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Pravus-Valardin Wedding Celebration

Prince Sebastian and Princess Adrienne are celebrating their union and a union of their houses. Come all to the Pravus Estate for this celebration of an exciting union between two very different houses! It's sure to be the event of the season, full of Oathlands circumstance and Lycene style.


Oct. 10, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Nina Adrienne Sebastian


Talwyn Tyche Ian Cristoph Apollo Gehenna Medeia Alis Lucrezia Patrizio Maharet Philippe Valerius Sirius Haakon Thea Alaric Adalyn Viviana Appolonia Alessia Macda Bianca Kiera Verity Jourdain Belladonna Katarina Elizabetha Valentina Juliana Rowenova Gwenna Sabella Pasquale Damik Quenia Vitalis Vanora Valdemar Niklas Allegra Zoey



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Pravus Estate - Temple of the Thirteen

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Comments and Log


The wedding reception for Princess Adrienne and Prince Sebastian certainly did not disappoint! It was a true feast, for the eyes as well as the spirit and, of course, the stomach. Duties delayed my arrival, but I'm quite glad that I wasn't dreadfully late. Both the bride and groom looked beyond stunning, and I have no doubt their partnership will be a strong and storied one. It was nice to see so many familiar faces gathered together to celebrate this exceptional event.

I think I may even be getting a taste for Setarco Fire! In small doses, for it has an intriguing kick to it that sneaks up on a person.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

Alessia gets a bottle of Setarco Gold from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Bianca takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Patrizio takes a bottle of Setarco Fire from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Thea takes a bottle of Setarco Gold from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Jourdain takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Zoey puts a bottle of Setarco Fire in Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Viviana gets a bottle of Setarco Fire from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Zoey gets a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Medeia takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Haakon gets a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Belladonna gets a bottle of Setarco Gold from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Thea puts a bottle of Setarco Gold in Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Thea takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Katarina.

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A wedding celebration between the houses of Valardin and Pravus is taking place here today!

The ceremony itself is set to happen at the temple, with a legendary afterparty taking place at this same location. For the party to commence, tables are set up for the bride, groom, close family, friends, and other honored guests. There is a large tiered cake, next to a bar decorated with a silken banner, and food and drinks characteristic of the Oathlands and Setarco are flowing. To one side is a dance floor, cleared away for guests, with bards providing entertainment throughout the festivities. Bride and Groom are sure to be the center of attention, but there's plenty of room to relax, chat and mingle with everyone as the party goes into the night.

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse arrive, following Adalyn.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Nomius, a deeply skeptical bloodhound, Adalyn arrive, following Apollo.

The grand and newly raised Temple to the Thirteen is awash in ceremony. The marriage, overseen by the Seraph of Setarco - arrived in a timely way with Mangata's thanks for the removal of that pesky whirlpool - is conducted with a gravity that even the follwers of the Orthadoxy in attendance can't tut at. The Valardin princess, now Pravosi, is dressed for wedding and for war aside a Pravus prince who is only marginally late for his own nuptuals. Before family and High Lords, friends and the Faith, they declare their oaths under the eyes of the gods encircling them

The ceremony is but one part of the event, however; with vows made, now union can be celebrated.

Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

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3 Valardin Knights arrives, following Sirius.

Have lute, will travel!

Talwyn made sure to dress every bit of the part of a Valardin Prince, and has politely celebrated the events of his cousin's marriage into Pravus. Nevermind the two men that came in with a large, harp shaped package that will be presented to the couple later.

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Celebration is what Tyche was waiting for! Even if the ceremony itself was inspiring, and she smiled through the entire thing. Now, however, the party begins, and the Marquessa finds herself at a table already filling up with an array of people, whom she fully intends to enjoy the revelry with throughout the night.

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Ian has found literally the most out of the way possible spot and has taken up residence there. Probably that's at the far end of the bar. Okay, yes, where the liquor is. But he hasn't really touched his glass of whiskey so far tonight. Zoey is nearby, although probably doesn't look quite as intent on sitting like a lump all night.

It's a wonder, perhaps, that Sebastian only arrives /somewhat/ late to the actual ceremony -- largely due to Briar's insistence that that the whole thing starts earlier than it does, probably. Dressed in perfectly tailored steelsilks in Pravus' colors, he stands with apparent patience throughout the ceremony. Most of the time his gaze is on Adrienne, though he does look at the crowd frequently, at various family and friends with differing weights.

Now that the ceremony is over, Sebastian appears to be more relaxed, owing -- in some part perhaps -- to the glass of red wine he has in hand as he and Adrienne step forward to begin to mingle with patrons. It might be the third or the three-hundredth time Bas has repeated, "Thank you for coming," but you wouldn't know it: he has it down pat.

Having attended this very important wedding ceremony with High Lord Alis, Cristoph can be found looking for a table to sit down at. And also saying, "That was exactly twelve days shorter than your wedding," he comments to her.

Juba'al'samara, a Suj'abbati royal guardsman, A dutiful Valardin aide, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Katarina.

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Apollo is not late, really, swear, however confounding the Pravus Ward is. He's here with Lady Adalyn Clement, and also Lord Vitalis Clement, who he was murmuring to something that is /probably/ about how confounding the Pravus Ward is.

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Newly returned as she is, Gehenna would not miss the chance to spectate a wedding as grand as one between Pravus and Valardin. The plump Redreef diplomat watches the ceremony with all the gravity of a Thraxian high noble, though she isn't one; and once the mingling begins, she makes her way to the bar, curtsies given to higher nobility as she passes respectfully by.

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Hand tucked lightly into the crook of Haakon's arm, Medeia leads them into the celebration and scans the substantial crowd. She spots a few familiar faces and heads toward the table Tyche is at, stopping to say hello or wave to others as able.

Alis is rarely one for social events. But, when a family member gets married she shows up with... well, without bells on. But she definitely shows up and puts her best face forward! "Fiachra definitely said it felt like it was 12 days long. I think he had Eirlys hide bottle of whiskey on her somewhere to help him get through the stand and kneel part of the ceremony." she quips, finding a seat near the Duke so that they can continue to exchange witty comments.

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Lucrezia actually sat for this wedding, *almost* like a proper person even--amazing restraint!--, but the instant it is over she flies out of her seat and goes to the bar.

Patrizio is beaming - he might be new to Arx, but he's feeling at home with his extended family, enjoying the pomp and ceremony of the wedding, settled at a table that seems to be quite prepared to have a good time, which fits in well with his own want for the same for the evening. Already, there's a hint of colour touching his cheeks, and the alcohol's not even flowing in earnest.

Maharet stood present for Leporidae, smiling and standing away from the various dignitaries, studying them as they speak, her smile radiant below her golden eyes. Once it was done, she settled down to speak more quietly, letting her eyes linger

Philippe arrives early with his wife, Mathilde, and other members of the Blanchard household. Mathilde always cries during these ceremonies. Philippe has practiced looking either moderately stern or constipated -- the jury is out on that one. Regardless, the afterparty sees Count Philippe moving to the bar while Mathilde locates her middle-aged peers in Valardin to drink and determine the fates of other young people in the fealty. Philippe, mostly free of such concerns these days, sits at the bar while awaiting his opening in the receiving line.

Having only gotten lost once, though it was a wonderful journey, on the way into the Pravus Estate. Valerius enters dressed ready for a party with Macda, he is whispering to her as they enter. Smiling, then heading for the bar.

Nina, the Glass Butterfly of Sectarco and Pravus's official Party Planner, always has a bubbling, slightly anxious energy about her at a party. She is here today in a blue dress special for the occasion, with accents of silver in a way that she hopes brings out the best of both houses currently being joined. Nina is constantly checking in on guests, making sure the food is all set out and that the flow of traffic is proper from table to table. When guests begin to arrive, and sort themselves in seats, Nina stands aside by the dance floor and oversees the motion and commotion. As she knows that the bride and groom are to be in high demand during this event, she checks to be sure they are ushered to the head table first, then takes a step back and makes an orderly line for those who want to give them gifts or make other comments of congratulations.

Sirius is, too, here. Seated not so far and further than at a few arm's lengths from Alis and Cristoph, only that he's silent and bereft of wit with how he shelters himself under crossed and a somewhat weary set of arms while in this chair of his. "The food was nice," he comments perhaps idly to the Highlord and the Honeyduke, his sapped vision staring off towards Adrienne.

Haakon may not be dressed in armor, but the Prodigal's expression is far from festive. A muttered word aside and the unsmiling Eswynd takes in as much detail as he is able among the wild array of notables present en route to a table.

Just beside Medeia is Thea. She decided to trail along and all, which usually never ends well. But Thea did promise to be on her best behavior. Seeing those she knows in passing, she nods, giving a slight smile. Spying Alessia, she goes and slides on over next to her.

Among many of those arriving, the King of the Compact and his entourage can be spotted discreetly making his rounds to greet familiar members of the Peerage, paying respects before making himself scarce and putting himself in a seat beside the Highlady of the Oathlands.

Adalyn arrives alongside her companions, murmuring words of agreement with Apollo as they drift through the crowd to claim their seat. The fabric of her dress flows around her legs as her usual bouncy, energetic gait carries her across the venue.

The Sword of Setarco treats the ceremony with all the gravity and respect it deserves, and she is not without a smile playing across her lips during the proceedings. But, it should be no surprise that the afterparty is what Viviana was truly looking forward to. The first stop is, of course, the bar, and the one-eyed Sin flashes a grin at those nearby as she waves a hand and tells one of the attendants to just leave the bottle of Setarco Fire with her.

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Appolonia was a model of decorum and modesty during the ceremony. This is easy to do when your role is to sit there and observe and to respond at a key point. But Appolonia knows the importance of these matters, and in the immediate aftermath, she is free to move towards the bar, meditating silently on the cruelty of Arx's weather and the lack of fashionable big quilted coats. She kisses the air towards Viviana as she approaches from the other direction, having a proper seat as close as possible to something with fire.

"Thank you for coming," says her husband. "We are so glad you could join us," echoes Adrienne. A dance of courtesies that the couple already seem adept with. "This? Oh, a Juliana Ignisieri." The steelsilk gown - apparently even an adopted Pravosi princess must wear steelsilk to her wedding - blends soft fabric with an armored pauldron and half-gauntlet. What is half Valardin, however, must also be half Pravus and the gown's daringly high cut at the front displays darkly piquant and thigh-grazing boots. Above all, however, she seems content to be handled and shuffled by Nina and her attendants, arm linked with Sebastian's like a life line.

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Looking just a little haggard, as though she's fallen off from a high, Alessia settles into one of the tables in the beautiful temple, waggling her fingers to Thea in greeting when she slides next to her.

Macda smiles dressed in her armor, she nods her head to the Marquis who she is moving along with him as they find a seat. A tilt of her head is given as she moves qouetly to join him "I gave my fucken gifts to the groom already."

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Bianca Wyrmguard arrived at the ceremony typically early for the Legate of Creation, and perhaps a bit atypically dressed. White hair done up within the confines of her elaborate headdress, the pale woman of Blancbier has been steadfastly at the side of the party from Chevalle, having arrived to the occasion with their Minister of State, Verity Locke. Not quite sitting, Bianca still lingers barside near Count Philippe, currently raising a bottle of Chevalle calvados into the air with a critical eye and pursed, dark blue-painted lips.

"My, but this looks like a fine drink," Bianca remarks warmly, her purse-lipped thought melting into a small, easy smile. "I cannot wait to try some. It was wonderful of you all to contribute these to the ceremony."

Kiera keeps her eyes trained on the rest of the blanchards so as not to lose them following philippe to the bar. Funny how as a non drinker she always ends up seated at bats but such as it is

Thea lifts her eyebrow at Alessia for a moment. She lowers her voice for a second before sees Macda too, giving her a distant wave.

Gehenna gets a bottle of Setarco Fire from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

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Patrizio absents himself briefly from the table where he was seated to get himself something more potent to drink than water, returning as he marvels at the sheer number of people.

As fashionably as Verity may be dressed for the occasion, commoners tend to fade into the background among noble crowds. So it was during the wedding ceremony proper -- almost. Perhaps her saving grace is playing escort to Legate Bianca and Princess Katarina. Yet, now the ceremony is over and the bar is here, and everyone is very equal at the bar. She's already two glasses into the calvados, which might explain why she puts a companionable hand on Philippe's shoulder. "Isn't it lovely, count? A wonderful bright spot in the middle of a dreary winter."

"Here, here," Gehenna says affably, raising her glass - both to Lucrezia's pronouncement and Valerius's. She's begun with Setarco Fire, knocking back the drink with a satisfied noise. "What a time to come back to the city. I've been aching to taste some of your newer Pravosi drinks since word filtered out to the Isles about then." This with a nod to Lucrezia.

For this particular ceremony, Jourdain arrived alongside Philippe as a member of the Blanchard entourage, being that his primary link -- via the complicated web of noble bloodlines -- is to the bride and her venerable uncle. He gave his greetings and niceties as appropriate, and his best wishes to Sebastian and Adrienne, and was unusually well-presented for the wedding given he typically never seems to find his way out of either armor or riding leathers. He has been reserved as ever, though on occasion his expression trended dangerously close to wistfulness.

He is currently smiling at Bianca, from his spot seated near Philippe. "A necessary tribute," he tells his cousin. "Could you imagine the riot if they ran out midway?"

The Archduchess approaches with a smile to her lips, hands linked with Valentina, and her pet goat well in tow. Before entering the temple, however, the woman graciously places nudges the poor animal off camera with her foot, where a servant certainly is there to get him, so no cloaks are ruined today. Without skipping a beat, the Setarcan ruler waves and smiles, Miss Congeniality all the way to the closest bottle of wine, which she fetches with grace. A cursory glance is given to make sure Sebastian is indeed here, and there is no immediate scandal awaiting for her response. Groom physically present confirmed, and she is off to the sidelines, always complimenting and waving at those she knows or those who seem to want her attention.

Before she arrives at the seats she carves by the side of family, she has already emptied the first glass, graciously picking another like someone who doesn't have an issue and can stop whenever she wants. Every so often a servant gets a death glare and pointed somewhere they are needed, a brief murderstare and then it is all smiles and light laughter. Until the next flaw is detected, and promptly pointed. "So many beautiful people! We should marry Sebastian more often," she tells Valentina, waving at her beloved and Dragon-friendly cousin and his wife.

Despite Verity Locke being a mere and humble commoner, she has among the most fashionable accessories in all of the Compact on her arm: Princess Katarina Valardin, whose arms are looped around one of Verity's. The diminutive Eurusi woman has had exactly one glass of wine and is ready to cause a diplomatic crisis of some renown. Katarina's head rests against Verity's bicep while Verity speaks to Philippe, and then she straightens up: "Count Philippe," she trills in her light and airy voice, "would you do me the honor of a dance~? As long as you promise to go slowly. I'm not as nimble as a warrior such as yourself~."

Clearing his throat briefly, Sebastian's smile widens. "Cousin," he calls, towards Patrizio as he sees the man passing to gather drinks. "I /heard/ you were in the city, but I couldn't believe it. Patrizio, have you met my wife, Princess Adrienne Pravus?" it's the first time he's spoken her new name, and it makes him glance at her sidelong a moment, with a flicker of brow. "I'm lucky to introduce you /after/ we're married. Look at that hair," he says, not a little bit envious of his cousin. It's very possible he catches Belladonna's look his way: returning it with something both wry and affectionate.

