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Ball: Under The Stars

Pivoting away from the murder mystery, for various reasons, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri has shifted focus to host 'A Night Under The Stars Ball' encouraging the people of Arx to come together to to show off their fanciest clothing, dance, and drink the might away. Rumor has it that there might even be a door prize or two for the guests. Bonus points go to those who take on the nightly theme, showing off their best starry night design.


May 20, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Sira(RIP) Gwenna Lucita Aconite Pasquale Mattheu Keely Raemond Patrizio Cillian(RIP) Ann Agric Denica Kael Aindre Michael Symonesse Tesha Noah



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Arvum Botanical Gardens

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Comments and Log


Tonight I was reminded of the grandeur one can find in this city. Marquessa Quenia transformed the botanical gardens into a starry spectacle that delighted the crowd, myself included, and there were plenty of drinks to make even the risk of ballroom dancing bearable. Still, I think I've had my fill of glamour for a time. It's back to the books for me, as the stack to read is ever-growing.


It is often difficult to balance duties and social events, the latter of which are perhaps nearly as important as the former. Sometimes things weigh on a person to the point that it feels like it would be hard to indulge in something enjoyable. Of course, I knew the Under the Stars Ball was upcoming and even mused over an outfit I have that fit the theme perfectly. Still, I wondered if time would allow, or my mood would dissuade me once again from some merriment. The stars must have aligned (pun intended) and I did end up going. How glad I am that I did. Marquessa Quenia turned the Botanical Gardens into a delightful wonderland! I still marvel at the elegance she achieved when I think upon it. The wine, unsurprisingly, was excellent and the food as well. It was nice to see familiar faces and notice a few new ones as well. Overall, it was a stunning affair and I'm of a mind to make time in the future to attend such things more often.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards, 2 Redrain Veteran Guards arrive, following Gwenna.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, 2 Blackwood trained guards leave, following Cillian.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, 2 Blackwood trained guards arrive, following Cillian.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The gardens are decorated to the nines with starry themed elements. Several constellations known to Arvum dot the evening sky with small clusters of semi-precious gemstones sparkling from the firelight. Refreshments and snacks are stragegically placed around the gardens, for the ease of the guests. An area is marked off for dancing for those who wish to participate. Servants are passing small finger foods around the gardens, with glasses of wine.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
The gardens are decorated to the nines with starry themed elements. Several constellations known to Arvum dot the evening sky with small clusters of semi-precious gemstones sparkling from the firelight. Refreshments and snacks are stragegically placed around the gardens, for the ease of the guests. An area is marked off for dancing for those who wish to participate. Servants are passing small finger foods around the gardens, with glasses of wine.

5 King's Own Guardsmen, Tulip, a small swarm of pearlescent spiders arrive, following Symonesse.

Symonesse arrives, following Aindre.

Tulip have been dismissed.

a small swarm of pearlescent spiders have been dismissed.

Quenia is looking resplendent this evening in her Celestial Elegance Seasilk Embroidered Ball Gown with Low Neckline and Gem Accents and bedazzled in a Starlit Mirrorsilver Tiara with Constellations and Gemstone Accents and accompanying accents. She's standing close to the entrance in order to greet the guests, with bright-eyed and warm smiles aplenty for those that arrive. There's musicians playing in the background, offering light musical melodies that any might easily tap their feet to.

Slipping in along the fringes of the event, Sira plucks a glass of wine from a passing server and settles herself on a bench, out of the way. She doesn't greet anyone, instead she seems content to people watch - or outfit watch, it isn't often she gets a chance to see this much of her work in one place outside of the shop.

Gwenna enters the gardens and is immediately taken by the decorations in place. There's a quick smile tugging up the corners of her mouth as she makes her way further in. Her starlight silk outfit fits the theme well enough, touched with small star accents across the pieces. The glittering of gems from the firelight set along the area take her attention until one of those convenient servants passes by with a tray of wine. The Redrain is quick to take one of those before venturing farther in to see who she recognizes and maybe find a seat.

Lucita has arrived in a timely manner and in a dramatic elegant pace, strolls along the garden path till she reaches a likely spot to sit, and there she does. Somewhere along the path, she has acquired a glass of wine that she holds lightly in her fingertips and engages in the amusement of people and decor watching before taking a sip.

Aconitesteps into the gardens followed by her everpresent Torean champion shadow. The Radiant Whisper is a mass of glimmering gemstones and embroidery. AAconite greets Quenia with a deep curtsey and a warm, "I love your dress." She then scoots along, now that she's greeted the hostess it's time to find herself a glass of wine. She drops a hand to wiggle her fingers in a wave towards Sira on her way to find a drink.

Pasquale drifts in a little after the event has started. His body clad in flowing black velvets which go well with the confidence echoed in his movements. His eyes sweep the guests, a word is shared with Cillian, and then he heads across to take a seat close by to Lucita.

Lucita gestres toward the empty seats beside her as she catches Gwenna and Pasquale's eyes. She smiles warmly in invitation. "Cousin Quenia has done a wonderful job again."

Mattheu Rivenshari has been off to the side of the festivities speaking with Princess Ann, a burst of color wrapping around him framed by dark umbra silks set with small bells to twinkle under lighting within the gardens. A necklace of the Rivenshari's Lover's constellation the twinned hearts within lapping waves sits prominently to his chest where umbra silks are framed within colorful scarves tied and braided around his waist. Turning from conversation with Ann he offers his arm with crook for her to take for guidance of the train of her sparkling dress.

"I think it was three-- no, four dances, last I tallied," Keely is saying to Kael as the pair walk along the garden path into the party, her delicate fingers curled at his elbow and a positively radiant smile upon her youthful features. "But I suppose I shall redeem half this time and half at the next if you like." There is a note of teasing in her soft tones, which shifts into earnest wonder as she takes in the decor around them. "Oh, my darling, look at all the stars," the Marquessa-Consort gasps, pausing at least five times to point out various elements around the garden before they arrive at Quenia.

"My lady, the gardens are positively stunning this eve," she compliments, her smile growing in size and her head dipping gently in greeting. And once they pass, she continues on with her husband, lighting up when she spies Aconite next. "Oh, Radiant Aconite is here... oh and look, there is Baroness Saik, have you had the pleasure?"

Pasquale has joined the an ivy covered ancient bench.

Raemond takes his slow time meandering through the gardens, dressed resplendantly in custom cashmere dyed a fantastic, deep hue of shadow, with star-iron details. His hands are held behind his back as he wanders, peering about, following the people and the voices deeper in, observing without reaction, simply taking it all in.

There's something to the Pravusi nature that demands /someone/ not be on time for a social event, of some nature. Most usually, it is Sebastian who is the one who is the late one, but... in this case, it is Patrizio Pravus who arrives late, respondent in his finely-polished armour, his elegant blade peace-bound at his hip. Most notably, he is /without/ his familiar sextet of soldiers escorting him throughout the avenues of the grand city of Arx, instead choosing to make his appearance on his lonesome as it seems in the gardens, as he pauses just beyond the threshold as if to see what it is that's afoot for the evening.

Cillian walks along with Pasquale looking around, he is dressed in silks that make it look like he shifts in the different colors of the aurora. Shifting different blues and greens as he moves. He nods his head to Pasquales words, nodding his head. He does walk over to where Pasquale sits, "Baroness Lucita, it is good to see you again. I wanted to let you know soon the pups will be ready to come back." he smiles, "Perhaps later I can steal a dance." he turns to look around to see who is about.

Ann gives a smile to Mattheu when he offers his arm out to her to walk over to the Hostess. She is also wearing a twinned hearts within lapping waves Rivenshari necklace. She understood the theme of tonight's ball and is wearing a ballgown that reminds one of the midnight sky depending on how the dress catches the light. Once they reach Quenia she says, "This ball, and the gardens in general look enchanting tonight. Thank you for the invitation." Inclining her head in respect which causes the bells in her hair to sing quietly not so much to cause a disturbance to the mood tonight.

