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War Games

Military minded commanders and those wishing to learn the finer points of war and leadership are welcome to command their troops in mock battle using padded swords and ocher dust arrows. Soldiers are also invited to join the fray and participate for the 'fun' of it all.

Excellent prizes donated courtesy of House Grayson.

(OOC: We'll be making Old style number checks in various war and leadership adjacent related stats to simulate LARP style battle. Also Open to social characters who wish to inspire and motivate their troops. Individual combatants will have their rolls influenced by those commanders and propagandists. Some teaches will be available for those who want it.)


May 16, 2021, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Santi Thea


Kalani Kenjay Drake Aethan Maris Martino Yvette Sirius Abellus Malcolm Donella Carrick Cerys Tarik Raimon Kritr


Riven Malvici Wyvernheart Bisland


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

3 Last Watch Sentries, 2 Redrain Guards, Old Nan, a mostly harmless old woman arrive, following Donella.

Maris checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 4 higher.

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A murmur of excitement goes through the crowd as a duelist from the Champions Guild enters the Tournament Grounds.

2 Redrain Guards arrives, following Kenjay.

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Talking quietly as they join the already gathered, and continuing to assemble, crowd at the Tournament Grounds, Lord Martino Malvici and Countess Kalani Seliki (protegee of Kaia Malvici) arrive at a team united. At least, that's what it looks like, and from the grin on Kalani's face, she's looking forward to seeing how all of this sorts out.

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Kenjay arrives, trailing two Redrain-liveried guards in his wake, and with a heavy canvas bag over his shoulder. Clad in scarlet and orange silks of a definite Eurusi style, and with his few pieces of armour definitely not designed by an Arvani smith, he stands out a little from the crowd - not least when the crowd starts to notice the arrival of a Champion.

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Drake arrives to the event with his regular dog, who is almost dog-sized now, if still quite young... and a smaller, but thick puppy. He's occasionally got to keep track of the puppy, but Calluna, who has grown to be more responsible much like her primary master, has helped with this task to some degree. Drake intended to participate in the War Games, but knows Thea worked hard to help on the organization side along with others from her family. He's in a bit of leather rather than any fancy armor, looking casual enough but still recognized by a few as he heads to the field.

Aethan was keeping an eye out for talent. He spots Kenjay and has his assistant William go cherry pick the Prince Champion in Eurusi clothing before anyone else can have a chance to charm him off to another team. Maris Maw also gets the same similar treatment, William tapping him on the shoulder and gesturing toward the High Booth.

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Fearsome crimson rubicund plate armor and intense orbs of vibrant violet tend to set this big, war-torn sellsword apart from the crowd. Maris Maw is a tad overdressed; perhaps he missed the bit about the swords being padded. Nonetheless, he has wasted no time in pledging his sword to the Duke Kennex, offering the eager assistant a toothy grin, white teeth bared amusedly right behind his thin, parted lips. Then he sets about with the battle plans, though the pale swordsman plans to do all of the fightning and little of the thinking.

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Casually stepping alongside Kalani, laughingly slightly with their pace into the Tournament Grounds, the Lord Martino Malvici's chin is dipping a-far to Eirene and the hosts. Leaning slightly to Kalani, the Lord Martino's voice is keeping hush before wiggling his fingertips a-far to the others already gathered, "Mmm if we are... telling people what to do. I think I might have those parts covered. Politely convincing them. That is."

Kenjay apparently had no better ideas; he wanders over in William's wake, and offers Aethan and Maris a polite nod and a few murmured words.

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Yvette seemed mostly out of place, her fiery red hair adorned with beads and stone sticking out like a sore thumb. Her clothes however spoke of nobility, a dress... though a bit dirty and ragged at the bottom. She didn't seem to bothered at her attire at least. This would speak of her adventurous spirit and most likely the reason she was here at the Tournament grounds to spectate or even to join in on the festivities. A rubicund bow with blue leather grip was draped over her back. She stood there cheery eyed, albeit a bit lost.

At the helm of Valardin livery walks a slow, yet stiffly dignified figure dressed in woolen tresses buckled by belts and scholarly arrangements. It is Sirius, ever grim of bearing with an insipid paleness to match, and as he trots the path into the grounds he is accompanied by two ornamented knights of oaths and honor clad in silvered plate whose joints ring the jarring of brushing metal as they follow along. With a dismissive wave of the hand he spirits them away to some corner, and with an elderly's gait - measured, every inch of energy spent calculated - he sways into the open field towards Donella and Tarik with a look both severe, and owlish in its wisdom. No comment is made.

Abellus arrives, heralded by the sound of bells jingling. He approaches the part of the field where people are gathering, frowning as he peers about. Then again, he's almost always frowning. He's clad in armor, perhaps making him overdressed as well, but then maybe that just makes him look festive for the war games. As Drake's smol and thicc pupper manages to run his way, he stops, snorts with amusement, and reaches a hand down in an offer of greeting.

Sitting in the judges booth Santi could be seen, the man dressed in his usual armor of rubicund and wielding a mug of the same red metal. The Malvici Lord's eyes drift over the field before he is looking to people as they begin to arrive. The man's mug lifted for a slow sip as he studies the arrivals watchful to see who all may come out for the war games.

Malcolm's here - and suddenly, then, he's not - he's met Prince Raimon before, so, at least there's that. "Good day, your Highness." He offers the Thrax royal a casual tip of his head, a quick wave, and then he squints over at Thea. He makes the watching-you-see gesture with fingers and feigned serious looks. "Oh, right, was I supposed to show up wearing armor? Fuck."

Donella waves to the other red-clan contingent with a broad grin, as she tries on a comically mismatched set of gear at the request of her nasty-old-lady minder, who is armed with spite and a stick. She nudges Tarik with a smile as Sirius wades in, and asks the Valardin with what is almost a fanged grin, "Just when I was praying for a dragon... Does this getup make me look fat?"

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Up on the main platform stands the three hosts of the event. Lady Eirene Riven, Lord Santi Malvici, and the newly anointed Countess Thea Wyvernheart. The proud banners of their houses hang behind them and flutter on the breeze.

Eirene calls out loudly, in her rough Lycene-accented tone, "Lords, Ladies,ighnesses,_Titles of all shapes and sizes, welcome to the War-Games. This is a chance to practice our command and battle prowess in a mostly safe environment. I say mostly safe because some dumbass is probably going to swing too hard and smack someone in the nuts, because that -always- happens..."

"Weapons are padded, arrows are ochre-sacks, and the rules are no hits to the head or groin. If a fighter is hit three times, they're out. We will engage in two melees, each one with a brief period of time for the commanders to study the battle field, the troops to be rallied for morale, and then to issue orders. Then, they fight. We clear the field of the 'dead' and then start again for round two."

She continues, "Let us begin with a prayer to Gloria for an honest and deserved victory, and a prayer to the Queen of Endings for those we lost all too recently. May we learn from their sacrifice to prevent others from being taken from us."

After an appropriate moment of silence, Eirene then barks, "Commanders! To your command stations! Soldiers! To the field!"

OOC Rules: Each round will use @Oldcheck (Stat) + (skill) at 10. We will then take your total score and count it towards your point total. Team/person with the highest point value wins.