Nina looked a bit tense, at first, standing guard by the wedding party table for now as if she were needed to herd people from spot to spot. However, it seems that things are... mostly proceeding in an orderly way, and so she tries to force herself to relax... starting with approaching the bar to get a glass of the white Setarco wine. As she passes by Patrizio, overhearing just this bit of conversation, she gives a curtsey to the unfamiliar prince. "So glad that you could make it in time for the ceremony here! Welcome!"

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"A blessing," Philippe says, nodding to Verity. He'd also seem to blend in were not for the quality of his cloak and the meticulous tailoring of his formal earth-toned garments. "I do enjoy these moments. They remind us of why we work so hard -- why we sacrifice." The liquor pleases him, but in a show of support for his new relations, he is drinking Setarco Fire. "Impossible," he deadpans to Jourdain. "Pravus running low on liquor would be like me running out of cheese. An absurdity, son."

Philippe is asked to dance. He dutifully sets his drink down and rises, bowing to Katarina. "A pleasuire, my lady," he says. "but please understand that my reputation is some summers old by now."

A fresh face, Princess Elizabetha Grayson sweeps in amongst the last trickle of arrivals. Her silks and sumptuous velvet flatter her tall, willowy frame more than spare her from chill, though the flash of her smile and flow of her motion are without discomfort. She lingers by the entrance a moment, cheeks flushed as she casts wide eyes across the formidable expanse of the gathered. Briefly at a loss, her gaze travels table to table in search of one in welcome, before her eye is caught. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she approaches the one that seats the king at a glide. "Good day!" she greets with an airy beam and dips low into a smooth curtsey. "Forgive me, but might I take a seat?" she asks, with a gesture to the chair beside Adalyn.

Valentina Pravus never strays far from the Archduchess herself, the Dowager radiating her silver dress and famous smile from beneath her dark hair. Her child, Illyria, with the late Arianna Pravus, sticks near to Valkieri Pravus, the Little Duke himself.

The Silver Sun of Nilanza watches the proceedings from the audience, smiling, dabbing an eye here and there. There are moments she lowers her eyes and looks sad, and others that her radiant smile is back in full force to light up the crowd. When the time comes and the vows are made, she cheers with the rest, though not able to do so quite as loudly as most.

With the ceremony over, Valentina finds the Archduchess and links hands with the woman, entering the reception proper. Oh, she tries to pretend Belladonna isn't being an alcoholic, but who are we kidding? Of course she is. For her part, the Nilanzan avoids drinks, and instead concentrates on the guests, greeting those who enter into the vicinity of her orbit with gracious grins and warm touches.

A quiet moment is found to respond to the Archduchess with smirk, nudging the woman's side with her hip. "Perhaps we shall, if he proves half as unlucky as I." The Dowager agrees, before turning to kiss the blonde on the cheek.

"I see you have your wine, and yet the music calls me to dance. Shall I find you after where the liquor and the sugarcakes meet?"

Patrizio colours quite a bit as he's called by name, and there's that straightening of his spine, a deep breath taken and then the illumination of his brilliant smile. "Cousin, my congratulations. I couldn't be more pleased to have made it in time for the wedding." He turns, just slightly, to bow a little bit as well to Adrienne. "And to you as well, highness. Thank you so very much for having me here, and my apologies for not having come to meet you before this." Nina gets a bow as well when he's clearly looking as if he's trying not to drown in all the new names and faces, his drink in his hands.

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Inhaling, Adrienne finds her attention drawn to a remarkable coif of fair hair and tries dearly to listen to Sebastian and take Patrizio Pravus. "Well met, cousin," she greets when she can in her Oathlands educated accent. "I hope you're enjoying the ceremony. Hasn't Nina created something magnificent? I'll look forward to speaking with you more at another time." She inhales, already tearing her attention to a new face and something mildly murmured aside to Sebastian.

Macda giggles a little

Speaking of faces, Katarina's is covered. The Valardin Princess has made the no doubt bold choice to attend in, of course, Valardin colors, but Suj'abbati fashion -- and this includes a veil of blue and gold and gemstones, covering all of her face in a loose drapery, leaving exposed only her golden eyes. Separating herself from Verity gently, Katarina offers a small hand out to Philippe. "Yours is summers old, and mine is not yet made. Thus, to average us out is something at its peak, yes~?"

:The entrance of the groom's own twin is not a small thing, Juliana who never leaves her rooms when there is snow on the ground enters on the arm of the dark and stern looking Lord Pasquale Malespero. Enveloped in cloud like fur of white, that plays well with Pasquale's silvery grey great coat, Jules had lowered the midnight lined hood. There can be no doubt of the circumstances of their births, Juliana as breathtaking as Sebastian is striking. With the same dark hair and summer blue eyes.

As striking as the cloak is, once removed, the gown is something to wonder at. A winter warrior goddess stepping into the light.The corset, made of Mirrorsilver filagree forms the winter "armor" that hugs tight and drips like ice over her hips before falling in sterling silk shirts of mist. Her dark hair up falling over one shoulder in a cascade of pearl and crystal studded curls. With her arm safely tucked into Pasquale's the young woman smiles to Sebastian and Adrienne as they joint them, kisses given to both though she will not demand their time, letting them greet their guests instead.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Verity favors Philippe with a smile that's just on this side of cheeky. "I don't mind a bit of sacrifice now and then if it means crates of free liquor our my disposal."

The courtier disentangles herself from Katarina with a brief touch on the other woman's shoulder. With the princess and the count due to dance, that means Verity is free to turn her attention to her eternal prey: Jourdain. She takes a long sip of her drink while sizing him up.

"My lord, I don't think I've ever seen you well and truly drunk. Why is that?"

Rowenova gets a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

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"Well," muses Bianca to Jourdain, head tilt and dark brow raised as she sweeps a critical silver eye across the entirety of the bar. "... I believe we are going to be giving a very heartfelt effort to accomplish that feat all the same, so we may not have to imagine it at all. Wouldn't that be something?"

It's a smile Bianca favors her cousin with all the same, and for all her polite niceties, this is a truly genuine one -- one can tell just by the way it ever-so-slightly crinkles the corners of her eyes. It lasts fleetingly before she starts to make her contribution to the cause of potential riots, too, by pouring herself a glass, resting it against the aeterna that wraps her midsection as indulges in people watching, for a time, hunting the crowds for the familiar faces of the happy couple.

Philippe somehow knew it was Katarina before she spoke. Call it a lucky guess.

Philippe does resolve to be more careful on the dance floor, expecting Katarina to have a more limited sight-line. He takes her hand, leads her onto the dance floor, and moves in a gentle but practiced manner. The man does know how to dance, and yes, can do so well. "It would depend on the distribution of arithmatic, your highness," he says to her, "but I assure you, all is well."

"It's a definite wonder. I've not seen it's like in my life." Patrizio's smiling and it's not just being effusive when he's smiling to Nina, to give praise where it's due, and the jade eyes turn back to the bride and groom. "And I am very much enjoying, thank you. But definitely - I know you've plenty to greet and the like." /That/ gets a bright smile with a flash of his teeth, and the hint of a laugh. "May you have every happiness in your new iives together."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Sabella arrive, following Niklas.

Showing up lat -- but fashionably so -- are Scout Rowenova and Sir Floppington who swing by the drink chest, picking up a brandy bottle but not opening it. Then, the canine-and-human duo veer off to give smiles and hugs to those who are recently married: Sebastian and Adrienne. "May your union be blessed!" says the scout of the two whilst the good boy wags.

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Adalyn's gaze lifts as Elizabetha approaches the table. An easygoing smile seems to usher the other woman forward, hand lifting to gesture to the empty seat. "Of course. You're welcome to join," she assures the woman.

Adrienne's pale eyes travel down Rowenova to her wagging escort. A smile quirks at the corner of her mouth. /"May your union be blessed," said Rowenova./ "I believe it already is," answers Adrienne, her gaze slow to travel back up to the human well-wisher's face.

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Jourdain's smile widens into something nearing an actual grin when his father-in-law drops that quip. "I stand corrected, father," he says. "We all know the legendary depths of your reserves of cheese."

He glances up as Katarina asks Philippe for the pleasure of a dance. "Prepare yourself, Highness," he says to Katarina, his voice dry. "My father is being modest, as is his wont."

As for Verity's question? Jourdain leans a little closer, almost looking playful. Has he already been in the Chevalle calvados?? "Perhaps you haven't tried hard enough yet, Verity Locke." He may be wading into danger, doing this between Bianca and Verity.

Better late than never! Gwenna arrives as such and, as she often does with recent events in the new Pravus Ward, steps to the side so as to properly take everything in. The Redrain has a look of wonder before long and then starts to slowly make her way farther into the room. There is a wide smile tugging up the corners of her mouth and a wave here and there for the familiar faces she catches sight of in the crowd.

Appolonia downs about a finger's worth of calvados as Katarina seizes Philippe and takes the war-horse out for a tour of triumph. She raises her eyebrows wordlessly at an intention of Viviana's, but then her attention turns towards the arrival of some bright stars... but they are over there and she is right here, which is a problem she has yet to solve reliably.

One solution: More liquor.

Talwyn checks composure at easy. Talwyn is successful.

As always, there's an immediate warmth and brightness to Sebastian in his twin's presence, kissing Juliana's cheek and shaking Pasquale's hand. "You're both looking well. I've flagged a guest room for you, Jules -- so you don't have to traipse out through the snow again," there's the faintest of wry grimaces to acknowledge the weather. "You know Prince Patrizio, of course?" with a shift of the hand with his glass in it, his bright smile is added as he leans to murmur something to his cousin. Straightening, he turns that smile on Rowenova. "Thank you, Scout Rowenova. Glad you could make it."

Gwenna takes a bottle of Setarco Fire from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Sabella is definitely not late having completely been here for at least thirty seconds after Gwenna, a brilliant smile on her face as she pulls Niklas towards a table, "We'll have to give our regards to the happy couple but first let's go bother my cousin and claim a seat. Isn't this place exquisite?"

Gwenna puts a bottle of Setarco Fire in convenient white cloth backpack with black dragon scale embroidery.

Sabella gets a bottle of Setarco Buttercream from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Excusing herself briefly from her table, Medeia approaches Sebastian and Adrienne. "Prince Sebastian, I'm glad to be here on behalf of Lucita and the rest of House Saik. Congratulations to you, and toy uo, Princess Adrienne. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Harlequin Medeia Saik." She dips an elegant curtsy to the pair. When she straightens, she leans in and says something quietly to them.

Niklas takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

With those soulful eyes, Sir Floppington looks up at Adrienne as he wags but stays at the side of the scout and does not dare to muss up wedding attire. Meanwhile, Nova grins brightly despite the shade from the muzzle of her headdress which frames her (and is a wolf pelt). "Well, good! Congratulations and that is one amazing dress. And boots!" She smiles brighter before then sending forth a grin to the lucky groom. "Welcome, and thanks. Sorry to be awfully late, but glad I could make it, indeed!" Then, to both of them, the lupine-framed scout quickly bows before sidling out of the line to the side. "Best to you both!" says she as Sir Flop follows her with tail still wagging!

When Katarina dances with Philippe, the tiny veiled Princess moves with grace and dignity, which is probably reassuring to the Count in some way, considering that Katarina's dress is basically slit on both sides up to her iliac crests. (Look it up.) A lifetime of training for no vocation other than existence as royalty is demonstrated in the way that Katarina provides a stately and respectful dance partner to the Blanchard leader. "The way it has always been explained to me," Katarina purrs from behind her Suj'abbati mask, "is that to solve arithmetic properly, one follows the correct formulae and equations and such things... and then provides the answer that one's Princess wishes to hear, regardless~."

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Pasquale offers a congratulations when Sebastian reaches out to shake his hand and Adrienne curtseys. "I do believe this might be the wedding of the decade."

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Verity leans back, eyes wide and brows raised at Jourdain's rejoinder. She places a scandalized hand to her chest, near her collarbones.

"Lord Jourdain," she says, "was that /sass?/"

Verity turns immediately to one of the waitstaff behind the bar and raises her hand to get some attention. "My noble friend here is tragically unlearned in the ways of alcohol, being a lifetime tea-drinker, so we'll require one of everything to get him acquainted! Just -- no -- yes, I'll tell you when to stop, not literally one of everything at once."

It's a calm stare that falls upon Adrienne when Bianca Wyrmguard finally catches sight of her. She lifts a duskweave-wrapped hand in an attempt to gracefully hail the freshly-minted Pravosi princess, and though she doesn't quite yet try to approach, the legate does at least mouth a congratulations for the woman.

If Bianca intends to press further, though, she's distracted by Verity's words for a certain stoic cousin of hers. The pale legate's gaze s l o o o o w l y tracks over to the Voice of Blanchard and its accompanying Minister of State. She raises her glass to her dark blue lips. Sips once.

"I have seen him drunk," Bianca asides, quite calmly, to Verity. "It is quite a sight you will never forget, I assure you." Is she telling the truth, or lying to incite Verity into what she does best? Who can say...?

"We are so glad you could join us, Harlequin," greets Adrienne with a shallow curtsey to Medeia, one hand still resting on Sebastian's forearm. "How are you enjoying the-" Her reflexive courtesy is cut off as Medeia whispers something to her. A smile flickers across her face, her answer muted as she gestures to Sebastian.

After a quick whisper to Juliana, Nova slides over to the corner of the bar, where she can maybe find Ian. "Hey you." says she as she clunks onto a seat before welcoming Sir Floppington to chin her lap as she pets his ears after waving off a drink order. "Thanks." says she to the staff then turns to Ian.

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Ian still hasn't finished his glass of whiskey, even after all this time. But he stirs when Nova sits down next to him and replies to her in a low voice, his words easily lost in the noise.

Philippe learned long ago that hips do not lie, and so Katarina is in his eyes quite truthful. He is still probably more careful than he absolutely needs to be, though this may be for his benefit rather than Katarina's. "It would be explained to you that way, your grace," he says. "and so it falls to people like myself to make sure that you hear the mathematical reasoning you wish to hear, and then to solve the problem on the ground without disturbing you overmuch. The facts may be thus resolved when all opposition is eliminated."

Philippe smiles in an odd way as he says that statement. It is not quite weariness and not quite joy. Perhaps something else is on his mind.

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Belladonna eyes Valentina when she talks of music and dancing, and she motions the former Argento to wait a moment with narrowed eyes. It is the least she can do for making a joke about being a widow. Her father's widow! The nerve on some people from Nilanza, and people still question why Belladonna razed the city! The Setarcan drinks another glass, and makes sure passes by her family to give them at least a few kisses, passing by her sister Allegra, great Marquessa Tyche, the intrepid Viviana, her stunningly be-dressed Lucrezia and the dashing Patrizio. It is really very touch-and-go, before she finally makes way to the dance floor with Valentina still trapped in the deadly lock of their arms. There, they can finally indulge a little in a bit of dance, where Bella displays, if not skill in the actual art of shaking it, extreme balance and ability to hold a goblet of wine without spilling while performing at least half-admirably. A honed Setarcan craft indeed.