Agric arrives to the gardens in his crisp new suit, taking in the decorations with an approving look as he approaches and greets the hostess for the evening. "Lovely ambiance," he adds, indicating all that's been done to lean into the night's theme. "I'm so glad to be here." When he can, he finds a glass of wine to join him on his stroll.

Sira's wine glass lifts in greeting to Aconite, her chin dipping slightly. Her gaze moves to Lucita. She studies the baroness for a moment before nodding to herself in approval. If she catches Pasquale's eye, he gets a nod of greeting as well. But then there's Raemond. She's not meaning to stare, but she is absolutely staring at the Dredcall lord, scrutinizing every detail.

The gardens glitter and their beauty captures Denica and her face lights up. She leans to murmur an excited but hushed comment to Michael as the two arrive at the ball. Dressed in a nude tulle gown, it glitters with falling stars that match the ornate headpiece that she wears. Ever step causing her gown to shimmer and so she moves just for it. A bare arm linked in the Duke's, the Thrax princess looks delighted to be part of the splendor. There's subtle energy in her step, while a celestial patterned glove holds the bulk of her skirt, allowing her to navigate it before it settles. As it does, the stars flicker falling into place around her. All smiles, Denica stops to take in the entirety of it all, expression reflecting her wonder for the world. All the details taken in at once, she goes silent a moment and her eyes brighten. With that appreciation in tow, Denica takes a few confident steps towards Quenia, dipping her head. "Marquessa. You've brought the sparkle. This is stunning!," her tone is cheerful and sincere.

Pasquale gives Sira a polite nod when he notices her nod of greeting before he looks back to Lucita. "Quite the array of outfits."

Hearing a familiar voice, Gwenna offers a warm smile and moves a bit closer to where Lucita sits. "I'm unsure if wonderful is a strong enough word to describe this delightful paradise, Baroness, but I can't think of a better one," she remarks with a quick glance around the area again. She doesn't take a seat just yet, perhaps hoping to fetch a bit of something to nosh on before settling in. "It's so lovely to see you. I hope you've been well?"

Kael's step is a leisurely thing, allowing him to take in the decorations that are present. Or at least that which he can spy from the entryway. Note how he is leaning in toward Keely, for each and every word that she speaks, and yes he seems to take the dance-debt he owes his wife with relative stride if that smile of his is any indication. He might be on the cusp of replying but they have found their way to Quenia and so he is greeting her with a bow. He inclines his head to Keely, to indicate his agreement with her words. "They are extraordinary," he compliments their host before being pulled further in. When Lucita is pointed out, Kael's eyes glimmer and he replies, "Yes, I have met Baroness Saik. We might say hello if you like."

Aconite gets her glass of wine and sips it as she walks over to stand next to Sira and takes a moment to watch the many outfits moving by with a wide smile. The Whisper waves towards Denica and bows with a warm smile before her eyes skip off to look towards Keely and Kael who also gets a bow as well. She savors another drink of her wine before asking, "What do you think?" She wonders Sira's direction.

Aindre Grayheart arrives not quite at the opening of the Under the Stars ball so much as a little past the point of the festivities starting, escorting the Compact's radiant queen Symonesse Grayson when he makes his appearance, as often he can be found doing whenever she decides to indulge in a local gathering. There is an ease to his gait, as if the pair of them have done a little comfortable walking to get here and that makes sense on such a beautiful night as this one. After all, the stars really are out in a full and stunning array tonight, scattered across the skies. His one good eye isn't aimed upwards at them, however. At first it's on the party, a quick sweep to see who is around as best he can, before his gaze turns to rest on his Nox'alfar companion again. "We should go and greet the host before we get lost in the gardens, don't you think?", he asks, "She really has put together a spectacle for the evening."

Raemond's eyes stray over the many costumes and unique garments; he doesn't acknowledge or wave or speak in greeting, gaze passing over faces like he doesn't recognize them for what they are. Sira, with her intent staring, does get a look and a respectful nod, but just like the others there's no recognition in his eyes; it's not particular to Sira. He does it to everyone. He does manage to find a drink shortly after, sipping as he continues his wander through the throng of adorned bodies.

Lucita smiles toward Cillian. "I am glad to hear it. Was there a good sized litter, Lord Cilian? A dance would be very nice later." She responds to Gwenna with a soft laugh. "Things have been well enough of late that am wondering when next thing to go wrong will happen. It is that feeling of mixed relaxed relief with a hint of trepidation." Sira is given a big smile, a nod of approval and her lips form 'thank you' as she gestures with her free hand toward her dress. Upon noticing the approach of Keely and Kael she gives a beaming beguiling smile.

"Yes, good idea," enthuses Keely softly as she proceeds to make a beeline for Lucita, her brilliant smile lingering warmly, first for Aconite and then for the Baroness as she gently drags Kael across the garden to her. "Baroness Saik, how positively wonderful to see you out and about," she greets Lucita, gesturing aside to Kael next. "My husband suggests he has met you so I shall refrain from introductions. This time. How are things in Saikland?"

Bells find their song within each step taken by Mattheu to then burst further in a held breath of their soft shared song to build further as he dips into bow to Quenia. "Marquessa Quenia. The gardens look absolutely beautiful, a lovely touch to each constellation." He spins a little to bring Ann along as he offers bow to both Kael and Keely, with nod towards Cillian and Pasquale. Stepping aside to share a soft word with Ann while Mattheu slips two drinks from a passing tray.

"Thank you," Quenia beams a bright smile at Aconite when her dress is complimented. She looks over at Keely next and inclines her head to Kael as well. "Thank you very much, Prin... er." She pauses, stopping herself, as she remembers that Keely is newly married. "Marquessa Keely. My assistant, Aspira deserves much of the credit. She was overseeing the last minute details before the ball." Still Quenia positively beams at Keely's compliment as well. She continues greeting and thanking those that pass her by, as it seems many people arrive all at once. Her attention turns to Ann as she steps forward. "Thank you. I thought a ball was needed, to set aside the troubles we've seen or are about to see for a time. I'm glad you like everything here, thus far. I hope to see you out and dancing some too."

An occasion like this makes Michael yet again delighted with his own lack of responsibility for carrying fabric of a trailing skirt. His only responsibility is not walking too fast for the woman who's hand rests lightly around the inwards sweep of his elbow. "Marquessa! Thank you for hosting this evening. I'm told that if I didn't get out soon, I might never enjoy myself at a party again for having forgotten how." The man has 'recycled' a garment, honeysilk, but it looks fantastic so its obvious why he might wear it over and over again. The pair move in from greeting people to stand aside momentarily. Someone about is Michael's friend or Denica's. There are people to talk to.

Michael mutters, "Oh dear. ... Denica, we might ... to escape. Princess Gwenna."

"I could have done better," Sira murmurs. Is that a response to Aconite's question? Her head shakes and then she looks at the Whisper beside her. "Hm? It's a lovely party." The seamstress is slightly distracted by all the outfits. She sips her wine, scanning the ever growing crowd around Lucita. "A very notable group of people in attendance. The new marquessa looks... glowy." Then she spots Mattheu and gives another nod of greeting.

A smile finds Patrizio while he's looking about for a few moments. A chuckle slips from him, as he shakes his head, and with a breath taken and released, he heads on his way.

Cillian nods his head, "Yes, Baroness." he smiles, "Six in total, three boys and three girls. I have one of the males as we talked about." he smiles. "I will talk more later." he nods to Gwenna, "Your highness." he nods to them all and wonders off to find a glass of wine to sip as he walks around, he is all dressed up and looking neat this evening and his steps move to have them lead over to the steel bench under the rose treliss. He nods his head to Mattheu and Ann in a greeting, as he sits down sipping his drink.

While might might have opted to dress in reflection of the stars, Symonesse seems to have taken inspiration from the night sky instead. The dark umbra of her gown should make the pale Queen look quite dragile with its habit of stealing color from even the rosiest of cheeks. Yet, the Nox'alfar gleams in the darkness as much as the scattering of moonstones that adorn her dress. She is already gazing about her even before Aindre mentions that they should make their greetings to the party's hostess, her expression showing that she is obviously charmed by how everything is set. "It is lovely here. I had forgotten how much some of those constellations have changed," comes her cryptic murmur as she gazes upwards, trusting Aindre to lead her where they need to go without needed to watch her feet or the path before her. "Yes, we should go speak to the Marquessa. Lead the way."

