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Redrain-Proscipi Wedding Celebration

House Proscipi opens the Sky Palace in the City of Tremorus to the Compact for the first time. They will host a celebration for the marriage of their Marquessa Cassiopeia to Prince Nazmir Redrain.

The theme is fire and ice. Everyone is welcome. The event will involve Saffron traditions that are sure to amaze and surprise.

Accomodation and travel to the Saffron Chain will be provided, please contact House Proscipi with any questions.


May 27, 2023, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Cassiopeia Nazmir


Pasquale Savio Nina Gwenna Medeia Jan Caspian Sabella Patrizio Cillian(RIP) Lucita Ann Valencia Titus Mattheu Gaspard Arman


Proscipi Redrain


Outside Arx - Saffron Chain near Tremorus - Tremorus - The Sky Palace of Tremorus

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Comments and Log


My recent trip to Tremorus for the wedding and celebration of my cousin, now Marquis-Consort Nazmir, to Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi, did not disappoint. Were the two to be wed in the city with a small gathering, I would of course still be delighted! But this experience is one that I won't soon forget.

I admit some trepidation about being on a boat again heading for the Saffron Chain, but my worries were quickly put to rest. The city is absolutely brilliant with color, and there were tours that brought us down the mountain to white sand beaches, as well as to see some historical sights. There are still hints of the destruction that happened there, though seeing those along with all that has been achieved since gives a great sense of hope upon seeing them.

The celebration of the marriage was truly extraordinary. The theme, entertainment, and food were beyond imagining. It felt like a festival, to be honest, with heartfelt moments as many of us offered speeches and our congratulations. The joining of our Houses brings me great joy and anticipation, for our experiences come from the farthest ends of Avrum and together should be quite insightful indeed. The couple have already done much in Tremorus and I can only imagine what they might accomplish next.

Savio gets a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Valencia takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Medeia takes a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Pasquale gets a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Your trip to the Saffron Chain took some time by boat, but the further south, the better the weather gets. If you like the heat, that is. And it's hot! This is a tropical environment. The humidity is high, but buildings encourage the breeze. The accommodations are luxurious and there's activities planned for those wishing to take-part. During your stay, you have the chance to go on a tour of the jungle or down the mountain to the white sandy beaches.

There are many exotic animals. Some are dangerous (be Casso-wary!) and others delightful. Everything is very colourful. The birds, the sea creatures, the flowers. There's plenty of places to go swimming and historic sights to visit. Because of the event, there's festivals throughout Tremorus. There's boats out to the outer areas, for day trips.

The food is exotic and full of spice. Fresh fruit is available, like mangos and coconuts. The city thrives, but there's subtle signs of the destruction that will never get washed away. People have tour guides assigned to them, and your stay is important to them.

Aconite takes a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

The wedding ceremony happened earlier, it was a small affair for close family and friends. No one got hurt and it was a beautiful affair. More important, both bride and groom survived the cliff jumping part. There were sader points, remembering those that couldn't be here. The effects of the war and the rebuild of the city. Still, it was a time to celebrate and it was a joyous occasion.

The party in contrast, is large. It's loud. There's music and decorations everywhere. Menus are on each table (look menu), and people can order what they want to eat. Though, staff will encourage the table tries everything. As guests arrive, they can sit at a table or near a fire pit. There's also a dance floor and while the event starts, a trio of fire dancers perform a traditional number. The bride and groom are not present yet. But that doesn't mean people can't start to enjoy the party. It's a great time to get settled, meet people and start to enjoy the festivities.

Cillian takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Cillian takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Valencia puts a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake in a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Jan has joined the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

Sabella takes a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Ann takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Pasquale has joined the a low table set with a flame decorated silk table cloth.

Lucita gets a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Pasquale takes a place at one of the tables and spends several full minutes contemplating his menu. The Saffron, it seems, has been good for his appetite even if it hasn't managed to coax him into exploring much of the city. "I wonder if we can coax one of these annatto trees to grow in the tower." he says to those who might have taken up a place on the same table. "They are rather interesting."

Savio is here because of course he is here, it is his home! Perhaps friends were even lucky(?) enough to have a Savio tour guide in the days preceding the wedding. Dressed in the Arakkoan style, which involves dramatic draped-fabric clothes and a shitload of jewelry and some flowers, Savio is here with his husband and children, the company of whom he has abandoned to one another. It's fine, both husband and children are interested in snacks more than socializing.

Savio has hibiscus wine in hand and it is not his first. It's not even his second. You've been warned.

Ann has joined the a low table set with a beautiful 'ice' sculpture made of crystal.

Jan has left the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

Jan has joined the a low table set with a flame decorated silk table cloth.

Nina loves a loud party, and she certainly wouldn't miss one held by her dear friends, even if she had to travel halfway around the world to be there. In a complex ballgown covered in embroidered flowers, but in darker colors so as not to detract from the decor or the bride, Nina is bouncing around from table to table with a characteristic excitemente and glee. She's also on her at least second glass of wine, and is currently fascinated by the birds. Birds are lovely as long as they aren't biting you or chasing you up trees, especially the ones with bright colors or that sing!

Gwenna has /of course/ thrown completely in on the theme. The colors of her outfit seem well in line with the bright and festive experience offered by the tropical location. Vibrant red and oranges balances with bright blues and beach-sand white. If the Northern princess is uncomfortable with the heat, it certainly doesn't show. The firepit seems to tug her attention first and that's the direction she heads in. The menu offerings take equal interest and she smiles wide while looking it over. "Oh, how could anyone even decide given these choices? Roasted lamb, coconut poached lobster...they may to roll me back to Arx."

Gwenna has joined the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

Medeia has been looking forward to this return to Tremorus for weeks, now, and she was one of the first to arrive at the chartered ship with her luggage. The farther south, the more Lycene the lady's attire gets, until she's dressed in daring, baring luxurious silks and soaking up every bit of sun. Of course, she's sociable the entire trip, but she seems to really be enjoying the peace of solo travel in a climate more suited to her tastes. Now, at the party to celebrate the wedding of Cassiopeia and Nazmir, Medeia is dressed in a formal outfit she commissioned from a Tremorus tailor so that she'd fit in perfectly. Wine procured, she slinks up to Savio and offers a kiss to his cheek. "This is more than I could have hoped for. This is such a joyful event."

Savio kisses Medeia's cheeks back, mwah mwah, in the proper Arakkoan fashion of course. With amusement and warmth, he agrees, "We do nothing by halves in Tremorus."

Jan looks around while "Blessed Thirteen I thought I've seen some extravagant parties but apparently I hadn't seen shit." She looks to Pasquale "Why wouldn't you be able to?"

Caspian is flitting between tables, laughing and grinning and pilfering bottles of drink as he can find them when waiters aren't looking. He already has a small arm full, and seems to be more intent on the pilfering than the drinking. Swapping wine bottles for whiskey, rum for vodka, coconut milk for absinthe! Oh the CHAOS!! behind him trots a rather bedraggled looking staff member who is quietly swapping each bottle back behind the champion. Is caspian drunk already? who knows! its always hard to tell with him anyway! His smile is wide, his energy high and the hugs when he sees friendly faces are flowing! So when he spies Savio and Media, his arms fly wide as he bounds toward the pair with a laugh!

It looks like Sabella and Lucita have arrived ~ more than likely staying overnight for the festivities and long journey to the Saffron Chain. The women are one arm looped in the other, conversing quietly betwixt themselves as they arrive.

A set of Grayson guards follow them ~ still dressed in armor but it looks like the Grayson Princess has alternated their themed uniforms. All wear armor but three wear sashes of red with flames embroidered on them and the other three sashes of dark blue with snow flakes embroidered. Who says that guards that follow close to heel can't be classy or fashionistas either? If they are going to watch like hawks they must be dressed as beautiful as peacocks!!

Sabella is dressed for the occasion and theme of course! Seasilk dyed a rich flaming red with motifs of Phoenix's across the flowing fabric ~ layers of sheer tulle look as though flames burst to life. Heels glitter with jewels and stones.

Lucita is just as beautiful ~ complimenting the Princess with darker undertones of duskweave and a beautiful gown with trailing skirt. Two fashion icons of the city? I think so!

The Grayson Princess is waving to those she knows and then looks to Lucita, "Where to first? Drinks?"

Pasquale has not dressed in arakkoan fashion, sticking to his usual preference for subtly padded, highly tailored, silks and only three pieces of jewelry. He looks to Jan when she asks why the tree might not survive "Winters" he says simply. "And humidity. Its hard to fake a climate like this."

This is not Patrizio's first trip into the Saffron, but... it is perhaps the first time he's been to Tremorus for such a momentous occasion. Having eschewed his armour for more flowing, breathing silks for the evening, though still in the hues of blue and steel as befits him and the Great House that he stands representative of. Though he's being mindful of those tricks being played by Caspian, and it's with a chuckle that he's seeing to Valencia with a glass of wine from bottles he's not yet seen swapped, taking a sip from his own glass. Those keen jade eyes of his looking about, just delighting in the moment. In the assemblage of familiar faces, with nods to those he recognizes.

Cillian had a interesting time since he got here, awe struck with the jungle and wild like its what the Northern Lord did with most his time. Out sight seeing and even getting some time in down at the beach, he is not use to getting dressed up for things and so he is in a nix. A nice coat, with a silk shirt under with leather pants and high boots on his feet. His hair is trimmed neat as well as his beard, his intense hazel eyes look around as he comes in. Spotting familiar faces he smiles. The bells in his hair sing out softly as he looks around, looking for a spot to settle into and get a drink.