Leaning to one side and holding his glass out so as not to spill it, Sebastian murmurs quietly to Patrizio, whatever is exchanged prompting an genuine, easy laugh. "Lady Medeia," Sebastian's greeting is warm and genuine for the Saik Lady. "I was hoping Luci could make it, but of course you're more than welcome." Her lowered words earn a lift of brows, but it's seemingly a pleasant surprise, given the smile that follows with the quiet exchange after.

The Sword of Setarco flashes another grin at Appolonia and Lucrezia before she pushes away from the bar. Viviana leaves behind her favor of simply taking an opened bottle of Setarco Fire along with her on her trek through the festivities. The duelist takes a swig of the liquor here and there, her free hand coming up to waggle fingers at her Archduchess and any other familiar faces while on her journey towards the Wedding Couple's table.

Once at the table, the one-eyed Sin simply cocks her hip against the table and glances around, not wanting to interrupt Medeia's moment with the pair. Instead, the duelist looks aside to Patrizio and feigns a surprised look at his presence, "When did /you/ get here, cousin? I thought you were still off saving damsels and stealing hearts, fighting vagabonds. Combing your hair. You know, the usual." Grinning, the Sword lifts her bottle to her lips for a long drink.

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Gwenna selects a bottle of the famed Setarco Fire from the offerings and then makes her way toward the head table. She waits her turn, of course, and when there's an opportunity for her to offer congratulations, she does so. There is a respectful dip of her head to all four at the table first, and that warm smile is quickly back in place as she lifts her head. "I feared I would be dreadfully late, with that meeting I mentioned, but it went quite smoothly and I'm only slightly late. My most heartfelt congratulations to you both, Princess Adrienne and Prince Sebastian. I can hardly wait to see what great things you do together. I won't linger long, as you surely have many more congratulations waiting." Pasquale's remarks lead her to nod a few times, however. "I would not doubt it may easily be the wedding of the decade," is agreed quickly.

Medeia grins and dips another curtsy, departing from Adrienne and Sebastian with one more quiet word before heading back to her table and leaning in to say something to those assembled there.

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Valerius checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Valerius is successful.

Katarina has called for an opposing check. Katarina checks Dexterity and Performance at easy. Botch! Katarina is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous.. Philippe checks Composure and Survival at easy. Philippe is successful.
Philippe is the winner.

Damik bursts into sudden applause.

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Patrizio has the decency, himself, to look equally surprised when Viviana approaches him and he briefly salutes with the glass in his hand, as if he perhaps doesn't for the moment know what to do with it, especially in the wake of the archduchess' slide past everyone for brief greetings on the way to the dance floor and... he grins. "Here, or /here/," he asks, emphasizing the latter. "I made it too Arx but a few days ago, though I've yet to find anyone needing saving, save perhaps from messengers." A twinkle finds those jade eyes of his, and he's laughing again. "It takes work to look this good. And how have you been? I'm sorry I've not had a chance to come catch up with you."

"One cannot be around you for an extended period of time," Jourdain replies Verity, drier than salt, "and fail to acquire some. It is self-defense."

But then things start to spiral out of control. "I am not," he frowns, to Verity's declaration that he is unlearned in alcohol. "You have /not/," is his frowning correction, a moment later, to Bianca's claim to have seen him drunk. "...At least, I do not think so."

He checks on his father-in-law surreptitiously, as if sensing something might imminently be amiss with Philippe. ... or around Philippe.

Appolonia looks towards Jourdain. "So you feel it too?" she asks him while refreshing her glass (all the way, which is six Appolonia fingers, or four regular human fingers).

Rising from her seat, Alessia slips off toward the bar, though lifts her hand to greet Damik on her way. She seems to crane her neck a little, as though expecting someone to be accompanying him.

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"If it is the wedding of the decade, it is due to the guests who have joined us," Adrienne compliments of Pasquale and Gwenna in turn. The Redrain princess earns a kiss to the air beside her cheek. "It would not have been the same without you, Gwenna. Did you see?" She lays a hand on Sebastian's shoulder near a gleaming iridescite brooch. Applause from - is that Prince Damik? - has Adrienne's head canting curiously and exchanging a look with Sebastian.

Over at the Pasture Table, there seems to be a lot of admiration for the paper horses, and perhaps an impromptu joust involving toothpicks.

Quenia is a bit late to the wedding. It's been one of those days. Or, maybe one of those nights? Has she slept even? She looks physically awful, with dark circles under her eyes that no amount of make up could hide, but fashionably just fine, in her green brocade dress and her dark curls neatly tamed for the evening. She skirts around the edges of the room to find a place to settle, where hopefully no one noticed she was late.

Sebastian can't help, of course, taking note of the one-eyed Sin's approach, mouth twitching into a smile. "Make sure he enjoys himself tonight, Vivi," he urges. "He promised," with an eyeing of Patrizio that would threaten to be stern if it wasn't for the amused glint of his gaze. Gwenna's approach is met with a genuine, effusive warmth, leaning with the intent to kiss the Redrain princess' cheek after Adrienne does, tapping the brooch pinned to his steelsilk shirt as he straightens. "I'm thrilled you could make it, Princess Gwenna. There's plenty of Setarco Fire hereabouts -- I really do hope you partake."

Seryna, a charming Lycene handmaiden, 6 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Vanora.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Gustav, a gruff Islander advisor, Vladimir, a shaggy brindle Grim Wolfhound, Vanora arrive, following Valdemar.

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Cristoph is the winner.

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Twice widowed, TYVM! Valentina rolls her eyes with a good-natured and affectionate smile as Belladonna holds up that warning finger and narrows her eyes. She laughs as the Archduchess powerbombs her drink, the sound light and musical, the smile that accompanies it carrying enough wattage to light the city back into day.

The Dowager takes her companion's arm, holding loosely onto it as they make the rounds, greeting those who must be greeted. Family, friends, waving to the swamped happy couple with a lifted little finger-waggle. From afar, she checks on the little ones amongst the gaggle of children mimicing adults under the watchful eyes of those appointed to look after them while their parents drink and celebrate.

Valentina finally gets her wish, her dress swishing about her thighs as she makes her way onto the dance floor, her hands sliding up Belladonna's arms. She is capable of moving with grace and poise, but this is a party. A *Pravosi* party, and the Nilanzan shows her Sin as she begins to move.

The woman sways with a liquid spine, twirling and laughing, moving with a vibrant energy most nobles are too stoic and badass to ever showcase, leaning in now and then to trade words with the Archduchess. Once she has begun, it is entirely likely that the Nilanzan shall not leave the floor again until exhaustion or dehydration removes her.

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"After tonight there will be two of us who've seen him drunk," says Verity to Bianca, with a point of her finger for punctuation. She hesitates. Her finger is still extended. "And, I suppose, everyone else here."

Verity leans her elbow onto the bar and returns her attention (now narrowed-eyed attention, at that) to Jourdain. Alongside her, multiple glasses are being poured with frightening efficiency and variety.

"We're going on an adventure, my lord," she says. "Bards shall sing of us. Live or die."

Macda looks around her eyes flicker from person to person and she nods her head to Val "you like that?" she asks him her eyes turning down to her fingers.

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It must be recalled, gentle readers of this document of history, that Princess Katarina Valardin -- born Princess Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat of the Dune Kingdom of Suj'abbat -- was allowed one glass of wine by Verity and Bianca. What occurs next is thus, if anyone's fault, most certainly theirs.

"You speak in such measured ways, Count Philippe. You are always so calm, and poised. Does nothing excite you~?" Katarina's veil hides her wry smile, but the tone of her voice makes no secret of it. "We have danced as we would in Sanctum. May I show you how we would have danced in my birthland~?" And so, without really waiting for consent or permission, Katarina makes it her mission to try and crack the Blanchard count's calm. She keeps hold of his hand, but Philippe himself requires little in the way of his own motion: Katarina is her own engine. She lifts his hand up and dips her body side to side to the rhythm of the music, straightening one leg or the other, making her brocade dress lash to and fro with the motion of her hips. Her belly undulates, her spine sine-waves, and it's when Katarina turns to face away from Philippe that the real fun begins, as her hips sashay in a way that can really only be described as reckless, when done to the lap of a man Philippe's age. That she nearly touches her toes while doing so, and sinuously lifts herself up with a roll of her spine and her shoulders, only makes matters worse. And then, Katarina glances back over her shoulder, to see if she's even remotely fazed the Blanchard's notorious cool.

Vitalis cracks his knuckles at the Pasture table. Something has riveted most of those sitting there, bent and murmuring together.

Valerius checks charm and performance at easy. Valerius is marginally successful.

Alis checks composure at normal. Alis is successful.

Over at the Pasture Table, an epic jousting match occurs between Alis and Cristoph. It involves running the paper horses at each other, that have now been fixed with toothpicks. It appears that... maybe Cristoph won? Really, how do you determine something like this??? Anyway, they seem to be having a great deal of fun.

Apollo has called for an opposing check. Apollo checks dexterity and legerdemain at easy. Apollo is spectacularly successful. Vitalis checks dexterity and legerdemain at easy. Vitalis is successful.
Apollo is the winner.

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Nina's party senses, finely tuned, are moving her to push away from the bar, and make her way toward the dance floor. Bards are already playing some lovely backdrop for Katarina's seductive twirl, but Nina steps into place in front, picking up a fiddle as she gets a spot in the front of the band. "Everyone - I would like to formally announce the beginning of our musical program tonight! Drink, eat, converse and make the most of your time here! But if it pleases you, you are welcome to join the bride and groom upon the floor for a dance! Prince Talwyn from the Bard's College has also offered to accompany us for this musical number to provide us with a proper Oathlands dance with a Lycene twist." She gestures broadly, as Verity is at the bar, and Nina indicates her. "I'd also like to thank Verity Locke from Blanchard who helped provide us with the Oathlands libations we have at the bar for you tonight."

"Well, knowing now that you're /here/, I'm not surprised to see you here," Vivi retorts to the Pravosi knight without missing a beat, the grin on her lips growing all the wider. "It is good to see you, Patrizio," the one-eyed Sin adds with a salute of her liquor bottle for the man, "We'll have to do a proper bit of catching up sometime, eh?" Still grinning, the duelist turns her attention from her cousin to...her other cousin, and his new wife.

Standing near the couple's table, the dark-haired Sword dips into a flashy little bow, an arm across her midsection and the tail of her coat swaying with motion, before she straightens and addresses the pair. "Princess Adrienne, please allow me, for what I'm certain is the thousandth time, to welcome you to our family." A pause, those thick lips curving in playful amusement, and Vi adds, "And Sebastian, --thank you for making it here today. We are all very proud of you." That grin grows lopsided as the one-eyed woman teases the Pravosi artist.

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Gwenna makes a bit of a 'pah' sound and offers an air-cheek-kiss back to Adrienne. "You are too kind. And oh," is said as she glances to the brooch and back to the new Pravus royal. "I'm so touched. I wore my Oathlands style outfit, in your honor," she says and grins. "You look absolutely breathtaking. And you, Prince Sebastian, are as dapper as ever," is said warmly and offers another cheek-kiss, this time his way. "Ah. I did fetch myself a bottle, but if there was ever a night to partake, this would be it. My sincerest congratulations to you both again." She dips her head once more and then seems on the look-out for some of the famed spicy liquor.

Something Ian seems to notice in the room provokes a raising of eyebrows, and then he's signaling the bartender to get another glass of whatever he's drinking poured.

Quenia sees people she knows at the bar and skirts in that direction, making any apologies she needs to along the way should it be necessary. She nods to those she knows at the bar, doing her best to offer her usual warm smile.

Patrizio can't help but smile at Viviana's retort for him, and with another lift of his glass, he's quietly stealing back a few paces. All the better for him to quaff what's in his glass, and contemplate better what else he might partake in whilst enjoying the wedding celebration.

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In a break in the action, Jourdain refreshes his own glass, looking over towards Appolonia. "You might have to be a bit more specific at this point," he says, with half a smile. "Congratulations, by the way, Lady Blanchard."

His attention, however, returns immediately to Verity a moment later, out of a healthy sense of self-preservation. The obvious look on her face tilts his head.

"Are you challenging me," he says mildly, "Verity Locke?"

Elbow perched upon pale palm, Bianca is a font of ineffable certainty that is only further reinforced by the single, lifted brow she favors Jourdain with. It's incredulous. She's incredulous.

"Honestly, I'd have been very surprised if you could have remembered anything to a certainty that day, considering how much scotch you had." Truly this is becoming an elaborate ruse, but there's nothing but unfailingly wry certainty in Bianca's level tone. "In fact, I seem to recall a certain dance maneuver you attempted--"

And just like that, whatever potentially false but thrilling tale Bianca was prepared to weave tapers off as her gaze turns - very fittingly - towards the dance floor, as if compelled by dread intuition. "Oh," breathes the wise Legate of Creation who allowed Katarina one (1) drink. "Oh, no."

Rising from his place at the Pasture table, Talwyn takes up his lute case as he moves to find his way towards the staging area for the music. A warm smile is offered to Nina as he settles in to join her. "Ready when you are, Messere Autumndale." He casts a quick wink of encouragement at the young woman before moving to set his fingers on the strings to play.

Talwyn has left the The Pasture Table.

Damik watches the dances with a small smile, his expression saying little for what the foreign prince thinks. He moves from the wall to approach the newly wedded couple, inclining his head in a polite bow to Prince Sebastian Pravus and Princess Adrienne. "My congratulations, and please allow me to bestow a gift to the couple now joined, and the man who played a role in saving my life. Such things are never forgotten." He hands a wrapped swatch of red silk to Sebastian.

Kiera just stares completely open mouthed at katarina's display as the princess has just lapdaced on a man, she considers father, she rises as if pondeing whether to intercede

"Oh, we're going to have it in the spring," Appolonia tells Jourdain. For a moment, the look of gaiety passes from her face, though, as she says to him, "Thank you. Maubert would be thrilled to be here but I don't believe the flesh tolerates the cold. Next year, perhaps, there shall be dances aplenty." Appolonia then rises upwards, which lets her gain a line of sight upon the dance floor.

Appolonia sips her drink as her eyebrows steadily raises. "Well," she states; "They say that recovery needs motivation." She seems transfixed by this rhythmic thumping, although her eyes do flick momentarily towards the joust-in-miniature.

Vanora and her husband have surely been here the entire time, because watching Sebastian finally become a married man is the sort of event that has to be witnessed personally or else it cannot truly be believed. Dressed in clingy aeterna and shredded silk, she glitters like a dragon's horde. With her arm in Valdemar's she murmurs to her husband from the edge of the dance floor, as if deciding whether to join the fray..."Is that Uncle Philippe and..." The sentence trails off though, and she turns away from the dancers to face her husband and shake her head slightly. "Did you know that the bride and I are also cousins? From my mother's side. If they have a daughter she could look just like me!"

Talwyn is overheard praising Katarina: Never has dancing with a stranger been considered more dangerous.

Adrienne's focus shifts to Viviana where she accepts the Pravus Voice's welcome with a shallow curtsey. Juliana says something that has Adrienne looking momentarily to her sister-by-oaths with open gratitude. It takes the former Valardin a moment to refocus on Viviana and when she does it is with muted humor at her quip. "We are practically neighbors, I believe. We'll have ample time to become better acquainted, I'm sure. If you'll pardon me, I'd like to-" Ah, her hopes of listening to Nina and Talwyn's performance are dashed for the best of reasons as she turns to greet Prince Damik'uhl'daja. The exhange of red silk is noted with a quirk of a brow. Her words that follow are not Arvani.