Round 1: Read the field- Intellect/Perception + War at 10
Round 2: Rally the troops- Charm/command + Manipulation/Propeganda/Intimidation at 10
Round 3: Issue orders- command/intellect + Leadership/war at 10
Round 4: FIGHT!- dexterity + weapon of choice at 10
Break to reset
Repeat for Battle 2.
Highest overall score wins!

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Drake looks at Abellus, and offers him a hand as well. Drake's not a short man but he's not as wide as his brother is. He's got a good grip, though. "Ho there. I suppose the competitors are partnering up. Now I usually choose a lady but... mine's in the judge's booth today." He winks broadly over at his wife - he has the sort of gestures that are designed to play to the stands. Then he looks over for another person. "Ah. One moment." Finding Santi, Drake picks up the smaller puppy...

Drake walks over to Santi, and hands him the dog. "All yours compliments of the house. You can call me again if you need him trained. I've gotten used to it." Drake then examines the padded weapons, grabbing an appropriately blunted sword before bowing his head for the opening prayer.

Thea makes her onto the grounds, dressed in well--her usual attire. Leathers and all that. She walks in with Drake, then gives him a kiss on the cheek for luck. LUCK. Because well--Thea isn't participating today. Nope. She's going to help Eirene and Santi. By drinking and shouting orders. Spying Malcolm, she gives her patron a wave and smile.

carrick strode onto the field, shock partly unkempt red hair hanging loose. he surveyed the field with a smile, "well, this is going to be a good bit of fun" he looked over the other contestants and smiled warmly, the big man seemingly excited at the prospect of the fight.

Kalani lifts one hand to wave to Eirene and the hosts, and what looks like the assembled judges, as she shares a quiet nod with Martino. "You be persuasive and I'll try to think outside the box," she stays quiet as Eirene explains the outline of how all of this will potentially go (all variables of course!) and lowers her voice to add, "I should have worn armor," in a rueful tone of voice to Martino with a mild shake of her head. "It's days like this that I miss Orrin."

Cerys finds a spot in the general seating area, simply to watch the on-goings of the event.

Sirius makes a stately stoop forward, reaching down to unearth from a crust of dried dirt what seems to be an old - almost ancient, forgotten - sword bore of wood whose handle is bound by leather. With a tending finger he runs a palm across its edge, occasionally flicking off and scratching clean its edge of dirt-sheets. Considering the blade still, his lips twitch a smooth-bore smirk that does not meet the eyes. "Nothing wrong with a little bit of heft, your Highness," he assures Donella, tipping a polite bob of the head towards her after.

Eirene leans over the railing of the judges box, clad as she ever is in black leathers, and shouts: "Everyone in their places? I want to see you all kick some ass out here."

Eirene checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Abellus returns Drake's offered handshake. "Well met," he says, and his otherwise humorless-seeming face breaks into a brief grin as Drake mentions his lady. "I'm glad to be partnered with you, any rate. We'll do our best and impress her, hopefully." He falls silent as Eirene begins to address them. There's another grin as she mentions the probably-inevitable 'mishap'. Then, looking solemn again, he closes his eyes briefly, presumably praying during the moment of silence. Then he's seeking out a position that will offer him a good view of the battlefield.

Yvette looks around wide eyed and then looks to the man with the same red hair as her and shrugs. She then bounds to Carrick in fashionably but quick manner, "Want to be on a team? I'm Lady Yvette." she says with a smile.

When Drake makes his way over to select a weapon after Eirene's announcement and that moment of silence Santi can't help but grin a small bit spotting the little chonk. When the pup is handed over Santi draws the pup against his chest with one arm. His head dipping in thanks to Drake, "Oh he is perfect, thank you and I am sure I will be." As Drake moves off Santi moves back towards his seat leaning in to murmur to the dog, "Alright Tino, you behave and will get ya a good fuckin beef bone to gnaw on later."

Santi is overheard praising Drake: Giver of chonks!

Thea looks at Eirene then down at the grounds. "I'm a bit excited for this,"she admits. And it shows. "I'll likely be staring at asses as well,"Thea admits. Shamelessly. But then she grows a bit distracted at Santi's puppy. "Finn already took a like to him,"she warns Santi. Could be a warning. Then her gold-flecked green eyes are back on the field. "Good luck,"she hollers. "Oh! Hello Duke Aethan! I heard the Kay was full of rabbits! Maybe the crabs will help with that!"

For those familiar with Tarik's mannerism, he is engage in the one that reveals that he is deep in thoought: tapping of his left foot." Tarik dips his head slightly, "You look majestic as always, Princess." Tarik stops tapping for a moment, "This was not what I was expecting. I thought we might be moving game pieces around or something."

carrick grins at the eager young woman. "of course! we got to stick together and show these southerners how the north fights." he then pointed to raimon "see that Lad there..raimon. good man give him. a wave. we'll be beating then just ye wait." he smirked broadly at that "ahm carrick, nice to meet ye"

Eirene points to Kalani and Martino. "I'm assigning you some help," she says, motioning Cerys over to join them.

Yvette grins and gives Carrick an affirming nod at his explanation. She was happy to meet at least one person from the North. Did she really stick out that much as a sore thumb? Her hazel colored orbs peered around to look at the man Carrick pointed out. "Oh I met him the other night at the Cider House." she chuckles. "I'm good with bow. So I hope you'll cover me with your weapon of choice."

Sirius checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 105 higher. Sirius rolled a critical!

Joining in with the prayer, Martino's eyes close for a moment before turning his chin to Kalani, "Oh I imagine so. Well with Kaia down in Southport as well... my you should see her command the archers." Laughing a low tone to Kalani, Martino's sharp greens follow the direction of Eirene to welcome Cerys as he joins them. "Oh Princess Cerys... my a fine honour to be on the same team." His hand touching upon his chest, Martino's head is dipping before gesturing to Kalani, "Have you two met?"

Cerys stands and makes her way to Kalani and Martino, "Greetings."

"Yeah, then, you'll do the fighting part - and yes, that means - I'll be reading the field, rallying the troops." Malcolm pauses, "How're you with barking orders, Prince Raimon?"

Aethan was at the High Booths, working out a team meeting and strategy with the two William rounded up for him. There's hand shakes and introductions presented, but at some point he hears Thea and he looks across to find her hollaring, "Have you ever tried rabbit with crab? It's delicious!" His voice sends back over.

Malcolm checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 37 higher.

Abellus checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

Aethan checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 28 higher.

"I already impressed her enough for her to marry me but... I don't know how long that's good for. She's a harsh judge," Drake says to Abellus. "All right. I'll trust you to handle this preparation round. I'm a little hands-on on the field."

Yvette checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

12 House Velenosa Guards, Ibasia, the Velenosa Lady-in-Waiting, Ellani, the palm sized spider arrive, following Jaenelle.

Carrick checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

"COMPANY!" Blares a violently loud, almost derisive - and demanding - voice from the deep-chest of one decrepit, skinny, almost sickly figure that is Sirius Valardin. And just so, as though possessed, a bevy of men dressed in scanty plate and showing leathers wielding halberds, spears and all manner of pointy things challenge the field and take a position. "Lennard, take your maniple left and give me a right-facing flank from which to push! Hurry! Gods be with you!" Flagging another 'Sergeant' over -- some silly commoner with an ill-fitting helm, he addresses him severely; "Sir Mika, take your archers and position them up on that ridge. I want a clear view of the field, and plenty of updates! Go!"