Medeia grins and gives Caspian a surprisingly tight hug in return. "Messere Wild, what trouble are you causing?" She looks at the servant behind him trying to correct all the swaps. Then she's raising a brow when she sees Sabella. She moves to greet Lucita and the princess, giving the baroness a kiss on her cheek. "Luc, that duskweave is /stunning/. Princess Sabella, it has been... Years. So good to see you out and well."

Savio hasn't seen Caspian for like three minutes so as his protege comes over toward himself and the Lady Medeia, he's greeted with, "CASPIAAANNN," and then Savio runs over in slow motion. It's slow motion so he doesn't spill the hibiscus wine. There are priorities, Caspian.

Lucita smiles toward Sabella as they arrive, pausing to look around the gathering. "It is hard to say, Princess. Lord Pasquale,Prince Patrizio, so many Ladies, and Lords and Princes and Princesses and people. I think I know everyone here. You would enjoy Lady Jan, she is a breath of fresh air, and Prince Patrizio is so charming. Lord Pasquale, too. Goodness I don't know where to start." Then through a gap in the crowd she spots a familiar face and beams a smile toward Medeia. "Oh I love the dress. I'm planning to order more outfits from the very talented tailor, something for winter certainly.

Jan wears a stylized uniform of heather gray and silver embroidery at the sleeves. Understated but well made and a cut above her usual attire. She spots Savio and Caspian and oooohhhs "Oh Good, Caspian's here. I haven't seen that man in ages!" She looks to Pasquale "I heard of some scholars that house plants in glass houses. Not sure how that helps but apparently it does."

Ann is meandering into the celebration. Finding her way to a seat. Smiles and waves to all she is familiar with. Grinning at Caspian's antics as she settles in to people watch for a few minutes and get her bearings. She's in flames. You'd think she'd be in ice being from the North but alas she is in reds and yellows. She had enjoyed her time here so far. Looking around as if she's looking for someone. Someone must be running late but she doesn't seem to mind. She did grab a whiskey on her way in.

Valencia smiles and the swirl of colours and chaos, her large dark eyes merry. She offers Patrizio a gentle nod in thanks as he sees to her drink. Smoothing her gown with a delicate hand, the rich red southern silk of her gown shimmers a little. A breath taken in at the beautiful event and even far fairer people, and she lets it out with a happy soft sigh that blossoms into a smile as Lucita and Sabella, arm in arm, pass by. "So many familiar and fond faces, yes?" she asks to the Prince of Pravus. "It is a beautiful thing. I'm glad I was able to come. Thank you."

*** Caspian has called for an opposing check with Savio. ***
Caspian checks dexterity and legerdemain at easy. Caspian is successful.
Savio checks perception and survival at easy. Savio is successful.
*** Savio is the winner. ***

Lucita pauses when she sees Valencia and offers cheek kisses and a hug. "I had hoped to see you. You were not at the Hart when last I visited."

Pasquale nods to Jan "It keeps the weather away from them without putting them in the dark." he finally chooses what he wants to eat before sitting back to wait for it to arrive. "I'm glad I decided to come along. I've enjoyed finally seeing Tremorus, even if I haven't been far."

The music changes. The drums beat, creating the perfect progression for a procession. A tall man announces the arrival of 'Marquessa Cassiopeia and Marquis Nazmir Proscipi'. Dressed in a traditional wrap-style gown, Cassiopeia wears fiery spidersilk. Bloodstones and black pearl adorn in the forms of jewellery. Vibrant diamond-dusted fire orchids form an ornate and tall headdress. But, it is her smile that glows. It's bright and she looks both confident and excited for the future. They do not arrive alone. It is a parade, with dancers and musicians.

There is family and there are ceremonial rabbits. Everyone in white, it makes the pair's vibrant clothes stand out. People throw flower petals from baskets and someone jungles balls of glass. A woman carries a big white and yellow snake, adorned with ribbons and flowers. There's nothing reserved about the Marquessa either. It's a lively affair, and she's dancing as her arm links with Nazmir. It is impossible not to start crying the moment she sees her friends and family. Appreciation overflows. But, there's a bit of performance and tradition that must happen.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Cassiopeia turns with Naz, to watch an older woman bring a tray of two shot glasses. A man is next to her holding a long thin stick with one end lit with a flame. Cassiopeia takes one and the other goes to Naz. One dark, the other clear. The shot down, the young woman tilts her head back and opens her mouth. The flame is places above her mouth. It is all done quick. For a brief moment, there's fire between her lips and that is when she kisses Nazmir.

It's not that it /is/ easy to hear, but there are those who Patrizio would certainly notice after the voyage to the south. He does notice the glance - if not the outright mention by Lucita of him, and he presses his palm to his chest for a moment as he dips his head to her. "I'm very glad I'm persuasive enough to encourage your explorations further afield," offers he with warmth to Valencia. The glass lingers in his hand, the faint twist of his wrist as he's more engaged in just drinking in the scene that the potent potable before him, but a chuckle slips free. "It's certainly a Pravusi tradition for lateness. I appreciate and approve that the bride and groom are sticking with such, if only for the appropriate dramatic entrance."

Caspian sees the win Savio is carrying and does his BEST not to disrupt it. And as he embraces his patron in slow motion, he attempts to pour some of whatever was the bottle he was carrying stealthily into Savio's drink. Hibscus wine and vodka maybe? sadly, caspian was not a very stealthy man, and Savio WAS awfully sharp. his attempt was clearly seen. Caspian did not know this of course, and instead gave a conspiratorial wink to Media. Once free he beamed "Gods but its good to see you!" And then he rushes to medeia to hug her tight as well! "Me? trouble!? NEVER!! You look stunning! and its so good to see you!" Head on a pivot he spies Jan and waves vigorously, some drink spilling from the open bottle. "Hi Jan!! Come here so i can give you a hug!" and certainly not to ruin ehr drink...

With the introduction at hand, Nazmir is making his appearance alongside that of Cassiopeia. Where she is clad in vibrant spidersilk, luxurious starlight silks drape around his body in a traditional Arakkoan wrap, though it's been dyed in chilling icy tones. Bloondstones and epiphanite glint and glimmer at his arms, though it does nothing to outshine the excitement that's set on his features. Eyes dance amongst the guests, both family and friends, and the smile on his lips begins to deepen all the more, though his attention quickly turns to those attendants that arrive. He does steal a glance in the direction of Cassiopeia, the smile softening a touch before he's looking back once more to the barer of the glasses and the one with the flame. His glass is lifted, the clear liquid downed and as that flame is set above her lips and then he's returning that kiss, extinguishing the flame in the process. It lingers for just a moment and once it is broken, he's straightening a touch, only to then dip his head to Cassiopeia before speaking loud enough for all those gathered. It's not Arvanni that he speaks, though, but rather Arakkoan and while it's choppy and heavily accented, it's clear enough to be understood by those that speak the language.

Nazmir says in Arakkoan, "I am yours, my Marquessa, in body and soul. To serve, grow and protect Tremorus until I no longer have the strength."

Nina has joined the a low table set with a flame decorated silk table cloth.

Cerulean blue eyes are looking about, and at each person that is named by her companion this day. "I'm not sure if I've met Lady Jan or not, I believe I have. She is Niklas' cousin but it's been long since I've visited House Kennex." there is a somber tone to her voice but that quickly changes as shes greet by Medeia. "Lady Medeia, it has been, yes. Unfortunate ~ but we've been busy in House Grayson and I needed a break from the city with the children. Now, I'm back however, and should be staying for some time whilst I help my sister, Lou, out." she quips quietly before waving to Valencia. She also waves to Patrizio, Cillian, Pasquale and well everyone else, including Titus.

But then the music changes! Her gaze moves to the bride and groom that are announced ~ she's clapping excitedly before finally settling down and watching the flaming kiss. Lowering her voice to whisper something to Lucita, mirth in those cerulean blues.

Jan notes "I've seen some isles but this takes the fucking cake. It's like a whole other world. The ocean looks all inviting, not dark and broody like it is up north and the birds...It's like I snorted dust or something." Sje looks out to the couple "This whole affair is absolute stunning. Catalana would be gobsmacked." She waves to Caspian! "IF you want hugs you have to come get them! Bring Savio too!"

Titus manages to arrive as Cassiopeia and Nazmir are announced with that spectacular procession, and he gives a clap of gloved hands. While he might not be the smiliest of people, he does actually have a pleased and proud look to his gaunt face.

Medeia continues to socialize and drink and dance and congratulates Cassiopeia and Nazmir at least four times as she drinks more and maybe forgets she congratulated them already. She remains perfectly classy the entire time.

Cillian spots Caspian and Savio he chuckles shaking his head, his steps bring him in the direction of the Champion. "Hey Wilds." he smirks looking to the man giving out hugs. His eyes look to procession, his feet stop him just near Jan and Pasquale's table. His intense eyes look to Cassiopeia and Nazmir a wide grin on his face.

Whatever Nazmir says to Cassiopeia makes the tears just flow, there's no attempt to hide her emotions. It is unlikely she could, even if she tried. Rather, she just beams and gives the man another kiss and a big hug. Cassiopeia is nearly jumping up and down, she is so excited and then she is waving at everyone. "Oh hello!," she exclaims her cheeks flushing as she tries to dry her eyes, but there will no doubt be more tears.

"They certainly know how to throw a party" Pasquale agrees before giving Jan a nudge. "Go enjoy yourself. I'm going to focus on food whilst I try and work out how that kiss worked." he gives Cillian a half-smile when the man comes over. "Jan was just complaining that there is nobody to dance with Caspian."

