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Autumn 1014 Concert

The Bard's College holds an autumn concert featuring a number of performers, some famous and some soon to be. Anyone and everyone welcome, from poorest commoner to highest noble. Also: food and drinks.


Feb. 15, 2021, 3:15 p.m.

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Evaristo Martino Nina Zakhar Liara Orland Zyxthylum Duarte Keely Zoey Thea Medeia Dio Aindre Cecilia Savio Cerelia Symonesse Kiera Raymesin Caprice Tanith Samira Giorgio Emberly


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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The College's Autumn 1014 concert is over, and this is the afterparty. The various performers circulate, including Gianna herself. The College may be in a fancy part of town, but it's never inapproachable for the common person nor too tawdry for a noble. It's a fine line. In any case, there's free finger foods and drinks circulating with the aid of younger, newer members of the Bard's College.

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Evaristo wasn't dressed too much different than he normally is, for his performance - so he's quickly out there to mingle, and get food and drinks. "I just LOVED everyone," he declares to Gianna. "I haven't performed like this in a long time, why don't I do that more often? I should do this more often," he surmises, and then drinks a half glass of wine in one go.

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Gianna raises her glass to Evaristo. "When I created the College I intended to have at least one concert a season. I really ought to be better about that," she remarks. She has a small sip, looking pleased with herself as she surveys the crowd.

Upon his feet, having been comfortably lounging beside his sister in the couches, the Lord Martino Malvici is drawing his fingertips through his hair. Tucking the dark brown hair, with just a few greys, back as he's turning his chin towards Thea, "Mmm oh it was ever-so delightful to come along. No? Having been told I missed a very special performance a while ago, I was not taking that chance again." Nodding aside to his assitant, the Malvici Lord is sending Johannes off for scouting the drink choices.

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(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
***** Please 'take 1-concert from review' for a copy of a summary of the concert's performances. If you don't have @clue 778, tell Gianna and she will share. Her song was based on it. *****

Nina has a very stylish, and stunning dress that is nonetheless not terribly over-designed, which suited her own performance. The tight sleeves kept fabric out of the way of her earlier fiddle-playing, which, at times, can get intense. Now she is mingling around, with a glass of red wine in one hand... complimenting everyone on their work at the concert and greeting those who would compliment hers. "Evaristo," she says, "Your performance was wonderful. I loved everything about that skit. You must have practiced for ages to get that just right!"

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
***** Please 'take 1-concert from review' for a copy of a summary of the concert's performances. If you don't have @clue 778, tell Gianna and she will share. Her song was based on it. *****

The College may be in a fancy part of town, but it's never inapproachable for the common person nor too tawdry for a noble. It's a fine line. In any case, there's free finger foods and drinks circulating with the aid of younger, newer members of the Bard's College. Mingle and make merry. Discuss the concert. Take a review. Enjoy.

A tall snow-white haired old man with a gray-blue kitten ridding his shoulder and a long multicolored scarft comes in from the cold. Boldy walking as quick as possible to the closest hearth. Giving a small nod to a couple that he recognizes, then turning and making a direct line for Orland. Causing the kitten on his shoulder to hunch down as to not lose its hold on his shoulder.

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Having by all appearances thoroughly enjoyed the concert, Liara hangs round afterwards to mingle with the crowd, and when she happens across Savio, she pauses to note, "That was an excellent show, Master Pontelaeus. Is Lord Orland here, too, perhaps? I cannot quite spot him in the crowd, but my compliments to him too, I am sure, and the piece on the lute was /splendid/."

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As the pairing of Savio Pontelaeus and Lord Orland Amadeo played together in the concert, without a doubt, they're mingling as a pair in the after party. Why wouldn't they be? There's an affection between them as often Orland puts his arm behind Savio, though Savio is clearly the more lively one of the pair. They did pretty well in their act on the stage, the banter was a rousing good time and success. Orland didn't even squawk the strings on the lute, in fact he nearly stole the performance at the end. "There's a lot of faces we should meet," Orland murmurs as an aside to Savio, a flush still on his own face, "I can't believe I actually _did_ that. It's not quite like the feeling of being seasick, but really... it almost was." He flashes a smile to his partner.

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Slinking in amidst the crowd, Zyxthylum, (Zicks-thigh-lum), watches the people curiously as they show off their fine clothing and mingle effortlessly. He has a belt full of tools that seems out of place covering all the silk, though the oddest accessory he carries in the crook of his arm. A well dressed rat doll is clothed is duskweave and seasilk, and is perhaps a little too detailed to simply be a doll. The emaciated figure shuffles off towards the refreshments, taking his time to eavesdrop on all the stimulating conversations around him.

Duarte waves Medeia over to sit with him. He also waves both warms overhead at Orland, "Orland! Hey! Hi!" grinning madly.

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Duarte says, "That's my boy!!!!"

Back in Arx just in time for the concert, Keely has been an exemplary audience member, applauding heartily, crying and laughing in all the right spots, and watching the entire show with rapt attention. Bright of face and wide of eye, the ingenue sets out to mingle amongst the crowd, seeking familiar faces, or even just approachable ones. "Wonderful show," she calls out to the various performers as she passes. "Oh my word, a kitten!" is exclaimed to no one. She is so very, very excited to be here, clearly.

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After the concert Zoey circulates with a glass of juice in her hand where in another time a glass of wine would have been. Performers of course get sincere compliments on their performances, and familiar faces from the audience get friendly greetings and flutters of her fingers if she cannot reach them well enough to greet them without yelling. She elects not to walk too long before settling into a couch to rest.

Clearly not knowing much about--what is great or anything, Thea just looks like she enjoyed the performance. "Which was the last one,"she asks, climbing to her feet. Applauding. "I could never do any of that,"Thea admits,"glancing at Rocco to get her a drink.

Medeia looks around, spotting Duarte's waving and makes her way to the couch where he sits. "Count, hello!" Her eyes follow the waving further to spy Orland and Savio, giving them both a wave.

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Dio is drinking, and clearly enjoyed the performances. He raises his glass to Gianna. "Her voice is exquisite, My Lord," says Owen. "Aye," replies Dio, "as were the rest of the performances." The movements of Nina in her stunning dress draw the marquis's attention. "Your artistic gifts have no limits, it seems," he says to the bardess, which may or may not be audible amid the adoration of those fawning over her gorgeous attire.

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"Keely!" Liara calls to her sister on spotting her, along with a brisk, energetic wave. "Let me know if you need a few introductions!" She doesn't immediately volunteer any names, however.

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Evaristo cracks his charming grin at Nina. "We're both naturals," he replies dead pan. "Remind me to return her jewelry later," he adds, patting his pockets, as if he's still got it all on him. "You were, as always, magnificent, Nina. Well, EVERYONE was. And Gianna's PERFECT finale - I was stunned." He turns a warm smile at the NIghtingale, and openly admires her. He bows or waves, to familiar or unfamiliar people, and seem to just enjoy standing around basking in the presence of people.

