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Tales of Eurus: Prominent Figures of the Dune Kingdoms

The next gathering in Lady Monique Greenmarch's series on the Dune Kingdoms of Eurus, this event will focus on discussion around the prominent figures of the Dune Kingdoms and what is currently known or suspected about them. Whiskey is welcome. All other drinks will be frowned upon.


Oct. 3, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Nina Sebastian Hamish Irisa Talwyn Philippe Adrienne Tanith Emberly Katarina Wagner Medeia Aconite Merek Lucita Sabella Samira Verity Valerius(RIP) Bianca Belladonna Vanora Valdemar Kalani Kiera Tarik Sorrel Piccola Pasquale



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Queensrest Inn - Main Room

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Comments and Log

Nina arrives, shaking some ice off her winter coat, and walking up to the bar to sit where Adrienne and company are. She gives a wave to Talwyn as he walks in, as well, curious about his choice of outfit. Apparently she hasn't worn a new outfit to this event, but the Eurus outfits do fascinate her. Once she is at the bar, she gets a mug of mulled warm wine to settle in. A book and pen are by her side as she likes to take notes during such events.

Atli, a Whitehold Mountain Dog arrives, following Tanith.

A few ugly murmurs are heard with something about 'riff-raff', and iron guardsmen look expectantly at the visitor as if they are sure to be a troublemaker.

Talwyn has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

It doesn't take long for a nod of Sebastian's head to draw the attention of one of the staff, and a glass of Setarco Fire to be delivered to the Pravus prince after a brief sip. Briar is with him, and slips off to find a place to sit and take notes, while Sebastian heads for the bar. "Count Philippe," he greets the man with a pleased smile. "It's good to see you. May I?" a gesteure to a space at the bar next to him, though the artist is already making himself comfortable.

Hamish finds himself an empty spot at the bar. Adrienne and Nina each get a friendly smile before he turns his attention toward tonight's speaker(s).

Monique has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

Dame Irisa has shown just a little early and looks very serious. The wolfskin cloak has been hung on the rung beside her as she stands near a back wall at a table on her own. She's waiting for the discussion to begin, sipping on a small glass of whiskey while watching the others come and go. People watching, to some regard.

Talwyn notices Nina and waves a hand to gesture her to come and join him and Lucita at Orazio's usual table. He grins as he notices her curious expression. "A friend of mine designed the outfit for me! Isn't it amazing?"

Philippe is still getting to know Sebastian, so some of his standard outward-facing formality remains. "Your Highness," he says to Sebastian, nodding. "It would be a pleasure for you to join me today." Of course Sebastian is already there, but there is some comfort to the old forms. "You are well?"

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Cheeks red and snow melting in her footsteps, Adrienne finds Philippe at the bar. Curious, she walks closer to press a kiss to the air beside his cheek. "Hello, uncle. May I - Sebastian?" Curiouser and curiouser. Nina's arrival, too, along with Archlector Hamish's earns a polite tilt of her head in greeting. "A happy gathering to bring my favorite people together." Rather than sit, Adrienne tugs leather gloves away from her hands to attend to the conversation and lecture.

Tanith slips in, the Harlequin-baker-barkeep-councilor nabbing a spot at the bar before the spaces fill up.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

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Emberly smiles looking over to Talwyn's outfit she can not help it her eyes just go over them before she smiles a little as she moves to sit beside her family. She looks across the bar and she smiles a little "hello" she says as she sits there, and offers a smile to Adrienne as well.

It's a fine heraldic composition. On the one side is Legate Bianca Wyrmguard, on the other Minister Verity Locke, and in the center, Princess Katarina Valardin, whose arms are looped in with each of her companions. The diminutive Princess, one of the most notable children of the Dune Kingdoms currently residing in Arx, walks confidently, having shed her cloaks in the entryway and fooling the eye with the possibility of scandal thanks to some cleverly spun aeterna crochet.

"Where shall we sit~?" Katarina asks her pair of valets(?), and flashes each of them a coy smile in turn, first Bianca, then Verity. "If there aren't enough chairs I may need to commandeer one of your laps~." Of course, Katarina says this to Verity and then looks and realizes that Adrienne and Philippe and Sebastian are just... right there.

Monique arrives at the Queensrest, Primus behind her bearing /a lot/ of folios. So many folios. It's a hazard, how high they are stacked. Poor man. But the Minx of the Marches heads straight for the table by the fire and Talwyn, her emerald eyes widening as she recognizes the man in all the Eurusi finery. "Gods and Spirits, Prince Talwyn! You've come prepared. It's /incredible/!" And she eyes his coat covetously, as if her fingers might be itching to steal it.

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Entrance is easy to miss of the Lower's Ulbran, were not for the tangible disdain the staff gives him. It is a polite indifference, but indifference all the same as Wagner gives them two fingers against the temple in mock salute before making a beeline for the familiar face of Samira when he spots her. Tanigh is given an upnod of greeting in passing as he goes.