On the edge of the dance floor is Mathilde Blanchard, Philippe's wife. Mathilde was once an aspiring Champion -- broad of hip and shoulder, generous of endowment, who preferred her bare hands to any weapon. There is a story from when Philippe was courting Mathilde known to most people of his generation where they were dancing at an official function, and decorum was critical. This was during Philippe's father's reign, who already held Chevalle very tenuously by then, and so the young Philippe was determined to make a good impression on his Valardin elders.

Mathilde, generous of bust, waited for Philippe to bow between dances so she could 'accidentally' fall against him, chest first, in a manner that would have been particularly undignified. It wasn't quite a full bodice failure but it was very close. Philippe was forced to hold his composure while he was briefly facially engulfed by a woman who very much knew what buttons to push on him.

Philippe held the line then. He holds the line now. As Katarina breaks off, he holds his position, watching her sashay and sway, presenting him with the exotic treasures of the eastern lands. Philippe looks back at Katarina when she looks at him. Philippe nods.

"Very good, your highness," he says, with a bow. "Thank you for showing me the dance of the Eurusi people."

The formal program begins. Philippe gracefully yields the floor for the bride and groom, returning to the bar without muss or fuss.

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Adrienne says in Eurusi, "We are honored by your presence, Prince Damik'uhl'daja. You saved my people and my husband. What do I not owe to you?"

Macda has joined the Dance Floor and Performance Area.

Talwyn has joined the Dance Floor and Performance Area.

Macda checks Dexterity and Performance at easy. Macda marginally fails.

Valerius checks charm and performance at easy. Valerius is marginally successful.

Verity matches Jourdain's look with calm that is equally icy. Since she has to look up to meet his gaze, the imperious chin lift is already in place.

"A common woman has no place to challenge a member of the peerage," she says. "And yet..."

The courtier purses her lips in contemplation, and then makes a slight shrug of one shoulder.

"Am I presenting a situation that I think requires your interest? Yes, I--"

Verity freezes. Drawn by some horrified sixth sense, she slowly turns to face the dance floor where Katarina is wildly Katarinaing all over Philippe.

Valdemar is dressed mostly in dark colors, himself, a counterpoint to his wife's brighter attire. Listening to her speak of being related to both sides of the marriage, he shakes his head somewhat. "No, I did not know that. But then, I'm not really familiar with the bride, never having met her," he explains to Vanora in answer between sips of wine as he glances out at the dance floor himself.

Nova wolf whistles for Count and Countess Blanchard!

There's a suspicion that comes into Sebastian's features at Viviana's words all of a sudden, setting aside his glass. "Were you betting on whether I'd show up on time?" he asks, and quickly adds: "Did you win? If so -- I should get a cut, no?" His grin at Gwenna is bright. "All thanks to Jules' hand. She has a gift with design," he glances over his shoulder at his twin, and then towards Damik as he approaches. He looks both surprised and touched at the Eurusi prince's words, offering the other man a bow of thanks as he accepts the gift. "I'm honored by your presence, Your Highness. And by your help at Sungreet: the Compact won't forget it, and neither shall I."

Macda is getting ready to dance with her date for the evening, she joins his hands and it is all a crazy start for the Grayson princess, she steps on Valerius her feet in her armor tramples a little on his own and she laughs a little as she leans way too far but Valerius pulls her back almost as if the stomp on his foot was intertidal.

The blue and gold of Katarina's veil is not so weighed down by gemstones that it isn't pushed out slightly by a huff of indignant breath. "You are too good at this," Katarina complains to the Count, as she too yields the floor to the bride and groom, to return toward Verity and Bianca as though everything is perfectly fine and as though she didn't just try to seduce a noble warrior with what is, if we're being perfectly honest with ourselves (and we should be, because we deserve that kind of self-regard), a righteously fat and round Eurusi ass.

Valerius checks dexteriry and performance at easy. Valerius is marginally successful.

Nina seems composed, despite everything that is happening on the dance floor. There is a small delay it seems with the bride and groom as they greet a distinguished guest. That's very good, and she waits an appropriate amount of time, since their needs at the wedding are those of the utmost importance.

Nina raises her fiddle with a little nod, looking at Talwyn, and then she begins a piece they practiced together beforehand, one that begins as an Oathlands waltz.

"Well!" Sabella beams, looking around the room and raising her voice as she says to Elizabetha, "Normally I would of course start with his majesty the King here, but you already know him, I mean everyone knows him, so instead I'll start with the utterly gorgeous bride, Princess Adrienne Pravus whose gown was created by Lady Juliana Igniseri who is right over there! And then there's Prince Sebastian Pravus of course, the glowing groom, who is one of the best people to ever have a conversation with in the entire Compact I'm quite sure! And at our table we have the Valardin contingent with Prince Talwyn who is both an amazing composer and also a singer, Prince Sirius Valardin who is not very serious unlike what his name might suggest and is quite lovely! And of course Duke Cristoph who is heading up this amazing little game and does many events that are just as fun! And Princess Alis who is highlord of Valardin if you hadn't yet caught on to that and is doing a fantastic job and did even before Edain left! That's Princess Katarina Valardin over there who you should absolutely get to know, she's originally from Eurus like Prince Mason--and that's Prince Damik over there who is also from Eurus though much more recently, I've only met him once but he seems very nice. Let's see," she expands her gaze around the room, "That's Archduchess Belladonna right there who you should absolutely speak to if you get the chance for she's absolutely a charming conversationalist! I think I saw Princess Macda around here somewhere, you should speak to her about who she might be trying to court this week so that you don't cross wires if you are planning on getting married here soon! And then there's Marquis Valerius Malespero who is quite charming and Count Philippe Blanchard who is going to make me a tiny horse so should ask him if he could make you one as well! I think that's Lady Appolonia over there who is also a Blanchard and quite friendly should you be looking to make a friend! And then...goodness there's a lot of people here! Princess Viviana Pravus who I don't know very well but who has always been very kind when we've spoken and I think she's an admiral so if you have questions about what's a boat or a ship ask her--or go ask Lord Ian or Lady Zoey Kennex over there! They'd likely know as well! And you mustn't be put off if Ian is not talkative it's just he has so many thoughts that he only really voices the very important ones which, let me warn you know, will be about boats! There's also Princess Allegra, Lucrezia, and Valentina Pravus over there, although I also don't know them very well I feel like I've enjoyed talking to all of them and Lucrezia might be hilarious? Possibly I just like her name! And of course that's Legate Bianca who is just one of the warmest, most knowledgable Legates around although they're all quite nice!" This part comes quicker as it is very clear she's starting to actually run out of breath, "That's Prince Patrizio Pravus but I only know him in passing, Princess Gwenna Redrain who is one of my absolute favorite people in Arx and perhaps all of the Compact as she is just so sweet, Duke Valdemar and Duchess Vanora who used to be my sister-in-law but might still be it's very confusing but Valdemar is a bit shy but quite wonderful when you get to know him and Vanora knows just about everything about everyone, Marquessa Quenia who is honestly one of the strongest people I know, Lady Alessia Mazetti who is a glaivedancer and one day I will corner her and make her show me what that is exactly, Lord Pasquale Malespero who knows a little bit about everything, Lord Jourdain Wyrmguard who I actually used to confuse with Lord Drake Not-A-Wyrmguard-Anymore because they're both quite chivalrous, Lady Kiera Wyvernheart who is very nice, Lady Adalyn Clement who is one of the best jousters I've ever seen and a credit to her father and house, Lord Vitalis Clement who is likewise a wonderful person to talk to as he's just always so interesting, Mistress Nina Autumndale is there and she is a fantastical event planner if you ever need party help and also a bard, Mistress Verity Locke who can talk almost as fast as I can, Master Apollo here is perhaps the absolute best tailor for mens clothing in all of Arvum if not beyond, Scout Rowenova who I consider a dear and loyal friend, and finally...actually I think that's it. Did I miss anyone?" She takes a very, very, very, VERY deep breath.

Midway throgh Sabella's speech, Philippe has already gotten a fresh whiskey double. By the end, he's starting another.

Juliana stands from the table as Pasquale does, reaching out to press a kiss to Sebastian's cheek and a whisper. With a nod and smile to Viviana and another to Gwenna as those are who he is speaking to before she turns towards the Malespero Lord and tucks her arm in his so that he can lead her to the dance floor.

Jourdain lifts his chin in equal measure as Verity regards him, which is a little more dramatic from him given his height advantage. It might take Verity briefly out of his line of sight, but he does it.

"You assume my interest," he starts, in his best nobleman way, except then...

He pauses when Verity pauses. His gaze turns to where Katarina has Katarina'd all over Philippe.

And then he shrugs. "He'll be fine, Verity," Jourdain says, though he can't really speak for Katarina under this situation.

True to his expectations, Philippe soon comes ambling back. Jourdain wordlessly pulls out the chair for his father-in-law as Philippe makes his triumphant return.

Niklas listens to Sabella give her introductions with the practiced patience of someone who has experienced more than a few. When she finishes he says to Elizabetha, "Sabella has a true gift. I couldn't make up nearly that many nice things to say about people."

"Is there an award for most words spoken in a row at an event? If not, there should be. Well /done/, Princess Sabella." Alis interrupts her near-hyperventilating at Katarina's dance of the disaster veils to gawk at and congratulate the Grayson Princess. It deserves applause, and she will absolutely get some.

Talwyn checks mana and performance at normal. Talwyn is successful.

Nina checks charm and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

Alis is overheard praising Sabella.

Talwyn is overheard praising Sabella: Best Introducer of Introductions to ever Introduce.

Appolonia is overheard praising Sabella: By the gods, what lungs!

While many of her family indulge themselves on the dance floor, there is one Pravus princess who stays behind: the telling cane leaned against Allegra's chair provides ample reason why. Ever the wallflower steeped in her own silent world, she hangs just on the wings of it all, looking on and unable to participate -- though in good spirits, and her usual, gentle smile is in check. Allegra does receive her elder sister's drive-by-kissing with a pleased look, then settles back where she sits, hands twined a little aimlessly in her lap. Good spirits, but there's no denying the tension knotted up into her small shoulders.

When Sabella starts to give her introductions, Cristoph stops with whatever he was furtively whispering to Alis. He stares and then continues staring, and waits like he's expecting something to happen. Then he blinks at the end. And finally he turns to the Elizabetha and waves a paper horse, "Yes, that's me. I'm Duke Cristoph." Fascinating, buddy.

Pasquale waits for the music to get suitably slow before standing up from his place at the table with Juliana and offering her a hand. She joins him a moment later and the two walk to the dancing area where they start a sedate, risk free, dance. That continues without any real change but for the occasional word spoken quietly between them both and the occasional change of direction to dodge an incoming dance collision until Sabella's introduction snags his attention. An amused smile curves his lips for a moment and he asks Juliana, with the same amusement thats reflected in that smile. "Pasquale Malespero who knows a bit about everything?"

Sirius had been watching the ritual of seduction performed by both Count and Princess with a flat-lined, uncompromising expression since bore and downright so to its culmination. Because of it, he's evolved from effortlessly 'sipping' his wine into slurping the drink that just wouldn't go down as smoothly as it had after being witness to it all, affected by its occult performance. When Sabella rises, and the litany begins, the fondness in his eyes with which he views her conjures a clear ideal: that she mentioned his name so nicely is the most important thing.

Lucrezia looks up from the bar where she's two-fisting two different types of drinks, courting a nightmare hangover, when she hears Sabella's introduction. She yells over to Elizabetha, "NOPE! I'm *fucking* hilarious and fun! Come drink!" A well-meaning staff member at the bar shushes her by placing more drinks in front of her. It works since she resumes drinking with abandon.

The mention of her name AND glaivedancing definitely gets Alessia's attention and she blinks rapidly as her gaze shifts to Sabella. Her features brighten and she lifts a hand to wave at the princess. Excusing herself quickly, she makes her way over to the head table to give the bride and groom her best wishes.

Damik listens to everything Sabella says as his eyes follow around the room and then just says, "Ah."

Gwenna opens and shuts her mouth a couple of times, then ends up just smiling wide after Sabella makes her introductions. Even the Redrain now probably knows a bit more about everyone herself! She offers the Grayson pair a cheerful wave and then manages a glass of something she may regret tomorrow.

Patrizio chuckles when he hears himself mentioned, those jade eyes brought around towards Sabella. A smile and, with a fresh drink in hand, there's a brief nod of his head and a smile to her at the kind words.

After Sabella's intro, Nova smiles brightly despite the muzzle shade from her wolf pelt (which is apparently worn as a framing headdress about her).

Bianca looks towards the dance floor. Verity looks towards the dance floor. Bianca looks towards Verity.

Bianca does not even blink as she drains the rest of the contents of her glass slowly but surely until there is naught left but the stinging regret of allowing Katarina Valardin one (1) serving of alcohol.

"I should rather like a refill, please, and if you could make sure this glass is not ever emptied, I would be deeply in your favor," is Bianca's polite request of the kind souls tending the bar as she slides her emptied glass forward.

The legate can only quietly heave a little sigh as Philippe handles the entire situation with the legendary aplomb of a true noble. In the aftermath, Katarina approaches, as does Philippe.

"Count," greets the legate warmly.

"Your highness," greets the legate coolly.

And then she subtly slides that bottle of calvados away from the Eurusi woman.

Macda laughs a little as she leans in to whisper to Sabella "thats right, I do need to be checked with..." she nods "least I punch someone in the nose." she laughs deeply as she moves with her dancing partner.

Talwyn glances up and actually pauses the start of playing to allow Sabella to show up even the knights that handle the introductions at the manor with all of the names, titles and introductions that she rattles off. Well! Now that we all know each other, Talwyn turns his attention back to his music.

With Nina, he starts off with the Oathlands Waltz, combining it with the soft beat of the drums of war that are in the background that fill the air as he glances aside to Nina, watching for the changes in tone and tempo that were planned in advanced. By handling the music, well, he can't be asked to dance. So much the better for the Prince as he shoots a quick grin towards Macda as she spins around the floor with Valerius.

"Neighbors? We are family now, we're closer than that," Viviana retorts to the formerly Valardin Princess with a grin for the woman. "Oh, no. I lost, actually. But it was for a good cause, I suppose I shouldn't be too disappointed," the one-eyed Sword laments to Sebastian, and it's a touch difficult to tell whether she's entirely joking or not. The Sin lapses into silence there a moment, while the newlyweds have their exchange with Damik, and...did she hear her name? The Sword of Setarco glances around the festivities, briefly focusing on Sabella as the woman does her introduction routine.

The duelist offers a wave to anyone who happens to look her way after her name is mentioned, but then she's looking back towards Adrienne and Sebastian, "Let me follow Prince Damik's example, and offer a gift of my own. I do hope you like them, and perhaps enjoy the...symbolism of it. I've never been married, but the design struck me as a playful take on what I imagine marriage must be like, mm?" One hand reaches inside the Sword's coat, fetching a long, thin jewelry box and passing it to Adrienne. The motion is repeated, with a matching box passed to Sebastian.