"Artistic skills must be honed like any other," Zoey comments across from her couch to Thea's. "Some sharpen their blades, others sharpen their swords, and some sharpen flat notes to get them to sound right!"

It's the kind of evening where even a stoic prince like Aindre Grayson can let a little wonder hang upon his features in the wake of the sort of concert put on by the Bard's College, his countenance seemingly brightened by the presence of so much talent, though as he brings Queen Symonesse along on one arm to the after-party his attention seems to be on her, one good eye and all, "That was something else, wasn't it? It's heartening to see people bringing so much good into Arx with all that's gone on as of late.", and after with but a sweep of his gaze around the room to pick out familiar faces otherwise missed through the performance, he asks of the Nox'alfar, "Shall we find the Nightingale? Her song was simply tremendous."

Cecilia is walking around with Zoey. A glass of wine in her hand. She sips and congratulates the performers. She laughs at Zoey's joke.

Savio bows to Liara as she seems to have enjoyed the performance, and laughs. "Isn't he amazing? He's amazing!" Nothing but praise for the lute piece which, he agrees with Liara, was splendid. Orland himself is grinned at. "Performing is a rush, is it not?" Medeia gets waved at, cheerfully from afar, and probably embarrassingly to Orland, Savio just yells back at Duarte's thats-my-boy, "HE IS A STAR!"

Cerelia looks around as the concert finishes. She doesn't recognize many people, but she approaches Savio and Orland. "Good job. I thought you were both very entertaining."

"Liara!" Keely calls out to her sister in return, relief at finding someone to cling to, and then a bit of disappointment in herself that she would need to. Still, she slips over to Liara's side, offering a quick squeeze to her arm as an excuse to murmur more quietly, "Yes, please!"

After the performance, Symonesse, with one arm casually looped into Aindre's and the other preparing itself for the inclusion of a good glass of wine, appears prepared to mingle for a bit rather than make an immediate departure. In the wake of the concent, the Queen wears a smile and a slightly dreamy expression on her face as she enthuses to her companion, "Wasn't that lovely? It's been so long since I've been to a concert. Perhaps I should speak to the Bard's College about sponsoring more? Yes, let's find her. She is always a delight to speak with."

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Orland is hearing his name, seeing so many faces, his arm might just tighten a little bit around Savio. TOGETHER they can weather the social storm. It's finnnnne. He didn't vomit on stage, so it's finnnnne. Orland lifts his hand to Duarte, seeing the grin, "Thank you my lord Count!" He hahs, softly, nudging Savio, "Look at him grinning." But then there's other people and he's getting his first hand experience of what happens after a performance. Can he hide?! He can sure well try to hide behind a glass of whatever liquor is given to him, smiling at Liara, spotting Zakhar and grinning to him, then Medeia gets a wave. Then at Savio's yell he grits his teeth, but turns to Liara, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"You both did very well," Gianna tells Evaristo and Nina both. She considers Nina's dress and inclines her head thoughtfully. "And you also look stunning. How many projects have you currently taken on, by the way? Are you terribly busy?"

Thea grins over at Zoey, nodding,"So much like my yelling. Got it. I can say that's artistic." She's joking right as goes to greet Kiera and Medeia too. "Deia, Kiera. How are you both?"

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Orland regards Cecelia and looks awkwardly at her compliment, "Thank you... It's... very weird, very strange... to be noticed."

"Don't make that face or I will in fact make another song. This one about you. Calling it Cute with a Lute," Savio threatens Orland, before blowing a kiss to cousin Cerelia. "I'm so glad you came by, Cer. All the bards are so talented, aren't they?"

"Thank you, Marquis Dio." Nina looks a little flushed. "Of course, you know, music is my first love. But if I can also show off my gowns as I play, it's almost like a bit of advertisement." She smiles at Savio and Orland in turn. "You did an excellent job with the sketch...comedic timing is so difficult to master!" Ah, and the queen is here. It's a good thing Nina remembered to wear a fan, so she can stop being nervous and wave it at herself a bit when she flushes further. Nina looks at Gianna with a smile. "I have a little get-together of my own coming up later... of the Lycene variety. And. I'm planning ... a terribly ambitious concert for spring. But other than that?" She laughs. "Do you ask because you have a new project? This concert was so well-organized."

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Duarte approaches Orland with outstretched arms! He's getting closer! Right in there....

And side-steps last second to drape one arm around Orland's shoulder and pat his tummy with the other hand. "So talented! And you've learned so quickly. My how those leasons are paying off!"

Gianna lowers her voice to murmur something to Evaristo and Nina that doesn't quite carry.

"Mmm well as always our good Baroness Lucita performed oh-so well. Delightful to hear her again." Dipping his chin to Thea, Martino's discussing with his sister before speaking lowly to his assistant about the wine. Stepping away from the couch to find a passing servant for a glass of red. Crinkling his eyes a-far to the Lady Kiera and Lady Zoey, "Ah fair to see you both, oh how we are fortunately to be blessed with such fine performances today."

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Evaristo mutters, "... if ... am still alive in ... couple of ... ... ... ... planning ... The Fall of ... play with music!"

Orland gets a scowl from Savio, "You better not title it that. That's absoluuu---" he turns toward Nina, "My thanks for the appreciation--" then there's Duarte opening his arms. Orland makes for the advantage of open arms and his own arms seem to slip around Duarte and he HUGS him. Surprise DUARTE. Even after the tummy pat. "Thanks. I need more lessons if I'm going to keep up with Savio and all the other amazing talent in the College!"

Zyxthylum gathers a plate of finger foods and tries to find a spot amidst the chaos. He notices Medeia and hobbles towards her, keeping his head down and fussing with one of the seams of his cloak with a knobby fingered hand. As she disappears, he stops to find something else familiar. Zakhar- is also gone. Orland looks rather engaged and so he goes with his neighbor. Nine gets a look that says, 'help me', the little goblin face nealry splitting in two from the grin that manifests.

Liara offers a quick flash of a smile aside to Keely, then agrees with Savio, "Absolutely. A delightful instrument and an excellent piece." She confirms that she did enjoy it with a little duck of her chin for Orland. Then, since introductions appear to be in order, and they are after all all hanging out right there, Liara proceeds to sort of foist her little sister on Savio and Orland. "Lord Orland, Master Pontelaeus, have you met my sister, Princess Keely?" More aside to Keely, she notes, with an easy grin, "I appreciate that introductions tend to involve one of the parties involved actually knowing both other parties, but this will suffice too. Besides, there are some here that I do know."

Evaristo murmurs something back to Nina and Gianna and then freezes when he spots Queen Symonesse, staring at her with open admiration. He raises his glass in a toast in hers and Aindre's direction, and bows to them both.

Cerelia nods as she looks to Savio. "It really was. There's a lot of talent here in Arx. I don't think I'll find a lack of entertainment." She takes a look at the others standing nearby.

Gianna glances over her shoulder, given Evaristo's expression, and raises her glass as well to Symonesse and Aindre. Pleased. Maybe even smug! Okay. Smug, very smug.