Kalani checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 15 higher.

"OY, Troops -- " Malcolm doesn't boom out, but he's certainly not quiet about it either. "See that one over there. Let's be like them, yeah? All brave and true and really chivalric on account of Valardin, right? So. Going to also be us. So - we're the Valiant Effort. But we put in maximum effort." Earnestly.

Aethan sizes up what is happening, seeing that Sirius Valardin already has the best position on the field, reacting to getting his troops there before Aethan can properly read the situation. It's the RABBIT conversation that distracted him and likely lead to some time being lost. Malcolm's team gets the next favorable position so he directs Kenjay and Maris, "There. That's the ground that's left to us. We'll have to watch our flanks, we can easily get pinned down there, but that's the ground left to us."

Kalani shares a rueful smile with Cerys along with one extended hand, "Nice to meet you, your highness. I don't know that we've met properly, please call me Kalani, for the sake of absolute informality in all of this. I thought this would be a interesting way to see how other people's minds work."

Donella dispatches her wing of the play troops to align themselves to Sirius's orders. "Well, don't look at ME," she says tartly. "He know's what he's doing. Jog on." She grins at Tarik and says, "Points for style."

Cerys takes her eyes from the field and instead looks over to Kalani and offers a soft smile, "Well met, indeed. And yes, certainly seems like a way to meet many others." She dips her head politely and then slightly smirks at Martino.

Abellus nods. "Gloria be with you," he says in parting to Drake, and then he's hard at work, checking the layout of the field. He ends up ordering his troops to a position which, alas, does not utilize any high ground. As he sees Sirius' forces claiming such advantagous spots, he strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Yvette look around a little haphazardly. This was not at all what she was used too. She was an archer not a commander. However the red head northerner lady had a decent way about her voice and commanded the soldiers under her and carrick, with his help of course. "Archers highest position you can take. Footmen split into two groups one on the left and right. Archers keep eye and watch your fellow footmen." she says with authority, although a bit sloppy.

Raimon watches and listens. Raimon scratches his beard with his thumb, commenting to Malcolm: "Well Done, my Good Shepherd. Aye: This isn't Real War, this is 'Fake War' . . . and the true Victory here is but Knowledge. Who should I be watching, to best learn?" Raimon wonders, scanning the field.

Kenjay moves with the 'troops' according to Aethan's orders, following the Duke Regent's commands. He looks a bit odd, brightly-coloured as he is and in a truly outlandish set of armour - literally outlandish, at that - but he seems to have at least some idea of where he's supposed to be.

Thea leans forward, interest all over face. "Shit,"she murmurs as she watches Siris and crew. Leaning over to her aunt and Santi, Thea nods and points. "Even Dom would be impressed,"though she watches Abellus and Drake too.

Maris leads a detachment of ragged islanders and randomly assorted commoners onto the field, padded weapons and all, taking up the position laid out to him by Aethan. His thin lips set in a firm line, it doesn't take him long to break out into an easy grin, leaning more heavily on one leg as he looks over his competition. A big, blade-touched hand absently lifts up, working pale-scarred fingers through his silky champagne blonde hair as he waits.

Keg, a warhorse arrives, following Kritr.

Kritr has joined the High Booth.

Kenjay checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 10, rolling 46 higher.

Donella checked command + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 58 higher.

Martino checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 71 higher.

Drake checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 24 higher.

Yvette checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 22 higher.

Speaking quietly with Martino and Cerys before agreeing on the initial plan of actions and relays their initial set of orders to the troops assigned to them on the training sands. She has their team assemble in simple formation with swift runners ready to relay instructions, really to relay information, and turns to Cerys and Martino with a worried look on her face. "It's much easier wading into a fight on the deck of a ship, there's always the option to shove people off into the water."

Offering fingertips to Cerys, Martino's lips are curling wryly towards her, "Mm and I get to see your fine... command in person. At least this first time." Crinking the corners of his sharp greens to Cerys, the Malvici Lord straightens as he lifts his chin to speak across towards the team Kalani-Cerys-Tino, "Troops. Now of oh-so many of you I know personally, your fine skill with the sword. The pike. I heard, truly, on the other side who you will face tonight are... believing they are better than you. Nay. I say." Raising his hand, putting on the performance with a wry curl of his lips, "I say you shall display yourselves proudly out there and show how hard padded swords bruise."

Kenjay grins, stepping out in front of the 'troops' and turning to face them. "Soldiers of Kennex-Redrain-Maw!" His Arvani carries a tinge of Eurus at the edges, but his voice rings like a clarion across the field. "We have one of the greatest military minds of the Compact! We have a Captain who knows his trade! We have a Champion of the Guild! And we have stout hearts and good weapons! Today we will taste victory, and drink deep of that draught!" He lifts a padded shortsword, and brandishes it high. "TO THE LAST!"

Drake is good at fast-talk and he can make a somewhat convincing go of rallying the troops, but perhaps fast-talk isn't what is necessarily the strongest play in a war game situation. It's an all right speech nonetheless. "There's a lot of competition out there, and I can't deny there will be danger. But whatever happens, I will ride with you. So summon your courage, men, women, and to our victory!"

Malcolm checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 15 higher.

Kritr arrives a little late, taking a seat to watch without interrupting.

Cerys lifts a closed hand to her lips, hiding a soft smile behind it and perhaps even a chuckle, "Of course," she comments to Martino and nods to Kalani in agreement, "I'll say." She then lifts her chin, eyeing the troops with determination as well as the rest of the field.

Yvette narrows her eyes and pursed her lips thinking of what to say to rally her troops. She spoke with Carrick a few moments before and then proceeded to speak. There was a calm eloquence in her voice, yet an untapped wisdom behind young eyes. She may have looked lost for the most part but she spoke from her heart, "We may be a rag tag team of Northerners but we have a fury in our heart that says otherwise! We'll fight with the force of nature on our side! To arms!"

Aethan is standing somewhere pointedly that he can see the battle and be near enough to issue commands, though he nods at Kenjay's rally, keeping his eyes close on the positions of the other teams. He doesn't look like he'll be fighting, leaving that to his Champion and Captain commanders of the field.

For his part, in the back, Abellus lifts an arm and lets out a roar of approval at Drake's speech, feeling quite inspired and/or leading by example. Much hype, so battle.

"We're just doing our best, Prince Raimon, and yeah - you heard the Prince, didn't you, troops?" One commoner blinks, a little bewildered, and Malcolm gestures. "Listen. It's fake war. Take the game. We might not get the points for the most enthused group of fighters wrapped and carrying blanket-wrapped swords, but, here we are. DRINKS WILL BE ON ME!" Malcolm's winded now.

Donella gets herself along into the field, neither a great fighter, nor a well-known commander, but she puts herself amongst those that will see action first, and likely hardest. And lets them see her do it, trusting them with her well-being, and confident. Once or twice as she gets settled she will sieze at the gorget of some nearby man and pull him to where he can hear her better. And it's unclear really, what she says... no one afterward will say. Louder, and so all thoose can hear her--she has a voice for public speaking, "Not ONE STEP BACKWARD. Glory lasts forever!"

Eirene grins at the various battle-cries and inspirational words. "Your brother's doing what he does best," she says to Thea. "Smooth-talking a crowd." Donella's simple yet effective method is met with an approving nod.

Aethan checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 61 higher.