The smile grows even wider and Lucita's kiss and happy embrace is returned whole-heartedly. "My sweetest delight, you are right. It has been far to long. I'm so happy to see your lovely face again, My apologies for not be present. We have restocking for the winter," Valencia smiles back and squeeze her hand looking over the moon with excitement to see such a good friend. "But let us not worry of such things. You are here and it makes my heart sing."

There is a warm not for Sabella, too, and a little look that edges on impish for Patrizio. "You are dangerously pesuasive, highness," she chides gently but then the happy couple begins their dance and the little vixen falls silent, her heart earnestly moved at the bride's beauty and the tender affection in way she reacts." A hand goes to Valencia's heart and she presses her lips, clearly moved by the vision before her only to smile warmly again and cheer as the bride and groom share their kiss in front of the happy gathering.

There's a beaming little smile at Cassiopeia for whatever it is that he just said and after she gives him that second kiss and hug, Nazmir is letting his gaze sweep out to those that have gathered. A hand lifts upwards and he's giving a wave to everyone, "Hello! Welcome! Thank you all for coming!"

Savio easily lifts his glass out of the way of Caspian's jungle juice attempt. Draining it, placing it on a passing tray, and snagging a new coconut rum, all in one easy gesture. He's drunk but he's happy, a son of Tremorus at home and celebrating family -- all the more poignant since the Arakkoan population, and nobility, was so decimated by the war with Skal'daja. Then THERE THEY ARE, the married couple of the hour!

Savio laughs, and kind of cries, all overcome with emotion and trying to dab lightly at his eyes with a hanky so he doesn't smear his eyeliner. Nazmir is speaking Arakkoan to his beloved. "His pronunciation is so bad," Savio says, in tones of the greatest love, and sniffles happily.

Jan looks towards Pasquale "I wasn't but I'll go dance. See you later, Pasquale." She rises and gives Caspian a broad grin and hug "Damn good to see you, Caspian!"

Lucita says, "Remarkable pageantry. A delight for the eyes, ears and other senses!" She watches the entry, the kiss, and the entertainments around her, people watching and enjoying it to the utmost. "We can find a spot to sit where we can watch more easily if you should wish."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Nina finds herself a seat so she can listen to the wedding speech. She doesn't understand the language, but the message is so heart-felt that she is still seemingly moved by it, and claps her hands with great enthusiasm when the speech is done. Though she might also be clapping for the bride's ensamble, which is breathtaking in its own right.

The grand entrance of the newly married couple quickly tugs Gwenna's attention. The Redrain is all smiles and, maybe, there's the hint of tears in her eyes. Something to be expected at such events and she's come prepared: a small silk cloth is tugged from a pocket to dab her eyes before such things ruin her make-up. The couple's fiery kiss soon turn her mood and she claps when they come to fully join the gathering. "Congratulations! What a wonderful affair," she calls while lifting a hand to wave in their direction. She remains at her seat, sipping wine and apparently enjoying the delightful sights and sounds of the event.

"In fairness, I know not that I am so." Patrizio's warm laugh slips free easily when Valencia's chiding him so, and there's that quiet for some moments, ensuring that Cassiopeia and Nazmir are the centre of attention, that smile lingering at the display with the flaming kiss and... a breath slides free. Sabella gets the brief dip of his head and the press of his free palm to his chest.

Staff continue to move through the crowds, while the music plays in the background. It's vibrant and lively, people are dancing or eating. There's a lot of drinking and empty glasses are quickly refilled. Performers of all sorts are showing off their arts in different parts of the room. Arakkoans seems to be one of two types, either they are very stoic or very emotional. It's an interesting juxtaposition that compliments perfectly.

There's a look of wonderment that comes from Ann as she watches the wedding couple make their entry and then she's applauding. One can applaud right? Either way that is what she's doing as she then takes a moment to sip at her whiskey. Remaining in her seat as she takes in all the sights and the dancers that came along with the wedding party.

Caspian spins as Nazmir is speaking Arrakkoan, the first time the man could recall hearing it from the former Prince. his Eyes flew wide, his smile blossomed even wider and he practically bounced in excitement as he clapped. He looked to Savio and grinned, "oh come wasn't that bad!!" He turns then, dropping the bottle on a nearby table as he looks to Jan. "A dance is it?! do you even know how to dance without ending up in a fight?!" the good natured joke was given with a broad grin as he waved to Cillian, Mattheu and Ann as he spied them as well!

"Enjoy yourself." Pasquale says as Jan prepares to go off with Caspian. "You too Caspian."

Savio is half-listening to Caspian talk to Jan, and perks up. "Oh? Are we dancing and fighting?" Fantastic, Savio loves both those things. He is the second type of Arakkoan, the emotional sort.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Pasquale before departing.

Pasquale has left the a low table set with a flame decorated silk table cloth.

A little smile offered to Caspian as he merrily makes trouble and a warm look is offered with a graceful nod to Princess Ann and Lord Mattheu. Gwenna's soft show of emotion brings a gentle smile, which Valencia will share if she is able to capture her eye. "I think this might be one of the most lovely wedding celebrations I have seen in some time. It is the perfect start to such a fine match and union, yes?"

The jingling of bells finds the large party as Mattheu winds and slips in to find himself a passing tray where two glasses are grabbed, one is being drunk quickly in a full throat of the glass before handing that one back and grabbing a new glass. A wide smile as he spots Caspian and Cillian giving a bow with arms outstretched as not to spill drinks while he heads to the 'ice' sculptured table. A near shout over the party towards Cassiopeia and Nazmir, "A lovely celebration. I hope I haven't missed much." He settles in next to Ann handing her one of the glasses as he leans over to share a soft word with her before looking back to Valencia with wave.

Mattheu has joined the a low table set with a beautiful 'ice' sculpture made of crystal.

Jan siiighs and rolls her eyes "That fight was just because I'm clumsy and elbowed a gent in the face. Not my fault they put the tables so close to the dance floor. This place doesn't have that problem, it'll be fiiiine." She grins cheekily to Savio and Caspian "Hi Lord Savio! I must say your family puts on an INTENSE party!"

Savio's response to Jan is to strike an extravagant pose, the glitter of his gems caught in the firelight from a passing performer juggling fiery sticks. That seems safe. "Welcome to the Saffron Chain, lovely one. Now you know why I ma the way I am."

Cillian grins at Pasquale when he half smiles at him and tells Caspian Jan was looking for someone to dance with, he shakes his head at the man. He spots Sabella giving her a warm smile and a wave in return, he looks to Caspian watching him. "ITs good to see you Champion." he spots Mattheu and heads in that direction.

There is a wave to Caspian as he makes his way to the dance floor with Jan. So much to see and hear at this celebration and Ann is smiling the whole time. A smile and a wave for Valencia upon seeing her. One was given to Patrizio to. Cillian is also acknowledged. Grinning when Mattheu makes his way to her and hands her a glass and she toasts him as he settles in his seat. "this is lovely and so exciting." Her eyes shine as she watches. She's never been here of course and this is exciting.

Caspian looks to Savio and snorts, "you mean why you are amazing?!" he grabs savio's hand if he can in an attempt to drag the man along with him and jan toward the dancing.. wherever that may be! he laughs to jan, "If something is worth doing, its worth doing well right? That applies to dancing, partying, laughing, loving and fighting!"

Patrizio has joined the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

All the congratulations are met with smiles and Cassi is so VERY happy to see everyone. Then she stands up and Cassiopeia opens her mouth but words don't quite come. It takes a moment for the young woman to pull back all the emotions. "Thank you for coming to our home and celebrating with us. This is the first time that we've opened our doors to the Compact for a celebration. As many of you know, and some of you were there, we saw the complete destruction of our home. We lost our friends, our family, our leader. I lost both my parents," lips press together as Cassi breathes in through her nose and then out, slow.

"My life changed overnight. I ran. I distanced myself from everything. Then one day I realized, what I feared wanted to isolate me. I was stronger with the people I cared about. I returned to my home and that is when my cousin stepped down and I was trusted with Tremorus." It's a lot of history to pack together. Even if it's been years, the memories hit hard. Especially as Cassiopeia looks around the re-built palace.

"You don't have to be strong to be strong. Sometimes, it's a running jump and other times? It's an inch at a time. I never knew this would be my life. Yet, I could not be happier." Then Cassiopeia turns to look at Nazmir, "I remember the first time we met. At the Lasting Hope Observatory and we talked about the stars and perspective and life. It would be almost a year later, that we'd meet again and I'd win at swimming," Cassi slips in that part. "I saw a man that was easy-going, but confident in who he is an what he believes. Someone that would stand up for himself and for those that could not. A brave man who knew how to laugh." Cassiopeia smiles at Nazmir through all the tears. "I'm glad it's you."

Jan laughs "Oh, Lord Savio, unless you're the only one from this place this might be part of the ensemble of you but it's definitely not the whole story." She laughs "Oh, gods, are we making a savio sandw-.." She quiets her voice and turns respectful attention towards the happy couple.

As Cassiopeia comes to talk, Nazmir is turning his attention towards her, listening to what it is she says, both about Tremorus and its history and then about how they met. While the man doesn't cry, that doesn't mean he's without emotion. Lips are curved into an easy, soft smile and the way that he looks to her speaks more then any word that he might speak. But speak he does, when she ends her speech and it would seem that the first part is reserved for.

"I remember each of those moments like it was yesterday." There's just the slightest break in his voice before he clears his throat and continues, "And all the other little ones that seemingly sought to set us on the path that we now walk, including a failed attempt at roasting marshmallows." Whose, well that's left unsaid. "And in all those meetings and the ones that followed, I found someone who complimented me and challenged me. Who was not afraid to push and then push a little harder. Someone who simply understood me, even when I might have questioned myself." Another little break and this time it comes with an incline of his head to her, "Strength for strength. Will for will. Fire and Ice. I'm glad it's you." Pause, a curl of his lips to a soft grin, "Even if Solaris bit me."