Medeia comes in alone and scans the crowd, seeing many familiar faces. She waves and nods around before spotting her sister-in-law and Talwyn, heading to sit with them.

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"I love it!" Nina says. She puts a finger under her chin, considering. "Have you ever spoken with Princess Katarina about the Eurusei fabrics? She said there were certain brocade patterns I had to be careful to avoid." Oh, there is Katarina now. Nina waves at her as well. With a direct invitation to join Talwyn's table, she picks her glass up, and nods to Adrienne, making space at the bar as she moves aside.

Aconite's brows lift at the display of Eurusi inspired finery for a moment but Medeia's arrival draws the tall Courtier's attention and she lifts a hand to her in greeting as she passes.

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Merek makes a way into the place, his attire on, while he nods a bit to listen.

Lucita has been busy looking over Talwyn's garments. "Those are remarkable, Prince Talwyn, never seen anything like it. You do have such a sense of style. Patterns to avoid? I wonder why that might be."

It's not easy to miss Sabella's entrance as people actually start applauding, most of them the waitstaff who rush to take her cloak and hand her a drink and usher her in to one of the better seats in the place. Though it all, Sabella beams, "I am so happy you always have your events here, Lady Monique! The service is just so amazing!"

Philippe says, "s general vicinity is starting to fill up, but he tries to take care to properly acknowledge everyone. "My lady," to Emberly; "Adrienne, very good," he says after the air-kiss. "Please be seated." On then to Katarina, who arrives with Bianca and Verity. "Perhaps I should consider a table." But this is a GOOD bar seat. Philippe has built rapport with the bartender. A conflict."

Philippe's general vicinity is starting to fill up, but he tries to take care to properly acknowledge everyone. "My lady," to Emberly; "Adrienne, very good," he says after the air-kiss. "Please be seated." On then to Katarina, who arrives with Bianca and Verity. "Perhaps I should consider a table." But this is a GOOD bar seat. Philippe has built rapport with the bartender. A conflict.

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Shooting Monique a wink, Talwyn responds. "I thought I'd show you what I could bring to the table as far as fashion goes." he offers to her with a chuckle. And yes, he catches her looking at his cloak. "After you are done with your final symposium on Eurus, I could be convinced to help you have it..." he waves the cape at Monique teasingly.

Samira smirks as she catches sight of Wagner and his mild salute, the Ulbran's size making him fairly easy to spot despite the crowded venue. She gestures him over, eyes scanning the surroundings for a pair of empty seats to claim. "Hey, Wagner. Good to see a familiar face in these parts."

Hamish 10

For once, Verity Locke isn't trailing after Count Philippe and managing his social encounters for him. (The old man already found the bar and has his alcohol and cheese so he's basically invincible at this point.) Instead she's accompanying a different noble, and she isn't even trailing after her.

Verity's modest woolen work dress, coat, and leggings would make it a forgivable sin for anyone to assume she was part of Katarina's retinue, but the courtier is being taken along arm in arm, so the working relationship is a bit muddled.

"Everyone's certainly been motivated by recent events," she says. Verity offers no further help as she instead spends time waving at favored people. They know who they are.

Nina got up from her seat, but addresses Sebastian with a smile. "Oh, maybe we can share a carriage back! I'd be glad to spend a warmer trip returning to the Ward."

Valerius looks around the room, many noticable faces.

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Wagner sucks his teeth, but is careful to not make that tic turn into a sneer as he nods once to Samira, following her lead for seating arrangements. No armor has been donned for the evening. Why, it appears that Lower's SCUM has even bathed.

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Monique's eyes slide to Sabella, glimmering. "I wasn't sure it would be welcome, what with all the unrest, Your Highness, given the topic, but I've had nothing but the best of service thus far," she adds with an obsequious smile for the servers. To Talwyn, there's thoughtful look. "It's a well made point, Your Highness." And she touches the pink sapphire necklace at her neck lovingly. "Along with your other point, which I'm very much enjoying." There's a glance around. "I suppose we ought to start. Primus will pass out the folios I've had made prior to the event and I'll walk you through them, then I'll take any questions there may be. Does everyone have a whiskey?"

Emberly smiles a little as she looks over to Verity before she orders herself a hot toddy as she waits for the event to begin. Her eyes pan around and she smiles slightly as she tries to listen into what she can.

Sebastian, pointedly, lifts his glass of very-much-not whiskey towards Monique as if in answer.

Nina lifts up her own glass - which is mulled wine, but! All the same.

Monique scowls in all the directions that don't have whiskey. Heathens.

Irisa watches who is sitting with whom, and points of discussion. Standing alone at her table does not seem to be a problem for her, sticking to a dark corner and being unobtrusive. But with Monique's question, she smiles and lifts her glass. "Cheers!" she calls gently.

Talwyn has a Setarco red. Come on, he's a Valardin Prince. It was wine or tea. And it seems to be a wine night.

