unheard of, but they are certainly unflinching in what they do. Thank you for sharing with us, Admiral," he picks up on the title, showing the man to a table that's been spread out with many many different items from crafters all over the city and beyond. "For sharing your story today, I've gathered together with the funds that were provided to me by Pravus, $500,000 to be precise - Thanks to House Pravus - to afford some gifts for those who participate and prizes. Feel free to look through and take one item, as my token thanks for coming out today and telling us all about the healers taken by Pirates and marooned on an island."

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The line has been dismissed by Orland.

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Turn in line: Mabelle

Mabelle raises her glass to those in Wash's tale in appreciation. "That is indeed a good experience", she smiles to wash and confesses, "Mine is a tale of eagerness. Eagerness to the point of stupidity. I, Mabelle Laurent, am the reason my family has a new term for me going on missions with them and that is, 'You are staying in the carriage'", her lips purse for a moment as if something overwhelms her and she continues, "Battle in Artshall. Dire wolves, or.. several limbed wolves and knights and a lot of things I am not practiced in handling. A man called over to me and I thought - he's in the skirts, I can do that. The second I left the carriage someone rode toward me, knocked me unconcious". Mabelle chuckles then, "Three Knights had to come up and form a wall before me, taking them away from defending others because I have the patience of a toddler. They praised me for brave, but I felt silly", she lifts her drink, "So lets drink for the brave and the stupid. Because I did manage to save the man's life, but it almost cost me my own".

Zakhar takes a twinkling deeplight coral and aquamarine brooch from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Zakhar puts a twinkling deeplight coral and aquamarine brooch in an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Zakhar has joined the line.

TWO BURLY GUARDS are standing by the prizes. Their arms are crossed. MUSCLES flexing. They stand guard over the precious items. Of course, there's more guards by the crafters gallery, ensuring that no one runs off with the items in there too. They've got weapons on them. AND even more security is at the front doors. Everyone is suspiciously watched.

Raven dips her drink and listens to the tales of healers. The Burly guards get an appreciative side-eye, burly as they are. She finally has to shift which way she faces slightly so she is less distracted by the security and dutifully focuses on the speakers and the scions of compassionate mercy that are healers.

Savio is murmuring quietly with Raven at the harp, some quiet words exchanged with Raimon as well. He is listening to the stories, however, with a quiet laugh for Mabelle being the reason for a 'staying in the carriage' protocol! At the conclusion of her story, he laughs, and raises his glass, before going back to playing background music there at the harp. Not too quiet, not too loud!

Wash is directed to the prize table and meanders in that direction. He seems rather startled by the two guards and looks anywhere but at them, side-eyeing the prizes. Then he seems to forget all about the prizes as he wanders away to another part of the room. "To the brave! And the stupid! I can claim only one of those!"

Zakhar looks at the guards, then the chest, then the guards again. He pulls one of the knitting needles from his bracers and lightly tosses it in the direction of the guards. When they don't move and look at him with concern he smiles lightly then looks to Orland with a small nod and points at the group, "that line then, eh?"

Savio laughs quietly at Wash's words, "Oh, but they're so so hard to tell apart! I never managed to grasp the difference, truth be told? I just go for the latter and insist it's the former."

"Dire wolves?!" Orland seems to speak with some measure of his own bardic tone, to emphasise the danger in that part of the story alone. He gives a little snort at the mention of her getting nearly rode over, "Well Lady Mabelle, sometimes that is what healers do, of the Physician guild or the Mercies, they run to put the lives of others above their own. Most often we give glory to those who are sent on ahead ot take lives, not those who are out there trying to keep them. Thank you for the story." He adds with a lift of a glass, someone gave him a glass, "To the Brave!" He gestures to Mabelle, "If you would like something from our gift and prize table, please help yourself to one item. It's not a requirement, but I do wish to thank those of you who have come out today."

"If you can't tell them apart, you're probably both!" Wash ribs in return.

Turn in line: Evaristo

Mabelle winks to Orland as he appraises the Dire wolves and laughs, "Come to the Oathlands, its fun there", she winks and goes to the table, then to the art gallery while listening to Savio play.

Savio hah's at Wash, amused, "That's charitable." He might have gone with he's just stupid, himself.

Raimon finishes his quiet conversation by the harp and takes advantage of the gap in the Storytelling to peruse the art in the Gallery. Maybe it will be quieter in there, away from all of the din and commotion? One can only hope, and Raimon does, indeed hope so.

Mabelle takes a finely tailored coat lined with fur from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Evaristo grins amusedly at Mabelle, applauding her story. "Afraid mine won't be quite so amusing," he admits. He gets up, clearing his voice. His expression is solemn, his chin raised. "This story is about Marquessa Sunniva Harthall. I first met her when I was doing some shipping for her house - she was such a delight to do work for, clever and kind, always fair, but not a pushover - she wanted her money's worth, but was also generous if the work was done well. Then some years went by and we didn't meet, until we had a reason to do again, here in Arx." He pauses, taking a deep breath. "With the upcoming conflict with Skal'daja, I had an idea to do something, something quite dangerous. I needed a team, and Lady Monique helped me find one... and one of them was Marquessa Sunniva. I was thrilled to work with her again, though this time, it was a mission neither of us knew if we would return from. She trained me in the art of healing - because if she got hurt, who would heal her? We prepared as best as we could, and she was a steadfast, comforting, brave influence on us all. She trained too, preparing herself for the ordeal." He smiles lopsidedly, fondly. "The day came, and we went out there. We had a plan, but were ready to change it on the fly. At first, it seemed nothing we did was working, so we went for the main mission - we had to get it done, even if we all died. At least then, we would buy the Compact precious time and save many lives. So we fought..." He chokes up a little, rubbing his eyes. "Marquessa Sunniva Harthall, the bravest, kindest woman, who was an extraordinary healer, died at the hands of an Obsidian Huntsman - but not before she'd fought like a hero. She paid for her life, to split the Skal'dajan forces in two. She was not a warrior - she was a healer, with a daughter of only a few months old." He raises his glass in a toast. "To Marquessa Sunniva." Then he drinks, and steps down to let the next person tell their story.

"Good thing you caught me at a charity event then." Wash says, ending up a conversational distance from Savio. "If it were a field of battle we'd probably just sail opposite directions as quickly as possible." He makes a leg in Savio's direction. "We're not introduced. I am Wash Kennex."

Raven lifts her glass and echoes the toast to the fallen Marquessa, a solemn look on her face and her full attention on the heartbroken Captain.

Evaristo gets stained-glass spectacles with violet lenses from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Mabelle's eyes well as Evaristo shares the tale about her cousin. She finishes her drink in her honor and makes herself disappear into that art gallery.

Savio's hands are busy at the harp, but he dips his head to Wash in amusement and a greeting, "Savio," he introduces himself in return, "Of the Proscipi, in the Saffron Chain. Always lovely to meet another Kennex, I've darkened the door of Kennex Kay so many times. And I'd do it again." What a menacing threat.

He drops the music quieter, more contemplative, for Evaristo's tribute to Sunniva -- not dire or dour, but with sweetness and respect. And perhaps, hope.

"Proscipi. Name came up in a proclamation recently. For the life of me, can't remember what for." Wash admits. "The poor lad who read me the proclamations was half dead by the time he was through. It took me a month to make it back to Arx from Pieros, and to be quite honest, this is my first sober day since that sad day."

035 Orland smiles as he watches Mabelle go off to collect a gift, one that they perhaps didn't expect at all, for telling a story. His gaze though reverts to Evaristo, especially when the story of Marquessa Sunniva Harthall comes up. He's pensive and thoughtful, listening attentively to all the details about a woman he never knew, but clearly, someone he regrets not by the end of it. "To the Marquessa Sunnvia," he lifts his glass again, quietly, before he approaches, "Thank you very much for telling us this story of Marquessa Sunnvia. I do not think many of us really knew what transpired and what bravery she showed in the face of such enemies, to fight for a better position to put our defenders in. Here is a prime example of self sacrifice that I find at the heart of all Healers, be they with the Physician Guild or the Mercies of Lagoma." He pauses for a moment, "May we have a moment of silence for the Marquessa and think of the story we just heard?" ... The moments tick by, letting them linger with his glass lifted. A minute passes, then he nods, takes a shot and finishes it off. "Thank you Evaristo and for your personal contributions tonight. You may select a gift as a show of gratitude."

Raven chews her bottop lip and studies Wash more closely this time around taking a looooong slooooow drink as if afraid of sobriety or keeping her lips unoccupied by a task at this very moment.

Turn in line: Savio

Evaristo dips his head in respect to Savio, stands quiet as Orland bids - in respect, and in contemplation of her sacrifice. Then he takes a deep breath and goes to pick out an item from the chest - a pair of spectacles with violet glass, his face lighting up in joy. He puts them on immediately, and now sees the world in purple. "... these are amazing," he murmurs.

Raven grins broadly at Evaristo's delight in the glasses.

Oh, proclamations. Savio nods at Wash. "Ah. Me. And my brother." Little bit of hitch in the general good mood there, maybe due to Evaristo's story as well? The war was not won without cost. But he musters up a smile again, sincere even if a little subdued. "First time I've been out in a while... definitely the first time since returning from the Chain. But it's good, it's -- I think this is good. Until now coping has been in the form of 'Ian beats me up in an arena.' Which don't get me wrong, that is cathartic."

It's his turn next to share a healer story, and Savio smiles from his place at the harp. "Not so much a story as a song, of course? Hopefully it still counts. For all of my friends who have put me back together while threatening me with more and greater harm if I ruin my stitches." He begins!

"I know myself to be a man
Solving problems with a sword
Perhaps there could be better ways
But at least I'm never bored?

But every violence has a cost
A body broken, mortal, frail
It's those who set me right again
That I am here to hail

We all run to them crying --
'I've lost my head, my leg, my arm!'
Unflinching they begin their work
To save us from our harm

With herbs and care and stitches
We slowly start to mend
And then set forth in no time
To attack, protect, defend

Healers, we salute you
Your skill, your lack of fear
You turn away the hands of death
And that's why we're still here

Healers, we are grateful
For a burden falls to you
You carry it with endless grace --
Thank you for all you do."

Raimon re-emerges from the Art Display, during the next lull in the storytelling. As there were many great works there, he's thoughtful. Considering carefully. As he does so, he makes his back across the room via a circuitous route.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, the wary wildcat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver arrive, following Medeia.

Orland is quite fond of Savio, of that there is no doubt. He sort of wears this quiet smile as Savio gets up and starts to speak of healers and drops into his song, with the harp to accompany him. It was unexpected and that shows on Orland's features as he enjoys the performance that is suddenly before them all. An appaluse is held for a long moment after, generating it with the aid of others, who have turned and listened to the story in a way, sung. "A very special rendition that is to be sure," he grins, tapping at his eye for the display, not crying, you're crying, "Thank you for sharing it with us, Lord Savio." HAHA, LORD SAVIO. He gets to say it officially now. "We've time for one more story before we slow down for gaming. Please, Zakhar, round us out for this hour."

Turn in line: Zakhar

The line has been dismissed by Orland.

Zakhar steps over to where ever he's pointed to be for telling this story thing. He seems more interested in the broach that was spied in the chest than the guards that stand by it. Still a little curl of his lip shows from under the snow-white beard. Taking a deep pull of the smoke that is tucked into his lip, then looking out to those gathered. He pulls the smoke out of his lip, tucking it between middle finger and thumb, with the rest of his fingers and palm cupping it a little.

Waving his hand high above his head, leaving a trail of smoke in its wake, "Hallo Nob... Noble folksies!" Taking another small puff, speaking as the smoke curls into ringlets escaping his lips. "How many times has a medic or doctor seen or tended to me in the last, oh... couple of months? I'm pretty sure every single one of them have! Many great friends have been made, and I've learned more from those that bother to stick about. Even as I lay there unconscious, bleeding out, missing a good amount of my leg, arrows in my back... New breathing holes! ammi right? HA!" another puff with small pause, "You've tended, dodged, carried, tossed, some even put a note on me back and offered a reward to get me back in bed...Though... none ever do."

Another deep pull on the smoke is taken, he holds his breath longer this time, then as the smoke starts to roll out of his nose with a light breath, "I started wearing the note that they pinned to my back as a badge of honor. Trying to see who will tell or just turn yet another blind eye." Breathing out a plume of the blue hazy smoke, he looks agitated, "Another fucking commoner that should fucking die and leave the nobbies alone. They all forget who they are to serve, help, where do you think those taxes come from?!." Zakhar takes a deep breath, looking out to the crowd his lip curling a little, "That they have rules in combat while the rest of us are stuck with fighting for our lives. When a blue flag is flown who dies first? The commoners, that's who. The nobs will fly a flag and all of battle is dropped so that their hair can be fixed, or they can be taken prisoner and be mysteriously released later. But if you don't have the blood of a <unintelligble ranting> in your skin... You can simply bend over and find the trunkman to give you a delivery that won't be pleasant as the gift won't fit."

The curl of his lip wins out to slowly grow into a small smile, "Medics on the other hand. The world stops for them. They will bring the delivery and ease it in. They will fight for every which way to keep you upon this plane, this side of the dream no matter how much you don't wish to be here anymore. A feeling of looking back to the life that we are seeing, tears in our eyes. Without a medic, we are in the dark and seeking someone to hold our hand, to lean on. To find a happiness that we never knew to exist. That's what a medic is."