Once they have greeted the hostess Ann is lead away by Mattheu. A smile and a nod given to Kael and Keely when they pass the newlyweds. Her smile brighter for Pasquale and Cillian and they get finger waves from her. She did hear Quenia as she stepped away, "I do plan to get some dancing in soon. Thank you." Her smile warm for the hostess. In seeing Gwenna she smiles and greets, "Dear cousin."

Kael dips his head in a low, respectful manner as he spies Aconite and she is the recipient of a smile as well. Still, he is being drawn in toward Lucita and thus he moves with his long-legged stride in the direction of the Baroness. He inclines his head to Mattheu and the Princess with him as well, of course, before shifting his full focus on the Saik. "Baroness Saik," he greets in the wake of Keely's own hello with a hint of amusement audible in his tone. Amusement that is explained with, "I was just informing Keely that, yes, we have met one another. I actually believe you were one of the first longer conversations that I had with an individual upon my arrival to Arx."

Cillian has joined the garden bench with steel arbor canopy and rose trellis.

Gwenna can't help but laugh, albeit a bit wryly, as Lucita's words. "Ah, indeed. I often find myself of the very same mindset, Baroness, but am glad that you are well." Cillian is given a dip of her head and grin. As others approach, she offers a cheerful smile and polite dip of her head. "We should catch up over tea sometime soon. I'm dying to find out if the food is also celestial themed, if you will excuse me." The Redrain slips out of the way and hears her name from somewhere. Catching sight of Michael, she lets out a long sigh and really does go try to find something to eat. Thankfully the next voice she hears is that of Ann. "You look lovely. Aren't the gardens just stunning?"

Agric sips from his glass as he meanders through the gardens, taking in the sights and the various themed outfits. He seems content to wander alone for a bit, though he does lift his glass to those he is somewhat familiar with. Ann and Mattheu get a hello, as well as Sira and Lucita. Cillian, too, over on the bench and, of course, Denica.

Aconitesmiles behind her glass, "Perhaps you could of but I don't think anyone else could have." The Whisper smiles as she continues to watch as people move by. Seeming content to inspect everyone's outfits with Sira. "Quite the turnout." Aco agrees as she returns Kael's smile before her attention drifts back to Sira. "Her dress is lovely as well." The Whisper's smile remains bright despite her dark cosmetics. The tall woman sways a bit with the music causing the gems on her dress to shimmer.

Ann's eyebrows raise when she sees Gwenna's reaction to Michael and she looks amused for it. If he hears her she offers him a greeting, "Dear nephew it has been a time. Please send your mother my regards." Her attention falling towards Gwenna. "You look beautiful tonight too. Yes." Looking around at the gardens. "They are wonderful. The hostess did a lovely job. Smiling when she sees Agric, "Good evening, milord."

"Thank you, Princess Denica," Quenia calls out to the Thrax princess, she equally nods in her head in Michael's direction, allowing them to easy slip away from her as they head further into the gardens. She carefully scans the crowd to see who else has attended and her eyes alight briefly on Raemond, recognizing the man from the Thrax war. Her lips might thin for just a moment, but she doesn't keep her gaze there for long. Instead, she turns back to her hostessing duties, making any further greetings that need to happen before she can partake in the festivities herself.

Gloved covered fingers reach and clasp her gown as Denica lets her attention scan through the gardens and the faces that fill them. Vivid blues catch a few that she lingers longer than others, either out of interest or to catch their attention and offer a bright smile. Aconite's wave is returned, beaming a grin of greeting in her direction. Michael's murmured words cause a single thick eyebrow to loft upwards with some amusement in her expression. Catching Agric's hello, she murmurs one in exchange. For the most part she is taking that slow walk, so to offer polite greetings and get a sense of the evening's layout. There's some strategic glances towards the drinks and also the different paths through the garden, as though noting them for later.

"I can only imagine it used to be a little less crowded up there.", Aindre remarks in response to the Queen's rememberance of changing constellations, lifting his eye to look them over again in admiration, but also a touch of soberness to his expression for a moment. "They are dazzling though, all the way up there. Inspirational.", he goes on to say, gracing Symonesse with a quiet, warm smile before he's tugging her along through the gardens and over to where Quenia is. "Marquessa! Thank you so much for pulling together such a wonderous ball to dance at tonight! It is truly beautiful. I needed a good reason to visit the gardens, it had been too long." That said, he presents the Queen too for whatever greeting she might have.

Cillian looks to Gwenna and returns the nod and smiles, he looks to Agric and raises his glass to Agric in a return greeting. His eyes fall onto Symonesse, blinking. He watches the queen for a long moment then looks down to his glass and takes a very long sip from it.

"Aindre!" Keely knows her manners, she really does, but sometimes they escape her when she is Very Excited, like she is just now to spy her cousin in the garden while Kael is making his greetings to Lucita. The former Grayson rises up to her toes as if trying to make herself easier to spot in the wake of shouting over the garden toward her cousin, but she does manage to refrain from waving frantically about halfway through her free hand rising from her side. Instead she just kind of holds onto Kael's arm and bounces a little, murmuring something aside to the Marquis while waiting to be spotted.

"Well." Pasquale says to Lucita and Cillian. "Now I've recovered a bit I should go and do some mingling." He moves up to his feet, tidies the lie of his coat with a single swipe of his gloved hands, and then starts picking his way through the crowd towards Denica. "Princess Denica. Its always a delight to see you." a nod is offered to her companions.

Sira's lips curl into a deeply satisfied smile at Aconite's compliment, quickly getting over whatever mood she was in over certain details of her work. "Thank you." The two words are shared softly. When Agric greets her, her eyebrows lift in mild surprise. "My lord, good evening." Her head bows politely to him.

Lucita's smile continues as she rises to offer Keely a hug. "You are looking radiant, and your husband a handsome accompaniment for you." Her words have a gentle teasing tone in them. "My guard dog, Golden is one Lord Kael bred and helped start the training, one of my three dogs that await me just outside the garden. They make a fine escort through the city when there is need.

"They make me sad," Symonesse says softly, softly enough that words could be easily lost in the ambient sound of the crowd as they are swept along to make their greetings to Quenia. By the time they reach her, whatever sadness the Queen might have given her voice briefly to has faded entirely as she gives a smile to Quenia that would rival even the sun in its dazzling warmth, "Marquessa, your taste is not to be rivaled. What a beautiful night you have created."

Mattheu stares at the near empty dance floor and nods to Ann with a sweeping and jingling bow. "Shall we?"

Keely's attention is momentarily drawn back to Lucita, who again receives the warmest of smiles as the Marquessa draws the baroness into a gentle embrace with one arm, the other still secured to Kael's elbow.

Ann does remember telling the hostess that she would dance soon enough. Soon enough seems to be now. Her smile widens when Mattheu makes the suggestion. "Yes, let's." She looks to be following the Rivenshari Lord to the dance floor. Any others that she may know on the way to the dance floor gets finger waves in greeting.

Gwenna dips her head to Ann and her smile broadens. "Thank you. The outfit is one I had from another event, which truly is what drew me out tonight. It's a shame to only wear these beautiful things once. Besides, I've been in armor more often than not, so..." She lifts one shoulder in a quick shrug and then grins when Mattheu bows to Ann and suggests a dance. "I will leave you to the floor." That said, she mingles around a bit more.

Quenia's widen slightly when she realizes that Symonesse has come to her ball. She immediately offers the Queen a curtsey which she extends to Aindre too, having never met the former Grayson previously. "Thank you, Queen Symonesse. I do hope you have a lovely evening. There are many snacks and treats. I believe the chef even prepared some tiny cakes and chocolates for the night," she tells the Queen. She gently waves toward the gardens, so that Aindre and Symonesse might go enjoy themselves.