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After beaming at Sabella's introduction, Vanora turns to her husband and teasingly informs him. "You're shy. I've heard. Just now. Also I think Uncle Philippe..." She doesn't finish that sentence either though, instead asking her husband. "Are we certain I am awake? This seems like one of those strange surreal dreams."

Elizabetha is overheard praising Sabella.

Sabella is overheard praising Adrienne: The most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Sabella is overheard praising Sebastian: The luckiest groom I've ever seen!

Vitalis is overheard praising Sabella: Lungs of alaricite.

Verity, who is preternaturally aware of all montage and quick-cut sequences that take place near her, briefly interrupts her horrified conversation with Jourdain and Bianca to smile and wave at Sabella and Elizabetha when her name is called.

Then it's back to downing a few drinks after another.

The courtier spins around to face the incoming count and princess, hands clasped together in graciousness. "Hello! You both did so well! I'm very excited that your ankles remain unsprained, your highness!"

Kiera is staring at philippe with nothing less than open adoration (which is not sexual in any way) before she turns the same sort of gaze on Sabella. it appears she's going to be dumbfounderd the rest of the night

Valerius is overheard praising Sebastian: A marvelous wedding sebbie.

Cristoph is overheard praising Adrienne.

Cristoph is overheard praising Sebastian.

Talwyn is overheard praising Sebastian.

Talwyn is overheard praising Adrienne.

Alis is overheard praising Adrienne.

Swept to the dancefloor, Juliana's hands rest on Pasquale's chest as they dance in suck a manner that is not meant to impress those around them but to allow the two to simply enjoy each other's company. Laughing softly at the comment. "Well Lord Malespero, it's not exactly incorrect. I mean.. what you don't know something about, you know where to find it."

Alis is overheard praising Sebastian.

Bianca is in the middle of warding alcohol from Katarina - discretely - when she hears her name mentioned in a tidal wave of names.

The legate's nod is just one of the warmest legately nods one can imagine. The knowledgeability of the nod is up to debate.

Vitalis is overheard praising Adrienne: My patron, best of wishes

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Macda is overheard praising Sebastian.

Macda is overheard praising Adrienne.

Gwenna is overheard praising Adrienne: A stunning bride and one of the loveliest people I know!

Katarina is overheard praising Adrienne: To my cousin -- as close to me as my sister -- who is awkwardly present to read this praise.

"I'm as surprised as you are, my dear. I'm also apparently quite wonderful?" Valdemar remarks dryly in response to his wife before taking another sip from his glass. Giving the dance floor another glance, though, he nods his head at her question and tells her, "Yes, we are both awake. I am fairly sure of it. Maybe you have had a bit more wine than you're used to? Or perhaps someone else did." A shrug of his shoulders accompanies his words.

The delicate and intricate chain falls into Adrienne's gauntleted palm and it draws an unsure smile from the Valardin. "It's beautiful, Viviana. I've been married for only, what, a few hours I believe. Your experience is as worthy as mine. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift, cousin. I'll cherish it." With a glance to a hovering attendant, Adrienne has the necklace clasped at the back of her neck.

Juliana is overheard praising Sebastian: <3

Gwenna is overheard praising Sebastian: The handsome groom and most wonderful friend!

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Nina is overheard praising Adrienne: Congratulations on your wedding!

"Lovely to meet you,' Appolonia says with a smile to Elizabetha when her turn comes by in the round.

Afterwards she seems to struggle momentarily, either from the calvados hitting or from a temporary loss of the air's vital principle. But it fades, and she smiles at Philippe, before she recovers herself. "May I ask you for a small favor, your highness?" she asks of Katarina.

Nina is overheard praising Sebastian: Congratulations on your wedding!

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Katarina is overheard praising Sebastian: To the Prince who has welcomed the Oathlands into his heart, whether he really likes it or not.

Sirius is overheard praising Katarina: To my cousin, who has proven once more that it's the art which leaves the mark, but as to leave it must transcend. It must speak for itself. Like her... well, you know. If you were there, you know.

Nina is overheard praising Verity: Thank you for helping with the event planning!

Nina is overheard praising Talwyn: Thank you for the musical accompanyment!

Juliana is overheard praising Adrienne: welcome to the family. Now remember, don't eat or drink anything! <3

Talwyn is overheard praising Nina.

Kiera is overheard praising Sebastian: welcome to the family+praise adrienne=an experience not to be forgotten

A bright smile from Sebastian follows Juliana's parting kiss to his cheek. He, too, is briefly distracted by other discussions, but refocuses on the Eurusi prince after he's handed off the silken wrapped bundle with a surprised exhale. "You're far too generous, Prince Damik'uhl'daja. I hope you'll stay and enjoy some of the drinks common to both my beloved Setarco, and Chevalle." Of course, his gaze brightens at Viviana's words, amusement lighting into an easy laugh. "I wouldn't know -- yet. But I expect I'll find out. It's gorgeous, Vivi -- thank you." As Alessia nears, he sets down the box and leans to kiss her cheek, murmuring quietly.

Vanora is overheard praising Sebastian: To my cousin, who in marrying my other cousin, has bestowed me with double-cousins, if that is a thing.

Katarina is overheard praising Nina: A planner who proves that excess can be a virtue in the correct hands.

Appolonia is overheard praising Sebastian: Congratulations to the groom and to the many paths of the future, whatever color they may take.

Vanora is overheard praising Adrienne: To my cousin, who in marrying my other cousin, has bestowed me with double-cousins, if that is a thing.

Katarina is overheard praising Verity: For foolishly allowing me one glass of wine.

Appolonia is overheard praising Adrienne: Congratulations to the bride, who shall presently understand many things.

Katarina is overheard praising Philippe: Sadly, it was his sword scabbard.

Kiera is overheard praising Adrienne: an experience not to be forgotten

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Pasquale is overheard praising Sebastian.

Pasquale is overheard praising Adrienne.

Juliana is overheard praising Pasquale: for being kind enough to escort me when Luis could not.

Flashing a wide smile at the newly married couple, the Sword of Setarco salutes them with her bottle of Setarco Fire and simply repeats, "Congratulations you two. Enjoy the evening!" And with that, Viviana slips away from the head table to go find somewhere else to mingle and drink. --Mostly the latter.

Viviana has left the Head Table for the Wedding Party.

Pasquale is overheard praising Juliana.

Elizabetha stares, eyes wider and wider as the length of Sabella's speech lasts, until the conclusion has her in fits of laughter and applause. Twinkling with humor, she chuckles to Niklas, "Fine creativity, but finer lungs, I think!" She flows to her full, willowy height and leans forward to brush a kiss to her cousin's cheek. "I thank you! Please, sip some water!" As a servant passes, she reaches forth to pluck a crystal glass from the tray and places it in Sabella's hand. "Drink," she urges, the warmth of amusement in her voice. "And now," she continues with an airy sigh, "I'll take my turn to go and mingle with the wonders amongst us." With a little squeeze about the other princess's shoulders, she tosses her hair and sweeps a curtsey to her table, then twirls away to approach the floor.

Nina keeps up with the waltz at the dance floor, ending it when it's proper... and moving right into, as one might expect, a spirited Lycene style dance that has a bit more spice and beat. Her fiddle, one of her instruments of choice, makes the transition between styles quite smoothly and without any real interruption. The dance would be likely to move into the right beat, as music has that powerful effect. Though she takes a moment to nod across to Alessia, who might also be one to deal in for a number in some time.

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Ian finishes up his drink and speaks to Zoey and Nova, before easing to his feet and taking up his cane.

Kiera is overheard praising Philippe: legendary cool. Something to aspire to

Katarina reaches for the Blanchard liquor and in one smooth motion, the bottle is moved just out of her grasp. She gives Verity and Bianca a look, as if to challenge them; it seems as likely a risk as any that she might stamp her foot and demand another drink. Instead, the little Suj'abbati heiress huffs again, and grabs Verity by the arm. "Come," she says. "You as well, Legate. And you, Lord Jourdain." Why Jourdain is being brought along is anyone's guess, but Katarina is apparently just being petulant and ordering people around. She sets off, whether or not this little procession sets off with her, toward Damik'uhl'daja.

With a nod at whatever the bride and groom said to her, Alessia's smile turns warm and she turns to Nina. She finishes the liquor in her glass as she waits, keeping her eyes on the bard, for her time to go on.

Apollo is overheard praising Adrienne: It is incalculable, what Pravus has gained with her.

Zoey nods to what Ian says and gets to her feet as well.

Giving Sir Flop a bit of forewarning, Nova gets up with him and and then moves to follow the Kennex couple. She takes along the unopened bottle that was previously acquired and lifts up a goodbye wave to Sebastian and Adrienne.

Vitalis rises from his table a wooden chest held in hand, moving towards the guests of honor.

Kiera is overheard praising Katarina: Whoa

Patrizio seems to be having a very good time, even as he's meandering his way back towards the dance floor, not a hair out of place in that well-coiffed mane of his, even as he's finishing off his latest drink. The jade eyes turn this way and that as he's drinking in the sights, and contemplating what would be the most entertaining thing to do next while enjoying the celebration.

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Pasquale shakes his head at Juliana's response but he's smiling so it can't be that bad. "She could have said worse."

Sirius rises off of his chair, the bland and sheared colors of his faded coat cloud-wrack with whorls of disuse twisting into gnarly knots once he's fully stood. Luckily, his left hand smoothly cups against the cloth with a flattening palm, applying descending pressure that does its best at polishing the wrinkles stately away before he follows after Alis, quietly clearing away from the surrounding environ at a slow, almost languorous pace.

Apollo nods at Vitalis and rises to join him, heading toward the newlyweds.

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Apollo is overheard praising Sebastian: A man of good taste and better fortune, to have Princess Adrienne at his side.

Ian starts threading his way to the door, apparently just assuming Nova and Zoey will follow. He pauses part of the way there and takes a moment to look over at Katarina with what might be detached concern or might be nothing.

Adalyn rises from her seat with a nod, accompanying Vitalis and Apollo to approach the newlyweds.

Having fetched a drink, offered congratulations, and managed a few greetings, Gwenna makes her way to a quiet seat for the moment. There is dancing to watch and Fire to sip at, never mind all the glorious decor along with amazing food.

Gwenna has joined the The Island Table.

Perhaps Sebastian did actually hear Nina's words earlier -- or maybe he's just seen the crowd gathering on the dance floor. "Ah, it looks like it's time to take a turn around the floor. I'll try not to make it awkward." Like some other dancing that /definitely/ caught his eye before. With the crook of his elbow, he seeks to lead his wife towards the open space. That it happens coincidentally as Katarina heads towards Damik is... just that, surely.

Sebastian has called for an opposing check. Sebastian checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sebastian is marginally successful. Adrienne checks dexterity and performance at easy. Adrienne is successful.
Adrienne is the winner.

It's a cool and even stare that Bianca affixes Katarina. Her dark lips are pressed in a thin line. She's quite calm, but it's that very particular kind of calm that looks like it is prepared to bring down the devastating wrath of the gods, who are doubtless equally calm.

She keeps the alcohol well out of the princess' reach as she turns her attention back towards Jourdain and Verity, reaching out to press a hand against the latter's arm.

"Don't get too drunk," cautions the legate. "I plan to commandeer you for a dance before the night is out." A second passes. "But I have every faith in your superior tolerance to the drink compared to my cou--"

And Bianca can not even finish teasing her cousin before Katarina is wandering off, possibly still slightly inebriated, towards Damik'uhl'daja. Bianca's lips purse. She grabs her drink, gives Verity a Look once more, and departs the bar after Katarina. Quite calmly.

Vanora murmurs back to Valdemar, "Well I do agree that you are wonderful. Not all of the time and not at everything, but you have your moments." She teases lightly, and from somewhere a glass of wine is in her hand right where she wants it to be. "One or the other. See though, this is what our wedding would have looked like if you'd married in, instead of me out. At least partially. Family gatherings in Setarco tend to center around drinking more than eating, and from vessels made of glass even. Not the bones of monstrous sea creatures or the silver-dipped skulls of one's enemies."

"I thought you had nothing but confidence in my composure," says Verity to Bianca.

Verity keeps a worried eye on Katarina as the princess seems to be considering the unthinkable: having a second drink. It may result in the tiny Eurusi woman's blood being entirely replaced by calvados, which is considered an ideal fate only in some parts of Arvum.

Yet, finally, Verity is compelled to follow Katarina to who knows where. She grabs her drink off the bar before being led by the arm away from the liquor deathtrap she set for Jourdain. NEXT TIME, JOURDAIN.

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Alaric is overheard praising Adrienne.

Alaric is overheard praising Sebastian.

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Damik gracefully inclines his head towards Katarina in a courteous gesture, his eyes touched with curiosity, "A Royal of the Veils, if I recall? She of the unusual name, and none fettered beneath her?" There's a hesitancy in his speech patterns, the Arvani still coming awkwardly to him as his questions come with a halting tone.

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Valdemar laughs at his wife's teasing. "I'm sure that would be news to most of the city," he remarks in reply to her before she begins to point out the differences with their own wedding celebration. To this, he grins for a moment before telling her, "Well, not everyone is as fun as house Grimhall is, I suppose. What is a celebration without the skulls of one's enemies being involved?"

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Jourdain also breaks off from his standoff with Verity, if briefly, to put on the niceties with an inclination of his head, as Sabella whirlwinds by with Elizabetha in tow. Then he resumes drinking, as if feeling the alcohol to be safer with him than with any of the ladies around him which it might find its way into.

Katarina, a key personage in this line of thinking, then Commands His Presence as part of her entourage to go do a thing. He exchanges a look with Verity and Bianca, before trailing afterwards. He brings his glass with him, though happily leaves the deathtrap behind. You might just have to get him with that in _private_, Verity.

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A hand resting within the crook of Sebastian's elbow and the split in her gown revealing a most Lycenely expanse of leg, Adrienne diverts her gaze when she notices Apollo, Adalyn, and Vitalis veering in their direction. "I think poor Nina's fingers may fall before we reach her. May we speak with my protege?"

Vitalis checks composure at hard. Vitalis is marginally successful.

"You know, we haven't actually sent a gift to Sebastian and Adrienne yet...perhaps a matched set of silver-dipped enemy skulls is just what they are missing. You'll see to that then? Usually I have to handle all of those little details of etiquette, thank you cards and gifts for various occasions, but in this case, I think it goes on your to do list, not mine." Vanora lifts an eyebrow playfully.

Patrizio definitely looks fit to laugh when Sebastian and his new bride are en route to the dance floor, with a shake of his head. Indeed, this is the kind of spectacle that the public is demanding to see at such a fete.

They have been going for a while, combining Oathland and Sins together almost seamlessly in music. Glancing over at Nina, Talwyn gives a quick smile. "Do you think we shall call it a break, and let fresher hands and voices take over?" he asks her, waiting to see what she decides.

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Nina laughs a bit at Talwyn's comment. "It's quite all right!"

She lowers her fiddle for a moment, and looks around at the floor again. "I'll be taking a small break from playing now, but, for everyone's enjoyment, the Lady Alessia is going to favor us all with a traditional dance number as part of her gift to the wedding." Nina gestures. "Please! Take it away from here!"