Zakhar takes another small puff, then puts the smoke out on the edge back of the leather bracer covering his hand, short pause, "Though, whether the Guard feels that it is a worthy direction to have me around more, or some of the houses that the pot has visited. I'm happy that there's been a medic, doc, and mercies available to work on this old fucker when I come in. Perhaps some day I'll come in on my own two feet instead of a stretcher, eh? Just don't take me spoon. or the blue. Gotta be careful of the blue."

He looks over at the chest then to Orland. "I did good? Or ya need me to scold them some more?"

Raven is overheard praising Orland: No one throws a charity event like Lord Orland Amadeo

Raven smiles encouragingly to Savio, "Well said, my lord!" she salutes with her glass and drinks deep before leaning back and giving Zakhar a grin and a thumbs up.

Savio gets A set of alluring smoke and fire-themed cosmetics from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

"Ian is great when you need to have someone beat you up." Wash agrees. "If you do feel the urge to fight back you don't feel to bad about missing, and you feel pretty damn great if you are lucky enough to land a blow." Wash speaks from experience of sparring with Ian. He gives Savio another appraising look and then inclines his head to move toward a gaming table. He has a few more silver to spend.

Evaristo applauds Savio's song vigorously. "BRILLIANT!" he calls out. "Why am I not that good? It's not fair!" he grouses jokingly. "That song could be the theme-song of the Physicians, or Mercies." He sits down, the spectacles sliding down on his nose so he can squint over the frame at Zakhar as he steps up to tell his story. There's a few snickers at it, then a guffaw towards the end.

Medeia enters quietly, late, and tries not to draw much attention to herself by sticking toward the outskirts of groupings. Her first order of business? A glass of wine. Then? Lingering against a wall somewhere to listen to Zakhar's story. She does smile a bit at the mention of the note pinned to his back.

Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter arrives, following Valerian.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Zakhar takes a twinkling deeplight coral and aquamarine brooch from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Clarisse has remained quiet, watching appreciatively off to the side of the room, enjoying the music and the stories with her hands folded in front of her as she offers soft applause to each of the story tellers, and tries to keep her composure in check and not let her emotions from each story get the better of the young healer.

Savio casts an amused look at Wash. "It's like speaking of a creature of legend and myth. 'I hit Ian Kennex once.' No one believes that it happened, but you cling to it all the same." He dips his head in acknowledgement to the Kennex lord as he departs, with a light 'hah' at Evaristo. "Oh stop! You are BETTER, Evaristo, and you do know that!" Still playing at the rosewood harp, he listens to Zakhar with what looks like fondness, and matches the man's unique mix of praise and ranting with notes to underline his points. He's not Orland, but he does offer his opinion to Zakhar with amusement, "You did good."

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

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Orland stands transfixed when Zakhar begins to talk. His one arm crosses over his chest and his elbow aligns on top of the other wrist, his hand cupping his chin as he works very hard to stay focused on Zakhar, even if his eyes trail after Savio almost by instinct alone. However, this was open mic at the moment and Zakhar had the floor, so he gave it to him and tilted his head aside with his hand on his face, smirking to the first instances of Zakhar saying every single healer has seen him. "If I noticed the sign on your back, I would've kicked your arse back into bed," Orland interjects at part of the story, but then he's falling back to listening with a nod. Although the rant takes him by surprise. His brows lift up and his hands drop to his sides, gaze switching to the others in the room, them back to Zakhra. He does end up applauding for Zakhar, "Don't take the spoon. We thank the Physicians and the Mercies specifically for dealing with this one." He thumbs with some amusement, and tucks an arm around Zakhar, to clap him in the stomach, "Thank you all for coming to the first story telling session for the Love of Healing. We'll have more throughout the day."

Drifting aside from Zakhar he announces, "We'll begin the session of Liar's Dice here shortly if anyone is interested - please join the Dice Table." He gestures toward it, "Otherwise take the time to visit, go see the Art in the Crafters' Gallery, buy some 50/50 tickets, and have a little fun."

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Raimon takes advantange of the next break in the social action to head off to a more secluded spot along the side of the room, making his way over through the crowds.

Raven pipes up and jerks a thumb towards Savio, "I was there. I saw it. I STILL don't believe it." She sideeyes Savio, "Sorry, but clearly my eyes are defective."

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"What's the buy in?" Wash asks about the Liar's dice. "I'm down to my last coin purse. I do have... resources? Are those worth the paper they are printed on at least? You will stake me I hope, Countess Wyvernheart?" Wash asks Thea before looking around quickly to see if anyone laughs.

Raven perks and looks over, "Did someone say dice?"

Savio nudges Raven, "Go, go and play dice! I'll be here when you get back still, of course!"

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Raven gives Savio a sisterly peck on the cheek, "You're the best, ask anyone." and springs to her feet.

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Valerian finally arrived having made his way over from parts unknown within the city, The young Kennex Lord looking apprehensive as he steps into the casino. His lower lip quickly drawn in between his teeth to be chewed on nervously as he makes his way deeper into things. Seeing Orland and hearing his announcement the Kennex Lord doesn't head for the table. Rather he heads for Orland waiting for the chance before stepping in to murmur softly to the man while a small pouch of silver is drawn free from his satchel to be held out.

"No, YOU!" Evaristo replies with a laugh and points at Savio. A matter of 'no u', but jokingly, clearly. He jumps to his feet and almost spills his wine in his eagerness to join the game of dice. "I'm in! What do I do?!" he asks, having no idea.

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Clarisse nods her head as she approached by Raimon and nods her head and bows her head respectfully, offering a soft whisper of reply to him to aid in keeping their conversation discreet as it seems to be require some discretion be given.

Thea looks over to Wash and just smiles. As in--I TOLD YOU SO! After looking at all pieces, she finishes her drink. "Lady Medeia, Lady Clarisse. Hello.."

Valerian checks composure at hard. Valerian is successful.

Valerian checks willpower at hard. Botch! Valerian fails completely.

Once her glass of wine is finished, Medeia looks like she is about to head out as quietly as she came in when Thea spots her. "Countess, Lady Clarisse. Hi."

Raimon continues talking to Clarisse, along the side of the room -- and this more 'out of the way' spot is a much more amenable 'Introvert Habitat' than the hustle and bustle and noise in the middle, it must be said. (Said Quietly ofc, b/c Introvert ;).

Savio spots Medeia and waves to her, freeing a hand to beckon her to come join him at the harp! If she wishes of course, it seems unlikely he's going to have a fit if she slips out. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

Zakhar looks rather happy that he can grab the broach this time without being eyeballed, then settles into a cozy corner.

Clarisse does offer a warm smile to Thea as she greets her, but as she is also respecting the Prince, who has approached her in quite conversation, her attention turns back to his question, with a serious and thoughtful expression to her features, while she decides best how to answer him.

Those wide dark eyes of Valerian's sweep over the place, taking in familiar and unfamiliar faces alike. As that gaze sweeps over the place though that focus of his is brought to settle on Thea even as she greets Medeia and Clarisse. The Kennex Lord remaining cool and composed as he makes his way over, each step taken drawing him closer to Thea and those around her. In the end the young man steps up along side Thea and while giving a sidelong glance to the woman he begins to murmur, A flurry of whispered words leaving the young lord as his chest begins to raise and fall quickly as he unleashes something in whispered form to the woman.

Valerian mutters, "... know ... ... ... have ... you, And ... applaud that truly ... ... And the box spider.. while ... ... looking back I ... laugh. But if you ... ... ... ... They are copulating everywhere! In ... sauna, on the edge ... the pools, In ... ... and ... yes ... the library. I ... my ... just ... ... to find literally.. fucking bunnies! Please.. tell me it ... ..."

Savio's brows liiiiift at snatches of words heard from Valerian over there and he plucks two dramatic notes to accompany an, "Oh myyy."

Medeia catches a hint of Thea's bunny prank and smiles wryly, deciding to go join Savio and keep herself from getting entangled in whatever trouble arises.

Raimon looks up, his gaze following that of Clarisse, and seeing that it ends at Thea, Raimon offers a friendly greeting-wave.

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Wash settles in at the table and produces a stack of paper, IOUs and such, not as valuable as silver, but clearly he has something left after he empties his purse getting a refill on his ice water.

Zakhar is mostly taken by the broach, though is furiously penning some missives and sending them out with large purses attached. He looks up from the table for a moment and spots Valerian, "Bone lord!" he calls out, "Do you need another set?"

Raven leans over and murmurs softly to Wash as he settles down at the dice table.

Orland takes the spot as the overseer at the dice table, where Evaristo, Wash, and Raven turn up to play a little game of Liar's Dice. It looks like the rules are laid out and each person is given five dice, which they shake underneath their color coordinated cups. "Alright, we'll allow ladies to go first. Shake your dice! And don't let your table mates see what you have!" The game has begun. IOUs are acceptable if the payment terms can be dealt with before the event is over.

Thea pauses, looking over to Valerian. And bursts out laughing. "I--yes to all of it,"she merely says,"acknowledging Raimon with a nod as well.

Wash looks over his shoulder at Raven. "Oh look! A stranger. By all means, indulge my worst vices and you shall inevitably uncover some virtues that I have neglected to nourish." He gestures for Raven to join them at the table if she is interested.

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Raven shakes as instructed, making sure to keep her dice hidden from view when it's time to peek at the results. She hrrrms, "I'll bet a grand that there's two fives amoungst the lot of our cast dice." She decides.

Wash coughs. "The stakes are set at five thousand goodwoman." He sounds abashed to tell her that. "Per round. Three rounds."

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Valerian is so focused on Thea that it isn't until after her laughter and admittal to the bunny crimes and being the one behind the army of copulating creatures that he catches that Zakhar had been addressing him. The Kennex Lord's eyes narrowing briefly upon Thea as he mutters, "Next time keep them out of the library.. those poor books did nothing to you." Moments later his focus does turn to Zakhar and he offers up to the man, "You would be surprised how many people offered me sets. For now I am good. Though you will be kept in mind for other pieces that need a touch of the macabre." That said he finally looks around, A warm smile forming when he spots Clarisse, Valerian giving her a little wave before motioning to one of the displayed pieces of art being bid on.

Savio seems amused at the general talk over yonder of skeletons! Skeletons of persons! And those who supply them. He cannot resist a ditty on this, of course.

"Someone asked for a whole skeleton
Bones and bones aplenty
A buyer looking for a set
Who knew there were so many?
Strange subject for this afternoon
Though I'm sure it was a steal
Alas for the owner of the bones!
That's beyond our skill to heal."

Thea merely tells Valerian, going off to find a drink,"I have no control where rabbits or anyone else conduct their business." That said, she goes to find a seat, a smile on her lips.

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Zakhar smirks in Savio's direction, "The owner wasn't using them anymore! and he was an ass anyway!" The femur that Zak uses as a cane is tapped on the floor twice.

Clarisse offers a warm smile in the direction of Valerian as she hears bits of conversation while she is focused on the Prince's question, and graciously motions in the direction of Orland, still whispering to the Prince.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Clarisse before departing.

Kiera walks int the bustling event and goes to look at the etching with the stained glass butterfly to see that her early bid had already been outdone so opts to go for the raffle. she looks about for familiar faces

Raimon politely waits for the poem to end and the applause to finish. Raimon is the last to stop clapping for Savio's poem, if only by a fractional second. Raimon waits another moment or two before starting to head over to the harp one the 'coast is clear'

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Clarisse keeps her hands gently folded behind her as she follows Raimon over to the harp, with a wink to Valerian and a soft smile on her lips, to contain her amusement, and as they approach the harp, she offers a respectful curstey to Thea, "Lady Malvici, may I and Prince Thrax have a moment of your time, if you are able?" She whispers softly to her, still remaining rather discreet as possible.

Wash gets up to wander the room again, gambling isn't actually one of his vices, just a way to pass the time. In short order his valet reappears with quartet of heavy purses, one of which he has delivered to Raven.

Orland has rolled 5 6-sided dice: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

Liar is called almost immediately into the second round as Raven and Orland have a match. Orland lifts his dice and shows one 6. The standing bet was that there were two sixes on the table. NOW he's groaning a little, looking worried toward Raven. There's another pot of 5000 silver on the table.

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Raven has rolled 5 6-sided dice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

Savio continues to play background music for the event, while chatting to those who come to visit the large instrument! The bench is spacious enough to share. Occasionally the notes drop to one hand as Savio frees another hand to drink or gesture, but for the most part it's consistent, shifting from one song to another as the mood strikes him. "Ah, you're quite popular," he teases Thea as Clarisse and Raimon come over. Clarisse gets a smile. "Are you enjoying the event? I've half a mind to write something for you specifically, Lady Clarisse, gods know we've been through some times together."

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"DAMN..." Orland shrugs his shoulder, "I would've lost both ways. You got me. That was a straight out cut-throat bet Raven. How long have you been playing this game?!" He gives her a look of conspiracy, but it does seem that he's up for a final round. She rakes in another 5000!

Kiera opts to join thw small but gatheing crowd at the harp

Madison Leigh arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

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Thea smiles at Clarisse. "It's well--it's Countess Wyvernheart now." Sounds awkward even to her now. "And of course,"she nods, Thea's gold-flecked green eyes drifting over to Raimon. "What may I help you with?"