Aconiteinclines her head to Sira as she continues to nurse her drink. She lifts a hand in the direction of Pasquale when she sees him rise but then she's back to the business of inspecting the kaleidoscope of fashion. A glance to Agric before looking towards Quenia and the Queen. She stares a few moments at the gowns before finishing the last of her wine and placing it on a passing server's tray.

When Keely is calling out, naturally Kael's attention is going there. It is brief, however, enough time to note the Grayheart and the Queen. His head bows in a low, deep motion of acknowledgement, but eventually his focus is shifting back to the conversation at hand. "A fine backdrop for this star," Kael acknowledges with an easy smile to Lucita when she is hugging Keely. Then, more seriously, he nods his head to the Baroness. "I am glad that Golden has served you well through the years. A good dog, I recall that."

Raemond hears the woman in the moonstone-studded gown addressed as their sovereign, and circumstance has it that he's not far from Symonesse. He sets his empty glass aside and gives the Nox'alfar a deep, respectful bow. "Your Majesty," he greets her, gray eye taking in the details of her garments. His pale hair spills around his shoulders like pale silk as he rights himself. "Your presence an unexpected delight. I am Lord Raemond Dredcall," he introduces himself, grabbing another drink as a server wanders by.

Aindre isn't one to miss his name being called out with such exuberance, even if he is in the midst of exchanging pleasantries with Marquessa Quenia. The mention of small cakes and chocolates has him glancing over his luminous companion with a touch of a grin, none of that playful worry he sometimes teases with whenever she is allowed near the sweetest confections, "Oh, I am sure we will find them before the night is over. I have a good feeling about that one.", he mentions, this time /with/ a touch of that teasing. Only then, when they've disengaged from the party's host, does he throw a hand into the air and wave at his cousin Keely across the gardens, yes, yes he did see!

Lady Tesha Telmar has been here, the one-eyed woman is dressed in black as opposed to her usual crimson. She is wearing her star and moon accesories for this occasion. She's off to the side for the moment given that she's not inclined to dance a lot. There is a nod of greeting to those that she knows though when they do pass by. Because while she's not the social butterfly that her cousin is she has manners.

Pasquale has left the an ivy covered ancient bench.

"All dogs are Good Dogs," Keely remarks in passing, airly, and though she is looking over the party rather than him, her words are definitely for Kael, and they definitely carry a touch of playfulness upon them. Aindre then acknowledges her, and she lights up once again, waving back and whirling about to smile once more at Lucita. "Baroness Saik," she murmurs gently, "Do please excuse us. I see my cousin and we should say hello. I do hope we shall catch up soon!" And with that, she is looking aside to Kael, having at least the awareness to let him voice his own farewell prior to tugging him along in a path to intercept the Queen and the Aindre.

Lucita's attention is drawn toward the Queen and Aindre as Keely speaks with them. She gives a curtsy and then looks toward pasquale. "Until later, Lord Pasquale." She releases the hug of Keely and nods. "Indeed. I shall look forward to that. And Golden is a good dog, good with the children, too."

Mattheu leads Ann in a playful dance with several hops setting into a circle. While musicians set to play something to match to their dance, it's the bells worn which create their own tone and tune to each hop and spin they take across the dancefloor.

Michael does have a few people in the vicinity he knows! Aconite, across the way, gets a nod as his feet slow to keep pace with Denica. Its a circuit to take though, through the place, and not a straight dash towards people. His nose wrinkles though, at his cousin Princess Gwenna before he'll foist a smile onto his face and wave in a subdued but bright manner towards her. "Drinks then chatter? Chatter then drinks?" The consummate question of the ages is asked of Denica.

Symonesse returns a low dip of her chin in the wake of Quenia's curtsey and says with a little bit of a laugh, "I see that the knowledge of my love for sweets is well-known. Thank you so much, Marquessa." She just gives Aindre a grinning look as they pull away from the hostess to either find chocolate or find their cousin across the party. At least until Raemond steps into her path and offers her a bow and his name. The Queen looks at him for a long moment, as if studying the man, in silence before she says in a low voice, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Dredcall. I do not believe I have ever seen you in the city until now. How do you find it?" There is the awareness that Keely and Kael are approaching from her peripheral visit, but for the moment, her golden gaze, and her attention, is riveted upon Raemond.

Jordan, apologetic Gentleman of the Chamber arrives, following Noah.

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It is a good thing that Ann knows of this dance that Mattheu leads her in. She follows along in this playful dance that he leads in. Besides the bells that are heard from the pair one would hear Ann's laugh every time she goes to catch her breath.

"Do enjoy yourselves," Quenia urges again to Aindre and Symonesse as they attempt to walk off. She was just about to turn toward Lucita to make her own greetings to her cousin when she notices Raemond stepping into the Queen's path. She hesitates in joining her cousin for the moment to make certain all remains well. She doesn't draw closer to the three, she simply watches from where she's been standing this entire time.

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Raemond finds Symonesse's gaze intense, his single eye going wide, his breath drawn in sharply. His shoulders square and he seems strangely pleased, the dimple in his cheek revealing itself as the corner of his mouth twitches up in a smile too delighted to blame solely on the presence of the Queen. "I find it quite agreeable, your Highness," he says quietly. "Full of many interesting people and interests to follow, both business and personal; it's hard to feel bored in the city, not that I try. Everyday, it seems I see something new." Pointed gaze gleaming, his pale head tilts as he watches her. "And you, your Highness? In your experience and wisdom, do you still find new things to see?"

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Gwenna's interest in the food is piqued when she overhears chocolate mentioned. Despite that, she starts making her way toward the hostess. Michael's wave is returned with a wiggle of fingers and another one of those polite nods. "Marquessa Quenia, the gardens are an absolute delight. Not just the decor and offerings, but the feeling I got when I entered. Truly, it's a marvel and I am thankful you decided to host such an affair. I wished to note as much properly in case I might not catch you later." The trio nearby do elicit a brief glance, but it doesn't linger.

Noah steps into the gardens to look around. His eyes seem to be looking for someone or something as they look at all the starry themed elements. One lone arch of his left brow before he continues to watch what is going on.

Aconitesmiles and inclines her head Duke Bisland's way but she's still invested in the style of the event so far. She seems content to sit and judge the fashion from her spot though she does snag another glass of wine from a passing server as her eyes sweep for the dance floor.

There is a distinct, pointed, sidelong look offered to Keely by Kael when she is saying that all dogs are Good Dog. From his expression Kael, ironically, may actually disagree with that assessment. Whatever the case he has the good graces to say to Lucita, "Excellent. Most of the lines are known for being good with children, and at the very worst, being aloof if nothing else. I - well," and he is being summoned away by Keely. So he smiles to Lucita and dips his head to the Baroness. "It has been far too long, we shall have to remedy that. For now, do have a good evening." The tugging evidently has done its job, for Kael is moving with Keely down that path.

Sira, beside Aconite, is similarly people-watching. She spots Noah and lofts her glass to get his attention.

It's easy to get lost in the beauty of everything and there isn't a moment where Denica reels herself in. Michael's question is met with an easy answer, "well both of course," she says. It is with good luck that she sees someone walk by with a tray of drinks. Gloved fingers steal two from the tray and hands one to the man. There's no care for what it really is, she's too content to ask questions, rather she seems pleased to have solved the conundrum. Denica's eyes sparkle as she takes a sip to see what she's gotten into. The arrival of Pasquale is met with a cheerful smile, as Denica inclines her head in his direction. "Lord Pasquale, good evening. Isn't it all delightful? Marquessa Quenia has done a splendid job," the princess says in warm greeting. Then she glances between the two men to determine if the needs to make introductions. "Do you know Duke Bisland?," she asks Pasquale. "Lord Pasquale Malespero and Duke Michael Bisland," the princess full of energy does the exchange for them.

Tesha gives a look over the crowd, a few faces she's not familiar with and some she is. Though white hair is a favorite of the ladies, so naturally that one eye of hers alights on Raemond and Symonesse for a moment, but she carries on with her people watching after that. She gives a little wave to Michael when she realizes that the Bisland Duke is in attendance though she doesn't make any moves to interrupt anyones conversations.