No scowls from Monique to be awarded their table tonight; Wagner secures a round of whiskey for his table whether he is asked or not. Tanith gets one, wherever she ended up, before the towering pugilist settles in to listen.

Legate Bianca Wyrmguard is a pointed contrast to her two companions she arrives at Queensrest Inn with. This is, of course, because only has to shed one or two layers of winter wear before making her way into the warmth of the fine Alarice Row establishment, and not 'an unhealthy burden of them'. One terribly pale arm hooked into the smaller princess', offering her a faint smile in answer to that far coyer one. It's touched with the tiniest note of fondness, all the same.

"It is rather stuffed to bursting already, is it not? It's heartening, honestly." A soft hum escapes Bianca's lips as she sweeps her silver stare about, looking for available seating. She gestures, towards Orazio's table, conveniently nearest the fire. "There, perhaps? I know how much you both value your warmth."

Aconite smiles to Samira and Wanger and inclines her head to both of them. Whatever Simra says the colorfully dressed Courtier murmurs quietly in response.

Aida, the hypochondriac Setarcan maid, Roast, the cloak-eating baby goat arrive, following Belladonna.

Katarina has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

Philippe lifts his white whiskey when requested. He too is here to learn.

Bianca has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

"If there's a legate with us then that's clear license to sit at the dominus' favorite table," says Verity. The courtier only undoes the buttons of her coat once she's nearer the blessed fire, rather than remove it entirely.

Verity has joined the Orazio's Table Nearest the Fire.

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Giving Adrienne, Philippe, Sebastian, Nina, Talwyn, and so on, and so forth, all gracious and quite royal nods in greeting, Katarina follows Bianca's advice and leads her pair of captured valets toward the table nearest the fire. With three chairs left open, the small woman doesn't need to climb into anyone's lap, despite her threats. As she prepares to be seated, Katarina takes a moment to make eye contact with Monique, but her smile fades a bit in the moment before she gives Monique one of those nods. Then she turns toward Verity and notes, "If you keep saying things like this, in a tone such as that, eventually someone will actually believe you think it is true..."

Emberly sits at the bar she shifts her golden silks about her knees, she watches the people within the bar and she slowly sips on her hot drink.

Belladonna shows up at the Queensrest Inn and is immediately taken aback by the crowd. She pauses for a moment before settling at a comfortable booth, smiling and quickly asking a servant for something to drink, all smiles. Legs folded over one another, the Setarcan readies herself for a pleasant evening of education and wine. Mostly wine, though.

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vladimir, a shaggy brindle Grim Wolfhound, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

Tanith gets an extra whiskey with her drink. She eyes it, spots Wagner, and raises her glass to him with a wink.

Wagner twists his scarred lips in wry amusement at something said at his table, but still lifts his tumbler in a silent toast echoic of Tanith's.

The Duke and Duchess of Grimhall arrive slightly later than intended, with Vanora murmuring something to her husband as they enter the Inn. "My word, look at this crowd." Her pale green eyes scan for somewhere to sit but even the bar is full, and so the duo finds somewhere to stand that is at least somewhat out of the way, while the Duchess attempts to get a severs attention and a glass of wine to accompany the wisdom about to be imposed.

After Monique is done scowling at everyone NOT drinking whiskey, she starts on the first folio that has been handed out. "As you all know, this is a general primer on the power players of the Dune Kingdoms. I'm sure to be missing more than a few. But the first ones we'll speak about tonight are the Prophet of the Sands and his Magisters of the Mirror, and Falak, the Eye of the Prophet who, as I've been told, is dead." She sounds particularly pleased to be saying that. "You'll see what I've written on them in the folio. Is there any questions on them?"

Valdemar inclines his head when his wife brings up the crowd. "Given recent events, I can't say I am surprised," he says, grabbing a glass of wine himself as they look for a place to sit. After a moment, he leans in closer to Vanora in order to whisper something to her.

Irisa looks over to see Vanora and Valdemar arrive. A low smile appears at her lips. "Duke, Duchess," she greets as they pass. Her glass if lifted gently in cheers to them, the gesture respectful and warm. It seems left open as an invitation with how her glass is raised and held away before she then sips and looks back to the stacks of folios being passed around.

Tanith knocks back her whiskey and passes her cider-drink to Hamish, murmuring something as she drops from her stool, squeezes his shoulder. She gives a small wave to a few folks she knows, then heads out into the cold.

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Atli, a Whitehold Mountain Dog leaves, following Tanith.

Adrienne sips a glass of water from her spot standing at the bar while she skims over pages upon pages of notes. "Thorough," she acknowledges, obvlious to being included within the radius of the pro-whiskey hostess's scowl.

While he has earned a Monique scowl, Talwyn smiles regardless. "These are very detailed reports, Lady Greenmarch. What was your basis for research?" he asks her curiously, his dark eyes clearly impressed as he looks over information.