He's not done yet, it would seem, for he's then turning to those that have joined in the celebration, "You have all chosen to join us. Some of you had to make the journey to Tremorus. But here we sit, Arvanni and Arakkoan. Together in celebration. There can be no light, when there is no darkness and when I look out and see all of you, all I can see is light." Once more, his head inclines in the direction of the crowd, "I can not express what it means to have you all of you here, except to say thank you, from the very bottom of my heart."

And with that, there's a glance to Cassi, to indicate that he's done.

Gwenna does catch Valencia's smile and the Redrain laughs a little, waving with the small silk handkerchief that kept the tears from turning her into a smudgy mess in her hand. It does not appear that anything will make tears flow again, so she tucks the item back into her pocket. Her attention returns to the Marquessa and new Marquis when they speak again and Gwenna /almost/ needs to pull that little cloth back out, but manages to stave off more tears.

Once Nazmir finishes speaking and Cassiopeia wipes the tears from her eyes, she knocks her hip against his playfully. "I remember all of it too and we will for years to come," she says quietly, taken by the man's words. They've made her laugh and cry, even look a little guilty when he talks about being bit by her snake. Then the pair look at the people gathered, their guests. "Now that we've shared our hearts with you, we ask that you do the same. Please come, line up, make a toast. We'd love to hear some stories or experiences you've had with us or our family and home. Or, whatever you'd like to share. I can be as serious or as silly as you want. This is your time." There's shots of coconut rum circling around. This is conveniently timed to encourage participation and loose lips.

Savio checks stamina at hard. Savio marginally fails.

Cassiopeia has joined the a head table set with an eruption of diamond-frosted fire orchids.

Valencia cheerfully waves back to Mattheu and then Ann, dark eyes dancing playfully as she casts a glance about for a place to enjoy the frivolity. Gwenna's delicate and charming wave with her handkerchief is answered with a little slip of a playful smile that carries with it a hint of playful mischief. Turning to listen to Cassiopeia and Nazmir again, her expression softens. The words shared by the happy couple bring an gentle smile. Many eyes well with happy tears and the words spoken. Valencia too is moved, hands gently clasped before her, her lips softly pressed together, her expression warm and wistful but above all truly happy for the couple it would seem.

There's a laugh from Nazmir as Cassi comes to knock her hip playfully against his own and he's giving a little dip of his head towards her, "Good." A grin is given and then his gaze darts out over the crowd of gathered people, taking in the antics and giving smiles, "And, you needn't worry if you don't want to share. Or, if you'd rather just make a toast, you can try and make it the worst toast, if you so choose!"

Cillian moves to where Ann and Matti are sitting, "Hello." he says with a wide grin, "Your highness." he touches her arm in greeting, "Lord Mattheu, it is good to see you both." he smiles. "I hope you are both doing well? Have you gone to see the beach yet? Its beautiful." he looks up and then spots Valencia and waves to her.

Sabella is grabbing two drinks from a platter as they pass by from a waiter walking about. Probably the ones Caspian had spiked earlier, surely. She hands one to Lucita and keeps one for herself. The Grayson Princess is quiet for now, listening to the speeches both give ~ there are tears in her eyes from the heart felt words and probably reminiscing from her own wedding years back. A smile graced her lips but sadness in her eyes for such. Still though a happy time for both Nazmir and Cassiopeia. She claps for the two before nodding to Lucita about taking a seat somewhere ~ it's been a long journey and feet are getting tired. She gestures for the woman to follow if she'd like and takes a seat at one of the low tables with the flame decorated silk table cloth.

Again, there is a small applause that comes from Ann when she listens to Cassiopeia and Nazmir speak again. She's happy because her cousin is happy. Looking at Mattheu and leaning in for soft words spoken as she keeps that smile to her lips. "Hello, Cillian. I hope you are well." Smiling at him.

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Mattheu takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Mattheu puts a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake in double braided leather sash belt.

Patrizio smiles as he's lingering over by the firepit, a hand resting at the back of one of the couches while he's conversing quietly with Gwenna, an easy smile on his lips, though the jade eyes lift as he's watching the goings-on throughout the space, and clearly enjoying the party.

Fine brows pop up as Cillian's wave is spied and Valencia happily waves back, clearly surprised to see the man. Guests shift to settle in and the little Lycene looks about and then drifts herself through the crowd to find the perfect place to settle and listen to the stories and toasts.

Showing up late to the party, Gaspard enters, towering. He fills a suit of black silk with a robust, chiseled frame, burly and defined with nothing left to imagination, skin-tight just about. Azure, gold-rimmed eyes roam in silence, lips pursing in a somber expression.

Mattheu laughs to something said in their own little moment at the ice table then standing while finishing off his second /?/ third drink. Tipping his head into a jingling nod and bow to Ann as he takes her hand and without heading for the dancefloor itself sets in for a dance beside the table they are at.

:will make a toast of course, he is Family, floating up toward the front of the room with, somehow, a new drink in hand. He knocks into an exotic potted plant with a brief "oops," and marginal shedding of hibiscus flower petals, then continues undeterred. Orland come get your man, he is drunk. (Alas Orland is busy shepherding small children, which are basically tiny drunk people in terms of behavior patterns anyway.)

"HELLO, everyone, hello," Savio greets effusively once he's found a place to toast from. If anyone ever wondered at the source of his weird accent, it's here, these people, this island. "Who even gave you all permission to look so beautiful?" No one. The guests are criminally beautiful.

"Cassiopeia is my favorite cousin," Savio continues, sorry other cousins, "And has been so ever since she was a tiny child and I taught her important things like how to weave flowers into a garland and how to cry to get what you want. The circumstances of our people's history have not always led us to be so welcoming of outsiders, however, and that brings us to... Nazmir." Savio gestures grandly. Oops, bit in the wrong direction. He re-gestures at Nazmir. There we go.

"We could not have expected you." This addressed to Naz himself. "We could not have guessed that the far frozen north could have ever been so warm to us. Through so many triumphs and sorrows and strangeness, we have dragged you through salt and sand and fire, through our hopes and our fears, around everything we were desperate to save and desperate not to lose. All of it, you have been there for her and this House, steadfast. Through you we have better understood our place in the Compact and our hopes for the same. I find myself saying something I never expected I might have: You are perfect for my beautiful favorite cousin, perfect for the House of Proscipi and the island of Dawnsend, and we welcome you. We celebrate this marriage, and in joy we invite all the Compact to the same."

Savio lifts his glass, "Marquessa and Marquis-consort Cassopeia and Nazmir Proscipi!" cheers!

Ann has lost count how much she has drank. it's her cousin's wedding celebration and she is here to have a good time. As Matti moves to dance with her she takes his hand in hers. Expecting to go to the dance floor only to start dancing here with the table they are at and it makes her laugh. Mattheu keeps her on her toes and she is here for it. Even with the toasts and the music going on for the moment she is lost in the dance with Matti even as she looks over his shoulder to sort of listen to Savio and his toast.

Caspian waits for Savio to finish, cheering loudly for the pair and clapping uproariously!

Cillian watches Mattheu for a moment, wetting his lips and looks to Ann, "I am well, have a good dance." he looks to Mattheu again,he downs his glass and wonders to go find another one. Then heads in Valencia's direction a warm smile on his face he moves to give her a hug in greeting. "Hello, it is good to see you." he smiles softly once he does he looks in the direction of Gaspard watching the walking wall. He moves to slip off to find more drinks and a place to sit and listen to people talk.

Nina laughs, smiles, and claps at the end of the speech. She's a bit into the cup herself, drinking more than she is eating at this particular event, even though the food is great too.

When Savio is the first to jump up to speak, Nazmir is turning his attention over towards him, gaze flitting to Cassi when she's spoken about. But then the topic switches to him and he's looking back to Savio, the smile on his lips softening, even as he dips his head in regards to the other man. Scooping up his own glass, it's lifted high in the air, "Savio. Thank you. I'm .. beyond touched." It shows too, just in the way that he looks to the other man, "But don't think that you're getting away with just lifting your glass after that. We are both going to need a hug." A glance to Cassi and then back to Savio, to dip his head into an incline. He's then looking out over the crowd, "Whose next!"

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Savio hugs, of course, with a stern warning of "Do not crush my flowers," though this does not diminish the enthusiasm of said hugs.

Eyes bright like the sun, Cassiopeia is both laughing and crying before Savio even starts into it. Her hands clutch her heart and she does the 'I love you' gestures with her hands to Savio, "you are my favourite cousin, too!" She shouts across the hall at Savio. It's true, sorry other cousins. Taking in small breathes, there's a moment where she just gives up. There's handkerchiefs in reach, plenty at every table. Cassiopeia tries not to blow her nose too loud, but it probably can be heard well enough. It doesn't matter, she isn't afraid to show her emotions, and here in Tremorus, this is home. The Arakkoans LOVE Savio, so when the Bard of Tremorus speaks, they are listening. There are plenty of tears and laughs through the crowds, along with the stoic head nods. Cassiopeia turns to lean and kiss Nazmir's cheek when Savio speaks about him. Then she's looking back with a big smile on her face, a drink in her hand, and a piece of mango cake in front of her.

Briefly, Patrizio can be seen to be drawing himself away from the fire-pit, though not without a wink to Gwenna as he does so. Pilfering yet another shot from one of the servers, as he makes his way forward, he's briefly clearing of his throat as he makes evident that he is going to speak. "Marquessa," offers he with a dip of his head to Cassiopeia, and that smile returns to his features as his head bows briefly to Nazmir. "Marquis-Consort. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the coming together of two so well made for one another, of the gods bringing together two who are meant truly for one another."