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Over by the harp, Medeia stands and leans to give Savio a kiss on his cheek. "We'll talk more soon; I'm afraid I'm terrible company, today." She smiles apologetically to Thea, Raimon, Clarisse, and Kiera. "Forgive me, I hope you all enjoy the festivities."

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Raven has rolled 5 6-sided dice: 2, 3, 3, 4, 5

Raimon makes room for the Lady Kiera who appears to be joining as well. Raimon smiles, a very rare thing. All to the good.

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Zakhar checked luck + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 79 higher.

Orland throws back his head as he's called a liar and the dice reveal that he is!!! The third round of dicing comes to an end with Raven sweeping all three rounds. "I'll make sure not to lie to you, ever." He notes with some humor on his features. "You got me....!"

The event is at it's casual bantering hour with the gaming going on in the background. Very soon however, there will be an announcement of the first Art Submissions that will have their Auctions pulled. Last minute bids! Who knows what's getting pulled first. Well, the Host Knows, but he's over there dicing for a bit longer.

Zakhar checked luck + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 64 higher.

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Raven drinks and flashes Zakhar a grin as they chat over by the dice table, her gaze sweeping the room on occasion.

Orland has a whole bunch of silver that he calls over toward the guards, to lock away in another chest that will be split and donated between the two organizations. "Good people, Raven Blackheart has donated her winnings of twenty five thousand to the cause! Thank you Raven!!!" He notes, "Please never lie to her. She can see right through you!" He smirks, "Raven would you like to take a gift for playing?"

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine arrive, following Ivy.

Raven takes Sunlight on Sea, a cologne from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Savio is amused, and of course when amused, another ditty sung and played at the harp is bound to happen, this one commemorating Raven the winner of the liar's dice!

"Raven Blackheart spots a liar
She'll know it if you are pants-afire
Charitable heart, but won't play nice --
She'll take your money, beat your dice!"

Raven laughs and looks over at Savio, "Cheeky!" She lifts a bottle of cologne, "I got a ditty and something nice for my man! Today's going my way. I even got to meet Lord Wash. Wonder what's going to auction first."

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Orland drops a large wooden sculpture of a robed figure.

Raimon sees the exchange between Savio and Raven, and temporarily excuses himself to go over and offer congrats.

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Raimon makes his way on over to the just-concluded game and grins sidelong at Raven. "Well done!"

Raven spots Raimon and grins, "Your highness, enjoying yourself? You've met Zakhar, I trust?"

One of Orland's assistants run in from the crafters galleries with a "silent auction" bid form that was randomly pulled. The tactic of course is to keep guests guessing and never quite knowing which item will be pulled and when, so best to get your bids in now! Orland takes the sheet and comes up to the front. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we've pulled our first silent auction item, from the Art Entries submitted for our Healer's Contest. Please still vote for Best In Show! The artisan with the most votes will also win a very valuable prize of their choice and a gift on top! But as we speak of Silent Auction, I first want to speak about this Artist's Entry." He takes a pause, "I have not met Claude personally, but through missives I've come to understand the nature of this artist. His talent needs to be shown throughout the Arvum!" The exactly "wooden" sculpture is brought out for showing! "Claude's entry for the Art Competition is this large wooden scuplture, of a faceless figure with a burning staff held in hand. It speaks of the fire in the hearts of our healers as they aid the sick, the infirm, and the weak. They are the beacon in the light that finds us in the darkness of battle! I'm happy to announce the winning bid on this item belongs to Zyxthylum, another of our artisans that entered in fact! The winning bid for this one of a kind beautiful wooden statue, was an amazing $31,000 silver! Congratulations to Zyxthylum! We will verify the bid shortly but for now, please enjoy the masterpiece that is titled: Robed Figure, by Artist Claude!" YOU MAY CLAP.

Zakhar checked luck + sewing at difficulty 9, rolling 49 higher.

Clarisse bows her head respectfully to the Prince as he steps away towards Raven, and looks to Thea gratefully, "Thank you Duchess Wyvenheart for your help. It is truly appreciated." She offers softly, squeezing her hand, and then offers a soft kiss to Savio's head for being so sweet himself. Her own eyes looking curiously for Valerian, but also claps for Zyxthylum when he wins the bid on the beautiful wooden sculpture.

Savio isn't going to CLAP, Orland! But he does run his ringers over the harp strings in a celebratory little trill of notes, seeming pleased at both the description of the art and at the identity of the lucky winner. "Lovely, congratulations to Zyxthylum when we see him. That one is such a nice piece, so evocative." He notes a little louder for the host, "I wanted that, Orland, but I know you'd give me a LOOK if I put more large sculptures in the Cloud!"

$30,000 ***

Raimon has, indeed, met Zakhar. Twice now, in fact. And if those two impressions are accurate, there's a man who will never have to worry on account of calcium deficiency. "Indeed so! Indeed so . . ." Raimon nods: "For how long have you known him?" Raimon pauses to squint and look up and gaze toward the old man.

Raven has no harp so claps somewhat awkwardly looking around for the artist, and seeing no one ready to take credit for the artwork. She ooohs, "Maybe about a year? He knew the Blackheart before I was blackheart-my mentor-before she passed."

Zakhar was doing more at the table than writing missives and is now slowly moving his way around the casino dropping a little /gift/ for each of the healers that helped him.

Ivy steps into the casino, glancing around the room and looking overall awkward and unsure of what exactly she is 'supposed' to be doing. Still, she's here! She offers nods to those who come her way, and when a 'gift' is dropped into her hands, she sniffs at the "cigar", then chuckles softly and tucks it away into a pouch. "Hello again, Master Zakhar. Thank you for the gift."

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Orland drops Seasons of Change.

Jayne, Burly Sailor arrives, following Wash.

Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter arrives, following Valerian.

Valerianreturning from the gallery with Wash a moment is taken to lean in and whisper something to the man as Valerian grins before the younger of the two Kennex's is slipping off in search of a drink.

Wash returns to the party, calling for a fresh goblet, not because his is empty but because the ice has all melted.

Savio greets Ivy from his place at the harp as she comes in, tilting a smile her way. "You are one of our healers, no?" he might have seen her at one of the maaaany times he's been at the Saving Grace, in pieces. "This event is for you, please enjoy all the hospitality we have to offer. We are seeing the final bids for some of the pieces now, but not yet for that jade and stygian necklace. That one was beautiful, no?"

Raimon wanders over to where the drinks are being served. Hm. Any wines from Tor? One wonders...

Raven gives Wash side-eye at this ice in his wine nonsense. Her judgement is not at all masked.

035 Once everyone's had a chance to give that wooden statue a good oogle over and commiserate themselves for NOT bidding on it, the next item is brought in. It's a large painting of autumn breezes, painted with loving care. "The next item that was entered for our contest was donated by an anonyomous painter, meaning that they've refused to accept compensation for this painting and that all proceeds would go to the cause. When looking at this image, we may not instinctively put it in relevance to healing, but then again, healers use the plants around us, to help us regain our footing. They've knowledge on what we need to chew, to take away pain, what they can crush to make a poultice. I firmly believe that without this knowledge, we would not weather the winters of change." Orland gives a moment before he announces, "The winner of this bid, was Countess Thea to the sum of $20,000 silver! Thank you Countess, for your generous bid." In addendum, "The items will remain on display throughout the event and will be shipped to their owners once payment has been secured." He bows his head.

"I will now open up the floor to our second healer story telling hour! Please if you would like to share a story of your experienes with a healer, come on up! If you're nervous, I do have an incentive of a gift at the end of your story telling." (type +line/getinline)

Valerian gives a small nod to Raimon as the two seem to have the same goal. Valerian's brow lifting just barely before he is murmuring softly to Raimon as he gets himself a glass of wine.

Thea bows her head to Orland, thanking him. "I appreciate it, thank you. Whomever painted this did a--beautiful job."

Clarisse smiles as she sees Valerian returning from the Crafters Gallery, and smiles at Ivy, squeezing her hand before she steps away to find Valerian where the drinks are. She refrains wisely from any drinks herself though, after her recent trip to Tor. "Did you see any you liked Lord Valerian?" though she is also careful not to interrupt the conversation as she tries to disappear a bit to leave them to talk if they wish.

Wash's copper goblet hides the contents of what he is drinking, but he seems content to sip. He calls out: "I would be interested in hearing of one's personal experiences with the healers. I have a scar from a duck that is worth sharing!"

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Turn in line: Clarisse

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Ivy flashes a brief smile towards Savio and nods lightly, "I'm a healer, but really I just thought to come by and show support for the event. Anything that benefits the Mercies or Physician's Guild is something worth supporting." She might show a tinge of a flush at mention of the necklace and murmurs, "Black and green... its how you can tell there's a Blackram in the room. We tower over most, have black hair, and green eyes. Though Cahal's has lightened somewhat from youth. His is more of a chestnut brown these days." Nodding to Clarisse, she smiles again at the other healer and glances towards Wash, "Now that sounds like one of those stories that we tell each other around the table while the water is boiling."

Raven turns to face Wash. Not a word is said but the Blackheart is clearly absolutely mystified. One can almost see her trying to work out how a duck could give anyone a scar. Her attention shifts when Ivy begins to speak however.

"Grieves me to say it, but that stygian piece would look so perfect with you, I don't think I could bear to bid again," Savio smiles to Ivy, and then he winks, just a little one. "I hope you win. And it is for such a gracious cause."

A couple of dramatic notes follow, for a certain person making declarations about grievous wounds. "Gonna need more details about this duck."

Valerian's eyes lift to look to Clarisse as she makes her way over, A warm smile forming as his head dips to the woman. "Oh many, I found it truly lovely to see how each took to the task of making something for this. Which was your favorite?" The question asked as he looks to her before turning that focus back to Raimon murmuring softly to the man beneath his breath keeping his tone low.

Clarisse looks up at those gathered as she volunteers to tell her story with a healer, "Not to long ago while visiting some friends in a bathhouse. Something I have never done, I almost drowned. Were it not for the efforts of Lord orland Amadea and my dear friends Zakhar and Savio, I would have. They are the dearest friends I could possibly ask for, but after I left the bathhouse. I came down with a cold, a horrible cold, that kept me in bed for a few days, and it was because of Healer Duchess Thea Wyvenheart that I was able to return to true health in a matter of days and was not made to suffer for longer. She is a brilliant Healer and a beautiful friend. When I first came to town, I met her by the docks leading the efforts. She always has been a leader her and one I admire deeply for her generous heart and beautiful spirit. To a healer of healers! Thank you deeply Duchess Wyvenheart." She smiles warmly at her friend.

Zakhar is doing what he does best, getting lit and not giving much of a fuck of who sees him doing so in open public. Maybe it's that his ears needs cleaning, or that he's just in that mood, though he looks over to Savio and asks probably louder than was meant to be at, "Savio, who's fuck do you need more details of?"

Savio twinnngss a string at Zakhar and merely tsks, "Oh, you!"


"That does not mean details of yours."

The Countess stands with pink cheeks. With a slight smile to Clarisse, Thea says quietly,"Not a problem. Couldn't have you drowning, right?" Finishing of her drink, she admits,"I have silver to collect, but this event was wonderful and inspiring. Thank you."

"Even if I don't, the money goes to a good cause, and I'm sure there are others who would wear the piece even better than I could. THank you, though, I don't often get to hear things like that. Its nice," Ivy dips a head towards Savio before blinking and adding, "And congratulations on your recent ennobling. You and your brother have been great boons, not just to your House but to the city." She smiles faintly at Savio before quieting down so people can share their stories.

Clarisse smiles at Valerian's question. "I adore the butterfly very much, but I also love the Healer's Lament. It really captures the heart of the moment, the myriad of emotions from all sides. I would bid but sadly my funds are spoken for already." She is happy to quiet though and hear Valerian's thoughts. "They really did out do themselves. Each of the artists represented the spirit of the event beautifully."

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Savio dips his head to Ivy, humility and maybe still some getting used to that whole ennoblement thing. The circumstances were a bit dire! "You are most kind to say so," he replies to her. "Those words are welcome, and good to hear." A quiet laugh. "More than I can say."

Wash does start his story off rather slow. "So the reason healers don't get enough credit, I believe, is that the people that care the most are often unconscious while healers and Mercies do their best work. Or worse, conscious." Wash explains. "Such was the case after I was laid low by a duck." He points out, playing up the ridiculousness of his claim that a duck gave him mortal injury. "And to be fair, even before I was injured I was not as generous to Lady HAlfshav as I could have been. She was Lady halfshav then, but now most of you know here as Duchess Khanne Halfshav."

Raven snorts indelicately at Zakhar's question to Savio and shakes her head, "Yup, your hearing is just fine." she decides with a wink towards her aged comrade. She then flashes a smile to Ivy and gives her a discrete salute to the woman at her words towards Savio.

Turn in line: Wash

Valerian's cheeks darken a touch hearing her talk of the paintings, when she mentions her silver being spoken for his brow lifts a touch. "Oh? which piece is it your silvers going to?" A small smile forming as he asks that question before he adds in a softer murmur, "I liked the madness, it's different from most tapestries. And thought provoking." The man admitting before he leans over to tell Raimon one las thing.