Deliberately sipping his Setarco Fire, Sebastian asks: "Has anyone heard whether a replacement... representative has been sent for Falak?" He's looking at Monique as he asks that question, though it's worded generally enough.

Katarina looks in front of herself and realizes she not only doesn't have whiskey, she doesn't even have a cup in front of her at all. While Monique goes through the folio, the Eurusi Valardin glances around, increasingly trying to hide her anxiety at 'oh no I sat down without a drink.'

Philippe is reading from his copy of the folio. As he reads, Philippe gradually forgets to drink, paging through documents. At least he doesn't notice Katarina's lack of whiskey.

It's with an endlessly avid stare that Bianca flips through the folio, gobbling up the information provided voraciously. Some, at least, is information she knows. But altogether, it puts a delighted smile on her pale lips at odds with her typically distant demeanor. "Hmmm... I've yet to hear anything of a replacement, myself," she remarks.

This is about when Bianca crisply sets the folio down, whispers something to Katarina, and slides out of her seat to make her way towards the bar.

Monique's emerald eyes drift to Talwyn and there's a twitch of her ruby lips in the Prince's direction. "I've spent a lot of time collecting information from people willing to share, from Prince Damik and his generous experience, and the rest? Well. It's based in very good fact learned with certain skills I don't like to boast about." Yes, she does. It's all there in the brightness of her eyes and that satisfied smile. To Sebastian, there's a shake of her head. "He's sent Obsidian Huntsmen, which is arguably worse, but no further Eyes."

Aconite continues to sip her wine, occasionally looking the direction of those sitting with her but her focus seems taken mostly by the information being given and the folio.

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Aida, the hypochondriac Setarcan maid, Roast, the cloak-eating baby goat leave, following Belladonna.

"Falak was likely less an Eye than a middle finger of the prophet. Its replacements are likely already here and already watching." Hamish shrugs. "Something to accept is happening and keep going. If we grow paranoid about every pair of eyes on us we'll just end up doing something idiotic. Which, I suppose, is hardly unusual."

Nina looks up from a pile of notes, parts of which she is carefully copying over. She is most openly interested, it seems, in the bits about songs, but there's a lot to glean from this. "Thank you for all of this. It must have taken a long time to collect this information, and your being so open to share is much appreciated!"

"I have been informed, somewhat reliably -- though it is not my place to share from whom -- that the Huntsmen prepare to strike sooner, rather than later," Katarina says, having to draw in and then release a deep breath before she speaks. "Whether this is in conjunction with some replacement for Falak, I do not know. However, if one is to appear, it could well be soon."

"Look for the black sand," Monique adds in response. "Generally, there will be signs like that."

Sabella appears to be totally enthralled with the portfolio she was handed, barely even touching the champagne soaked nectarines that the staff put down in front of her along with a cheese plate and several other finger foods that surely the other people at her table might enjoy.

Emberly looks to Monique "dose the black sand have anything to do with black glass?" she wonders

"Black glass?" Monique murmurs to Emberly, eyebrows quirking. "Or do you speak of black stone, like obsidian, onyx and jet?" the Greenmarch asks of the Lady, for clarification. One hand holds a whiskey glass, but it is untouched as yet.

Medeia's eyes lock on Emberly when she asks about the black glass. "No, Lady Monique. She means the... Devestation of the Saikland beaches."

It's a brief pause that has Bianca giving Katarina a curious look before she tends to her alcohol-related needs. Passing a wordless smile of greeting to Philippe, Sebastian and Adrienne, she soon returns, a glass of whiskey wordlessly being deposited in front of tiny Katarina as if it had always been there before the legate settles into her seat once more to listen to the exchange. She has a glass of red wine, of course. It's just where she's at right now.

Samira murmurs to her table companions, though the flicker of amusement brought about by their quiet exchange is quick to fade when the event gets underway. She sips at her drink, avid attention shifting to each person who speaks to the group at large.

Emberly nods her head to Media "aye." she says quietly before she sips on her drink thoughtfully.

"Eyes can be blinded, if y'know where to poke." Wagner remarks, perhaps too brazenly, into his whiskey. He keeps his glacial gaze on those at his table though, nodding here and there.

"Ah," Monique murmurs on a nod, her brain searching. "You speak of Lord Eos' last stand. It's something I've only heard a passing tale of. As far as I know, that is a Cardian influence, but I'm happy to speak more in depth on it at another time, if you like?"

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Medeia offers a quiet response to Monique.

Lucita says, "There is other black glass though, that that occurs when er..." She tries to choose her words carefully, "... certain deeds are done by those who follow the dark reflections. We rid Saikland of that which was there.""

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Emberly looks over to Lucita and she tilts her head a little and she nods her head before she looks back to the bar and she laughs softly at something said there

Both brows rise up at Lucita's mention of the black glass on her beaches. Well, he learned something new tonight.

Easing quietly through the room, Kalani aims for a table that isn't crowded and slips into a chair alongside Irisa, speaking in a low voice once she does so as she looks around the room.