"Fire and ice, that is how our fealties are often seen - opposites, in a great many ways. And yet...let us never forget that fire and ice, together, can sparkle." His glass is lifted for a moment in toast. "May you both make each other sparkle and shine, from now until eternity." And then he tosses the shot back in proper Pravusi style, a smile on his features as he yields the floor.

Valencia's dark eyes smile as Cillian approaches and she offers him a delicate hand and a graceful incline of head. "Good evening, my lord," she smiles and then laughs returning his hug at the last moment with a flush of pink to her cheeks. "It is very good to see you as well," she replies with a bob of her head and a happy smile and nod to Gaspard the mountain makes his arrival. Returning her attendion to Cillian she smiles. "It is beautiful, yes? Such a good match. It makes my heart happy to see such love finding it's way."

The speeches made lead Gwenna to pull that little cloth back out of her pocket. Between raising her glass or setting it down to clap, it's obvious the words of those who celebrate the couple have moved her. The wink from Patrizio, at least, draws a bit of a laugh and stave off too many more tears.

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Ham-sized hands clasping behind his muscular back, Gaspard remains standing, azure, gold-rimmed eyes set on those speaking with that same somber expression. Jan, Patrizio, Valencia, Mattheu, Ann, and the departing Cillian get a nod of acknowledgement, the rest are strangers to him. He doesn't go for a drink, he doesn't go for any food, he remains a stoic 'mountain' of flesh, observant.

Lucita is happily listening to the toasts, sharing them as the speeches continue. She smiles gently then with a quiet apology to the others murmurs. "I need to get back to my room here. I hate leaving so soon, but must."

Ann smiles over Mattheu's shoulder as she listens to Patrizio speak up now. Looking pleased at what the Prince had to say. In seeing Gaspard she gives him a nod of her head as she continues in her dance with Mattheu.

When Patrizio draws himself up to be seen and heard, Nazmir is turning his attention to the Prince, an incline of his head being offered out of respect. There's a smile on his lips for the words that are spoken and he's lifting his glass in a silent salute to Patrizio, before he's offering, "Truer word have never been spoken, Prince Patrizio and I truly thank you for what you said." Another incline of his head and then he's drinking from his glass, once more. Hard NOT to get drunk this way.

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Turn in line: Patrizio

Turn in line: Caspian

Caspian is not one to shy away from the chance to tell embarrassing stories.. but gods how does one follow Savio AND Prince Patrizio! Still, he is up and trotting toward the line with a grin, finishing off a drink from his glass as he does. he turns to Jan and raises a finger to signify he would be but a moment as he trotted up to deliver his speech. He spun to face the guests and then to Nazmir and Cassiopeia. "Gods.. where do i begin.. and how do i follow that!" he grins at Savio, then he drew a breath, his smile warm.

"The first time i truly met Marquessa Cassiopeia was.. of course.. on an adventure! Exploring islands long thought lost, getting nearly eaten by snakes, attacked by barbarians, devoured by.. well.. BIGGER snakes. Was a Grand old time! But that first time we met told me so much about her. Her courage was unflagging, her presence, her leadership.. second to none. I have had the pleasure of meeting a great many people in this city, but few have ever shown the love of adventure, the courage and exultation in the face of the unknown, and yet be tempered with the wisdom and leadership that she possesses. It has been my honor to serve her and her house.. a family that i did not expect and could never be without."

he looked to Nazmir, "And Marquis-Consort Nazmir. I dont know how many times we spoke in passing, but i recall the day i knew i liked you quite clearly. it was the day you hit me in the face with a coconut!" Caspian bursts into laughter, "Or perhaps it was when you convinced me that my dreams of wrestling a bear could be more than just a dream!"

He flashes a wicked grin to Savio. he shook his head then, "You stood by us all when made songs about you in tremorus. You stood by us all when Cassiopeia's snake decided that you looked tasty. You offered of yourself without a second thought when it benefited the Marquessa and her people. The love you both share.. it is something that i think we all hope to one day have. It is a thing of beauty. You are perfect for each other.. for those around you, and for your people."

Caspian took a breath, and raised a glass. "I am so proud to call you both my friend. more so I am so excited to see what wonders, what adventure, and what mischief you will get up to!" He spun and called out in a LOUD voice, booming across the gathering, "TO THE MARQUESSA AND MARQUIS PROSCIPI!!!"

Cecilia takes a gold rabbit holding ruby fire from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

Jan is overheard praising Cassiopeia: Radiant as a goddess

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Jan is overheard praising Savio: Even drunk as as a skunk he has no problem with the right words.

Nina claps enthusiastically at the next speech, cheering as Caspian describes adventures.

Raising her glass and toasting the party, Cassiopeia takes a sip and then turns her smile towards Patrizio. As the prince speaks, it brightens and her eyes sparkle when he talks about fire and ice combined, sparkles. Her eyes are still red and wet, and a hand rests over her heart. "That was beautiful, your Highness. Thank you and I am so glad you are here with us today.," she says with warm sincerity. Then she lifts her glass to him specifically, before taking another sip.

Nina is overheard praising Cassiopeia: A beautiful and fashionable bride!

Savio is just shaking his head at Caspian for the bear wrestling thing. No. No bears allowed. Deduction of 10 Protege Points. But when Caspian calls for a toast of his own, who is he to refuse of course! Cheering! Drinking!

Nina is overheard praising Nazmir: Welcome to the island family!

Mattheu is rather quiet in what is more of a shuffle than full dance beside the table, whispering to Ann as the speeches take place to then look over towards Savio with a grin as the speech wraps up and to clap for the man's words. Then Patrizio who gets a raise of his glass which needs a refill, and Caspian. Now that glass really needs a refill.

Patrizio smiles warmly back to Nazmir and Cassiopeia as he's retreating once more towards the firepit with.. a fresh glass in hand. Clearly, some tasks require the proper tools, and the prince of Pravus is not one to refuse to avail himself of those.

When a server comes near in where she's doing a quiet dance with Mattheu, Ann is quick to get another glass. This is the Island life after all. But she's lifting it in the air after Caspian's call toasting the Marquessa and Marquis. When Caspian walks by she gives him a wink. "That was a wonderful toast, Champion!" Only to quiet as she finally gets around to drinking again.

From across the way, Sabella waves to Ann and Mattheu ~ a beaming smile along her face as she gestures them over to sit with her. She's listening quietly to those sharing their toasts before going back and conversing with those at her table.

Titus gestures for a glass of wine to come his way as he listens to the excellent toasts.

Listening to Caspian speak, Nazmir can't help but give a laugh, even as his head shakes a touch, "Oh god. Coconut dodge ball." A glance about the people gathered, "You should all try it. It's fine." An eager bob, a grin and then it's back to Caspian, "And still, that dream will one day be a reality. I'm certain of it." A wink is shadowed to Caspian, the glass lifted again before he's bringing it to his lips for another swallow of the drink before it's lowered back down, "Thank you, Caspian!"

All the stories. Caspian recounts a few of the most notable highlights. They seem to all involve snakes! Cassiopeia cannot help but burst out laughing as Caspian mentions the time Nazmir got bit by her snake, Solaris. Looking over, the handler lifts up the sizable Saffron python, so that the creature in question can be seen. Cassi's Saffron pets are very much present today. With tears in her eyes and laughter on her lips, she looks at Caspian. "You were family the moment we met. Some people just are. I am so glad we've shared so many adventures together!," she lifts her glass and she takes a sip.

Turn in line: Titus

Titus delicately holds a glass of wine in his long, pale fingers, pausing to study it for a moment. As he raises his glass, his voice, like a whisper from the depths, cuts through the air, capturing the attention of the guests.

"Ladies and gentlemen from near and far,

Today, we gather in celebration of the union between two extraordinary souls, my esteemed cousin, Marquessa Cassiopeia of House Proscipi, and the Marquis-consort Nazmir, hailing from the frigid lands of House Redrain. It is with utmost honour and pride that I offer this toast, not only to my cherished allies who I have fought beside but also to the extension of family that joins House Proscipi today. Days like today are extremely important, for they are reasons for why we fight so hard. They are the nurturing gentleness which hearts need so they don't become hard and cruel. When one is wounded, it's easy to let that wound callous so you don't get hurt again. But that is simply robbing ourselves from the whole experience we're to have in this life. Hurt and happiness, war and peace, anger and love."

Titus's gaze shifts between Cassiopeia and Nazmir, his eyes filled with a mixture of admiration and anticipation.

"In the great dance of fire and ice, we discover a profound lesson. Fire, fierce and radiant, possesses the power to ignite change, to bring warmth and illumination even to the coldest and darkest corners of our existence. Cassiopeia, you have shown that spirit of fire in you by igniting change from the fall of Tremorus into a new era, from those ashes of hardship and hurt you have brought more happiness and life to your house, family and peoples. Ice, serene and resilient, embodies the strength to endure and preserve, ensuring the essence of life remains intact. You, Nazmir, embody that spirit of the far frozen north and which Cassiopeia and her people will need."

Titus's crimson eyes look from Cassiopeia and Nazmir to those gathered. He gestures once with his cup as he weaves a parable.

"Opposing forces, like fire and ice, may seem destined to clash. Yet, when embraced in harmony, they become agents of transformation. Fire fuels the passion, the creative energy that ignites the spirit of change, while ice tempers it with tranquility and preservation. Together, fire and ice forge a path towards unity and harmony, protecting all that came before while inspiring the creation of something new."

Titus's eyes hold a deep understanding as he continues, his words resonating with seriousness.