Turn in line: Savio

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Wash says, "As you might have guessed, this was some time in the past, in fact it was during the conflict with the Gyre. And while the corpses of the fallen laid siege to Malstrom, my crew and others were in search of a trove of weapons crafted by Cobalt herself." Wash runs a hand over the pommel of his everpresent cutlass. "A trove that, when found, had a guardian, two actually but I only remember the first. It was a duck, six feet tall if it was an inch.""

Raven guffaws, "Oh for the love of all that's holy. If it can stare you in the eye it ain't a duck, man."

At this point Wash pulls loose his doublet and shows a scar on his stomach that originates somewhere below his belt and terminates at the base of his sternum. "This was the injury I received from that beast, a shard I think is the name for it. Those that survived went on to kill it's much larger, angrier mother. I returned to MAelstrom an infected mess and it was Duchess Halfshav who nursed me back to health despite my earlier unkind words." Wash finishes, not quite tucking his shirt back in properly.

Clarisse smiles at him and shakes her head, "Sadly it is something else that was requested before the event tonight." She whispers to him, so as not to disrupt Wash's story, of the six foot tall duck. Which she really has her doubts of but then she has heard of flying ships and talking trees and gives up on anything being impossible.

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Clarisse gets Off the shoulder seasilk cloak in brillant yellows from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Wash answers Raven with an insouciant wave of his hand. "Might have been a little bit bear. Maybe more bear than duck."

Orland was organizing things in the back as Clarisse spoke of the incident in the Bathhouse and then the cold she got from it, before Wash stands up to take a second turn and telling a story... about a DUCK. A duck that was six feet! Orland is really staring at Wash this time, blinking a few times, before he sees to a few bids rolling in, as well as voting, and other such hostly duties while the stories of the Healers continue forward! Besides, who wouldn't want to hear about half-drownings in a bath house and Mighty Ducks?! Clarisse is offered a 'gift' for her participation in sharing a story by one of the many hands running around.

Raven tilts her head back and laughs, "No shit, there you were..." She drawls into her goblet with an amused eyeroll.

Orland has rolled 1 9-sided dice: 4

Catalana is very late tonight. Is it because she spent hours preening? possibly. Her golden hair is slicked back and make up applied. As she comes to stand by Wash and his half-tucked shirt, her eyebrow arches. "A duck stabbed you?"

Orland has rolled 1 9-sided dice: 1

Savio most solemnly sings about Wash's ordeal,

Fearsome story, grievous luck
A dire spot in which to be stuck
Lessons learned, disaster struck -
Never ever fuck with a duck."

But it is actually his turn in line, and he laughs, continuing more properly. "This time the story is for a /particular/ healer," he says. "Many, many of them have helped me, but this healer tends to step away from the spotlight, and so of course I must steer her into it." He begins!

"Clarisse of Charon is a friend of mine
Her heart is pure, her manners refined
She'll help anyone, again and again
Including two most foolish men..."

("They're very handsome though," Savio interjects his own song before continuing)

"Orland got wounded something awful
Clarisse was there for that debacle
She tended him through nights and days
In exchange we taught her to smoke haze

It was dire, all seemed lost
How sharp this pain, how steep the cost
No matter how hopeless, dark or vile
Clarisse was there with herbs and a smile

You will never meet a finer heart
Or one more faithful to her art
For seeing all that madness through
Clarisse, dear heart, we honor you."

Orland has rolled 1 9-sided dice: 2

Valerian ahs softly hearing that answer from Clarisse, The Kennex Lord standing beside the woman leans in moments later to whisper something to her as Wash tells his story of battling the vicious bearduck.

Zakhar taps the femur cane on the floor after Savio is done with his song. "Aye. Clarisse is one of our good nob'l's," He eyeballs a couple of the men in the room, "And if any of ye get some silly ideas, I've got need for more bones."

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion arrive, following Cecilia.

Clarisse can't help but get misty eyed and rosy cheeked at the story from Savio and winks at Valerian with a nod of her head. "I am a sucker for a lost cause or two or three." She teases. "Anytime you need me, I will be here for you. I love each of you dearly." She puts a hand over her heart and smiles warmly at them each.

Wash confides in Catalana. "Maybe?" Wash asks. "I wasn't really conscious for that part." He reaches out to lay an arm around Catalana's waist. "You have a lot of catching up to do tonight, I am already twenty thousand silver in."

Savio frees a hand and blows Clarisse a chaste kiss, amused, and then sets his hands back to the music-making!

Although Orland enjoys Savio's song, he does mildly complain afterward, "You stole my thunder. I was going to use that story you know..." He gives Savio a long look, delaying his actual approach to telling a story before he goes up.

To the crowd he opinions, "Thank you to Lady Clarisse, Admiral Wash, and Lord Savio for sharing their stories with us, to define our Love of Healers. Now, would anyone like to come up and share their own stories? There's still plenty of time before we begin the Art Competition."

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Catalana smiles fondly at Wash and asks him, "What have you purchased so far? I had an advertisement about hair pins shoved in my face on the way here." She turns towards Clarisse when she gets all misty eyed, "Aww."

Valerian falls silent at a loss for words as Savio shares his tale in such a way honoring Clarisse with it. The man actually taking a step back from the woman a moment during her moment to shine before he is stepping back in beside her. The Kennex Lord offering a light series of claps over the stories after hearing that opinion from Orland. When he spots Catalana his cheeks flush as he realizes he never responded to her earlier missive. The Kennex Lord quickly averting his gaze looking to Clarisse, "Sounds like you saved the day Clarisse."

Wash says, "I'm in the raffle for eight, I gave ten to my prize crew over there." He gestures to the crwnsworn men busily gambling and drinking away that silver and then he gestures to Raven. "And this is Raven Blackheart who staked me for five thousand and quite quickly took me for every silver. RAven Blackheart, the inestimable Catalana Kennex.""

Cecilia enters with her usual nonchalance. Late. But she wouldn't miss an event. She smiles as she sees those gathered. Taking a drink the moves to join her family.

Raven rises and bows, "Ooooh, a treat to get to meet not one but two Kennex's today. An honor to meet you, my lady. Do place a bid quick if something catches your eye there are some excellent works for auction."

Zakhar checks stamina and survival at hard. Zakhar fails.

Clarisse smiles at Valerian, "I had some help from Lady Mabelle she was there with some painkiller at the time I did not have available, but I was there cleaning and stitching the most horrible of wounds I have ever seen." She offers but without much detail, to preserve Orlands privacy, before whispering to him again.

Savio raises his brows at Ivy in amusement. "I feel like we should invite you to tell stories about patients, that seems like it would be most entertaining. Though now that I am on the subject, I have to wonder, do healers make the best patients, when they're injured? Or absolutely the worst?"

The line has been dismissed by Orland.

Zakhar mutters, "If ... was ... du... ... ... a fuck... ... I don't know... ... ... be something absolutely... beautiful, but the lordl... I swear, who mixed what ... ... ... ... something special ... here... and then... we all just dance! ... ... what ... need... ... of... Oh come on!"

The old man is nearly stumbling drunk, the cane is barely holding him up and his words are slurring back from the somewhat understandable Arvani to another dialect. There's a little wave of the cane towards either Valerian, Clarisse, or Savio... maybe Raven? Orland? No that lordling seems to be safe from his muttering. Then taking another long drag on the smoke, and finding a seat. Perhaps he is okay for the moment?

Catalana narrows her eyes in an almost harmless look to Valerian. "Cousin." Before she turns back to Raven and Wash with a breathy laugh. "Sailors." Hee hand extends to Raven, "A pleasure to meet you and congratulations on besting Lord Wash and emptying his pockets so quickly"

Raven ahhs and offers a chagrined smile, "He might of exaggerated but who am I to spoil a tale that flatters me? Lovely to meet you, my lady." Her hands are clean but otherwise calloused and scarred.

Feeling those eyes narrow upon him Valerian whispers something to Clarisse befoe looking around. When he sees Catalana and hears her greeting Valerian smiles softly, "Cousin, you should take in the pieces done. Rather lovely ones and most unique." The man offering up before he is falling silent once more. His gaze settling upon the stumbling and weaving form of Zakhar as the older man makes his way to find a seat. A sigh of relief leaving Valerian seeing the man make it in one piece.

Ivy flickers a faint smile towards Savio, "I plead silence on the grounds that it may incriminate known figures. But yes, I do know a few stories, though rarely are healers' stories humorous... they actually tend to be... grim. Or detailed enough that nobody really wants to hear about it." SHe lifts a small shrug before answering the question without hesitation, "We're the worst patients. Because we ARE healers, so clearly, we know best."

Cecilia whispers something to Orland before she smiles at her cousins. "How is my wonderful family today?" She says warmly before taking a sip of her drink. She then nods with Ivy's assessment. "Oh yes we are the worst patients. We know the best of everything." She laughs warmly.

Wash lifts his chin, undaunted. "I had Jayne run over to the bank, and my pockets are quite full again."

Savio laughs quietly to the words of Ivy and Cecilia, "I thought that might be the case." A thoughtful look to Ivy lingers, the laugh gentling into a smile. "They can be," he agrees. "That grimness gentled by hope, the bitter strength of despair that becomes a healing, a life, a future that still holds joy and creativity -- I think that is what we aimed to present here. Summed up more simply as -- thank you. We are grateful."

Clarisse smiles warmly to Cecilia as she stands beside Valerian, whisper a few words now and again to him, and listens to the opinion of healers being the worst patients from Ivy and holds her hands behind her back now, falling quiet.

035 When no one else seems to come up with stories, then it is on Orland to step up to the plate. "Hello everyone, I hope you've been having a great time today enjoying the festivities and listening to the stories. I wanted to thank everyone for being here and supporting this cause. Though I think it's time to explain /why/ I came up with this idea in the first place, to which Lord Savio already alluded to in song."

"It was when I came back to Arx, I was offered an opportunity to help Marquessa Ezmeralda with some strife in the Saffron Chain. I barely knew what was going on but I signed up because, being back to the city, being more or less an unknown again in the peerage after spending two years in Bravura, I needed to make connections, I wanted to, and the best way to do that is to help out. Needless to say, I was not a good sailor at that point. I spent the four weeks or so that it took getting down there, pretty sick. Heaving over the side sick, and kept to myself, miserable. The people I went with, I barely knew. Not at all. In matter of fact, I was sailing with Savio at the time, and I thought he was annoying and kept my distance." He admits that, with a soft grin to Savio, "In any case, during that adventure I was viciously bitten by something that still too this day I cannot verify exactly what it was, but it was corrupted and it was inhuman, as it was eating.... humans. It decided to bite me, rather than ripping my arm off after some very foolish decision of mine got me tangled in the bushes...." He shrugs once, "What ended up happening is that when I got back to Arx, a grave fever took hold of me, to the point I thought I was going to die. Lady Mabelle was in the Saving Grace when I decided to stubbornly seek out help, as the fever took hold and I could barely walk. That's when I met Lady Clarisse as well, fresh to the city, not even in uniform yet and there she was, dropping her things off and helping Lady Mabelle. Zakhar came along later, but I'm pretty sure he just did what he normally does. In any case, Lady Mabelle and Lady Clarisse kept watch over me for weeks after. I'm happy to report, I'm fully recovered of course. But I will never forget that moment, that both of them, without hesitation, went to work, and all the running around they did after the fact."

Raven crosses her arms and points at Orland and informs Savio, "See? Wasn't just me."

Catalana sighs long-sufferingingly at Wash and gives Jayne a faint glare before joking. "I should start offering him better bribes." Her attention swivels between those she's speaking with, "Dear cousin, if I buy more art where will it go? We have giant crabs, fornicating bunnies, glitter and epic monstrous pool fight pieces. Where could it go?" Cecilia also gets a welcoming smile before she turns to listen to Orland.

Orland adds in, "To make things fun, I'd like to add in 150,000.00 to the 50/50 pot. Tell your friends to buy tickets if they haven't already. Orders can be shipped in from other parts of the city if they can't make it."

Clarisse smiles warmly at Orland, "We only had to run so much because you would not stay put in the hospital. But you were far more comfortable at home, even if you scared the majority of your staff." She offers shaking her head. She then nods understandingly at something that Valerian whispered to her and shakes her head motioning towards Cecilia.

You can't record scratch to a halt on a harp but there is a definite brief cessation of music as Orland says Savio was ANNOYING and then RAVEN is over there CONFIRMING a SIMILAR EXPERIENCE. Savio sniffs, announces, "I'm never speaking to either of you ever again," and then goes back to playing the instrument!

Wash lets out a low whistle of appreciation. "That's a healthy sum. Put me down for another fifty tickets."

Orland notes to Savio, "You know I love you for everything that you are," spoken without hesitation.

Clarisse hands over what is left in her coin purse to the cause, knowing it may take her another week to accomplish her gold, handing over 9000 silver to the pot.

Raven mmmhmms, "Yes you are. Cause you love him and...well, ok you tolerate me but still."

Savio is ignoring Raven and Orland. Hmph! They are dead to him!! Forever! ...Nah, there's a little smile tugging at his lips at their words, he can't help it. Either all is forgiven, or in his heart of hearts he knows he's annoying. Or both.

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Raven has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Orland has rolled 1 7-sided dice: 6

Zakhar is overheard praising Orland.

Cecilia is overheard praising Orland.

Clarisse is overheard praising Orland.