Abellus checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Sirius checked command + war at difficulty 10, rolling 33 higher.

Carrick checked command + war at difficulty 10, rolling 14 higher.

Cerys checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Raimon checked command + war at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

Soon, an armada of make-believe people-at-arms, knightly figures and 'archers' totting long, imaginary bows playacted off of brooms all assemble in pincer maneuver around the field under Sirius' given orders, yet spurred on altogether by Donella, surrounding then - and thus protecting - that dissimulated phalanx of spears and halberds that push a rigid, double-enveloping front-line towards the field's contested center. The Prince's orders are clear, the stage is set: he requires only the vanguard's strength to claim it.

Heavy, his pushing front-line is; heavy like Valardin likes it, the 'blades' sticking out a padded mass with overlap upon overlap of long-reaching weapons that even here, when made of wood and fake material, are strangely intimidating as they knock upon one another while held out with the vanguard's every step forward. And with each said step, they all roar in cheering and heartening unison; "HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!"

In the meantime, Sirius remains in the backline of it all eating a pretentious fruit -- a pear, most likely. "Master Tarik," he unhurriedly tells the armed man beside him whilst loudly chewing -- Tarik Morien. "I should like to see you finish this charade in a manner worth remembering, no? Go claim our prize, champion."

Aethan's watched the positions of the other teams, "HEY YOU-" this is said with great respect, directed at Kenjay, "Hard left, get around their defenses!" Then he's whistling to Captain Maris, "Take it up the alley! Wedge! THERE!" He directs a weakness through Martino/Kalani/Cerys team formation in attempts to scatter them, sending issues for Kenjay to pinch them in up against Donella/Sirius/Tarik's team.

Abellus takes a deep breath and orders, "Archers, you will unleash your volley first, to soften them up. You--" here he gestures to a quarter of the melee troops "--will stay with the archers while the rest of you advance forward. Hit them hard as you can, then fall back, while the archers advance behind you. Then, archers, be ready to repeat your volleys. We will be like waves. This may be a land battle, but we will be like water. Surge forward, ebb back!" It's a...well it's something, definitely. They'll see how it works out soon!

Carrick barked out loudly, "Come on lads! you lot, swing round the side an catch em from the flank. you lot with me! we'll keep em nice and distracted an wishing they stayed in bed! Archers.. dont shoot us in the arse alright! keep the volleys into their back lines, get em all huddled up nice and tight like a babe in water" Sea-green eyes danced with merriment as he fell into his element

Cerys steps forward, nodding at the main body of her troops, "Tight and close. Defend and push." she then lifts her hand, "Archers high and eyes on the center. We're the humble party here that everyone will want to look at." Cerys commands her troops with precision and very little talk, mostly using her gestures to instruct and leaving the excitement to Kalani and Martino.

Maris checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 48 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 48 higher.

Eirene lets out a low whistle at something and murmurs to Santi and Thea. Then she laughs at a reply.

Cerys checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 68 higher.

Yvette checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 10, rolling 23 higher.

Raimon stands in the middle of the line, preparing himself for the rush to come. Stoic, impassive, determined. Eyes straight forward. Breathing controlled. Hands gripping the pike, but never clenched -too- tight. *Time passes.* Wait, was he supposed to -say- something? Something all verbal, out loud, and Leader-ly? Oh. Well he doesn't. A rustling of spears. The sighs of the wind.

Tarik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 48 higher.

Sirius shouts from nearby, "Get 'em Tarik! Make it such an end!"

Raimon checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 64 higher.

Kenjay laughs at Aethan's words, then lifts his sword and charges. He's not a great military mind, but he can carry people with him into a fight.

Donella ALMOST gets nailed with a sack of dust. The color bursts on the ground just in front of her as the first rank rubs up against Aethan's last-directed troops. In mock battle is like watching a bargain-hunter at a sale, failing as tthough tto whack someone on the head with a hand-bag. She all but has to be seized around the middle by someone in the third file and held back, crying, "Is that Kenjay Redrain? That blood well is! Those are my favorite shoes, you reprobate! I will bloody well put you in the damned dirt, so help me! Let me loose!" If she were a spider, her wildly gesticulating limbs would be making threats to fill their nasal passages with web, to lay her eggs in her ears, to get in their hair...

Malcolm stands as a good second in command would, adding in very grave tones: "Sometimes silence is the most deafening. Well done, Prince Raimon Thrax."

Drake seems all on board with this plan that Abellus is calling, as he gets ready for the fighting portion of the bout. Here, he manages to hold his end. Though he's still learning the ways of tactics and leadership, Drake is good at leading from the front lines and swinging a sword, even a blunted practice one. There's a lot of good fighters here to watch out for, and Drake takes note of their motions as well, dodging, ducking, and relying on footwork to score a few good points and tags in the eyes of the judges and keep the troops inspired with his own grace.

Arrows are first to whizz and whirl by, of course not sharp ones, Yvette taking the first shot and signaling the others. She shoots hers off with precision while others follow suit. It wasn't the best work they could've done long range but there was a fire in each of there hearts that fueled them forward. Arrow after arrow, made of cushiony love, being released with a snap of string and then clashes and thuds of wooden swords as the footmen rushed forward. Yvette turned and grinned at Carrick, watching him go. Despite a loss they still had fun, especially Yvette. She looked to the seats and waved at her brother, Kritr hoping to have done him proud.

Maris wades into the melee amidst the horde of off-duty knights, begrudging men-at-arms and common *hobbyists* alike. He holds his own, releasing a low, breathy laugh as he snakes along the lines and gets in hits where he can, though he largely focuses on remaining untouched and retaining some semblance of order among his troops.

Kritr lifts a hand to acknowledge he sees Yvette. A smile warms his ugly features somewhat.

Folding arms over his chest, Martino's sharp greens are watching the movements of his side charge to others. Wryly curling his lips as Cery's commands and murmuring low, "I - think - this is... a good turn for us." Wincing slightly as a swing comes to hit a soldier before his eyes, "Oh. Or not."

Aethan watches the charge of their fake armies, knowing it's up to the field fighters to finish how this battle will roll out. There was not much to be done against Sirius' team getting the higher ground, in fact it's such a critical advantage that his present tactics couldn't combat it. He ducks one of those padded incoming arrows, side stepping it as he narrows his eyes toward Donella's team. "Next time I won't be distracted by Crabs!" He issues as a warning across to Donella, in a competitive but friendly manner! His eyes flick back to his men, "Capture that ground!" He sharply encourages Maris, even if he knows the battle plan was bested by critical reads that Sirius beat him to! You win some, you lose some. The perfectionist that is him however, hates failing. It's a chafe and his jaws clench a little, back straightening. Next round. No mistakes.

"It is just, Tarik. I have never mastered anything in my entire life." Tarik fiddles around with his helmet. "Well, I once mastered a game of Sword and Dagger, It was when a robber said let's play a game for you life then pulled out a dagger. I won the game because I had a sword. A smirk appears on his lips for a moment before he enters the battle. Tarik spins his blade around in his wrist, the sweat pouring down on his face. "I hate combat in hot weather!"

Cerys holds a fist in the air, commanding her troops to remain and watch. Though after the battle is brought to her group, she motions them to proceed, with arrows flying everywhere and what could be toy weapons swinging everywhere. She too leaps forward to fight along her men and woman, deftly swinging her own weapon, tripping soldiers, dodging and also taking some light hits from time to time, "Defend!"