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Orland gives a little 'ha' sound with a sort of impish grin on featues as he pulls back from Duarte, turning aside to Liara as she provides the proper introductions, which he does suddenly provide a bow for as he's introduced to a Princess, sweeping that famous in Pieros Bravuran hat off his head in a most charming sweeping gesture of respect. "Your Highness, Princess Keely, Princess Liara. A pleasure. I hope you have enjoyed the show. What was your favourite part of it?"

Introductions! Savio lets the Amadeo fam (fam-adeo) sort out the hug situation while he offers a bow to Liara and Keely, especially the latter, being met for the first time here! "It's so lovely to meet you, of course," the Saffron-accented bard greets her. "Say your favorite part was us, or I'll cry." He's grinning, though.

Nina speaks privately to Gianna and Evaristo for a moment, holding her fan up as she says something... likely about the next future concert plans, no doubt. She never stops working, it seems. Finally she lowers her fan and takes a rather big sip of wine. It's almost as if she has post-concert jitters... but there's so many VIPs here!

Hugging Duarte is not unlike hugging a post. How he just stands there. "Well yes. You did very well and of course we'll see to more lessons."

Keely offers Liara a grateful smile, then does her best to Compose herself again. Confidence and Poise, Keely. Standing straighter, she offers a nod of acknowledgment to Orland and Savio as they are introduced. "A pleasure to meet you both. Your performance was hilarious. And that lute!" She lets out a dreamy sigh. "I can only hope to be so talented one day! Of course you were my favourite," she is quick to assure them both -- although something suggests she might say that to every performer who asks. To Liara, she returns the grin and shrugs a shoulder, Poise slipping a little. "By the end of it, I would hope to know everyone," she admits, not bothered by introductions not being done the Right Way.

"Your gowns never sit long on the shelf," replies Dio to Nina with a smile. "At this point, I think you've just started a panicked run to your shop." When she address Orland, Dio turns his dark eyes to his protege. Pride rests on his features, as he says softly to Duarte, "He'll have to get used to his celebrity." When Nina takes note of the Queen, Dio almost chokes on his drink in surprise, having not noticed her previously. He bows his head respectfully, and then turns to smile at Cecilia as she passes by.

It's easy enough for Prince Aindre to find a glass of red wine to pluck from off a passing tray, one he helpfully offers over to Queen Symonesse as the pair of them mingle and make their way through the gathering of people, "I can't imagine the College being anything less than thrilled at the idea of having another sponsor. There were a number of fresh faces up there since the last concert I was to attend, I'm really happy to know this place is flourishing. I feel like I hear about it every week now from someone or another, if not more.", and after he's quick to scoop up another passing glass of wine for himself before he angles the both of them around a few people and in Gianna's direction. Evaristo, always hard to miss even in a crowded room, is given a return greeting in similar fashion, the prince lifting his glass of wine to the performer with a pleased smile on his lips.

Savio looks pleased as Keely promises he and Orland were her favorite act, just as requested. "All of us bards think we are the best bard, and all of us are correct," he grins. "You are of course our favorite audience member, in return." Orland gets a little elbow nudge, fond. "Everyone is very proud of you. And they should be. I know that I am."

Orland is almost half disappointed regarding the standing post that is Duarte, but introduces, "Princess Keely, Princess Liara, this is my lord and Count, Duarte Amadeo." At least there wasn an attempt to fire back some introductions too. He gives a little flush at the compliment for the lute, "Savio here, inspired me joining the Bard's College. I'm his backup lute man, as I call it." Not so back up today, but he turns then to Dio, and in doing so, spots what Dio spots, or should it be said WHOM. "Oh wow... is that the King and Queen?" he says lightly to those around him. Because no, he's never seen the King, so assumptions are made.

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Zoey watching her cousin, something passes over eyes and she gets once more to her feet. She approaches Aindre and the queen, curtseying when she is close and then speaking softly to them.

Cerelia steps back with a grin as she lifts her hand in a wave goodbye to Savio and Orland.

Kiera approaches Savio with a smile "Greetings again Messere savio, Lord Orland that was quite entertaining. You have quite a range as a performer

"Princess Liara, we've met! At the Ambassador, once. Long time ago." Duarte bows, "Princess Keepy, my pleasure." The count shoots a wink to Dio.

Hedging, Liara answers Orland and Savio, "The breadth and scope of the show was undoubtedly my favourite part. I did so adore the variety on display, from high drama to comedy." She then supposes to Keely, "One might simply face in a direction quite at random and find yourself looking upon one interesting individual or another, here. Perhaps that is how you could go about meeting people. Shall we spin you around?" She winks and then gives an easy smile to Orland at the introduction. "I have, happily, had the good fortune to meet Count Duarte before." She gives a little incline of her head to Duarte.

Cecilia moves from Zoey's side, after a curious look, letting her cousin speak to Aindre and the Queen and goes to speak with Dio. "Marquis. Good to see you. How did you enjoy the show? What was your favorite part?" She asks as Nina is else wise distracted.

"It's true!" Nina says to Dio, refusing to be modest about this point at least. "Though I will say that my necklace was crafted by Evaristo, so we have a variety of fashion talents here at this college. I must give credit where it's due." She smiles brightly. "It's dramatic, isn't it?" Seeing Cecilia also speak to him, she steps aside and nods to her.

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"Oh! Hurrah for me," Keely replies with a grin, upon being told she's their favourite audience member, trying to keep up with the rapid patter. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Count Duarte," she says, giving the man a polite nod and friendly smile, before returning to Liara's suggestion, "Oh please don't. I might get dizzy and make a fool of myself." She says it far too earnestly to be a joke.

"All the credit goes to my lord Orland. All and completely," Savio assures Kiera, in the face of her praise to the pair. Orland himself gets a kiss on the cheek, and Savio warns with a grin, "I'm going to go make everyone admire the things you bought me to wear," he warns, and then circulates about, disappearing into the crowd to model and complain about winter. It's so cold, you guys!

Symonesse catches the lifted glasses of Evaristo and Gianna in her direction and, once Aindre has oh-so-helpfully provided her with one of her own, she raises hers in turn. As she is steered in the direction of the Nightingale, she grins and says as she peers over the crowd, "I am pleased that the city has such an appetite for music, both in enjoyment and in performance. As one who rather loves it, it is always a joy to hear music or poetry in such a lovely setting. I think I shall write about arranging some sort of sponsorship so that we might hear even more new and established performers. Before they approach Gianna and Evaristo, Zoey stops her with a few soft words, which she returns with her ever present smile lighting up her pale face.

Orland turns to Kiera, "Why thank you! I wouldn't have guessed at my talents if Messere Savio hadn't encouraged it. I'm very glad I held it together. That was my first time on stage. Ever. I nearly wanted to collapse. He's the only reason I didn't." Orland nudges to Savio, "Did you enjoy yourself?" Then his gaze swings back to the Princesses, offering, "You should most definitely spin her around. You can't go wrong in this crowd."