Monique nods to whatever Medeia murmurs to her, a smile touching her lips. "Wonderful. If no one has any questions further on the Prophet and his ilk, we can move on to the White Singer, who goes by so many other names as well, and her associate. Were there any questions on the once Queen of the Compact and Rasheem Al'Harashi?"

"One last question about the Eye of the Prophet.. Falak, I think?" Irisa calls up from her table, looking over the folios. Her eyes lift to Monique. "Thank you m'Lady for hosting this, by the way. But he is consistently referred to possibly being dead. Should we be concerned that he is not? Has there been some indication that he's alive?" She laughs a little. "I mean, other than the fact that we have no idea how power these beings could be or what Mister Falak was."

Valdemar eventually leads his wife toward the back of the room, to sit down at the same table where Irisa and Kalani are seated. "Dame Wainryte it is good to see you again so soon. Have you met my wife before?" he asks Irisa when he gets close enough and begins to sit down. He then turns to the noblewoman seated there and adds, "Good evening, my Lady."

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Valerius looks over the papers

Emberly smiles softly to Valdemar as he enters though her eyes turn back to the table and she murmers to it softly

"If there's none," Monique offers, glancing around, pausing for a sip of her whiskey, "then we'll turn to the subject of Alaric III, a very popular subject these days." There's an uneasy glance around, because the name does seem to cause a mix of emotions these days. "You can see the information there in the folio, but you can also see my theory posed alongside it. I have to qualify, I don't know nearly enough about Donrai Thrax or Reveka Tyde to substantiate these theories, but there is enough to at least imply a connection."

"The matter of a famous singer definitely has me curious!" Nina says. She puts her chin on her hand, as if she's about to hear something exciting and romantic from Monique's next tale.

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When Bianca presents Katarina with a cup, Katarina looks at Bianca's own glass of wine, and then leans down to pick up the cup and... ALMOST sip it. The whiskey hits her nostrils and she blinks for a second, apparently having expected wine of her own. But now the cup is right near her face and she'll look simply boorish if she doesn't drink it. So Katarina drinks the whiskey.

Pickle, A beautiful songbird, 2 Harthall House Guards leave, following Emberly.

"I do have a question." Talwyn speaks up, his hands in his lap. "Has anyone heard of any of the songs that the White Singer may have performed to bring about the destruction and ruin she has wrought? If we can discover her song -- we can try to find a way to counter it. A song of hope against damnation."

Wagner says, "It's not 'Row, Row yer boat. In case you were wonderin'." So he confirms, helpful person that he is before he plays Tehom's advocate in saying, "But knownin' sometimes is damning in itself. Ignorance is bliss, so on and so forth."

Valerius smiles to the Row Row yer boat comment from Wagner, "I've got another song, it's about pirates, though might not fit in the current company."

Lucita looks over her notes and compares the information in it with the information being shared, checking off the duplications and overlaps. She listens to what others are saying. That she is interested in the various questions and comments is obvious.

"I love you dearly, cousin, but we cannot put all of our hopes and dreams on the backs of a song alone," Katarina says, sassed up after one whiskey, because her body weight is about one paintbrush and a cup of whiskey is a cup of whiskey.

"You of all people should know that song is more than power, Katarina. It is our hopes. Our dreams. It is our rallying cry. And there has been one city that has fallen because of the fact there was no song. No lifting of spirits. No inspiration." Talwyn replies, a sudden reverence in his tone.

"Maybe we could compose one!" Nina speaks out, as she holds some hope in her heart that it might just be that simple.

Emerald eyes land on Talwyn and hold there with deep interest, and even approval. "I think it's a good theory," Monique posits. "I don't know any of the songs, but I think we could find out. I'd be happy to help you try, at the very least, Your Highness." And then she leans over to listen to something Valerius whispers, murmuring something back.

Kiera hms "knowledge must be pursued with care but that does not mean it oughtn't be pursued. a moment's bliss or the ruin of lifetimes that ignorance mixed with pride can garner

"Find a song," Katarina replies to Talwyn. "By all means. But in a situation as gave as this, that reaches as far as it does and affects so many people, not only in the Compact but in my birthland, I will not put my faith in any ONE solution. If anything, it will be a piece of a whole. How much of a piece... we shall discover, I suppose." She nods toward Lucita, though Lucita's voice isn't carrying far past the table.

"I never said it was one solution. One weapon. But we can use every advantage we can get." Talwyn sighs, after all, that is what he is, the dragon of sighs and he shakes his head.

Leaning in to hear something else from Valerius, Monique looks sick suddenly, eyes sliding to the bar and then away. There's a shake of her head, and her eyes return to the room, her whiskey returns to her lips to down a very healthy measure. "Prince Talwyn, I'll attempt to put you in touch with a couple of women in this city who might know, or at least give you a better understanding."

"Of course. I withdraw my question and I apologize for the sidebar." Talwyn offers, nodding his head finally to it all.