Raimon finally speaks. All out loud and verbal like. Tapping into his own innermost motivations, achieving simpatico with the Gestalt of All Soldiers, Raimon motivates: "If we're last, we do 500 push-ups. If we -beat- them, FREE BEER." Raimon does -not- want to do 500 pushups. No. No. No he does not. Raimon, at the least, is motivated. He charges into the fray, swinging and stabbing, shouting, at volume, his War Cry: "FFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE BEER!"

"Bring her back!" A clarion call from hell directed to his henchmen, Sirius' voice is -- the schemer behind Donella's retrieval from her over-committed front-line and violent involvement in the open melee, wherein all reeks of sweat, mud and... a little bit of blood. "Bring her back, but keep her in view! Let the people see her -- she's meant to inspire, we cannot risk her falling!" One could see the bone-skinny Valardin Prince flagging the two soldiers over as his battlefield's piercing voice bellows, using waving hands to direct them to the backline, giving Donella a 'dais' of sorts upon their shoulders from which to behold Tarik. Still, he bites into his pear, viewing Aethan - specifically - from afar with one smug, fruit-eating grin.

Kalani is studying the field of contest, field of combat? field of sand? with a look of intense curiosity on her face, nodding slowly along as Martino makes his initial assessment andlistens as Cerys sets their troops in motion. And then Prince Raimon's rallying battle cry sums it up! making the Seliki laugh.

Eirene holds up her hands as soldiers start to fall on the field and armies regroup. "Hold! Let's clear the 'dead' from the field and grab some water before we start the next round. Good job, everyone! I saw some inspired moves out there." She turns and tallies up numbers with Santi, and starts moving little colored flags around on a count board.

Malcolm's motivated -- to take that as the cue to continue the forward charge, and beyond, as he no doubt is headed in a drinkerly direction.

Malcolm has left the Far Stands.

t "Wha--Hey! Where are we going?! Stop that! Unhand me!" Donella can be heard to squawk as she is moved about at Sirius' direction. "Don't touch me THERE, what are you, twelve? I'm a married woman...!"

Cerys takes in a deep breath and begins to walk back, waving to Kalani and Martino. On her way to them, she passes Raimon, whom she pokes with her faux weapon and comments playfully, "Surrender the beer." And then goes on her way.

Drake pushes some hair out of his face - but he's sweating, and it never STAYS pushed out, and will flop back after a few motions of his head - as he rushes off the field for a break. He's smiling ear-to-ear, enjoying the workout, but his words tell a different story as he talks to his fellow Oathlander. "Ahhh... we're getting routed." He laughs anyway. "Anything we should be doing differently out there? Might have you try the speech next time if you can be a bit louder."

Laughing low to Cerys as she is returning, Martino's head dips to the Princess, "Oh how fine you did display your skill there Princess Cerys." Doffing his left hand to Kalani before lifting his gaze towards Eirene, "Yes I shall have my good assistant get a beer before this next round does start. Did you notice anyone, Kalani or Cerys, who might be our biggest challenge?"

Yvette looks to Carrick and grins, "I guess your hair speaks volumes about your fueled fire to fight." she chuckles softly at the man. "Thanks for letting me join your team. Might not be winning but I'm having fun!"

The combat's ending has Kenjay taking off that peculiar helm of his, and laughing as he makes his way back to Aethan and Maris. "Now that," he says, "Was fun."

Cerys chuckles softly, her hand reaching over to pat Martino's shoulder, "Our biggest challenge? Yes, the ones offering free beer and wine. Who doesn't want to fight for that?"

Agreeing with Cerys as she says, "I think anyone who bellows Free Beer as a rallying cry makes a fromidable opponent," Kalani notes with a grin and turns that same grin toward Cerys. "You're really good at this, I'm glad you joined our team."

Carrick looks to Yvette and smiles "Ah can be a bit hot blooded aye. but its not about winning lass. its about trying, striving, and testing yerself. always getting better.. always pushing forward." he thumped his chest. "it was an honor to fight with ye, ah hope to do so again! and.. as any good fight should end.. ah hope we can share a drink too!"

Sirius maintains one flabby, almost groggy expression rife with pride and self-satisfaction as Donnella's hauled in his general direction. By now, all that is left of his pear's but a core which he chucks diligently into a nearby basket. "Piece of cake," brags to Donella the young scion of Valar with a tight-eyed, crooked grin of boyish proportion. A single dimple rises from its left flank to depth, it crested and hewn into his cheek, and as he gazes up to the sky, he gives a small thanking prayer. "I'll go read about Steel now. Take care, your Highness." Rising off of his bench - one he had mysterious not left even while during the fighting - the slender-skinny Prince cartwheels away on long, bookish steps.

Abellus meets Drake halfway, extending a hand to the fallen to help them up. He's not grinning nearly as widely as Drake is, but there's a bit of a quirk at those corners of his mouth. "That we are. But you're still on both feet, so we must be doing something right. I won't lie -- I haven't any amazing ideas just yet, and I wouldn't mind a turn out on the field. If you would like to add your own insight, I will be happy to learn from you. And if the battle calls to you again, then I will be just as happy to send you back out to kick some more ass." Oh, yep, see, there's a smile. Briefly.

Aethan misses the pear-smugness over there from Sirius, but he doesn't need to see it to know that he's somehow not been his best today and not being his best is not living up to his reputation. THIS will not stand. He's pacing a little as the troops come back out of the fight, losses counted up. "Kenjay, really good out there with the rallying. We'll need more of that next round. Captain Maris, excellent fighting. I think it's on me that I didn't secure the best ground early on. For that, I apologize." HE's so SERIOUS. "Enjoy some drinks, water the troops. If you're willing to head into battle again, I would retain your services!"

Cerys dips her head toward Kalani, "My pleasure, Countess. Thank you for having me."

Raimon has left the Far Stands.

"Round two!" Eirene's commander's bark rings out over the murmur of the recovering soldiers. "Commanders, survey the field and your remaining troops! There's glory and some kick-ass prizes on the line for the three placing teams" Incentive. "And when it's over, we'll have a party with, yes! Free beer and wine! Your hosting houses of Malvici, Riven, and Wyvernheart have contributed to the feast, and the prizes are courtesy Prince Aindre Grayson."

Maris returns to the stands for a meeting with Aethan and Kenjay, still wearing a faint smirk on those thin lips. His silky soft hair is a bit tousled now, beads of sweat rolling down his pale visage. Thankfully, the test of arms has spared him any grevious wounds and he can live on to fight another day. Round two. "Aye, my lord. I'll be ready, and maybe we cin' turn things around for the win. We deserve nothing less here."

Aethan checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 9 higher.

Yvette gives a bobbing nod to Carrick before she hears round two being shouted. "Mmm free beer." she chuckles before she looks around.

"Mmm so we should offer free beer." Nodding gradually at Kalani and Cerys' scouting, Martino's mulling hush to the two. His sharp greens crinkling at Cerys, "Although I have a lot more wine than beer. In fact an entire cask in the suite."

Kalani checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 39 higher.

Yvette checked intellect + war at difficulty 10, rolling 3 lower.

2 Valardin Knights, Dog, a scruffy west Oathlands mongrel leave, following Sirius.

Donella checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 25 higher.