While the Queen at his side still is keeping up with the greetings given to her, Aindre remains watchful, listening, and his gaze only becomes distracted for a moment when a servant passes nearby carrying along a tray of various refreshments, then only long enough to pluck from off it a retreating glass of wine which he does not even sip for himself, merely having it at hand to offer it to Symonesse should she wish to take it now or after the matter of introductions.

Ann finishes her dance with Mattheu and comes off the dance floor. A messenger having found Matti and there are words exchanged and then she's giving that finger wave to Mattheu as he goes to take care of something that draws him away from the ball. As she was stepping off the floor she takes notice of Noah and he gets a smile and a finger wave in greeting as she moves to find a drink and a seat.

Zoom! There goes Keely toward Symonesse and Aindre and, consequently, Kael. The Marquessa stops short of steamrollering the interaction between the Queen and Raemond, hovering off to the side, her laser focus upon the Grayheart to ensure that he does not -escape- before she is able to properly accost him. Meanwhile, she does share a sidebar with her husband, subtly adjusting her mirrorsilver belt while they speak.

Lucita rises from her seat and begins to drift along, offering a greeting here and there. Michael and Tesha are acknowledged with a little wave of the hand.

"It is indeed a delightful scene" Pasquale tells Denica. "And it is good to be out in the open air a little longer before the winter shuts us all away again." His eyes settle on michael for a moment before he dips his head with respect. "Duke Bisland." his eyes briefly settle on the interplay between Symonesse and Raemond before shifting back to Michael. "It's good to formally meet you."

Quenia draws her attention away from Symonesse and Raemond when Gwenna approaches. She offers the princess a warm smile. "I'm so glad you're finding everything enjoyable. I wanted everything to feel simply magical tonight, and I think I've managed to achieve that. I think I'll be sending home some of the clusters of stars from tonight, to a few random people. Do you think they'd enjoy that?"

Noah glances around again and moves towards Aconite and Sira. He's in no rush. There is a nod here and there for people as he passes or takes a drink from a tray.

Symonesse smiles, stil radiating warmth, as she says, "The dream is ever changing and evolving. Sometimes, themes repeat. Sometimes, a story needs an few iterations before it can be told properly. I could never tire of seeing all the variation and surprises in those stories, even when it seems that they are destined for tragic end." Suddenly, she drops Aindre's arm and moves forward, gripping Raemond's forearm in her small, pale hand, as she leans in to murmurs a few words. Just as quickly, she is taking a step back and turns her head to smile at her companion, almost as if reassuring him, before she gives Raemond a bow of her head and says, "I am glad that your time in the city is treating you well. Please give your employer my affection and regards." Then, -she- is the one leading Aindre away to meet Kael and Keely halfway, her expression still as serene as it was when she entered the party. She takes that glass of wine then, but does not drink right away.

Agric does a round and finds a second glass of wine along the way. He seems to enjoy the music and picking up bits of conversation here and there as he floats about. Finger food - why not? He nibbles on a little something from under one of the trellises, eyeing the dance floor with some trepidation.

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"I think they would be thrilled," Gwenna replies to Quenia and turns to look at the glittering clusters for a moment. "As for magical, you truly succeeded. I can't often take the time to enjoy the events in the city as of late, but I'm quite glad I did so this evening." She offers the Marquessa a nod and warm smile. "Now, I am going to continue my small quest for food and hopefully you can mingle and enjoy your event."

Following Sira's gaze leads Aconite to spot the Archduke's slow approach. The Radiant Whisper smiles in Noah's direction and once he's close enough to greet her without being overly loud she greets Noah, "Your Grace." She greets as she drops into a boneless and deep curtsey before righting herself.

"Lord Pasquale." Michael does seem to say the name like he is aware of the man. At least aware of his existence. "Oh no, Noah is here. This ball is about to go sideways." He doesn't seem to say those words with actual vehemence or venom. There is even a small about his face afterwards. Politeness reverts Mikey /back/ to talk to Denica and Pasquale. "I believe Lord Pasquale and I have met only a time or two. Probably not fun times though."

Ann has secured her own drink and does her own mingling. Upon spying Agric and how he looks to the dance floor in trepidation she asks, "May I join you?" Indicating the seat next to him. Then she asks, "Do you not dance, milord?"

"There's tiny sandwiches and other finger foods about. There's also tiny cakes and chocolate being passed around by the severs," Quenia assures Gwenna as she mentions searching or the food. Once that exchange is over, she turns an eye back to the one going on between Symonesse and Raemond and looks relieved to see the Queen is moving on and heading toward Keely.

It's not the touch of the Queen that robs Raemond of speech, for his eye only glances at her hand on his arm before she's stepping closer and whispering to him. Whatever she says sets his eye widening anew, his smile fading, his palor far more pronounced against dark hue of his fine clothing. His fingers flex to squeeze around his glass, and his swallow is audible to those around him. At her words of passing affection and greeting, he manages a subtly trembling bow to her as she releases him and goes upon her way.

Raemond glances down at his glass after working to raise his drink to his lip, only to pause and curse softly, moving sedately to a table of refreshments, perhaps to acquire another glass.

While Aindre does let rise his left brow just a touch as the Queen is stepping forward to share something with Raemond Dredcall, he does not look entirely alarmed by the interaction - or if he is, perhaps there is too much polish upon him from his Grayson upbringing. If anything, what does chase some of the smoothness from his expression for just a heartbeat is how suddenly Symonesse is the one leading /him/ away, and off he goes with her, "You meet the most interesting people in the least expected places, sometimes.", is all he can be heard to say aloud in their departure, heading across the gardens to where Keely and Kael are. "There are so many of us beneath these stars, still.", he rather cryptically adds. In the approach toward his cousin and her husband, he calls out, "What is this? We meet twice in as many weeks? I think it still counts if one time was your wedding and half the Compact came through."

Sira absolutely does not follow Aconite's lead, there's no graceful curtsying for Noah coming from the seamstress. Her attention is partially on Raemond. Assured he hasn't spilled anything on his fine outfit, she glances back to Noah and slips wordlessly away, leaving the party.

"I /love/ tiny sandwiches," Gwenna remarks in a genuine tone and grin. "Thank you, Marquessa. This night is truly a gift you have given us." True to her word, the Redrain meanders over to the where the tiny sandwiches reside. There may be a curious lift of her brows when the exchange between the Queen and Raemond ends, but it is brief.

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Tesha gives a return greeting to Lucita and there is a smile to the woman. She then gives a look around the gathering and realizes that those that she had thought would attend, did not. That's her luck. She moves to get herself another glass of wine. There are soft greetings given to those that are about, but she doesn't bother anyone too much.

Noah watches as Sira scurries away and then looks towards Raemond. "He was quiet when I met him." The deep tone of his voice is given to Aconite. His hand then lowers and is offered to her to take it. "I thought Poison would be here. Care to make rounds with me and step on my foot when I say the wrong thing? Which I will do."

When the one pair meets the other, Kael is of course acknowledging the Queen first and foremost. He dips into a low bow - the sort that looks as though he practiced it a hundred times for it to be right. Evidently after all these years it still does not come entirely natural. "Your Majesty," he greets her, his voice low and humble. When his chin lifts he adds on, "Aindre Grayheart," with a little chin-up to the man. That more familiar greeting is met with a slightly rueful, "My wife was most hopeful for a dance from her cousin. Perhaps, if you are amiable," and his eyes shift to Symonesse in brief to check if she, as well, as amiable, "- it might count for one of the dances I owe her."

Agric glances over to Ann on her approach and bows his head to her. "Of course, your grace," he says, scooting over to make room. With a long-suffering sigh, he shakes his head. "I haven't danced in quite some time, and I believe the world is better off for it." His shoulders lift, as if it pains him to admit that. "You and Lord Mattheu looked quite natural out there, though."

"Once or twice" Pasquale agrees to Michael "And I believe you fought in Pieros alongside my wife once. If you had any part in bringing her home that time, thank you." he looks over at Noah when Michael mentions the man before letting his gaze linger briefly on the shaken Raemond. "Noah does have a way of adding drama to any party."