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Dio grins at Duarte, and leans toward Savio. "Well performed, Savio. It is always a pleasure to see you display your arts, though the song you sang in Pieros remains my favorite." When Cecilia address him, Dio bows in the fashion of the Lycene court. "Good to see you again, My Lady. It's impossible to pick a favorite, as my protege and my favorite co-host were among those performing," he says, gesturing to Orland and Nina.

The marquis beams at Nina when she admits that her tailor work is highly sought after. He leans toward the gifted musician, gazing with admiration at her pendant. "Cupridium, is it not? Excellent craftsmanship." He raises his glass to Evaristo in salute of his work.

Evaristo looks more than a little smugly content when Nina speaks about the talon pendant. "One of my most popular pieces," he says, and bows at Dio. "Hmm, maybe I should make more of those again..." He's distracted easily, and is now staring into thin air as he contemplates jewelry. Doesn't stop him from eating down some finger foods and starting on his third glass of wine, however. He's never too distracted to drink, when at a party. "Oh, is that Highlady Liara, as well?! The Graysons are out in force - it seems they always support the college." And speaking of, the Queen herself brings that up and he nudges Gianna with his elbow, looking chuffed to bits.

Did he hear the people right? The -Queen-? Zyxthylum panics, freezing in his step in an awkward fashion he is nearing Nina and the gathering she is a part of. He walks backwards a few paces and takes a random seat at the couch, digging in his medical pouch for something to calm his nerves.

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Evaristo looks more than a little smugly content when Nina speaks about the talon pendant. "One of my most popular pieces," he says, and bows at Dio. "Hmm, maybe I should make more of those again..." He's distracted easily, and is now staring into thin air as he contemplates jewelry. Doesn't stop him from eating down some finger foods and starting on his third glass of wine, however. He's never too distracted to drink, when at a party. "Oh, is that Highlady Liara, as well?! The Graysons are out in force - it seems they always support the college." And speaking of, the Queen herself is moving closer, and he nudges Gianna with his elbow, looking chuffed to bits. (re)

Swirling his glass of red wine, the Lord Martino's dipping his chin to Zoey with a faint crinkling of his eyes. Taking a slight sip of it, lowering it once more, his fingertips spreading open the performance list.

"One need not spin very far in such a crowd," Liara assures Keely. She overhears Evaristo and lifts a gloved hand to give a flutter of her fingers in a wave, before turning to those nearby once more, and she inquires of Keely, "Have you met Lady Kiera Wyvernheart, chatting with Lord Orland there?"

Kiera hms "Oh Very much m'lord. Pleasure to see you in a much more comfortable space. What a lucky man you are to have those who both challenge you and support you. I must thank you again for your assistence the other evening

Gianna raises her hand in a greeting to Liara, since she's right by Evaristo and she may as well assume the wave includes her, too. She has a sip of wine and eyes Evaristo's elbow like it just annoyed her. The expression passes, however.

Nina looks happy to see the Queen walking toward the bards. She was nervous for a time, but perhaps her nerves have burned out now, or are being aided by the wine, which she raises to her mouth. "The talon is quite dramatic. Though I can not tell, if it's to be the talon of a griffon...? Or some other creature? Maybe it's left to interpretation!" She pulls up the talon to admire it. "But that's one thing I like, a bit of mystery and interpretation."

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"It's neither," Evaristo tells Nina, and lets the mystery remain - he's getting tipsy from all the wine. But, he's filled out lately - not in fat, but just in bulk and health, so he can handle his drinks.

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Orland chuckles as Savio and he basically say the same thing about one another. He does let the other man wander off when he needs to go, turning his focus back to Kiera as she speaks about more comfortable places, "Yes, such as it is, without the hoods and shadows. You look much more beautiful in the light Lady Kiera. Of course of course, I hope it was at least helpful? I would offer my assistance again, should it fit between the obligations I have committed to the war front."

Prince Aindre also seems to slow a little near Lady Zoey to better return a bit of conversation, his voice kept low but his smile deep enough to reach up to that one stormy eye, the sort of expression that barely has time to retreat afterward considering how next it lands upon the Nightingale and her Mockingbird and he's bringing along Queen Symonesse as he approaches. "You can be sure House Grayson adores the college and the work that happens here. We have such good taste, after all.", this mostly in response to Evaristo, but then he greets Gianna is what is surely her favorite way to be greeted, "The Nightingale! This night was fantastic! Where can throw silver, gold and more at you to make sure all of this magic continues on? Not that it will ever have a problem living on indefinitely in my head. Art is better shared, isn't it?".

"Well, all right..." Keely says uncertainly, as both Liara and Orland encourage the spinning. She doesn't wish to seem a poor sport! But then Kiera is being pointed out, and that seems to involve much less spinning, so she seizes on that instead, "I don't believe I have. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Kiera," she bids. "It really was quite the show, wasn't it."

Raymesin arrives, making his way into the hall without fanfare - although how much fanfare does a man his size really need, especially when dressed all in black? With a skull pin gleaming at his throat, Raymesin is being very much a harlequin, and possibly a late one at that.

Savio pops up every now and then amongst the crowd, visibly grinning at Dio and the mention of a Pieros song. "My finest work, Marquis!" He blows a kiss to Orland from afar to assure he's not getting into trouble, but he has a drink now, which means he's probably getting into trouble.

"Lady Kiera, this is Princess Keely Grayson," Orland supplies in case it was lost in the conversations.

"Hm." Nina actually seems to like that answer a lot, seeming pleased with it despite that it is a non-answer. And then she gets another glass of wine. As Aindre asks, she can't help but chime in, even though she was not asking directly. "The college always accepts donations. Of course I am also happy to donate on your behalf, if that's as you'd like!"

Gianna does like being greeted that way. She looks smug again and tells Aindre, "I am pleased to accept wealth at any time, I assure you. I'm glad you both came and enjoyed. And yes --- art is better shared. Songs are meant to be sung and spread. I am proud of the College and its accomplishments." She has a sip of her wine. She is almost preening. ALMOST.

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"I can see why," replies Dio to Evaristo, and nods in agreement with Nina. "Perhaps a griffon, but I have had another legendary creature with huge talons on my mind of late." A slight smile touches his lips before he takes a drink of wine. His gaze follows Nina's to rest thoughtfully on the queen for a moment. Savio's words cause the marquis to laugh, and he shakes his head. "You've done work on far more interesting subjects, but my favorite plays to my prejudice."

With slow steps, Dio walks across the hall to stand before the Nightingale. "The concert was excellent Gianna. Thank you for putting it on." He swirls his wine in his cup, adding, "They still talk about your performance in Morisco."

Liara definitely spotted and acknowledged Gianna too! She quiets for the moment, however, content to linger as Keely introduces and is introduced. Also, someone happens by with finger food and Liara snaffles a small plate for herself.

The corners of Gianna's lips quirk briefly upward in one of her almost-smiles. She inclines her head to Dio and remarks, "It was a rather good performance. And thank you --- I fear I haven't sang in public for a rather long time and it was good to do so again. I'm also grateful there's so much talent in the College to showcase in a concert. I meant to have one every season but I never quite managed, I'm afraid. I hope you've been well?"