Abellus checked perception + war at difficulty 10, rolling 15 higher.

Kritr has brought along something to eat, some unidentifiable meat on a stick that he bought from a street vendor. If the North couldn't kill him, Arx street cuisine probably can't do the job either.

A quick drink, making sure everyone else got something as well, and Kenjay's heading back out onto the field (and strapping that bizarre helmet back on, and locking the faceplate into place) as he goes.

Perhaps Carrick shouldn't have left Yvette doing the scouting again. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she thought about free beer. Most everyone got the upper hand but hey... at least she'd be enjoying free beer at the end of the games.. right? That surely counts for something. Oh wait.. They all were. She shrugged her shoulders and tried to make the best of her bad skills.

Donella gathers herself up with a gusty laugh once she hass been safely deposited. "Well, err, snacked, your highness," Donella responds to the departing Sirius. "Er, enjoy your metallurgy? Tarik? Tarik Morien, where have you gotten to? Ah, there. She grimaces, and gets up on a bale so she can see how thing properly are left. "Alright, alright, you lot, form up, back in your ranks." Her eyes pick out the places where colorful dust has made holes in the line. "Hold the high ground... such as it is. Polearms forward..."

"Free beer and wine, and food in fact make it a whole feast," Kalani suggests with a thoughtful tone to her voice as the games prepare to get in motion again. "There's a lot of general enthusiasm out there, or they're humoring the lot of us, or really both," she guesses with a slight shake of her head. "Lets do that again, stay agile and react on the fly without getting bogged down fighting for position."

Aethan is getting a drink. There was supposed to be a breather in between! Maybe he had been pacing far too long and by the time he secures a free one, he nearly chokes on it as the armies of the other teams are already moving out. He's got an advantage in front of Yvette's team, but otherwise, he narrows eyes, "Another up hill battle for us..." He looks very very disappointed in himself, which means his jaws clench and he looks like he could chew on glass. It's for fun right?! Fun is not a word that he likes to consider in moments of practice that should harness his renowned skills, "I should have had my eye on Donella this whole time." He gulps down a swig, "Kenjay, up to you to do the best we can with that turf there. Rally our troops together, I'll sort out a better position in a moment..." Grump. GRUMP. Internal GRUMP.

Abellus has learned a -little- bit from last round, because he has his remaining troops take possession of a leeeetle modest hillock. Little more than an extra bit of piled up dirt with some grass bravely growing on it -- but it's higher than the ground around it! Woo! It's just big enough to fit the rest of the archers, in any case. He leads them there himself, having spied a bloody big (padded) axe somewhere in the back during the break. Somebody wants to try and flex, maybe.

Thea watches with a grin. "This is worth--everything."

Kenjay checked charm + propaganda at difficulty 10, rolling 54 higher.

Donella checked command + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 44 higher.

Martino checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 42 higher.

Drake checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 29 higher.

Yvette checked charm + manipulation at difficulty 10, rolling 13 higher.

"And when it comes to free beer, wine AND food. Who better to feed you than... us three?" Gesturing his left hand to Kalani, his right to Cerys, Martino steps forward to encourage his troops. Crinkling the corners of his sharp greens, his chin lifting, "See I have a cask of it and I hear that, on the other side, they claim that WARM BEER is the best beer." Shuddering, visibly, Martino's fingertips wiggle, "And we cannot stand to have warm beer be the winning beer. Which is why with all our heart we must fight."

Drake has to give another speech, but he's got an angle of attack for it at this point. "Coming from behind makes us the underdogs. So above all, do not lose hope. The hardest won victories are the most gratifying, the most spectacular, and the ones that make legends of warriors!" After finishing that speech, which was still just okay, he does think maybe he could've taken the beer angle... very well-said honestly.

Kenjay turns to the troops again. "We did well last time!" One shortsword lifts. "We shall do better this time!" The other shortsword lifts. "For change is coming, and THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE EVER AT OUR BACKS!" Both blades are punched into the air, the Redrain once more carrying his team with the raw power of his personality (and several decades of training in how to carry a crowd). It's an effective encouragement, or at least it seems to be, by the way his troops grip their weapons.

The red haired woman narrows her eyes, "Alright.. Let's show the other teams what it's like to fight with a pounding thud of war drums on the horizon. Wolfs howling in the dead of night, and a northerner's rallying war cry echoing through the snows! We'll knock 'em off there feet and steal there beer!!!" she looks to Carrick and smiles.

Aethan watches Kenjay with his brows popping up as the Prince uses the motto of House Kennex to rally the troops as well as his own. Aethan lifts a fist in the air, but then he's studying Donella's work over there, trying to find an advantage somewhere before the teams clash in one big melee again. Where is it. Where is it.

Beer is an amazing motivator, it's true. But Abellus at least enjoys a good come-from-behind story, and he answers his comrade's speech with a blood(if not beer)thirsty cheer.

"If you lot snatch defeat from the jaws of victory now," Donella can be heard saying, "-when you have had every advantage, the best of the ground, the best men and women at arms, well, I hope your loser beer tastes of horse-piss, and that it gives you the trots of shame. Look at you. You're so much better looking than they are. Shoulder to shoulder, and side to side, we are a fucking brilliant wall and they can't touch us."

Aethan checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 64 higher.

Tarik tips his hat to Donella, "As you command, Princess!" Tarik hurries to get back in place before the next round to begin. He positions himself in the center ranks this time.

Tarik checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 16 higher.

Drake checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 25 higher.

Carrick checked command + war at difficulty 10, rolling 8 higher.

Cerys checked command + leadership at difficulty 10, rolling 52 higher.

Inhaling slightly more, Martino's lips tighten as the troops prepare themselves. Gathering back to his fellow commanders in Cerys and Kalani, his voice lowers down, "Now... I -think- if we strike on the right hand side. That is where they are weaker." Martino's nodding, heavily, as if he knows this.

Drake likes being out in the front of the fight, but he also wanted to see how well Abellus could do at the hand to hand part and try his own skill at in-battle leadership. He's still not as LOUD as he could be. That part he thinks he may have to work on. But he's getting the hang of the tactics part of things, shouting proper direction and seeking out space to get the soliders on the field to flank the enemy. "Now, to the side! Find the opening and strike! Archers - take aim!" Who knew yelling was another good way to work up a sweat.

Carrick shook his head as he looked to the field "Alright se the flanking bit.. well that didnt work fir shite." he pointed a finger at a group of men, "yes ahm talkin about you lot. ah think ye get into that beer early waggling them weapons around like a bunch of nans in a knitting circle. so this time, we going to do it proper. we get em nice and soft with the arrows.. and then we charge! Ah want to hear whooping and hollering.. yes even you southerners. just look for the red heads and do what we do. we gonna charge an break em wide like a walnut!"

Aethan bellows out, his voice like a trumpet of war across the stage built for it, inspiring and at the same time, the take charge sort of command that finds a weakness and directs his troops into it, "THERE! KENJAY, MARIS!" He signals to them, a signal that was worked out prior to the events, so they know, gaining the advantage of better ground, "HOLD TOGETHER!!! Keep the lines! FORWARD!" He actually has taken this opportunity to stand up on a bench or a chair, whatever was available, so he could see the view of the field, whistling and getting his flags raised in order to help coordinate the efforts of his field commanders. A weakness was found and he's putting all energy into challenging Donella's team, while protecting his flanks from Cerys' team.