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Lucita approaches Quenia and slips one arm around her to give a hug. "Another rousing success of an event you have hosted. Just look at all the happy smiles and the colorful array of garments. You have done yourself proud, Cousin Quenia."

"Queen Symonesse," Keely voices warmly, excitedly, as she realizes the Queen and her cousin are headed their way. "Cousin Aindre. I did not have a chance to spend much time with either of you at our wedding. You are both well, I hope?" And then Kael is speaking her true intentions aloud and she grins aside at him, half sheepish and half grateful, before turning her dark eyes back to the approaching pair. "Yes I think I can forgive a part of my husband's debt if my cousin wishes to dance it on his behalf," she agrees softly. "Perhaps the Marquis would even care to keep Her Majesty company during such a dance?"

Ann people watches as she goes in quiet conversation with Agric. Looking amused at something. She must have caught the last bits of what Pasquale said about Noah. She then takes a moment to sip at her drink its likely whiskey.

Aconite's head turns to watch Sira abandon her before smiling back at Noah and looking over toward Raemond. "I've not had the pleasure." The Whisper's gloved hand falls to Noah's hand. "I would be pleased to join you, Your Grace." She passes her wine off to a server and leans in to quietly comment with a quiet laugh, "My bootheels are metal. Make them count."

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Once she has finished with Gwenna, Quenia turns and sets her sights on Lucita once more. It's then she spies Lucita cousin making her way over. She offers her cousin a warm smile and returns her embrace with equal warmth. "Lucita. As always it's good to see you," sh greets the other woman. "I hope all is well at home? I should have another dinner soon, I think." She leans in to whisper a reply to something softly spoken by Lucita, giving a small nod of her head as she does.

"I could never hide all winter," Denica says readily. "To see the city covered in all in snow? To gain the perspective that comes when everything is just bright light? That's worth getting a little chilled for," Denica supposes poetically as fingers cradle her drink. Taking the time when Michael and Pasquale greet each other, to take small sips of her drink. Easily caught up in something delightful, the princess lets her gaze wander and a smile forms now and then. There's a brief moment where her dewy pink lips curl slightly on one side, a brief expression. Then she sips her glass, ever so politely. "The gardens are stunning enough, but this just elevates everything, it's nice to meet people in such pleasant situations," she says so not to mention the opposite in which she probably meant. Eyes wander to the gardens briefly after that statement, and then back to Michael and Pasquale.

Noah hmms a bit as he looks down to Aconite's footwear choice. "Challenge accepted. Let us start our game of offense with him than, shall we? Afterall, there isn't anyone the Radiant should not know, right?" Noah glances towards Michael and Pasquale. A smirk curves the left side of his mouth upwards. "I came for that dance you promised, Duke Bisland." Then he looks back towards Aconite and drops a comment to her ear. He does then move towads Raemond. "Raemond, yes?" He offers when he approaches. "I believe I remember it was Lord Raemond Dredcall, may I present Radiant Aconite Whisper?" See? Polite. He takes a drink off a passing tray. "May I also suggest the drink? You look like you are walking into death's embrace."

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"Well, you /were/ being wed. That is rather a momentous occasion and I must imagine it requires most of your attention throughout the night.", Aindre remarks, smiling all the way through it. "I suppose this once we can forgive an event coming between us and a proper greeting. After all, here we are meeting again so soon.", and all of that seems to be a greeting of his own for his cousin before he dips his chin in Kael's direction. "Marquis." he goes on to greet also, not letting just the single word come off as terse despite the brevity. "You're in dancing debt, and so soon? I should have warned you earlier to be wary in taking bets or making deals with the griffin-blooded. They more oft than not come out on top. I hope you haven't found yourself too indebted." There is sympathy in the look he gives Kael, even if it is all part of the playful banter. The man pretends to think for a moment, considering his options, before he goes on to say, "I would be remiss in my duties as companion if I did not share the night's first dance with the Queen, but I /could/ be talked into shouldering a small bit of that debt. It's a deal." Oh no, more deals.

Lucita nods to Quenia. "Another dinner would be nice, soon. I always look forward to them and enjoy playing some music for you during them, too."

Raemond is wrapping his hand with a napkin and reaching for another glass when Noah approaches. He glances at him a few times, frowning a little. "Have we met?" he asks Noah, brow furrowing deeper. He takes a sip from his fresh drink and looks to the woman he's being introduced to. He gives a small bow. "Whisper Radiant Aconite." At the suggestion of a drink, he raises his glass. "Mm. I'm alright, my thanks though, whomever you are."

"Pieros was with the trees or something? I distinctly remember that battle. Far too many people fell that day." A long lingering sigh wheezes out of the man, and he becomes thankful for already having a drink in his hand. "If you wish to thank someone, I'll be sure to pass those thanks onwards to the soldiers I actually had in the fighting." Oh dear. Noah was aware of him and Michael does his best to re-attach himself to the conversation at hand. About winter. "Is that what the purpose of Winter was? I thought it was to make us all want to stay indoors and stay warm. Drink hot drinks."

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Cillian looks at Agric, "You just have to have the right dance partner." he smiles and looks over at the queen. He finishes his glass and stands up making his way in her, "Your Majesty." he says in his thick Northern Accent, giving her a respectful bow. "I was wondering if you would like to dance." yeah he is asking the queen to dance!

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Quenia smiles warmly again at Lucita. "I'll let you know when the next one is, I promise," she squeezes her cousin's arm and then looks around once more. "Pardon me while I go say hello to Lord Pasquale," she tells Lucita, then starts to make her way over to Pasquale. "Lord Pasquale. I do hope you are enjoying the ball. Have you managed to dance with anyone yet?" she calls out.

Lucita watches Gwenna leave and her eyes widen, lips part. "Oh, there was something I needed to ask her. Maybe if I hurry, I can catch her before she goes too far. In case I do not get back, thank you for hosting this. It is just beautiful, and fun."

Aconite accompanies Noah, carefully controlling her dress to maneuver more easily. The Whisper is all smiles as they approach the small knot of people. "Your Highness. Duke Bisland." Aco echoes Noah as she dips into a curtsey to greet Denica and Michael as well as Raemond. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lord Dreadcall." Her brows lift as Noah speaks quietly to her and she nods once, "I see." She takes a glass even as Raemond declines. "Your ensemble is exquisite."

There's a small snort from Ann as she ease-drops on what Michael says about winter but her words are for Agric as she continues in conversation with him. Looking a bit surprised when Cillian goes and approaches the Queen in the way he goes about doing it. Putting a hand to cover her smile.

Ann is overheard praising Quenia.

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"I did hear there were strange trees." Pasquale agrees with Michael before nodding at the offer to share praise with the soldiers. "Its true that the soldiers deserve praise but it is you I'm speaking with right now Duke Bisland." He almost smiles when Michael quips back at Denica "It is a rather beautiful time Denica but one I have learnt is best admired from beneath a roof." He looks amused when Noah calls Michael out. "It seems you've been called out to the dance floor."

Symonesse just gives Aindre a Look when he mentions her propensity for meeting interesting people in unexpected places. Luckily, Keely and Kael have approached before she can do anything like offer a retort, which is probably for the best. In a battle of witty rejoinders, Symonesse is woefully unarmed. So, she just smiles at the pair and says with a burst of warm laughter, "Well, unfortunately for the Marquis, I have also extracted a promise for a number of dances from Aindre. So, if he relieves you of one of yours, it is only fair that you relieve him of one of his." Then, she looks at Kael and lowers her voice as if whispering conspiratorially, "No worries, Marquis. I haven't seen a chocolate fountain here."

And then Cillian approaches to offer to dance and that wine glass that Symonesse was holding? Yeah, to the ground it goes as she stares at Cillian and murmurs a few words in what is definitely NOT Arvani.

Agric glances up to Cillian as he passes by and says, "Perhaps, perhaps," though he doesn't look convinced. He watches the man approach the Queen, raises his brow, and smiles before turning back to his conversation with Ann.