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

It's that time of the evening!! Another AUCTION item has been pulled! The assistant comes out to offer him the sheet of paper with all the bids that were listed for a very special item. "Now, while this entry did not come in the way of Art Entries, no, this one will not be bid upon, it is for the future crafting of something spectacular. I'm not even sure what Spidersilk is, truthfully! It sounds very... sticky." He gives a smirk, "But it is very rare, I'm told. Only a /handful/ of people in the city have ever acquired this material. Today it was donated by the gracious Archduchess Jaenelle herself for tonight's event! By random lottery, it was pulled off the auctioneers listing! The highest bidder goes to Princess Graziella! Congratulations Princess! I don't think she's here but we'll send her notification of her win! I'll be looking forward to what she makes out of it!"

Raven tilts her head, "Wonder how spider silk works? IS there...someone out there...ah..milking spiders or somesuch?"

1 Ivory Shields, Philippe leave, following Orland.

1 Ivory Shields, Philippe arrive, following Orland.

Orland drops a wooden relief carving with inlaid colored glass.

Wash says, "I think it's just a name. Nobody actually... oh... wait no. There are definitely spiders that size. It is probably woven while being pulled directly out of spider's butts."

Catalana just stares at Wash for a long moment. "Eww."

Orland and an assistant comes out moving a small wooden sculpture of a butterfly. "The other item that was pulled a moment ago was this beautiful Art Entry! It's a wooden relief carving and it was once again, donated by a gracious artisan who merely wanted to help with tonight's festivities! The work is a piece to marvel at and it's found it's new home! Lady Kiera Wyvernheart was the successful bidder on this marvelous carving, with a bid of $31,000 silver! Thank you my Lady! As with all the other items, this will remain until the event is over." A moment later, "We will be pulling the other items out of the gallery shortly, for our ARTIST COMPETITION. Be sure if you haven't voted already, that you do so! Thank you for your continued support tonight!"

Orland exhales after that, like, being a host is rough!

Clarisse giggles at Wash, trying to hide the giggle behind her hand and be as discreet as she can, but that laughter is definitely showing in her eyes. Though she has never worked with it herself. She looks to Orland curiously, "Did you get my vote Lord Amadeo?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kiera before departing.

"I did want that spidersilk." Savio doesn't seem too broken up about not being the winner of it, if anything there's that little hint of amusement again. "But I have to imagine that Princess Graziella will make something out of it that is so spectacular, I will be glad she outbid me." Another nod follows for the item that Kiera won, and he seems to feel this is fitting. "Another beautiful piece, gone to another deserving recipient."

Kiera returns to the scene of the event to happily clain her one item seeming quite pleased with herself

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Catalana peeks around to Savio and admits, "After Lord Wash's description of spidersilk, I think I will pass." Primly smoothing her own gown down. "Anyway, I don't think I have the right attitude to pull off spidersilk... maybe personality is the better word."

Savio drops Madness - A tapestry done with a sullen theme.

Savio drops Art Heals the Heart.

Savio drops Healers Lament, A framed painting.

Savio drops stunning stygian necklace with bright green jade.

Savio drops a delicate chain suspending a Calderan bloodstone in a flame pendant.

Duarte is overheard praising Orland: A phenomenal celebration, well planned, paced and executed, bringing much needed levity and joy.

Savio has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

Q-bert an Albino Possum arrives, following Shyanne.

Jerome, a bodyguard, Elaine, an older courtier, Morgana, a proper secretary, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Isabeau.

Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Wash leans in to whisper to his wife, one arm still wrapped around her waist.

Jerome, a bodyguard, Elaine, an older courtier, Morgana, a proper secretary, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Isabeau.

Orland gets small brass chest enameled in red.

Jerome, a bodyguard, Elaine, an older courtier, Morgana, a proper secretary, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Isabeau.

Raven tuts, "I am certain you'd look lovely in anything, my lady, including arachnid butt-weave."

Clarisse is glad to hear the banter back and forth, and giggle quietly as she stays near Valerian and shakes her head at Raven and Wash's comments about the spidersilk. As each piece is brought back into the Main Room she does take time to aprpeciate each one.

"The setting sun, the tide, and Pravosi flirting with my wife. These things are all inevitable." Wash says heaving a mock sigh.

Savio tilts a smile toward Catalana, "What is the right attitude or personality for arachnid buttweave?" he wonders, then holds up an index finger, "Hold that thought, I do want to know." But he has a mission to attend to, standing from the harp and stretching a moment before disappearing out of this room and slipping into the crafter gallery, where he returns with a helper or two and the beautiful items of the Art Contest! Each is lovingly placed out at a designated place of display, with room to circulate and look at them, before he sits again. Not playing again just yet; taking a break to drink, and to smile at Catalana again. He wants to know, man!

Raven rolls her eyes, "One can give an earnest compliment without it being anything taudry. I don't date anyone prettier than I am." She points a finger at Savio, "Egon's handsom not pretty, before you make that observation."

Savio wastes no time in correcting Raven, with love, "You are absolutely dating someone prettier than you are."

Shyanne moves into the place she looks confused as to where she is supposed to look She moves over to clarisse, "you know whats going on here?"

Kiera blinks "As long as you're not wearing it with said arachnid attached, I think you're fine , but then harlequins may perfer the former"

Savio snap points at Kiera, "This is a fantastic perspective."

Zakhar nods to Savio after a possibly lengthy aside, then looks to see what else could be set for light fingers. Though the guards seem to be simply following him without hesitation and thus he simply stays put with a nod to them.

Her hands folded neatly before her, and a small retinue of attendants following behind, Isabeau steps in, her gaze trailing over the area. Immediately moving to walk amongst the art displayed, the blond Duchess considers for a time. She then makes her way over towards Ordland

The artist competition part of the afternoon has finally arrived. Thanks to Savio's assistance along with a small crew of faces, each art piece is presented for showing. "Now, if any of the artists are here, I will invite you to come up and speak toward your pieces, however, knowing that I didn't actually /require/ that from you, I doubt any are in the house..." He looks around, "Artists are quite bashful in my experience." His hand goes over his brow to shield himself looking through the crowd, "Come on, don't be shy!"

"Flirting with Catalana isn't tawdry. It's more akin to the divine." Wash counters, happy to match wits with Raven, though it is clear that the flattery he is quickest to accept is flattery of his dear Catalana.

Clarisse smiles at Shyanne as she stands near her ane explains, "It is a healer's events, Lord Amadeo has been gracious enough to host for us, the raised funds are going to help the Healers and Mercy's. If you have a story of a healer you would like to share. I am sure everyone here would like to hear it , Lady Eswynd. You only have to step up into line when it is time. Or you can bid on one of the lovely pieces of artwork." She offers gently to the Lady as she explains why they are all gathered.

Moving quietly through the room, a warm smile already on her face as she spots several people with whom she is familiar, Kalani Seliki seems to just arrive near Zakhar with a pair of wine glasses in her hands. One glass is extended toward Zakhar as she sips from the one she's holding in her right hand, pale eyebrows winging upward at Orland's invitation to the artists in the audience. "Oh dear," is murmured as she takes another sip, glancing around the room with a look of bright eyed curiosity.

Shyanne nods her head "no no story." she laughs a little as she looks to the art... "bid on the art?" she asks "or vote on it?" she asks and she grins brushing her white hair from her eyes. mmmmms." she says quietly

Raven Ahhhs, "Well perhaps someone will overhear this invitation to shower her with attention and vie for her affections but sadly, that shall not be me." She smiles to Catalana and jerks a thumb at Savio, "I have no taste, he can confirm this."

Luxe arrives, following Giorgio.

Zakhar looks to Kalani and nods, grabbing, missing, second shot is the charm! The glass is in his hand. "This isn't water again is it?" he attempts to say quietly though is slurring his words a little. "I've got a new trick, ha!" He then balances a fresh smoke on the rim of the glass, taking a sip from the wine so that the smoke rolls into his lips where it is caught with very little of the wine on the roll.

Kalani has joined the line.

"Well, seeing as how she married me, it is possible that is going around." Wash agrees with Raven.

Whatever Wash had whispered in Catalana's ear has made the woman blush and laugh. "You are incorrigible Lord Wash Kennex." Her attention swivels back to Savio with a reply of, "Daring. Sexy, I suppose. It was created in the lyceum after all." It's only after that she assures Raven, "Lord Wash is indifferent when people flirt with me. He thinks I am so head over heels for him and his scars that I will not be tempted."

Claude enters as unassumingly as he can manage. His eyes slowly taking in the atmosphere before he moves off to the side his hands wringing absently.

Raven says, "He is probably easier to manage if you allow him to continue to think that." She grins at Wash, "Bah, I can see the appeal for a noble woman wanting to ensure a lack of boredom. Whatever flaws one might accuse you of I'd wager large sums being boring is not among them."

Giving a slight nod, Isabeau steps away from Orland, her attention going to Clarisse instead, "What sort of stories of healers?" she puts towards the woman, as a query in her soothing contralto voice.

"Would I do that to you?" Kalani wonders, eyes widening deliberately followed by a wink as she takes another, nice, sip from the glass she's holding and watches as he performs his new trick of balance, haze, smoke and wine. "How do you not end up spilling wine everywhere?" is wondered in a quiet aside.

Certainly late to the event, Marquis Giorgio Proscipi saunters into the event clad in fine fabrics and fireweave. He pauses just inside the entrance, his eyes surveying the field and those occupying it before he steps aside to find himself a drink. He offers a dip of his head in greeting to those who he knows, a friendly smile upon his face.

Shyanne looks over as she smiles to Catalana before she giggles slightly her body looks over at the bloodstone ewelry "that.... is amazing" says the plump healer. She seems to get lost staring at the jewelry for a moment forgetting about everything else

Clarisse nods to Shyanne and smiles, "You can vote on your favorite piece even if you can't bid on it, the winner of the votes will win as well, she offers, but the winner of the bid, wins the piece itself."

Wash warns Raven. "You should be aware that my wife and I have opposite temperaments in regards to flirting. And calling me interesting is quite possibly the best compliment I have received in months."

"For all of those that are joining us, the event tonight is hosted to Celebrate our healers of the Arvum, with all funds raised tonight going to the Physician Guild and the Mercies of Lagoma. We've shared stories over the last few hours of how Healers have profoundly changed our lives, saved our lives, and become of our lives like they were family. In honor of all that our Healers have done, I asked for the artists out there to contribute one piece of art, with the Theme of Healing, to display here tonight. My audience, YOU, everyone here, everyone in the city - tell your friends to vote via messenger if they haven't already - will vote on the most beloved piece. That artisan will get a special prize from me! All artists will receive a gift of their choosing, as well as they will be paid 50% of the Auction Bid listed on their item. I wanted to thank the artists for their time and their patience, since we had to delay this event once! But for good reason." He looks around, "I will be off to the side, gathering your votes! Please bring them to me when you have had the chance to study each piece closely! I invite now, to the stage, Countess Kalani to speak of her contributions to the event!"

Clarisse smiles at Isabeau, "Any stories of healers you wish to share, where they have cared for you or someone else you may know."

Turn in line: Kalani

Raven shakes her head gently and tuts slightly. She seeks Catalana's gaze, flashes a lopsided grin and rolls her eyes a bit before her attentio shifts to Contess Kalani curiously.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ivy before departing.

Kiera approaches "Isabeau with a smile " Good evening duchess. How are you?"

Kalani finishes the glass she's holding, sets it neatly aside, shares a quiet work with Raimon as well along with another glimpse of a warm smile before she heads toward Orland. Once here she hugs the Pravus lord, "Thank you for organizing this, for even thinking to do so, in fact," she says in a quiet voice before she turns to guests. "A round of applause, please, as well, for Lord Orland and Lord Savio for helping organize this event and bringing any artist out of the woodwork with such a creative idea for the theme of the art on display." She grins then, eyes sparkling with amusement, "I'm not one for long speeches, so I'll say only that we all need more art, more music, more poetry, more creativity in our lives. More kindness and bravery," all of this said simply enough before she steps just as neatly back out of the spotlight, so to speak, and reclaims her glass of wine.

Harlen have been dismissed.

Claude seems somewhat taken aback as he is offered a drink. He accepts one with a polite nod of his head. He holds the glass awkwardly as he looks for a place to watch the festivities.

Claude has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Valerian has joined the line.

Isabeau smiles to Kiera one of her serene, sweet smiles, giving her head a gentle dip of acknowledgement, "I am well, and you, my Lady? I thought I should come visit the event, since it is a cause that is close to my heart. It has not disappointed."

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Raimon has joined the a polished wooden bar carved with flora and vines.

Shyanne has joined the a cluster of tables near the fireplace.

Kalani takes tempest phoenix of the seas pewter brooch set with turquoise from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Wash applauds politely at Kalani's words. "Hear hear."

"It's a bit of skill and a whole lot of luck." Zakhar declares to Kalani before she heads to speak. A little nod to both the lordlings as they are praised by the Countess.

Catalana applauds too before murmuring something to Wash. Finally straightening, she excuses herself discreetly before heading out the door.

Raven:applaused, "Well said, lovely work!"

Clarisse gently smiles and offers her support to Kalani as she offers her kind words in support of the event tonight, "Well Said!" She offers warmly and laughs at Raven as they think alike.

Shyanne looks around she finally draws her eyes from the bloodstone, she sighs with a little shift of her shoulders as she moves to listen and watch the event.