Alessia checks dexterity and huge wpn at normal. Alessia fails.

"You," says Katarina to one of the wedding staff's servers. "Bring Lord Jourdain's drinks."

The imperious command of the tiny royal is not to be trifled with. Katarina's attention then fixes upon her fellow Eurusi heir, who's a full foot taller than her, and whose ass is probably just as nice, but for different reasons. "Prince Damik'uhl'daja," she trills. "You are correct. I am Princess Katarina Valardin -- though you perhaps know me best as Princess Katarina al'Muraq-Sabbat, of Suj'abbat, the City of Veils~. With me are Mother Bianca Wyrmguard, Legate of Creation; Lord Jourdain Wyrmguard; and Minister Verity Locke of the esteemed House Blanchard." Katarina glances over her shoulder at the server who's carrying a tray full of Jourdain's drinks, and motions for him to keep drinking.

"I am to be in your wedding party, if Lady Monique will still have me," Katarina notes to Damik. "And yet, I have not truly had the occasion to know you."

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When Nina says she wants to continue, Talwyn doesn't back down either as he picks back up the pace on his lute. "Then lets taken them around the floor again, Nina!" he calls out to his fellow musician as he rises to his feet to tap his foot in time with the rhythm.

Vitalis weaves through the glittering throng with smiles and nods for those gathered. Amusement flickers at byplay between Apollo and Adalyn as they go, making their way steadily towards Adrienne. And Sebastian. Vitalis murmurs to Adalyn and hands her the chest, awaiting an opening they might approach and offer their well wishes. And there it is. Vitalis beams at Adrienne, expression flickering briefly as he takes her in, "You are a vision, Highness. Congratulations." He leans in to kiss her cheeks, moves to Sebastian. "It's nice to meet you, Highness. Congratulations." His attention slews to the announcement on the dancefloor and his lips press flat. He moves aside, quickly, closer to the dance floor.

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If you think they would appreciate such a gift, I am sure I can see to that. I'll start looking for the right skulls as soon as we get back to the longhouse," Valdemar replies to Vanora with amusement in his eyes. He finishes off his glass of wine at this point and sets it aside empty, glancing around the room again before his gaze returns to settle on his wife once again.

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Damik crosses his wrists over one another and then lifts them to his chest and separates them, as if he was breaking shackles, "It is most pleasing to meet an al'Muraq-Sabbat! Your home was visited once, and we asked many questions. Not a single truth was learned. It was a most excellent time, however." A pause and then he asks, while looking around, "Are you Katarina, and this is not a...?" He points to Jourdain, "That is not actually Katarina, correct? Suj'abbat customs are..." He holds up a hand and then shakes it in a shifting motion and shrugs one shoulder.

Apollo offers a similar bow, deep, with far more gravitas than someone who just cheated at a paper horse mini joust should be able to muster. Princess Adrienne, Prince Sebastian. Congratulations." A smile follows, soft and quiet. "I'll have something else coming for you later - Siri has it just now." For Sebastian: "My assistant."

Lucrezia is seen leaving the party with an armful of various booze, singing some sort of ribald shanty. Maybe she's worried she won't have enough booze to make it to wherever she's going next...

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"Vitalis." Kiss returned with radiant dignity. "Sebastian, you've not met my protege. Lord Vitalis Clement." That the handsome Lycene's face looks to have been put through a meat grinder Adrienne makes no remark. "Adalyn. Apollo. We are so pleased you could join us." At the promise of a gift, her brows arch, delighted and knowing. "You know the Guildmaster, I think, Sebastian. /His/ gift is worth the wait."

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Verity lingers behind Katarina as best she can, considering the princess is dragging her along by the wrist. Once Katarina becomes more focused on speaking to Damik, Verity straightens her poise and composes her expression.

"Good evening, Prince Damik," she says, inclining her head in deference. "Thank you for your actions at Sungreet. I would've been lost to grief if something terrible had become of those of House Blanchard who were present."

Alessia wields Requiem - an ancient glaive with an iridescite handle.

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"Surely they would." Vanora responds to Valdemar. "I'm sure everyone else in the family has made sure they have plenty of traditional Lycene and Oathlands wedding bounty to take home, but I am almost certain that Grimhall would send the only pair of silver skulls, and then my new cousin-in-law doesn't have to discreetly hide one set so no one notices."

Nina plays the accompanyment for the traditional dance, though yielding the floor of course. Her nod to Talwyn indicates support that he's game for now.

"Of course," Sebastian slows and stops -- glancing towards the Clement contingent. It's good timing, as the music fades for a moment, and his gaze is drawn towards Alessia with anticipation, though he turns attention towards the approaching well-wishers, holding out a hand for Vitalis to grip his wrist, briefly, in greeting. "Thank you, my lord. I'm sure you know I'm the fortunate one. Guildmaster Apollo," the same gesture is repeated, along with a smile. "I've had fortune to witness your talent, so I wait in anticipation. Thank you. Lady Adalyn," he offers a bright smile and a brief regard. "I've heard a great deal -- all of it positive."

Drink still well in hand, Bianca Wyrmguard still ensures her attention is for the Eurusi prince as she approaches. Her smile is a warm if distant thing as Katarina makes introductions; her gown lacks the flexibility for a curtsey, but the bow she offers is a graceful thing all the same, deep and respectful as she layers one pale hand over her heart.

"Prince Damik'uhl'daja," the legate repeats smoothly. "It is a great honor to finally have opportunity to meet you in person. Your name precedes you."

She falls silent, then, as Damik speaks of the City of Veils; there's a brief flicker of understanding there in that silver stare of hers, but Bianca lets Jourdain field the question asked of him, eyebrows lifting just slightly as she turns her look towards her cousin.

Adalyn accepts the chest so that Vitalis can step forward to greet the pair. Arms encumbered, she simply bbows her head and casts a delighted smile toward the newlyweds. "It's so good to see you, Princess Adrienne. And a pleasure to meet you, Prince Sebastian. Congratulations to you both! I hope that your future together will be a pleasant adventure."

Glancing over at Vanora and Valdemar, Talwyn gives a challenging smile. "Do I need to find appropriate music for you two to join the dance floor?" he asks the Duke and Duchess as he considers Nina. "I'm sure Nina would easily find something that would fit."

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Damik smiles cheerfully at Verity and Bianca, repeating the same crossed wrist breaking-shackle like greeting he had done with Katarina as he turns towards them, "It was most pleasing that the assassination attempt on my person was also foiled by your allies and the groom here, and that death did not prevent us from aiding your friends. It is most difficult to speak in Arvani, as our... well my, I should say, status is unclear in Skal'daja at present, and my name is up for revision based on the actions of the King."

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Well, now it's her turn to do the twirly thing. Alessia doesn't seem necessarily in the greatest of states though she smiles along, wielding her favored glaive in both hands. She has a few false starts as she attempts to dance along with the music, possibly attempting a few complicated manoeuvres, though luckily it doesn't go flying out of her hand and through a hapless server's chest.

She attempts a slightly simpler style, dancing around the room with ease, striking the air from time to time to mix the ferocity with elegance. Her gaze shifts to the wedding table from time to time, as she continues on.

When Alessia starts up, Sabella twists in her chair to watch with bright eyes, gleeful and apparently not noticing any false starts since she applauds quite readily every time Alessia does something that looks even slightly more complicated than just holding the glaive.

Turning briefly away from the Clement party and their congratulations, Adrienne tracks each movement of Alessia's dance with rapt attention. Her chin brushes at Sebastian's shoulder as she whispers something to him, although never taking her eyes away from the Mazetti glaivedancer.

Kiera sighs as the rest of her family moves off to greet damik, glancing in philippe's direction for a moment before heading slowly toward adrienne and sebastian to give congratulations

Philippe queues up for after Kiera. After all, that's how he gets cake.

Apollo takes a half step back, watching Alessia dance for a few moments before glancing back to the bride and groom. A smile is a tricky thing to gather - the twirling glaive keeps drawing his eye - but he does find it. "I'm very grateful for your faith in me," he says to them. "I do hope your day is lovely, and you've time to rest before it stretches overlong." And then he dips in a bow again, and takes another half step back, leaves room for Kiera and Philippe. Eyes skew toward the dance again, and stay there, hands slipping into his pockets.

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Vitalis watches Alessia's performance with a critical eye. Once a Mazetti, he knows the moves well. He tongues his teeth as she falters, then fumbles, then returns to basics. He draws a deep breath through his nose and turns towards Adalyn and Apollo, murmuring something quietly.

Like his bride, Sebastian's gaze is pulled by Alessia's dance, stillness about him as he watches with avid interest and admiration. "It's beautiful, and deadly both," he murmurs to Adrienne and those nearby, adding with a laugh: "Rather like a Sin." As the Clements part ways, he turns his gaze to them with grateful nods, gaze flickering to Philippe and Kiera. "Count Philippe. I'm grateful you're here. Did you make sure to claim a bottle of Setarcan wine for yourself? Lady Kiera," with a smile for her. "I hope you're enjoying the evening. Isn't she amazing," a gesture to Alessia. "I was fortunate to see her fight in Sungreet. It's just as mesmerising on the field as off."

Nina keeps in time with the dance for now, at least until it should come to its natural end. Her eyes watch raptly. Combat arts are something beyond her ability so this demonstration is also one she takes interest in as an observer.

Philippe nods graciously to Sebastian. "I did," he says. "I am eager to try it at dinner." But he otherwise lets the younger folks speak to Sebastian, as his role here is to be a positive example. And to eat cake.

Patrizio taps his foot in time with the music when he's watching the moves on the floor, even as he's somehow pawned off his empty glass and ended up with yet another one that is filled and being brought to his lips, as he watches the moves on the dance floor.

Jourdain eyes the deathtrap as it follows him. The server gives him a rather helpless look. Jourdain shrugs and lets it happen. He will have _words_ with Bianca later about her doubt of his tolerance.

Subsequently introduced, he puts aside matters of alcohol long enough to pay attention to the proprieties, inclining his white-haired head deeply. "Prince Damik'uhl'daja," he addresses. "The pleasure is mine. As our Minister has said, our gratitude is due for the lives of House Blanchard that were saved at Sungreet." He seems to feel it best to let Katarina handle cultural gaps.

With Pasquale getting called away, Juliana returns to the table, sitting back to quietly watch the evening unfold

Sebastian's courtesies are a step head of Adrienne's - scandalous - as she tears her attention away from Alessia's dance and her husband to greet her Philippe. "Uncle," she says with a shallow curtsey that preserves her modesty while showing appropriate deference. "How glad I am to have you here. Have you yet tried the cake? Tanith Grayhope has supplied us, and I will duel whomever claims the last if I've not had my share." She's probably joking, although she is wearing a serious pauldron. Her gaze shifts. "Lady Kiera, how glad we are that you could join us." Adrienne retakes Sebastian's arm, a lifeline in the storm.

"The only al'Muraq-Sabbat," Katarina replies smoothly, with perhaps some degree of pride to it. Then again, Suj'abbati royalty is a complicated tangle of lines of succession that attempt to bluff themselves, and so that Katarina does not share a family name with her own parents is... Well. It doesn't make sense, probably, but it does to her. "And I assure you of two things, Prince Damik. That I am Princess Katarina, truly," she trills, "and that you learned many truths in the City of Veils, but they were not given to you unadorned or freely."

Katarina's smile can be heard, if not seen. Her golden eyes sparkle. She's engaged herself in this meeting of royalty and, despite the lingering effects of 1 (one) glass of wine, she's comporting herself... perhaps more playfully than a Princess of the Oathlands probably should, but nonetheless well. "The status of many things in our birthland is unclear. With Suj'abbat fallen, I know not whether my father the King lives, but a dread feeling in my bones tells me that it is likely not so. My mother... remains a mystery. However. We may speak of misery later. Today is a joyous occasion -- my cousin, as close to me as a sister of my own blood, and her husband, united in matrimony. Honor them, and myself, with a toast, Prince Damik~?"

And so it is that the little Queen of Veils' deception is revealed. For she has brought Jourdain and his drinks over so that all standing there might take a glass from the dazzling array of the deathtrap -- Katarina included. For it would be rude not to drink, it in a toast.

Valdemar inclines his head at Vanora's response. "I will see to it, then. It /is/ difficult to imagine anyone else here giving them silvered skulls, now that you mention it," he says as he gives the room another look. Upon hearing Talwyn address both of them, the Duke calls out in answer, "I am surprised that my wife hasn't insisted already, your Highness. I'd be surprised if she lets me get through the night without indulging her at least once."

Kiera nods to Sebastian wors "I've always thought duels were something akin to dancing though I have never seen weapons and dance formerlly combine before. Congratulations on your wedding your highness. May the two houses enjoy a long and properous partnership

Damik blinks at Katarina, squinting his eyes as if trying to derived the truth of her statement then slowly nods, "I was told there were many al'Muraq-Sabbats by the Suj'abbati refugees." He repeats his crossed wrist greeting towards Jourdain, now that he is convinced who the real Katarina is. His smile fades as she speaks of her parents, looking at her with sympathy, "Great sorrow fills my heart for your family, my condolences. My family yet lives, joyously, and merely wishes me dead. It is the way of families in Skal'daja, truly." He then brightens again, "And yes, a toast! For this joyous day. Perhaps a Suj'abbati one? 'May your truths always be taken as lies, and your lies as truths'?"

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Vanora has been watching Alessia's performance and at its conclusion applauds with enthusiasm. "My but she's good, and that can't be easy with the..." A gesture seems to indicate 'stick with chain and etc' or perhaps 'glaive' "If Prince Talwyn is ready to play a dance for the unarmed now however, then of course we'll indulge. It would be rude not to." And she likes to dance, even if Valdemar is still pretending to be shy, the better to prove Sabella correct.

Skirting the dance floor and watching with wide eyes as Alessia does more fancy glaivedancing, Sabella bring Niklas with her to greet the bride and groom, beaming at both, "I am so happy for the two of you!" she tells Adrienne and Sebastian, moving in for a hug with both! "You'll have to forgive me for not getting you a personalized gift, but after we got the tenth silver gryphon platter for ours I thought that perhaps you would want to have a little something for yourselves so that you may purchase something for your home that would belong to the both of you. Or just spend it on a thousand little things as you see fit! But truly, looking at the two of you I cannot help but believe with all my heart that your futures are so bright and will surely be blessed by the gods!"

"I shall expedite my piece, your highness," Philippe says to Adrienne with his usual familial warmth. "I shall not take one of the frosting flowers."

"Pleasing indeed, your highness," says Verity to Damik's characterization of assassination attempts. The courtier remains silent otherwise while Katarina takes her rightful place at the head of the conversation.

When the drinks are passed out by the waitstaff that Katarina has commandeered, Verity exchanges her empty glass for one that is full. She glances to Jourdain and Bianca, and then offers: "I think I should like to toast to the continued health of you and Princess Katarina, your highness. Please forgive me for being overly sentimental."

Niklas offers the prince and princess a bow when Sabella moves in to throw hugs at people. "Though if either of you would like a silver griffin platter then I'd be willing to part with two or three. They go quite a distance if you throw them hard enough!"

"Of course I suppose that can be said about most things," muses Niklas, wandering off on his own conversational thread.