On the judging stand, Eirene surveys the battlefield and motions now and again at a clever bit of strategy being displayed. She approvingly gives a nod. She leans back and murmurs to her fellow judges for a moment.

Cerys takes over from Kalani and Martino, getting her troops into position, with herself and their center, "Remain alert, hold as needed." She then nods at Martino, "A fair call. I will be with you every step of the way." She then waves her hand as the troops get into position.

Donella picks up a color bag and makes sling improvised from her narrow string belt. She fits the bag into the cradle and slowly begins to whirl up the device by it's two strings, until it is producing a low whirr of sound. PSSSSHHH, the lower string is released, and the shot and thrown color bags rise in a volley, the chalk producing in some places a literal rainbow fog of war.

"The quicker we get out of this heat, the guicker we can get drunk. Let's fight!" Tarik nods his heads to himself. Tarik smirks quitely, "So it not one of the my speechers, but there were about leading people into cold places."

Santileans in and mutters something between the two other judges and hosts, the man moments later raising up before quickly moving to slip off. For one reason or another.. A wicked gleam resting in his dark eyes.

Abellus stares fixedly ahead at the enemy, as if he is trying to discern which of the opposing side is the weakest, like a wolf looking at a herd of elk to cull one. He readies his axe in his hands and prepares to charge into the fray.

Santi has left the Judges Booth.

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Kalani nods at Martino and then Cerys, trying to see what Martino sees when he looks at the field, and holding quiet for a momanet as Cerys orders their troops into position. Only then does she cup her hands around her mouth, to amplify the sound, and bellows out: "Beer! Wine! Food!" a three syllable war cry, if ever there was one. Much less destructive than her usual banner of 'burn, fight, kill!' by comparison.

Carrick checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 43 higher.

Abellus checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 30 higher.

Maris checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 93 higher. Maris rolled a critical!

Cerys checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 35 higher.

Tarik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 10, rolling 39 higher.

Sure enough, Carrick did exactly as suggest. Bellowing out a war cry to shake the stands, the big man hurled himself toward the enemy, the soldiers struggling along to keep up with the man's long stride. the cry was taken up, weakly at first but then stronger, until the men smashed into the opposing force. weapons went wild, and Carrick descended into a whirlwind of motion. the warcry from the man slowly changed into deep laugh as the thrill of the fight took over. someone shouted out something.. then more picked it up and son another cry was echoing across the field "RAIMON'S PAYING!"

Maris charges forth with a flourish, turning away padded pikes, spears and broken broom sticks with his padded bastard sword as he gets stuck into the thick of it. A tap there, a tap here; he's surprisingly nimble for a man of his size, and deadly proficient with a sword, however bloated with padding and fluff. Soon, he has cleared out a sizeable portion of the field with his men behind him despite whatever disadvantage they had been at previously. "Victory!" He bellows, all too caught up in the glory at stake on the field together, "To victory!"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Abellus charges, alright. He is so eager to get all worked up and sweaty pretend-killing people that he advances a little too far. There is a point where he realizes that he has allowed himself to get cut off from the rest of his comrades, and this sends him into an absolute fury of slashing and thumping. Several of the opposing side fall before his axe, but in the end, he joins the fallen. He is cut down by three padded sword blows and an ochre-spilling arrow to the knee, at once, before the rest of his army can reach his position and do their own best job of making the other side pay (for their beer).

Cerys yells for the troops to charge forward, with her leading them into it, faux weapon swinging left and right, booping people here and there, a comical sight, truly, especially with such a determined face. They finally reach a favorable position and hold, pushing back whatever comes at them.

Aethan clasps his hands behind his back, when he watches Maris take the opportunities presented, nodding as he realizes that Maris too saw the weakness in formation. It may be fun, it may be sporting with drinks at the end, but his was promptly spilled as he pumps his arm up to salute the fighting men in the field following Kenjay and Maris into battle, looking to the flag bearers and switching the tactics so that they can take full advantage of the wedge that was going right through the other teams, with Maris at the helm. He keeps an eye on Cerys' group however, but his target was the front runners. Someone get him a pear! He stepped down from the platform he had wrestled to rise him up on, nodding to himself as the fighting does seem to swing in his team's favor.

Donella quite disappears in the melee at intervals. But rules are rules and when the maximum number of marks are taken, she has to be toted off the field over a man's shoulder like a sack of grain, amongst the casualties of Maris' assault.

Kritr's hands are too full to applaud, but he is clearly attentive to the proceedings.

Theadora, A young Golden Eagle, Amara, a not at all shady looking prodigal, Eos, A Malvici Shield bearer, Tino, A chonky Highhill pup arrive, following Santi.

"Princess and Princes, Lords and Ladies, good common folk - we have seen some amazing fucking fighting here today! Let's all give a cheer for the combatants!" Pause for applause. "Now comes the best part! In first place, with an amazing surge at the end -a score of 483 points: the team of Aethan, Maris, and Kenjay! Your prizes are - 2,500 in military trade. 150k in silver, and... you'll have to fight over this one... a bar of alaricite!" She holds up the silver-white metal for the crowd to admire.

"In second place, with a score of 448: Donella, Tarik, and Sirius! Your prize is 1,500 in military trade and 75k silver!"

"And in third, with 399: Kalani, Cerys, and Martino! Your prize is 1,000 in contracts and 25k in silver."

She stops and looks at Carrick and Yvette. "Sometimes, the battle can only be won through dogged determination and courage of heart in the face of mighty foes. No-one has displayed that better than these two today. Let's give them a damned deserved round of applause!" She motions to Santi to step forward.

Santistepping back in and just in time Santi moves to approach Yvette and Carrick, The man offering the pair two smaller rubicund mugs engraved with the letters WGSF, the man though does grin as he mutters to the pair as he presents their /prize/.

Cerys makes her way back to Kalani and Martino, smiling amicably, "We did well. Thank you again, for having me," she leans forward a bit with her hands on her knees as she catches her breath.

Kritr does cheer when it is called for, standing up, flinging the well-chewed skewer over his shoulder and yelling at the top of his lungs. "The NOOOOOOOOORTH!"

Donella applauds the hosts and their largesse, and in spite of the fall to second, whistles her bedraggled appreciation of Tarik's and her forces, Sirius off doing metal-related things... with no pears. "Well played! A hand for our hosts and sponsors!"

Drake, a bit worn out from all of the action, claps his hands enthusiastically for the winners as they're announced. Then he goes for a beer, feeling it well earned in spite of being soundly routed. He looks at Abellus again as the other man comes off the field. "Did well out there really. I think we got out-manuevered, but there will be more. Good working with you." At Maris's performance, Drake is quite impressed. "You have some skill, eh? Are you prospecting with the Champions?"

Kenjay applauds the other teams and cheers on command - and, accepting the victor's prize from Eitene with a fluid Eurusi-style bow, he returns to Aethan and Maris for a quiet discussion.

Eirene drops two bags of coins in the mugs before Santi hands them over to Carrick and Yvette. "Well done, you guys. You deserved this."

Tarik quickly gets back in the ranks to help the soldiers pressed forward. Few moments after the battle, Tarik wakes up in time to hear that they fell to second place. Tarik winces a bit, "Not a bad showing." Tarik removes his helmet and dips his head to Donella, "I hope I didn't let you down too much. I was honored to partnered with you."