Zoey steps aside so as not to block the queen and her cousin on their path, raising a hand to say "goodbye for now" before retiring to her seat.

Kiera begins to question Orland further about said obligations when she hears Liara say her name and turns to face the Grayson High lord and her companion "Your Gace lovely to see you again and then to Keely "The pleasure is surely mine your highness. Oh it was . One of the talents I most greatly admire. I have no talent but every appreciation. I am even inspired to pen a verse or two in my private journal from time to time, it moves me so

Caprice is late indeed, though possibly some of the amateur performers she's working with are a little responsible for that. Still, after the brief distraction of setting up their backdrops as part of the after-party, the small group within the troupe are released to mingle, with Caprice hanging back just a little bit longer to take in the new scene with a small, satisfied smile.

Caprice drops a large backdrop painted with a stretch of woods.

Caprice drops a large backdrop of a quaint village square.

Just before she is pulled onward, Symonesse reaches out to give Zoey's forearm a gentle squeeze. As they approach the bards, the Queen's face lights up with delight as she says in a tone that could easily be called 'gushing', "This was a splendid concert and all of those the performed were perfect." She glances to Evaristo, laughing a little as she says, "The song that you and Duchess Vanora performed was superb. I am still curious as to the proper interpretation." Then, that aureate gaze slides to Nina as she says with that same sense of effusive praise, almost awestruck in her delight, "Your skill with a fiddle is unparalled. I was enthralled. And Nightingale, " Now, Symonesse looks to Gianna and she grins brightly, "Is throwing silver at your feet and pleading for more socially acceptable? Prince Aindre says no, but I think he might be wrong on that."

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As Kiera and Keely touch base, Orland excuses himself, "I do need to introduce myself to someone... I feel like I should know him but I don't. That requires me to find Savio. It was a pleasure talking with you both, though I shall be around until this winds down, if you wish to get to know more of me." Then Orland is bowing and moving to find Savio.

Savio can be found, somewhere out there in the crowd. But now he has two drinks, and both appear to be for him.

"Count me among the mob that sings your praises for arranging this concert," replies Dio to Gianna. He hesitates a moment at her question, his dark eyes linger on hers. "I've been well, thank you, and from all my sister, cousin and protege tell me, your college thrives as well." When the queen mentions throwing silver at Gianna's feet, Dio grins as pirate lords do when they imagine the queen making it rain.

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Gianna nods to Dio, noting, "Excellent. I am glad to hear it. And Your Majesty," Gianna tells Symonesse, "Generally whatever you decide to do is immediately made appropriate, is it not? I am certainly happy to accept more coin at any point. Shamelessly, even. I lack shame. It's served me very well."

"Great art inspires more art," Keely says pretentiously, nodding sagely. "Even if it is only for your private journal. Only a few of us are brave enough to share it!" That seems a compliment for Orland, anyway. "I know I am not -- yet, at least." She nods as Orland takes his leave. "Of course. I look forward to speaking with you again soon."

Tanith arrives, pink in the cheek and dressed fairly uncharacteristically for a barkeep from the Lowers. Her pale golden dress stitched in pearls compliments her dark skin, dark eyes scanning the room as she looks for someone. Her gaze settles and she beams, making her way through the room.

Evaristo gives Dio a wink and lifts his glass subtly - maybe that's cause he hit the spot on what the talon is, or perhaps not. He's nodding thankfully at Aindre and Symonesse. "I was just talking earlier about possibly setting up a play, with music and song, about the legend of Caer'alfar. I did some of it in that big concert, of historical figures we had a few years ago, but I think the story of the city itself would make a good play." He waves a hand around. "But, we'll see! I make no promises, if I make a promise, I'd have to do it, and then I'd not WANT to do it. So, I am smarter than that." He cracks a grin, explaining to the Queen; "Oh, it's... well, I guess a bit of a humorous and cynical take on love. How it at first can be so consuming, and then turn into something deceptive? It wasn't any deeper meaning, we just wanted to do something funny." He turns more serious suddenly and quiets, staring at the Queen with an odd expression, then smiling widely again - he's spotted Tanith and Raymesin, and he's waving at them both. "Raymesin, Tanith!"

Nina grabs her skirt, and bows. "Thank you, my queen. It's an honor for you to hear me play today. I could never have dreamed of this in my youth. I owe all my thanks to Gianna for bringing me this opportunity!"

Cecilia nods to Dio and sips her wine as the others talk. "I couldn't find a favorite either." Her eyes drift to her cousin Zoey with a curious look in her eyes making sure the other woman was okay before looking back at the other crowd.

Orland finds Savio and points directly at Evaristo, "Hey... He was introduced on stage, but I don't think I've ever met him. Do you know the Messere Mockingbird?"

Zyxthylum perks up from the couch at the appearance of the painting. Even the uneven milky eye has a glint in it as he takes in the details. He takes a swig from the decorative decanter he clutches and moves in for a closer look at it. Knobby fingers twirl his chin scruff as he limps a few paces back and forth in front of it. "Wonderful!" He exclaims in delight.

Raymesin turns at Tanith's arrival, and his smile - while small - contains a genuine warmth. He offers his arm to his wife, then - and only then - nods a response to Evaristo's wave.

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Kiera nods "Hopefully, we will bothe find the courage some day. I look forward to getting to know you better but I'm afraid I must excuse myself

Liara polishes off some cheesey canape then offers Kiera an easy smile. Turning aside, she checks with Keely, "You have met Gianna Delvecchio and Evaristo Arterius already, I think? If not, an introduction is certainly in order."

"/Do I/," Savio replies to Orland, and grins. "That's Evaristo! We actually met before I came to Arx... we may have gotten into and out of a bit of trouble in the Chain here and there. Come, I will introduce you." He takes Orland's hand, and starts toward the man in question. "Evaristo! Someone for you to meet!"

Zoey gives Cecilia a reassuring nod and returns to speaking with those at her couch.

Dio finishes his wine, and hands the glass off to a servant. Turning to make his way toward Cecilia, he stops for a moment to lay a hand on Orland's shoulder and offer a quiet word. He smiles and then continues across the hall, stoping for a second time when he notices Keely. "Hello, Your Highness," says Dio, making a wild assumption based on the unfamiliar noble's familiarity with Liara. "I must take my leave, but I hoped to introduce myself. I am Marquis Dio Seraceni. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Dio mutters, "... was truly ... amazing performance, Lord ... Find me soon, ... ... a matter I'd ... your help with, ... if Savio has ... extra of ... ... coats in black, steal it for ..."

Evaristo turns to listen - his name is mentioned nearby, from two different sources - he shifts so he's more inviting to others to approach, but lingers near Gianna and the royals. "Savio, you and Count Orland - what a TEAM. I DEMAND to get more of that in the future," he says and grins at them both. "You should do a tour, in inns around the compact - or well, at least in Arx. People would LOVE it," he says, bowing to Orland.