"Today, we celebrate the union of Marquessa Cassiopeia and Marquis-consort Nazmir, where fire and ice intertwine, and where passion and resilience converge. May their love become a testament to the power of embracing differences, finding strength in unity. Together, may they ignite a flame that illuminates their journey, melting the frozen barriers that often divide and keep us separated as we cling to the past and inspiring transformative change in a world yearning for unity."

Raising his glass higher, Titus concludes his toast with heartfelt conviction.

"To Cassiopeia and Nazmir, may your love burn brightly, as fire and ice come together in harmonious union. May it ignite a new chapter overflowing with love, growth, and shared purpose. Let us raise our glasses and offer a resounding cheer to the union of two extraordinary souls, destined to leave an everlasting impact on our world. And in the spirit of unity and support, I stand here on behalf of the great city of Sangris, the Red City and as voice of the Vaevici. We extend our hand in friendship and pledge our assistance to the noble task of rebuilding Tremorus, that by the labours of Cassiopeia and Nazmir and house Proscipi, their people may be blessed with renewed hope and prosperity. The flame of Sangris shall burn bright alongside the union of fire and ice, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for all."

With a sense of reverence, Titus brings the glass to his lips, savouring the moment before taking a sip, his eyes reflecting the hope and blessings he bestows upon the newly joined couple.

Patrizio's smiling wistfully at the toasts being offered up from the front of the room. Though almost equally as playfully, he's pilfering glasses from a passing server, the better to ensure that those at his table are seen too properly.

Sabella claps for Titus, she has always been captivated by his eloquent speeches and lovely stories ~ her smile beaming and when he was done she would flutter fingers his way in a little wave.

Caspian beams at Titus, clapping in appreciation! "Well said! beautiful.. just beautiful!"

Mattheu turns with his arm still resting at Ann's waist with small sideways pull to her as he waves to Sabella and offers a nod in her invitation. Taking Ann's hand within his to pull her along to suddenly stop and listen to Titus's toast. Oh look, a new glass has been handed to him from Ann. Something within those words have left Mattheu to stay fixated on staring towards Cassiopeia and Nazmir. "Absolutely beautiful! To Cassiopeia and Nazmir!"

As Mattheu pulls Ann close with that arm indeed she handed him a glass and tipping her head at Titus. She often enjoyed his stories when she got the chance to hear them or interact with him in general. She doesn't voice what Mattheu says but her facial features imply the same sentiment as she waves to Sabella. She actually says to Mattheu but others might hear her, "What a beautiful night this has been."

As Cassiopeia's cousin from Sangris, Titus steps up to give a toast, Cassiopeia turns her warm smile in his direction. Reaching up, she brushes a tear from under eye but she's silent and she's hanging on everything. His words are beautifully poetic, it is obvious how they touch her. To Titus she says, "thank you cousin. For your words, but for everything. You were there for me, during the darkest period of my life. You took me in as your own and supported me and shared your wisdom. An act that has bonded us and our homes together with more than just blood. I appreciate your beautiful way of capturing meaning and speaking it like poetry." Cassiopeia's features brighten and she lifts her glass in toast and takes another sip.

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Listening to what it is that Titus has to say, Nazmir can't help but look to Cassiopeia with it, smile tugging back to his lips before he's looking back to Titus once more. A deep incline of his head is given to the other man and it comes with a blossoming smile, "Thank you, Titus. You honor us with your words and we are truly grateful for them."

Turn in line: Gwenna

Gwenna stands and takes a few steps away from the firepit where she's been speaking quietly with Patrizio, raising a recently refilled glass toward the couple. A glance is given to Titus and she offers him a quick smile. "I am unsure just how to follow such an extraordinary and beautiful gift of words, but here is to trying." Her attention returns to the couple. "From tragedy often comes triumph, but it may be those times between the two when we learn not only who we are, but those we begin to surround ourselves with. I do not know all of the journeys you have both taken with each other, but I see such strength, honor, and love in your eyes that tells me all I need to know. I have found that the pairings of South and North tend to be met with raised brows, for how can such opposites not clash by their very natures? I, however, have always thought that they create a most powerful balance." She pauses a moment and dips her head respectfully to Cassiopeia and then Nazmir. "The joining of our Houses brings me great joy, both for our families and those under both our banners. Marquessa and Marquis, I can hardly wait to see what brilliant future your fire and ice bring to this world, and I am so proud and excited to see what comes. Congratulations!"

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Valencia smiles at the kind and warm word spoke in affection. Her glass lifts again and again, her smile present as each speech or toast is concluded. A fond smile to Gwenna as her worlds ring across the space and she nods once with gentle approval, a glance spared to the Voice of Pravus before resettling it on the happy couple. Her glass lifts again, the Gwenna's words echoes in congratulations.

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From where he's seated, Patrizio lifts his glass once more in salute to Gwenna's beautiful words, as if to add further encouragement, before he's taking a good sip from his glass.

Looking truly grateful at Gwenna, Cassiopeia smile is bright, while tears still slowly trail down her cheeks. "Thank you, your Highness.," Cassi says warmly to Gwenna. "You were instrumental in making this happen and I am truly grateful. It is exciting, to have family on the other side of the Compact. To learn new things, embrace new culture, play in the snow and to stand with such great people. I look forward to getting to know everyone more. Thank you for your kind words, for everything.," she says sincerely to Gwenna. Lifting her glass, Cassiopeia takes another drink, there have been many of those and they show in the pink hue on her cheeks.

When it's Gwenna who rises next, Nazmir is looking to her, a soft smile tugging to his lips. He's then listening, only for that smile to deepen at her words and his glass is once more lifted, "Cousin, you honor us with your words and in recognizing the balance that comes from such a union. And, I honor you with my thanks. For being here. For making this happen. For letting our Houses be more than they could be, apart." Now, he's dipping his head in a respectful incline to her.

Turn in line: Gaspard

Gaspard unclasps his ham-sized hands and suddenly his demeanor changes. He shifts from somber, into an utterly beautiful, charming and dimpled smile. It's warm, so warm it touches and brightens those azure, gold-rimmed eyes of his, wrinkling at the corners. He approaches a table and pours himself a glass of red wine. With the tiny glass in his massive hand, he precariously grips it, lifting it slowly to rise and be seen by all in the air.

"First things first, I do not know either of you, and I thank you for allowing me to witness the joining of spirits on such a momentous day. I will introduce myself - I am Gaspard Blackram, and it is a pleasure to meet all of you today." He pauses. He rumbles a deep chuckle before saying, "There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage. And when there is love, there is life....I think we all now the secret to a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they're right if you love to be with them all the time."

He pauses again, letting his words sink in as his golden eyes roam the faces calmly. "And on a first impression, I see two families coming together joyfully to make a new memory, and that is beautiful." He grins broad, cheeks dimpling again. "While I don't know you, I do know a thing or two about love and I would like to offer you some Blackram wisdom. First."

He lifts a finger, "Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." He sighs wistfully, gaze elevating itself upwards. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeing, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs."

Then he takes a sternness over his masculine features. "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together. You are a team. And so, I look forward to seeing what life entails for you both, down this road. I wish you the very best, of health, of happiness, prosperity." Then he relifts his glass. "So please, everyone, join me in raising a glass to the happy couple."

Titus raises his glass to the toasts that Gwenna and Gaspard make to the new couple, reinforcing the well-wishes with his own.

Gaspard's words and toast are met with a raise of Cassiopeia's glass, she is touched that he would share such a speech with everyone. "Thank you and thank for coming here to celebrate with us, Lord Gaspard Blackram. That is sound advice," Cassiopeia says of his words having listened carefully and appreciative for his sharing of them. The bright pink bubbly drink in her glass is slowly dissipating as she continues to enjoy the toasts.

Gwenna returns Valencia's smile with a warm one of her own, which brightens before she touches her lips and lowers her hand toward Cassiopeia. Looking next to Nazmir, the Redrain can't help but appear full of pride and she beams toward him as well. Standing to listen to Gaspard, she raises her glass again that way before retaking her seat.

Sabella too, raises her glass at Gaspard's speech ~ a very bright smile upon her face.

Ann offers Gwenna a smile and raises her glass in the direction of her in case her cousin sees her. Then she carefully listens to Gaspard and her glass stays raised for the toast and she's drinking again.

Nazmir is looking to Gaspard as he rises next and for a moment, he's regarding the man with a loft of a brow. But things become clear when the man speaks and there's a blossoming smile that tugs to his lips, "Well met! And thank you for coming to join in the festivities." A pause and a dip of his head, in respect, "And your words ring true, Lord Gaspard."

It's easy to get people's attention when you've got a band. Cassiopeia looks over and they quiet down, except one man with a pair of cymbals crashes them. It's loud.

"Thank you all for your thoughtful words and expressions. I am...speechless in my joy," she admits and her appreciate is more than she can really vocalize right now, so she just smiles. At everyone. Joyful. Then she takes in a breath, "One me activity. We've got a little game for you. It's a tradition at weddings in Tremorus. A bit of history first, over a thousand years ago, my ancestors climbed up the mountain we are on right now. Mount Arakkas. Here, they built Tremorus. It was safer. The jungles were and are still a dangerous place. This allowed us to protect ourselves better. The mountain is central to our culture and it's the reason we are here today. So, we are going to ask you to build your own mountain together. It might get a bit messy, but no one should get hurt. But, if nothing sets on fire or breaks, is it really a party?" The Marquessa beams a smile and staff bring more stemmed glasses to each table. Also, a bottle of sparkling wine. Then Cassiopeia looks at Nazmir, "Naz, the gamemaster formerly known as Prince, will explain the rules."

The line has been dismissed by Nazmir.