Kalani lifts her voice to venture a question to the room at large but especially the host of this information sharing. "Several weeks ago there was a disturbance involving a werewolf in a warehouse. Mercifully, it wasn't a werehouse, just to be clear. But at one point someone in the crowd called out that the Dream is failing. And others in the crowd sought to sing something that was designed, from what I heard, to help make matters better not worse. What is the thinking behind those statements?"

"It is a good question, Your Highness," Monique tells Talwyn firmly, the color returning to her cheeks with another long slug of whiskey. "And a valid one. I'll help you." And then her gaze slides to Kalani, and there's a moment of pensive thought. "Aion's worship is not my specialty, I'm afraid." Her eyes drift to Bianca and Hamish, brows lofting in invitation.

Kiera blinks in confusion "Has it been the topic of conversation that song magic is expressly destructive. it is not my previous understanding this is the case

Smiling and taking a breath, Valerius takes a drink of his wine, and motions for more to be poured, then begins a poem,
"I sit beside the fire and think, of all that I have seen, flowers and butterflies swimming in the summer that has been.
Of the changes of leaves in the autuns that there were, with morning mist and pools of silver and green with the wind upon my hair.
I sit beside this fire, the golden threads of hair that remind me of the world before this winter has set.
I wonder if I shall see that spring again, and there are many things that I have yet to see as well, though will only wish to see them anew if you are to be with me, with the wind in our hair."

Tarik lifts his head up slightly at the mention of the warehouse incident, but then goes back to jotting down notes.

"If I may? As I said, I did not mean to sidetrack this conversation, and Monique has plenty to cover still. Perhaps, if she would be so kind, I will work with her and we will have a salon in the near future just about song. But for now, can we please return to the topic at hand?" Talwyn implores gently.

Nina looks at Talwyn, nodding a few times eagerly as he suggests a different salon. Perhaps then, yes, another time. Then she turns her attention again to Monique.

In the midst of her perusing of that information, Bianca feels eyes on her. She looks up, first towards Monique, and then towards Kastelon -- and those dark brows of hers knot towards a point of mild consternation. "... I'm rather unsure, I'm afraid, but declarations like 'the Dream is failing' are declarations that should likely not be taken lightly. I wish I could illuminate this for you, but all I can truly say is there are yet many things about Aion and the Dream that are poorly understood."

"Don't worship Aion," says Hamish helpfully. "It doesn't care. Your worship of the Dream would be part of the Dream which would be so recursive everyone would get a headache and need to go home and have a drink." He shrugs and glances toward Bianca. "Of course, I'm neither the Legate of the Lost nor have I ever been a Scholar of Vellichor, so it's altogether likely I'm not in a position to have an opinion on this." He looks to Kalani. "I was there at the whole warehouse catastrophe. I don't remember anyone shouting that the Dream is failing, but I'd love to speak to them to hear what they think they mean. It may be that the Dream can fail, but I doubt it. If the Dream were to fail then that would be part of the Dream as well."

Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

Lady Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards, Marquessa Pudding, a doughy dog, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Monique nods her flame-bright head gratefully to Bianca. "I say that about the entire world," she adds wryly, with a commiserating smile, distracted by the poem from Valerius, which draws a smile to the Minx's lips in truth before she turns back to the room to hear Hamish's response. "So long as it is not replaced by the Nightmare that the Prophet and his Magisters believe in, I'll be satisfied. Any questions on Alaric III?" she asks, a final query.

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"Only ones that I would ask him in person," Katarina says, running a finger along the rim of her empty whiskey glass and shifting in her seat like one of her shoes has come loose.

"It may be a silly question." Talwyn ventures. "But we know that Alaric IV is his son. Has there been any rumor or word if he has a child with Eurus that may be considered a threat in the future when we stop the Dune Emperor?"

"Do you think he could hold the next information session?" Nina asks, looking at Katarina with such a flat expression and a bit of cuteness to her voice that it doesn't seem clear that she's joking, at first.

Sorrel is late to the party but seems curious nonetheless to see what is going on. She makes her way over towards the bar so as to sit with friends, trying to be as circumspect as possible so as to not interrupt.

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Spontaneous applause erupts in the Queensrest Inn for the wildly famous visitor.

There a low laugh to Nina's quip. "If he does, I think it would be very widely attended by the King's Own, the Inquisition, the Iron Guard... among others. We'd have to get a bigger venue," Monique bemoans, shaking her head, before she answers Talwyn. "As far as I know, he has borne no child in Eurus, but it's possible he has. We know Abyssally tainted creatures can still bear children."

"Just a part of what makes the process of discovery as invigorating as it is oftentimes frustrating." These words are delivered with the hint of understanding on the part of Bianca Wyrmguard for Monique's aside as she sets her emptied glass of wine aside. Sparing a look and a nod of agreement for Hamish's own words, the legate settles once more back into her seat, pale fingers lacing together in her lap as she falls back into the familiar comforts of listening.