Prince Aindre's gaze slides back to Evaristo while Gianna is speaking with the Queen and he offers to the Mockingbird, "You're a wise man to know yourself so well. I can appreciate when someone knows better than to make promises won't keep. You're not wrong though, there are stories about that city that might make for an excellent play. If anyone could pull it off..". He trails away on the suggestion, but the compliment for the Bard's College is there somewhere before he lifts that glass of wine to wet his lips a little on it. The mention of love and the recounting of the earlier song brings up something a little more thoughtful to the Grayson prince's expression. Whatever he's thinking about in those few seconds, however, he doesn't pass along. Instead he crafts another fine smile, "Whatever may happen, you can count my looking forward to the next performance. Can it be next Autumn again yet?".

"I'm sure we shall," Keely replies to Kiera, trying to sound as confident as her words. She nods then, in adieu, before turning her attention back to Liara. "I know them in passing, only. Or I could say I know of them, but I'm not sure they know of me." She takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders, again trying so hard to be confident. "High time I should remedy that." As Dio stops to introduce himself, she graces him with a warm smile. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I look forward to getting to know you better in the future."

Swiping a glass as a server passes nearby, Caprice doesn't yet drink. Instead, head turning Zyxthylum's direction, her mouth curves into a quick smile of appreciation for his appreciation. She drifts closer, gaze lifting to the details on the nearer backdrop. "Samira Culler's work," she informs him, no small hint of pride warming her words. "Have you met her yet, Messere? She's got a new shopfront, as it happens, but if you've also been by Rabble Art in the Lowers, you might already be familiar with her work."

When Gianna assures her that throwing coin at her feet is perfectly fine, Symonesse gives Aindre a point 'I told you so' look and then says with delight, "Oh, good. I'll be speaking with the people that handle the silver to have some used to help support the College." She gives Evaristo a nod and says with a little laugh, "I definitely laughed a few times, so it was a job well done. A play about Caer'alfar would be intriguing. Do let me know if you end up staging it after all. I would be keen to see it." Then, to Nina, she smiles and reaches out to attempt to warmly give the woman's shoulder a gentle squeeze, "I sincerely hope to hear you play again. It was enchanting. I have also heard that you are a wonderful seamstress as well. Perhaps, whenever you have time or inclination, we could discuss a commission." Then, as others seem to be approaching to speak with the bards as well, Symonesse gently tugs on Aindre's arm to slide out of the way before she smiles at Tanith and Raymesin and, carefully, uses her wineglass to wave them over. Carefully.

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"Have you met properly? If not, let me introduce you properly," Savio says of Evaristo and Orland! "Evaristo, this is my lord Orland Amadeo. Orland, this is the peerless and indomitable Evaristo Arterius!" To the latter, a big grin. "A tour of Arx? Oh, stop. But I /am/ vain enough to entertain the notion of that..." both brows lift at Orland!

Nina gasps a bit when she hears the queen say this. "Oh, of course, your majesty, I'd... be honored to create someting to your specifications. Why I'd be happy to clear my calendar and do my absolute best!" She's practically jumping for joy. "We can discuss details any time!"

Tanith beams at Raymesin; it looks like he's all she sees for the moment, taking his arm with a gentle squeeze. She says something softly to him, then goes back to waving excitedly at Symonesse and ... oh. Wait, she's waving to Evaristo. That's right. Tanith clears her throat and drops her arm, her smile gentling a little though her eyes continue to glimmer. She tugs at the knifeman at her side, bringing him with her as she heads towards the queen.

"Likewise, Your Highness," replies Dio, offering a respectful bow to Keely before coming to stand before Cecilia and Zoey. "Lady Zoey, I am on my way out, but I wanted to say that it is good to see you again. I hope you enjoyed the concert." He smiles, and it does not fade as he turns to Cecilia. "Always a pleasure to see you as well, My Lady." He remains a few moments longer among the Kennexs, and then departs.

"Ah. We do recieve funding from the Crown, Your Majesty," Gianna notes to the queen, "But I do always appreciate more." Still so smug. Spying Caprice and Samira, she waits to make eye contact and tips her chin up in greeting. And an inclination of her head to Raymesin and Tanith as well.

Liara gives a little wave to Dio as he happens along, and takes a moment to help herself to another canape, before answering Keely, "Now is as good a time as any." And then Liara sets off across the room towards Gianna and Evaristo, and the nearly ever-present cluster of people by the bards.

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Cecilia moves to take a seat back with her cousin Zoey.

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Orland is of course lead toward Evaristo, by the grace of Savio's enthusiastic call, trying to squirrel away the facts that Savio has on this man in those precious few seconds as they march on over, toe to toe with Liara and Keely it seems. He smiles at the princesses again, before he is waylaid just long enough to pause for the Marquis' words for him, words that have him dip his head, "Thank you Marquis. I will surely do as much if I can find them again and of course, I'll be available." He gives a genuine smile to Dio, "If you're leaving, I very much appreciate you coming to the performance. I honestly can only aspire to be like the rest of these fine people." Once he's back on track to meet Evaristo, he bobs his head, feeling awkward, compliments are weird, "I appreciate the encouragement and it's very good to meet you at last, Messere Evaristo. I've heard a lot about you." He ahhh-hahs softly, "That would be great... I'd need more practice. I got lucky back there."

Caprice has cheated out from the backdrops and Zyxththylum purposefully, to keep a weather eye to the rest of the party. Noting Gianna's distant greeting, she lifts her glass in silent toast. One finger extends in a subtle point towards the Nightingale and she mouths something. Gloves? Lava? Something that includes a hard v sound!

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Raymesin's smile brightens a little more when Tanith takes his arm; he leans down to listen to her and murmurs something back, and when Symonesse gestures them over he escorts Tanith towards Aindre and Symonesse. When almost with them he bows, sort of - it's graceful, but it's performed by someone who's very obviously been told that bowing is folding oneself in half and has no idea how to actually go about it. "Yer Majesty," Raymesin greets Symonesse on straightening, and then, "Yer 'Ighness," to Aindre. "Um. Evenin'."

Spying Liara and Keely heading their way, Gianna tips her chin up and calls, "Princess Liara, Princess Keely. Good to see you both again." So she does apparently remember Keely, which is probably good!

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Samira arrives relatively late to the after-party. The sketchbook clutched under one arm suggests her tardiness is due to being sidetracked by a gripping need to sketch one thing or another. She drifts through the crowd now, gaze searching for familiar faces as she moves to retrieve a drink. Spotting Gianna, she smiles and offers an upnod in return, hand lifting in a wave for good measure.

"Oh, don't trust ANYTHING Savio might've told you about me," Evaristo jokes, grinning at Orland and Savio both. "Unless it was the best of things, in that case, it was all truth. Very nice to properly meet you, Lord Orland. And I mean it, you two are a power couple on the stage!" He shifts a little again, bowing to Liara and Keely as they approach.

Evaristo sees Samira - and she's given a wave and a grin.