When the band is silenced by that look from Cassiopeia, Nazmir lets his gaze drift to the man with the cymbals as they crash together, the sound resounding throughout the area. It's then that his gaze looks out amongst those gathered, listening to what Cassi has to say as he nods his head. When staff bring more stemmed glasses to the tables, it's not just one or two. No, there are cases placed on each table and when the reins of the game are turned over to him, he's turning to the crowd to explain.

"You can see the glasses on each table. The goal of this game is to make a four teir representation of Mount Arakkas, using all the glasses that you have in those cases. It must be four levels high, with each level significantly smaller then the previous. Which means, no building a massive base and then stacking three glasses on top of it."

Nazmir offers a quick smile after that.

"Once it's built, Cassi and I will come around and pour the wine into the top level. It must flow seemlessly down the levels, filling each of the glasses in the process." Ah, so not just as simple as building something, it would seem, "And building a mountain is no easy thing, either. The ground tends to shake during their formation." Which .. could mean anything, it would seem.

"And finally, don't worry if the mountain comes crashing down and shatters around you. After all, building a mountain is a precarious thing."

And when people actually look into the cases of glasses, they are going to find that someone screwed them all up. There's all different sizes and shapes contained within, though the former Prince looks utterly innocent before adding a final, "Oh, and you can't swap glasses with another table or anyone else. For those of you standing, please find a table and join it. This is a team effort!"

Caspian has joined the a low table set with a beautiful 'ice' sculpture made of crystal.

Gaspard has joined the a low table set with a beautiful 'ice' sculpture made of crystal.

Valencia has joined the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

Nina checks dexterity and artwork at easy. Nina is successful.

Nina checks dexterity and artwork at normal. Nina marginally fails.

Nina checks dexterity and artwork at hard. Nina marginally fails.

Nina checks dexterity and artwork at daunting. Critical Success! Nina is spectacularly successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and survival at easy. Caspian is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and artwork at easy. Mattheu is successful.

Mattheu checks intellect and artwork at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and survival at hard. Mattheu fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and survival at daunting. Mattheu fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and survival at normal. Caspian is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and survival at hard. Caspian fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and survival at daunting. Caspian is successful.

Ann checks intellect and survival at easy. Ann is successful.

Ann checks intellect and survival at normal. Ann is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and survival at easy. Gaspard is successful.

Sabella checks intellect and artwork at easy. Sabella is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and survival at normal. Gaspard is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and survival at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and survival at daunting. Gaspard fails.

Valencia checks dexterity and survival at easy. Valencia is successful.

Sabella checks intellect and artwork at normal. Sabella fails.

Sabella checks intellect and artwork at hard. Sabella fails.

Sabella checks intellect and artwork at daunting. Sabella fails.

Valencia checks dexterity and survival at normal. Valencia is successful.

Valencia checks dexterity and survival at hard. Valencia marginally fails.

Ann checks intellect and survival at hard. Ann marginally fails.

Patrizio checks dexterity and survival at easy. Patrizio is successful.

Valencia checks dexterity and survival at daunting. Valencia fails.

Patrizio checks dexterity and survival at normal. Patrizio is successful.

Patrizio checks dexterity and survival at hard. Patrizio is successful.

Patrizio checks dexterity and survival at daunting. Patrizio fails.

Ann checks intellect and survival at daunting. Ann is successful.

Gwenna has left the red and blue velvet cushions set around a decorative fire pit.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Nazmir: My Northern Star. My Forever.

Sabella is overheard praising Cassiopeia: Lovely bride!

Caspian looks to Gaspard and grins. "So.. stacking glasses.. how hard could it be?" oh famous last words! Caspian begins lining up the glasses and then starting to stack them up. "need a strong foundation right? hey dont bump the table! oh.. wait that was me." he flashed a smirk and then continued stacking. first and second rows went easy enough. "see.. i dont see how this i really a.. AACK!!" the third row began to tumble! he frantically snagged the falling glasses and tried to put them back over and over again as he desperately tried to stop the fall. Finally, he managed to get the last few rows placed gently on top... swallowing and sweating..

Valencia is overheard praising Cassiopeia: A delight and a truly beautiful bride.

Sabella is overheard praising Nazmir: The Game Master groom!

Snorting once, Gaspard rumbles aside to Caspian, "It's just glasses." And so he stacks, and stacks, and stacks, only on his final glass - TUMBLE!

Valencia is overheard praising Nazmir: So wonderful to see such a good man so in love with his bride.

Art. Why did it have to be art?

Patrizio is doing what he can - there's that hint of how he's putting the glasses together that he /might/ be better suited towards thinking of how to build a fortification out of the things, or smash them to put broken glass to trip up enemies - but he's is giving it a good try towards making something that's going to work for the purpose. There's the now and again creasing of his brow, and the pauses to see what it is that Valencia is doing with her glasses, before he murmurs softly, "I still think we should be /drinking/ the potables, rather than pouring them down the glasses..."

Sabella was good at performing and hosting... not so much with the stacking of glasses. "Hopefully stacking blocks with my children will assuredly help me with this... right?" she says to her table with a chuckle. She was hesitant in grabbing a glass. The first stacked pretty well on top of the other... the others not so much. She winces, and peeks open those cerulean blue eyes after closing them.. "Mm~ maybe one of you will have better luck." a soft giggle heard.

Nina looks at the cups and for a moment, is worried about things going very wrong. She is good at sewing, but not so good at sculpting. Or... glass balancing. She starts, however, by building a solid foundation, and as long as nothing is being stacked ON anything else, then nothing can break yet. The second she starts to stack a glass ON TOP... it teeters, and she has to hold it with her hand. She starts to ponder a better method, and decides to help out Sabella a bit with her stack instead of tending to her own. "What if I hold this here so you can put one underneath..."

Valencia is concentrating, and trying very hard not to be upsetting the fine work that Patrizio is doing. Bottom lip firmly bitten down upon as she attempts to stack the glasses high. "I think we perhaps should surrender to the task and put more wine in our glass. For our tower is... oops!!!" she begins and then blinks.

Ann doesn't consider herself very artistic at all. And stacking? Is that art? The first two rows not an issue. The third has her contribution weaving and not able to stay in place but not enough so to cause others to fail in in if they were successful. She does look triumphant when her fourth glass stays in place. So focused on her part she tuned out the conversation of her team mates and how well or poorly they did. She also was holding her breath the whole time as she waits to see what happens next!

Cassiopeia also tries not to drink from the bottle either, but that's also tempting. Rather, she is approaching a table, watching as they build their mountain, ready to test it.

Gaspard has left the a low table set with a beautiful 'ice' sculpture made of crystal.

After explaining the rolls, Nazmir is slipping out from the head table, so that he can begin to move about the various tables, to look at the mountains that are being built, "Remember, it's not simply the one that looks the best. But it's also the one that /flows/ the best. Style isn't always the most important thing when it comes to something like this." And surely the former Prince isn't going to bump peoples tables on purpose.

Mattheu has a small laugh as he looks at the case of glasses. "Oh this won't go over well." As he calls back to the table where Nazmir and Cassiopeia are. "I've broken more glasses than I can count..." His bells sing out as he starts with a few small placing of glasses, looking to Sabella, Ann, and Nina. "If either of you have a better idea of where to put the glasses, I divert to you. If you need the mountain defended though, I might have some ability there. It is land though." He looks thoughtful at the space of where Sabella and Nina are setting up and offers a small glass in handing over to Nina now. "This one looks pretty. Would you have use of it?" As the tower of glass becomes more of a mountain he stands up to offer help where he can however is falling backwards as scarf catches to seat and sends him to his backside as small bells sing out. He's laughing as he hits the ground, "I think I need more of the Hibs, hisbissus... the flowery wine..." Looking to Ann in his position upon floor now as Nina puts that crowning top on.

Nina takes the glass from Mattheu with a smile, and then looks down at it and back at the tower. "It IS pretty. I'd hate to break it...." And so again she hesitates, looking for just the perfect spot to put it. Finally she very carefully places the glass, hoping nothing teeters. It doesn't, but she's not building up any higher either, so more work needs to be done. "I think the mountain looks a little lopsided still, but if we put a few on the opposite side..." Nina swiftly moves around the table to get another angle.

Whatever help Ann was to be she isn't. She did her part. But there is one River Lord on the floor sprouting off about flowery wine and she finds herself next to him and offers a hand in his direction. Laughing at him. Yes, she is laughing at him. "Flowery wine? Are you sure milord?" Giggling as she waits to see how long it takes for him to recover as she looks for a server for said wine. Looking back at her table mates to see how well they are succeeding.

The Grayson Princess isn't exactly worried about how beautiful the thing looks, she just wants the glasses stacked with minimal injury to both person and her gown. She's grinning because Mattheu is falling and she knows sooner or later the glasses will fall again. A slight snicker before calling out to Mattheu. "Too much drink, Lord Rivenshari?" she teases before looking to Ann and smiling. When Nina is offering her help, Sabella nods. "You might be better at this than I am. I've stacked blocks but those are far less dangerous if broken." a slight shrug of shoulders. Her cerulean gaze is watching Nina intently and her strategy. "She seems like she knows what shes doing."

It is with a little smile that Valencia fixes her dark eyes upon her towering partner. "Well, the cannot say we did not try," she giggles softly as she winces at their work. "We started well at least," she nods sagely trying not to giggle again.

Arman takes a silver bear holding a diamond snowflake from a beautifully carved box with flames and snowflakes.