Raemond nods to Aconite. "My thanks. A Crafter by the name of Sira Illuso crated my ensemble. Worth every coin I gave her." He doesn't preen, despite the small note of satisfaction in his voice; he's pleased regardless. "How are you finding the ball?"

For some reason the shattering of glass from Symonesse's direction along with the position of Cillian makes Pasquale murmur a soft "Excuse me" to both Denica and Michael before heading in Cillian's direction.

Ann rises from her seat as if she were to approach someone. Only to still as she watches the interaction between the Queen and Cillian and how quickly Pasquale moves in that direction. Frowning some as she murmurs to Agric about something or another.

Kael's lips part and surely he must have an easy response when Keely is suggesting that he keep Her Majesty company. He does not. He closes his mouth, smiles politely, and thereafter is bowing his head in that humble way once more to the Queen. "I rather have a feeling that I shall be in dancing debt until the rest of my days," says Kael with a lift of his chin, rueful expression worn. He's newly enough wed that he sounds like he minds not at all. To the words that follow, he inclines his head to the Grayheart, and he just looks so very thoughtful. The Queen's comment has him shift his attention away from said deals only to offer forth, "I suppose that would be the fair thing, Your Majesty, but I cannot promise that my feet are as fine or fair as his. Would it be an equal trade?" And you know, as soon as Kael is speaking those words, there is an awkward pause, as if he was debating the wisdom of them. Cillian's request has him looking doubly awkward, eyes moving from Aindre to Symonesse to Keely and back to the Queen. As soon as the wine glass is set down he takes a distinct step back with his bride. Just the one though.

There might be a subtle twitch at Noah's right eye at Raemond's question. He does /not/ roar off his lineage and how he should be known though. A glance towards Aconite and then her footwear. A breath. Then he looks back towards Raemond. "Perhaps it was not you at the Black Fox." He offers a slight shrug. "I don't always remember peo--" Sira's name has him glancing it over. "She is my protege. It is good to see she is dressing the city." He looks over at Aconite for another moment and lifts his brow.

Symonesse is not the only one who has a Reaction when Cillian is suddenly there offering her a dance. Keely jumps about a foot to hear the sudden voice beside the small group. "Oh!" she exclaims softly, clutching at her collarbone briefly and instictively moving in tighter to Kael's side. She looks momentarily between the Nox'alfar and Cillian, then up to Aindre, clearing her throat softly and speaking up far more brightly than the topic requires. "Well! I think that is Most Fair. A dance for a dance. Shall we get our f-first dances with our own escorts underway so we might see these debts reduced thereafter? There is, after all, no time like the present."

Keely's words are, of course, regarding Aindre and Kael dancing off their debts with Keely and Symonesse, respectively. To clarify.

Agric rises alongside Ann and turns to the sound of shattered glass. As he watches to see what's going on, he quietly brings his own glass to his lips to sip from.

Almost on instinct alone, the breaking wineglass has Aindre gently guiding Symonesse a step or so away from it so he can place himself between her slippered feet and the dangerous little path that's been made of shattered glass. He doesn't speak up, the playful banter he'd been immersed in rather dies off upon his lips, though he does share an apologetic look to both Keely and Kael for the sudden change in 'weather' surrounding them all. The ease in his posture leaves, replaced with something a little more tense and prepared, and when he looks to the Queen again there is a touch of question, a touch of worry there too in that one good eye of his even if he does not question aloud.

Raemond looks at Noah, and says, "If you've a name, speak it; names I don't forget, but faces I have a harder time with." He doesn't sound like he's joking, in fact he seems quite sincere. "Many in this city make assumptions and approach, but it's a difficult affliction to explain. The healers say I'm perfectly fine despite-" He gestures to his eyepatch and subsequently, his missing eye. "But I lose faces to shadow nearly instantly, even if their name is forever imbedded in my memory."

The drink has since vanished from within the glass, comfortable with her consumption, she exchanges the empty glass for a filled one. It's brought to her lips, as the princess considers the evolving and revolving collections of conversation she lets her attention drift. Aconite's approach is met with a warm smile, "Radiant, it's lovely to see you again. It's such a beautiful night, I do hope you have a lovely time," the princess says. As she says a hello to the Whisper, she doesn't look at either of the men she's speaking with. There's a wave to Pasquale as the man departs and then she looks back at Michael to address his comment on winter. "Catch snowflakes and watch everything sparkle," Denica's eyes are bright as she defends the colder season.

Tesha seems to think that another glass might be bad. Then she hears the shattering and the one eyed woman turns to where she can put her stormy eye on what is going on. She wasn't expecting to hear broken glass, but with all of the sudden movements she stays where she is for the moment to see how things unfold. And if someone is about to be stabbed.

As it seems Pasquale is distracted by other matters, Quenia motions for Aspira to come over to her. The pair conspire for a few moments and Aspira disappears a moment, then Quenia's stalwart assistant comes back with a bowl with a bunch of pieces of paper all folded up. She dips her hand into the bowl several times, pulling out pieces of paper. She sets the pieces down on the table, considering them and what she might say. Finally, she turns her attention to the group after Aspira lowers the music a bit. "With so many people finding the stars enchanting tonight, I've decided to offer several to our guests. I've drawn five names of those who attended. Once the ball is over and we are able to pack up the decorations, these five people will receive a cluster of gemstone stars from this evening." There's a pause, and then Quenia starts reading off the names, "Princess Denica Thrax, Baroness Lucita Saik, Lord Pasquale Malespero, Princess Ann Redrain, and Lord Raemond Dreadcall."

When Pasquale excuses herself, Aconite smiles in his direction. The Radiant's toe is tapping to the music absently and she looks over the outfit, "That explains it. She certainly is worth every silver." The sound of a glass shattering gains a sidelong look but she looks back toward Noah and Raemond. "It's a spectacular display, worthy of an event about the stars. It will certainly be memorable. She made my dress as well." Wide black eyes regard Noah as he looks at her, one brow spiking. Denica's words draw her attention fully and she beams, "It's wonderful." She gestures around, "A feast for the eyes." When Denica corrects Michael she laughs behind her hand and nods, "You have a good eye..." Whatever Aconite was going to continue with falls short so she can turn in the direction of the Hostess.

Cillian breaths deeply as he takes a step back, his head tilting to the side s he watches her. He seems confussed for a moment as he watches her glass go to the ground and something is said. His hazel eyes look back up to her though he remains silent for the moment.

Michael's momentary respite passes as Aconite, along with Noah to start conversation with all over again. "Your Utter Radianceness." He gushes over Aconite's approach as if it might just be to cast shade on Noah's arrival along with her. It will probably pass particularly unnoticed considering the way that Noah and Raemond are currently speaking to each other. "Noah." Apparently its time for a momentary lapse in politeness, which is accompanied by the Duke reaching across to snag Noah's elbow and squeeze companionably. The better to reach out and snake his hand into his to shake it a few times. "I don't know why I thought you wouldn't gallivant yourself here."

The conversation about dancing is lost on Symonesse as she just stares at Cillian, a perplexed expression on her face as she says softly, almost as if talking to herself, "But you're a boy. I thought-" She draws in a breath, still studying the man as if trying to understand what she is seeing. The Queen shakes her head and then, seems to realize that other people are still around and watching her be a weirdo. This type of weirdness is likely not nearly as charming as dancing in chocolate fountains though, if the reactions of others are anything to judge that upon. She flinches back into awareness, takes a brief look around, and then says in a low voice with a shaky smile, "My apologies. I have been terribly clumsy and think I've ruined my dress. If I don't get this tended to, my seamstress is going to be very sad and I cannot bear to make her cry. Lord Cillian, would you mind helping Aindre and I to our carriage?"

Now Ann turns her attention to Quenia when she begins to speak. Princess Redrain looks delighted when her name is called out and without thinking squeezes Agric's arm, "Oh that is exciting!" Not that anything else here is exciting, nope. But then her blue eyes track over back to Cillian. Only to straighten and her look to Symonesse but she simply stays where she is at when things seem to calm some. Maybe?