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Keely nods in agreement as Liara leads her off towards the bards, smile frozen in place as she tries hard not to look intimidated by the sheer size of the group. Recognizing Orland and Savio, she flashes them a more genuine smile, before turning her attention back to Gianna and Evaristo. She blushes ever so slightly when Gianna greets her by name, but looks thrilled to be recognized. "Thank you. It truly was a wonderful show!" she enthuses genuinely. "I'm so glad I made it back to the city in time for it." Feeling like she's babbling now, she stops talking abruptly.

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Giorgio had totally been here for the concert, and so is mingling amongst the crowds in the after party. Angling toward his brother and Orland, Giorgio offers a dip of his head toward Orland before offering with a friendly smile, "Lord Orland. I did not know that you were also a bard. The depth of your talents always seem to surprise me." Turning his eyes toward Evaristo, Giorgio says, "Master Evaristo. It is good to see you once again!"

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Cecilia is overheard praising Sorrel.

Cecilia is overheard praising Gianna.

Orland asks over Evaristo, "I'd like to hear about what inspired your performance, Messere Evaristo. It was very well done with the Duchess. I found myself laughing away any left over nerves from my own peformance. I especially enjoyed the end." He bobs his head, "Without Savio, I doubt I would've done so well. He's taught me a lot of what I know and well, he encouraged me on stage as his backup lute man. Well, though he insists I'm not a backup anything. Still, I'm glad I didn't let the College down."

"Savio you did so wonderful as well and I, your brother, super love and adore you," Savio fills in his own praise as though it's Giorgio talking. Then he switches 'roles' back to himself and grins at Giorgio, "Oh, thank you, you're so nice!"

Prince Aindre's scope of sight isn't what it once was, but eventually he does notice the pair of familiar faces headed in his direction, this after something is whispered to him by the Queen. He manages to right himself just as Tanith and Raymesin arrive, letting his gaze wander up the taller of the two at first as he says, "I'm a little surprised to see you here, Raymesin! Should I not be?", in quite the pleased the way, and for a moment he looks for all the world as if he is re-assessing the Harlequin/

Gianna glances over at Orland and leans over to remark, "You did absolutely wonderfully. Savio is correct."

Orland hears his name again and his gaze turns aside, a blooming smile, "Giorgio! I knew you were in the crowd. Everyone was here. I'm so glad I didn't throw up this time." Like their first adventure together, "How'd you like it? What'd you think? Which other performances did you like?"

"I think you both make a great team," Nina says to Orland, looking between him and Savio. "It must feel good to have so many opportunities to show off your talents!" She gets one more glass of wine handed to her, but she then says, "This should really be my last," and giggles.

"A splendid concert, Nightingale, and my compliments on your personal piece - it is always a joy to hear you sing," Liara says to Gianna, and then she adds on to what Keely said, "And what a marvellous occasion for Keely to arrive back to the city for." A smile for Evaristo follows and she comments, "Your performance with Duchess Vanora was quite inspired - that must have taken forever and a day to choreograph so well."

Gianna puts Bard's College Autumn 1014 Concert in Concert Reviews.

Gianna puts Bard's College Autumn 1014 Concert in Concert Reviews.

Gianna puts Bard's College Autumn 1014 Concert in Concert Reviews.

Gianna puts Bard's College Autumn 1014 Concert in Concert Reviews.

Gianna puts Bard's College Autumn 1014 Concert in Concert Reviews.

"Quite fortunate," Gianna tells Liara and Keely. "I really do mean to hold concerts much more often. Once a season was the original plan. I'm pleased you could both attend."


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"Master Giorgio, always a pleasure! Hope you enjoyed the show!" Evaristo beams at Giorgio, tipping an imaginary hat at him. He looks so content about the praise from Highlady Liara, he preens like a bird and shifts his feet, as if too restless to stand still. "Thank you, your grace. And a pleasure to meet you, Princess Keely. I mean, me and Duchess Vanora go way back - it didn't take us that long, not really. I suppose the longest part was writing the lyrics cause we were laughing too much about it."

"Yes!" Keely adds in somewhat abruptly, feeling badly that she forgot: "Your performances were both so wonderful. You truly shine upon the stage." She nods to Gianna, as she talks of hosting more performances. "I would love that. I'm not sure I have much to offer, but- please let me know if I can help with anything," she offers, self-consciously.

Evaristo adds, for Orland; "Inspiration is... well, exaggerated romance novels, and how the rascal always turns good, how he or she is actually a prince or princess but they don't know it and then they CAN have a happy ending." He drinks wine. "I love those books, but they ARE unrelatistic."

Spotting the familiar face of Evaristo, Samira drifts toward him with a grin. "Wonderfully done! It was well-performed and so entertaining." Her gaze settles upon Savio and Orland, a finger extended to point directly to the pair. "You two, as well. It's always enjoyable to see such talent on display."

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

"If you'd like to perform we'll figure somethign out," Gianna tells Keely, inclining her head. "Or word of mouth also helps, if you don't feel confident. But yes, of course participate." She finishes off the last of her wine and considers Giorgio, wrapping one arm around her own waist. "I do love that hat," she remarks.

Savio casts a smile to Nina to agree with her, "I think we make a great team, as well. Opportunities are lovely -- a stage shared, even more so. You were beautiful and perfect up there yourself, of course." Samira gets a big theatrical sweeping bow! "You are so kind to say so. We love compliments!" Or at least he does. Orland is getting used to them!

"However often you can hold them, I am always pleased to experience them," Liara replies to Gianna. She breathes a low chuckle at Evaristo and wonders, though she hardly seems all that serious about it, "Does such sweetness not come naturally?"

"I did," Giorgio assures Evaristo with a smile and a tip of his head, all but ignoring Savio as his younger brother supplements praises for his own performance on Giorgio's behalf. "It was my first concert to attend, but I can assure you it will not be the last. Even with Savio participating," he says, this last jab at his brother's expense smoothed over with a grin and wink Savio's way. Then to Orland, Giorgio says, "Hmmm... I did enjoy the performances of Duchess Vanora and Master Evaristo of course. Mistress Nina and Mistress Caprice were both quite entertaining as well. Really just... everyone did so well. Even Savio." At Gianna's complement, Giorgio offers a grin and tip of his hat before he says, "Thank you so much, Nightingale. Your performance was wonderful as well, naturally."

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Giorgio is overheard praising Evaristo.

Giorgio is overheard praising Vanora.

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Prince Aindre's scope of sight isn't what it once was, but eventually he does notice the pair of familiar faces headed in his direction, this after something is whispered to him by the Queen. He manages to right himself just as Tanith and Raymesin arrive, letting his gaze wander up the taller of the two at first as he says, "I'm a little surprised to see you here, Raymesin! Should I not be?", in quite the pleased the way, and for a moment he looks for all the world as if he is re-assessing the Harlequin, "Maybe it is my fault. I don't seem to get out like I once did. All work and no play, hm?". That's offered with a slow wink for the man and then he turns his one good eye on Tanith in the seconds after, "What are you feeding your husband? I swear he's taller every time I see him. Is it the cakes?". If he sounds incredulous, it's all theatrics.