Savio has resumed his place as music-maker at the harp, providing background music that one can tap a foot to! Nothing too crazy. "All the credit goes to Lord Orland," he insists as Kalani praises them for putting it together, "Though with the temerity to speak for him -- please, it is our pleasure. Not enough is done to thank and praise and celebrate the people to whom we so constantly run with our injuries. Every day all day, 'aa, aaaa, I have been stabbed! ...Or attacked by vicious waterfowl of inappropriate scale!' We appreciate you."

After retrieving a drink, Giorgio makes his way along the outer edge of the casino until he happens upon a comfortable alcove to slip into where he might relax and watch the proceedings.

Giorgio has joined the a small shadowy alcove.

Orland bobs his head to the Countess, "I wouldn't be here without the healers! It's the least I can do." HUMBLE. I guess. AHHH. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. His face flushes a little when she brings the spotlight on him when it was supposed to be about her and her art! Oh well. He's grateful and agrees, "To more Kindness and Bravery!"

Savio makes a 'what' gesture at his brother, one handed while the other hand plays the harp still, and then points at the harp bench like hello, join ME.

Orland has joined the line.

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Turn in line: Valerian

"Next I would like to invite Lord Valerian Kennex up front! He submitted his piece only recently so I'm grateful that we get to hear him share a word about it. Lord Valerian?" Orland invites up.

Kiera smiles " so many of my family or involved in healing, they will always be a part of me

Valerian seems anxious, almost aprehensive as he hears the call for artists to talk over their pieces. In the end and with a deep breath taken and the last half of his wine glass quickly drained the Kennex Lord begins to make his way over to where his piece is displayed. The Kennex Lord listening to Kalani, a small smile forming as he hears her words on art. And then its his turn, Valerian's cheeks darken a touch and the young man shifts his weight from one foot to he other nervously as he motions to Healers Lament. "It is what I pictured when reading first hand accounts of healers and wounded found in the library and archives. And from what I saw in the eyes of healers leaving the hospital after long days following the battles of Pieros and the Bay. The weight they silently carried with them." With that said Valerian's head ducks and the man makes his way quickly away on a beeline for more drinks.

Wash's gaze follows Catalana out the door, it is the gaze of a shipwrecked man watching the horizon.

Isabeau smiles aside at Kiera, raising a hand to give the woman's arm a gentle pat, "And my sweet, darling sister is Mother Mercy. We are alike in that our families give us a greater appreciation." Her words are soft in her soothing contralto tones as her eyes draft over the artwork on display, "And I love artwork as well. Do any of the pieces catch your eye?"

Clarisse smiles softly in support of Valerian knowing it took a lot of courage even if aided by wine for him to stand up there in front of everyone. "Thank you so much for your generous contribution Lord Kennex. Your work is brilliant and full of the emotions from all sides. Well done."

Shyanne smiles a bit to herself, she listens to Balerian as he speaks. "it is a great piece." she says a bit as she looks around and then her eyes move over to Isabeau "quite well done."

Shyanne is overheard praising Valerian.

Clarisse is overheard praising Valerian.

Clarisse is overheard praising Kalani.

Kiera is overheard praising Orland.

Kiera is overheard praising Kalani.

Kiera is overheard praising Valerian.

Clarisse is overheard praising Savio.

Turn in line: Zakhar

Zakhar has found his way back to the stage to speak. He's a little wobbly and has a new smoke tucked into his lip. With a little nod to those assembled, "Hallo again nob... Nobles. I don't have a piece available for you today, though just wanted to say that all healers, whether you're with the mercies or physcians will be given a half off discount at the Emporium as long as I'm alive." He looks to Orland, "I don't need anything from your fancy chest this time."

Clarisse is overheard praising Zakhar.

Shyanne smiles to Zakhar "thank you, ever so much for your words.." she says as a healer, she smiles then to Clarisse "we appreciate your words"

Shyanne is overheard praising Zakhar.

Valerian gets stained-glass spectacles with blue lenses from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

"In other words, buy something soon!" Wash quips after Zakhar has finished speaking. "Old age or drink is going to do the job soon, one or the other." He salutes Zakhar with his goblet.

Savio hahs at Wash, "You might be surprised. That one's survived knock-down drag-out reaving while fighting with random bits of kitchenware. I still have nightmares about what he can do with a spoon."

Raven says, "Zakhar will outlive us all. Watch."

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Kiera pauses conversation tegard and applaud the speakers and nods to Isabeau "I was lucky enough to have the winning bid on a wooden etching of a butterfly inlaid with colored glass. just an exsquisite piece. it is a shame the artist did not give their name

"Are you a pudding? Because I am sure he could murder a pudding with a spoon." Wash agrees with Savio.

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Turn in line: Claude

Shyanne moves places slowly her eyes still on a piece that has caught her attention, "are there..." she pauses as Raimon moves closer and whispers to her "ooooh... thank you!" she says a bit to Raimon, "it is hard.. to find myself within social things, would you like to sit?" she asks as she then looks over to the others nearby lowering her voice

Savio gestures vaguely. "There's sort of an ... eye sockets.. interaction.... with the spoon..." He gives up on trying to explain it and just nods instead, as though settled on some matter. "You know what, let's go with pudding."

Zakhar looks to Wash with an old gruff of a laughing smirk. "I got fat when stuck in no man's land during war son. The only one of the blades to cross enemy lines both directions all for a meal. If you have a pudding that you like, let me know. I'll cook it up fer ya."

Raimon, also, finds 'social things' difficult, draining, ans noisy... and so he does accept the offer

Raven's words draw a quiet exhale of laughter from Kalani and she lifts her glass to toast Zakhar as he speaks, "Cheers to half off! and long lives," said with a grin. "And, the pudding would deserve it, of course, Lord Wash."

Valerian now with a drink in hand moves to rejoin Clarisse stepping up to settle in beside the woman. His glass lifted for a sip to be taken as he looks around curious what other artists might speak up on their own pieces.

Orland gives his ceremonial applause for Valerian, "I'm fully putting $30,000 on that painting Valerian. Thank you for sharing with us. It is something I would like to see proudly displayed, well, in my home." Or somewhere else. Who knew! He watches Zakhar and laughs, "Thank you. I'm sure they'll be pleased with the discount. Now, oohhh. I've been told the artist by the name of Claude is in the house!"

"I still have all my teeth. I will save eating pudding for my twilight years." Wash rejoinders.

Domonico enters, sweeping his gaze around the room slowly, an incredibly serious expression on his face as the Count searches for faces his recognises amongst the crowd, seemingly more interested in the people than the art atcpresent.

Raven applauds for Valerian, draining her goblet first so she can abandon it for the task.

Clarisse smiles at Valerian as he rejoins her and she gently bumps her shoulder against his own, wearing that bright yellow cloak she was gifted from Orlands chest earlier, matching her own gown perfect this evening. She also smiles brightly at Orland when he says he is trying to buy it himself. She is happy to be quiet thoug and listen.

Orland has rolled 1 5-sided dice: 4

Ivy finishes her drink and meanders over towards Orland to murmur, "I'm afraid I have a few things to see to, but thank you for running this event. For everything." She dips a nod towards him and turns to head out, pausing near Savio to smile, "And thank you." He knows what he's done. THen she's heading off!

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Ivy.

"Valerian Kennex!" Wash says, turning his attention to the art at hand. "Well done cousin. Well done!"

Zakhar chomps his teeth together tightly to make a clicking noise, then runs a finger over them towards Wash. "All me own teeth! Ask yer kin what type of bite I offer. Or would you prefer a cuppa tea?"

Valerian's head dips to Orland hearing his comment on his piece, "My only hope is that whoever ends up with it enjoys it." The response offered softly before Wash's words have his cheeks darkening further even as a smile forms along his lips. His glass lifted to his fellow Kennex before a deep drink is taken.

Claude glances up upon hearing his name. He takes a large gulp of his drink before standing up and moving to speak. He clears his throat nervously gazing over the crowd, eyes resting a moment on a few familiar faces. "Good evening. My name is Claude and House Deepwood has given me a place to call home." He gestures to the wooden statue, "This is my piece.. a depiction of a Mercy weilding Lagoma's fire." A hand rubs the back of his head absently, "I just wanted to support a worthy cause and thank you to Lord Amadeo for hosting this event." Another long pause as he considers something, "One other thing... the beautiful calderan bloodstone necklace here was submitted anonymously... but it is so striking I feel the artisan should get some credit. It was crafted by Cufre Harrow of Heart of Glass jewelry. Thank you all for coming." He steps away nervously.

True to his word, Raimon, having personally thanked as many of the Healers as he could, takes advantage of the next break in the action to take his leave, going in search of 'somewhere with trees'

Shyanne is overheard praising Claude.

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Shyanne nods her head as she stands and she moves to follow the Prince... he mentioned trees, and so she was rather excited to follow

Clarisse is overheard praising Claude.

Clarisse is overheard praising Cufre.

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Kiera gives a small curtset toward the duchess and moves over towards wash "oh but pudding is a lovely dessert lord wash, particularly when paired with cake, though not so much with ceilings, but that's another matter entirely. at any rate a pleasure to see you again

Valerian is overheard praising Claude: A lovely piece

Orland is overheard praising Claude.

Orland is overheard praising Cufre.

Orland is overheard praising Kalani.

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Shyanne leaves, following Raimon.

Orland is overheard praising Valerian.

Valerian is overheard praising Cufre: A lovely necklace, Beautiful work!

Wash is overheard praising Catalana.

Claude takes dark gray leather sailor's coat with golden buttons from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Valerian is overheard praising Orland.

Domonico takes his time to note the few that he recognises, giving Savio and Orland respectful nods as does Wash and Kalani. His frown stays on his face as his eyes drift to the various artwork, perhaps as he tries to make sense of them.

Kiera is overheard praising Claude.

Clarisse is smiling at the piece Claude speaks about and claps softly for both that are staken credit for, "Thank you for donating to such a worthy cause, it is because of generous spirits such as yourself, that we were able to help so many with much needed supplies during the war and upon your return home. We can not thank all of you enough for helping us be able to save so many."

Kiera is overheard praising Zakhar.

Wash greets Domonico. "Count Magnotta, you are arrived just in time to pick out new art for Magnotta Manor."

Kiera is overheard praising Savio.

Kiera is overheard praising Clarisse.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Orland crosses his hands at the wrist before him, waiting while Claude moves to speak, while other organizational things happen around him. He's constantly dealing with messengers and things, as well as taking votes with an assistant beside him marking down the tallies for each vote that goes for BEST IN SHOW. As Claude introduces himself, he looks to the piece of the wooden statue. "One of my favorites to be sure," he remarks as he approaches, "The Bloodstone necklace, designed by Cufre, is certainly one that is worth noting! It is precisely this attitude of kindness and generosity that is the essence of what keeps us going. While they're not healers, our artists have as much a selfless way in which they serve and to have them all contributing to this event, magnifies the ways we can come together. Thank you Claude for sharing with us about not one, but two art pieces. It is actually the latter, which just got pulled from the auction lists. With a bid of $105,000.00 silver ladies and gentlemen, Cufre's beautiful design will be going home with Raven Blackheart."

From his perch over by the harp, Savio seems pleased with the recipient of the bloodstone necklace. "Although bloodstones are from the Caldera and not from Dawnsend -- I feel some geographic fondness for them," he winks at Raven, with a little trill of music against the harp strings to celebrate her bidding victory! "You're going to make a very happy Egon, if that is a gift for him."

Orland has rolled 1 4-sided dice: 4

Kalani gives a quiet whistle and applauds Orland's words as he announces the bidding on Cufre's beautiful design, "Marvelous!"

Domonico hmmms as he greets Wash with warrior's forearm grip, "Lord Wash. Well met. I doubt that I will be getting anything for the Manor. Most of my funds are going into improving holdings rather than decorating."

Raven woohoos as she is announced winner of the prize! "Of course it is! I would damage or loose it and it's faaaar too lovely for such a fate. " She confirms, "And I got him some cologne." No comment if it's a hint or not.

The other auction item is listed and Orland laughs, "Sorry Valerian! I will not have your painting anywhere but on my wall! I'm the lucky bidder of $30,000 for Valerian's excellent painting called the Healer's Lament, which he had graciously stood up before us and spoke of." With that he notes, "Please, feel free to look at tall the Artwork. I still need everyone to vote on which one they'd like named, BEST IN SHOW!"

"Gild says you have to buy something Lord Domonico. That's not my law, that's Gild's law. Here, I'll go half on anything you purchase." Wash promises.

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The line has been dismissed by Orland.

Zakhar checks luck and legerdemain at hard. Zakhar is successful.

Finally electing to move to take a seat, Isabeau finds an unoccupied spot on the couches, smoothing a hand down the skirts of pale gold and amethystine leaves. Her legs cross neatly at the ankles as she takes to people watching in relative silence.

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Domonico smiles at Wash's words and taps his little Charm of Mangata. "Ahhhh but the Azure Queen already has my loyalty and I am pretty sure I need to save the money to do repairs and more devotions on Tempest." He looks around, "I am not sure what there is available to buy now anyway."

Orland drops small brass chest enameled in red.

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Wash says, "Gild isn't my first choice either." Wash points out. "Or third. But largesse is the cost of living well, is it not?" Wash asks. "I don't have a manor to decorate unfortunately.""

Rance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Carmen, a glaivedancer with grave eyes arrive, following Alessia.