Okay, so, like, Piccola is super-late to the meeting, so she just stalks in and finds herself a seat somewhere. Anywhere. But it has to be populated. Because otherwise would just be sort of sad.

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Katarina wags her eyebrows at Nina once as if to say, wouldn't that be something? The conversation about whether Alaric III has an Alaric IV II has the youngest Valardin Princess purse her lips in a thoughtful moment. She spares a glance to Sorrel, and to Piccola, but for the most part her gaze continually rests upon Monique -- or on Bianca to her left, or on Verity to her right. "I cannot imagine a sadder childhood," she murmurs.

"I have heard," Monique offers on a side note, "that his successor was to be chosen from the children of the Vizier of Skal'daja, Prince Damik or his brothers and sisters, and that he declared no other heir of his own blood in the Dune Kingdoms."

"YOU couldn't?" Nina asks, raising both brows at Katarina in genuine-seeming surprise at her comment. Then she looks a bit sad by that, saying, more quietly, "Oh."

Katarina doesn't seem to understand what Nina is saying, and blinks in confusion. Then she looks to Monique: "Have you heard any word of Mangaldissi and its royal family, Lady Minx? Word of who has bent the knee is hard to come by, and word of whether or not those who bent the knee even survived, harder still."

At something Hamish says, Sorrel bursts into laughter. Loud, infectious, delighted musical laughter. There's just something wonderful about the way she laughs, even if no one else has heard the joke.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

Talwyn is overheard praising Monique.

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"The Dune Emperor did not mention an heir when we exchanged letters and I do think that he would have did he have one," Sabella pipes up from her table, "Also the White Singer had at least two children here in Arx, possibly more but I cannot say."

"As far as I know, Mangaldissi remains free of the Dune Emperor, alongside Lagadorus and Gildorian and Vel'ichalah," Monique answer Katarina with sorrow to her eyes. "But, of course, Jay'alaz fell as a result. I can ask His Highness, Prince Damik, who rules in Mangaldissi currently, though, if you'd like? And next we can turn to the topic I know least," there's a wry smile, "which is Donrai Thrax. So it should be quick," she teases lightly.

Kalani is overheard praising Monique: For hosting this densely packed information session with so many attendees all trying to speak at once!

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Katarina holds her hand over her mouth for a moment in surprise(?) while having a quiet conversation with Nina, and then looks up and over at Monique when she's addressed. "...if you would be so kind," Katarina says. "Thank you, Lady Minx. If Prince Damik'uhl'daja would sit with myself, yourself, and some allies in this matter... mm. Go on, go on, we will talk of scheduling such things later."

Kalani is overheard praising Vanora: For attending such a crowded meeting and having the patience to sit through all the group conversations and hypothetical (not all or entirely all hypothetical) theorizing. Done, at large, in public!

Monique adds to Katarina, as an aside, "Prince Damik has agreed to accompany me to the Valardin military meeting, so if you plan to attend, that may suffice?"

Piccola makes her introductions to those at the table she's invaded, and then puts her eyes on Monique. She watches her. She listens to what's being said around her. And, of course, chances are that she's drawing conclusions and judging it in her brain.

Kalani is overheard praising Valdemar: For attending such a crowded meeting and having the patience to sit through all the group conversations and hypothetical (not all or entirely all hypothetical) theorizing. Done, at large, in public!

Kalani is overheard praising Piccola: For attending such a crowded meeting and having the patience to sit through all the group conversations and hypothetical (not all or entirely all hypothetical) theorizing. Done, at large, in public!

Kalani is overheard praising Irisa: As always, the voice of reason, logic and a reminder that manners matter.

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"Not even the Magisters of the Mirror themselves could keep me away," Katarina says to Monique, definitely not tempting fate there.

Nina is overheard praising Monique: Thank you for the valuable informational!

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"As I mentioned, I know precious little about Prince Donrai Thrax, and I am looking to learn. But from what I can tell, it seems he became Abyssally tainted, possibly by something called the Shell of Songs, which has the voice of a Siren, and was last used by a Tyde, but which one, I've no clue. He started acting differently, became a blood mage, had Prince Elton Thrax killed and helped in the Tyde Rebellion. It was enough to make King Alaric III suspicious, and the King came, in force, to ask Donrai why the change in his behavior. So it seems likely that Donrai was the one who led King Alaric III to be tainted by the Abyss, to be sacrificed to the Gyre," Monique offers up to the room, her voice unwontedly somber. "We do know that the Emperor of the Dune Kingdoms is said to loathe Donrai Thrax and want him dead, citing him as 'Donrai the Serpent, Donrai the Warmonger, the Betrayer'. And so it makes a certain amount of sense that it was Donrai who betrayed Alaric III to the Gyre and the Abyss."

There's an aside, this to Sabella, "But if you're still in contact, and you wouldn't mind asking? I would be grateful, Your Highness," Monique adds to the Grayson Princess.