Emberly moves into the college, she looks about and she smiles looking from one face to another. She searches faces within the crowd as if trying to find someone. Though she seems to just manage to make herself look a little more lost

"Oh, I'm not sure I'm quite ready to perform just yet," Keely admits to Gianna, lowering her gaze before brightening again. "But I can surely spread the word. And I will keep practicing in the meantime," she vows solemnly.

Orland rubs the back of his neck, "Thanks Nina. If it wasn't for you, Savio, Braxas, seeing all of what can be accomplished, as a Bard, I wouldn't be here right now. I had a lot of fun and I'm very happy I was accepted into the concert last minute. I'm soooo glad I didn't break a string or something." He lets out a breath that gives a little rattle to it, "Well I ... it's the first time I've gone in front of a large crowd /everyone/ knew my name after. It's a bizzare feeling." A pause as he looks over to Evaristo as the man has a chance to answer, absorbing the inspiration for the acts and what he likes, "Perhaps they are, but they make us dream, and that is a success Messere." He spots a pointed FINGER. Oh no. His eyes widen a little, grin, "Thank you Samira. Hope you had a great time." SO MANY PEOPLE. DRINK. Where's a drink. Gods his mouth was dry. One of Savio's drinks gets filched! To Gio he adds, "Uh well, I wasn't going to be but then, from watching others, I was inspired." Answering a previous question cuz reasons of player. There's a grin at Gio's compliment for Savio, nudging Savio a bit, "Look at that, a near hug from Duarte and a compliment from Gio. We're doing well tonight."

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"Samira, our talented backdrop maker! And general delight," Evaristo says and sweeps an arm out to introduce her. "No concert is perfect without the right props to enhance," he tells her fondly. He drinks more too, cause he's definitly not about to deny himself to celebrate, not tonight.

"I am so glad that you two made it here. The concert was a delight. I didn't realize how hungry I have been for some music until after tonight." Symonesse is practically radiating warmth as Raymesin and Tanith approach. She glances from Aindre to Raymesin and tilts her head a little bit as she says in a low voice, "He always just seems tall to me, but I have so very far to look up that I just stop counting after a bit to save the neck strain. As for the cakes... I don't think they could make you grow, but I don't know. I could never get past the icing. Delicious!" Her golden eyes widen just a trace and then she lifts her wine glass to her lips to hide that sly little smile.

Savio smiles and lets Orland steal one of his drinks, giving the Amadeo Voice a brief kiss on the cheek. "We are. It's something to be remembered; of course you must enjoy it and soak up every moment." He wiggles his fingers in a wave to those he knows (and those he doesn't!), and disappears to find refreshments!

Emberly moves carefully through the crowd, slowly manovering herself closer to Nina and she smiles to the other, "thank you again, for the fine tweed jacket, do you know if there is a voice of the college here?" she wonders

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Nina looks to Emberly, and smiles. "Oh, I'm so glad it worked out for you! It was my prototype but it was also maybe the finest jacket I made. Yes... Evaristo and Gianna are here, so you made perfect timing." She looks over at the college leaders. "Hello, are you familiar with Lady Emberly?" It might be hard not to be.

Speaking of backdrops - Caprice pulls herself out of the proverbial one now that her quick and quiet chat with Zyxthylum is over. Though gravitating towards Samira, there's a smile of recognition for many of those nearby. "Didn't she do such a wonderful job?" she inserts herself into their conversation with a bright grin angled the Culler's way. Her free hand gestures towards the backdrops set up in the corner, and she offers in general encouragement, "Make sure you take a chance to look at the pieces up close, mm? From the audience, a lot of the details get lost."

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1 Kennex corsairs, Wyatt, a large Kennex Laika Hound, Mary Lucennia, an alluring lady's companion leave, following Cecilia.

Keely is overheard praising Bard's college.

Samira laughs at Savio's theatrical bow, nodding in answer to Orland. "I truly did. I hope you enjoyed yourself onstage?" Evaristo's words receive an answering grin from the artist. "Thank you. It was all Caprice's fabulous idea. I was just happy to contribute. Where is she, anyway? I have to tell her how wonderfully she did." Rising on tiptoes, she peers through the crowd in search of the friend.

Tanith is definitely pink in the cheeks by the time Raymesin has muttered at her and then brought them to Symonesse and Aindre. She manages a curtsy, somewhere between 'acceptable' and 'more than acceptable'; maybe she practices? "You're majesty, your highness- It's so good to see you again. How are you both?" she addresses them, her smile bright, her tone sincere. "The Queen, a lover of icing! I did make a cake that was mostly icing once, it was so rich I had to cut them up and make them into petite fours," she addresses Symonesse with a barely contained grin.

Prince Aindre's remark of Raymesin has that grin of hers breaking free, though. "Raymesin," Tanith says to the Prince, "has many interests, as well as a boundless appetite. I do feed him my bakery experiments; perhaps there's too much love in those, and it adds all those inches?"

Emberly is overheard praising Nina.

Gianna is still pretty close to Nina and Evaristo. Probably? In any case, she looks over at Emberly and says, "Lady Emberly, hello. Is that the new tweed? Interesting. I haven't gotten my hands on any yet but I am curious about it."

Orland gawks a little as Savio heads off in merriment to find refreshments. That leaves the Amadeo to slide up to Evaristo, nodding Giorgio over, asking of Evaristo, "That is the Queen and the King, right?" He up nods to where Symonesse and Aindre have gone. He looks to the Mockingbird, "How does one say hello to them?" To Samira he notes, "I'll have to let it sink in and get back to you on that. I think it was more nerve wrecking than fighting off the wildest things my imagination couldn't even come up with. But yes, glad I survived."

Offering a parting smile toward those he has had a chance to speak with, Giorgio says, "Very good job, everyone. It was really a wonderful performance. I must take my leave, however. I wished to make an appearance at the People's Tournament as well." Offering a bow toward Evaristo and Orland, Giorgio fades into the crowd as he makes his exit.

"I'm going to be crafting some more new coats for winter, Gianna, if you hadn't gotten your hands on one yet. I also intend to give a discount to the Bard's college... so I could hold one for you, if you wanted," Nina says to Gianna, tilting her head a bit.

"Oooh," Gianna tells Nina. "That would be appreciated."

Emberly smiles a little as she looks over to Gianna "it is quite warm. and Nina dose have quite the skilled hands, I was wondering.." says the young woman "if the guild would be holding additions for new members anytime soon?"

Evaristo has to cough as he almost chokes on some wine he's drinking right about when Symonesse said that comment about icing. "Caprice! There you are. You were amazing - I was enchanged by that living story you told. You are so TALENTED, I am outright jealous," he says and winks at her. He waves to people leaving, trying to keep up - increasingly difficult the more drunk he gets.

"Of course," Gianna tells Emberly. "Anyone can join at any time. Either myself or Evaristo can watch you perform - it's mostly a formality, to learn what your strengths are - and then you're in. I'm afraid as a noble I can't supply you with a stipend but most find joining the College rewarding enough. We'll speak later, I hope?" The party has, after all, been going on for some time. It appears the autumn concert has been quite successful.

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