Orland is taking this opportunity to settle to the side, counting up ballots of those who are voting on who the Best in Show is! He's not had a lot of time to socialize, but not many hosts who take on events without the aid of Whispers or some social powers do! He has Savio and friends alike however, who've been very helpful! He plunks down in a seat, willing to talk with anyone who comes his way, and collecting votes!

Fashionably late, but better than never, Cesare drifts into the casino on the airs of the lovely early summer evening with steps as light as doves' wings. What a lovely scene it is, full of art and enthusiastic faces, all in the pursuit of a good cause. He's dressed in the colors of a Setarco sunset tonight, all glowing golden skin and glossy curls, and swans over to greet the host very briefly before excusing himself to mingle amongst the guests as a good Whisper ought.

"There are still some things left to buy, Count Domonico," Savio overheard that bit from his spot at the harp, and smiles, brows lifted. "A lovely tapestry by our Zyxthylum... the beautiful 'Art Heals the Heart' as well. And absolutely still for sale is a stygian and jade necklace made by the peerless Evaristo -- if you have a spare 600 thousand and some change on you." He brow wags!

Kiera quietly slips off

Raven oh's and smiles to Clarisse, " Good evening Lady Clarisse, Forgive me for missing you sitting down. I trust you've been well?" She spies Cesare's arrival, "Oh, this ought to be interesting." Her gaze casts around for someone or something.

Announcements go around, "There's about a half hour left to vote for your favorite art piece!"

"Six hundred /thousand/?" Wash asks, all agog. "That's too much. Plus, you know, black and green aren't really my colors."

Harlen have been dismissed.

Savio beckons Cesare over this-a-way toward the harp and wonders of Wash, "Which ones /are/ your colors? Of course now we're dying to know."

Domonico raises a hand to Savio, "Thank you but no. I prefer to decorate the Manor with items and views from the Cyrto Archipelago mostly. The price of these are far too steep if you agree my Lord?" he asks Wash.

Clarisse smiles warmly at Raven and shakes her head at Raven, "It is quite alright my friend. There is a lot going on tonight and it is okay to just enjoying watching without much fuss. I have enjoyed this evening and all the good that will come from it. How are you though?"

Alessia slips into the room quietly, waggling her fingers to Savio by the harp before finding somewhere to sit, murmuring something to her maid. Presumably asking to fetch her a drink.

"Steep?" Orland butts in, "Hardly. Since all the proceeds are going back to the healers, through the Physician Guild and the Mercies of Lagoma. The artist will retain 50% of the bid however, as too many people think they work for free and ask crafters to donate all the time. It's a win win situation."

Raven smiles, "I'm good. Excited to show off the goodies when I get home. Did you bit on anything?"

Giorgio makes his way from the shadowed alcove, finally over to peruse the items on display for bidding. He trails by them until he comes to the tapestry available and pauses there to consider it. "You say this is by Master Zyxthylum? It is quite lovely..."

Cesare drifts over toward the harp, placing a gentle, protective hand atop his head for a moment like a benediction. "My lord," he intones to Savio. "Lovely to see you in such fine fettle tonight. I apologize for being unable to attend earlier; they keep us quite busy, as you know." He side-eyes the instrument, long lashes casting a shadow on his cheeks. "Is this a particularly subtle request I see before me?" And, to Wash, who he doesn't know, a bow. "Cesare Whisper."

"Gild asks only that which we can afford. I certainly can't afford /that/." Wash agrees. "I'm not sure the House of Kennex could afford that. Which is probably why I am not a voice for said house."

Raven smiles, "I'm good. Excited to show off the goodies when I get home. Did you bit on anything?" Raven directs this to Clarisse.

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Savio returns Alessia's finger-wiggle with a wink, chaste but shameless. His hands are busy playing the harp. "Cesare, you are a guest," he does note gently to the Whisper. "You are expected to enjoy yourself, to vote on the art, to celebrate the healers, to drink and be happy. No more than that. If you want to play music, I expect you to do so because you /want/ to, not because requests were made of you." A trill of notes follows, dramatic, firm!

Clarisse shakes her head at Raven, "Sadly no, I was unable to bid right now, with my silver already called for, for a special project. I hope that Orland may run another of these events and that will not be the case in the future. I heard mention of Egon though, Are you and he together?" She looks hopeful at her friend.

Domonico hmmms and nods to Wash in agreement. "I cannot justify that much of an expenditure especially giving I am going have a display case built for the Main Hall."

Wash says, "Indeed. Well, once you have it built, I'll send you something to put in it."

Domonico shakes his head to Wash, "No no. You misunderstand me.It will be to store and display Aahana's wedding dress and clothes now she has gone."

Raven scoots a couple inches from Savio and Cesare as if to avoid blood-splatter zone. Though if that were her aim she'd need to scoot considerably further. Or maybe she's just scooting to a more comfortable chatting with Clarisse, "Oooh, A special project I can be nosy about or should I not ask? I suspect other good causes, if they are wise, may appeal to Lord Orland to work his magic in the name of their cause so perhaps there is hope. " she pauses and considers, "We are. Haven't bothered to put a label on it but seeing as I soon hope to surprise my sexy bookworm with a house I suppose together is as apt as any. Are you acquainted with Egon?"

"Oh. Well that's is..." Wash peters out, not exactly at a loss for words but close to it.

Cesare flashes a grin to Savio, brief but genuine, and sinks into a nearby seat. "This is why I have absolutely no qualms about your abilities to navigate the genrtry," he notes, relatively quietly. "You have a natural knack for diplomacy whether you like it or not. And I hope your meeting last night went well - as I hope this evening is going well. I'm afraid we didn't leave much of the wine untouched, but that simply means I'll have an excuse to bring more next time I visit."

Savio overheard Domonico, again, but this time he speaks up more gently toward the Count. "That sounds like a beautiful way to honor someone who is gone, and to share her memory with those who visit what was her home." Cesare gets a half smile. "Ah, well, at least one of us doesn't have doubts. You are kind, thank you."

Clarisse smiles at Raven, "I am acquainted with him. He is complicated but a good friend and I recently sent a gift to him, it was a journal I hope he will put to good use." She offers to Raven, "I am glad to hear that he and you have both founds someone to share your lives with. You will be good for him, just don't let him get himself beat up to much." She puts an arm around Raven and gently one arm hugs her. "I am truly happy for you both."

Raven chortles softly, "Complicated is a generous way of putting it, but no doubt the same could be said of me." She blink-blinks and her eyes widen at 'your lives' bit. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the look of someone who realizes she's in a commited relationship but perhaps hadn't quite realized that's what was happening until now. Her mouth opens and closes as she fails to form a proper response to Clarisse's well wishes.

Domonico nods to Savio, "I am planning on saving the clothes and jewelry for Palania until she comes of age then she can have them. I swear the outfir itself costs more than the Manor."

Isabeau remains quietly in her spot atop one of the couches, accepting a drink of some kind from one of her attendants and sipping at it as her blue eyes trail about those attending the event.

Wash sends for a refill of his govlet, insisting on =more- ice.

AND THE VOTES LOOK TALLIED FOLKS! Orland is passed a piece of paper after some serious energy to hustle votes out of people went through the room and out the door, and hopfully into the cities core. That said, the Lord Amadeo wanders up and waits until he has everyone's attention. "I'd like everyone's attention! I'm about to announce the Best In Show!"

"After gathering up your votes on the best in show, in third place, we have Lord Valerian Kennex with his masterpiece, the 'Healers Lament'!" He gestures toward Valerian, "Congratulations! Please feel free to browse the gift table for your placing!"

Orland drops an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

"Also on top of a gift, Lord Kennex, a piece of Stygian for your beautiful contributions." Orland adds, cause he forgot!

Raven applauds and grins, "Is there anything that the nobles of Kennex don't excel in? MArvelous!"

"That sounds perfect, Count Magnotta." Savio seems to mean that. Maybe some empathy, there, for people returned to the Wheel too soon -- but it isn't being lingered upon, either, as the subject changes to the winners of the votes! Third place goes to Valerian's painting! "Ahh, someone outbid me on that lovely painting. Someone who owes me FLOWERS pursuant to certain /statements made/." ORLAND.

Wash says, "We travel in packs, that's all." Wash suggests."

Clarisse sees Raven's mouth open and close and the failing of words come from her and she hugs her sympathetically. "Are you okay Raven? I didn't say something wrong did I?" She offers as she looks looks at her concenered. She then listens to the vote results on the painting and smiles warmly at Valerian, clapping enthusiastically for him.

Valerian gets Blue long tailed knitted scarf with braided knot pattern from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Raven checks composure at hard. Raven fails.

Raven shakes her head, "OH, no, no. You're fine. It's nothing. Everything's fine." She promises with queasy smile.

Wash says, "Careful with that scarf Valerian, or it'll end up like Ian's."

Savio nods at Raven, looking sick there, and assures Clarisse, "She's okay. She is experiencing the malady known as commitment realization. It fades in six to twelve months or after three to five fights about who got crumbs in the bed."

As Valerian is called out as being third place the Kennex Lord blushes, a color that only darkens and moves along his cheeks overhearing what Raven says. Valerian's head dipping in thanks before making his way over to select from the table a long blue scarf. When he hears Wash's warning his brow lifts as Wash is given a curious look. "What happened to his?"

Once Valerian gets his gifts, Orland continues on, "And in second place, our not so anonymous donor, Cufre Harrow with his Calderan Bloodstone Flame Pendant! Excellent win. I will be sending him some stygian as well, with a little random token from our prize table." Mystery gifts! Who doesn't love him. He does add in his own applause to get the crowd going.

Claude looks to Valerian at the annoucement clapping his hands. Genuine appreciation on his features from one artist to another.

Isabeau is overheard praising Valerian: An exceptional painting

Clarisse smiles at Raven and knows she is full of it, but doesn't press it either and smiles at Savio, "I hear there are a lot of compromise and give and take, and need to understand and keep an open mind. I am certain you both can do that Raven. I have faith in the both of you."

Orland turns beat read, when someone informs him of the wrong gender used. IT HAPPENS. SORRY CUFRE. "Ahem, I stand corrected. Someone is fired."

Wash says, "What didn't happen to Ian's scarf. It's the worst. Literally, you can smell the thing two rooms away at this point."

Raven looks a touch pale as she studies Clarisse, "You understand we're not wed, yes? IT's very sweet, of course, such kind words. speaking of kind isn't Lord Orland a gem for running all of this to recognize healers such as yourself?" desperately changing the topic as persperation dots across her brow.

"Not yet. I'm planning your wedding," Savio informs Raven, refusing to change the subject for her, and plucking a brief little traditional wedding melody on the harp. The kind of little song everyone knows as 'wedding song' but no one would actually use that for their wedding.

A small smile of thanks is given before Valerian is brought to applaud the missing in action Cufre. The Kennex looking around trying to see if the mystery crafter might show only to finally cease those applause of his. Hearing the answer from Wash there is a soft chuckle from Valerian, "Oh well I doubt I will be dragging my scarf through the things Ian has dragged his."

Orland gets Green long tailed knitted scarf with braided knot pattern from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Isabeau pushes up to her feet slowly, her retinue coming to join her as she begins to make her way out of the building.

Cesare sits and observes, giving whatever passes for a golf clap in a time period where golf does not exist. He has the distinct attitude of someone who is just here to enjoy the party. As long as nobody is paying attention to the keenness of his gaze and its relevance to the mental relevance he's almost certainly keeping of the night's event, it's all going to be fine.

Clarisse offers with a smile, "I know not wed, but still in a relationship, that still requires a bit of compromise, but don't worry Savio wants to plan mine too." She blushes at Raven. "I actually think he would be a great wedding planner." She offers, "And it was really sweet of Orland to do this all of the healers, and to share his story too, him and Savio."

Jerome, a bodyguard, Elaine, an older courtier, Morgana, a proper secretary, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Isabeau.

Domonico just watches from the side, givinh applause at the winners as they are announced but otherwise being quiet and serious.

Raven's nostrils flare and she eyes Savio, "Don't you *Dare* give him any ideas." She warns with a shaky, queasy quiver in her voice. She nods mechanically to Clarisse, swallowing with an audible gulp.

"Finally, one more thank you to all the artists who contributed! This show wouldn't have gone without you. And Cufre, /her/ gifts are sent out already." Messengers away! That said, he looks back, "It's time to announce the Best in Show for the Artist Contest!! Without further delay, artist Zyxthylum with his, I know this person, so definitely a he this time," he assures and to take some levity in regards to his earlier mistake, "leather tapestry, called Madness! I'm sure he would've loved to be here today with us to celebrate, but his gifts as well will be settled later. For winning, he gets a piece of Epiphanite, a piece of Calderan Bloodstone, and a piece of Stygian, as well as a gift from the prize table! Congratulations to our winners! Let's here for the Best in Show!"

Orland gets red leather coat with golden buttons from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Orland puts red leather coat with golden buttons in an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Orland gets Magnificent White and Ultramarine Plumed Bravura Hat from an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

Savio mulls over the winner of the best in show with a smile, considering this. To everyone or no one, he muses, "Zyxthylum deserves this. Not only is he a talented craftsman, he has come so far, and done so much, and made such effort from where he used to be. He is himself, but better, healthier, and he shares that with all that he meets. Set leeches on me once. It honestly really helped."