Kiera nodes to addrienne with a smile and curtseys as she follows philippe to get cake

With time the glaivedancer of Ostria seems to be growing more comfortable with the room, ramping up the speed and complexity of the twirling. She dances around the temple a little quicker, moving in time to the music's tempo. Her attention seems strictly on the dance, and her demeanor seems to liven up, her visage becoming a little less haggard. Until finally, she slows down as the music inches closer to a stop. Then she gives a single graceful bow, cheeks flushed. A fond smile is given to the bride and groom, though her mirth seems to slowly dissipate with the end of the dance.

Adrienne gasps to find herself hugged by Sabella Grayson. "Sabella!" Mirth and shock war - Adrienne Pravus nee Valardin is not prone to receiving surprise hugs - before she returns the embrace, armored pauldron cool to the touch. "Hello Niklas," she adds when she can to the Playwright. "Perhaps we could make a private party of platter throwing," she suggests while one hand lingers on Sabella's arm. "We will put it to the best use. I promise. Thank you for thinking of us."

Valdemar is also glancing at Alessia's display from time to time, and nods at his wife's assessment. "No, it is not easy at all," he assures her before standing up as it appears that he will have to dance imminently himself. Once on his feet, he offers his wife a hand up from her own seat, asking her teasingly, "Are you saying you don't want to dance with me /and/ Widow's Lament, then?" Of course the greatsword remains in its sheathe at his back, peacebound.

Nina applauds for the end of the glaivedance, finally lowering her instrument just to show her appreciation. She smiles, a gloss in her eyes showing she has a bit of energy left, but may want to pick up another drink after this set. She has one more to play, finishing up the Glaivedance song to transition into another traditional Oathlands dance to help keep the floor back moving. After something difficult and quick, it tends to be good to have something a bit slower to compare it to. She gives Talwyn a little glance, before beginning again, saying, "We'll take a break soon. Everyone should of course be allowed cake at such a party. And I've had the samples."

Enraptured, Adrienne steps away from the well-wishers encircling her and Sebastian to clap, loud and slow, for Alessia. "Alessia Mazetti!" she calls in a voice meant to carry, echoing off the smooth walls of the Shrine of the Thirteen. "You honor us all." She curtesies, steelsilk shifting in the light.

Vitalis claps along with his patron, face fixed in a smile.

There's a genuine humor from Sebastian at Philippe's words. "If you manage to save a piece for Ave, I'll be forever in your debt," he whispers, sotto voce. As they go to find cake, his gaze goes back to Alessia, forgetting to breath for a moment, his applause anthusiastic as she takes a bow. "Lessi! That's quite-" and then he's being hugged, recovering quickly with a laugh. "I hope you're having a good evening. Make sure you pick up a bottle of something Setarcan. I can't vouch for the Chevalle brandy, but I'm sure that's excellent too," he says to Sabella with a smile. Niklas' offer lifts his brows as if in consideration, giving a quick smile. "I've heard there are some weddings where you break all the plates and glasses -- that would definitely be useful there."

Patrizio makes his way, at long last, back over to the newly wedded couple, even as the press of well-wishers continues to circulate about them, that glass in his hands half-filled and colour to his cheeks from the activity in the room and his imbibing. "Dear cousin," he says with a faint emphasis on the title, as he steals in close to Sebastian, even with Nina's announcement about the impending cake, much less warnings about plate breaking, before he allows himself a grin. "Do yourself a favour and take your bride for a turn on the dance floor, before one of us cousins steps in for you." The devilish delight in his expression at the offer and nudge is plain.

Bianca Wyrmguard is all pleasant courtesy and gentle disposition until Katarina suggests a toast.

Bianca's demeanor hardly even shifts; she hardly even budges; her smile hardly fades. It's just a subtle sense for those who know her. A slight sharpening of her stare.

"Yes," the legate congenially agrees, "a toast is all but mandatory now."

With her still in possession of her own drink, Bianca looks from Verity to Jourdain before a gentler smile touches her dark lips.

"Fine sentiments both," Bianca says, at the heels of Damik and Verity's words. "And I believe sentiment is precisely what we need right now. So..." And here, she brings that drink up several respectful inches, in toast.

Sebastian is overheard praising Alessia: An amazing display!

Sebastian is overheard praising Nina: A hostess without compare.

Sebastian is overheard praising Talwyn: An excellent musician.

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Philippe gives Sebastian a conspiratorial wink. It is one of the privileges of the aged. He will of course make sure Kiera gets a nice slice of cake for herself -- she can get one of the frosting-heavy pieces. He spoils the younger folks. Philippe's concern is the toast, which he's ready for at any moment. He watches Alessia's display and applauds at its conclusion. Philippe always likes a good show.

Kiera is overheard praising Nina: a wonderful celebration

From the wedding table, Juliana stands, lifting her voice just enough to be heard. "Princess Katarina!" the dark brows arching over her blue eyes as she waits for Kat to look at her and smiles. "Kat, I think you owe me a dance."

"Don't worry, Nina, I'm not so soft that I can't keep up with you." Talwyn offers in response. "But yes, I would like to try some cake." But for now... he moves to lift his lute, and taps his foot. "...five six seven eight." And once again the pair begin again with the music to allow the pairings on the floor the chance to dance.

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Vanora murmurs, "I wish I could do that..." in commentary to her husband regarding Alessia's performance. "None of the dances I know are the sort to leave victims behind I'm afraid. Save occasionally my toes, if I'm not matches with the right partner." She lets Valdemar lead her towards the floor and is as comfortable with the steps of a traditional Oathlands piece as she is with Lycene movements, even if she doesn't lose herself in the former quite the same way.

If anything, Jourdain seems relieved by the plot to quietly dispatch the deathtrap. Though then again, this reprieve is guaranteed not to last long when it comes to Verity Locke. He does notice the shift in his cousin beside him, but he doesn't call attention to it. He just plucks a glass, back to his typical reserve, to honor the toast as it is made.

Alessia checks composure at normal. Alessia is marginally successful.

Katarina does not take the time to properly inspect the various glasses of liquor on the tray of Jourdain's imminent liver issues, and instead chooses based on which glass she finds the most aesthetically appealing. It is because of this that the little Princess selects an elegantly and ornately carved old-fashioned glass full of clear liquid.

"There is a Skal'dajan saying I have heard," Katarina says, holding her fateful glass like a ticking time bomb. "It is perhaps meant literally by your people, Prince Damik, but as is the way of the City of Veils, I choose to take it as metaphor for a deeper truth -- for a statement on family, in its way."

Naturally, Sebastian's gaze is drawn towards his cousin as Patrizio approaches, looking pleased with the man's healthy color and state of glass both. The advice -- and warning -- are both taken with a bright laugh and shift of his posture. "Your warning is timely and duly noted, dear cousin. Shall we?" he glances to Adrienne, with a tip of head to the dance floor.

Katarina says in Eurusi, "May the chains that bind you bind you forever, and may you feel the comfort of their constriction until your last breath is squeezed."

Katarina, having delivered her toast, then lifts her veil demurely so that she can drain the entire glass of Crownlands Special Reserve Dry Gin, renowned for being among the few liquors that the Iron Guard is willing to slap out of commoners' hands for the sake of the public good.

A smile appears on Alessia's lips when her gaze locks on Sebastian and Adrienne for a moment, though something in it shifts a little when she looks at Vitalis. She doesn't seem to bother hiding her derision, and then she's heading straight for the bar.

Damik listens to Katarina's words then bursts into applause, smiling widely at Sebastian and Adrienne as he cheers, "May you be forever trapped and unable to escape!"

Vitalis checks composure at normal. Vitalis is successful.

Nina, true to her word, keeps time with Talwyn to finish out the dance. She plays dutifully, a strong finish for her set. Once the waltz is finished, she lowers her instrument, giving the bards behind her a slight break. They'll bring in another shift once everyone has had a drink or two, for those who intend to dance all night. But if the party planner did not avail herself of some of the cake, she'd not be doing her duty either.

Vitalis flanking Adalyn with Apollo, the three skim by Adrienne and Sebastian on the way to the dancefloor, "Take a turn for us," he beams, eyes skating clean past Alessia-headed-for-booze as they make their way out.

Patrizio laughs himself, with a tip of his head when Sebastian is encouraged to follow through, and the glass too finds a healthy tip for the young prince to enjoy another swallow of the liquid within, seeming indeed quite pleased both with the outcome of his words, and himself for having thought to go push.

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After the toast is complete, Katarina sets the glass down, and then takes Verity's arm with one of her hands, then Bianca's with the other. She resists coughing, because we must face facts and realize that gin is disgusting. And then she leans up to, without removing her veil, give Bianca a clothed kiss on the lips, whether she likes it or not, and then Verity the same. And then she releases them, to freedom.

A toast has Adrienne blinking in Katarina and Damik's direction before her mouth twitches. Clearing her throat, Adrienne offers a half-bow in thanks for well-wishes and looks DEARLY amused to Sebastian, whose arm she gladly takes toward the dance floor. Aside to Patrizio, she says, humor lingering, "You are a hero, Patrizio Pravus."

Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks arrives, delivering a message to Adrienne before departing.

Vitalis is overheard praising Nina: Stellar affair.

And, of course, after that little display, Katarina turns to face Juliana: "A dance? I would be rude to turn one down..."

Once on the dance floor, Valdemar clasps one of his wife's hands with his own, and his other come to rest on her waist as he stands close to her. "I know my way around glaives and other such weapons pretty well, and I doubt /I/ could do what Lady Alessia did, love. You have other talents, and I am pretty sure that among them are dances that could leave a different sort of victim behind, if you chose to," the Duke responds to Vanora as he begins to lead her through the steps of the dance being played.

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Vanora's eyes also widen at Katarina's toast, but once the Eurusi prince begins to applaud and cheer she laughs along with them. "We didn't have any Eurusi blessings at our wedding. Now I feel as if we missed out." She comments to her husband as they take their turn about the dance floor. "Come to think of it...not sure we had any Arvani blessings either. Ah well."

Patrizio smiles to Adrienne at the praise, sketching the faintest of bows at her words. "My pleasure to serve, your highness." He does, if briefly, glance towards the musicians with the barest of apologetic glances as he can imagine they'd been hoping to have a respite sooner.

Juliana blinks as Kat doubles over. "I tell them... do not drink anything. No one ever listens." she shakes her head before bowing it to Kat's acceptance and stepping away from the table. Her sterling shirts swirling around her as the Igniseri ne Pravus, crosses to the Katarina and holds out her hand. "It's been too long, I fear I have neglected you greatly as of late."

Verity drinks to the toast -- IT'S FOR HEALTH, THAT'S ON RECORD -- and throws back her drink with an expert's gallantry. Afterward, she sets the glass aside and leans down when she sees it's time for Katarina to give her a parting kiss.

The courtier looks askance at Jourdain. "It seems our adventure is at an end for now, my lord. A pity they never end quite the way we think at their outset, isn't it?"

Alas, alack. Yet, Verity extends her arm to Bianca and nods toward the dance floor. There's a productive way to burn off all this inebriation, though it may take the rest of the evening.

Sebastian tips his head, Adrienne's glance in the Eurusi's direction lifting his brows, a moment's silence to try and parse the very-Eurusi statement before habit makes him incline his head, the faintest wry smile appearing a moment later. "Thank you," he calls to the group, before he escapes with Adrienne to the dance floor.

Sabella listens attentively to Katarina's speech, applauding at the end and beaming, mostly because she has absolutely no idea what was said, "That sounded very lovely!" She tells Katarina, blinking once at Damik's addition and then laughing as she slings an arm around one of Niklas', "It's true, you know. You are trapped forever and ever! And a nicer prison one could never hope for!"

"Our wedding was a much quieter affair than this, it's true," Valdemar recalls after listening to his wife's comparison. Their banter doesn't cause him to miss a step, though, as he keeps them moving in time with the beat of the song being played. With a grin curving his lips for a moment again, he goes on to add, "Hopefully there has been some progress since then in making it up to you."

With another drink in hand, Alessia plasters another smile on her face, as she turns to the gathering once more. She lifts a hand to Valdemar in greeting, familiarity in the gesture. Her eyes land on the Eurusi prince and she makes to approach him. "Your highness." She greets Damik. "SSes. Highnesses." She extends it to Katarina.

"Well. I'm the best /metaphorical/ dancer I know, beyond question." Vanora quips back to Valdemar between a step and a turn. "Otherwise I am as perfectly passable as every courtier is and that is certainly enough for me. Though this is admittedly not the style I know best. I'm a disappointing half-Oathlander for many reasons. Though my kin would say the fact that I don't know how to ride a horse is far more upsetting than not being able to hold my frame quite right in a pavanne."

Kiera takes her carefully wrapped piece of cake and takes phillipe's hand for a moment "goodnight count"she murmurs as she makes her way to the door

"If prisons came in Sebastian's form, we'd find ourselves with too many prisoners," answers Adrienne with Oathlandic gallantry to Sabella before following in that escape to the dance floor. Throughout the shrine, intoxicated Lycene and grimly determined Oathlanders cavort and revel as personages slowly empty out into the cool winter streets of the Pravus Ward. The Prince and Princess of Pravus are a well-matched couple. Literally. Juliana has ensured as much, as coat and gown and even footwear complement. Quiet seems to settle on Adrienne, as well as a genuine pleasure in the dance and the music, as well-trained Sanctum poise slots into an elegant and respectful dance with the questionably reverent Sebastian Pravus.

Damik crosses his wrists and bows low to Alessia, "She of the Cats! Many thanks are owed to your person for thwarting the attempt on our life. Your skill with the long cutting thing is splendid to behold." He turns towards Katarina and then gestures with a hand vaguely at Alessia, "She is quite talented at the cutting. And you are at the dancing."

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With those final words on the part of the Eurusi princess, Bianca spares a curious look between Katarina and Damik both, head cant to the right -- but it doesn't stop her in the slightest from lifting her drink, and sealing the toast with a slow, savoring sip that sees her draining the rest of her drink.

To health.

It's only after that, that silver eyes flutter in a blink as Katarina takes her hand. Bianca offers a questioning look the princess' way -- but she also doesn't pull away as the kiss is delivered. She dips, to meet her halfway, and straightens soon after.

"Prince Damik. Lord Jourdain," Bianca says in farewell. Then pauses, glancing her cousin's way. And here she provide Jourdain - just - the /sweetest/ smile

"I suppose now we'll never know, alas," she offers ever-so-cryptically and ever-so-sweetly to Jourdain, before she takes Verity's arm to follow her to the dance floor. Bianca doesn't sing song it. She's not a sing songer.

But that sweet smile of the legate's is just a -little bit- smug. Just a bit.

Valdemar briefly inclines his head toward Alessia when he sees her waving, since his hands are otherwise busy. "I think you're probably underestimating yourself," he responds to Vanora, giving her an appreciative look as he steps in a bit closer to her, so that they can talk more quietly while gliding through the turns of the dance.

Katarina takes Juliana's hand. The young Valardin Princess turns her veiled head toward Prince Damik, and favors him with a royal Nod. Royal Nods with a capital N are different than just regular nods. Royalty understand. "We will speak more, I hope, Prince Damik'uhl'daja," Katarina says. "I am a daughter of Sanctum, of the Oathlands -- and it is in this that you may feel heartened that I will be honest with you."