Recognition finally dawns on Raemond, but all Noah gets is a small nod. "Ah. The Archduke-Consort. Yes, I remember you." He eyes Aconite's dress and nods to her as well. "Yes, fine workmanship, it's very well done." And then he hears his name called, lifting his had to find the source. "I'm being given what now?" he murmurs, confused.

When it turns out the situation he was heading towards is a faux-pas rather than whatever it was he was worried about, Pasquale insteadshifts his path to approach the Marquessa. "I'm afraid I'm not planning to dance tonight Quenia but this is a truly exquisite event. You have my admiration and gratitude for the gifts. Would it be possible for me to take the Wolf's Guide?"

"I think I would like to go home," Keely tells Kael quietly, barely above a whisper. She lifts her eyes aside to him, pressing on something of a smile, and then just waits there at his side.

Noah looks around at the people. A glance to Aconite's tappity tapping. Then Raemond gets a longer look. "I have studied medicine. That is interesting. Perhaps we should talk on it more." Then he nods at his title before his deep voice rumbles. "I tend to forget people as well. It is not because I'm afflicted by anything, it's merely I'm an ass--" The rest of that is gone as Michael touches him! Of course, Noah turns to greet in a similar manner. "You would probably be right. I do not enjoy large events, I thought my wife was going to be here though. I feel tricked into being social."

"I will have it sent along," Quenia nods her head in Pasquale's direction. "Once we're ready to pack up the decorations. It'll take some time for them to be taken down."

Agric's eyes widen as his arm is squeezed and he glances down to Ann's hand. "Well, congratulations, your grace," he says, maintaining his composure. "I think I need another drink, though." He peers into his glass. Yep, it's empty.

Kael is doing VERY good (not really at all, he's trying too hard) at acting like there is nothing peculiar at all going on. He inclines his head to Keely, a brief motion, before shifting his attention back to Symonesse and Aindre when the Queen makes to leave. "Your Majesty," he murmurs, dipping to a deep bow. Aindre is the recipient of that little chin-up too, and he offers a half-smile to the other man, concern briefly manifesting in his eyes as he watches the pair. "All right," says Kael, and Keely is definitely the source of his focus now. "Come now, let us dance," and he might give her a little grin there, as though he was clever, "around this glass." Kael Keaton, working off that dance debt. They follow in the wake of Symonesse and Aindre, and potentially Cillian.

It's fine that the Queen, in her importance, must be pulled from a conversation about dances to be had and debts to be paid. Aindre, as her night's companion, watches over her and where the need to retreat is made evident, he he smooths over the lasting fringes of that conversation, one hand resting on Symonesse's elbow just gently in support of her, but his attention moving back to Keely and Kael, "I suppose these dancing debts will stretch on a little longer, but at first chance I will relieve you of some of your burden.", he promises the Marquis with as much graciousness as he can muster now that he's grown a little more tense. Then to Keely, "As for the debtor, she knows already I am shrewd in my bargaining. I'll see you both soon again, and we will untangle the knots of this dancing matter." That said, he looks to Symonesse and murmurs, "Your dress will survive the night, my Queen. But yes, we should find you a carriage seat to rest on."

Very focused on being polite, Denica is not paying attention to her surroundings. So when she hears her name, she almost jumps and blue eyes go wide. Easily lost to her own thoughts and pretty colours, Denica looks around to see what might be the cause for it. Then it clicks and Denica smiles quick and easy, "oh how delightful! Thank you, Marquessa Quenia."

Cillian nods his head to her, "I would be honored your majesty." he looks to Pasquale for a long moment then turns to wait for the queen and Aindre.

The Radiant meets Michael's greeting with a small bow and a blithe smile at his greeting. Eyes casting about the ball once more as Aconite sways a bit to the music just as Noah turns more directly towards Michael, one heel coming down with a ring tang of metal on stone. The Radiant continues to speak with Lord Dradcall, "Perhaps your exquisite taste?" She suggests to Raemond before glancing back toward Noah and Michael with unabashed curiosity.

Pasquale notices Cillian's look and merely gives a little nod.

Ann realizes what she has done and looks up embarrassed at Agric. When he speaks of needing another drink she grabs two glasses from a passing server depositing their empty glasses first before handing off a full glass to Agric.

Quenia inclines her head lightly in Denica's direction. "You are quite welcome." She then goes to find a seat among the benches so she might people watch for a time.

Quenia has joined the an ivy covered ancient bench.

Tesha was going to introduce herself to a few people, but her confidence has flown the coop this evening! The one-eyed woman gives a bit of a sigh to herself and then heads in Quenia's direction, "It was a lovely event, thank you for hosting it." the woman tells her. Then she is on her way out for the evening. Numbers stopped for no one!

"After the chocolate incident, I am already in trouble. I dare not risk more displeasure else my next dress will be made from ironwool," The Queen says with a smile to Aindre. Symonesse glances at Keely and Kael and then tips her head toward the exit, saying with a bright little burst of laughter, "Since you two are leaving, let us give you a ride home in our carriage? It has been so long since we have had a chance to talk." She is still walking, making sure that Cillian is with her by checking that he is walking to. She looks over her shoulder, right at Raemond, and snaps at him. For a moment, the expression on her face is anything but kind. And then, she is sweeping away and says to Cillian, "I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, Lord Cillian." And then she is laughing and heading out toward the area where, supposedly, the royal carriage awaits.

Raemond stands ramrod straight at Symonesse's commanding snap, thrusting his drink at Noah without even thinking, and whether his drink clatters to the ground or not, he's heading in her direction without much more than a mumbled 'excuse me' at Aconite and Noah. His eyes are on the Queen and nothing else, obeying her wordless order.

Raemond is overheard praising Quenia: Mmm, yes, very nice, sparkly stars, great drinks.

Symonesse is overheard praising Quenia.

Noah is overheard praising Quenia: It wasn't the /worst/ social thing I came to.

Michael is overheard praising Quenia.

Agric finds himself with another drink and offers his thanks to Ann, watching as several people leave along with the queen. "I haven't been to many social events in this city, but this has been a rather nice night."

Agric is overheard praising Quenia.

Cillian moves to leave with the Queen and Aindre, he looks to Quiena. "Itas very lovely." he smiles and continues to follow the garden out.

Cillian has left the garden bench with steel arbor canopy and rose trellis.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, 2 Blackwood trained guards leave, following Cillian.

Aindre is overheard praising Quenia: It only wasn't the best social event of my week because my cousin was just wed and I support her. Stars! What a great theme!

5 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Symonesse.

A soft bubble of laughter escapes Keely as Kael does his play on words, and her slippered feet aim themselves away from the glass shards on the ground in a bit of a step-hop movement to lend credence to the notion of dancing around the mess. "Oh, certainly, Your Majesty, though," she looks from Symonesse to Aindre-- or rather, the back of his head, as the newlyweds are following the Queen and her escort out, "I am not sure we should try to make good on the debts inside of a carriage. I've seen one of those topple over and it did not look enjoyable to try to climb from..."

"A life of dancing debt, I assure you there shall be other opportunities," offers Kael to Aindre with an included nod of his head to Symonesse. It's an easy motion, as if to assure her - them - that all is well. Speaking of well, he looks sidelong to Keely and offers a gentle smile to her. His hand lifts but, yes, he refrains from actually twirling the young woman as they exit. "Her Majesty is too kind," he offers when the carriage is mentioned, his head dipping low again. On the way out, he bows deep to Quenia, in gratitude for her hosting.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights, Keely leave, following Kael.

"I don't know that we'll manage a dance tonight, I owe a few to Princess Denica here. Your dear cousin may wound us both if we don't dance with her tonight either." It seems the conversation is turning slowly from Denica and Michael towards Aconite and Noah's direction...until the Marquessa arrives, and Michael must play companion once more. He'll turn with Denica towards Quenia with a smile. "Did you win something?" The words softer towards Denica as he tries to figure out whats going on.

As the royal party depart Pasquale looks to those nearby to him. "I am going to retire for the evening." And with those words he starts for the door.

"Yes, the ball was lovely." Ann agrees as she listens to Agric. Watching as many people seem to take their leave. "I think your tea event will be good too."

Denica checks composure at hard. Denica is successful.

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