"Oh my, I wasn't expecting to actually win anything. I honestly thought this would be one of those stuffy training seminars where someone of sufficient age and experience would drone on for a few hours about glorious past battles," Kalani admits in a low voice to Cerys and Martino. "Knowing there would be a contest involved, I thought it'd be a sand table sort of thing. This was greatly more fun than I imagined, and I'm glad the three of us made such a fun team."

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Carrick hoists the mug aloft with a broad smile "Ah the pleasure was all mine! thank ye for a wonderful time ye lovely people! ah'll be sporting some bruises and think of every one of ye tonight!" he laughs merrily and turns to Yvette, "And ye las! ye got a damn fine skill with that bow! ah hjope to never anger ye an find mahself on the receiving end of one of yer arrows. Was an honor to fight with ye!"

"Oh we did do - very - well Princess Cerys." Crinkling his eyes, dipping his head low, Martino's chin is turning to Kalani as the three murmur quietly together. Mmming with a nod, "Thank you Lady Eirene. We shall be donating our winnings to the Faith and the Physicians. So I shall... be in touch later today." Exhaling, his hands folding behind his lower back, Martino's voice returns hush with Kalani and Cerys, "Well I think I owe our troops beer."

Aethan looks over toward Kenjay as they regroup, "Agreed." He moves to clap Maris on the shoulder, "This battle and the day was yours. The bar of alaricite is better in your hands. You've got many battles ahead of you and you should have the best of the best, weapons to serve you. Good hustle there at the end, Captain. I'm glad you saw what I did and took every advantage!" He claps the man on the shoulder.

Eirene calls out "To the feasting tents! You all deserve a grand meal and some beer! Good job, everyone! Let's kick off the party now!"

Carrik grins at Eirene and bows his head, "Ah it isn't needed.. but ah'll not turn it away. thank ye very much. it was truly a pleasure to be here"

Yvette smiles sweetly at the names announced, she has much to learn and was happy to have attended. She humbly accepts the mug and quirks a brow to what Santi had said, eyes glancing towards the handle of the mug and she grinned ear to ear, a soft chuckled thereafter. "This is a far better prize then I had imagined. Thanks." she says to Santi. She then looked to Carrick and then to her brother yelling at the top of his lungs and laughed. "Thank you very much!" she beams brightly before looking to Carrick, "Aye, and you wieldin' your own axe, that would knock me back to the snows, surely!"

"You can't win them all," Abellus says, solemnly, though there is an upward cant to one side of his mouth, a hint that he is not ill-humored about how they fared. "And that is the point of these games, to learn from everything. You're right, there will be more, and if we should fight on the same side again, I will be glad to do so." He sets his weapon aside, watches the prizes get handed out, and adds his own applause to the cheering -- and Carrick and Yvette get the most of all, from him. Then, it's time for a beer!

Drake is overheard praising Eirene.

Kenjay, smiling broadly, offers the shining bar of white metal with its opaline hints to Marik, on the flats of his palms. "Captain," he says. "With our congratulations on a battle well-fought."

Eirene bows her head to Martino in thanks. "You did a good show, cousin. The guild will be glad for the donation." Yvette and Carrick are given a grin in reply. "Like I said, stubborn fucks can win battles."

Donella smiles and will clap Tarik on the shoulder if he will allow her to do so. "And my privilege to play alongside you. You cannot win if you do not tilt, and we made them chase us for the victory all the way. I cannot but be proud of that. And I hope that NO ONE's beer is skunky, for what it's worth." Not being much of a drinker she can but jump jokingly upon the back of one of her gardsmen in high spirits and be born along to canapes.

Martino is overheard praising Eirene.

Cerys chuckles softly at Martino, "Seems they do," she then nods at Kalani kindly. After a moment, she attempts to catch Aethan's attention by saying, "I would've come for you. I was coming. Maybe next time," she smirks lightly.

Donella is overheard praising Eirene: What a show-woman!

Abellus is overheard praising Eirene.

Abellus is overheard praising Drake.

Drake is overheard praising Abellus.

Yvette grinned at Eirene, "Stubborn isn't even enough to describe us." she laughed before going to look for her brother.

Maris accepts the bar from Kenjay, offering a friendly squeeze of the shoulder to both him and then Aethan in turn, "A victory well deserved, my friends."

Thea waves to Martino and Drake. There's a smile there. "That wasn't terrible,"she tells them. That's totally a compliement, as she goes jogging down to the stands.

Kritr strides down off the stands to find his sister Yvette. "You." He levels a finger at Carrick. "I will not forget that you stood beside Clearlake today."

Thea is overheard praising Eirene.

Tarik has joined the Quiet Booth.

Drake is overheard praising Thea.

Kalani is overheard praising Eirene.

Yvette had almost ran into her brother as her eyes were still looking to the handle of the mug with a grin. 'Ommppff' she chuckled, and then looked to Carrick as Kritr spoke to him.

"Ah well Princess Cerys, Countess Kalani, until next time. I should fetch those drinks and make good on the promise." Martino's right hand is moving into his chest, squeezing slightly into his vest while dipping his torso low. A-far a smile across to Eirene all before turning on his toes to take his leave.

Aethan claps Maris on the shoulder again, "Now go drink son, you've earned it." He looks to Kenjay, clapping him in turn, "As did you. Your rallying is really smooth out there Kenjay. If we ever need to fight side by side, I will have no qualms in doing so." He glances to Cerys, watching her come on over, "You did try. I saw the push that your troops had. It was a decent effort and you had us pinched in there for a while. Congratulations on your efforts today."

Carrick looks to Krir and smiles, "Aye! was a damned pleasure to." he motions to Yvette "If she is from CLearlake.. than ah hope to get a chance to train with ye all. ye a hardy folk for sure!"

Santi's head dips to Yvette hearing her thanks, "Of course, deserve something for not giving up and keeping with it." The man telling her before adding, "Ya both did well." With that said the Malvici Lord is moving off in search for his own mug.

Santi is overheard praising Eirene.

Santi is overheard praising Aethan.

Maris offers a thin-lipped smile over at Drake when passes close by, nursing that bar of alarcite under a densely muscled arm. "I'm no Champion, my lord. Not that I'd be against joining the Guild. I'm just a simple swordsman... Well, and a Captain of the Tydelands."

Santi is overheard praising Kenjay.

Santi is overheard praising Maris.

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Cerys inclines her head politely toward Aethan, "Thank you. Congratulations on taking the win." She smiles gently.

Yvette smiles at her brother offering a helpful hand and then looks to Carrick. She waved her hand dismissively, "The pleasure is all mine Carrick. Thanks, for standing by me. I'm sure you'd be more then welcomed to visit Clearlake should you ever wish."

Kenjay claps Aethan and Maris on the shoulders in turn, and then he's grinning at Drake and Maris. "If you wish to join the Guild," he says to Maris, "I will stand and say that you can fight, as I think will Drake. Two Master Duelists standing with you cannot hurt your chances."

Aethan glances over toward Maris upon Kenjays words, "I'll vouch as well."

"You will find me in the training center twice a day." Kritr assures Carrick. "Ask for Krit Clearlake."

"You might talk to one of the guildmasters if you were interested," Drake says to Maris. Kenjay backs up his comment, and Drake nods, then raises his glass and laughs. "But no pressure. Maybe we don't need the extra competition, eh?"

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