Katarina wags her eyebrows, and then turns her attention to Juliana. "It has been far too long~. Though I can think of few better ways to make up for lost time than with a dance. Tell me, Lady Juliana, shall we dance slow... or fast~?"

Nina removes herself from the bar, a cup in hand, as Adrienne moves back to the dance floor. The comfort of the bride, and groom, of course are her most critical tasks for this event. Some clear out, and Nina watches them travel into the cold, her eyes a little glossed now as the drink hits her strongly. She is a calm and composed woman, but not one of a terribly strong constitution, so she tries not to imbibe more than necessary at an event where she must remain in focus.

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"You honor me, your highness. But it wasn't my best display." Alessia's gaze drifts to the door briefly, her features just a little troubled. "And many thanks are owed toward you. Without your forces, I hate to think what would have happened. I'm glad to have you among us."

"I've never thought it a prison, my dear," says Niklas, raising Sabella's hand to his lips. "Except for the bits spent in Bastion." As more people slip toward the exit he says, "We should say our good evenings, I think. If we're gone too long Elizabetta is apt to decide we were murdered in the Lowers and start going through your things." He pauses, glances toward Sabella's lady-in-waiting and smiles brightly. "Oh, Elizabetta! Oh. Shit. Who is watching the children?" More bows to the bride and groom, then he pulls Sabella toward the exit with masterfully restrained urgency.

Katarina takes a bottle of Setarco Buttercream from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Katarina takes a bottle of Setarco Gold from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Katarina takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

"You have had nothing to make up to me." Vanora responds warmly. "If I'd wanted a big wedding, we would have had one. These people...on both sides even...are my kin. Do you think they would not have shown up for me? Of course they would have. But for what? The entire purpose of a Pravosi wedding is creating a scandal, its considered ill luck if a wedding doesn't breed one in fact, and ours was already a scandal, so all of this..." She gestures around the room. "Wasn't necessary."

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Katarina puts a bottle of Setarco Gold in Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Katarina puts a bottle of Setarco Buttercream in Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Juliana's blue gaze lands on Damik as Kat says her farwells to him, a slight nod from the Lady Igniseri to the Prince before turning her attetion fully to Kat and smiling as she squeezes her hand. "Yes but you are too Oathlander for that Kat.. you would blush to the point that I would fear for your health." the Lycene teases as she leads them to the floor. "Slow, it's easier to talk and I don't accidently stab myself." taps the tiny blue jewel between her breasts that is the hilt of a small dagger.

It's with ease that Sebastian moves around the dance floor in time to the jaunty tune set by Talwyn and the other bards -- an appreciative smile sent from the prince towards Talwyn as one, and two dances are claimed with his new wife. As some begin to brave the cold and slip outside, and the music slows to a close on another song, he murmurs, "We should see Nina about that thing," he suggests, seeking to guide her towards the bardess.

Katarina takes a bottle of Setarco Gold from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Katarina takes a bottle of Setarco Buttercream from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Damik bows towards Alessia, "And they stand ready to aid House Pravus once more in the Saffron, against my brothers. It is the least we may do." He gives a little wave, "But for now, I shall take my leave. Thank you very much for the invitation, it was most welcome."

Patrizio takes a bottle of Chevalle calvados from Wedding Drink Chest - Take One.

Lowering his lute at the end of the song, Talwyn smiles back towards the newly married couple, and then gestures to his present to the pair. "May you both always make beautiful music together. And if you hit a sour note, remember that you can always try again."

Talwyn drops an elegant rosewood harp.

With a nod for Damik when he departs, Alessia heads over to Sebastian, murmuring something quietly. "Thank you, your highnesses. Walk with the gods." She flashes a smile, before heading for the exit.

At some point before departure Vanora most certainly will greet and offer airy-cheek kisses to her assorted uncles, cousins, and the bride and groom. And then the night gets late and at some point the Grimhalls slip out themselves.

A smile flits across Adrienne's eyes as she finds Nina, mostly sober, in the crowds. While Sebastian summons Nina, Adrienne turns to the bars. "A bit of fanfare, if you please?" Princess Adrienne is not to be ignored. A jaunty trill rises up as Adrienne encourages Nina to join her and Sebastian on the dance floor. "Friends. Family," says the Valardin to the lingering and somewhat less sober crowd, "You have honored us with your presence. Sebastian and I could not be happier to have joined you and to have brought our Houses closer in divine fidelity. There is one here, however, who deserves every praise."

Patrizio has, clearly, no where that he needs be, with how he's lingering and enjoying the dancing and the like, those jade eyes flitting this way and that. When Adrienne calls out, however, his attention comes fully around to see what's afoot.

Nodding at what Vanora tells him, Valdemar smiles into her eyes. "I am glad to hear that, in spite of the circumstances that surrounded our union," he responds to her, then listens to something that she says to him more softly. Whatever it is, it elicits another inclination of his head, and he leads her off the dance floor to wish well to her family here before they depart.

Talwyn provides fanfare for Adrienne! Nina totally deserves it.

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Katarina tut-tuts Juliana. For someone being called out on her Oathlands status, Katarina isn't especially DRESSED like the daughter of Sanctum she professes to be; her slit-to-her-ribcage gown and, more tellingly, bejeweled, face-covering veil are completely the style of the Dune Kingdom of Suj'abbat. "I honor the ways of the Oathlands, Lady Juliana, but do recall that tonight, we celebrate the union of Valardin and Pravus -- and so tonight, of all nights, I may be inclined toward a bit of scandal~." Katarina winks. When Adrienne addresses the group, she lifts a hand to wave to her cousin, and then holds it to her veil and sweeps outward -- a grandly theatrical blown kiss. And then, she takes Juliana's hands, to dance. Nice and slow. No grinding.

Philippe is paying attention. He doesn't even have cake on the end of his nose.

Nina walks away from the bar, being invited to walk toward the dance floor again. It is her natural inclination to assume she's being called up for an encore, and she is more than willing to, her eyes brightening once more as she snaps to attention and prepares to go to work. But then Nina is congratulated... and this gives her pause. She puts a hand on her chest, and takes a slight bow. "Thank you, Prince, and Princess. It was my pleasure to aid you in this. This may seem like the most important day you've ever had. But actually, it's my sincere wish that this is the least happy day that you'll ever have from here on out... because every day onward, in your union, shall be happier still."

"Thank you to everyone for coming -- especially braving the cold winter snows to be here," Sebastian picks up from Adrienne. "I admit, I am not sure I would've returned the favor. But a summer wedding wasn't to be, and the timing doesn't always survive reality." He glances towards Nina. "Mistress Nina is a hostess without equal. Such an amazing celebration could not happen without her involvement, her attention to detail, and her eye for beauty," he says, with a gesture around the temple and a brilliant smile. "Please, accept this gift from Adrienne and myself as a small token of thanks." He hands over the star iron necklace that looks, even at a distance, to almost eerily match that of her ring. "Please -- eat, drink, dance -- enjoy," he encourages everyone.

A bright smile to her pale eyes, Adrienne claps for Nina and gestures to Talwyn for another bit of fanfare, if he would be so kind.

Juliana laughes, it's a warm happy sound that perhaps has not been heard from the Igniseri in a while. "Well perhaps we will have to stir up some scandal." her hands in Kat's as the two dance. "We will have to get together after the gods stop spitting frozen water at the world. Talk about the fleet and what needs to be done."

Patrizio lightly shifts to set the glass in his hands, mostly emptied, down on the table beside him when there's the praise by Adrienne and Sebastian for Nina's efforts in planning the exquisite party, and his hands come together in applause for the one being so honoured, even as the encouragement to continue the celebration's still ringing out.

Talwyn is more than happy to provide some additional fanfare for Adrienne, and he does so with great pizazz!

Talwyn checked mana + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Nina takes the star iron necklace offered to her, and immediately puts it around her neck. She looks at it, tilting it toward her eye and watching the sparkles. "Ah. It's perfect. You observed so well my love of song and symbol." She looks at Sebastian, and then Adrienne, with soft eyes starting to glisten. She clearly never expected a thing in return here. "Thank you."

"No tears," Adrienne murmurs with undeniable warmth to Nina as she reaches for the woman's cheek. She beckons for a server to rescue the bardess with alcohol. "This is your triumph." With a half-bow to Nina and also to Sebastian, Adrienne surveys the floor steadily before finding her way toward Patrizio. The number of people seeking her attention has, blessedly, quieted. "My sister-in-oaths would have her dance with my husband. Would you wish for one? I'd be happy to partner with you, or perhaps introduce you to my cousin Katarina if she is willing."

Setting aside his lute to let others take over, Talwyn considers and approaches Nina. "Since it seems to be the last dance of the evening, would you care to have one spin around the floor before we have our goodnights, Mistress Autumndale?" he asks formally, a polite bow at the waist given to the bardess.

With a bright, quick grin, Sebastian leans in to kiss Nina's cheek. "It's perfectly you," he concludes, a quiet laugh given as Adrienne's the one to furnish the bardess with alcohol. A murmured exchange between the newly wedded pair, and they part ways on the way back to the dance floor, Sebastian making a beeline for his twin. "May I cut in?" he directs to Katarina, stretching out a hand for Jules. "I need to steal my twin for a moment."

"Sadly, I have already graced the Count of House Blanchard with my most sensual dancing," Katarina informs Juliana. "Besides which, our history would make a scandal of flirtation feel somewhat awkward, do you not agree~?" The twinkle in Katarina's golden eyes is a strong sign that she's teasing Juliana, while the pair slow dance. It's only somewhat awkward, with Juliana being exceptionally tall, and Katarina exceptionally short. "We will sit and speak soon. I recall how much we planned, my friend... and those plans have changed, but not so much that you will not find your place in them~."

Patrizio smiles when the bride's drawing over to him, and there's another sketched bow at the request, the blossoming further into an earnest grin when he's asked about the taking of a dance. "I'm at your service in either direction, my new cousin," he says in a voice that's clearly both delighted and honoured, jade eyes adance. "Whichever would bring you the greatest joy, whether it's to have another spin about the floor or to be entertained."

As soon as Katarina finishes saying that, Sebastian appears! "It is your wedding day, Prince Sebastian," Katarina trills, and guides Juliana's hands toward her twins. "Whatever you ask for, you shall receive~."

("Such things are why I took an oath of fidelity," Philippe says to someone nearby him, continuing to eat ckae. "For my own good.")

Nina gets a kiss, and looks a little flushed, giving Sebastian a nod. Then... she steps toward Talwyn, her eyes lighting up, and takes his hand. Now her energy has seemingly fully returned. "Yes. I think I'd like that. Thank you very much." She steps in closer, allowing him to take the lead. "It's been a magical night."

Juliana laughs at Katarina's tease, she is about to answer when Sebastian steps forward and her eyes lift back to her twin with a smile. Before Kat passes her off however, there is a kiss presses ever so lightly to the veil covered lips. "Soon. Thank you for the dance, Kat." the squeezes her friends hands and takes her brother's instead.

Turing into Sebastian, a change comes over Juliana as blue eyes meet there mirror and she smiles up at him before moving into is arms for the dance. "And yet another era ends." said softly.

"Can you not dance and entertain, Prince Patrizio?" queries Adrienne with a game attempt at banter. She offers him her hand once the courtesies of bows are seen to. "You'll come to no harm, you have my word," she says, even as she gaze travels to Katarina, "although I sadly can't extend that promise to my cousin's domain." Fondness is undeniable in her Oathlands-accented quip.

"Well, you were the one weaving the spell for a Prince and Princess. Maybe you were their fairy godparent." Talwyn offers with a wink, his smile warm for Nina as he pills her close as he starts to move across the floor in the same style as everyone else has tonight, giving them a chance to talk quietly among themselves.

"Be careful what you voice aloud, Princess of Eurus," Sebastian replies to Katarina, with a twitch of lips, "Or I might ask to acquire that bead dress of yours for Ave." A moment later, and he's pulling Juliana away, into a spin that speaks of years of familiarity across hundreds of different dance floors, bending to murmur to her quietly.

"It comes loose from the honeysilk underlayer quite easily, you know," Katarina says to Sebastian as she separates from the twins. "I can easily imagine that underlayer going missing in the delivery process~."

Then, the veiled Princess turns to see Adrienne looking her away, and begins moving toward Adrienne and Patrizio at an unhurried pace.

Nina is happy to dance even though the floor is mostly cleared. She keeps in close as she accepts the compliment, and says a few things, more quietly. She leans in to the dance, chained decorations on her gown and hair jingling just slightly as her skirts move and spin. Then, when the waltz is properly over, she steps back, with a bow. "Thank you. And thank you for your company this evening."

A laugh bubbles from Patrizio when he's accepting Adrienne's hand, with another courtly bow over it briefly. "I wouldn't ever assume that one's word extends to another. Though one's vision of harm is another's vision of fun, and I know how those things work." His tone's playful, willing to toy back when he's being teased, even as he briefly follows the bride's look towards her cousin at the mention.

Once the dance is over, Talwyn steps back and returns the bow. Taking Nina's hand, he presses a light kiss on the top of it. "And thank you for allowing me the pleasure. Have a wonderful evening." With that, he's moving to pack up his gear to head out.

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Swept into the dance, Juliana speak softly as the move, Jules dropping her head to rest against his broader shoulder in a movement of comfort and familiarity of two that are bound together by a different kind of bond then that which is celebrated today.

To have drawn a laugh seems to please Adrienne, even as she tucks Patrizio's hand around her elbow with reflexive Valardin chivalry. She doesn't quite make it back to the dance floor, however, as she and Katarina intercept one another. "Katarina," she greets and leans down to press a kiss to her cousin's cheek and whisper a private greeting. Straightening, she continues, "May I introduce Prince Patrizio Pravus? He is one of my new cousins and too charming by half. Katarina is my adopted cousin, Patrizio, and two bright stars should know one another. I hope you have both enjoyed the revelry."

Patrizio turns that brilliant smile on Katarina when he's introduced, and there's one of those faint bows, even as his hand lingers still in the crook of the bride's elbow. "A pleasure to meet you, highness." The words might be formal, but there's warmth to each syllable. "Though our shared cousin is being too kind by half. Delightful company and a beautiful reason to celebrate would make anyone charming, and I'm but rising to the occasion."

Katarina's veil masks her face below her eyes, and her fluffy, natural sable ringlets act as a significant covering in their own right. The diminutive Suj'abbati woman takes the corners of her high-slit gown as best she can to lower into a dainty curtsy. "Prince Patrizio," Katarina says. "If you are charming enough to have won over my cousin so easily, then I am truly in awe of such that must be an innate, gods-bestowed power~. However, I must ask you to indulge me a moment with my cousin~." Katarina reaches for one hear, and unhooks her veil there, and then the other. She reveals her face, with her full lips and her feline, wry smile... and then she leans up on her tip-toes to take Adrienne by the cheekbones and put a kiss right on her lips, in a sisterly, boringly unromantic fashion. "I would not have missed this if I was halfway across Creation," Katarina replies aloud to Adrienne's murmur, as though the kiss wasn't a loud enough response.

The Eurusi woman then sets about re-affixing her veil. "Forgive that moment of sentimentality, Prince Patrizio, but with your new cousin no longer residing three doors down from mine in the Valardin Manor, I must cram as much affection I can into those moments that we do share~."

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