Giorgio is overheard praising Orland.

Messengers away! Gifts go flying out the door, hunting down the winner!

Raven applaudes for the bestin show winner, "Are you sure that wasn't delerium?" she asks of Savio.

Clarisse claps for Zyxthylum for best in show and then smiles back at Raven, "I don't have to. He already has them really!" She offers softly. "Orland you have done a fabulous job today." She moves away from Raven and gives a wink to Valerian moving back over to him to squeeze his hand in support. "You do beautiful amazing work Valerian. I can not wait to see more. The House of Kennex is amazing."

Orland gets an arch-topped cedar chest with steel hardware.

One more chance to do stories, and Savio hmms, inspired by the comment he made just a moment ago. "He's not here, but I'm honestly so fond of Zyxthylum, and I really feel like leeches get such a bad reputation. This is for him. And for the leeches." Another song, of course.

"Squiggling out of bags and bottles
Set on the bruising marks of squabbles
Black and shiny, thick and feeding
Reducing all internal bleeding

You might think they're really gross
You might not like to be their host
But you can't deny those things are helping
Look, there's almost no more swelling?

Zyxthylum and his magic pets
Do their work while patients rest
True respect is what I'm speaking --
You'll feel much better after leeching."

Orland is overheard praising Savio.

Orland is overheard praising Zyxthylum.

Raven grins broadly, "MAn, Egon's going to be so pouty he missed all these Savio rhymes." She confesses to Clarisse, "I exist on the envy of others." She winks playfully.

When Clarisse rejoins him Valerian smiles as she takes his hand, The man giving a gentle squeeze to her hand as his gaze lowers. "Thank you Lady Clarisse, I had hoped others would like it..and that it might be a good depiction of life inside a medical tent." The man admitting in a softer near whisper.

Claude laughs softly and claps with appreciation to Savio and his seemingly impropmtu rhyme.

There's a large barrel, it's full of 50/50 tickets. It's been turned on it's side and someone's (probably Zakhar to be honest) figured out how to put it on a stand and stick a handle on it, with a side door panel cut out of it, so that it can be cranked and turned and the tickets all stirred up. Orland is heading that way. He starts to spin the thing. It gives an ominous oaken creeking sound as it turns, on a spit, somehow modified for this old liquor barrel. Churn church churn. OH those tickets are going to TURN. Flop flop. "Everyone get your tickets out!" He waves his lovely assistant over, once Savio has finished singing his praises for Zxy, "My lovely impromptu co-host, will draw the winning number! Today's 50/50 total pot raised a whooping $283,000.00 dollars! That's $141,500 for the winner and the Healers!" A moment, "Start the drum roll!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

Valerianbegins digging into his satchel to pull out his tickets hearing Orland's mention of getting them out, The Kennex's gaze though soon falls upon the device formed from the barrel. Valerian watching curiously as the handle is turned and the tickets are made to mix.

Clarisse smiles at Valerian holding his hand with both of her own, when he squeezes his hand, a little nervous as the barrell starts to turn, waiting to hear the number of the ticket drawn tonight, and wondering who will win the 50/50. "You are envied Raven, I am certain of that." She smiles at Valerian though and nods to him, "They did enjoy your depiction a great deal. I am only sorry I could not bid on it because I would have." She does let go of Valerians hand and digging through her own tickets too.

Claude glances down at his own tickets then around the room with a mix of confusion and anticipation. Perhaps not quite sure how this all works.

Wash finishes his fourth goblet and sets it down, deciding to take his valet Jayne and head home.

Savio has rolled 1 735-sided dice: 194

Savio pulls out the winning ticket number and hands it over to Orland, "Our winner is ticket number 194!" He looks around for a moment while people frantically check their numbers! For one lucky person out there, they've won a lot of money!

Valerian checks composure at hard. Valerian is successful.

Valerian looks down checking his tickets and blinks, The young Lord looking up at Savio and then back to the ticket before its torn free from the others and held up. "I think..I think that would be me." Valerian's cheeks holding a deep blush as he makes his way from Clarisse to approach the man with his ticket.

Orland gets 141500 silver from small brass chest enameled in red.

Savio has left the an elegant rosewood harp.

Jayne, Burly Sailor leaves, following Wash.

Savio has drawn the magic ticket number and is nearer Orland than the harp now, pleased with the reaction from the young Kennex lord. "That would absolutely be you," he confirms. "Congratulations, Lord Valerian!"

Clarisse lets go of Valerian's hand and claps happily for him, winning the raffle, a little disappointed at her own tickets, but definitely happy for Valerian, "Congratulations!"

Clarisse has left the an elegant rosewood harp.

Raven applauds for Lord Valerian's win, "Excellent luck, my lord!"

Raven has left the an elegant rosewood harp.

Tilting his head to listen to a soft aside that Savio offers, a brief, wry smile flits across Cesare's face and he makes to reply - but just as he does, among all the excitement, a messenger arrives, and the missive delivered is cause for raised eyebrows. He waits, of course, for the declaration of the winning number, claps and cheers for the winner, whoever that may be. But just as quickly he's rising from his seat, murmuring something quietly to Savio and Orland, and moving to slip out.

"AH HAH!" Orland points out the young Kennex Lord, "It seems we have a winner! The artist Lord Valerian Kennex!" He grins, "Don't spend it all in one place. Maybe the drinks are on him tonight?! Hm. We'll not send you home with all this silver, that's a lot to carry! We'll have it sent over to your estate after the event, or your bank." Which ever the Lord decides, "We'll give him a little time to breathe, right?" He moves on, "We've three items left for the auctions!"

Claude puts his own tickets away and smiles clapping politely for the winner. He then makes his way to leave unobtrusively.

Claude is overheard praising Orland: Held an event for a wonderful cause. So much hardwork done to help the healers.

Clarisse gets A water-proofed medical pouch from black leather belt bag for healers.

Clarisse gets small cloth pouch from A water-proofed medical pouch.

Valerian looks a bundle of nerves, The young man clearly surprised and pleased with winning as he hears Savio confirm it and then the words from Orland on how it would be sent to his estate. Valerian giving a small nod before he speaks up asking Orland, "Oh please do keep 25 thousand of it to add to the funds going to the healers." The request made Valerian offers a small smile before heading over to rejoin Clarisse after handing off his winning ticket.

"We've a lovely painting by the Countess Kalani, titled Art Heals the Heart! This beautiful piece shows the combination that art and healing, can go hand in hand. I certainly know first hand how that is very truthful. We encourage you to find healing in the arts!" There a brief moment, Orland continues, "The Winning Bid on this item stands for $40,000 and belongs to Lady Mabelle Laurent! Perhaps she'll use this to inspire her own projects of Arthall! Congratulations Lady Mabelle on a fine bid."

Domonico moves to slip out, pausing to give the host and Savio a respectful nod as he does so.

As people start streaming out after the 50/50 draw, as is expected, Orland continues on, "The Best In Show Piece, Madness - A Tapestry With A Sullen Theme, created by Zyxthylum, has drawn in a lot of interest! The current bid for the piece and the winning bid, stands at $210,000.00!!! It was really admired for it's unique works. It's no less, a statement to the fine workmanship that went into it. Lady Alessia Mazetti held off the bidding war at the end, to take it home. Congratulations Lady Alessia!"

When her name is called, Alessia rises from her seat swiftly, finishing the glass of wine in her hand. "Woo!" She says with a beaming smile as she goes to admire her new prize. Her retainer of course, handles the payment stuff.

Raven oooooooohhs, "I thought I was the big spender but I reckon not! Excellent taste, Lady Alessia!"

"Kind of you, my lord Valerian," Savio praises the 50-50 winner on his offer to kick 25,000 back to the charities! "That's a gracious donation, everyone's been extremely in the spirit of the event." He laughs at the winner of the tapestry, maybe having had a hand in that little silent bidding war. "Aw, it is such a good tapestry... ah, well, it couldn't have arrived into more perfect hands."

Clarisse smiles softly listening to Valerian and Orland, and Valerian offering part of the funds towards that given to the healers, and she listens to the dramatic amount raised in the auction for the various pieces of art, remaining quiet as the rest of the announcements continue.

Clarisse gets gold leaf brushed mirrorsilver North star book pendant from small cloth pouch.

Alessia gets Madness - A tapestry done with a sullen theme.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Rance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt, Carmen, a glaivedancer with grave eyes leave, following Alessia.

Orland gets a delicate chain suspending a Calderan bloodstone in a flame pendant.

Orland gets Healers Lament, A framed painting.

Clarisse puts gold leaf brushed mirrorsilver North star book pendant in small cloth pouch.

Clarisse gets gold leaf brushed mirrorsilver moon and three stars book pendant from small cloth pouch.

Clarisse gently tucks a small cloth pouch into Valerian's hand with a soft smile and without a word, just leaving him to discover what is in it.

"And probably the most highly sought after item of the entire evening, not with standing our 50/50 draw, is the STUNNING Stygian necklace with Bright green Jade! This item was bid on the entire event and several bidding wars were created during the gala. Evaristo Arterius was one of the first people to offer his assistant in bringing together this charity fundraiser drive! His donation of this beautiful work of art, so carefully crafted and so delicate in nature, yet backed by the armor of stygian, explains exactly what it is to be a healer. They show us compassion, they shine when all else is dark, yet they stand confident and proud, ready for what comes at them. It's a combination of rarity, and grit. Where would we be without our Healers?!" A moment, "Evaristo's piece, a unique necklace crafted with 4 pieces of jade, over stygian, has gone for $611,000.00 silver!! Remarkable! Simply outstanding. Lady Ivy Blackram is the new owner of this masterpiece. Congratulations, to her, to Evaristo, and to all the other artists! Thank you for showing yoru Love of Healers!"

Orland gets a wooden relief carving with inlaid colored glass.

Raven's eyes widen and she lets out a low looooong whistle, "That's a lot silver to be hauling around."

As the cloth pouch is tucked into his hand Valerian blinks, Those dark eyes of his lowering to the pouch. A curiousity showing over his features as he looks to the pouch and back up at clarisse before fishing the pouch open. The Kennex Lord looking down into the pouch only to gasp, A large smile forming over his lips totally forgetting how many people were about as he draws the necklace free looking it over. Lifting the chain over his head and hanging it beside his shell necklace the Kennex Lord leans in to deliver a quick peck to Clarisse's cheek efore whispering to her.

Valerian gets gold leaf brushed mirrorsilver North star book pendant from small cloth pouch.

"Have you seen her, Lady Ivy? With the black hair and green eyes? She will look stunning in Evaristo's piece. Perfect. Love," Savio pronounces, "I can't wait to see her out and about the city with it. Everyone -- all of you have been so beautiful. Thank you for your support, every single person present and afar, has been an exemplar of charity and good will for a good cause."

Clarisse checks composure at hard. Clarisse is successful.

Orland is getting the numbers really quick, "People! We've raised $1,149,000.00 million silver for the Healers of Arvum!" He grins, "A total of $574,500.00 silver will be given to the representatives of both the Physicians Guild and the Mercies of Lagoma to ensure that we have plenty of opportunities to expand their presence, their training, their touch, to all corners of the Compact!"

Orland gets stunning stygian necklace with bright green jade.

Raven applauds, "No one tell Egon how much I spent...or that I spent anything at all! Huzzah for supporting the healers of Arvum!"

"Over a million," Savio laughs, processing that. "With almost six hundred thousand going to each of the two organizations. Remarkable. This is you, all of you, you have done this, and I hope it is a warmth to you to have contributed to the cause. AND, you can feel some pride and ownership in it the next time you're bleeding all over the floor at the saving grace!" He beams, then chides Raven, "Egon can take it up with Gild. This is charity. Tell him you've done a blessed thing."

Raven snorts, "All he's gonna hear is that he still doesn't have the Alaricite blade I promised to get him."

Clarisse has a mix of reactions when Valerian kisses her cheek, ranging from a blush of her cheeks, to the moistening of her eyes, but manages to keep her own emotions from spilling out in front of the audience, when he whispers in her ear though, she can't help but brighten at his words and smiles offering him a warm hug. She would be crying if she wasn't trying to keep her emotions in check and claps at the total that Orland managed to raise for the Physicians and Mercies of Lagoma, but her eyes for the moment are on Valerian's.

Savio hahs at Raven. "Then he's welcome to buy his own alaricite, hey? If he doesn't want that bloodstone, I'm only a messenger away." Teasing of course. He gives Orland a hug and a kiss to the cheek, "You need to come enjoy this party."

Raven grins at Orland, "Fantastic party, ORland. Top notch." she rises, "I ought to head home," She confesses regrettfully, "Promises to keep."

Valerian's eyes remain on Clarisses a few moments, the man looking upon the northern lady with affection in his gaze before that dark gaze turns to Orland hearing how much had been raised. Valerian's hands coming together to clap softly as he hears the ammount raised. "Lovely, plenty of good to be done with so much raised I am sure." The man moments later leaning in to whisper something else to Clarisse.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: After party!!!

Orland gets Seasons of Change.

Orland gets a large wooden sculpture of a robed figure.

Orland gets Art Heals the Heart.

This is a Casino however! Money flows money goes! Money churns and it burns! The second round of dice will pick up, while the other probably more exciting events, are winding out down for the evening! Booze, haze, and silver ... as well as shoulder pats and hand shakes of congratulations are all abound! A good night, all said and done!

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