"And to hear my cousin Sebastian pronounce it, I'm very trying," points out Patrizio playfully to Valencia while he's trying a bit more to be maneuvering with the differently-shaped and -sized glasses while he's getting up to consider the pile from all angles. "Something to be said, though, for but the attempt at it. To seek, to strive..." A breath slips free. "But I'm of increasing agreement that we should pilfer the alcohol and put it to proper use."

Arman has been here the whole time, of course, and moves quietly from his table to refresh his drink.

Nina absolutely had no idea what she was doing... at first. But as the mountain comes together, she has a sudden rush of inspiration, and realizes that the structure of it could be higher if she only was bold enough to try. She stands up on a chair, and starts putting a few more glasses near the top of the stack. Miraculously, she's getting the hang of it, and not a single glass was dropped, despite her being a few glasses in herself. As a finishing touch, she puts that glass Mattheu offered her closer to the top. "There. That looks like a pretty solid mountain."

Letting the teams work at establishing their mountain of glasses, Nazmir is simply taking in the sight of them all of them, smile curved to a hint of a grin as he looks over towards Cassiopeia, "See. That is why I used mix matched sizes and shapes. Makes it so much more fun to watch." The smile turns to a grin and then he's turning his attention over towards the whole of the area, only to then lift his voice to call out, "TIME'S UP! NO MORE BUILDING."

Cassiopeia looks at Nazmir, "and you know if I were playing, I would break all your rules!," she says warmly to her new consort as she hip bumps him as she goes to a table with a bottle, ready to pour!

"Be wary. I should get to deeply in my cups. For I wish to remain able to dance. A beautiful event such as this is not complete without dancing, yes?' Valencia smiles again as she steps back to eye their work with a slight squint. "Is that... balanced?" she wonders with a little wrinkle of her nose. A blink as the time is called and she looks to Patrizio and then to Nazmir. "I fear our dice are cast, highness. Let us hope our creation is up to tasks... though I think another toast to our hosts and the talents of their guest is in order," she nods again seeking her own glass again.

Caspian jumped as Naz called out! the top glass came tumbling down and Caspian dove for it. "noooooo!" he missed the glass, the fragile thing, bouncing off his hand to thwack his nose and then fall to the ground. he sighed.. "well damn.."

"You say that as if I'm /never/ in mine." Patrizio laughs warmly, and... no, there's no improving the structure before them at this point, as he's settling anew with his glass, half-filled as it is, as he weighs what he and Valencia have wrought. "But indeed, perhaps it is that we are fated to have what it is, and perhaps we can suffer through the prize of having our drinks while we watch the others. IT is in the hands of the gods now." Though those jade eyes do cast about to see what others have built.

Arman is overheard praising Cassiopeia.

Arman is overheard praising Nazmir.

Sabella purses her lips, and a lone blonde brow arches at the stability of the glasses. Yet, it seems that Nina is doing much better than her and so Sabella offers help where she can but she doesn't dare touch the glasses again. "Goodness.. I think your an expert." her words genuine because surely all the glasses would be broken if the Princess tried again.

"Of course you would." That's offered to Cassiopeia with a smile, even as Nazmir meets that little bump of her hip against his, with one of his own. The pair are then walking about, beginning to pour wine into the top most layer of each of the 'mountains'. Of course, with the mix-match of glasses, it's impossible for it to flow properly, even if there is a perfect 'design'. But in the end, there can only be one winning team and there's a murmured comment to Cassiopeia before he's looking back out over the group, "The best representation of the mountain happens to be .... " Drum roll and then his hand sweeps in the direction of the flame decorated silk table, where Nina, Sabella, Mattheu and Ann sit, ".. this team!" He's then looking over towards Nina, Sabella, Mattheu and Ann, to flash a smile, "Congratulations." Then, to Caspian, Patrizio and Valencia, he's smiling, "Well done to your teams, though! There was no perfect design or perfect way to do it and I applaud everyone for talking apart."

What? Wait? They won? Wooo! Not that Ann is competitive usually but this seems fitting that she'd be on the winning team of her cousin's wedding celebration. Looking on with glee at the couple who makes the announcement. Clamoring upwards again as she was on the floor there are hugs all around for her team mates if so allowed as she claps her hands together, "Oh that is wonderful. Wonderful indeed!" She's a little enthusiastic. Drinking does that to her.

Nina claps her hands, looking around at the team, and then at Sabella. "It was a team effort, most certainly!" She grins at Ann, and then.... carefully, takes a glass of wine from the stack and raises it as if in a toast.

Valencia smiles and cheers the winners before turning to smile up at Patrizio. "I fear, highness, that I have failed you. I am humbled by the tower building talents of our friends. I fear I am tested and found terrible lacking. How ever can I make this up to you?" she offers with playful distress, glimmer of amusement in her eyes and a delicate hand pressed to her breast in humble defeat. "Will you allow me to at least fill your cup so we might ease the pain of our defeat while you consider how I might make amends?" she grins and giggles again.

Cassiopeia claps, so does everyone else, people are delighted to watch the traditional game unfold. When the winning mountain is announced, Cassiopeia approaches Nina, Sabella, Mattheu and Ann's table with a bounce in her step. There's a sense that she is dancing, even when she walks. Her smile is bright and she continues to applaud for them. "Well done! Well done everyone! Thank you so much for playing our traditional mountain game!," she grins. Then to the winning table, she hands each person a small red and orange stone from a small velvet bag. "Prizes!," she explains why she's handing out rocks. "From the Saffron, Caldera actually," she explains to them before turning back to others. "Please stay as long as you would like, I suspect these party will last...days?," she shrugs, because the Arakkoan love to party, so why stop? "I am so glad to have you all here in our home and I hope your stay is a great one! Dance, mingle, eat, drink!" Then there's a look over at Nazmir at the mention of dancing, because now that the games are over, she's going to dance with her husband.

Caspian gives a cheer. "Huzzah!! well done! thats a gorgeous tower!" he claps and laughs, beginning to take apart his tower and he beamed. "Gods tremorus have the best parties!" he looks to Cassiopeia, "here here! You do not have to tell me twice!!"

Mattheu sits on the floor with Ann and sips at the glass of wine he's been handed only to stare at Nazmir as he declares their mountain of glass is a great representation. "I mean. I know the seas and rivers better than any land mass. You're the judge here." Another sip of the wine, "Yes this one. Oh. Hello. See Ann. There's a good view from here." Another sip as he cheers for the table, "Nina is an amazing builder."

Patrizio applauds, too, from where he's settled nearest the fire pit, with that admiring look towards the pile of glasses that crowns the winning table. Though it's not long before the prince of Pravus, smiling still, draws up his glass so that he can take a sip from it. "See, offer such, my highness," he says with evident warmth, "and it invites me to think of how to answer that. Though I would welcome a fresh glass, and perhaps a dance if so permitted."

Sabella blinks a few times, registering they won ~ she grins before looking to her table. "HA~ and here I thought we weren't doing that great. Nina surely got us over the first few hurdles of falling glasses, I'm sure." she looks over to Nina and raises the glass that she nabbed before it was stacked.

A idle sip after the toast before looking to Nazmir and Cassiopeia. "You both have been lovely hosts so far. It's very appreciated that you've been so welcoming and allowing us and myself to be here. It's very far and few between that us Grayson's are able to travel out but I am glad that I did so." a gentle dip of her head towards bride and groom, accepting the stone from Cassiopeia. "A beautiful treasure, indeed. I would like to speak with you both ~ when time permits. On perhaps, how I can help more in helping you rebuild your home." the offer genuine.

There is a little grin from Valencia as she abandons their attempt and a bigger smile for the champions of the tower of drinks. A nod, given again to Patrizio as she turns to secure him another drink and brings it to him with aplomb and served in Lycene style. Cup delicate brought to lips before being offered with a graceful bow of head as she presents it to him. "Highness."

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Ann is overheard praising Cassiopeia.

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A warm, beaming smile is flashed to Cassiopeia at the mention of dancing, mingling and the like and Nazmir's gaze then darts over in the direction of Mattheu, a smile on his lips, "Perhaps it was that knowledge that gave your team that little nudge they needed to win." A quick smile and then he's looking over towards Sabella, to flash a smile, "Thank you, Princess. We truly appreciate the fact that you were able to make the journey and to join us in celebrating our wedding."

Nina has left the a low table set with a flame decorated silk table cloth.

Ann grins at Matti and his commentary. Eying the mountain they helped build but yes most of the credit does go to Nina. "I guess you are not wrong. The view is nice." Oh he means from the floor right? Well, down she goes to sit beside him and the team building mountain that was made. Drawing in a breath and letting it out. Grinning when there is talk of the wedded couple dancing. As they should.

Tugging the groom with her towards the dance floor, Cassiopeia has a bright smile on her face. Her cheeks are flush from the wine and her heart swells with the love she has for family and community. The young woman could not look more blessed or joyful. The band knows this is their first dance as a married couple and the music shifts to something slower and softer, but it's still got that jungle beat. Cassiopeia's fingers link with Nazmir's and the young woman has had many dances with the once prince, but this one is different. This one symbolizes so much more. It is a dance towards their future, a new chapter, the next adventure. And so, she moves in close to Nazmir and locks her eyes on him. While her attention was on her guests for most of the party, for now, she will focus on Nazmir. Taking in the sight of him and moving to the music, she doesn't let him lead and nor does she try either. It's a dance that shows their equal talent and their ability to work as a team, to lead together. Stars in her eyes and the sunshine in her smile, Cassiopeia sees the world through a new perspective. Together they dance, it is a traditional dance that she know doubt taught Naz, some time ago. They are light on their feet and while it's slow at times, it's no less complex. It lacks structure and rules, but rather it gives them a chance to let their personalities shine. "We did it," she winks at the man and spins around the dance floor, hands together and united by music.

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