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"I think you're right," Sabella nods to Monique and her summation, "And I'm rather sure that the focus on the Mourning Isles is not just because of their proximity, but because the old king has a lasting vendetta against Thrax for that reason. Also, I'm beginning to think that it was Donrai himself that killed Prince Elton to set all things in motion, then tipped the location of Alaric III to the Gyre to begin his torture there. And he was tortured for years either before escaping or being set free."

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"Do you believe that the Gyre meant to create the Dune Emperor then? Or did Alaric III manage to break free from whatever it is the Gyre was doing to him when the Gyre was busy trying to destroy Arvum?" Hamish scratches his chin thoughtfully. "Or did the Gyre give a broken Alaric to Mutay'a'sib in some sort of trade and the Prophet has been behind the Dune Emperor all along, even if Alaric may not have realized it?"

Aconite's attentions lifts from the folio in front of her nodding with a smile to Valerius, speaking quietly so as not to interupt or break her focus on the discussion.

"From what I can tell, Alaric III and the Prophet were not allies at first," Monique replies to Hamish with roll of her shoulders. "They were rivals at first, until something changed and they became allies. I don't know what that something was." There's an interested look to Sabella. "Years of torture can certainly do a number on the mind and soul."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

"Yes," says Hamish in response to Monique, offering the Minx a brittle smile. "That it can."

Katarina has dipped back into thoughtful reverie. So thoughtful that her usual pursed-lips 'I'm thinking' expression has turned into full-on oblivious duckface.

"I think..." Sabella starts to answer Hamish and then pauses, looking out at the crowd and then to Monique, "I'm not sure. I know that when the old king landed in Eurus he meant to free the slaves and fight against oppression. But somewhere it...went very wrong. He began using magic and I'm not sure how but that's likely the source of how things went wrong. But Donrai Thrax murdered his own children to cover up the fact that he was a bloodmage. I believe he disguised himself as the Duke of Tyde so that no one would look his way and set off the Tyde rebellion to lure Alaric III out to sea. I have never known Donrai Thrax, at least that I know of, but I think he likely just wanted the king dead. If there was a more grand plan, it appears to have gone sideways."

"Queen Selendri Thrax's reflection," Monique intones to Sabella, as if she is realizing something. "I cannot but guess that it was the White Singer's doing. Alaric III would have known her, or known of her... and she is known for betrayal. I would lay good odds that she aided in his corruption."

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Lucita says, "best intended plans going astray and causing so much trouble for so long."

Bibacious Assistants and Teetotalling Gardeners from the Defense Lab arrives, delivering a message to Tarik before departing.

"Well then," says Hamish dryly, "it's entirely possible he has himself an entire shinty team's worth of children."

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Monique exhales. "Well, this has been exceptionally illuminating for me, too, thank you. And finally, we come to the Adept of the Rose and the Dawn Warrior, whom are suspected to be Leo Fidante and Dawn Baseborn. You can read what little I know about them here," she taps the final folio. "And there is little I will be able to answer that their families could not answer better."

"Do we know that Alaric III himself is not a reflection?" Katarina asks the room, quietly. Then, after a pause, she says, "Perhaps I will write and ask."

Tarik walks over to Monique and dips his head, "Thank you for the information." Tarik hands her a folder and says, "I hope you find this information interesting. "

Monique accepts the folio from Tarik and skims its contents because she is a Minx who cannot possibly deny instant gratification. And her bright green eyes widen, fraction by fraction, mouth parting ever so slightly. She looks back up to Tarik, for a moment speechless. "This is... Gods and spirits," she gives a helpless little laugh. "I'm going to have to rewrite /that/ part. /Thank you/," she murmurs to the man emphatically. There's a glance to Katarina as the Minx of the Marches recovers. "He could be but... I'm not so certain. I think perhaps he might not be mirrorborn."

Nina watches the exchange of new information with interest. Maybe she should change something in her notes then, but she waits for further confirmation.

After stepping in from the snowscape outside, Pasquale scans the space and then chooses to pick his way across to Medeia's side. His words are very soft when he tells her. "Interesting discussion to step in on." the rest is delivered in little more than a whisper though.

Medeia listens to Pasquale and quietly excuses herself from the table.

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Katarina nods to Monique. "I still might write him. In an official capacity. See if he writes back." She offers a faint smile. "I don't have enough stress in my life, Lady Minx, so clearly I must generate more."

After finishing reading over the information, Talwyn pats Lucita's hand lightly. "We'll talk later." he promises and gives Monique a grin. "We will definetly talk later, Lady Minx. After all, my cloak seems to be on the line." he teases her before he smiles at Katarina. "I'll see you tomorrow." And with that, he is making his way to depart.

There's a glance of emerald eyes around, and the Minx exhales. "I think that just about covers it. If there's no final questions, I'll declare this a success and let you all nurse your brains with booze for the rest of the night," Monique offers, laughter in her tone. "And I thank you for coming, for being willing to hear and to share the evening with me."

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